Queen & J. are two womanist race nerds talking liberation, politics, and pop-culture over tea. Drink up!

Can you have a safe space for Black folks when white folks are in the room? We recap #PodinLiveNYC podcast meetup, we ask what happened to Universal Fancon and give a quick activist update.

This week’s hot list: Updated pronouns, #PodinLiveNYC, Queen is in love, J. is rejecting white supremacy at work again, rocks, oils and clear energy, what the heck happened to Universal Fancon? Was it a Fancon-con? See what I did there:) Creating safe spaces for marginalized folks, what happens when our Black owned brands let us down, hanging Black women out to dry, and Activist Alejandra Pablo is released!
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00:00:00this week on TV with queen and Jay can you have a safe space for black folks when white folks are in the room we recapped pot and live NYC podcast meet up we asked what happened to universal fan con and give a quick activist update it seems Queen and Jay people drink up
00:00:29how are you did you make sure you took off your bra thank you you're welcome cuz I see you brought your little butt in the air because they have on loosened it ourselves and free the nipple okay I'm really trying to you know what my nipples like to be erect like nothing could be happening we could just be talking about something that happened I called something and my nipples just be awake so yeah that makes me a little bit uncomfortable I like a bra free I don't mind my titties like swing from side to side around the world but that whole situation yeah I could do that actually I could do that and then still be braless right
00:01:29come here that's true that's true and then maybe one day I'll get over that self-consciousness in the meantime welcome to tea with queen and Jay we are two women in space Stars talkin shit over Tea Time Queen and this is tea with green in jail and capitalism yeah alright so that's added now if you would like to follow up with the conversation of this being out on this podcast we like to join in please use the hashtag tea with q j on Twitter and Instagram and all social media platforms stand Loop you would like to talk back to you definitely do we are currently recording at ICN Studios is a record every week be sure to check out their website I see and. DJ and go there to check out all the contract they have new content every hour on the hour of this podcast is videos that's articles and you know me and Jeremy for food bouchette
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00:02:44do you do use research the whole I roll in leather shoulder roll in a body wave I just want to translate that for the listener that's what that pause was she was stinky lady with her and say okay alright this is a spot of tea episode so every other week we do spotted two episodes that last for matted and we sit here and we talk shit so that we don't have to do a lot of editing in the end cuz this is also for us by us and it's just me and it just
00:03:13that is also now added to the show by a Justice
00:03:20what's going to libation I will explain a little bit about what lobe Libations are thank you shouldn't I will report some for the homies I'm for the ancestors of people places and things that give us black Joyce Riley power went out for that shit what are you pouring Libations I want to pour a general libation out for pot and live and Y C of the podcast meet up that we had over the weekend and to everybody who came out people got on planes to come to pot in line and Auntie bosses yes we are people of all ages at pot in love and want to see okay we have people of all varieties of dance I keep thinking about you and Steven Harris in the circle getting it down to Freestyle and house music Soulful house but I saw someone's
00:04:20I know you got down like that actually when I saw him I gave him a hug I said the dance was over there I know that's your thing alright it's over there him and Ebony actually had a little bit of a battle I saw that somebody yes and it was official ebony also did not come to play with that shit cuz a lot of us do not get down like how and Steven Harris gets down a lot of us Millennials and whatever generation you niggars are below the Millennium Cinema get down like that I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't even think you are by numbers for older Millennials Batman case. So yes a Libations to all of that is to Tawana and Swan his wife whose name I forgot please forgive me that was I was it was just nice and their Spirit was nice it was nice to see all different types of people of all different age groups like of all different interest
00:05:20and once in one space that was like cuz I know that we have listeners from all walks of life but for them to actually come you know what I'm saying like for them to actually come and hang out and enjoy one another and enjoy being there with us and like enjoy the energy of this wide array of mother fucker is like that was that was amazing so that even talking about that later but Libations to everybody who came out that's my libation my spirit is fed and I was going to say all this again later cuz like I just said I was sorry what do you like Asians so I have a few Libations because of pot in lab NYC I got a lot of free goodies for us that's right little little petty Crocker that is her name on the left she gave me and Jay some Shea and Shea Butter
00:06:20lots of shea butter and back Butters and ever and ever like OK money was there with her but it was mad butter in the building money better it was all type of shea butter Stephen King Covenant oil I know he was smelling a boy lose all that good stuff all the Buddies with their so and money gave me some money better which is dope and she gave me a stone which I really really appreciate it because I'm trying to figure out the stone stuff in every store that I have right now someone gave to me I've never purchased one but he said that that's a good thing I'm so that made me feel special to me enough to give me stones and and then I also purchased some lavender Sage from a Stephanie but then on top of that
00:07:20she gave me some lavender spray and some extra lavender Sage they were going to make sure I'm oiled and then I'm calm as day because dumb gave us some lavender lavender and it was, it was coming because like the Vibes were chill but like we were working that day cuz I got it could be a high-stress that but that was very like or just let me just take this with of lavender then I put it by my bed and I like slept with it and I brought it with me in the bathroom where I put my shower okay I've been working at lavender yes oh yes we got lots of goodies and lots of like self-care kind of goodies are just fucking dope so thank all of you for all of the goodies and Libations to you for that you're really appreciate that if you would like to
00:08:20you need to help keep us going keep this podcast going you can go to my website to Yaquina nj.com and there is a donation stab at the donations tab there are two options you can break us up on the PayPal give us any amount of money at any time we will take it and we will be thankful for it or you can become a patron by sponsoring our patreon subscribe to our patreon were asking all of our listening to donate $2 a month and all that's when I normally say $2 and play when you're saying this but now I have also now save Alyssa's give us $2 a month we will have everything that we need to do all the ships that we want to do that's why I traveling that's maybe one day we'll build the store that we've been promising you all forever our merchandise store you know maybe all the things that we want to do we try and keep it at $2 if you want to subscribe and give us more every month if you want to give us less we're open to that we will accept
