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00:00:46on the cover of scrap magazine Dr Hook & The Medicine Show
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00:01:03dreidel song dreidel song Shel Silverstein
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00:01:18Saturday the 13th of January 2018 our first show of the new year that makes this solder smoke number 202 is it too old to go to try tonight I got the numbers thank God thank God you keep us on the straight and narrow here be yet I was our musical opening from Dr Hook & The Medicine Show
00:01:42song written by Shel Silverstein another guy who wrote you know kids books right but but who knows at different times he also Russell Playboy magazine Yeah well yeah and no Doctor Who Doctor drug songs for dr. Hook & The Medicine Show it was a different time anyway we thought about that because we are indeed on the cover of sprite 173 I think it is a very auspicious number 173 about the DC receiver rig that we've been working on and we were all singing along there with dr. hook so good stuff I like how did it happen to get this from up here I think we missed your birthday another orbit completed December 21st and I'm not going to claim that I remembered Skype reminded me when you came up with shows of birthday cake in the background that's right hey I hope you had a good birthday Pete you got it
00:02:42I want to take a picture of this thing it was Father's Day cuz the word below it says dad is just as most awesome pizzas got a I got a mug that says most awesome driver I've showed many people that picture of you with the other Jonathan you going to the Christmas song Santa Santa headgear with this that's a very cool for the Travelodge in little bit of weather disaster report most of that but first the travel I don't have a whole lot of solder melting to report on this month I know you do so you can. You're going to carry that the the load here but I have an excuse because I was traveling back to the Dominican Republic back to hotel in DeLand went down there on December 18th came back around 28th 29th been about 10 days out of the Eastern tip of the island
00:03:39I'm telling you it's nice on the beach man white white sand beaches white sand beaches palm trees in 85 degrees with a nice you have a rig with you I just know but it took a receiver I didn't I didn't want to say it was a trip where I thought I am I going to I could have bring the rig and I you know I got was fun but you know to watch double sideband to a dipole on 20 not for the faint of heart anyway it was fun That Power by 10 double a batteries at time so this time I just took the Sony shortwave receiver that I managed to repair and it was fun I did a little bit of shortwave listening for the beach one day Christmas Eve we're on the beach and I put up a little post on a couple pictures of my shortwave listening post and I put up a list of names of the the call-signs sorry for the call signs that we heard so that was that was kind of fun but great trip
00:04:39when it's Channel Domingo visit elise's family but spent most of the time on these streets empty on a place called Punta Cana very nice and while we were there we were reading about the horrible weather and the dramatic events in California I hope you remain out of Harm's Way There. Usually I know how it goes it's been pretty bad though oh wow and mud now to uh you check either 1:01 or 5 and it's still closed in and they're talking about next week because the mud just ended it and that's a critical link between Santa Barbara and in Ventura County and people actually
00:05:33well princess I go to school UCSB and close this is not happening it's it's pretty it's pretty you guys have that the weather in the disastrous out there and they're just regular I mean in this just amazing amazing stuff it really feel sorry for everybody who's caught up in that mess and every time something like that happens I'm looking at the map trying to figure out where is Newbury Park in relation to this latest catastrophe in glad that you're interesting story about young people if I can just take a second here and there resilience my nephew and his his family their house burnt to the ground right before right before Christmas and he lived up in Ventura and I was talking to my ex-wife also sister and who's his mom and resilience so they said
00:06:33this is okay they went and bought another house and they're living in the other house going to turn it into a rental and they said you know the house that burnt down the bathrooms are small the kitchen was not right so they look here look on the bright side
00:06:52fix all that and I thought you though that's terrific Spirit man keep on going all right all right so very good glad to hear everything is working out out there pictures of summer I forgot to mention about my trip to the beach you know I took a I took a book while reading with you and now I load the books into my phone my phone and I just read it right off the phone so you don't you have your phone with you so what the heck give your phone your camera your email everything's right there and then you put a book in there too and I picked was based on a post that I did awhile back about seti the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and the the big radio telescope that the Chinese are building and there was an article in the Atlantic and I put it up on the blog and in the article they mentioned some Chinese science fiction that's been a big hit
00:07:51big head in the watch the first kind of popular novel I think from China that has been picked up
00:07:59in the United States in Europe in translation of course but it's called the three body problem and the author is she should Lou that's c i x i n 2nd or Liu Liu and I got to tell you I don't read a lot of novels but this was a hoot I like this one and it's got a lot of radio in it it's it's a novel in a certain sense that begins with radio astronomy seti it's got a little bit of Morse code in it it's got some advanced technology radio astronomy all this kind of stuff and I strongly recommend it it's part of a Trilogy I only read the first one I might take a look at the others but the first one was really good and I think you'd like it so three body Problem by she shallow arm and down there enrichment is already gone through the whole trilogy he's pretty hardcore and even though they do a really good job at the Translate
00:08:59if you do get the sense that you're reading something written in another country and other society which makes it makes it interesting that got a different slightly different approach to the to the novel but really good stuff so recommend for the three body problem why she should move
