Seth Resler, the founder of Taste Trekkers and the host of the Find Dining podcast, spoke about food tourism at the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo in Boston on October 16, 2016.



00:00:08this fine dining for foodies who love to travel and traveler I sent the wrestler found easterners and to share with you something that happened to me and when that really meant a lot to Sheila Campbell of a la carte food tours in Columbus Ohio I came to me
00:00:31in the beginning of the year now Sheila and I knew each other because she had been a participant in one of the food and travel expose that I didn't Providence Rhode Island a couple years earlier and she came to me and she said you know I also do
00:00:44a lot in the realm of nutrition and every year there is a big conference it's called the food and nutrition conference and expo in there are thousands of dieticians and nutritionists and also the people who are interested in food science there and it's a big industry gathering and
00:01:00they are always interested in the latest trends that are happening in the world of food and she said do you want to apply that to speak there about food tourism we can do a joint session and I said yes but I was thinking in the back of my
00:01:14head there's no way that any dietician and nutritionist wants to know what I have to say about food I mean look at me right like the the I have nothing to say that they're going to be interested in and so I just you know figured that no you
00:01:26know they would pass when we applied and that would be that except that they didn't they said yes we want you to come and want you to speak and I was nervous about it I was really nervous about it to be honest with you I didn't know exactly
00:01:39what I would say to this room full of hundreds of nutritionists and as I thought about it and put it together I actually decided to tell the story of food tourism as I had learned it as it happened to me I and a lot of things that %HESITATION
00:01:54I talk about in this session that I gave weird things that I'd had never talked about %HESITATION in front of a live crowd before us some of it very personal and some of it about my journey with food tourism and ultimately what I decided to do was to
00:02:10tell that story my journey with food tourism and inter cut it with excerpts from this podcast series that I had done for several years and done over a hundred podcast episodes interviewing food bloggers and food tour operators in shafts and tourism per most of really from all over
00:02:28the world until I put those together into this presentation on and I gave it on Sunday October sixteenth in Boston Massachusetts at the food nutrition conference and expo at the convention center there in Boston and I wanted to share it with you I wanted to give you a
00:02:45little talk because it's a really nice summation of kind of everything that I had done over several years with the strikers so here it is and I hope you enjoy it your first speaker sat will define and discuss food tourism south wrestler is the founder of the food
00:03:02and travel website taste truckers dot com he's also the producer of the taste truckers food and travel expo an event that showcases international cuisines and food tour companies he hosts the fine dining had cast where he interviews culinary experts about their local food scenes set has decades of
00:03:23experience in marketing events and broadcasting his work has been profiled by numerous media outlets including The Boston Globe radio and records magazine W. B. U. R. FM and Boston dot com his work in about production and online event promotion earned him a citizen citation from the mayor of
00:03:43Providence and a best of award from Rhode Island monthly please welcome sat as your for speaker good morning can everybody hear me I thank you for having me my name is Seth wrestler %HESITATION yes I apparently cannot spell the word dietitian I was told that I either had
00:04:04to come up here and admit that or do the entire presentation in the European accent and since I can't do the latter %HESITATION yeah %HESITATION and I understand that the a lot of your dietitians food scientist nutritionist things like that like facts and figures and statistics data I
00:04:21will have none of that for you this morning I am simply going to tell you the story of how I stumbled into the will of the world of food tourism are quite by accident and that story starts four and a half years ago when I woke up in
00:04:37Stanford hospital %HESITATION that is a road rash all over my face it was also all over my torso my legs my arms %HESITATION that's what happens when you get run over by a car %HESITATION or at least that's what they tell me happen happens in the police report
00:04:54I don't actually remember it %HESITATION I had a concussion %HESITATION or the doctor put it %HESITATION we don't actually calling a concussion when it disappears what happened you we college dramatic brain injury others about two months that I don't remember very well and %HESITATION this left arm suffered
00:05:10significant nerve damage was in a sling paralyzed for about a year and a half so that's how I got into food tourism I was told by the conference that I have to have a slide that discloses all of my affiliations to food companies and whatnot %HESITATION I have