00:09:20the amount that you choose to give us the $2 is the number that will help to sustain us so those are the options PayPal patreon and um we thank you yes that's what helps people if he was going and it makes it that we can do events like pot in life and want to see the free and all the shows that we like to do exactly for donation Libations libations for people who have donated so we got a new Patron it is actually another planet has thick was Popeyes has become a patron to check them out at SoundCloud we all about black fins and you listening to them so thank you for that donation i c c r e t h i c c we also got an update Nation from Wendy she up supplies and then Christopher also up their pleasure or yes
00:10:20hooking us up so thank you so much thanks so much yours PayPal donations we got to PayPal donations this week want to thank Road Jello I think I'm pronouncing it correctly Road yellow and red Jello gave us money and she's also says a little while back I was looking for a black and or queer podcasts to listen to and was desperately typing in words like what's black in gay at one point I just searched T what does that have to do with black and gay that's what I wonder
00:10:51what's the TBH black woman say that game right yes yes true and we also drink tea at one point I just searched tea and as soon as I saw the Black Fist I really felt like quote unquote hacker voice I mean shut up cuz I watch a lot of movies that's all I wanted to say thanks for making the podcast and mentioning other great ones to thank you so much for Jello we appreciate you yo thank you thank you for that and thank you for recognizing our logo which is all red black and green and V because there are people close to us who did not get it
00:11:43no clothes to the both of us who will go on names who everybody here knows cuz we talked about them all the time
00:11:52I don't remember the name Omar gosh I forgot about that I have to have to be to have to be done but she's now it's a date she's with the program program with you and here we are so it's all good donation is from webs and web says Hey Queen and Jay I met you Saturday at at the pot in libel then my lady and I came from Philly and I kind of went Fanboy on y'all LOL apologies I enjoy the event and meeting you too in person and he who hears some money has type a black women I appreciate everything you do and your podcast Has Changed Me in the best ways possible keep doing what you do webs yeah yeah I remember I remember them I enjoyed that whole movie I did but it was like the sweetest purest thing and
00:12:51I have also done that to people so like for somebody to come and be like first of all I drove here from I think they said yes Philly she's doesn't here for somebody to travel to see me and then to actually tell me yo I appreciate what you do and like I don't know I just I really I really was thankful for that I thought that was really really thankful and I want to say cuz everyone knows I get speed out or like scared of like weirded out when people do that it wasn't weird at all I was just like why do doesn't like so like don't think that you're fanboying or whatever like creep me out cuz I'm always saying that like I didn't do that it was great really great pictures oh well we'll talk later but yeah they took great pictures
00:13:52that was not a very sorry she hurt and they said yes they are all those three can I add I'm gay because I personally I want to get into the habit of when I'm not certain if somebody's gender when it when it hasn't been confirmed for me or like even hear people write his letters I don't I see your name and then I just go with what I assume the gender name is and so I really want to get into the habit of not genuine people so I'm affirming that for myself as well I want to be part of that solution and then maybe if I lay maybe motherfukers will stop calling me a fucking lady they won't but yeah but also I'm so uncomfortable with that I still see her but if somebody calls me today I'm totally accepting I got to I don't need to be affirmed as a gendered pronoun
00:14:52show me back to drinking my tea I said what I said I'm a Sagittarius and older sibling and I'm done talking I Like It Cool what are your framing for yourself this week I am affirming that I'm going to have a dope ass week I don't know I woke up I don't know if it's the high from pot in life but this week I woke up black refreshes fuck I did get a lot of rest on Sunday I did briefly want some errands with
00:15:24alright so does the stories that have face just went through and then she smiled and got giddy cuz she would love any way I can say is that the right okay your whole face just told the story I'm finally everyone I'm dating so yeah I was like with your partner what it was like but she was grinning from ear-to-ear when I had never seen before you take the phone out the ones in the back you showed me all of them anyway anyway anyway anyway nice day you might have hold hands in the street so yeah I had a great Sunday and I had a real resting Sunday going to get a lot of sleep may have been due to Edibles. Whatever I got lots of rest and I woke up today really really
00:16:24fresh and really feeling like I got this shit so I was on my way to work doing a lot of like emailing stuff for like my magazine and I got to work when I got to work it was like work I was just like I was just feeling like on top of it but you know like Beyonce at Coachella and shit you know so I farm for myself and I'm going to be getting shit done this much energy usually after I do an event like this I get to work on my wow I still come here this is still a thing I do not know who I am I right I carry culture and I'm pretty confident this is not the place they came to me today to fucking be a part of it work video like an employee I thought I sent the email out before it's better to be an employee and employer video and I feel like they always have my name on it cuz I'm a black person but they always pick the black people all the black people there there no black Executives you know what I'm saying
00:17:24so you have us administrative assistant and other people to mix Us in when it looks good for your videos but how about you passing out how about you know that you was to be executive how about you actively higher executive they came to me with that cuz I know you saw me like oh my God we have to have you in the video whatever I was like cool what black executives are in it and they don't have any why don't you just you know when we have some then now then I'll do it but for right now I just shaking because of course I'm at work and I'm like I really don't want to get fired for being myself but I can't like I can't not say those things you know what I'm saying I have done this island thing already and it needs to be in his to be sad to say I do not have the same affirmation is