00:09:16what else going on peden else to mention you always could talk about straight key night where you active on straight teen night
00:09:24Kakashi's face is like asking a bit to go out and swap mosquitoes on field day
00:09:31I will I did you know I did because I respect for addition okay and I also you know I feel but also you know I I feel that it's it's an opportunity for us luddites to fly our flag high but I would 1D this is a true luddites the correct spelling Monday thank you yes the the curmudgeon retrotech you know yesterday's technology for today Luddite convention on New Year's Eve I participated in it once again I fired up my HT 37 and my Drake to be I must say the h23 G37 was wheezing a bit getting on something wrong in there I don't know maybe one of them want to be one of the 6146 is getting soft but anyway this this cause me to crank it down to about five watch so it was a qrp event for me
00:10:31again the other the other objective I have to maintain my qrp status so like in the old days of the Olympic and they maintain your amateur status
00:10:41thank you that lie the fine print when they brought you into the qrp Hall of Fame it says it every once in awhile you have to actually do something qrp Ash he's going to get expelled man and tell him that you can get expelled so I got on there on straight key night with my wheezing ht37 to drink to be was pulling was doing that as it always does and I was really pleased because it was like you know like I think it was Leo durocher's I was like it was like deja vu all over again I worked WW1 PID gym up there in New England and I quickly check my electronic logbook and I had work gym exactly one year earlier on straight teen night so it's like an annual thing and and he he is a very
00:11:41active kind of mountain topping from the trail portable qrp or he's also kind of a collaborator
00:11:53with Michael Rainey on some of Michael's more exotic You Know audio powered qrp across the Atlantic kind of Adventures and awful in Mike and Michael reports on stations who heard his you know micro watt transmitter with bed springs for an antenna kind of experiments and pick them up so was it real it was a real fun thing to to talk to gym again we had a brief contact on on 40 meters is a couple hours before straight key night commenced but who cares it was it was we're both started getting ready for the event work the bunch of other stations and we had my my nephew Jeffrey up for Miami Jeffrey is another guy who's showing remarkable interest in ham radio and he just thought that the whole Morse code thing was was really cool
00:12:53the CW contact you with John Henry and I'm going to take him over to the bench and teach him how to solder that pretty cool fingers together first lesson grab the proper end of a soldering iron that once you get past that you're okay and so hopefully I think it'll be it'll be fine but then I worked a bunch of other station we worked station on 40 sideband later in the day with with with Jeffrey so it was a good a real good Straight Tequila Night and into contact with which mw1 PID again
00:13:31hey Pete I'm sure you saw these things this is something we should talk about this I think people should know more about it and like to hear your reactions but we had to Homebrew luminaries on the qso Today show with our friend Eric roof over there in it Israel first I guess we better talk about Jeff damn this was like a real treat you know I like we always just like AM radio some stuff you're interested in and some stuff you're not and if Eric was talking to some guy is interested in in con testing or something like that it's just not my cup of tea but that's fine you know later on then but they never goes comes around and he gets somebody who's right in our wheelhouse you know and Jeff damn is as good as you can get in this area so Steve Murphy but Jeff Jeff came up first and I just kept some notes on some of the things that Jeff did and then we're going to talk about him so I said well I better go through and mark the most important things to Jeff said the problem
00:14:31Star Market almost all of them they're all the most important things just said so I'll try to go through kind of quickly cuz we don't have all day you know that's right there you go he may have given us this term he started out and I know that Grayson and others will cringe when we were count this but he talks about his decision to go solid state
00:15:00it was just a decision that came to him literally in a Flash The Flash came from a nun discharge 600 volt electrolytic capacitor that he managed to get across while they were trouble shooting some to type right it's from across the room and when he came to he realize that it was time to go solid-state 12 volts I'm with you Jeff and I didn't get the joke myself but I kind of saw it coming and around the time my kids were born when it became more necessary for me to stick around okay I said no more of that so I made the same swear he mentioned the apology for rigs in architecture for rigs that I don't think we've explored here dr. Juliano I don't know if you I bet I bet you you built one of these let me know I'm going to predict built at least one 1700 kilohertz I have with a 5 megahertz vfo for an 80 + 40 m receiver
00:15:57yes you like it it was okay and in the reason was I had a 1600 and 50 kilohertz Crystal filter out of a hallicrafter oh man excellent all right good so I'm all I'm glad you I'm glad you tried it alright I'm going to give that a try someday listen Jeff said that he learned the ugly soldering technique from West Hayward that's pretty good that's that's pretty good Federation of you if somebody says hey you know I learned from the master I learned from Wes I was looking you know I was in a museum kind of Museum that I work in but they at they weren't they had this thing about the Air Force General Hap Arnold
00:16:45and I looked up in the on the plaque about him I'm reading the plaque about him he was taught to fly by Orville and Wilbur Wright questions your Technique is a hey
00:17:00Orville told me to do it this way okay shut up
00:17:06all right second thing is all man I like this about you he talked about how he searched he doesn't like to do metal work he doesn't like to do cabinet work he doesn't like soccer tree is George. So put it in Osaka tree or Cabinetry for Jeff so he searches for old commercial dear to gut and to use as homes for his new home brew solid-state year the enclosure panels and controls are all very useful to great way to avoid metal work I'm with you and with each other boat anchors and then people write to him and say all beautiful boat anchor regular I had one of those back in 1937 no no no no no