00:05:29none I don't really know how this works like is is does Monsanto have sleeper agents to get awakened by soybeans or something like I am a radio broadcast revenue in radio for twenty years I've %HESITATION will work on the programming side of radio stations like WBCN when I
00:05:46was here in Boston Providence Rhode Island a Saint Louis %HESITATION Seattle you know at Silicon Valley New York City %HESITATION that's really where I come from and I worked in the rock radio side and I would notice that as I moved from city to city for different radio
00:05:59jobs that the rock radio scene was different in different places here in Boston you're the dropkick Murphys are a big band of the mighty mighty Bosstones been around forever you go to LA in a twinkling go and %HESITATION social distortion right I now live in Detroit and apparently
00:06:14Bob Seger lives I didn't know when kid rock has seventeen songs on the radio you know things like that and so if you would go from city to city you would see this unique culture %HESITATION and so that's really where I came from and then %HESITATION deal my
00:06:28only affiliation with food was when I lived here in Boston for a brief time I ran a social dining group called mystery meat it was a series of foodies a group of foodies that would get together to have dinner once a month but they wouldn't find out where
00:06:41they were going into twenty four hours in advance and so we did all kinds of cool things with food we %HESITATION there's something called the %HESITATION the it is a mystery Barry that you can eat and it will bind with your tongue and it'll make everything taste strange
00:06:55with the whole dinner around that we did that dining in the dark so everybody was blindfolded for the entire meal we would do a lot of fun things like that that was my only affiliation with food and that was how I sort of discovered the food blogger universe
00:07:07and started hanging out with foodies up but I was really a radio guy left radio when an online marketing got run over by a car and when I got over by a car I was essentially house bound %HESITATION and stuck in a you know bedridden for four months
00:07:23and there came a point which I wanted to do something new %HESITATION and so I did the only thing I knew how to do which is that I pulled out a microphone and I lost a podcast and I can do that from my bedroom and I started calling
00:07:37up the food bloggers that I knew here in Boston for the social dining room and I started having them do restaurant reviews a little while and then I decided I wanted to go beyond Boston and so I started calling up food bloggers that I didn't know from other
00:07:50cities and started asking questions like okay well I've never been to Memphis when I go there what neighborhoods do I need to go to what foods do I need to try you know what restaurants with chefs do I need to know about and so that was how I
00:08:01learned about the different food scenes that were happening in different cities across the country and it struck me that this was very much like the different rock scenes that were happening in different cities across the country so really this started as a podcast and that's how I got
00:08:15into the world of food tourism %HESITATION food tourism is basically this idea of exploring different locations food you know and I want to show you a couple of examples today bought one of the first one was when I was running a radio station in Providence Rhode Island I
00:08:33discovered that in Providence they have weird names for things and so I'm actually gonna play you a clip here %HESITATION and really throughout my entire presentation I'm gonna play you excerpts from %HESITATION different people who have been on the podcast over the years this first one is a
00:08:48food blogger name Michelle me she I run ran a food blog called the road less traveled and here she is talking about some of the strange terminology that they use for an island foods we have audio on the iPad ask about a couple of other mood I'm in
00:09:05foods starting with a cabinet what's that though cabinet is is basically like a coffee milkshake coffee ice cream coffee %HESITATION you know Europe and and milk and it's just mixed in a blender and delicious goodness of course %HESITATION one of my favorite places to get that is actually
00:09:22a place in war in Rhode Island it's a pharmacy that they grew their own coffee to make this year up and it's really delicious and still lacked a pharmacy and I could put Jimmy's on my cabinet right and although Jimmy there chocolate sprinkles and usually you put those
00:09:40on an ice cream cone of sorts so easy you know you didn't either know Jimmy's is your choice so yeah if you ever go down the road island make sure you have Rhode Island style calamari make sure you try some dell's lemonade and if you want to sound
00:09:53like a native order Jimmy's which are sprinkled on top of your ice cream and go get a cabinet and have some coffee milk which is not coffee and milk and any Rhode Islander will get really upset with you if you suggest that addicts and so I started discover
00:10:07that there were all these different little things about different cities I also lived in Saint Louis for a little while in Saint Louis had a lot of very unique foods it had Ted Drewes ice cream which is very famous there are they have something called emails pizza which
