Diana and Greg from Rat Fancy play guest DJ and talk with us about their new "Suck a Lemon" EP. We hear a two new Rat Fancy songs as well as a couple of their fave indie pop songs from the 90s. Then we all do shots, suck lemons, and play a drinking game watching The Adventures of Pete and Pete.
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00:00:02Hey it's ryan Every episode i play songs for my big sister She always hated my favorite music growing up But now years later we listen back to some of the most influential music of my youth And we check out some of my new favorite studio here where she
00:00:15thinks this is Songs project So jenna i recorded this interview with the band called rat fancy which is so ironic because most people do not fancy rats no i absolutely do not fancy that's wait did i tell you remember when we were sitting on the bench and you're
00:00:39like oh little rats or were you a rat nest like a little notto like rats now it's like oh that woman has a rat's nest on her hair way we're rats fast well that's everywhere in the city oh that was when you came to visit me and we
00:01:00were in madison square park and we got like shake shack shakes shakes yeah behind the band's shakes not the rats yeah pay no attention to the rats behind the bench there just solid etc yeah disgusting it's like what are those pictures like you can't see because it's in
00:01:21another picture and like you have to like squint your eyes or go really close in them a magic eye all you could see yeah it was like the magic eye of the like land of new york that's all i could see was the rats oh jesus want ice
00:01:38are um done you couldn't even see them i can't see him you can't on magic i've them jesus we didn't really talk about rats and we didn't even talk about their name We talked about their new album which is called suck a lemon it's an e p minute
00:01:53came out in the spring and i talked with diana and greg and they were super cool and really nice So i have an interview to play for you Did you talk about me Yes he did All right fine I have diana and greg on the phone from the
00:02:11band rat fancy can you hear me yes i can hear you guys i'm great how are you great i've been listening to the podcast and now i sure your voice is like oh my gosh it's like a life it's exactly like puck you guys there in los angeles
00:02:28is that where you started your band that is correct yeah i'm originally from philly but i moved teo while ago and then so we started a band here okay and i'm from here so yeah we started dating about two years ago and it wasn't until maybe the first
00:02:46year that we started playing music together yeah alcohol we reached doing like are unlike deejay night so whatever like i was getting bored like not you know i played in bands growing up and then i was teaching d jane for a while andi i just like it seemed
00:03:03like like something yeah i think it just happened i was taking i think i took about a three year hiatus or so from playing music yes i'm not sure if you've ever heard the band called sweater girls we were i was going to ask you about that once
00:03:21that kind of ended i wasn't giving anything musically i don't know it wasn't the right time and we bought him a lot of kind and that theo and the rest is history jump started funny enough we've never recorded with the melodic abut we used it in song writing
00:03:41oh really yeah way don't have a song and melodic it but we keep threatening teo but you're like oh how about you play it like this then you play the part on the malaka like to demo it or something right like i don't know that kind of coming
00:03:55up with a tune and your head for some of the melodies and whatnot but for the most part we have a few cents so they could replace it like acoustic performances right no we've actually practiced if we ever needed to do like an acoustic show it would be
00:04:11interesting you could do like the keyboard parts on it yeah yeah yeah that it would be so super wet twee oh well yeah of course so i'm really enjoying your new e p suck a lemon that came on happy happy birthday to me records earlier this year yeah
00:04:30the end oh cool so just recently you guys have some other songs on bandcamp that didn't make it onto the epi right Those are more like demos that we were playing with one i think is going to be on the lp were really close to being finished writing
00:04:48material for an l p so no will start recording that in a few months that's exciting yeah so i actually want to start the episode I wantto play the title track from the is that cool okay do you guys want to like prep it at all Or should
00:05:06we just jump in Second woman second women here leo Okay Thanks Teo it's This It's Right Second time was actually the first song that we had written with them a lot of blood and it just kind of became naturally it's just one of those like pew tongue and
00:07:35cheek like a sweet way to say you i guess oh totally and i don't know it just kind of came about my brother likes to say it so it kind of stuck in my vocabulary and we just kind of wrote the song like wouldn't not really someone in
00:07:53minds and they're like we're not telling anyone specifically the suck a lemon but more like like jerks that you know does everyone yeah e just like small minded people being in an indie pop bands i think like back in twenty ten the songs that i was writing it
