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00:00:00Welcome to speed city with john mass and go kaiser Jonathan green it's The fastest hour on the radio speed city Good evening gearheads welcome to speed city whom we're coming to you from austin texas as usual just down the road a piece from circuit of the americas this
00:00:25john massengill sitting in studio with less kaiser mr jonathan green is up in seattle doing the red bull global rallycross and he's probably still on the microphones up there so he is goingto probably not gonna be able to join us tonight but he's going he sent us a
00:00:39couple interviews with a couple of the red bull rallycross drivers and so we'll hear from him later in the show but we are joined in studio by a special guest from ferrari of austin ryan mortensen ryan welcome to speed city buddy well thanks everybody i really appreciate guys
00:00:53having me out here i'm looking forward to it i love talking about cars and i'm excited to be on this show yeah when you have a ferrari logo on your business card you are always welcome at speed city well you know he brings nice equipment you know when
00:01:06we were hanging around with a sammy a couple of weeks ago sammy hagar of course that was so much fun yeah hey thanks for helping us out with that that is like said it's always fun you never know who shows up around speed city in the search for
00:01:19america's and we call it our buddies to help us out host well it was one of the nicest guys ever though it wasn't it was a wonderful person he was he was really you know you you hear that you always hear about the crazy stories but sammy was
00:01:32so nice i mean he would stop and talk and let us do multiple interviews all kinds that he was really good and he was really excited because that was his first time ever driving a v eight he's used to that twelve yeah he's he likes the big ones
00:01:44yeah and but you know he's a good driver i really loved his video you know i can't drive fifty five you know and if you goto my website you can actually see the interview that i did with the map that shows what your what your website oh it's
00:01:58a funny ferrari guy doc come on all right cool all right so you brought it up yeah what cars were in that video wait actually it was his three away yes yeah it is a black one on and then kind of three uh it was i don't know
00:02:15i don't was actually two of them andre had the nerve to test rose what's the baby five twelve maybe fight well and that's his car to actually that was originally they weren't of the clutch in the b b five twelve and that's one of the other car got
00:02:27pulled in on dso that's whyyou you know those of you that are paying attention to the furry details There's a two dollar cars actually used in that and so yeah ah good detail good trivia question well guys i'm gonna run down what we got on this show tonight
00:02:41in ryan's going to help us out but so at seven thirty we have david had a mark henson who is a bad ass race driver in the world endurance championship racing for the v auntie rebel you're just all a flutter for the the other life well yeah d
00:02:55h h is he's known in his other world he's the creed or of ruby on rails a a pretty amazing web framework that a lot of the internet a bunch of major sites there are developed on so i'm kind of nerd out on some of that too but
00:03:10but he is an incredible race driver and he's racing in the lmp to class in the world endurance championship which of course is coming to austin to circuit of the americas this weekend so starting on friday actually they'll be out there on thursday but of course friday and
00:03:26saturday the world during championship back for the lone star lemond here in offense and i was out there yesterday in the paddock and they have started loading in so someone were arriving it's always fun to see all the trucks rolling so here they come folks and always excited
00:03:39to see what's gonna come out of it though does i have had it sometime out they're stacked like cordwood it was pretty quick so they were unloading and getting those things down on the ground are we getting we getting to the point where it seems normal to have
00:03:52incredible zillion dollar amazing race car's coming to austin oh yeah it was you know it's getting there it's getting there you know we've got some and fantastic cars around that actually get driven those those are my favorite i will say that yeah well let me go out the
00:04:07rest of the show we're going to talk a little moto gp here in just a moment and then we're going to talk some formula one there's some stories of course moment one having the week off but there's a couple stories that we want to talk about with that
00:04:17and then probably towards the end of the show we're going to talk red bull global rallycross with jonathan green one way or the other either taped or alive with mr green but i want to jump into tomato gp guys because they finished embracing this morning in misano and
00:04:32it was a very wet sunday for those guys pretty pretty used to racing has what always does you know ah i watched that and having written in the rain you know here a few weeks ago it it really just puts me on edge do that on the street
00:04:46much less trying to go fast i'm just trying to survive and get where i was going when our cotton and one of those summer downpours and i was talking to somebody else about it and they said you know it gets you so tense and fired up that reminded
00:04:58them of walking barefoot on an ice skating rink that's pretty torturously that's whatever reminded them of doing that just i can just imagine the tension around that and you know there you are with three hundred horsepower in your throttle tryingto keep all hooked up ah great siri's of
00:05:18events though it really was something else though i you know if you haven't watched it well we're going to ruin it for you but definitely watch the last couple of laps of that well obviously the big story of the race was the rain but the uh the other
00:05:33story the races the championship because at the esso to wrap it up mark has one and he won on the last lap and it was really he sat behind who was in ah who's behind him in the hole rice it was there was division also came in third
00:05:48churchy petrucci that's right but sure she was but he was you know he took it right off the lead it was great and he ran all the way three soda kati looked great All three rays showed up at the inn marquez came around and you know i noticed