00:10:22uses propel cheese on top of it and it's bizarre if you see it I one of the things they have is toasted ravioli so here's a blogger from Saint Louis talking about toasted ravioli main you mentioned that that has to grab the only person sailors marines a toasted
00:10:36we do mean tried covered and what kind of bread crumbs she's concoction you know it's got basically selling and sometimes it can be sold cheese a saline getting cocktail snacks you're probably gonna features Raffaele here I one of the great places where you can see this in America
00:10:55is actually a barbecue and specifically in barbecue sauce this step several different styles of barbecue sauce if you go to Alabama you'll get a white sauce if you go to eastern North Carolina you get a vinegar based sauce you go to South Carolina you'll get a mustard sauce
00:11:09and so there's a lot of different styles of barbecue throughout the country I this is me talking to I brought Yarborough he's a food blog from the Memphis Castro blog talking about how they eat pulled pork in Memphis and then tell me a little bit about the pulled
00:11:23pork a little portrayed a you know the the because the whole shoulder and then they're pointed a part and %HESITATION good pulled pork won't be sake unit will be try it'll be nice and moist especially when you put on a branch in your little in it this week
00:11:38coleslaw on top of our pulled pork and then you %HESITATION personalities off on it with a gun in there you go so call so there isn't a side it's more of a almost like a condiment exactly he barbecue place in that this lately because the US we've had
00:11:52so many tourists come and ask you know why are you putting coleslaw my family still actually ask you know you want on the side of the family to the traditionally here necklace with that on the family I said this is a good time to now I didn't know
00:12:03this if you want to fit in in Memphis you want to stick out like a tourist you gotta put your coleslaw right on you pulled pork sandwich and so I started to learn that this was not just about the food the people eight but often this was about
00:12:14the customs about the way the foods that people would eat foods in different ways in different places and they have different habits whether was tipping habits whether it was when the water was brought to your table there were all sorts of things I learn all of this while
00:12:26doing the podcast by the way I hope everybody here is eaten breakfast already because you're probably gonna be hungry at this is is a blogger from New York City talking about the difference between east coast and west coast oysters I had no idea that there was a difference
00:12:41so I said I'm I'm looking at the menu and where do I begin south you have to start with the oysters on ice or person top three stock on the at east coast and west coast in the change daily I tend to order east coast the naked cowboy
00:12:55not only because they're fun to say but because it actually tastes like the New England see can you taste the difference between the east coast and west coast I have to be honest I just kind of slow up and down and I would like for a lot of
00:13:08cocktail sauce on them and they were basically just eating my **** in your mouth really you know start trying different pockets and I tend to use just a little minion yeah talk that they serve with a flash of one and I think that the east coast tend to
00:13:23be more salty are a pioneer and have like a real ocean field where the west coast might take mark cucumber or mountains make maybe more pretty so it turns out that there is actually a word for this idea for this concept that the local environment shapes the flavors
00:13:44and the food and that word is terroir and most often you hear that word used in wine making you'll hear the winemakers talk about how the local environment you ever been to a winery and you've done a tasting the talk about the micro climates and they'll tell you
00:13:58that the grapes in certain places taste different than the wind come some grapes and other places if they're great because on the sunny side of the hill little taste of the wild place different than if you use the grapes that are from the shady side of the hill
00:14:08I things like that but increasingly I started to hear this word used to describe food as a whole not just wine in fact this is something that I think we're seeing and I I think it's an interesting moment right now and the Wall Street journal just ran a
00:14:23report that said eighty percent of millennials eighty percent of people between the ages of eighteen and thirty four have never tasted a big mac and I think I know everybody here wants to think it's for health reasons but I also think there may be this factor that there
00:14:39may be this renewed interest in local food that they maybe this renewed that we may be moving away from the Isle of gardens and the TGI Fridays and the McDonalds of the world and looking for things that are locally sourced and %HESITATION really reflect the place that they
00:14:53are I don't know about you but when I came here to Boston I started looking for places that are only here in Boston that aren't in the city that I'm living in now I feel that that idea of terroir so I want to take this to the next