00:08:14it's more like naive and sweet a lot about crushes that's like very common and indie pop i think like especially today it's hard to be in the barons and not couldn't take in consideration like all the terrible things that are happening in this country so it's a little
00:08:32i think it's a little more it's sweet but salty like like a pretzel with with peanut butter inside themes that are kind of common throughout that mp and probably it's going to be in albi teo so this is like an undercover twee record like anti trump see your
00:08:55talent and you're like girl you've got your problems yes talking about trump specific yes girls probably eyes I wonder if i should make general like suck a lemon literally as part like you She'll do like a tequila shot or something in second lemon e not work of tequila
00:09:21shot with a lemon until i met her so i could always do with the line Yeah i mean wait what do you do with a woman Yeah Oh wait Do i e I don't know if that's coming up whenever they get me I don't know like at least
00:09:38in my family it's always been lemons and we're mexican american and i don't know i think that's pretty normal Wait am i wrong Or is there only like one word in spanish Like lehman means lime but it also means lemon or no visit lima lima not no it's
00:09:58just a city in peru wear something that google after because actually no it's just according to google it's oh yeah lima would be lime You're right Okay you're right I feel like that Like taco places I want a line but they just give me a lemon or vice
00:10:24versa like that Maybe they only have limes I forgot only have that Yeah they're not holding out on you e i need to know the lingo This song suck a lemon was totally giving me like rose melbourne vibes well your phantom bro's right Absolutely absolutely i would I
00:10:44have nothing bad to say I would almost say a near perfect she consumed that wrong Yeah like tiger trap go sailor gaze softies like it's Also good Yeah so i wanted to invite you guys to be like guest djs on the episodes We play new songs and then
00:11:03some old songs from the nineties Things i pick that i remember jenna hating just so i can like upset her and make her mad But like cookie cutter exactly like cookie cutter is she can't stand it I think she secretly loves it A cz djs What rose mellberg
00:11:22song would you pick to play but i think we're doing with go sailor long distance Yeah please Wait Next time Okay I love that song i love that it's kind of like salty also i right wishing their plane down i love it yeah just this one's it's no
00:13:58like i hope you get yours and hope karma gets you yeah i love better i'm loving bitter songs lately because i just went through a break up so it's just like i'm finding these two really entertaining yeah that is probably a perfect breakup song yeah there's nothing really
00:14:16romantic about weapon but yeah it's all every song like i was just like singing along tio pretty much like all the ghost killer songs this morning but in b i believe twenty ten they did the ghost sailor reunion shows oh cool i don't see those they did one
00:14:33of athens pop fest and i believe san francisco and also los angeles for it was a slumber land anniversary party but in athens it was the original lineup which was really cool that's awesome yeah so that was i think it was athens pop best twenty ten and i
00:14:53was so that would be like a fifteen year reunion because i was looking up that they made those songs and like night or they released them in like ninety five ninety six yeah and they have aged so well their songs just are so perfect and it was pretty
00:15:06cool because rose borrowed my guitar for the ghost killer so well this is it She just not bring one or it like did you guys plan it Well she did You show she did a solo show and then she did go sailor So i think she brought the
00:15:22acoustic guitar and it's really hard when you have multiple instruments that you have to bring for shows so i think she brought her guitar for her soul is set and there were many bands around So mind my guitar it's a jag staying it's half jaguar half nesting and
00:15:40i think like a mustang Go go sailors so it was pretty perfect Wait is that a good brand of guitar that's like what it looks like Yeah Offends air must stay Okay Fender jag saying creek cabin designed it in the night before he passed away Yeah it took
00:15:57like attributes of a jaguar and attributes of the mustang model and kind of blended this together And i at the time like growing up i was a huge nirvana fan And also how he found like a record because he was a big k records from uh so of
00:16:13course i have be a kurt cobain designed guitar Cool Kerkorian is also how like we all know daniel johnston i think that's true for me at least that selene yeah i love the vest lanes The next new song of yours that i would love to listen to is
00:16:37the sun called about you Yeah To see you Yes I know you guys have a video for that song way yeah we did three about you suck a lemon and i can't dance the smiths anymore we might read dio a couple of songs like probably beyond believe song
00:18:33teo so we didn't make a video for that one but you know it's so easy to make videos like i have this look camcorder and did it all ourselves that's pretty much wrapped fancy and doing it all ourselves yeah she does videos designs i recorded everything and like
00:18:51mixed it and doing it all yeah and the cool thing about the aboutyou video it's all our footage from south myself est oh cool yeah that was technically our second show second which was really kind of scary way drive like twenty four ways that's crazy yeah how'd it