00:06:02about to lapse into marquez closed up on me did so pretty convincingly and so at that point he was ready to stalk and palance as he did in that last lap you know a couple of names missed out there though lorenzo crashes out on the deck adi that
00:06:17that's just hard because he checked out at the beginning of the race and it was i mean takagi was looking really strong in the very beginning well he's going to hurt tomorrow that high side and landing on his back you know was is always painful and he was
00:06:29probably about ten feet off the ground as ah the power broke police and then gripped and threw him crutchlow did the crutchlow thing yeah crashed out sorry bud and then you know just the rest of it you know the name missing that is heartbreaker for me is ah
00:06:45rossing now with his injury practicing i say practicing a cz practicing and you know they practice on dirt they'll do some endure oh type things on dirt they'll do all different kinds of things on dirt and you know we talk about the training you know one of our
00:07:02advertisers with the colin edwards text tornado boot camp this is what rossi was doing he's out there on dirt bikes with a slick back tire not be front tire pushing it to the edge and practicing you know that's way this method came up with kenny roberts sr was
00:07:18it it's a great way to train it's a great way to feel the bike move around without getting crazy Speed but somehow or another rossi managed teo break a leg there yeah and you know he is out at least at least out of the championship i know this
00:07:33this morning i'd turn on moto gp little bleary eyed at seven a m and the first thing i start doing is looking for for ah rossi's number on the on the grid and went all that's right he's he's injured so it was i mean it's just weird not
00:07:45having him on on the track but but it was it was still interesting race and of course marquez winning and on now the championship is literally tied one hundred ninety nine points apiece for both marquez and for under the seo soh soh and ah and right behind them
00:08:04i mean the whole thing is really tight with those two guys um african vignali's is what like twenty points behind not even within striking distance so the championship it's amazing that we're this far down the line this many races in and that we don't you know this is
00:08:21this is anybody's those top three guys for sure and of course i think rossi is fourth and obviously with him out right now you know i don't i don't i'm not going to say when he's going to be back because knowing him leave you back sooner than they
00:08:35predict but the championship is completely up in the air now of course with it being tied but it's going to be interesting so one race in without valentino he is back down to forty two points he is still a fourth place forty points behind behind yeah marquez and
00:08:51debbie and so the maverick gonzalez liberated he's still there in one eighty three he's that's not that's nothing to worry about that's only sixteen points that can come and go in a heartbeat well i want to play a clip here we've got a clip of marc marquez obviously
00:09:06his hanging back in the race and in the last lap he said i'm going to make this this ah this wind mind so let's hear from marc marquez you don't know who bring conditions you never know but i was tryingto control all the rays ah trying to control
00:09:23myself because i was able to be a little bit faster but i say okay you must be passion passion on then when i saw that we start to open a gap with darby one moment i thought to stay in second position but then on the last lap say
00:09:38i try i mean this championship it really tied five points coming a lot in the end after silverstone is important really important this big party for for me for myself but especially for for the team on yeah keep pushing we have a good level so keep writing like
00:09:56we do because there is a way yeah i obviously marquez is gonna always be one of the favorites in the hunt all throughout the season obviously it was really exciting to have do cadi jump to the you know be a tte the top of the standings vignali's early
00:10:11in the season we thought he was going to run away with it you know but for the season here's what i like you got yamaha with four spots in the top ten the cot he's got three honda's got three how cool is that it is that is actually
00:10:24but there's one grand there's one brand that we used to sing in up there that is not up there and shockingly who's closest to being there on that brand andrea yoni yoni you note on his suzuki that's back to sixteenth that's a far cry for suzuki so should
00:10:41be really interesting hell it comes out at least a spar grow on a zip really is up to fourteenth for the season but ah if we counted twelve you get throwing our buddy scott reading at twelve on the dick adi well i guess i want to go and
00:10:53take a break and movie come back we're going to get ryan to talk all kinds of ferrari with us uh and he's with ferrari of austin's and we're going to make him talk about what's going on over there and of course we're gonna talk a little formula one
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00:12:56to city colette davis we haven't seen her in a long time yeah i clipped has been busy well hey you know speaking of motorcycles and some of the other things i want to highlight hey we're gonna be headed up to fort worth in two weeks for the american
00:13:11flat track races i think jonathan green's gonna hope in the speed wagon with me and i think we're gonna dash up there and enjoy some dirt so i want to talk ferrari we've got ryan morton from ferrari of austin sitting in the studio with us we can talk
00:13:26some ferrari ryan first of all so let you brought cars for less and i both toe have for a couple months that any time guys no problem i hope you enjoy those thirty on the parking lot he had them delivered a rare one but i get the one
00:13:42with the i don't want the pedal car when i want to wait there's a ball size one of power where he was so willing no problem guys like ryan i want to start with with folding one ferrari in formula one because the big story for twenty seventeen and
00:13:58ferrari in formula one is that they're kicking ass i mean they have been hypercompetitive now with i think i look to vettel leading the championship on and off throughout the year and ferrari giving mercedes or run for the money this year it's been you know all mercedes for