00:15:06level and when I decided to do was to throw an event the nation's first food and travel conference and there I was still stuck in my bedroom in San Jose California and for some reason I decided to put it on in Providence Rhode Island and so I went
00:15:24to Kickstarter I raise thirteen thousand dollars on Kickstarter that was perhaps the hardest thing I've ever done but somehow we we made it through and we set up this event and we invited people to come out to the taste trucker student travel expo that happened for the first
00:15:40time in twenty thirteen in Providence Rhode Island then we came back and we did it again in twenty fourteen and one of the %HESITATION which is a lot of the speakers this is basically to showcase foods from different cities different regions different parts of the country one of
00:15:53our speakers was chef Stephan curry who %HESITATION he and his brother Omar and his sister %HESITATION the %HESITATION the sister Monica started a restaurant called Los indecent Providence Rhode Island if you ever make it down the province for Alan absolutely go to this restaurant they %HESITATION feature foods
00:16:11from their native Peru I yelp just named it one of the top one hundred places to eat in the United States actually number fifty four on the list and that's really exciting for me because I remember when these guys started with a little hole in the wall nothing
00:16:25of a restaurant would just getting off the ground and now it's it's huge and and %HESITATION earning a lot of accolades but the signature dish there is called the VJ VJ is raw fish or at least it starts as raw fish it's usually served in a martini glass
00:16:40and they cook it using lime juice the acid from the lime juice cooks the fish I don't know how that works there's no heat involved you guys probably all do but I have no idea but here's a chef curry talking a little bit about the key to making
00:16:56a great ceviche but she could tell where to be cherry is having the freshest fish possible you know like job making sure that that you have the line the line is the most important thing because you could have at the restaurant here curly were doing about ten cases
00:17:14of wine in each case brings to want to come and out of those cases we select the best lines for the sewage damned whatever it will be about line will be utilized for the bar lobby creepiness to make our schools our this one is so for what we
00:17:30look for your schools have lines I have you know the color of the quality of the fruit had fish we still have a city %HESITATION not a technician to it and that's what it is obviously having a fresh police line you can't speak with the lines you have
00:17:49to make sure that when you squeeze a lot of people squeeze alive all the way through because released this week there's less of a line it contaminates the speech with is is not a global our city to take short and it's a little too components you know like
00:18:04the first thing that we put in the speech is always a small I mean this is only for five degrees you put this in each but you have to make sure you put in the right order because that's what makes a difference and as I started to do
00:18:16this food and travel explosion obviously had been interviewing food bloggers from all over the country and %HESITATION started to bring shaft and people like that and I knew shops because I've been in the restaurant before I but I ran into a new breed of character that I hadn't
00:18:29seen before and those were food tour operators small business people who are running these a small mom and pop food tours usually woman often in her thirties or forties who got tired of her desk job and decided she wanted to do something else and so went off and
00:18:48started offering food tours of the local neighborhood three hour walking tours we would go to five or six stops they might be restaurants they might be coffee shops they might be you know an olive oil shop or a bakery and they would tell you the history of what
00:19:03was going on behind the food and the restaurant %HESITATION and so on and so forth and the first one I ran into was actually in Providence Rhode Island woman named Cindy Salada who you know one of the reasons we chose to do province right I'm besides the fact
00:19:17that I had run a radio station there so I knew a lot of people there we also chose to do because Johnson and Wales university is there Johnson wealth is an excellent culinary program Cindy had been an instructor at Johnson Wales and was one of these people who
00:19:29went off and started her own food toward company I and I want to give you a sample of what might happen on a food tour this isn't he talking about shallow brothers bakery which is a bakery on federal hill federal hill is the historic Italian neighborhood in Providence
00:19:45Rhode Island and Cindy runs a food tore up there so here's a little sample of what you might hear if you were to go on that food tour we shall oppose rigorous one of the oldest bakeries left on federal hill and the shallow for the speakers now run
00:19:57by the shallow sisters %HESITATION it's a fabulous store and I want to point out the spelling of the name actually give you a little grammar lesson it's S. C. I. E. aloe in an Italian that the CIA is actually C. H. sound so for example C. I. A.