00:18:17but like work is not just what I do at work and get me like this week I'm going to get mad at that I need to do a special thing about a podcast stuff done as usual that I am not a lady thank you so much I'm not a lady and I'm not a part of ladies so those are things that I am not and I affirm that I am going to take charge of my health almost don't want to say it out loud cuz I feel like I got to do it but I'm take charge of my house I'ma go to my doctor's appointment I will did you like my first my check up this year I took care of that ship is my follow-up self-imposed to do but I firm that imma do that shit I might get it done and I firm
00:19:11positive energy and light you know you mad like shit I might get shit done
00:19:27you know I do speaking of that good feeling of getting shit done let's talk about pot in life so we've been talking about this for over a month now pot in love NYC is our annual podcast meet up it is a black podcast center event but we don't have to say black podcast meet up cuz we are the default we are the one not the default where the standard that's what it is thank you to everybody who came out it was an amazing event mad people came through I wasn't expecting to see a lot of the people that I saw there people that were there who had heard about last year's event where it's going to be there this year it was fucking epic it was very epic it was epic if you are there then like you missed like some really dope epic shit I'm me and Jay really are into creating a community
00:20:27and these bases and the way that we do that fucking phenomenal on pat on the back I don't know how far from everyone had a great time toxic energy 12 minimum like who doesn't know what part in live and why she is it is a podcast meet up so if you are a podcast listeners if you have a podcast if you're interested in creating a podcast we come together we hang out we talk shit we dance whatever whatever the vibe is you know I'm saying you can stand around buggy dance whatever it is it really is just a space for us to come together as black people and hang out and have a good time we do it at Von bar we always have really a really good experience there and yeah it is very important to us as black people sometimes we go someplace you go to a venue and you find yourself being policed buy that Van Damme they think you're too loud they don't like how you have fun they don't that it makes it your press
00:21:27make them uncomfortable and we've always felt like Von bar the time that we have been there in the events that were for us has always been there we have always been fine with us being us that's what I like I never want to put a bunch of people in danger of feeling like you're not allowed to be there full whole ass so or just in general in danger of feeling like somebody's going to see them being that whole last self and call the cops I want to fight them or whatever you know what I'm saying whenever I'm at Von always feel like it at our event in particular feel like we belong there I don't have to ask for permission I feel like we're trust did I feel like I don't have to prove that I'm a good type of black person to be there first Contact happened since our first meeting with the people that find it has been like this and this this time we were there we had a new bartender that I wasn't familiar with
00:22:27and I know it's so important to me I know you knew I had to like that out loud I was like I'm feeling something so important to me to feel like I can be my black ass self and will you see your new white person and I are right they do I need to I need to train this white person that had for last past and you know it was up there but of course that moment was like okay I don't really know you but then we work together for like an hour and I'm like okay cool I'll find it for like several events and then yeah and his white lady showed up and I was like I start to have a panic attack I don't know if I don't know what's this going to be like if I want to know what I know what we find out cuz I said it to you but I just said that because I know I needed to calm your nerves but I know it will be fine cuz when I went in the back and how we were allowed to go in the back for supper in the back she was eating like an apple
00:23:27peanut butter and she got kind of like I didn't eat breakfast so so I was like she understood that she was only about six of us there it was like 4:03
00:23:52I was like okay she all she know what it is and it was Caitlin Caitlin was fucking amazing she was great like that she was was incredibly helpful and supportive She Gotta Be by the drinks on a car money money if you don't know now you know
00:24:18the bartender was giving out free drinks because it was our event so she told me that she didn't have to pay money was like no I'm paying you were there when we were setting up for helping us set up she's so that's why she was giving you my love and tell you as soon as she showed up as a bartender I was like this is not the black person that I thought was I could be here today I already know I know the Mexican bartender upstairs I don't know. I have never seen the new white woman. That's one thing I will say about that bar it's cuz we've been holding events there now but 2 years 2 years yeah but the staff has been pretty consistent so it also says a lot about the ownership in the management of that bar because we come back and we see the same people that we saw was wrong
00:25:18all right they don't have a high turnover which is a good sign of a good workers like a true that I was going in the back like a time okay yes I was like hi I'm Janisha I'm one of the host of this event that's Queens it is I would ever she has a blue braids and I was like fuck money also has two braids cuz you're fucking twins the screen is the short way I'm going to buy Hey listen do what you got to do is fine then I gave her like a quick walk the way I was when I don't trust this guy that I know that's what helps carry with them apples and peanut butter I would like to know what it is right behind no problem So for anybody anyway person who listen to all the contention is yeah I like to kill us and get us arrested fired and shot yeah I was just there I might listen to the party have a good time it's I am not the only black person is about to be here I don't want to be arrested for
00:26:18what is shot and I don't want any of our guest cancer feel like that shit anxiety when I saw that white woman and luckily Caitlin was very very cool and a normal human being and she doesn't she did not need to see a manager that night I appreciate you thank you so much for helping us out that was great speaking of thank you should we go through the I thank you yeah we can do that we definitely want to give a major thank you to Jonathan memorize from work he actually volunteered to record yeah he hit me up his I hear y'all going to do live podcast and wheezing in my head again you know where you know FUBU like for us by us just of course you would like to live podcast day but we don't have the resources who's going to do it or whatever
00:27:13I was going to get to that next he was like I have a portable joint sounds like cool then he gets there and he start taking out the equipment I'm staring like what is this
00:27:23I might be a little messy little mix