00:14:13the last few years and very un ferrari like before that and now for our is back in the hunt and obviously the cars are as competitive as they have been in a long time that's very true the cars were just absolutely amazing especially the forty eighth ese days
00:14:28you know coming into the twin turbo doing it with the dole clutch transmission all the ferrari f one technology it's just amazing what they've really been producing i'm really excited to see what's gonna be happening you know next week what we have going on at the track you
00:14:43know the the gt is going to be i saw it came to the dealership when we held onto it for awhile awesome which was really beautiful beautiful yellow it was just gorgeous um you know ferrari just has so much coming to it and yes we have you know
00:14:56maybe a little you know less time on totem pole that we really want to be higher up but we're coming back strong because you know sebastian is amazing you know they've always celebrate i believe it's the eighty second wind where kimmie and we're fried both first and second
00:15:12place is you know and these two times that's amazing that's a lot through you know well ferrari is i mean fully no one would not be forming a one without ferrari it is it's i think it's the most iconic name informing one it may be the most iconic
00:15:26name and automobiles really right now it's it's the it isn't going to be the most coveted and amazing amazing brandon motor sports or in an automobile's really yeah and you know i love how they worked their name even into rap songs and today you can hear it all
00:15:43the time and that's one thing i just think it's beautiful fry is a wonderful company that's innovative passionate driven and you know everyone's lost a race or lester fight or last championship at one time in their life but ferrari never has the attitude of well i guess we
00:15:58will put our heads down it's always been we're going to win and we're going to win again and we didn't even lose but we want anyway in our minds you know that's the attitude and that's the passion that drives that engine that's why it doesn't give up it
00:16:11really the attitude penetrates every aspect well you know the four five eight and the four eighty eight in the last couple of years last couple models have been really looked at as the the ultimate supercar because yeah there's cars with more horsepower yes there's cars with cooler this
00:16:30or that but really when you get down to it i think if you ask any you know any any of the car magazines any of anybody that's reviewing anybody that's looking at cars in a ah a in a in a way to say what's the best what's the
00:16:47four five eight was at the top and the four eighty eight tom tit topped it and it's really just it's probably the most amazing supercar out right now yeah and you know here's something that i have had the privilege of working for freud is that i've driven so
00:17:02many ferraris of different ages you know we just had a three await the other day that came in that i got to drive you know which is a lot of fun and then i don't quite have the mustache for it no i don't i really can if i
00:17:16shave you got a collection i did put on a classic rock while i was driving and so i have to admit it was a lot of fun but you know driving all up into the current models what i've really have seen and not having the privilege of driving
00:17:27other exotic sports cars is that for rice is beyond everybody else and it's absolutely true just from how you could take a single right turn into a right turn lane around a corner is just from that going five miles now you can tell this is a superior car
00:17:44you start putting down the gas for that matter didn't you feel something it drives deep into penetrate your soul that sound of the four five eight it's something you want to go to sleep too Because if you you now if you really love it it's just beautiful it's
00:17:57exciting that rumble it's like an earthquake behind you that propels you forward into the wind i love it yeah the ferrari sound i think is is really a big part of ferraris brand i speaking the furry sound i want to ask you about the shift from the four
00:18:14five eight to the forty eight when you will naturally aspirated has to turbo charge because the first thing i think of when i think i'm going to a turbocharged car is that that you're going to change the exhaust no just by the nature of how a turbo works
00:18:27right yeah so you're going to change the exhaust no and i don't know the the ferrari faithful when the rumors started coming out about the four eighty eight being a turbo car i'm sure their heads were about to explode here all the time but i think the first
00:18:41thing that fixed that was the horsepower jump that was a good jump but then the second thing was i think they it's for our you know they're going to make it sound great yeah you know they are going to make it sound great and you know the hardest
00:18:52part is you have to have a really tuned ear to hear the differences between the forty and the four five because they're both just awesome you know if you heard took one lying out in the jungle on alfa line and then you took another line and another jungle
00:19:07and you heard them you know roar it sounds almost the same but slightly different because they're just different alliance and what it is that's what you have always say it's like voices singing yeah or yelling titles mikey listen to me sing is definitely yeah don't take me carry
00:19:24looking boys but you know the difference is i think it actually adds to it just to be honest with you here the schooling of the turbos with the forty eight but it's ever so slight so it kind of adds to the whole soundtrack versus just a four five
00:19:36eight which is just you know pure and perfect just the way it is on ly a troop yours will really kind of maybe sense that difference i'll tell you my my service manager chris mezza at friar of austin he he can his his you know here is tuned
00:19:51to use on down the four five eight that's where it is better but i'm about the four eighty eight all day i really am i like the styling like the power i like the juice it's good Yeah six hundred twenty horsepower i was going to say that solved
00:20:03a lot of the problems so you know what i think i could do with a little different sound with an extra hundred horse part what was the four five eight that's got a stereo john why would you use it didn't come with the stealing time you put the