00:17:52again I sympathize you know I have
00:17:56sacrificed many Benton Harbor lunch boxes for the same reason and he luck how many qf once if I kill here
00:18:08at all it's sad I know any of these pains me to admit it will talk about this little bit more because I found somebody else is guilty of the same crimes against humanity butt ham radio Okay hear something came up when Jeff was talking and Eric asked him a good question what do you what stage do you build first and you know a lot of guys like I feel like to build the audio amplifier first for Jeff he came down the same way I did he said he wants to be like to build the oscillator first but he understands he said to them talk to understand completely your audio first approach you know and it's just a matter of you know 6 1/2 does the other but then he went on about how one of the great ways when you finish the AF stage 2 test just put your put your finger on the input if you heard go buzz ya boom good on to the next stage
00:19:08Jeff emphasize always one stage at a time open to other ideas
00:19:15and he is making use of the OSH Park Board Factory out there where you can send them what kind of the Gerber file and they produced the board for you and then then he he also wants to do where he he tries to do a practice where he develops a number of stages that he knows works well for him they all think that they have common 50 home inputs and then he can use the modules to just move them around but he does transition to the arch Park boards for these kinds of modules which I found interesting he said something that Grayson talk to us about that we shouldn't fear and I say this to you mister si5351 rotary encoder
00:20:00do not fear The Disappearance of air variable capacitors he said that he Jeff damn said that he bought quote cubic feet of air variables and has the at his location a lifetime stash of air variables this is dedication to the analog cause all right Grayson Grayson at the same point he said you know where we're fretting about air variables but there's a lot of them out there
00:20:27he say all along the same lines this might explain the cubic feet of air variables he's hesitant about chips
00:20:38he's got a kind of a queasy feeling about the little black mystery boxes that you and your digital friends are so enamored with Pete
00:20:47if it's I like he's looking at me staring daggers movie right now you know that's kind of weird guy and he said that he talked a little bit about going into some of the microcontrollers and he said it would have been a huge time sync you repeat it is an analog I write listen here's another thing it's interesting he was thinking about what was and what should have been his section of the reprint for I guess the original version of f f l v experimental methods in RF design so this might be the Lost chapter and I will call the Lost chapter 2 Jeff damn chapter it's like one of those Lost Books of the Bible or something you know the Lost chapter of the nyfd this may require
00:21:41the solder smoke Lottie lobbying campaign to get that thing somehow interprint go for a check please wear with you let us know if you need some support anyway. That's what Jeff dams and then we had Steve Murphy at a time
00:21:55man what a great picture Steve to I like you
00:22:01I had a completely
00:22:03what's Steve Murphy look like we can correspond with Steve Murphy for years but what I was curious about and I said went when I saw that he was being interviewed
00:22:13this picture kind of match what I thought I wasn't surprised by that if it then I said to myself I before I hit the play button I said what is he going to sound like he's his voice going to be what I expected and I must say it was kind of mentally predicted his voice very nice voice and very friendly and very friendly the whole throw his whole interview is friendly very happy great story started as a shortwave listener I told him that you find radio pedigree many of us started the same area he had an r390a at age 16
00:22:48he was destined for greatness right there when I first got out of school he had a cough and slept on the other lounge chair that was his first apartment but he had an ass like that was a long time ago he was a happy man life was complete then he talked about how his building technique is a combination of Manhattan and ugly yeah but we all are we all do that sometimes you're in Manhattan and sometimes you're going ugly I want to invent the term here right now brace yourself muggli determine the Lexicon Steve Silverman put on the list
00:23:42Steve Murphy also I kind of cringed I heard this coming because he was talking about I think it was talking about straight keynote yeah sometimes it gets 606 transmitter okay and he said and then he said something like I heard it come and I cringed you said and I use a receiver that is really not quite up to the task so God no don't tell me
00:24:11yes tell me what you think extra difficult Steve look life is short old man don't stop torturing yourself with that thing get rid of it put it on the curb don't don't give it to somebody else cuz then you'll just pass on the pain to her a new set of victims use things need to be exterminated
00:24:39when did get some hate mail for that sorry Steve who papa legba is
00:24:51you should know that yet Anthropologist are going to be trying to discover who this papa legba guy was well I know where it came from I got them from W9 SCH rocky rocky talks about him in an issue of Sprat magazine and I kind of got it from the contacts but it did look it up and there's there's some kind of Voodoo or to me in this whole thing yeah that's right and you know that I know if you know this but Steve as a result of this on one of his sights the website is is is is chicken killer.com
00:25:33you know you always ask for what advice that you have for new hams and he said no he eat he counseled get this moderation have you seen these these rooms at we work out of these Shaq's I mean it's an admirable thought their first response was good luck with that finally he had a friend that I thought was really great kind of capture the whole thing he called what we have here I guess the amateur frequencies and electromagnetic playground where failure has no consequences beautiful stop beautiful sentiment thanks to Eric thanks to Steve thanks to Jeff Dan very very nice
00:26:16alright so where we at where are we going to let you straight key night I just wanted to mention that I ran across Jeff when I lived in the Pacific Northwest and he and I were emailing and I I told him I had this it was like a National Velvet vervier Drive and I said that I got a couples around here and I sent it to him and back in the mail was this box apart he's a really hard to find parts and I still have it and every once in awhile I said
