Hold the skepticism for just a moment -- what if astrology wasn't "fortune telling" but could actually help you understand your strengths and weaknesses to give you more direction in life? Our guest Mimi Truong is a lawyer by background, a life coach and an expert astrologist, who combines all her insight and expertise to help clients -- and maybe you! -- better understand how we fit into the universe (and how the universe fits into us). Plus, she has a FASCINATING revelation about Kristen and Liz's relationship based on the alignment of their charts and...well, we kind of freaked out. As you'll hear. || Find show notes and links to a great astrology site to help you get more info about your own signs on our Podcast page on Cool Mom Picks. || Join the Spawned listeners community on Facebook here -- it's so fun! || And hey, thanks for listening, subscribing, and for all your wonderful reviews on iTunes. May you become something fabulous in your next life. 
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