00:20:16stereo on your parting with your latest area over the edge that's where you put the stereo making nit picking a ferrari seriously you can t just get you know the four five they had a beautiful sound was good yeah well let's talk about ferrari of austin what you
00:20:31guys you got something new about to happen right dio very excited about that we have decided after seven years of being an awesome at the same location that we decided to build her own property and now it's sixty thousand square feet on five and a half acres wow
00:20:46and yes yes it is i will say this true not only is it the biggest ferrari dealership in texas but i'm pretty much ninety nine point nine percent sure until someone proves otherwise biggest ferrari dealership in the country was going to say that sounds pretty enormous ivory dealer
00:21:02is that it I have a new brand new office with glass you know that i would see through its beautiful welcome to texas tio that's exactly right it's as it should be right we have to show rooms and our service bay has eighteen lifts to it so you
00:21:18know we're really excited and it's going to be located on william cannon and thirty five out here in beautiful austin texas fifteen minutes away from the track oh that's very close to jack s a good selling point and i really hope a lot of people do come out
00:21:32to f one out here in austin for a lot of good reasons one it's the best track in the world to austin is really the greatest city i've really loved living here have been here eight years now and it's just beautiful and fun and great people but also
00:21:45it's ferrari's you know anniversary and everybody from every wires from farrar themselves everybody that's everybody and fry will be here oh that's crumb italy all all of everyone from the u s was seventy seventy years of accidents that's pretty cool yeah so you should definitely come by to
00:22:02the dealership and f one because this is the year this is where this riffraff is going to come and set a whole new series of timeline of just excellence in f one you heard it from me first folks well i want to go back to some of the
00:22:17cars of course recovery and you know the forty eight iconic it is you know talk about it being the supercar and but it's this is going to sound crazy but what is it about two hundred fifty thousand something like that sticker price give or take well let's see
00:22:31for example i have a new two thousand eighteen that's you know really loaded quite well that one's at three twenty there's other ones that i have two thousand seventeen forty eight spider for example which definitely adds a little bit of a cost to it you know three eighty
00:22:44six and i have some that about three ninety nine like the full track version once i call the black widow and the wild stand good stuff out there folks you should check out the website they're pretty look at so i want to talk about the next step of
00:22:57our not the next time i won't talk about the top step the law for our love ferrari everybody look out because what is it roughly with nine hundred horsepower with include the electric side and they and they normally aspirated uh it doesn't matter how much horsepower it has
00:23:14it's the ferrari that's all that matters is renamed it the ferrari yeah and that says about everything right there madonna cher thank you thing is right it's done this is done i haven't had the privilege to drive one yet that i say yet because the owner has a
00:23:33couple so i'm going to try and sneak into their getting to that drive that experience it's kind of something i really really we may actually have the highest mileage off ferrari in the world you were talking about that some kind of rights run around in the brain of
00:23:47a thousand miles you know i think he's like a forty thousand miles knows what somebody stated that he seriously drives it a few times a week and all kinds of rain that's i'm right here by the station and the car is absolutely filthy like he'd been driving in
00:24:02some dirty road in the rain in a ferrari you know what i want to shake that loved and i loved that way have a client that actually his four fire he's got forty thousand miles on and drives in every day knew that car runs absolutely fine and another
00:24:16dealer friend of mine he had a three sixty was up to one hundred thousand miles guys one hundred thousand mile like three sixty i like i like it a lot it's the single clutch is the only thing that gets it for me it's the dual clutch every day
00:24:28you know there was one that had been leaned on i think it was nine hundred horsepower here locally for awhile beautiful gray one oh yeah the great one that's actually the challenge st ali won that was weird sold that actually two hundred that's here and us in a
00:24:41really nice guy well i want to talk about the owner of the dealership and his connection to racing but we've just got a little bit of time left for the next segment but talk about the owner and the connection to race because it's a pretty amazing connection it
00:24:52is a pretty amazing connection the owner of my dealership that i work out here in austin and also in houston is in san antonio is just a p ri c and from mercy iq competitors yemeni and he isn't friend you know how she says he was good friends
00:25:11with enzo hey Came here to america to kinda like help bring ferrari into the states and they were friends with racing and he's such a lovely man to sit down and talk to This is just a friendly guy that you just want to sit down and say please
00:25:24tell me another great story of wind you know and he's passionate about racing you know i say this he picks out the right people My buddy dave beaky soon's is ah one of the team leads on it And you know if that if that name's not familiar to
00:25:40you certainly jim clarke is informal in history from the deadly years but you know what Go and check out dave beaky sims amazing history and he's told so many stories they're in the garage about things way back when but another collection right there in recent Yeah all right
00:25:58guys Well let's go ahead and take a break because when we come back we're gonna have a race driver with us We're gonna have david hagemeyer hansen who's going to join us Who's coming to austin to race at circuit in america's in the world endurance championship listen to
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00:27:50heavy duty dot com This is alex guarding this is speed nicky alex goody for bringing us back roddy alright we're gonna talk some racing it's circuit of the americas ward endurance championship is coming to town just a few days get your tickets circuit of the americas dot com
