Spanning the globe to give you the constant variety of Prog. The thrill of mellotrons. And the agony of the 80s. The musical drama of epic compositions. This is Soundchaser. The Professor will host three hours of music selected from the history of progressive rock, the 1960s to the present. The main feature of every broadcast will be at least an hour of symphonic progressive, the boldest, most robust flavors prog has to offer. The program will feature many varietal selections as well, from fusion, progressive ambient, psychedelic, eclectic progressive, RIO, folk, and crossover progressive. The program is for the discerning and daring connoisseur of progressive rock. Relax. Open the aural palette. Delights to follow.
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Sound Chaser 147

The Sound Chaser Progressive Rock Podcast is back. In a packed program this time, the darkness is rising, we find the random in nature, some dolphins dance, and we hear a story about four heroes and a glass guitar. The Symphonic Zone takes us on a musical adventure. All that plus news of tours and releases. Playlist 1. Book of Hours - One More Red Nightmare, from King Crimson & Van der Graaf Generator According to Book of Hours 2. Matt Graboski - Rising Darkness, from Best of Baltimore's Buried Bands [compilation] 3. K. Leimer - The Random in Nature, from Closed System Potentials 4. Gateway - In the Moment, from In the Moment 5. Out of Focus - Huchen 55 Parts A-C, from Four Letter Monday Afternoon THE SYMPHONIC ZONE 6. Yes - Magnification, from Magnification 7. Yes - Spirit of Survival, from Magnification 8. Yes - Don't Go, from Magnification 9. Yes - Give Love Each Day, from Magnification 10. Franco Battiato - Ricercar sul Terzo, from Shadow, Light 11. Mike Oldfield - The Doge's Palace, from The Millennium Bell 12. Mike Oldfield - Lake Constance, from The Millennium Bell 13. Solstice - Circles, from Circles 14. Dragonfly - Shellycoat, from Dragonfly 15. Utopia - Singring and the Glass Guitar (An Electrified Fairytale), from Ra LEAVING THE SYMPHONIC ZONE 16. echolyn - Best Regards, from As the World 17. Jon and Vangelis - Thunder, from Short Stories 18. Marillion - Lady Nina, from Brief Encounter 19. Tangerine Dream - Dolphin Dance, from Underwater Sunlight 20. Richard Pinhas - The Last Kings of Thule (Part 2), from Iceland 21. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Rhapsody, from Peepshow 22. Frank Zappa - Underground Freak-Out Music, from You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 5 23. Guru Guru - Bo Diddley, from Hinten 24. Island - Zero, from Pictures 25. Enchant - Living in a Movie, from Tug of War


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