00:19:15go it was a lot of fun we played the happy happy birthday to me showcase we have the showcase out there so we got to see some of our pals like eureka california we got to hang out with them and of course mike turner and it was it
00:19:31was nice being us austin's pretty cool city and it's insane during south by southwest like it's just a mob of people going into all these bars and venues all day and all night i know i really i've never been it's like on my list but i want to
00:19:48go with like the full passed just to be able to like see everything but it's like so expensive that's my plan for next year i think hopefully you should do it maybe walkabout yeah but but you guys are getting ready to play athens profits this year too right
00:20:03Yeah we're playing opening night we're opening for develop and elf power among others too so i'm really excited yeah there's a lot of elephants six fans involved the line that was just stellar yeah no it looks great also there's like an oakland pop fast happening that looks really
00:20:24good yeah we're playing oh you're our thursday night phone cool because it was exactly all around i think we're the only band to play all three of them like american pop best oh cool yeah it's great oakland athens because the m v p s way like to drive
00:20:49on cool oh you mentioned the song that you wrote about i can't dance to the smiths namely which is so funny because like there's this morrissey dance night in new york on sunday nights that's like the only dance party that i ever care to go teo yet i
00:21:06could never go because like it's super late and i work in the in the morning i'm old but is that like what's that about it's more than not being able tio listen to the music that reminded you of a past relationship and growing growing something tol also take
00:21:27it as like you know you get older and sometimes the things you used to love you just don't anymore You're not about it And the young that's okay and it's just all the life experiences growing older And and you know things might remind you of something And if
00:21:43he might not want to be reminded about that for me i feel like it might be like why did i ever listen to the first bush album E think i even went back like a couple years ago and tried to listen to that album and i'm like no
00:22:09i can't I can't do it theo listening i guess it's still a guilty pleasure Like so next guest deejay song pick what you guys have where we're song polaris that's the band from pt pt yes on i am i love nineties nickelodeon he once got slimes i went
00:22:38to nicholas no way yeah win florida when they said i went when i was ten now i got called up to the actual like taping of the show wear at some taping of some game show i don't ever remember being aired at all i think it was just
00:22:52like a big thing for like kind of like the tourist experience it's so funny living in a way i actually got to get the nickelodeon studio out here a couple of times for like school field trips because it was like a fundraiser and i got to see all
00:23:09that and i thought that the amanda show someone just came out with the plumber pin and i got to get it all of it anyway but pete is one of the better shit is i thought i think from that time there's still good when i watch it now
00:23:26yeah it's funny like i never really watched all of it i think i've only seen a few episodes and i remember seeing michael stipe is like an ice cream man maybe yeah yeah i know they have like a bunch of guest stars like from the music world yeah
00:23:42cool and so this band was kind of i was looking up but they're kind of like got together for the purpose yeah specifically like for making music for the show right So i came to them They were like planets like other whatever area they come over from ana
00:23:59they are measles on They got put together for pete pete and this is the only thing we record their doctors like They put the record out like it was released as like the soundtrack to pete pete in like ninety nine i think yeah that's What wikipedia said what
00:24:15song are we gonna listen to Waiting proxy server Okay cool that Oh What A bit So you up to that Two To be two What No Oh So that song the lyrics air really weird did you like apocalyptic yeah it's just things i feel like the lyrics never
00:27:08really like when you're watching this show like it was a lot of the instrumentals show so i never really paid attention to my butt it was like to they relate to something from the show well like the weapons that i remember it being played was at the end
00:27:21of the halloween so okay so which we have to watch every hallway and really wait can you stream pnp it was you two i think i also i'm a freaking doubt torment it like years ago so wait yeah that science like the end of the world is coming
00:27:42october twenty eighth nineteen ninety nine if you don't listen to the lyrics it's like not dark song whatever they were wrong you know it's crazy goes it sounds a b i know right you know what the lyrics aren't in the like the record on the insert there's no
00:28:02ears they have some little pictures from the nineties e i love that yeah turns out really good you know an insistence alger probably it's the main factor and while of that record so much i was like really get brought back to life washing that my family room when
00:28:22i was a child i think that that was also a moment by a record on listening to it It was right around the time that we started writing the and i guess there were a few things we're listening teo every summer like strawberry switchblade the cover yeah and