00:28:16of course but i want to yes sir always always tell people this is one of my favorite events to go teo because this is world class these guys you see run in the twenty four hour lamotte the daytona twenty four and you get to walk right up to
00:28:31the garage door opening and see the cars talk to the owners the coolest thing that i've seen is when if they're done kind of prep in the car and they see a little kid with mom and dad there well go on invite the little kid in the garage
00:28:46put him in the car and everybody snapping pictures this little cat in the car and i'm like thanks you're absolutely generation of racer or at least a fan you know and we're gonna bring in our guest in just a second but that the technology and the level of
00:28:58racing in the world endurance championship really you can't under underestimate err or aren't you or talk down about it because it's ah this close to form either one of you could possibly get and so but i want to bring out our next guest on a thing or two
00:29:13about technology Yeah he knows little bit about technology to our next guest is david hannah marr hanson and david is with the fianc rebellion racing team and he's coming off fresh off his win in mexico last week david welcome back to speed city thank you thanks for having
00:29:28me very excited to have you and i'm sure your threats for last week congratulations well thank you i mean it was a great victory for the team unfortunately was not the car i was in we have two cars on the team i'm in car number thirteen and it
00:29:43was the thirty one that took the victory in mexico i won last year but this year it was it was just a car but it was nice of you to share another life well and you know that's bring up a good point it's a team sport absolutely and
00:29:57it's a big part of that wind is not just the drivers but everybody else involved in the team so you know to me you're team one you want well that's how we like to look at it tio absolutely team sport and not just the two cars that the
00:30:10entire organization behind the cars i mean oftentimes when we're on track what people usually see if you see the driver in the car we have ah fleet of mechanics and support people and engineers and data engineers tire guys and everything to make the it happened on every single
00:30:30one of them can make a break a race so it really is a huge team effort well david i know you have been racing for a while now and the world injures chip chip and i know you have a twenty for asylum all went under your belt that's
00:30:43amazing and a championship in your class and your belt so obviously you've got the credentials but i want to talk to you about specifically about circuited america's working right here in austin we love our race track but i want to hear it I want to hear what you
00:30:56think of circuit of the americas in racing in the world endurance championship here absolutely i've been in the weld your chairmanship since it started actually even with the precursor called the island see before that and right from the first moment we went teo circuit of the americas was
00:31:12just an amazing experience the track is just phenomenal and i think it's phenomenal for a bunch of reasons not only is it just made to expect that we otherwise don't have in the us there's lots of wonderful racetracks in the us but there is none that is made
00:31:27to this back and is a new a circuit of the americas so having the opportunity to run of track of thie f one caliber as part of our season in the u s is amazing i also lost the practice track it's so accessible to fans i've had the
00:31:42good fortune of watching quite a few races there previous years we've shared the calendar with the race which i always ended up watching and there's just a bunch of places on the track where you can get really close to the cars i had a trailer park there the
00:31:56last few years on the back straight and there's just there's a small sense and then there's the cars and they're just going right past you it's just a great fan experience in a way that i think a lot of other wonderful tracks don't really have that level of
00:32:11access so i think that's a that's a huge bonus and then of course driving the track itself i've driven to track both in gt cars and and as i'm doing this year in the prototype it's a fast flowing track it's got slow sections that that's pretty much everything
00:32:27and it's just ah amazing track for driver to be able to run we run it for six hours um i kind of waster was twenty four hour race or twelve our race that uh dakota that would be amazing but six hours is a complete black yeah well we
00:32:45have one of our favorite events is of course coming to certain of the americas as well and i used to love the racing at night and they were going to do that this year but but it would be nice to see a twelve hour or twenty for our
00:32:57race here i know that next year it's going to be itching because with the shift that's happening in world endurance championship that next year we don't have our race back it koda but they're i've seen a to be determined date out in like february of twenty eighteen who
00:33:14knows what could happen with that and ah and i'd love to see you come back to austin and not sure what's going to happen there ah have you have any thoughts on that Yeah i'm absolutely sure that the graceful who turns off and at some point next year
00:33:29is is a little bit of a funky year there are only four races on the calendar down from nine this year so it's not like austin was singled out and caught basically five races was cut from the counter next year i think the serious is just going through
00:33:44a little bit of a hick ups with the uh top lmp one class and with the porsche withdrawing from the seeking kind of in the middle of everything kind of through the organizer's off a bit i think the thing to do the right thing in retreating a bit
00:33:59regrouping and then getting us ready to take another crack at it but the u s is the biggest car market in the world for a bunch of the manufacturers who run racing programs so of course we have to race in the us I live in the us i
00:34:15want to race in the us i know lots of the competitors to and if we do race in the us i'm going to code is the absolutely natural choice i know that in nineteen we're going toe to toe back to see bring with another of my my favorite
00:34:31tracks was a great place to go to but a za modern track i think koda and often serves to be on the calendar well really i can't tell you how exciting here to hear you say that and and you're right the biggest thing is what you said is
