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00:00:20everybody will be tax out of scrambled eggs and I'm admiring Hey man I'm Kevin Smith that I will make up for the lack of energy in that ensure that that was not really caring everybody on it and I read about to deliver a report to eighth grade that
00:00:33you were completely unsure forget which podcast them do we go to modulate your level out I was just doing the one about my wife and I try to have a kid right yes that's on a more like your Star Trek pot out disclosure Star Trek for select let's
00:00:45consider the brilliance in June right this talks Allen scramble eggs folks the only broadcast that we know of where we give unasked for commentary tracks for every episode of Frasier ever made and today we have a special friend back with us for the first part of a two
00:01:01part of that will start here on talk selves Graham legs and go over what is the name of your pocket Hollywood in Levine listen that Jesus is genius named was a part of you doing that name so you make out of the cattle of I encountered on his
00:01:13back body I was driving and I was thinking about the name of that but I guess I was like is this just so no one says Levin anymore well no I think of my father called us Levine just so that I could do this five one day lead
00:01:29the sun yeah I know the way it works because there are a lot of people who call themselves Levine is that east of the Mississippi where the real Jews are it's living west of the Mister believe I remember that song Crockett east of the Mississippi with real Jews
00:01:45are you thought about it %HESITATION via bought a pair %HESITATION can we in a recent episode we want to run this past you as as the only guy in the room with bone a few days from the actual show that we talk about true we came up with
00:02:04inadvertently a spin off okay Jr kitchen ROZ addy but that was the first we try to work it so here's the premise for the show we said well Kevin accidentally said the words rods will together and I said that would be amazing if we did a show called
00:02:24Roswell reporter you could cut here's the deal ros who we know and love has the move to New Mexico and taken a job at a at a tiny radio station with a very low signal V. the person running the radio station is bulldog Briscoe gives her show sh
00:02:46but she has to take over for this guy who used to field all these calls about UFOs a conspiracy theories okay so the premise of Roswell is that we sort of take everything we loved about the X. files and everything we loved about Frasier and throw it together
00:03:01where ROS the premise of ros's show is that ros will get to the bottom of these mysteries so she's there analyze will prevail in general yes okay the title is very %HESITATION rises daughter of course is now high school aged and she's may be gone the way of
00:03:19a Frasier crane she'd the feet very very %HESITATION %HESITATION mom you're embarrassing me ros doesn't quite know how to relate she's going through that she's also dating bulldog works the station bald I got badly spelled out the station manager kept Goldberg of course still trying to sleep with
00:03:39ROZ it's it's a lot of fun and we just would like you to say let's do it we are go ahead of it send me send me a script yeah I I wonder if in addition to seeing their first aliens yes see their first gay person there to
00:03:59this is truly improve the show yeah I know I said I was a good idea she was really great on that show yeah yeah she really was was great on that show and in a world where like there's a new season of will and grace and it looks
00:04:13like they're doing Roseanne again yeah I give that three episodes before then imploded explained yeah you got inside info you know I know no info other than you know she's out of her **** mind is that true yeah yeah and and I got everyone looks so old you
00:04:30see the trailer for that thing and everyone looks so old and you just figure it was such chaos when they're making the original one that the hospital rose to most of the run the show yeah where were you at show was gonna I was at sea that was
00:04:46what the I was either insurers are Frasier so yeah I'm here like you go yeah oh yeah oh yeah I mean apparently the writers would come and go with such a revolving door that Roseanne didn't want to actually learn the names of any of the writers so that
00:05:01they would come down to a run through and they would have to wear signs with numbers no yeah that's insane yeah yeah that's a barely true Sir Roseanne and I got in John Wayne was one of those writers yeah yeah he was six he was sick and Roseanne
00:05:17and I got into a into a blog war went a few years ago somewhat yeah or not she's online or in the Rodin's not yet well it's it's the rose and that's buried its best ever eighteen sixty eight by but the point is she of there was an
00:05:36article that you wrote in New York magazine that you probably had somebody right for her where she was saying how Matt Williams the creator of the show stole her idea and woe is me woe is me blah blah blah so people ask me for my blog to come
00:05:54in on it and I commented and said Hey it's a hoax that you worked with him %HESITATION you've gotten all the credit to show is in your name %HESITATION it's not like you're exactly left out of this process etcetera etcetera and then she had a blog at the
00:06:11time and just wrote a blistering email this to a bot blog post yeah you know yeah you know calling me an **** act who I'm an asset you're having an **** at a nearby gas you might want to rethink it and you just like ripping into me and
00:06:33saying how I was terrible women writers and no knowledge whatsoever she might as well be the president and the head and then she you know should I defy any of the writers women writers online can Levine shows to come forward and talk about how terrible it was working
00:06:54for him and then like six or seven women writers who work for me yes said yeah he was like my mentor help out you know let me go home at night when I had a baby and stuff like that and and apparently this lake made the LA times
00:07:09did a thing about it and that USA today so I will not be asked to write on the Roseanne show I think I mean what will they do something like let's pull together a writer's room you know yeah yeah they'll pull together you writer's room in a good