00:26:50so I mean he has an exam and he wouldn't pick things like you say man give my eyeteeth for one of those and then about a year ago I was on 40m in the sky call me it was him and he was running a Homebrew 40 watt single Side Band transceiver up and it was not an orc he lives in Oregon that he was not an organ that was evidently in Montana or someplace like that he had he has a second home up there and he was off grid so everything is battery power do you know it's all kind of caveman kind of living techniques in the woods out lately that one of his favorite part sources is eBay he goes on to eBay and people are selling lots of parts or or smaller in person by the way you sent me a couple National Velvet for new years that I have stashed away for a project here in the future I want to thank you again for that you just say something else
00:27:50mad about not liking icy he's he's one of the founders of a company called TriQuint microwave model so yeah right he knows what he's talking about you he knows you knows let's see all right we were talking about kind of confessing or to know killing off old boat anchor radios and one of these shows I like to just randomly pull out an electric radio because this thing is such a source of wisdom I gave a handful of them to the John Henry I'm going to send you out a few more but this thing I opened it up it was like the Radio Gods were guiding me right that I randomly select this is number 221 October 2007 electric radio celebrating bygone era
00:28:50and I opened it up and the first article is by Dave Gordon Smith G3 you you are he shows up man sleep for Crystal characterization guy right here listen to this
00:29:17the title of the article confessions of an unredeemable radio Junkie
00:29:24I like to read the whole thing not read you the opening paragraph some of those Beach
00:29:36I'm going to read you just the opening paragraphs and I'm going to leave everybody on the edge of their seats
00:29:44any future episodes will give you glue - conclusion us exciting story gay rights my conscience started to display all the prickly symptoms of an acute attack of guilt as I read Bob Sullivan's article on restoring a Collins kw1 in the July 2006 issue of electric radio when I saw how few of these transmitters have been produced I felt compelled to confess my guilty Secret
00:30:13guilty Secret
00:30:16was what I done so very much worse than converting a b c 458 into a DSP transmitter or stripping down a TCS for parts on reflection I thought perhaps it was they were worse things I could have done of course but there was no excuse for what I actually did I was just like you know The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe
00:30:41confessions are supposed to be good for the soul or so we're told and as a born-again enthusiasm for the old shoe gear I have come I have to come clean but now you're probably pretty pretty puzzle by my ramblings so I'd better begin at the beginning
00:31:00and with that I close the book sounds pretty bad and I don't know man we stand by say to the future episode you will find out what they've G3 you you are did
00:31:26so very important apparently yeah boat anchor rig they listen we got a little bit of the show from time to time about the things that we hear people saying on the radio things that people say to us when we talked about her home Gear Pro gear Pete you're you're worse than I do sometimes I don't you guys remember like this I like that the movie The Godfather Godfather 1 when Sonny finds out that his no-good brother-in-law has in a beat his beating up his sister again now he bends his index finger and he takes it should make any fights it was very very good Italian hand and arm signals you know because what he's doing is he trying to inflict pain to cope with the greater pain that is bouncing around inside his head so you got you got any guy
00:32:20I think that's what he's doing but he does this from time to time when the subject comes up but I want to share with you guys a tale of Woe a tale of disrespect that came to me from across the Atlantic Ocean
00:32:35there I was on 17m my moxon antenna Homebrew rack of the day I got the thing ain't up into the Northeast and sure enough there's a guy on 140 from the Netherlands he's booming in right and I called and he says wow your booming in here beautiful signal a really great powerful you know it's 9 plus whatever Boomin and shaking that's great I think great what are you running over there Bill he says Dutch accent
00:33:11so I tell him home brew FedEx rig going up to CCI audio amplifier going up to a moxon antenna
00:33:22and your basic stuff here and there I turn it back over to him then there's a pause
00:33:29you could tell if you somehow disturbed by what I just told him
00:33:34and then he said well
00:33:36it's amazing that you're coming in here so well it must be the propagation
00:33:42another words the Homebrewing is not the explanation the rig is not the explanation it's got to be something else so it must be the propagation
00:34:02enough said
00:34:04it's part of the I would feel that thing too if I had more time kind of thing but we don't want it we want to grab two much anyway there's something else I heard on the air on the on the hand bands in this is this I found was almost equally say but in the same sort of vein guys around they were talking about their fondness for the 60 M60 the 5 megahertz band this kind of weird sort of channelized band that we have and I was playing with it either so go I still have Ambitions to get back on there because I like it and if its usefulness underutilized even though there's only these five channels there's a check we're supposed to get more frequencies I haven't caught up with that cuz he wants to charge us for it you know LOL
00:35:03she just this is a true but it isn't one guy was saying to the other that how much you like 60 meters but how very often even when he knows the band is open you'll get up there and all 5 channels are empty and nobody responds to seek you and the other guy says why is that and he said I think and I think this guy is right because I think many hams these days are put off by the 100 watt limit so there's a 100 watt limit on 60 Sunol in so many hams have kind of come to believe that life is impossible below the one kilowatt level it when they're told that they can only operate on 60 meters without a linear their response is