00:34:45it united states is that the it's a huge car market and especially towards the high end of the of all these automobiles and let's face it the some of the biggest names in in automobiles loved to showcase their their cars on the racetrack and and ah and test
00:35:04them here on circuit america's way always have industry show days here where you know the manufacturer's bring a car bring a collection of cars and run it and you know perspective customers or even current customers it's really becoming busy out there so yeah well david i want to
00:35:22ask you about you know you haven't always been in the elephant to lmp two class talk about racing in that versus the other classes you've been in sure so the two main classes we haven't the wc is the gt cars which are sort of new your portion nine
00:35:37eleven's your ferrari for a date and your core best and so on i race that that or in that class a couple times including the when i got twenty four hours of lemond in twenty fourteen in the aston martin vantage car and then again last year in the
00:35:56porsche nine eleven and both those years we went tio with dakota and had an absolute blast i remember particularly the year we took of the twenty fourteen both the wind of lemond our driver's championship it was raining as ah koda and especially in the in my stint which
00:36:17made it really exciting it was twenty for all the drivers we've been talking to and from europe we would say like oh no never raised on often and we have it set up having the race in the rain i think three years in a row something of something
00:36:30of a record but it was great rainer shine that track is phenomenal and its great whether you raise it in the gt car whether you races in the protest but i will say i am really pleased to be back this year in a prototype but not just any
00:36:44prototype is special for this year we upgraded the lmp two machinery and they've got a huge bump in performance not only is the aerodynamics a lot more advanced we also have more than one hundred extra horsepower so we're kicking around some six hundred horsepower in a car that
00:37:00only weighs about nine hundred kilos on we're expected to go more than five seconds a lot quicker that olympia two cars did last year just five seconds in that the forces and the g's on dh everything is going to be cracked up quite a lot i think it's
00:37:16also going to be a fairly hot weekend which means that the whole physical challenge of it especially since we're not going to be racing into tonight but we'll be racing during the hot hours it's going to be significant and i love that part of breaking w c it's
00:37:31not just a sprint sues you don't just get into the car and and go pedal to the metal for twenty minutes and then you can get out no you have to last the distance i'm typically in the car for about an hour and a half or so of
00:37:42being in a car that pulls upwards of four and a half gs for an hour and a half in ninety two degree weather with a let's call it a mathematic eighty five towns and absolutely love that yeah you know that's we talk about that on the show all
00:37:57the time about how race drivers if you if they don't no the sport they don't realize how athletic race drivers have to be and just what you just described is good examples that many g forces for that amount of time so well david one of the stories that
00:38:13i love to talk about use it i'm in the tech world a little bit is myself and i'm very familiar with ruby on rails on base camp but i want to i want you to talk about how your story yeah you went from being a computer programmer too
00:38:26and i know you still are but to doing what you do in the world endurance champion what was that like and how did that happen Sure so i thought it both endeavor is kind of late in life started programming when i was just around twenty i was not
00:38:41from a six year old product theo was programming cynthia fifty early times and then i didn't actually even get my driver's license until i was twenty five and get into racing until i was ah around twenty seven or twenty eight um and i think those two things kind
00:39:00of went a little bit hand in hand the businesses you talk about base camp which is a project management company collaboration tool based and dot com that was a business that kind of made it possible for me to get into racing as your listeners probably know racing is
00:39:15a fairly expensive sport and a twenty five year old when i just got my driver's license i did not have any funds to go racing so i took a couple of years for the business teo to pick up on do better and a soon as i had the
00:39:30opportunity to it i had a friend that took me to a racetrack near joliet the autobahn country flop near chicago and gave me a taste taste of what it was like to sit and restock and i did that exactly one time before i knew that i had to
00:39:46do more of that a lot more of that so i took a couple of years and basically just phoned my racing skills none of that track and juliet before i been upgraded first into a force came in um sort of similar to what the d c for cars
00:40:02r today and then jumped on tio uh uh career cop or the porsche gt three cup here in the u s did that for a year and then i jumped into the island see which led to me doing ah lmp two in in the american lamont siri says
00:40:17it was called in two thousand twelve so i kind of had a quick study let's say of ah getting into cars and getting into racing but the wonderful thing about racing is such a immediate feedback sports you go around the track and it takes an hour or a
00:40:36minute and thirty seconds or so and you'll see instantly whether you've got better whether you've got worse and i just love that feedback loop so that combined with the fact that racing these days is so dependent on data we capture tons and tons of data every single time
00:40:52we go out The mess drivers if you spend the time to analyse that you could really dive in and find out where can you be better Where can you be faster and that's One thing i love about the wc and i love about endurance racing general is that
00:41:04i get to drive with some of the best drivers in the world literally on my car i am the gentleman driver i'm non professional and then i guess the driver to professional drivers just for living were amazingly quick the tea especially nelson piquet jr are the two drivers