00:07:26luck to those but I mean that's just combat pay yeah yeah I'd like to give them the will and grace reboot probably not as fraught with peril no I don't think so and the originators of the show are going to be back overseeing it so yeah I mean
00:07:41I think that will just be if you're a will and grace fan and you don't mind the fact that they look way older then then you probably enjoy anything anyone care you think that's a factor with people that like man they look older %HESITATION likely coming it maybe
00:07:57more so weakens generation where ones like %HESITATION occur that's what you didn't know you know what you know if it helps support looks if you watch that show and you were real young yourself and now fifteen years go by and you're older and more mature and you look
00:08:12a lot better than you did then then that's not going to bother you know I AG ghosts yet then we can how old they got what happened to me I can't look in a mirror what happened to me maybe that's part of the shopping for us is shopping
00:08:27for shaving for Abby's advice on for it if it's a tune in a bill like I look better than the will and grace that's why the ratings yeah I have more hair than ever messing I saw the bird messing I walked in on my %HESITATION sensex here that
00:08:42is I walked into my in laws watching the new dirty dancing the one that was on ABC right database it now I've heard the that it's not great don't put baby in the corner moment so I was there from that forward no one point Debra messing and her
00:08:59husband was played by what's as **** the guy from Star Trek played captain pike %HESITATION you know that at exactly nine plate supposed to be Jewish Averell from what news Bruce Greenwood who scream was so he was that he was the Lennie Briscoe part Jerry are back and
00:09:20then Debra messing was the mom and they started singing to each other about having the time of their life now granted the whole thing was like a musical version of it some other people saying been saying in the movie and some people in the movie didn't I don't
00:09:33think of them movies musical note that is that a lot of music but the end of that after the whole like you know we have the time or alive you pull back and everyone dancing they cut to like **** ten years later and it's a show that Johnny
00:09:47is choreographing and he he's now he became a Broadway choreographer and baby has gone to see the show and they have an awkward me I swear I am making this up I thought I was hot ten years later did baby get a nose job the hoax whether she
00:10:02had a body jab completely yeah what's your name and Abigail Breslin's so she can look like baby and she's got a kid like at one point the kid is next door and you like is that Jonny's get but then also she introduces her husband it is such a
00:10:16like you know **** offline design version of dirty dancing bitter sweet but our misbegotten to say the least and fascinating because like this is not how this bucket goes and then I looked into it and barely everyone else was live not watching it live felt the same way
00:10:32it was like why would you I don't think it did well in the ratings did it yeah I don't think it did well in the radio since then that yeah the idea right started up again yeah yeah well maybe see make you **** messed I watch ten minutes
00:10:46of it captivated me for eight and I was really should to talk about current affairs the two current for this **** group could lord I can't we can't be expected to watch things recently it's true the point where we're we're a look back pocket I would have been
00:11:03very surprised if I'd gotten an email from Kevin Smith saying watch dirty dance I don't know if I'd a credit on it would not be so what what do you watch or is it harder or easier for you to watch TV comedy like you said there in people
00:11:21always go like how do you watch to me the like I do you watch a movie without like judging I'm like are you kidding I could barely make a movie myself so I don't go to the movies and watch other people should be like they're doing it wrong
00:11:31but for somebody who's written comedy for so long is it easy to watch a sitcom or elect a no you know I'd love to be entertained by sit com I love to laugh at sit coms and %HESITATION there's not a lot of really good ones out there these
00:11:47days there's fantastic dramas writers also a lot of humor I get a lot of laughs out of the dramas mean I'll I'll watch better call Saul and get more laughs than they do from a sit com intentional yeah yeah the show you're working on is is really good
00:12:05on Atkins the Goldbergs of very funny yeah I mean there's a lot of could go for actually try to those don't try to be funny you know they they try to be ironic and quirky and the best you're going to get or smiles what's a gold standard right
00:12:20now for you that like the one show like they're doing it right %HESITATION do you have to say modern family because you know although I have to say Kevin can wait because my daughter work on so that's that's classroom because because I like my daughter work and you
00:12:38know our yeah she's happy which is where they're doing it right yeah not going to move back home and that's in New York right there yeah yes yes that I moved to New York yeah we're not in the city that before now shoots and yet now they yeah
00:12:52they're in Bethpage Long Island which is like somebody coming out here saying Hey you doing a show on a Hollywood you have to go out to the land check you know and why well our lives very close to me yeah yeah that's really what it comes out yeah
00:13:08yeah you built a studio with his own Kevin James bill the studio was on money CVS any money with you I'm sure he didn't put all the money and while I'm doing something wrong yeah could relate to it are you watching beep yes I do what you like
00:13:25meat I I think beef is is very funny here's my problem with the tech honestly since the election I have found nothing remotely funny or entertaining about any show that has a an oval office right you know but %HESITATION I really thought it was funny last year alone
00:13:47she was the president and you know it's a very well plotted out show so they had a Wally has run one yet which one so compelling and valley has been that dudes leaving right the one due to TJ the astronauts is not coming back yeah so will they