00:35:55the heck with that can't be done I guess this is good news and bad news because it leaves that frequency space open to us with more enlightened views of the the power issue but I ain't sent you to get I have I have plans for it and it's Hannah's going to go up this going to put me on 60 with a bigger signal so anyway I'm going to come do that for Pete we have to talk about benches now going to the ventures the best portion and you've got you've been much more active so you go first you talk about what you're doing okay and what I have here in my nose that you should talk about just in two general categories first your your experiences your adventures with the micro biddix which I know you been doing some great work they are but then more important you are work with the k1b cutie I see transceiver and especially the vector board building technique did lightning us dr. Juliano
00:36:55present for Handcent the micromedex and at the time we had our last podcast I had ordered a case for it and since that time I actually install the micro biddix in the case and I made a couple of modifications and changes which I put up on the lights actually on the bed x 40 hacks I had contacted the farhaan said what do you want me to do with this and he said go ahead and do it let me give you my overall impression spend the money get one spend the money and get one if you're looking for an all band rig that has a lot of features and functionality is it's hard to beat I mean the Box arrives with the Ford built you don't you don't have to do any sorry you have to do is the controls and that includes installing the encoder the volume control and there's three of Jack's microphone Jack headphone jack or speakers
00:37:55and in the CW key and then you have to solder in the power connector which is furnished and the antenna connector which is furnished so I mean they're pre-wired all you really need to do is plug them into the board and then make the connection not on the board side so you don't have to worry about screwing everything up you just make the connections on the other end so if you're contemplating putting them in the casing guys are building 3D printer cases really good ideas to get a case that is at least two and a half inch time because the way that the micro biddix is constructed is the Reggie we know assembly plugs into the board and then display plugs into that Reggie we know assembly and and if you have something that's not two and a half inches high you're going to have a problem cuz it's going to stick out of the top of the case so you so you have to have to be sure that you have enough vertical height I mean you can be
00:38:55the board is like 5 and 1/2 6 in on the side so I used to chassis I bought a chassis a bunch a see that was 8 by 12 and 2 and 1/2 inches high and it worked out very very well now I made a made 3 hacks 3 that XX and the first fact that I made which is documented on the better Alexa hacks page is I put a functionality in there so you can Kia linear I mean who operates qrp I mean radio amateurs Pizza the elite of the elite who does that so one hack documents and hers photographs in her how you can do it and having the bigger chassis Naples it's actually uses a reed relay and a soldier your isolated and Anna has some isolating diets in there so you don't interfere with anything on the board
00:39:55thanks nice about this as it's fully reversible if you don't want to do that you know you can change it so that was hacked number one heck number 2
00:40:04is the cool blue display I mean that you get the come standard with a kid I mean it works fine but I said I can't put up with that crap so I have a blue LCD with the with a white white lettering know he's he's at the Mansion artist not only to see musician you know you know he does most of our so I wouldn't be surprised if he was in on that dr. hook thing but but he's also got an aesthetic sense that is just unsurpassing Henry of this is the man who brought us a new an entirely new call Julie elbow and now and that guiliano blue the blue display makes a world of difference and so that that is something I can put her now accidentally I found this hack and I I want to share a little bit of the micro vettix reflector I don't look at it anymore but the crossing grousing alert
00:41:04what you get with a kit you get the power connector and you get the meeting plug to it that comes dinner with the kit but with a bit x 40 kit that I bought you actually got the meeting power connector in the plug that goes in her but she also got an inline fuse assembly so I built the table with the inline fuse assembly and I was anxious to get the micro bed Exxon near sociology is it going to build another cable I don't know I just grab the cable off the bed x 40 and plugged in there and I had an inline fuse and I found thank God I did that because there is no overcurrent protection on the IRS 5/10 there there's no fullback current sensing and reduce the power so that you don't smoke the irf510 there's nothing wrong with that it's just you got to recognize that and so what happened was I was trying to put it back put on ATM and I have a 40 m
00:42:04droopy diaper but I should tell you that the dipole is 98 ft long and the reason is 98 feet long and 3 1/2 wavelengths than 20 and I just have an antenna tuner in the Illini make it look like for tbh and I can also make it look like 75 or so in the I had forgotten where the settings were and so high I put it in CW and I'm kind of cranking and crane working and trying to get the SWR down and all the sudden the radio goes dead for the fuse
00:42:35better than blowing through the finals because if our hand foot reverse reverse voltage protection that right across the power connector is a diode and his sake statement is this protection reverse voltage and he said the worst cases you burn the diet well that's not very good so that's so the external fuse serves two purposes one if you get the reverse voltage you're going to blow the fuse I do an overcurrent if you're drunk too much current because the SWR conditions I mean by R5 tens will keep cranking away until you smoke so some point so I'm a big big on the dial to the to the and then with with a fuse before it but I mostly just thinking about reverse polarity but you're right if you get the fuse at the right the proper amperage you protecting the finals to it was like a
00:43:34it was a 2 Amp Fuse since I put another 2 Amp in there and I put that hack in there and I should look do this not so much for the reverse voltage protection has to protect the finals cuz I went back and looked at the schematic and verified the what I was saying is true but some people out there