00:27:30it was like Mary Poppins the really was it really I would love to see you Sunday but but yeah he's like no I haven't have a manual portable set up and I was thinking that all cuz I said he asked if I was going to record I was like not what do you like you cook an idea whatever he's like I figured we could interview other podcasters to be there seriously he's like a podcast veteran and feel like the fact that you going to come to my little event which is not my little man it's actually quite a big deal but you bout to come to wish people would see as all y'all to little podcast is over there going to come to our little
00:28:17it'll be like that like that yeah so the fact that he would actually like reach out to me and volunteer to do this thing that meant a whole lot and it was something that we actually like needed and really appreciated that was like spectacular and amazing he's going to like sending audio to that this week I'm super fucking excited so thank you so much for doing that and we want to thank Little Miss ENT for coming out she took care of the interview so she was on the mic anybody who got interviewed at night and talk to her about podcasting it was Little Miss ENT so thank you so much for coming out and doing that cuz again even he offered that and I'm like I would love that but we got out of there who's going to definitely let's do it so I was able to ask her to do it she was totally down she didn't make it a thing she didn't ask us for money she was just like yo let's do this I want to help you guys with this I want to be
00:29:17part of this so thank you so much so much for that that she doesn't know podcast Little Miss entertainment podcast yes I know the podcast is Little Miss entertainment her at name is Little Miss ENT that I thought but I thought I thought that you said it you supposed to say it Little Miss aunt she says Little Miss ENT that's what she's mad because as my therapist said I probably have learned Candle magick by 11 and I manage
00:30:07I need somebody to check out her podcast Little Miss ENT I'm actually put a link to that in the show notes show me huge homie huge dumb. I wasn't going to be able to say that he's kind of like Loki kind of like a manager
00:30:41sounds like your manager he emailed us tips he emailed us advice when I run into him at afropunk he's like okay so every year let's make afro Punk touch up session and we'll just talk about how did the year go what are we looking forward to all this like his excitement and enthusiasm is unmatched and we appreciate that we appreciate that he comes through he takes photographs he doesn't really great in general he does a lot of different on portrait series please check out his website will also leave that in the show notes yeah but yeah he'll come to our event and take portraits of everybody and one of the things that I think you're so great is that a lot of the podcast that come to our event on new podcast with never had their photograph like professionally taken before nothing nothing so they were able to use the photos that I took as their head shots and use them for the Twitter a V and all that stuff and a lot of people did that what is wrong with you
00:31:38why you like this cuz you're being shady what is the inside joke so you can keep me in this actual moment even though the shade to be given in this moment I really wasn't being shady because I was really just saying I do that's one of the things that I really value about having him there and this event is that is to give support to podcast your your podcast so you can or you want to start a podcast and please make sure you get a picture with them that's a professional picture that you could use lots of stuff so it's really is really cool to have a really I'm really honored that Don would take the time and like hang around with us 4 hours and do that share and be happy to do it and you can see our to do some favor and bring a good I mean what is this life yo sound like what is the sound that you would think that we got paid
00:32:38money I'm so excited and just happy in like the real but not yet I used to get high and then I'm happy I met you before also another photographer that was there with unrated Ebony Ebony thank you so much she was in the crowd and I see that's like a few times and I'm telling you she almost beat and Steven Harris Hill freestyle battle of the Snapchat snap evidence snap story Instagram story of the drunken photographer came through took a bunch of amazing pictures those are on Facebook they look gorgeous we're going to actually if you go to our Facebook page now she was clean and J on face
00:33:37look we have the link to Dom's photographs there so you can definitely check that out he has a watermark on his photos if you if you go to his his website and send him an email letting him know that you want to copy of your photo he will send you a photo without the watermark so you guys make sure that you do that the photos that the drunken photographer took are also on our Facebook to put a link to that there so you can check all of those out and use those photos be sure to tag the drunken photography photographer who is is tag them in their work so please tag them and will leave his at in will leave all of their information in the show notes and then I'm having these photos we are getting this weekend also put that on our Facebook guess money in the Stephanie money is from a queer while podcasting to Stephanie is going back ladies and they were apart of the featured podcast
00:34:37on the bill and Stephanie the money came early and was helping me and Jay said out which is cool and fun and that's what we got a little nap lavender spray and what it was it was nice I also douse myself in that before we got started I was like not today Satan you got this white lady behind the bar I don't know about to come let me know
00:35:02I just want to have clear energy and I did I had to really clear energy for the whole day so much even came when they came home for you since I woke up like this thank you to our DJ use it was amazing amazing Fifi glove the closest Spirit shoes back there doing her own thing and Homeworld and it happened and she also offered us gifts but I was like I'm going to come back for later she said yeah that I never come back I never can go to the gift he was like I'm hosting an event so I don't want to be the one that I should I should have got some
00:36:02I'll come back later thank you 50 girl Wonder please hire her to say she does cuz I said please hire her like if she like needed somebody telling me common verse God more thank you a lot of stuff around so like this like it's no big deal
00:36:43tomorrow but no hurry
00:36:54but it's okay that they do I'm of course you want to think Vine and you would like to thank Jay Omega from the first History Podcast he made the flyer for the graphic design work please be sure to reach out to him for graphic design at a reasonable price yes I know but I feel like the word shower mat thank you and I want to thank Jesus that we want to make sure we think all of the podcast who helped us put this together as we already mentioned the officially Street podcast bag ladies in an uprising queer Walk The Perfect cast brunch and budget Carefree black girl He-Man Woman Haters Club fanbros show and a Happy official Street podcast on here again so I just said again officially Street podcast