00:14:02continue with that show yes it's coming back sand CJ does without him %HESITATION Dick Van **** show over it he's going back I think it's just a Dick now it's just Dickin Alan Brady that's the last no no rose Marie is still alive yeah rose Marie is still
00:14:20alive that's right because I think she commented on the death of Mary Tyler Moore Hey what about the comment was I one what about Rosbank well Rosemarie gets a job in a small radios Albuquerque working for bull died don't hate it a man crossing over yet been all
00:14:40you'll you'll get it on CBS you wrote a very good blog post about the trailers for some of the comedies that are coming this this fall yeah very lazy whether it was a daily two things that that bothered me number one is the very quick flip colognes I
00:14:59turn off that here that's right next to the power but I keep hearing this noise that not it scored toward the front bang you to set let it that outer that'll be no that's that's that's exciting because that's the real people only shook the show went off the
00:15:18rails for a second there by the time we get to your episode though you'll have no heater twice yeah we're doing your show for now %HESITATION but bill did a quick flip where was somebody will say you know you're never going to get me an address group and
00:15:39there is an address yet out don't hand cuff me what am I gonna do run away quick slip his running away and the audience is so far ahead of you I mean they've seen the quick flip so many times and the other thing that bothers me is is
00:15:54just irony which is supposed to pass for punch lines you know where lines like %HESITATION well that worked out well right now Hey keep up the good work fellas you know and my feeling is anybody can do that right now and if you're a comedy writer you're supposed
00:16:14to be able to come up with funny lines that other people can't right so you know and and these are the trailers usually the trailers the best stuff is in the trailers so you're going if keep up the good work guys is aligned in the trailer right then
00:16:33that's that's my line back to you what about what have you seen I haven't seen that one of the trailers what of the nafta Alex ink I believe is one of the trailer who is it that's the Zach Braff Matt Tarses vehicle the man lays the %HESITATION he
00:16:51plays Alex from the podcast start up on gimlet media you know gimlet as a podcast network in New York gives let this is a real friend yes game it was started to buy these two guys Alex I forget the other guy's name but today left their jobs in
00:17:09the venture capital world and decided to start a podcast network and they did a podcast called start up where they were talking through the getting funding for the network and all that stuff as it was happening okay this podcast has been turned into a television show and it
00:17:24was not called start up because there's a show on crackle called start up so it to change the name they change it to Alex and not to be confused with my wife's book is called art up strode out it's called start of a novel there's a calling okay
00:17:37so is the show comedy yes and this sounds like **** my dad says if a member of a came from Twitter and that it that I find that this is probably more fruitful for sitcom because one of the great indoors with a nicer set yet direct one of
00:17:57the great indoors do %HESITATION that was set in a radio station apart now that was set like in a bad bad Amanda LL bean yeah I know it was like a magazine for like a wilderness magazine and it was all these millennials who worked there and Stephen fry
00:18:18somehow was the editor probably had his paycheck pasted on was four has the why he's doing this thing and %HESITATION and Joel McHale was a guy who didn't like Melanie yeah they not on the air no no it it got canceled but it was like a whole show
00:18:35which I don't understand I mean I understand CBS then we wanna get shows to attract millennials but this was a show where they basically dumped on millennials one of that audit I like that I'm going to tune in and I only watch people make fun of me for
00:18:55half an hour and and that's what I was going to die comments show during comic con week because he goes down to comic con right and it was like that's a good thing but then when he gets there all it does is like they all live in their
00:19:07parents basement to my right and my right does those kind of jokes and people like %HESITATION why bother like why would you do that why going to the belly right east make fun of the beast likely have been too busy to ever see the shows because I tuned
00:19:20in when they start Donna because I'm like wow he's **** going to come come yeah that's smart but I watch some kind of **** on people come on I was like I'm not as smart as but if they keep going back so maybe as word was all gone
00:19:32and the giant nerd yeah it is yeah mostly with the user Giner like six ten is a giant Marianna raise group does armor mean in real life to be like Jesus Christ you're like a **** lab experiment gone awry here he was so used to you as a
00:19:46writer on the Simpson's yeah when I was writing about the monorail episode yeah he's a very talented man who I I just I hope counting continues for a long long time but it feels like there is just getting left in TBS landed no one talks about because we're
00:20:02good we're touching some **** hidden depths with you you like make Conan the rain for a thousand years if I could I would yes I would let come in have to show for it to let you watch any of the late night programming I watch cold air wonderful
00:20:17right yeah he's great were you watching him before he yes but now especially well I yeah I like I remember when he made the shift of rooms like %HESITATION blue is not doing that character and he doesn't know how to be the eleven thirty god CBS I thought
00:20:32it was still very funny very clever and that it was funny to nano man the greatest thing in the world happened to him when he yeah it'll be like **** these people right because that really define the show and same with several Meyer show yeah yeah yeah yeah
00:20:44the the %HESITATION a closer look at the end like consistently Myers is baseball player yeah could get back at third base now what about the others where do you stand on it I'm not a a a tonight show with Jimmy Fallon fan and the great it's just it
