Charlotte Spicer is an Energetic Healer, Contemporary Spiritual Teacher and Channel who provides callers with clarity through energetic healing by clearing the chakras and energy field of disturbances and lending insight into their Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual experiences.
Jimmy Mack joins Charlotte on the first Wednesday of the month at 3:00 pm Eastern to be of service to callers. A highly-certified medical intuitive, healer and spiritual life coach who discovered his gifts after a near-death experience, Jimmy can address issues with Money, Health, Work, Relationships, etc. He Heals Body, Mind, Spirit, People, Places, Things, Pets and Situations!
To book a powerful Private Session with Char, visit www.SpiritualInsightsRadio.com. Tune in to the archives and check out the Channeled Messages from Beyond the Veil segments with Mother Mary.
Visit JimmyMackHealing.com to purchase his books and MP3s and tune in to The Jimmy Mack Healing Show. Go to “Goldylocks Productions 3” on BTR. To get free stuff, send comments to Jimmy at [email protected]
To Prepare: We will take ONE question per caller. Ensure you are in a quiet place. With Jimmy, you’ll do the technique standing up—feet hip-width apart—and facing North, so determine where North is.
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