00:41:21in my car and every single time after recession i'll sit down i'll analyze their data are overlapping with mind I'll find out exactly how much i have to change whether i need to least the brake pedal a little bit into turn seven or whether i need to get
00:41:36on the gas who sooner in turn eleven or whether i need to take a different line all together you know not only have the data we also have the video so we have great onboard video most teams whose go pro or something similar and you can kind of
00:41:49think that up pretty well with the data and then see exactly what's going on and turn up the turn and then try to internalize that and then replicated on track of next session see folks with yet most respect nerds or fast yeah that's for the day but i
00:42:07got i got to ask so you said you started late in life in tow driving and racing but did you ride mini bikes go carts but did you do anything of that nature before you got into this What i did was to play a lot of video games
00:42:23a lot of racing games but that was it i never played racing background in in any go cards or anything else like that this was all playstation and dream cast on nintendo and what else you have and i think that's the time when i was playing those games
00:42:38i didn't really realize that the connection would be there but i think the nissan driving academy program and other programs of definitively shown that if you could figure out how to drive a virtual car fast there's a pretty good chance that you'll be able to translate those skills
00:42:53into a real car i think programs like force of motor sports and gran turismo have really taken that to a new level in fact even these days after our learned how to drive ah really car i still go back to the games whenever i have to go to
00:43:08a new track i haven't been at before load up one of the games either on one of the consoles so i have a lot more sophisticated simulator to run it on and it's a fantastic training i mean there's Nothing like seed time and if you can get the
00:43:25time virtually that not only entirely free it means you can take great chances and if you smash up the car the bill is exactly zero dollars which is a great change to her smashing up a car in real life you know david there's guys like yang mall tomorrow
00:43:40who went through the nissan gt academy who was that's how he got into racing is he raised against people of the world on racing games and then and that's the way the nissan gt academy said i'm sure you know the story but that's how he got into racing
00:43:54and so obviously the skills translate you know you've got is good as video games are now they are simulators they're so good and they're getting better every year so i'm certain you're going to seymour and mohr kids that become the path well essentially what you did you came
00:44:11through video games and and and and they'll probably more more no doubt on it's not just the kids coming up now i think all the established racism also realised that using simulators between events it's a great way to keep sharp to prepare for wherever you're going so most
00:44:30of the drivers that i know and i work with they used some sort of simulators even if that way without the way they came up it didn't leave the way of the sport now not only just for the drivers but on many teams they also use all sorts
00:44:43of community simulations to figure out what set up should be what the fuel runs khun b what tyr consumption on so forth um so this is this is the way it's going i remember when i first got started this was back in two thousand seven using these technologies
00:45:00at club level was kind of just being introduced and remember people that i don't know you can't really learn how to drive a car from a computer well you'd be surprised maybe you can't they learn everything there is to the sensation of them but as soon as you've
00:45:17got the basics down what will make you quicker and better is absolutely studying that data is just kind of rocket fuel for improvement well david hannah marr hanson thank you so much for coming on speed city d h h as your known and we appreciate you coming on
00:45:32and we look forward to seeing you at circuit of the americas and wish you the best of luck thank you so much i can't wait to come down and write it up see you next week buddy i think all right well we're going to go and take a
00:45:46break very excited to have a guy like that on the show so i think i could tell you i could go on and on about ruby on rails as well but but we're gonna go and take a break and when we come back mr jonathan green has skyped
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00:47:34elaine just east of i thirty five top thirteen seventy oh and this is speaking and the video so this is a speed the city that uh you guys have a pretty darn good season he is he's doing great love and seeing him up there all the yukata but
00:48:01what about the beginning of the race when producer jumped right out of a man your eyes that was that was surprising and i really was afraid he was going toe just you know go for an often turn one i didn't tell you i think that that's what i
00:48:17was really waiting has gone barefoot on the ice skating rink yeah that was i was thinking oh there he goes ng wel i think mr jonathan green is on the line and we're gonna talk a little red bull global rallycross mr greene are you do you hear us
00:48:30from seattle yeah job day wear we got ryan mortensen here in the studio from ferrari of austin that's why my little italian for u i love it but i love it when the when the english man doesn't italian accent this'll be i bet a happy it's a probably
00:48:49had a lot of coffee today to go in that area you want time we were sleepless in seattle throughout the weekend it was brilliant but a really good time here on we've had some great race and we had a doubleheader you could probably hear from my voice i've
00:49:04been giving it full song on dh great crowd and seattle really gets rally that's for sure that's great man that's cool because it has such a fun sport to watch man especially in person yeah to be honest what people don't realize is that rally plus is still fairly
00:49:23new in terms of a sport but the best rally drivers and i'm talking stage rally drivers a world rally drivers taking part in this from sebastian lobe teo you know we've got chris atkinson who's brace for subaru on the world stage patrik sandell was on the podium today