00:21:04out I don't know if you recently as you see the article or apologize yeah the interviewer he was like barely very apologize for lunch once you realize that his ratings went the tank yeah you know it's like you want a grown up running one of those shows enemy
00:21:21Jimmy Fallon is like a kid like a wide eyed kid and he's very talented he does all of his impressions in this silly games and things like that and but to me there's there's no real substance to it yeah %HESITATION and I I like Jimmy Kimmel always have
00:21:37like Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Kimmel's like always the other guy yeah I always there but he sees the other guy that you're not very good camel the Russia on them wears a commander I don't what I watch cold air in the morning when I wake up and %HESITATION
00:21:54Seth Meyers yeah the the %HESITATION particularly the like a closer look but the other ones not so much it's hard it's a lot I mean to think about the fact that when you wake up every morning there could be a US six hours of television on your DVR
00:22:05to catch up with this and saying yeah and also if you just wanna stay current I mean if you wanna stay current read the actual **** news but if you're too lazy to read the news you can handle the reed and sat yeah you can sift through them
00:22:17at least they put it through a filter of like this is amusing %HESITATION but the they've come in and in the last few months yeah Middle East you're made to feel less crazy because I guard somebody else notices this to yes meant to be is pretty good she's
00:22:31been great to %HESITATION John Oliver of course thing with John Oliver I can take like about ten minutes to John Oliver them what happens yeah and then I'm just tired of it and then I there's just a John Oliver fatigue sets in so he's great on and clips
00:22:48you know I can watch a a ten minute you think about it too yeah yeah but he's fine the Velasquez it's it's too much here is the kind of lover as well ten minutes tops probably backed up on my but he's not American you know what is the
00:23:06%HESITATION what's going on in Goldberg's land %HESITATION we just started back splinter they still Jewish who still Jewish this year were this season yeah everything changes which tells is really crossover show with blackish where they choose Sammy Davis it's great %HESITATION yes so we started the last week
00:23:27we got back to the office knowledge in a ladies over here on and it's got a lot of college story so far I'm because their way it's hard because we're like well we need to find we need her to play off of someone that we know so we're
00:23:41just trying to find reasons for either go to the same college she does not she's in Savannah so she's in Georgia with she's a rather arrogant in Atlanta so it's not conceivably not hard to get those two together but were like well we need to anchor it with
00:23:54someone so you know we're thinking well let's get Beverly to go down and drop her off at college and maybe she doesn't leave she hides maybe we get you know Adam goes for something and then Erica comes back for something so it's a lot of the first like
00:24:10we've mapped out sort of the first few episodes and it's a lot of like flying and buses but you know the story is this what season five or six the season five so hard in season five this race full season or access to the lectures are apples is
00:24:29%HESITATION committee were came at the head of that season yeah August I was there yeah I'd lose your second full year yep about to be yeah wait what is what do you notice the difference between your four and five well I will say that I feel like college
00:24:41is kind of invigorated US because there's new stories to tell go so that's been that's the that's the problem of the sitcom is like well duh but although never problem **** Frasier which and never got the same five characters the same situation their owners yeah yeah yeah that's
00:24:56a problem you have with kids yeah unless you're doing an animated series right right did you ever feel like on cheers was it ever we need a team whenever they needed a team they can turn to like Carl as kids or something like that right yeah but it's
00:25:11just the way I find that show I find cheers to be Jess so well done and just always talk I was anticipating that adjective would go to that for a long time like your code now so like it just gets like you just you just watch it and
00:25:30you're like a fine they do that trying it's just that's how I feel about gardens a galaxy awash with faca they do that I can't do that I don't feel that way so much about under the same show Sam is rock yeah you ever heard is nor did
00:25:45we ever like AB let's get him out of the bar this week or you know the very first season we never left the bar and the problem with that is that things would happen offstage and people have to come back into the bar and tell you what happened
00:26:01to her and it's always better to show it as opposed to telling about it afterwards right so after the first season in fact the very first scene that was not in the bar was and %HESITATION Diane's apartment but yeah we went out of the bar from time to
00:26:17time of arrival at the very first hand that was never in the bar was an element yeah without a big damage on the show well yeah that was should we do it two ways yeah money in the Senate were **** ourselves are doing it shows in the bar
00:26:30on what we're gonna do it down at that time too we were getting good ratings so that right first season eight years were terrible we're not only were we loosened to Simon and Simon we are getting what are at the theme song we were getting our **** kicked
00:26:44by talkers which ABC never heard of way way although I'm digging deep hold on Tucker's which who is Tucker and it's Catherine Hicks and she was a witch to solve crimes I remember well I mean I don't watch it but I remember you did you watch it already
00:27:02got you got me watch you at a show to never work out looks aren't funny down I watch the which shows like which is in TV that yeah there's a long line of that I remember she was the check was in Star Trek member well I mean probably