00:43:54didn't like it and they didn't like it in the discourteous way absolutely bulletproof and you don't have to worry about SWR I got a whole bunch of good ones here at the imprint of an irf510 burned into my phone because I was thinking hey I wonder if it's hot the mack speakers 1.3 amp fuse in there
00:44:34so I look at their call signs he's your amateur extras
00:44:41Leisure amateur extras that Center in the Box talk and got a license and I got to tell you if you're not going to if you're not going to eat and then you speak with such Authority you know like I don't spend their bulletproof you don't need to do that so I said you know I'm done you're not part of this is part of it is unfortunately and I was talking to my nephew Jeffrey about it this is an intrusion of kind of the internet flame War culture into reflectors that are about ham radio and you get a real culture class cuz I was young Jeffrey I said you know I showed him the amateurs code right there and they in the handbook and they said there's nothing here there's a spirit of cooperation you help the other guy out you send people Parts without even prime and I'm Jeffrey looked up at me and he's Jimmy to I-17 and Peppa goes wow that's like the opposite of the internet and I said exactly because I had the thing is is that I'm just trying to share something to protect your finals and I'm getting a bunch of crap about it I said I'm done
00:45:41I'm done with that but anyway the turning on the linear the size of the case the blue display and by the way that's just what I did with the with mine is I bought these jumper wires that have a male plug on one end and a female on the other end so you can mount the LCD display because he's not using I to see you have to be less concerned about addresses I mean sometimes when you put use a night to see backpack if you don't know the correct i2c to dress you you may not he's wearing direct I guess I have a question of my mind about why you chew up all those pins why why you would use six or eight wires when you could do it with water but that's okay what's the noise situation less noisy do you think with without the i2c
00:46:41things that I don't particularly like about the micro vettix and I'm sure guys are going to get into the software first I let me talk a little bit about the tuning it has a variable rate tuning so it senses how fast you're spending the night and if you spend that knob pretty fast it's going to jump it jumps significant frequencies like it's retuning if you move if you're moving out faster jump megahertz and so would I suffer from ffs fat finger syndrome so so you got to be real I mean you got to grab this real careful and the step the average Step tuning rate is 50
00:47:26Hertz which is a weird rate and I got to tell you if you're if you're on 40m and you have a Ser police when a guy tells you your 20 hurts off your you're never going to be able to satisfy that guy is like a capital crime
00:47:47more thing, you can move is 10 Hertz so you would have to go in there and deal with his software and unlike most of the stuff that I built the step button is you can pick your tune rights you can use my my default is usually a hundred hurts and then I can tune down the tent so you know I am I might my default rate on my digit s is 1 kg in the night I calibrate it so it said exactly 1 kilohertz and then nobody else me about being on the wrong frequency for guys there dealing with the suffering Wate Jack he's he's very knowledgeable in this and these written quite a few books and so he's he's trying to guide the effort and her some software changes and Aaron and when you push the encoder button you'll love this bill's the menus and use her for
00:48:46so you get the baby's you you have an A and b b f oh you do have now there's one thing I haven't totally figured out I'm missing some stuff and reflectors - off frequency it's off frequency that what were your coughing people it's 200 hurts off now I know how to fix that problem with Riggs that I built you can do the calibration offset correction all set for the si5351 and you know and it said you know if you blow things just go back and down the base copy so I think they're they're upgrading the the software I've seen some some stuff in there a couple of interesting things there's a new audio chip is the
00:49:352848 in as a matter of fact if you look at the latest issue of Sprat where you've got a ring on the cover Tony Fish pole covers this new audio chip
00:49:47and people are finding that some people have blown that chip in in the the micro biddix they're getting squealing sounds and let me tell you the clever way in which they generate CW they actually create a feedback oscillator audio oscillator that takes one of the stages the pre-stage to this audio chip and a generator they generate an audio tone is like a phase shift oscillator so that's what generates the CW tone and if you hit the CW key that's what you're actually transmitting audio instead of trying to do it on an RF that pump in an audio signal through the balanced modulator and it might be that when some guys do something in that feedback loop they're actually pumping something into the chip I've seen a couple of comments of people say cheese you know I tried to do this and next thing I know I got bad audio on receiving bad audio and transmit
00:50:47I think that's something that's probably going to be looked at but if you look at the schematic This Is How They generate CW is that using an audio tone if they're pumping into the balanced modulator in this stuff feedback off highmark's I mean hats off to them they have auto-sensing as you change the frequency it puts the right Banks of filters filters and says okay switch that bank of a relation and I've made some contacts on 40 m and 20 M I've run 600 W 50 hertz that's a personal thing I wished I would have been a menu selection I mean if he's got menus one of the things out of be okay pick pick the stuff tuning right that you like it's just
00:51:47the variable tuning
00:51:49is incompatible with my ffs I mean my fat fingers don't try as I might I want to intrude on the something next thing in the 200 hurts away and it and I didn't want to be 200 hurts away and I want I just want to make a small anchor that that's a personal problem but something I've sold in what I do but anyway highmark's okay shifting to the k1b qth81 bqt Rick Littlefield came up with this project in 1985 in ham radio which at the time was the which I consider one of the Premier Homebrew magazine you open up ham radio they had projects you could build real project and on the front cover of the November 1985 is a 75 meter transceiver uses mostly integrated circuits to two specific ones or the MC 1496 what you can still buy which is a double bounce mixer came up from Motorola but others make it and another