00:37:54yes I would like to know that we don't got it you don't do not yo Libations to Dallas pan for coming through like hey and I was like hi Daryl he's like you know me and I'm like yeah but this don't match I want to take a picture with him and I was like what are you doing why you doing this but he said he wanted to be Incognito and if you are on if you still have combat Jack podcast in your feet and talk and talk and text her excuse me has been coming up under that
00:38:54you mad or not
00:38:57thank you guys for coming thank you a king for coming out thank you so much thank you too it's the real came they are mad tall you know that always impressive that amazes me everyone saw something like they were 18 so about whatever years old about you but like giving black black women your money hashtag pay black women yo well they can start by giving us the money we do this dope ass woman is race murder podcast every mother fucking unique
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00:41:00Henry black we are back we had been scheduled to be at a Wii the cultures age of the digital Grio podcast conference That was supposed to take place in DC this coming weekend they have postponed that conference and will be rescheduling that podcast conference so we look forward to when they announce the new scheduling and hopefully we'll be able to still go to DC that's right when they when they reschedule it we will post that shit here yeah but I'm speaking of rescheduling and very same weekend in that very same reason I was also supposed to go to Universal fan con That was supposed to be a very large and diverse
00:41:51fandom Giga Northern conference taking place in the Baltimore area it had been planned for almost 2 years in the making it was a Kickstarter for it people are flying in people have plane tickets people have hotels booked and one week before universal fan con this was like we're supposed to be a huge con it was it was postponed it out the word canceled is on the tip of my tongue but they said postponed I don't know who's going to go when they reschedule it but this is like a huge con that a bunch of people were supposed to be at people vendors
00:42:35stocked up yeah you know what I'm saying in the thing about this kind is that it was supposed to be and I'm very inclusive and diverse con where in a lot of nerd and geek spaces often feel exclusive of those who are not straight white men in the list goes on and on straight white women and then you know all that stuff and this kind was for everybody so there are a lot of folks from marginalize communities vendors cosplayers and people like that who didn't have it to spend and then lose you don't have a good time to spend the money but then you go to the time you make your money back your cosplayer people who are you to come people take pic you can have a booth and take pictures with people or whatever like it's a way to make money yes your vendor you sell your art you sell your books whatever the fuck if your panelists some people get paid to do panels is a whole fucking Banning reaction absolutely
00:43:35so it's not even it's not it's not just that it was cancelled or rescheduled for say is that it happened a week before so people are losing money on fly is he losing money on hotels that were booked the whole lot of non-refundable shit going on is a whole lot of people who worked who scheduled their calendar business year around being at this condo and so like they have stock now where do I sell this how do I unload this my I start my merchandise is now at this hotel I'm not even going there some people were able to cancel their hotels and stuff is like I'm not going to be there now I have to get it shipped and sent somewhere so that has been a huge mess has been a lot of controversy surrounding that a lot of fall out as to like what happened there's a Kickstarter attached and like I said so I was one of the out of it I guess the $500 that they had
00:44:28you don't need your money in exchange. Kickstarter works you donate money and you get something in return for it and there are different tiers so if you don't need a certain amount then you got tickets for the weekend if you don't need a certain amount you get tickets and then you get hotel and stuff like that and basically what they said is that if you donated that your money is gone so or and when it says I'm sorry and then she said she think of that NSYNC video baby I got your money for me personally so I the kickstarter tear that I chose or whatever cuz I don't really know what I'd be doing my schedule or whatever so I just chose the one where you get your tickets for the con it's covered if I go great if not I'll give it to somebody else I worked it out so I was able to
00:45:28yeah this is fantastic I can't fucking wait I'm planning my cosplay what all this is like very low low stakes cuz we live in New York just not super far from DC so it wasn't a huge deal how to make with your created team yet we haven't had a sit-down meeting though okay we have started texting you oh we had a plan and shit yes James Kidd a team Without a Paddle I said yeah it's it's like still new and they're like yeah the most recent episode that I listen to I was like oh yeah I like doing it yourself up cuz I don't like money this is Jay's creative team and I like for Emily and I hear your voice all the time I know you are a fucking teen okay
00:46:28he was want to shit you fucking teeth some money and then they liked it and he's like yeah she's like what the fuck you don't have a little something I whipped up so modest and you have a podcast so I can only say that sorry I haven't made very talented and creative talented and yes but we had when we were only talking about it so hopefully and whatever I'm going to do the cops for that we were planning on going to do it at some point but just not now we have brunch cuz you doesn't mean you don't need a Time
00:47:24do you have going on today was fucking silver date
00:47:34do while we're here while we're at it if you're wondering if I'm down for a cosplay date fucking Silver makeup full body paint full body paint you it was a very sexy date anyway so right right yes yeah so anyway it's not happening anymore and people that hurt people upset done peep the potty done not paying a lot of money yeah and it's also sad for like so many of the people who were working on it yes so basically they just said it's not happening there's not. The funds aren't there logistically it just wouldn't have worked out or whatever all that is like kind of
00:48:23okay but like you tell us at the very last minute every last minute and it's seems to me everyone knows that I'm on the outside looking in because you're not of this world now I am not so it seems to me that they got outfit because Hotel started saying canceling people I got the impression that the impression I cry based on songs from my understanding allegedly a wave of that was happening then it was like we can kind of have to say this shit is fucking so how was that was so scary and then in the rollout of the information as of as of yesterday I still no vendors who had didn't get any info like haven't received the formal email like hey I know you were scheduled event at the
00:49:23sing this weekend like nothing like nothing like they know from word-of-mouth and you know we don't know what's not happening but no official High vendor disrespectful either people treat people like people and regardless of your the embarrassment you may have or the gilts or even how to recover from a scandal however you do that how to get away with a spray tan