00:20:12always child so it sounds like there's an age America so people say the name on all the time basis yellow or gets kind of which is a lot but it's shallow brother speak three so the one other Italian words my mispronouncing on bruschetta the C. H. is the
00:20:29case sound so it really should be blue Skepta light Chianti is a CH I a N. T. I. with the C. H. in the front so it's Chianti not she onto you can see my spelling is not good my pronunciation not good %HESITATION so yeah and it wasn't
00:20:46just Cindy who was doing that I love that example because it shows you that it's it's about the food but it's also about more than the food it's about the history it's about the heritage it's about the culture I and I think that's what makes these food tours
00:20:56so interesting %HESITATION and that's why when you look at tripadvisor I didn't think about food towards is nobody knows what a food toward is but everybody who goes on one absolutely loves them and so you always see them at the top of the ratings and tripadvisor as one
00:21:12of the number one thing to do when you go to a city %HESITATION and so it wasn't just Cindy who is running these these are popping up in cities all over the country so much so there's actually a guy named Shane cost who started his own food to
00:21:26a company in Chicago and it was so successful that he then started a second company called food tour pros to help other people launch their own food to our company and so there's a huge chunk of the food tour operators and food were businesses throughout America even throughout
00:21:42the world who actually trained under sheen and went through Xing's program so here's a little bit of Shane talking about what happens on a food tore %HESITATION tourists are gonna be a multi cultural experience we're gonna bland the obvious food which also gonna integrate architecture history culture is
00:22:00well within cities near and far it doesn't make a difference if it's a small city and medium size city or a large city the ideas is that some type of transportation generally walking so if you really feel and engage with the local communities but also certainly you can
00:22:14do it on a bike segue boat bus the ideas is as you are going through various tastings you're learning a lot about the history of each city integrated as I said earlier with a little bit of that historical and cultural component as well so I started going on
00:22:31food tours and I gotta tell you this is one of the greatest way to get an introduction to a city if you haven't been there yet if you're sticking around for a little extra time going to Boston food toward it's absolutely fantastic %HESITATION and you know in the
00:22:42I think this gives you an idea of what happens what is a two to three hour walking tour it's usually a group of anywhere from five to fifteen people who go on it are they cost between fifty and seventy five eighty five dollars usually %HESITATION and it's %HESITATION
00:22:55you know usually walking but sometimes if you're in a hot or humid place they might be driving they may drive you from stop stop five six six stops your full at the end of it and it covers a lot of a lot of ground I'm gonna give you
00:23:07another sample here is %HESITATION grace della she runs Miami culinary tours and here she is talking about the two is that she runs in Miami it's two and a half hours so I always tell folks look you know sixty percent of what we cover is the ingredients and
00:23:23the cultural background and the history of the food that they're trying on and then forty percent we covered historian architecture or aren't even when the neighborhood that we are but obviously you know the focus is that you're going to leave the tour learning %HESITATION you know the ingredients
00:23:41and and and their wives about culture making just for example in by now that you know on it but others are very different from one culture to the next but usually you folks don't know that so you will need the tour knowing not only where to find the
00:23:56best lute but %HESITATION white each of the food items are unique and of course there's a lot that goes into selecting a food tour out you've got to find places that %HESITATION and have a story in %HESITATION are interesting in our high quality yourself to find places that
00:24:15will work with you frankly and I think different food tour operators have different relationships of the local places and I think she might talk about this a little bit more %HESITATION you know sometimes you have to compensate the places on your stops and frankly you also have to
00:24:27find stop there all next to each other they have to make sense as a as a walking route so there's a lot of different factors that go into creating a suit tore given example of one more of course along the way that the five or six places that
00:24:39you go but there will also be trivia about other stops along the way and I love this this is %HESITATION this is Vicky Wilson she runs Vegas valley food towards these are not food tours of the strip in Las Vegas these are food tours of historic downtown Las
00:24:53Vegas what was the strip back in like the rat pack days and is now kind of you know it's it's seeing a comeback %HESITATION and what's really interesting in this is a they don't stop at Denny's but she says something about Denny's and I love this little piece
00:25:06of trivia yes so nervously mustard experience out we happen the Annapolis and in the knee and novelists we have at Denny's and that Denny's happens to be the only Denny's in the world where you can get married so for one ninety nine you when you told your guests
00:25:19will be treated to a pancake puppy the bride and groom get thrown it is nicely decorated he do a champagne toast and then if you choose to eat there everybody gets twenty percent off their mail so I love this kind of hairy and so I became really interested
