John Lint

In the podcast:

01:50 – A very important topic
05:56 – Challenge marketing and what’s involved
07:26 – The importance of control
10:19 – Some challenge components
11:39 – Structuring a challenge
12:52 – Everything on one platform
14:10 – On to segmentation
15:35 – The story behind 10XPRO
18:00 – Not just any automated webinar
18:46 – Boosting with quizzes
21:26 – The system in action
24:24 – Not worrying about the sale
27:02 – The simplest way to make it work

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James: James Schramko here. Welcome back to SuperFastBusiness.com. This is Episode 644. It's about quiz funnel software for memberships, so of course, being part of The Membership Series, I’ve brought my membership buddy John Lint from 10XPRO.io. Welcome, mate.

John: Hello, hello. How are you?

James: Very good. We're having some tremendous feedback on our previous episodes of this series, which are well worth a listen. We've talked about all sorts of membership-related things, from validation to retention to attraction to behind the scenes,
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