00:50:07those personal thing that you were in this space running a business so when usually when you fire someone you tell them usually when you tell someone you are I'm finishing a contract and tell these people that people tell him that something that this is an end there's an end to this so maybe they can recoup something and some kind of way so maybe if they have something saying I ordered this many things for this and Evan is I don't know at least I have something in writing saying something you give these people with nothing but they want to go back to whatever vendors that used to get the things they got
00:50:49what what do they have one of the things that bothers me a lot about this is that a lot of us who supported this and who would like looking forward to it like honestly I didn't need I didn't need a bunch of celebrities I didn't need like I didn't need a bunch of stuff you know what I really was into it because I supported the people who were involved in this and I believed in the brands that were involved in that so like Jamie broadnax the founder of black girl nerds was listed as one of the founders of this Kanye black women I fuck with this yeah fanbros show Affiliates of this and they had been promoting it as well and know a lot of the Affiliates were not informed as to like what when this is going south or what the heck was going on so they were still I'm trusting Lee promoting this event before things went like blew up on and everybody's hair
00:51:49what does it look like it in wax candle like it went down in like everybody like the whole family and falz melting laptops again is that this was I didn't I didn't need a bunch of like like like there's this thing that maybe it was like money or whatever I didn't need all the things you don't say I didn't I wasn't going to universal fan con because I wanted to see all the shit that we normally have at Comic-Con or I imagine San Diego I've never been to San Diego Comic-Con but like New York Comic Con in particular like I wasn't going to universal fan come for that I was going there because this is a safe space for me to enjoy my Phantom this is going to be a diverse space so I would there would be artists and creators that are not
00:52:49just a bunch of white guys you know it's all going there for that so is it is it questionable so was it what a trying to have like in quotations the Black version is loot those other right so it looked to me it looks to me like
00:53:09it was getting really big LOL wow this celebrities going to be there and this cast members going to be there and this person is so like all that stuff was cool but you do seem to be growing big and big and big and big and I guess never I have never never in my mind that I think that this would not happen you know what I'm saying so I guess when it finally comes down to it it's like oh this is not happening then it's like well maybe maybe it got too big cuz we've been basketball cuz why not just cons where you go you go there and that's why all this is a small-time this is cute though I see what they're trying to do but I didn't lose any money in this the first one
00:53:54this was the first one of this is the first of this kind yeah so it was it was very ambitious it was very ambitious and maybe maybe maybe but in retrospect now that it's not happening and that's how I felt the whole time is really I would have been fine if I got there and it was no celebrities and we there hanging out doing panels you know that are twerking stuff like that playing video games together I don't not me but I usually watch other people do that but like all the other stuff I didn't mean I just wanted to hang out with you know I just want to do her red shirt with my boyfriend's that I never met in person and it also it also is sad because in the fall out I'm seeing how many of my Twitter friends actually would have met a real life like this it was about to be lit you know what I'm saying so that's really sad it's a lot of people within
00:54:51the nerd blurred fandom Community who who live isolated and feel safe when they come out to stuff like that as your portion of live in New York City right you have a little pocket that you can go to the places where people don't have that so this was that for that that were them right right and again it's okay it's okay that it can't happen or didn't happen but like to give such short notice when people can't retract their plans or make alternate plans Linda not transparent which is the problem I think even with the short notice I think if they was transparent as fuck it was still be a bad thing because people have just people were like having for this by transparency kind of helps you get over that shit and not even doing that from what I've seen
00:55:51not a lot because I was on Twitter that much this week because of our Levant which is funny cuz this is my new fandom the drama of this you so much for all did you also had a thread thread in the one that I saw was an apology but it had just seen it and I was like do you want to get cut as I'm not even I wasn't going if and kind of like I'm asking you a question cuz I don't even know much about it but I saw that I wanted to cut somebody that's how dare you have an apology what I learned from you I was just 3rd attempt at an apology or an explanation why did the destiny that's the other thing that makes this hour is that we want to get Molly watch
00:56:51and it just seemed like there was a lack of acknowledgement of the lack of accountability and it just it just wasn't nice it wasn't empathetic and it was whacking it was washed so I can in one of the fax the fax page of the cancellation of the con it's like oh I ordered a guy I purchase plane tickets will I get my money back in this out of whatever and they're like well we purchase plane tickets to and we lost money to and did it up wait what what do you mean to bitch what this is your fault like so what what are you talking about so that was weird that was weird
00:57:36yeah that was really sure how much it was a lot of strange things in the fall and I don't know but it's really unfortunate and I feel sad for all parties involved honestly like it doesn't feel good to see Jamie broadnax being dragged even though I've only seen her name I've only seen his black woman's name I don't even know who the other man's name are like I don't know because everyone's talking about Jamie and although I have no thoughts on my whose fault it is or whatever cuz like I said I'm not connected to this in a way that everyone else is or why is this woman being dragged away she's being dragged and not these other men like
00:58:26what what what why so they updated the website cuz he used to be able to actually go to the website and see the people involved that I was really I was yeah I was about to pull it up and say their names because it's too many head of them as a president missed two men listed in the about us page or whatever that are listed ahead of Jamie someone is the president of and one of the founders of fan kind and then there's another guy who's like VP of some shit just when you go to the website it just is the statement of them being postponed till further notice but a part of that is right accountability cuz people were going and looking in that I wish I had taken a screenshot for accountability of Life who has been involved in this
