What do you do when you’re a guy strolling down the skin care aisle of a department store and you don’t like the experience you're having?

If you’re Kelley Thornton, you create a men’s skin care empire that's changing the face of men's grooming.

Thornton, the founder and CEO of Chicago-based Tiege Hanley, joins Talking Business Now host Kelly Scanlon, to talk about how he and his partners have built a multimillion dollar company featuring a skin care system that's easy for regular guys to understand and use.

Thornton drew on his 20 years of experience in consumer goods and collaborated with his college roommate turned software industry guru, Rob Hoxie, to help mastermind the new skin care solution. The two soon met Aaron Marino, a men's lifestyle expert, grooming guru and YouTube sensation (with more than 5 million subscribers), who became the company’s third partner.

Tune in to find out the behind-the-scenes story of a brand that's built a cult following:

■ The incident that inspired Thornton to start the business
■ The strategy behind the company's phenomenal growth—achieving 8-digit revenues after just two years
■ Why the company almost closed its door after 2 months—and what turned it around
■ What sets Tiege Hanley apart from other men's skin care products
■ How taking a chance and making an "ask" led to a key partnership with a YouTube influencer—and  a dominating online presence
■ Why men care about skin care more today than they have in the past
■ The personal connection that made skin cancer awareness such an important cause to Thornton and Tiege
■ The impact of cause marketing—and what Tiege Hanley hopes to achieve by supporting the Skin Cancer Foundation

Thornton is a veteran of creating new and innovative ways to connect consumer packaged goods companies to retail customers. He's also the author of “The Inadequacy of POP Design and Ways to Improve."

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