00:25:34in this type of stuff there is another type of food tour that I discovered a and that is what I call a destination food tour right and %HESITATION instead of being a three hour walking tour around the neighborhood what this is easy a food tour operator gets a
00:25:48group of people and takes them to a destination usually another country and this might spend days or or even a week out taking them through a lot of the different places so I want to give you a little example of that this is %HESITATION Tatiana gonna she runs
00:26:04gastro tours she's actually based in New York City but she gives tours of Spain and here she is talking a little bit about those tours right now we're doing thing because they believe it is one of the culinary capital of the world and it is a place where
00:26:19wherever you go to Spain you will find something unique in gastronomic experience so yeah we thought that that was just the best place to start there's so much to do and there's so much to be exploited in the area because it still for very neat and it's also
00:26:34very captive on themselves and and it's still very raw materials they haven't you know expanded this idea of getting out to the international public in bringing people to try food or to to look at new things in a different perspective in a different way of looking at them
00:26:51the way they cooked the way they cultivate their needs and their produce and that are so this is something that we wanted to bring to people and Tatiana touches on it a little bit here but this idea that you know when you go to Spain there's a lot
00:27:06of areas that they go to that are developed yet and so the food makers really it's a foreign concept to them this idea that people actually want to make door to watch them make the food they say they like what what do you mean you want to see
00:27:18what we do we just we make the food and and so that's a new concept to them and I were gonna come back to that in a moment here but I want to walk you through a nother type of destination food tour this is chef Jose Duarte he
00:27:30has a restaurant here in Boston called Toronto it is in the north end he is from Peru I and it's approve a Peruvian Italian fusion %HESITATION and and very well respected he's very cutting edge chef but he likes to take a group of people back every year to
00:27:45his native Peru and every trip he does is different as they go through the jungle out one year he actually took families with little kids I was called the little gourmet adventure and here he is talking about that bring in the street church through the jungle the first
00:28:00update at that the park Rangers stop our lease your oldest children that are not on the wall talking about not even the biggest one but is a big one rent and that everybody's like taking pictures and there is you know they want to touch it and is it
00:28:19the guys on touch it because it industry earns in a trough which is some poor this is an episode of the Brady bunch of one point and I remember this eight pieces these experience what we did is but this resort town we saw with his company's focus will
00:28:32be on my son will be did is they we are indebted to the only non inside so basically we look at the bio diversity would look at all these meetings RP belonged to the jungle are we they had they participated on Anya which is the story of a
00:28:48little girl the forest and we are from patients and what they did is they participate in it and they connect to sit and they actually planted trees more trees for the forest they got a chance to go to our a three thousand year old trees basis to gain
00:29:06their off the side of the tree they got to go on to a canopy forty forty meters are sealed to kind of be a site they go to see some kind of surprise and about that either OB they went to a small farm there was across the river
00:29:22to slice products to their the launch so we will eat in all these products from from the local farm who is our fruit and a lot of these %HESITATION double double different ingredients are local native our products we got a chance to try they had a little class
00:29:44there wiggled it products from the jungle I really want to go on one of his tours when it sounds really cool to go to the jungle so yeah I was bringing little kids through the Peruvian jungle all of this food tourism is starting to have an impact on
00:30:01the tourism industry I and I think one of the things that we're doing this interest in food is is the media things like food network's going places and you know a lot of the shows that you will see on the Food Network are cooking shows but one of
00:30:14the things I discovered in the course of strikers is that there are two types of foodies out there there are cookers they're diners I am not a crook I am a diner I like to eat and when you really look at this type of food tourism there is
00:30:30not a whole lot of media in this space right out every once in awhile travel leisure magazine will write about food every once in awhile food wine will write about travel but it's really kind of Anthony Bourdain and that's it maybe a little Andrew Zimmern maybe a little
00:30:44guy fieri but but there's not as much media %HESITATION in this space as there is for example on the cooking side and all of this is having an impact on tourism professionals I mentioned before that %HESITATION Tatiana gonna from gas which was was talking about how a lot
00:31:01of the places in Spain were not used to the idea that people wanted to come in and see the make the food Newport storm is a beer out of Newport Rhode Island and for the longest time they would bring the beer they were very small little %HESITATION brewery