00:59:17but yes I was going to say their names since we said Jamie's names but I don't know them y'all know who they are but it's too well a lot of y'all know who they are but they did their names haven't been in the mix of this as much and it just feels like while yes Jamie shoulders the burden of a lot of this like
00:59:40it just doesn't seem fair that is on her to feel like they're also feel like they're not showing up for her as she seems to be
00:59:51going in for herself but she probably has no choice but to do cuz anybody else like sticking up for her like at the very least if some shady shit did happen the Shady people I did it wet should be fucking having my back to at the very least you know it's just it's just kind of
01:00:11even with the circumstances it is kind of sad for me to see this black woman fan and kind of go hard to defend herself when I know that there are other people involved involved right - it kind of blows my mind so that's weird I don't feel like there were there was a debate going on about Chevy critique this thing since it was for us by us I should we be critiquing it and some of you are dragging it really hardcore whatever in real life they going to talk about it do I think that we should be saying hateful shit no but if you want to like critique like what has happened I don't think there's anything wrong with that I've seen people kind of like
01:01:03that I know weren't going
01:01:07so there's that is like making a mockery and like just like shut up like stop trying to use this for the opportunity to fucking get something to eat so I shut the fuk up IP real people would actually hurt and I'm okay with you venting and using a social media however you need to do it to get that out do that do you but I motherfucker you wasn't going anyway shut up keep you people's names out your mouth Universal what is it universal fan called out your mouth shut up what are you doing
01:01:41it seems to be Scandal involved but I don't know it's just not something for me to like you fucking like interjecting my cell phone and it was saying as of like a gossip thing really is that just like shut the fuk up I don't get that part I really don't get it like I don't know haven't affected have been hurt and they are just walking amongst their blood friends about it they're not even online like the last in in like 20 things like I don't know you know get through it however you need to get through it I will never please that but some people do need to shut up I can run Ashley if you weren't planning to go girl like well we want to talk about it because there are people who are going to be in the Baltimore area this week's this weekend who are stranded but there are alternatives to universal fan con I wanted to share with
01:02:41all of you and that was awesome and really great to see is like what do you do when a disaster strikes how do we pull together and how we make something happen for people and Salvage that fucking we can take care of take care of one another so that's something that like
01:03:01to me that's what the spirit of disc on what we thought the spirit of discontent was you know what I'm saying pulling together and making something happen so it was really encouraging for me to see that people are doing this and people are making it happen so there's a Tumblr play there's a Tumblr page called Universal artist alley and that's where all the artists and cosplayers and panelist who were scheduled to be at universal fan con or do anything selling yard work performed do whatever so you can go there you can buy their work so to Virtual artist alley
01:03:33you can buy their work you can donate their people have cosplay of friends who are scheduled to be there in like make money from being there who look now lost money right cuz they paid for me they pay for their own flight they pay for their own hotel or whatever and so they lose that money and then they also don't make that money from being there whatever you can donate to a lot of those people on that Tumblr page so be sure to check that out there is also
01:03:59a bunch of folks have pull together and we're going to include the link to all these things in the show knows that you know exactly who was involved in these things but it's we Comic-Con wi Comic-Con and they have found a place to have found a building and if you are an artist if your performer for somebody who was going to be in the area for universal fan con you can still come you can set up there there's I'm going to leave the again I'm going to leave the link in the show notes so you can get connected with them if you are vendor and you may be able to table there you should be able to and so this is like a little smaller one day kind of concert chew ation they have other events people are still organizing and trying to get things squared away for the thing is on Saturday the trying to get things settled for the Friday and Sunday as well but yes sir that is $5 for fan con ticket holders if you had a ticket to Universal fan con and then $10 for everyone else so it's not like an extra large fee
01:04:59Farrakhan or whatever so that's something to do if you're still going to be out there and then we always have is always little cons going on around the country you know so I guess I encourage this was exciting cuz this is going to be huge and large-scale whatever but I go to cons around the country and I don't see some of the people that were involved in this universal fan con thing you know what I'm saying like you're not Hughes and not a big deal you might go and it might be two rooms and it's some tables here whatever but the energy is right so there is blurry City, that's taking place in Brooklyn New York July 13th through the 15th will leave the link to that in the show knows a black woman runs and host and created and founded that so definitely check out blurry City, Brooklyn there's blurred Khan and that happens in DC July 27th to 29th full transparency there's been gossip and stuff around that but I'll tell you what I will
01:05:59last year and I had a ball and it wasn't cancelled and regardless of all of the gossip and stuff that I heard some up some of which I have heard so much it's like okay no I believe that but it wasn't cancelled so I believe that gossip and I hear things that have happened that I don't agree with or whatever but if we're just talking about purely did I have fun at this time did I have a good time I had an amazing time at work on so I went last year since I thought honestly I thought I was going to go to Universal universal fan, and have my fix and be good for a long time but I actually might have to go back to the blurriecon if I can just agree but anyways so that's blurriecon is in DC July 27th through 29th leave the link to that in the show knows also this Mexican that happens in Detroit every year if I can if I remember I'll leave the link to that in the show knows but that's Megacon and then also Crown who is the founder of Meth