00:49:42and but it's also attracts a swell races that also attract single seater guys like scott speed of course has been in formula one and more recently has one formula ik so you know on we've got also all the empty teams are represented in in rallycross so andretti autosport
00:49:58dryer i'm bold you know it's kind of cool yeah it's ah it's on a trajectory that is positive let's put it that way the sport's growing and he can't help it it's it's cool to watch and i know it's got a younger audience too which is really exciting
00:50:15and any motor sport younger drivers are younger audiences what everybody's striving for well the beauty of it is it's you know it's kind of based around the stadium and therefore everybody can see it so we do it on a lot of the nascar what we were doing we
00:50:29were evergreen speedway today in seattle so we do it on some of the sort of you know a smaller nascar circuits for sort of club club but you know the sort of national level nascar track so we use part of the oval and then we go on the
00:50:44infield put a seventy foot jump in the middle of it i mean it's just boys and their toys it really is on then put a bunch of dirt down and then go racing that sounds like a blast we'll talk about this weekend so you got a couple interviews
00:50:57cued up for us too but talk about this weekend and i mean what do we got one one weekend left right Yeah thiss was the penultimate round we had a double header here so to full complete race weekends in one effectively we had a full day on saturday
00:51:12with a prize giving and all the rest of it full points and then a completely new event sunday so a chance if you win the race is fifty points so chance to score over one hundred points so when we came into the weekend was still two hundred forty
00:51:26three points up for grabs so really anybody could win the championship and then we've got one more event in l a on long beach right there on the on the bay in long beach in october on like i said the beauty of it is we've got volkswagen beetles
00:51:41we've got honda civics we've got subaru rally cars and forty esther's so you know it's come all and wrestle on dh we've had a great battle over the last two years and supercars between teammates from andretti order sport which is tena fast on dh scott speed on again
00:52:01today they went at it in fact though for last time out in atlantic city fast had a bad weekend on lost his championship lead scots be was three time winner in the last about three events so he's not got the clear championship lead but tana for town fast
00:52:19bounced back today on dh took an amazing double victory in seattle on seattle's really where he started cause he was addressing guy back in the day and on this particular circuit they hold drifting races so the crowd knew him and he played to the crab brilliantly and anyway
00:52:35i spoke to him right after the race on the podium in fact celebrating with crab okay speak city fans i'm on the podium here in seattle with a man who made the podium twice two wins in seattle you kept them sleepless overnight but you did it again congratulations
00:52:50time is not a movie reference i think so yeah what do you like movies i d'oh meg ryan's pretty awesome too was actually she and sleep since i think she was yeah mom now it's amazing weekend um really great for the team I mean one two one two
00:53:03for us and it's a perfect finish i mean scott is a ridiculously consistent so there wasn't much chance to gain too many points on them this weekend which was really what i needed to do but um definitely put a gap on art and going into the last race
00:53:17uh but really great performance from volkswagen and ready out here i mean they nailed everything we had some hustle changes behind the scenes always there's something going on and if we can make it look easy from the outside then we're doing our jobs right you seemed in this
00:53:31particular weekend hava starts i mean you start certainly yesterday that's borden today we're blistering had done anything different now we have really changed anything it's just a matter of finding consistency and this surface is a little bit less grippy than some of the other surfaces i think the
00:53:50vw zaveri driveable and the way that the rules have that you really don't get any help from the car when you do the start so you really need to have dr ability in order to get out of there quick and i think that's one of our strong points
00:54:02talking movies onto lala land to win the championship yeah well actually tomorrow i start working on a movie doubling brad pitt in something i'm some some moon movie but the west thinks he could be so i'll be hopefully some of you know him rubs off but it's a
00:54:18yeah then we go into l a right up The street from my house in long beach where i live in newport beach so that will be nice to sleep at home uh for once in the year but it's a yeah it's always a fun track out there it's
00:54:31a unique venue being on a pier with water on three sides on we hope it's a short track out there is this young man just pointed out and uh we're hoping tio have some put on a good show out there we'll see when i like michael already thank
00:54:43you jonathan we're about to wrap up the show give us a little wrap up of global rallycross where we're at well the other thing wass cyril roman won the likes championship so he is now the champion but we go down to l a and it's another shootout between
00:54:58the two volkswagens off scott speed and tana fast the man who wins takes the prize home so it's all the play for in l a october fourteen all right mr green we want to think ryan morton from ferrari of austin for sitting and talking ferraris with us it
00:55:13doesn't get better than that hey i didn't hear ferrari mentioned in the rallycross theories still waiting for ryan to sanderson nicely spread down one thanks everybody i really appreciate you haven't be outs and i'd love for you I just come down and check out our new dealership on
00:55:28winning cannon thirty five come meet me say hello also come check out my facebook and instagram and funny ferrari guy dot com awesome ryan morrison thank you so much Best of luck to you guys at the dealership starting tomorrow tomorrow I'm excited i really am guys it's going
00:55:43to be beautiful and it is it's kind of hot I can't wait to get down there check that out I will be down there soon All right well thanks for tuning in to speed city tonight Check us out on our website speed city broadcast dot com Check twitter
00:55:54or facebook or instagram or face too But whatever else we got talk to you soon child

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