00:27:16what with the one with the whales where she so yes of course thirty four yeah they gave her show when she was on seventh heaven after that figure a lot of show to give her a lot of show for that and that so this which that solves crimes
00:27:30which user spells or anything to solve these crimes I don't know because I was one had a six people that watch cheers where did that should take up what was the year year to year two we did better because we won the Emmy for show of the year
00:27:46some people started discovering us and people started watching the reruns over the summer you're too we did better and then your three Cosby began and because we got like a fifty shares the leader yeah and it's the old story where you know high tide raises all boats after
00:28:03that boom we were like top ten show and that's the way we stayed with that first year was there were there were weeks we were dad last dad laugh we're sit in the writing room go and it is our a stuff you know it's not like if we
00:28:19stay another half hour shows show the batter right you know and you guys were news radio like newsradio never had their birth where they could be discovered by a bunch of people yeah Wellesley right now really looks up at the time in BC was doing really poorly and
00:28:38to us so we had that to contend with fortunately grant Tinker who came from MTM was the chairman of NBC at the time and he really liked the show really believed in the show and it was nothing that they had in development that was any better so we
00:28:57got picked up for a back nine even though our ratings were really terrible and he stuck with us he stuck with Hill Street Blues he stuck with family ties a lot of times didn't get enough family ties did worse than we did really I have family ties into
00:29:14all that well did they ever find their groove or they did %HESITATION two things with family ties number one again because we help them and number two when they realized that the break out star that shows Michael J. fart man you know so that's that's when that showed
00:29:32started taken off but yeah first year you know and we we get like a nineteen share which was like which was like nineteen million people watching that show and that was when we were going nobody's watch it we're an underground hit no one knows the show is on
00:29:48you see the premiere of Twin Peaks a few weeks ago five hundred thousand people why did it that's it five hundred thousand people more people died in the state of my podcasts thirty eight billion people in the United States and five hundred thousand people like Showtime does ratings
00:30:10like %HESITATION yeah now it's cable channel rating the awesome can pull it in yeah yeah how is anybody wants it now I am listening to a visual idea yeah they do not have five hundred and one the father but it mean that's that's staggering to me that staggering
00:30:30to me that the show with that much hype yeah could not even draw a million people and so you figure well what about some of the other shows in night said that they had still in their premier went up a hundred seventy eight percent from their other mini
00:30:51series guerrillas whatever the hell that was and you figure boy if if the hundred said so another word you could get the entire national audience of guerrillas and and put him in a fair grounds right is like there's more people at the the Rose Bowl flea market then
00:31:13then watch that and now I don't know really what is the plus three that's that's the Kim so that's be so it's no longer just you get your like that number at five hundred thousand plus three days of people who died not art it was that yeah plus
00:31:29three the five hundred no nos five hundred but when they did the plus three he went up to six hundred doubts are you **** me only a hundred thousand people out to me felt like right I guess we'll DVR much lay down right wow which it is I'd
00:31:42like a TV by the numbers thing you know I I saw it on one of those websites fake news all my god that's **** man and they did they spend a lot of money advertise that you now have billboards Entertainment Weekly cover however and everything memory on no
00:32:00read magazines anymore at the other problem no one's doing no one's reading well it's maybe there's just too much stuff that's the problem is too much television block content there's five hundred and what five earned twenty something scripted shows on television right now there's something like that it's
00:32:15in same one type of show for every type personality exactly it's just like to be you know I think you know I count myself as very fortunate as should make heaven can wait Sony compadres that we're on a network television show that has twenty two to twenty four
00:32:28episodes a year at how many last with a rating on the Goldbergs %HESITATION we'd do the the like three million something like that with which the thought that some of the eighteen to twenty three million a week and you've gotten picked up for two year eight that's a
00:32:43two twenty five I think the total is like seven seven and a half seven have but what you're looking at five hundred thousand people watching twenty six years ago massive success to get what do you guys numbers yeah to eight or nine million people watch it and what
00:33:01is what's the most watched television now like other than a sporting event like what's big now bankrupt rank very for that Paul O. I think thirty minutes now thirty million no no you kidding I think it's like thirteen yeah thirteen fourteen million work it out you have a
00:33:17phone yeah thirty million now in the Oscars thirty million now is the American idol finale when it meant something to people yeah it's just cramming when you think about how you watched what the finality of mash was what ninety million something like that yeah I mean we were
00:33:36getting on mash we were getting thirty million every week we're getting thirty million every week and we were matter of fact about it there's like a little though Jesus Christ known watch a show this week week we're down to twenty eight yeah well I still million people well
00:33:57yeah it's it's a different world course there it was only three networks and %HESITATION no irony roadway no irony in oak cliff jokes explain plan Arnie what he means irony is how's the good has a really good way of of saying it it's it's just kind of like
