We’re at our final episode, the ultimate episode if you will. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been collecting your questions for this rapid fire episode. So grab a coffee and listen as we dive into very important questions like “Is it better to be a dragon or have a pet dragon?”.

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00:00:05Bianchi's women's welcome back to the final the ultimate episode of a supporter of saying out this is to show that helps you deliver a better support experience to your customers now after a hundred fifty nine episodes if you don't know her crew you I don't know I don't know what to tell you on that one but just in case we're going to make sure you you know I'm if you don't so we'll start with Jeff Jeffy gets to go first
00:00:28yes final episode I get to go first finally after a hundred fifty nine episodes I get to go first that's just not true I don't know if you can say you're doing Bittersweet but I'm doing better sweet I'm very excited to be on the show I'm very sad that it's over maybe I should like put you at the end because of that that was just like like hearts in the middle there well I'm predicting a 30 minute monologue
00:01:00right when you asked so I don't last minute thoughts before we wrap the show
00:01:06there it is I knew it was coming next up Carolyn from buffer how are you I am also I am also doing better I'm feeling very uncertain feeling really proud of this podcast and I think it's the right decision track it up and see the time to the other amazing fight pass out there who I was talking about some other topics
00:01:36and last but certainly not least the other chase the Fantastic Chase Chase Livingston from automatic hey there glad to be here and I'm excited to see what's next for everybody I was really hoping you were just going to stop after glad to be here just for consistency
00:02:00alright so like I mentioned right down to the final won the ultimate Jeffy missed it last week but I found out that penultimate is the last episode before the finale and it's just a fantastic word penultimate so this was the ultimate episode
00:02:14I believe I believe that this will be our alternate episode so for this one over the past few weeks we've been collecting your questions for our final Rapid Fire episode of for better get it haven't heard these before basically we get through as many questions as we can we keep just monologue to sub 5 minutes is the best that we can promise on those somewhere right around there but let's start caroling what's up with you with the holidays here what gifts do you like to send out to customers I've got a limited budget so something budget-friendly guess I'm going to call it our a member of our marketing team and my friend Bonnie hear people love socks
00:02:58it's true I can't confirm I do love socks
00:03:05so we have a few too many customers to send out gifts super often too but that we do send out gifts like VIP clients and stuff but like just no General things like when somebody reports an awesome bug or something like that will often send them a t-shirt or a mug with WordPress look like a coffee mug with the WordPress logo stickers or popular WordPress stickers deep seems like those you know your your average everyday knick-knacks that the lot of people send you know we've done that we've done all the above we've done stickers we've done t-shirts we've done Sox who Dunn mugs but the thing when you get a photo from the customer they always like put the shirt down and then they put the card over the shirt and it just always reminds me that the card cannot be forgotten you just nothing like get some
00:04:05it says we're really proud to serve you as a customer so if you want to go really budget-friendly get yourself a bunch of cards or even just pictures of people on the team or whatever and just write something real on the back stickers you know sticks on the postage on there and send it out cards cards definitely like for all the reasons such as much as he stole my answer basically I will say that The Wirecutter has these awesome little plier pins like these little Just Dance that cannot be like your backpack or your hoodie or whatever that was and they included that in a card they sent out for Africa or something like that but anyway it was really really cute really really inexpensive and it just made me feel warm and fuzzy to them so yeah cards and you know little knick-knacks like pants you don't have to go out and spend a bunch of money
00:04:57Jeff what's your favorite cookie type
00:05:02oh man oatmeal chocolate chip Chase Livingston Carolyn rocks is a good podcast
00:05:21Livingston I really thought you'd have something else besides just just peanut butter and there's no chocolate for me or personality is so I know I don't have time and Rapid Fire
00:05:54no chocolate
00:05:57Livingston what's the last book that you read and would recommend to others that's the key if it's I don't know if it's something that you know you wouldn't recommend you can just keep that one I would recommend the last book I read that I would recommend to others
00:06:19I'm sorry it's been a little while but any weird book The Martian is probably the white well I know I need to know if they would necessarily appeal to like a wider audience so I'm going to go back to that when I think cuz I was just ready player one was a good book to but the Martian I think is me and you got a very bad if you're into fixing that all really remember exactly where I was when I first heard about the Martian it was on the show and it was Carolyn telling us about the Martian pretty of South Carolina
