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Sonya Keenan Podcast highlights: 02:55 - When it’s all about the product 05:12 - Some product-led examples 07:12 - Will they buy it? 09:05 - Where is your market? 10:51 - Knowing your customer 13:44 - Identifying channels that work 15:44 - Forget about the features 18:43 - Removing the barriers 22:52 - Building the excitement 25:46 - Zigging when the market zigs 28:11 - Client versus customer 30:35 - Lessons from Mercedes-Benz 33:55 - A car industry takeaway 39:03 - The guy who sold a boat 41:24 - In summary Optimize your business for success with help from James Download A Product-Led Versus Market-Led Business (and the PDF transcription) Transcription: James: James Schramko here. Welcome back to SuperFastBusiness.com. This is Episode 665. And I'm chatting with Sonya Keenan, from OmnichannelMediaGroup.com. Welcome. Sonya: Good day, James, how’re you going? James: Going really well. I love our chats, you always have a refreshing perspective on things. And that's because you're traveling between Australia, the United States, and you've got a foot in a few different types of businesses. So, always really interesting to see what you've got to say. And today's topic, I'm sure, will be very exciting as well, because we're talking about the difference between product-led versus market-led, and how that relates to our business. Sonya: Yeah, James, as you know, I've been coaching business owners for quite a while now. And as you said, I do tend to have my fingers in quite a few pies. I'm a serial entrepreneur, I hope in a good way. I love business, I love being involved in business, and I love sort of building community. And through that coaching work that I've been doing, I've been really fortunate to work with some really successful businesses and business owners. But what I found is that once I start working with them, we find this whole sort of barrel of untapped potential in their business that they just aren't marketing to. And that's their own market. Businesses get so caught up in developing a product, and selling a product, that they just really forget that they have this whole opportunity of serving the market that they've built. And yeah, that's what I want to sort of chat to you about today. James: Yeah, I love it. When I think of you, Sonya, I know we got connected through some mutual friends, especially through your connections in the DigitalMarketer space. You now run the annual event for digital marketing in Australia, towards the end of the year, which I've had the pleasure of speaking at, which is a great opportunity. And I think of you as being gutsy, and a go getter, and you call it like it is, which is why I think we get on so well. Sonya: Thank you, James, I appreciate that from you, that's a nice accolade I’ll take. James: Well, you just, you know, instead of just talking about stuff, you just roll up the sleeves and get it done. And you're a great implementer, and of all the people I speak to,
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