00:31:15and they would bring the beer out of a storage locker right and people kept coming this a we want to come see you by the beer and they were like it's a storage locker that's all it is right and so they finally realized that they needed to create
00:31:31a facility as they were looking for a bigger facility they not only wanted to increase their production but they wanted to create something they were tourists can come and take a look and say here's Brent Ryan the co founder of Newport storm talking about how we considered this
00:31:43as he went looking for the new facility are the biggest step we made was in two thousand ten %HESITATION and prior to that the only time we had visitors at our facility is when we could shut down production and put everything away on that would allow it to
00:31:59be a safe environment for people to be in and quite frankly have enough space for them to be in in there and so that was once a week on Fridays at six PM so for about two hours we had guests over to our facility ought to check out
00:32:12what we did and what we found is that there are a lot of people who wanted to %HESITATION visit us and we never enough room for those people so you know by the and you know it would be the middle of February in this parking lot in the
00:32:25word islands and the snow coming down in the freezing cold and we have literally hundreds of people outside our door we need to get in and unfortunately we can only let seventy five of them and so we had a lot of disappointed folks who wouldn't get and so
00:32:40on after years and years of searching %HESITATION we found a new site to build a new facility now you expand our production but also really to %HESITATION started tackled this %HESITATION yet this opportunity of having guess %HESITATION business and this idea of food as an event that people
00:33:01want to come to is having other impacts as well Lydia is a very famous restaurant in Chicago Illinois elite traveler has named at the best restaurant in the world for the fifth year in a row it has three Michelin stars and the chef there grant Hackett is a
00:33:21fascinating guy %HESITATION if you listen to one of my podcast episodes listen to the interview that I did was half cracked accents because the story is really amazing but he does a lot of things with %HESITATION molecular gastronomy those balloons that you see there are filled with helium
00:33:36they are edible they taste like candy apples and you can order them there are and and so he's got this very high priced restaurant in Chicago and he's talking in this clip about how he no longer wants to take reservations they're starting to sell tickets to the event
00:33:51like a concert and he explains why eating nowadays especially at higher end restaurants is is it's not entertainment anxious you know your friends and going to the concert going to a sporting event and so he was sitting and watching a layer of for years ago all those people
00:34:14they know showed for chopping show on national chances and be on the margins are so set on restaurants are shot for shot does not show up even for the night and we had a hold them accountable and we also are sitting there watching you know because we are
00:34:35wildly popular restaurant you're watching five reservations answer phones all day long and we were training forty thousand dollars a year she had two hundred grand going inside people answering the phone telling people on the other hand if they can't come to your place of business and stand on
00:34:55makes you're denying people the ability for you in a fine and you're telling people to tiles on the hatch so %HESITATION in a cause like why don't you sell six and of course the original argument was instance not hospital you know people are getting angry sucking on if
00:35:18I had to consider Springsteen concert was violation in another couple advice for seats and the couple bales at the last minute because their kids got the flu I don't call Ticketmaster and say Hey my friends got there she got sick and can't come out of my mind act
00:35:37that's too much since there is no so in the same way by arguing and the restaurant you're able to actually reduce the cost %HESITATION for the gas and make it more affordable for them because you're just running better official season margins by the way mystery meat my social
00:36:01dining room in Boston also had a no refund policy so I take credit for this idea if you go to the country of Ireland the number one tourist attraction in the entire country is food related it is the Guinness storehouse as the Guinness brewery and they've done a
00:36:20really nice job with it they basically turned into Disneyland for adults all right and it's amazing I've been there and I thought I want to give you a little sample of what you would hear if you went on the tour of the Guinness storehouse yet the lady to
00:36:33be your guide here today so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna get sick take you through some of the main aspects that are visitors get to see when they do visit us here at home to get us on the first one would be right over here it's
00:36:43actually not only were a tour starts but it's where the story of Guinness starts and that goes back to seventeen fifty nine so there's a name to be hearing quite a lot today not name is Arthur Guinness on in seventeen fifty nine are taken as moved here from
00:36:56his home in county Kildare this document that we see right front of us that is a copy of the original lease that he signed it was a nine thousand year lease for this premises so that shows a commitment I think well kind of sums it up yet we