00:52:49Motorola chip is a 1350 which is an eye of Chip I built that I actually had it working on the area I had a cool LCD display on it I had a vehicle stabilizer for me I 9 GQ a friend of mine kind of lost his job and had to sell all his ham station was off the air so I said here so you know get you on the area can do some listening when have you and so I decided how to build another one of those so the current blog post deals with don't like doing this trance transceiver but putting some updated and the cheap method of construction is a little different and I normally use is single-sided copper Victor bored so I fascinating I was worried about that this morning put a couple posts in you can get this board from matter fact somebody found that 8/8 by 17 1/2 sheet 17 half inch sheet that's a lot of area
00:53:49on eBay for about 30 bucks
00:53:53you can get the normal 4 and 1/2 by 17 and I put the reference the link on there you get that from digi-key it's about the 28 bucks but if you use it carefully you can build three rigs out of it so you know you just had you just don't want to be Milling bowling alley the beauty of the side of copper Victor board the top is a ground plane if you have to make a ground connection just go to the hole and solder in a boom and everything is tempting spacing so you can you know put plug sockets in there I know you don't like you suck at you can put sockets in there you can put the eye sees and Erin just you know solder way I also show how you know how I like the sockets for Icees because I have a bad tendency to solder them in upside down and it's much too that's why you say wow I wish I had a socket the other thing is I showed on the on the blog how you could use this for surface not because everything is 1/10 inch and all you got to do is connect the dots the
00:54:53do you want take an exacto knife in the still ruined just cut the copper away and I show some examples where you can mount to and 3904 Zoar bf99 ones so it works very very well for that and I have show rigs that have that mess up my 17 rig that's on the on the blog was built that way so works really really low hey Pete I got to ask you so much I was reading about this at this point in your flywheel you talking about that the vector boy which I think is really cool by the way I'm someone just kidding you here but at one point you you talk about the the problem of having you know oil from your hands getting getting on the copper and dr. Juliano at this point recommends the possibility of using rubber surgical gloves while we're going there guys using microscopes right it's so pretty soon you're going to see the image of the ham Shack and it's going to look like an operating room
00:55:53going to be sitting there wearing masks and in a microphone a microscope glasses surgical gloves at you. You can look it over to be a nurse in the room soldering iron plays yes yes yes you don't die Cutters she has a screwdriver so I might try try this cuz I looked I watched on one of those car guy shows they were using these kind of orange gloves but then I thought about it I said man those think that that rubber is going to melt if I hit it with the soldering iron and that's going to yes I'm going to be good but I thought that was interesting but now but the whole back to boy thing really really very cool and that you got some great pictures on it and how you you wire it from below and how you avoid how you minimize the number of overlaps yeah I know it really cool alright just uploaded a video yesterday of the s p e 34 the side
00:56:53an engineer's 34 s b e 34 I I bought one about a year ago peanuts I mean the most cost was in the shipping and actually got that thing working but we have but there's also an spe 33 right appreciate it that yes we got a little bit about that in the mail for to type it's almost the same architecture but it's also on the proms ESP 33 was a Widowmaker
00:57:28it took the line voltage in voltage quadruple of the ticket 450 bolts on the plates and you had a line cord and has a neon glow tube in the back of the knee to and if you got the cord in wrong with the to the go to the court and if you forget about the glow tube lights out and it's actually they resolve some issues with the 33 on my fracton my video that's on YouTube I cover what some of the differences are between but it's the same basic circuit only they they put a real power supply in there in the 34 have a matter fact this is kind of interesting for for people who are contemplating running higher power portable don't overlook the use of an inverter I mean you can buy 151 DC to AC inverter for a $20 bill
00:58:28what will I am running I have a 1.3 KW 12 volt to 115 volt AC 12-volt DC 115-volt AC 1.3 kilowatts can I use it on the odd occasion that we have a black out here I just go out to my Honda Accord fire up the engine put this thing across the other the battery and I have 1.3 KW at 115 Volts for the house so you can make coffee since it was an AC only rig you had to buy this little inverter and they call that the file sconset magic coil and it was a little box you just plugged it in there and hook it up to the battery and you can run the sp33 object out of your car just be 33 we can talk about an hour before mail back with Pete WV 9 FLW sent this an ad that ran for the for the spe
00:59:2833 in the headline of the end was bilateral the same kind of bilateral circuitry that we have that's the b in the bed X and put this this was sort of heralding it is a new development then in radio but I did and I will put the ad up on the kind of the blog post for this podcast cuz it's really pretty cool it talks about the vfo in the rig and it said it quote it is becomes quote with inherent stability yeah that's not a choice that's the best kind
01:00:11one of my other areas of my ability means that you have to adjust that's that's that would be not inherit stability operator provided frequency correction a YouTube video from a fella named Brian Harris Brian Harris and his w a v e u k
01:00:38Electric radio contributor for many years the guru he documented this in electric radio he's a big guy in The Cosmic phone cause my phone yes you go and that's the first bilateral radio 1952 developed by guy from California Butch Mason and then he had this idea and he shopping it around Collin says then not interested gonset wasn't interested in our enemy and he finally found this company in Long Island New York Cosmos they dropped it and they didn't build that many of them they both remodels the 35 the 50 and here's an interesting I think Brian's got all of them talked about an interesting study in in in marketing when they first came out they cause it's called at the cosmo phone 35 and the reason was 35 is they had a single 6146 in there