00:06:58it's so good and yeah Artemis his new book pretty good not as good as the Martian but I think that happens every day like you know I'm enjoying it I'm enjoying it very much though but it's no it's both really hopeful and also really depressing it's basically all about how nutrition how you can like Choose Your Own Adventure for your for your life and your house based on nutrition and then similar to The Martian I have to recommend kind of like an epic book that I that you've all heard about it for a while but is this trailer I think I talked about it previously but it's a trailer and it is like one of those that I just stay up all night for multiple
00:07:59alright Jeff
00:08:02okay so Carolyn did multiples that means I get to do multiple broken favorite biography that I've made it through so far it's really really long but also it gives you really good
00:08:21all subject which I thought I was thing is really interesting I can just finish reading Yuval Noah Harari sapiens sapiens on this the first one's called sapiens and that book was really interesting that turned everything on its head so I did not even realize that I'm part of a religion called Tech and the other book was so much insight into what's going on every time your team gets together so it's a pretty quick read and
00:09:08I'm going to be like let me sing goes 1 Buck machine learning from Hugh Howey Hugh Howey dead wool Silo Beacon 23 really good science fiction author and this when it's basically a collection of short stories that he wrote going like way way back to some of his first stop and it screwed around themes and it's it's just really really good for science fiction so check it out
00:09:35the safe Jeff would you rather be a try going to have a pet dragon I love being a human I really really enjoy it but how great would it be to Smite my enemies by sending out my pet dragons it's just my friend
00:10:00she I have no idea you basically get to fly cuz you ride the dragon your friend you get to breathe fire through your friend but yet the other day you still get to hang out with all your other friends humans the best Livingston
00:10:19yeah basically for all the reasons just said pet dragon I think would be pretty cool Caroline you still the outlier the thing that breathes fire know it would be so much cooler to be a dragon and actually be able to fly and actually be able to be on that one good thing you're right that's it that's a very good point you don't actually
00:10:48get the fly but you do get to fly whenever you want which just still feels just as cool about the pet and owner of the Dragon Dynamics
00:11:03that's what I feel like there was a movie about how to train dragons like that so you'll be fine
00:11:22I'd start with that when someone has a big project how do you celebrate if your remote teams we do a lot of gift parties and slack and discourse on the other thing we do if it's a big enough project is the person makes the video about it I don't share that so that people can watch it at their Leisure so you can you can still have all the contacts with you but what's discourse
00:12:02it's like our internal Message Board system like I guess our version of Pichu
00:12:12because it's like less ephemeral
00:12:22she was like you could use Basecamp has both
00:12:30yeah I mean I guess we use P2 very similarly to what Carolyn was saying for how they use discourse in black is also sometimes the right thing but I would say happy to there
00:12:45Jeff everyone's there so little bit slightly different question for you so when you're all in the same place is it throw a party at the office go out to dinner what happens. The team will normally do something like go out or something like that to celebrate but normally and turns a team-wide like Carol said we'll try to do go a little crazy just going to celebrate the moment we also use our new tool soapbox to record a lot of the behind-the-scenes so I why don't we do this what are we hoping for how can you track the results who was part of it all that kind of stuff we have like a artifact for later that can become a shirt around sent an email since I maybe you can share it with customers all that kind of stuff but again it like I don't know this this goes so far back and silver
00:13:45episodes but like nothing nothing else reforms as a manager being just stopping over and saying like that was really cool he said you're going to do it and you did it you solve all these her, just I'm really glad you're here
00:14:02Chase back to you on this one books podcast or television you have to let off only one of those for the rest of your life what do you choose on cast for sure I listen to a lot of podcasts love love podcast Jeff why you're in middle that thinking look go oh God
00:14:21come on let's go I'm going to say books
00:14:26yeah I went books with the cheat that I'm coming audiobook this looks cast now
00:14:46all right Jeff would you be willing to get the hiccups for 2 hours every day for the rest of your life then 2 hours but then never have any other illness no cancer no no I said just hiccups every day for two hours for the rest of your life and you don't get to pick the two hours
00:15:06this is a boot that's a tricky question I'm going to say yes because if I never get any other ailment I'm going to be here for a while we might as well go to episode 10,000 cuz I'ma be here awhile
00:15:21Carolyn yeah so when you originally brought this up it was 15 minutes and that was like the easiest but I still I still think it's an easy answer I don't even if I don't get to take the two hours but think about that like you would you would be so famous cuz you be that person like you could just make a whole lot of life out of that insurance