00:34:17putting an attitude towards the line just kind of giving it a spin and you know so it on like I said %HESITATION you know jeep that worked out well right went and that's obviously it didn't work out well yeah no and it's just sort of a trope now
00:34:38that is being used over and over and part of the reason I think is because there are more single camera shows and not multi camera shows because for multi camera shows they're filmed in front of a live studio audience you're held accountable for your jokes you know the
00:34:56jokes don't work and they don't get laughs then you're out there worthy but when you're doing a single camera show you can say whatever you want and if everybody in the room thinks it's funny then then you can do it does so I think there's a lot more
00:35:13of that and also flip doesn't really work when you have to stop down and move people and then start up right yeah that alright here's the joke I yeah I would imagine there will be like if you're shooting a live in front of people twenty minutes later like
00:35:26okay remember yeah and and a man who we had to have a laugh track CBS insisted that we had a laugh track anyway what I'm sporadic it wasn't it will keep it down as much as we could but he you know we would say so they're like bleachers
00:35:48out in the on the chopper pad planning our battle apparently cheers there's a guy do in warm up and a couple minutes at helicopters going to come over the mountains I want y'all to applaud did you fight did they try to fight the last %HESITATION yeah yeah silly
00:36:06and the only concession CBS made was during operating room scenes we did have to have one of those guys that blood bodies Larry yeah like it's insane to like a Flintstone's at electric like it's crazy yeah but even that makes more sense because they were going for jokes
00:36:26where Nash was funny but there's also legs pretty weighty at times as well there's a lot more drama in that show read most comedies van and I gave my heart at rest call Yasuko would you ever call mashes it come yeah yeah yeah I would yeah I definitely
00:36:41would yeah we would do dramatic shows but we always tried not to get too have eaten and we always tried to just have moments just nice little moments factor of my partner David Isaacs and I wrote the last radar show good bye radar and we purposely structured to
00:37:04show that as he was going to leave casualties arrived so all of the good byes we're just one two line quick little things we didn't have to do long model and speeches so that it it kept it moving and for us the the great moment of the show
00:37:26is at the very end for the tag when Hawkeye and BJ come back to this one in radar has now left and radar's teddy bear is on hot guy's **** in that he's left his teddy bear to them which also symbolizes that he grew up at such a
00:37:43tender and it was just a really nice moment nobody said anything they just held up the teddy bear and the whole scenes over you know fifteen seconds cannot everybody now classy yeah when television was class now if you look at the very famous episode of mash we're Henry
00:38:01Blake gets killed I'm sorry spoiler gases spoiler alert about twelve miles out there like there goes my summer man and it's always been dj'ing mass forty eight spoiler alert but if you look at that episode written by Jim for cell in every green bomb the first twenty eight
00:38:21minutes of that show is hilarious all the hijinks and %HESITATION goodbye parties and stuff like that its whole areas and then they sucker punches at the very end with the this scene where radar comes in and announces that Henry Blake's plane had crashed in the sea of Japan
00:38:41and there were no survivors yeah it was just that elegant so we tried not to be heavy handed with with the drama what would for you like if you were in charge of the network and so you could pick any said counter put on including one who create
00:38:58what is what's a psicom you think is missing right now my mother the car really no not like this can be amazing I know you know what I think is missing is a is a show like Frasier a show that is smart and sophisticated and there was an
00:39:17audience for that there's a big audience for that and I don't think they're being served who what is the most sophisticated show gore comedy now I would say probably mama I would probably mom is the closest to that end in terms of being funny but also being real
00:39:40and kind of dealing with real situations and how does that do does very well yeah traveler machine yeah this is what we want yeah yeah that's more I mean he's I think I've checked it said that the most personal to him because of the addiction storyline and all
00:39:56that stuff just dealing with so that show you know they kill people on that show anabolic embellished with an agenda passed away died they run right up it's just a wonderful tool now for writers what is now that we can kill actors it makes our lives so much
00:40:17easier this is so much better than me literalism which is here sorry yeah no I had a friend who was working on twenty four nine and they were saying at some point we said look we're not gonna have anybody left come on you know really Keever and we
00:40:34got to keep somebody else do but yeah they would you know bump off people who who gave me problems it's wonderful thing Watson in Goldberg's world yeah the the and not Gober's world Adam world measure merry not coming back like a magnet what was the first one that
00:40:55we were you would work on the show but is it near you guys like same production offices or whatever yeah yeah where they're of a floor below us and David Rossi who is the co creator of that show he's the he's come back to join us we sell
00:41:09a minimum one off and did their show and then I was back because there's no yeah well he came back last year at the end of the year of because he was done with post on Mary and then he was back in the room does one know the
00:41:20show's going way before goes away or they find out when we now you find out when everybody else finds that I maybe like two hours before everybody hates deadline you'll find out but yeah so you know it's well man you knew that that show eleven minutes into the