00:28:38i love a lot of like eighties pop a lot of scottish bands i lived in scotland for a little bit and what else jerry listen teo life without buildings in there if you don't they're a glaswegian bands and it closed yeah from the nineties and i think i
00:28:57only know like the chemical underground bounds that scotland right like delgado's and arab strap and this yeah shop assistants gasoline's past als o yeah i love the passing walls there's stuff like cool but your new album is where can people find it who well you could go on
00:29:19the happy happy birthday to me website that's h h bt m dot com we have it upon our band camp teo outer shows we will we will remember the bring records wait for god and i felt really you don't know yeah it's fine things happened there's so many
00:29:37things to bring when you're playing a show yeah and streamable on spotify wherever people listen to music they can find it online perfect you guys unlike social media too oh yeah facebook instagram reference c l a yes everything because somebody had to grab fancy i don't that count
00:29:58about rats which is also may be a good one to follow who wants to follow if you're interested in rats oh i bought the e p i'm band camp and it gave me like the digital download and i loved the pdf that came with it the coloring book
00:30:16oh yeah you got it i'm going to send you a physical copy dio i love it's so funny yeah i drew it's just very read a mentor i love it so anyone buying the record can look forward to that to fund the activity book beyond camp said like
00:30:31oh do you want to upload a pdf of your lyrics i'm like well that's that's kind of boring if you just blew like a doctor with all the lyrics i'm like i've got to make this to fund my love scenes like limousines i love coloring books i've been
00:30:44buying a lot of like it's all coloring books i love it and it's cool too because i don't know what the music industry it's nice to give like a little something extra to make people pay for your shit yeah all right guys well thank you so much it's
00:30:58been great talking to you thank you ryan jenna i hope you don't he e taller i can't promise but if i do convince her to like do shots with lemons maybe well maybe the music even better actually we had this one early description of the baron it's like
00:31:18watching the adventures of pete and pete while taking shots way were describing it to ourselves like a drinking game game so i think it would definitely help The listening experience That's Such an awesome oh my god i don't hate them at all Thiss soak you first of all
00:31:40what's a malaka it looks like a flute or a recorder but it has like keyboard keys Oh i think i've seen one I mean not in person but like we'll look them up Oh yeah here's a picture so wait a minute so oh greg's the guy in the
00:31:57dreads i think he has dreads Ow Hot But diana i love first of all i love her her laugh is like my favor i know oh my word her winged eyeliner insanity i love it with their lemon hair oh my god she's the cubist thing yeah they're cute
00:32:18they're cool it was really fun talking to them what did you think about the music i liked it yeah her voice was not annoying and but i mean that's a high contrast away yeah obviously because you know meet in tweet yeah not a huge twee fan although but
00:32:38we're becoming a slow convert right right like i would listen to this and i like the guitar riff that was really cool oh yeah i like them cool and what about this like the deejay songs they picked bills were cool good picks good pics oh my god So
00:32:52what about lemon versus lime for tequila sha what's what do you do Well okay i usually do prefer a lemon like my go to is tito's and soda with lemon and that's vodka i know but i'll have tequila and soda with lemon but if it's just a tequila
00:33:11shot it generally comes with lines i've never really tried it with lemon but i can obviously throat the soda and just go straight up to killer and lemon has a shot at you like a drink no shooting it i'm doing it Diana it's on girlfriends may be something
00:33:25we can do him together Oh no drinking game yes we'll have to watch pete pete yes oh my god john well i'm glad you liked it it's interesting when like i just hear the songs and you tell me about the bands but then when you get to hear
00:33:42like the background on like actually their voices and just their thoughts and stuff it's it's cool yeah no i agree yeah i love it i like it and that's cool that they're doing all three pop fests yep i said they're the m v p s yeah go them
00:33:56that's awesome okay jen that well no i just saw something on on google what was she giving away in what The album ah looking activity but coloring book yeah because this one says you get the vinyl and a deluxe pillowcase i didn't even see that What is that
00:34:17code for something no case no is that like something like like a pillow case like you like that means it's a album holder oh no i think it's a little bit Okay that's awesome sweet dreams jimmy who doesn't love a new pillow cases nothing better right Well for
00:34:38listeners Check us out on social media at song's for jenna facebook twitter instagram are like website is down because the hosting expired they don't have a backup anyway it's frustrating things ever have them today uh thank you for listening we'll talk to you next time alright thanks i

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