With all this Cancer energy, it is appropriate to recall that Jeffrey Wolf Green continuously would remind us that " Evolution takes place through the emotional body"
The Full moon in Cap is challenging us to NOT suppress.
Mercury Rx and Venus opposes Saturn, re-emphasizing this important theme. Rehearse your rebuttals and responses in the the most delicate way. Allow to listen carefully and to assess body language because most of communications with Mercury Rx in Cancer may be non-verbal.
Holding on or squeezing for control will be difficult.
The Sun in Leo mantra says:" I will My Will to Divine Will"
We are all mining for Inner Security.
Neptune aspects every planet during this eclipse season either causing inaction or confusion.
Mars adds tremendous tension to the mix with aspects to Jupiter and Saturn.
As the inner planets relent and move into Leo, the square that will be produced to Uranus in Taurus readying itself for a 5 month retrograde will become the new focus on August's new moon podcast and the fired up journey to the core of the Soul.
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