00:41:36premier didn't you %HESITATION ratings wise yes yeah you know the ravens not that great now what about downward dog downward dog I keep hearing great things about it there was a premise with which I was like are you kidding me this is going to be a television show
00:41:54I haven't seen it but the people that have that I've talked to have watched it have said that it's very very on ABC and very like indie film comedy kind of situation I haven't watched it then I watched it you're smirking you hate it you guys not like
00:42:11it what's happening who likes it and he asked some of my daughter hated it and you like to my son in law like that interesting long wedding guests and their brothers you guys are pros so you know where if you speak sure sure your problem same deal is
00:42:32your problem just the dog with toxins that sad and said yeah well then that would make it an indie film making yeah yeah yeah do you enjoy in the films as a rule but when you're expecting a half hour with the talking dog you want a laugh okay
00:42:50is literally that's even if a dog is going to talk you better have **** punch line the way I look at it all just talking dog tax measure is it like you look at the dog you here's thoughts or they will not go out now yeah and then
00:43:08just like why isn't she coming hallways so it's like look who's talking with the dog debt would be looking for not talking to who is in it too out out to was the second baby bad at all where do we go from there yeah so you don't world
00:43:25knows the world right but they but so they the it's a sitcom and the dog comments on it although it's not succumb because it's that the dog is what your dog is narrating from the dog's point of view it's like modern family time as an easy depressed is
00:43:45that the downward part he's not happy doesn't get is there like is there yet is there yoga at any point well that's a problem for me you know there was a pilot you can look this up on you tube and I don't know the title of it but
00:44:02there was a pilot site nineteen seventy nine the Norman layers company did which basically was people actors in dogs suits Norman Lear this is the guy you know all the family and these were just like the life of dogs and you had you know Broadway actors in dog
00:44:28suits and in all other cats is killing on Broadway where we have the dogs yeah and and this thing is just like jaw dropping it's it's just all I lived in everyone be on pilot yeah yeah that was my normally was drunk with but now I think I
00:44:45can make more I am a jocular big dogs dogs gonna have an abortion and that episode is gonna be you ask eight rights yeah wow even some cuter than Maude that be someone like like %HESITATION what's his face could have missed at all yeah well there's a lot
00:45:10of of producers who have had huge missteps wild swings and misses do you remember a Steven Bochco show called cop rock of course yeah yeah of course so it was a musical where they broke into song yeah yeah and who is the kind of thing where the audience
00:45:31if you have seen the original movie of Mel Brooks the producers when they're doing the springtime for Hitler scene and there's a shot of the audience and everyone is just sitting there like black is this yeah that was that was copper and that was him at the height
00:45:49of his powers now guess like %HESITATION like what he had %HESITATION hill street prior history blues and I do have why do the house that wasn't were just like boy Dr let's see if I can make this work and I am but there is a certain charm to
00:46:05that show I mean you know nobody broke out into song sits by the last two years later the Neil Patrick Harris can be stopped from when they get is a musical episode of the Goldbergs %HESITATION my guess would be not any time soon when his mom going to
00:46:21get %HESITATION her long awaited bat mitzvah we I want shared limited on that we by the way conventions that Erica's **** in the finale episode that you directed yeah yeah and I was watching as like a while he threw that in her sometimes steer that was a long
00:46:40I mean we don't want to shove it down anyone's throat because that you know Adam grew up very he was Jewish but he just neither had to do anything about it was Star Wars Star I noticed the big lobster fest episode you guys said yeah we did we
00:46:56did a lot like we did we did a big red lobster run in there anyway that was this trip we did we did read laughs it was a very long over long absence script was the very last double the length of that well that's because we're writing it
00:47:08while you guys were shooting it and he did thirteen pages one day which is they gave me the editor like do you want to edit it we want to get passed and I was like well I mean it's it's like fifty minutes long do you really want me
00:47:18to addicts I'll get you twenty two really is and how Adam likes to do that and I was like well then don't offer me the a waste of my time but I like what he did like the stuff he chose got everything in the area of the storylines
00:47:34that little bit of everything tied up yeah but I mean it's just it's the long long haul so can we just I was happy to have a three day weekend given only having been working when we what's %HESITATION how many episodes will they have scripted before you go
00:47:51shoot before you start should I think our goal is to hopefully have between ten and fourteen before the season began before we start its emphasis Faulkner is twenty let me tell him to go on that how many days a week you film five the first five days casually
00:48:11will get a six day do you have a table reading in rehearsal or anything you are able read which happens usually in pre pre production but ma'am right before the prep week starts usually Kevin Kevin was on our crunched end of year schedule I guess I missed both
00:48:30table result in other words so you do a table reading prior to shooting yep and then if you're shooting say Monday through Friday Monday morning cameras roll yes okay and they roll with if let's say there's it's not a heavy notes situation in them and the table read
00:48:47went well great they start but if it's a situation where we have to fix some stuff for rights of stuff we make sure we have at least seems that we're happy with that can then go to the sat on Monday and then the script gets and then how
00:49:04many weeks do you are you in production before you take a hiatus first Hey this week I think we do every four weeks there's a Hey this week you have any pick up days we do we get those in the up okay and then the the real sort
