Dearest Sustainability Defined family, we are taking a short hiatus. This is the second in a brief series of episodes where we'll give a short update on what we're up to outside of the podcast and then replay an oldie but goodie in its entirety.

For this month's hiatus episode, we're revisiting Walmart's ambitious supply chain emissions initiative called Project Gigaton, which I think we can all agree is a badass name. For many companies, Scope 3 emissions (fancy term for supply chain emissions) make up most of a company's carbon footprint. Learn more about these emissions and then enjoy insights from all-around good guy Zach Freeze, Senior Director of Product Sustainability at Walmart. Plus, before we replay the episode, we'll tell you about Walmart's April 2019 update on Project Gigaton's progress. It's ramping up!

We're excited to come back recharged with new content and bad jokes this summer. In the meantime, you can still reach us any time at [email protected] with your feedback, ideas for shows post-hiatus, and (obviously) bad jokes.


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