Here we explore everything there is to know about the global live streaming industry, covering the latest trends from the top platforms both in China and the West (including MOMO, YY, Huya, Inke, MeetMe, Twitch, Live.me, Bigo and Younow). Stream Wars features interviews with top streamers who share their tips and tricks for hosting a popular stream, what motivates them to stream, and how live streaming has impacted their lives. We’ll also talk to engineers and product developers to learn what it takes to build a popular livestreaming platform.
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Today’s episode is part of a series of episodes that were recorded at the recent Playlist Live conference. If you haven’t heard our first mashup of playlist interviews, definitely go back and check out episode 14 with top streamers Russell vision and Chris.  Today I have on two content creators who shed light on the social media industry as a whole as well as their views on live streaming’s place within the industry.  First I speak with Sean Kiltzner, the host of the Playlist Live conference. We were lucky to get to snag a couple minutes to speak with him during what is obviously very busy weekend for him. I got his perspective on live streaming and why he thinks it’s become so popular. We also talked about how playlist has evolved over the years, and what are some trends he sees moving forward.  Next up I spoke with Ellevan, a music producer and freestyle rapper, who actually performed at the MeetMe pool party that took place during the conference. Ellevan and I spoke a lot about the power of consistency. In 2018 he committed to creating a new freestyle song every single day for a year, which he accomplished, and he shares in our interview how that has affected both his skills, and his social media following. We also discuss his experience with live streaming and how using live streaming to get immediate feedback on his songs has been very useful for him.  Additional Notes:  Sean Klitzner  How did he become the host of Playlist Live  Difference between live streaming and video content creation  People want instantaneous interaction – our society has changed When live streaming you have to be “on” and entertaining with no breaks, you might have to change and adjust what you’re doing on the fly, similar to what he does on the stage  Streaming takes a lot out of you, can’t just stream for 5-10 minutes, really need to commit to an hour at least  The moment you stop interacting and talking is the moment your show stops  Live streaming and super short videos are the two trends this year, instead of seeing people vlogging at Playlist you see people streaming  Follow him: Youtube.com/sean  Ellevan Challenged himself to create 365 songs last year; inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk Instagram – people tend to keep up with you in a passive way, but when you start putting out new content everyday people really start to sit up and notice The power of consistency – negative people disappear when you’re consistent because you’re really stepping it up, putting in the time and effort  He’s a songwriter and producer for hire, this experience has made him much more efficient He wants to live stream more because it would be a good platform for freestyling He doesn’t have time to perform every day, so live streaming allows him to get in front of a live audience from anywhere  Follow him: @ellevanmusic Hope you enjoy this podcast and keep an eye out for another Playlist Live mashup coming out next week! 
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