00:49:27of crunch comes if we have a lot of stuff off the lot for doing a lot of stuff at the house Sir for doing a lot of stuff like tennis court or something them those days get to do so when you start a production when you and we
00:49:41start production the last week of July is pre production for the first episode right and then we will be theoretically done with the twenty two episodes March second okay when we did mash we did twenty five episodes from July fourth two Christmas we were on a four day
00:50:04schedule leave before the first day you're seeing what was done a Christmas yep yep twenty five episodes and that's with all the stuff that the ranch and everything else wow yeah what we did was we would speak at table reading and then I do the rest of the
00:50:23year talk about exams and we spent a lot of time doing pre production because once we got into this season it was a spread it was insane but we would have a table reading and then we would rehearse on the stage and we would go to all of
00:50:40the scenes and make whatever changes then we would shoot for three days that said one of the three would be out at the ranch so we'd be shooting like eight nine pages a day and then then on Friday we start another show and we would do that we
00:50:56would go eight episodes hiatus week seven episodes a hiatus week eight and seven and finish the year on Christmas wow yeah so could you conceivably go work on another show after that was done I got a real results yeah like that there was a one season season seven
00:51:16my partner David and I pretty much wrote the whole year we were fried by the end of that year did you drive off a lot of the lash out and just not come back to California yeah well grace who's crazy what is the is so back so you
00:51:32guys wrote **** doing your five okay craze shooting rays that no idea oft what a dumb wow so like when you're doing something like that what do you do with the off time just JK just snow well we would we would come in around March and we spent
00:51:57a lot of time doing all of the stories you mentioned how you wanted to have all of those groups in production already same thing we wanted to have like half the season ready to go before we even started because the lead times like pac man you know yeah
00:52:15digest is on your **** just eaten up that lead time and then again you know they'll be a day of rain which **** something up or an actor is sick and out for two days and now you're juggling scenes and you know you're moving stuff around and %HESITATION
00:52:35yeah it was it was insane would you start the room would you and David go in first and sort of start and you have and bring the room and yeah it was much of a room it was a very small room yeah and the time yeah we would
00:52:48spend a lot of time going through research and coming up with the stories and I mash we would have at least two sometimes three stories in every episode and they always dove tailed and they always had to sort of and together so yeah it was you know we
00:53:05worked our **** off the bat that wears a room how big was the room then %HESITATION for what's a real how many gun Goldberg's %HESITATION fifteen fifteen people better about this all the guys get paid as far as I know about Kevin come with any people in the
00:53:25room do you feel like the original porn star you know like I think in the short staffed big episodes like doing it in a way that the kids today can't add a yeah they have no idea agony days when we did it you know and the Palmolive comedy
00:53:48hour in nineteen forty three no yeah we had a very small staffs of the first year of cheers was the Charles brothers and me and my partner David that was the whole staff for people yeah that's crazy yeah all that comedy came from poor people yeah we guys
00:54:06credit in all the scripts from the first year would you say have freelance no we would have freelance people do I mean we wrote a bunch yourself yeah yeah we wrote five ourselves that first year but that's just kind of the way it was you know there was
00:54:20more opportunities for freelance writers back then right now you know it's hard to give out of freelance the same you know of any freelance assignments studio if we do they go to our writers yeah yeah right so it's it's very difficult to %HESITATION unit to break in the
00:54:36way we did I mean especially when you're on a show that goes you know a few years it becomes very top heavy so you have a lot of eat peas that are you know a lot of their contracts are like three guaranteed script so that if you have
00:54:46five EP is that are getting three scripts each that's already fifteen minutes spoken for the rest of the staff in them so it's hard you know you can just pick up a freelance episode of the Goldbergs if you want to get in the phone yeah which is which
00:55:00is why because I'm wondering why they have a call my friend Michelle I'd **** give you three but you let me write wanting Kevin can directed love it a man %HESITATION all right so this is the first of a two parter this where we hand off two can
00:55:21show yeah so if you want to continue following the conversation where we can talk about next town given we're going to talk about you and your process in writing and directing done and done beautiful I have none what so Hollywood in Levine had over their cat over Hollywood
00:55:37Levine and start a listen to the rest of this hit the subscribe color comes on how your brain or your kids into the next one I'm like I I had out yeah I had had it they're working in sitcom world yeah talk to them all we got is
00:55:49this **** due to talk to our it obviously got a very spoiled pampered position that is not indicative of the sitcom experience now yet now I don't have to go to Long Island a good point at the drug culture %HESITATION it in Long Island is better it's a
00:56:08it's a celebration folks a podcast crossover event jump over to Hollywood in the vine and you'll hear the rest of this for talk Seldon scrambled eggs on Kevin Smith I'm admire added to take us out here the man himself Frasier has left the building this has been a
00:56:36production of smart girl internet radio Sir only ed smart **** dot com

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