00:15:55yeah I just I don't think there's a lot of discussion there like pickups are kind of annoying but it's not like life-threatening obviously so I think I go to the cops I don't know when you're 90 and have hiccups like what if you like throwing up out I think I'm going to be contrarian and go with give me the illness later in life could be like next week that's that's fine it's 2 hours of hiccups at like 1 in the morning year-and-a-half you have tickets and you get the hiccups whatever you're in Hamilton
00:16:54like contain them some how to hook up a snorkel mask
00:17:06and maybe maybe it's like so when I get the hiccups it's never like those cute little hiccup sorry just like a little sugar or whatever it's like my whole body convulses for a second so I'm the painful ones yeah that's at the hours at paintball what if you're in the Last Jedi need at the hiccups what if you were I don't like all sorts of like weird awkward places where you had to be like oh no it's cool it's cool because I only get to use for 2 hours a day and I don't get anything else like where the t-shirt that says it came out of it. Stuff
00:17:57all right so support related here we bring it back support inbox auto replies Jeff good thing to set up or should we ditch them
00:18:06oh God no I thought way auto replies or auto replies auto replies like like we received your email and will respond at some point the god this is a really tough question
00:18:25I hate them but sometimes they're necessary so I guess I can't I got to pick kind of right up the middle on that you're hedging hedging your bets man you don't need them because I don't need an email followed by another email a minute later saying yeah here's your actual response don't eat it and if your if your small team then your people should be using your product and knowing you're a small team it should be okay with a day but still is nice when everybody's like home for the holidays to respond and say you might not celebrate the song We Are Who We want to let you know up front that a response time is going to be a little bit longer don't need an auto reply for that but I still would feel sad about it going away
00:19:11let me see
00:19:13yeah kind of the same way I guess we dude send like acknowledgements that we receive no messages for the most of our customers we probably don't need it for the pay customers that we respond to respond pretty quickly but I'm definitely for for unpaid users who have to wait you know 24 hours or something like that for them and what I've gotten this feedback from folks place like knowing that somebody or something cuz you know gather their email that they sent us in that you know they're going to get a response like something you would knowledge is that we have you know your message and then we'll get back to you as soon as I can at least there's some confirmation there
00:19:54yeah sorry I also don't really have much of an opinion on this one I think you do both depending on where you are in your journey as a company try it if you hate it.
00:20:09That's good life advice right there try it you hate it stop
00:20:14that's like bumper sticker and not just because like Jeff was like five times or pretty quick it's one of those where I think you can do a good job setting customer expectations at the moment that they're sending you that little trickier if they're just emailing a generic sort out email address so you'll have to look at like what percentage of that is your told you no incoming emails telling customers on your support form or whatever it is you know we we are off for Christmas holidays like set those expectations up front I don't worry about that auto reply assumptions in there but I think you can get all those things taken care of yeah you're totally right let's do it so basically be like whiskey and just be awesome that's all I'm saying
00:21:14the first one to ask about the show so you'll get the the crack at this one first over the course of the show what's been your best piece of advice for other support Pros
00:21:25that's a tough one I should have thought about that a little more
00:21:30and I think I'm going to go with something that I try to remember every day and as I'm doing support in they provide supportive people is like at the end of the day we're being in Ohio and then the person I'm trying to help or just humans and we're just trying to each solve the same problem so just remember in that and nothing. No effects of the tone that I have in the same thing that like just because they may be frustrated with me or you know the answer I've given under the product of their trying to use like I'm doing my best to try to help them and and you know if we don't get it fixed right away you know where we're going to keep working on it and not to like you to blow up on me like that that's probably just remember the human this of the the whole interaction is not just you know there's more not just like talking to a computer or something like that or robot
00:22:29Carolyn you're the second that I asked to be on the the show and you graciously said yes see you at the second spot Jackie relias sorry sorry it's just that's how it worked out
00:22:40yeah that's great I would have plus one with she said I think I would give her the best advice I've shared is it like the one constant at startups in in this job and in this industry is change and so everything that's working now everything that you you know you feel you think is going to be different or wrong eventually every problem you saw this going to come back in a totally different way at a different time and that's like totally okay you have to trust the process should know that. That's what learning looks like and wisdom doesn't look like knowing everything or preventing problems that it looks like I think the ability to approach problems in situations with a fresh heart to every time I the best thing you can do for yourself in this role is too kind of fall in love with that process and 2