01:06:59and she also participates and is one of the people who put on black speckled of Arts Movement that is a traveling con that happens at universities in different places around the country so they're all these little things that black folks have been doing yes I forget that cuz I feel like we just talked about that but yeah there is black Comic Book Festival that happens to Schaumburg in Harlem every year there's women in comics con that's happening I think it's June 30th I wonder if that travels with his only in New York today go to call the time to fly from that then you should have a table in different places and do things in different places so this all type of shit but honestly I didn't know there were any of the kinds that I remember there's likely especially in the New York City area what does a con happening every month I was invited to go to but
01:07:58that's on the flashlight lots of stuff happening and everything doesn't you don't have we don't have to model and I'm not accusing universal fan kind of doing this directly cuz I don't know what happened but I do know is that it was looking like it was trying to be as large at the scale of a New York New York New York Comic Con San Diego Comic-Con or whatever look like it was trying to be of that scale and is nothing wrong with that if you don't have to cancel the week before
01:08:29right right right right right right right
01:08:39something releases statement and don't put gifs in a fucking apology yeah so anyway support your local cons whatever it is support independent artist and help nurture these things man sometimes we go to start next year will be even bigger sometimes you got to be a part of that like first the first wave of people who go to this event in like help make it help build it help you grow it in line spread the word of some you know that's that's Community you know read your fucking Kwanzaa principles get on top of that shit
01:09:27and thank so it wasn't kujichagulia who was not enough that would look so fat I love anybody gets the new trade of the latest universal fan of Khan drama you can send it to me that's my new fandom oh also we did we did reach out to Jamie to see if she wanted to talk about this but I didn't want to be I don't want to come out the gate talking about and around the situation that has like affected her life and that she has helped to XM any other people's lives with so they reach out reach out to her she did get back to me she said that she couldn't do the show but that she would send me an email as soon as she's going to send me a statement I did reach out to her at the last minute so that's full disclosure on my part so I haven't received your email yet maybe I'll receive it at some point if I do then I'll do I guess whatever she asked if she has to read it whatever
01:10:27updated updated so I just wanted to actually do an update of a story that we've been following on our show Alejandra Pablo I'm going to previous episode we had a petition for her release when she was detained he's an activist for immigration rights and also on One Productions right she has since been released so that is an update they were able to give her a bond of $8,000 which is paid so she was released but even though she was released on bond she is still fighting her immigration case she still fighting to not be deported so she still need to put in that Asylum hair on my schedule for December 2018 I don't have the date but that is the time that hurt
01:11:21Asylum hearing will be so there is a petition for that to an order to get the governor to Pardon Alejandra for the charges that she got a decade ago that she's been fighting for a really long time so she will not be deported from these United States so I just wanted to add that as an immigration organizer that you can if you know if I get enough support from
01:11:49people people like us that you can make this I got system work for you and then raise it is it's not easy I took a lot of work on all that require mobilizing and organizing and people spreading awareness and takes a lot of work but it's good to kind of see some inkling of Hope happen within the situation she still does have to fight her deportation case she is just out on Bond Road right now so we will leave a link and the show notes that will let you be able to sign the petition for her pardon and that is an update for this case okay thank you so much you are yeah so be sure to follow us on the Soles needs that is TV queue J on Twitter and Instagram be sure to follow us on Facebook and Tumblr that is TV Screamin Jay search
01:12:49follow like a homeless guy from work so I'll be sure to send that email at T with Nina J at gmail.com wheel of a T Nails be sure to visit at website.com be sure to donate. Donation tablets there I'm you know what to do PayPal or Patron we love when you do that and be sure to subscribe we are on Stitcher podcast SoundCloud lots of places be sure to subscribe subscribe to us every Tuesday now you know maybe some hashtags too I was just thinking about all the lesbian couple they were all adorable they were all gorgeous yeah they were all like cancer pain and live and yes sorry
01:13:49listen whatever okay whatever yeah it was just awesome they was a nice sister for the nicest the friendliest and happiness to see us understand I'm really appreciated that love and I appreciate it seeing their love because I only hate straight couples not driving straight couples anytime we see straight couples in love sneakers doesn't bother I don't like that
01:14:35Belle of yo slow motion look at that
01:14:48why does it look more helpful to me though than a straight couple when I'm hoping to potentially being a straight couple you're just weird like that shit is fucked and no but no I do like love cuz I don't want to give the impression that I don't I don't like all types of black love I do like straight black love I do like the stress I don't like that unless it's very old I don't think it's right but yeah I know I don't want to give that impression that I don't like straight couples I do like straight couples I just don't like when
01:15:37what when do I like going there when is Barack and Michelle that's it I like them old I like them when they are
01:15:48that's what I don't like I don't like the patriarchy and when I see that and couples it makes me sick okay I know absolutely absolutely and I will say that's another reason why I appreciate it the couples that we had a part in life and why so you can sometimes you can see that patriarchy happening in a moment like it does you don't have to spend a lot of time with somebody to see like the pay have the patriarchal dynamics of a relationship I'm saying it could happen just from saying hey and just the way that those interactions are saying so that's what I don't like I don't like the patriarchy but now I feel like I sound like I have hate my heart doesn't matter okay black lives matter first and foremost all day everyday and trans women Holland Lock & Y C project color Berry was at potting live NYC
01:16:48Brandon was at parking lot NYC yo everybody came through it was so great yo pause and color support black podcast we all win
01:17:00I'm having a brain fart okay stop showing transmit listen to that glass with disability to white film Jasmine pay black women can't this old black panther so lit what kind of forever what kind of solute Let's Go lyrics first forever
01:17:39the get locked up in a way you can make money off of our bodies no absofuckinglutly not we're going to resist
01:17:49better than ourselves right now but I also the same time in my home
01:17:55understand that criminal is not an identity
01:18:17how to make money in

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