00:37:09should point out that your beer is older than my country but it is true this is the big all appear instruction in the world and it is the biggest tourist attraction in all of our lives yes so in the last twelve months we welcomed one point two million
00:37:22visitors from all four corners of the globe of visitors from here in our lives are some the U. S. because so many visitors coming from Australia New Zealand the UK absolutely everybody comes here to learn the story again this and so you think this have an impact on
00:37:37the tourism industry on destination marketers on people whose job it is to get you to come to a place right people whose job it is to get you to visit right out one of the big leaders in this is the Ontario culinary tourism alliance or octa they've been
00:37:50very active in this another city that's done it is Durham North Carolina this is Sam holy who work for the division of tourism there Sam is a former chef and here he is talking about the role that food place in marketing the city of Doral are those of
00:38:06us who do we you and I think this is a global you know multibillion dollar understand our product so and that's a hard thing for some people to get their brain around like a bill it's a place full for us is also a product and for someone to
00:38:22adequately talk to other people about their product they need to have a good solid Tory of their product we're lucky in that we you know have a relatively small product I mean their arms of a destination city wide two hundred fifty thousand county wide only at thirty thousand
00:38:36for a total of about two hundred eighty thousand people and it's tight you know everything that's here so we know our product really really well and during his very lucky in that it's always had a strong community are and that you know week we can trace that back
00:38:53to you folks like Tommy boy who you know is happening still owns and operates still work fourteen hours a day the old herb Caen interim he's been in operation for sixty four years up with both barbecue on up to people who are really considered some of the supporters
00:39:09of the modern southern food movement would be kept that in turn Barker Bagnoli curl up both of whom are doing award winners and up you know their restaurant the night like it was a landmark in that spawned a lot of people out of their kitchens who wanted to
00:39:24stay and so we have this great community the people love and I want to be here so %HESITATION we've always known that food was really strong as a product for us to talk to other people about so much of it really food is part of our DNA it's
00:39:40like you know the you know the sun rises in the east you plus two is four and there's good food and dark and so we've always had this great thing to talk about in terms of our food offerings and I want to end by going back to the
00:39:53country of Ireland because island is on this as well island is really rediscovered its food scene and that happened because the Celtic tiger because of the economic downturn there for a long time island everybody thought great food man from the continent and it's only recently that they sort
00:40:07of rediscovered this idea of simple ingredients that come from from their own country and it's a factor in tourism they know it's not the number one factor the know that people don't go I want to go to Ireland try to great food but they do know that it's
00:40:21a huge factor in the experience that you have when you are there %HESITATION and of the facts the satisfaction you have with your visit so they've been working on a big project called the wild Atlantic way which goes up the west coast of Ireland Dublin is on the
00:40:34east coast and it's basically a driving route to take you to different cities along there are and here is a hell of a date who also works in tourism off the country of Ireland and she's talking about while the limit way in the world food place in it
00:40:48wanted not to play is ultimately it to drive it to space if I can have a thousand kilometers long and it stretches from the initial opening slot right up in the northwest white dying along the western seaboard white time as far as can sail in the southwest so
00:41:04it it hugs the coast pretty much the whole way along and that the thing about the ones in nineteen way is it's a great way to explore and and to get off the beaten track and to find those gems and come across these things and and stop and
00:41:20open and Donegal harbor where you can go I can that help you catch a fish and then bring it in and cook it for your dinner and and you can do all of those type of things so it's it's really captured the imagination both for Irish people themselves
00:41:34on for international visitor should I was actually just launched last year so that's really a bite a ten year project we have quite a bit of %HESITATION continue development to do their like we've identified a bite sixteen signature viewing point so we want to do a bit of
00:41:50infrastructure line that justifies illiteracy parking and visitor stopping and all of those type of things so %HESITATION yes so it's very very exciting project and I think food too great link with its because what better way to to get to know their urine yeah syntax to taste the
00:42:07focus vomit by the way when I was driving up while the manic way but a year and a half ago got into a car accident one up in the emergency room the second time I don't know why they keep happening to me so pronunciation spelling and apparently driving
00:42:25anything they can do about it up and that's it for me that's the story of how I discovered and learn this world food tourism I hope that that turns it on to you as well I'm with that I'm going to hand it over to Sheila Campbell a la
00:42:36carte food tours thank you very much

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