00:23:40enjoy the ride
00:23:43and Jeff not a 30-minute Mom all that that's all we're asking for it here comes the 29-minute model of the show Carolyn was the second one I was 7 there were a couple of those in there yep
00:24:07those were mysterious nose I was kind of curious like they said yes but right in the middle of saying yes they like it makes so much sense
00:24:20you know
00:24:23I don't know I just sounds like what other people are saying but the best advice I've gotten I think from just observing Carolyn through these hundred fifty nine episodes is just bring like Joy just bring positivity and openness to this role because it is a grind but like don't forget that it's really fun and rewarding to help people and that means the people that you're supporting but also your teammates and that like bacon pick up on that that authenticness comes through no matter
00:25:02how you communicate with people they can tell and yeah I don't know it's and it's really easy to get swept up and being a leader or added being like an executive your all-important and you have to look at strategy and all that is great but I don't know I think the point of all of it is
00:25:24to help people and enjoy it while you can so do that try to remember every day that why you got into it that's really fun
00:25:35the thing that I would say would be too
00:25:42oh that's how I don't want you to say anything you come first I think that's something that that just a great mentor told me so long ago but it still holds true today. She owes you know when the plane's going down you put your mask on first before you help anybody else and that I think that really holds true in this job so that means if you need a break from the day that you have to take a break if you need a day off you take a day off if you need to work on other stuff besides emails you do that because if you're it if you're trying to put everybody else their masks on taking care of yourself then you're going to end up sacrificing yourself on that alter and that's not something that that you want to do so yeah you you come first I think that's the
00:26:42the best piece I've ever gotten and then the first piece of advice I get out
00:26:48all right that's it anything else
00:26:53nearby throw-in
00:26:55Not Looking for Jay Leno monologues
00:27:02so Jessica just can't hold it in I just want a monologue on each other support podcasts that have come along when we originally started doing this it was because there wasn't anything else out there and I also feel like timing-wise it was like I know I was like the first user accounts I just happened like I just gotten together with other support Pros for the first time and now it's like there's a bunch of other podcasts are out there which I think is doing a terrific job there's just a lot more resources out there and I'm really excited for work at like two or three episodes ago about the future of support someone who's kind of looking from the outside-in now I'm just very excited about where it's going to go
00:28:01so thank you for the opportunity Chase is Mom
00:28:05yeah this podcast is followed us through
00:28:09multiple jobs muscle rolls marriages babies moves lots of Life Changes
00:28:20you guys got married is in babies I have moved
00:28:25how many haircuts one beard cut one time. Thanks for bringing us together and for all the work but this just for so many years 3D up Ricky co-hosts up we just became available so we're out there
00:29:01yeah it's hard to believe I was at a different company however many years ago and I'm coming up on 4 and 1/2 5 years ago automatic now and a lot has changed since then
00:29:13Jack stole most of my monologue I am pretty sure he gets it thanks for that check so when we when we first started a hundred and 5959 episodes ago it was like Jack mentioned it was really tough to find good quality customer support both done well and I'm kind of a sass atmosphere but also got to the point like like how we think of customer support where it's a feature of the product does not just some cost center tack. Now there's a ton of sites out there from Support Drive in to help you to support breakfast in and so many more out there I'll make sure link up all the ones I know about and then I recommend in the end of the show nuts in this one going forward every Support Office episodes going to stay available on the site and we hope that you use these episodes as a resource for your team so spreading around bookmark only come up in your handbook just share more
00:30:12childish pork roast at that need to listen to him from our entire crew would like to offer our thanks and appreciation because every single one of our listeners is just fantastic from the emails that we get from the questions that we gets just just all of it that has been absolutely fantastic I still love the pet dragon question I'm going to take it with me wherever I go that was that one of the best email question that never got fixed thanks for that and yeah just thanks for helping us make her own little dent in the other customer support Universe like Jack mentioned if we can ever help out with anything just let us know you can find us on Twitter you can find us will have email addresses and web sites and all that up in the show notes you can find us there other than that have a awesome week and an even better 2018 thanks y'all

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