01:01:38and about the best they could do 80 through 10 + 35 W p e p on phone 35 westwise call the cause of 135 not very exciting you know most guys we need more power than that I had them silk screen new front back panels calling at the cosmo phone 50 or the and the reason was a 50 it'll do 50 watts and CW kind of kind of Truth a true but it's true in marketing for other companies that's the spirit in there for a killer
01:02:38I told you I told you I thought you were going to say that it did it that it would run 50 watch for a couple of minutes
01:02:46because the sick single 6146 can actually do
01:02:52more more than you can run almost 90 Watts there in a handbook there was a 90 watt linear in there maybe maybe the Restriction was in the Drive-Thru and how are they they they just didn't have enough to drive without the guy at the president of the company got a deal from National that had this tank Network that was the only good thing for 50 watt so that you know it's like God said we got these parts what can we design around it and and they if they had put a real Pine at work in there they could have done more and I think that was a limitation was at this thing was like a note like a central Electronics you know no tune just put it on the frequency so anyway look at that YouTube it's about 35 minutes long absolutely fascinating because I've been you know flying down the Caribbean and all kind of stuff but we continue with the ceramic discrete direct conversion receiver project we put up posts on how to do the Livi
01:03:52pho in a number of guys have written in that they've done it or versions of it
01:03:58if anybody really needs it was already built one and who really needs I think Dean hustle said this that and he felt it but he didn't have the the ceramic resonator if you if you've already built one and you just need the resonator shoot me an email and I'll send you one cuz I got a bunch of them here and I'd like to see there's two more of these things operating with the the resonator that it was designed with number has also built the VA of amplifier that was the stage we describe the next thing we're going to talk about is the mixer stage design by Oliver
01:04:31I think it's K5 lvg he's got an article in the current scrap 2 by the way along with her but you seem to the current Spratt it's a really interesting mixer design and I'm going to go through and talk about it in a blog post probably later this week as part of the series we're going to do like we've got we've done two or three will do two or three more and that'll then it'll sit there on on the on the Block and anybody wants to build in the future we'll have some some references but John Henry who is going to be testing the Prototype out there at his home is here visiting his family and I had him in the shack yesterday and we were playing with the the other version that other of that receiver that I had here we had a lot of fun with it in 40 meters was open and we heard at the station coming in from France so don't be such a good moment
01:05:31there's such clever guys up there you are mentioning about Dean or drive for the capacitor and and you know what he did he found a defunct hand-crank radio with the gearbox oh my gosh the gearbox out of that and he puts it on there and he said yeah it works so open your mind I mean look to other things is the radio was the fuck no just sitting there so it says hey that's got gears in it white what am I using so I said yeah that's really cool that is really cool that is the amazing yeah these things are floating around is all this kind of stuff all three straight years for more about that as we speak Pete the windup radios all across the United States are suddenly disappear Amtrak never to be seen again you know alright that's what I'm working on and will keep you posted on that I like the mixer stage this thing I think it's the most
01:06:30resting stage you know it's Mike with the heart of these things is the mixture magic and so when you come out of work until 12 just to make sure we're going to go it's time for a smoke smell back alright we got some interesting interesting mail this this month first up very nice what Kate Paul k v w p l Rocha Pete looking for a head of a simple project that he could go with his son and Pete immediately pointed him towards the sawdust regen receiver thank you Steve Silverman who sent me the sawdust that I got that I sent off the John Henry gets a big success with that so we hope that the holidays son has have a similar amount of fun with that what they're sawdust receiver how Chris Waldrop old man PBJ said to send a nice gift thanks very much for that we will put it to good use a man like I knew he would put a real gentleman Chris
01:07:30is and we will put those funds to good use thank you very much and Pete and if you want to talk about this on the podcast but I think you should it will say this for Less I'll come back to school through the same hpy oh man he's the guy who sent this picture of the very attractive model standing in front of boat at boat anchor radios fit it all this was an invitation to trouble especially in today's climate you and I have to be careful about we say at this point as does grace and Evans in with his own comments i r i felt obliged to share this thing we praise him because he's such a a boat anchors Guru but there's the model standing there that we have the space like there pouting about something
01:08:19okay and then she staying there right in front of the this kind of shelf with three or four one of those hallicrafters receiver will they look like an old CB rag or something like that and she's pouting and this caused a lot of us to have to comment on what the marketing people had in mind that they think that she was repairing the helicopters or angry because of the design problem or something like that but some Grayson discussed cause Grayson to remark about how the whole thing reminded him of some old 73 magazine company covers from the 1970s which we will not discuss any further suffice it to say it was a different time just like Dr Hook & The Medicine Show and still sold them in the different a different time Bruce k k c r o s Road in that he's experimenting with all your frequency apps for the DC receiver johnnk85 etx Road saying that he is attempting membership in the color burst Liberation Army we look forward to your enlistment the John
01:09:19what's the one I thought was most of sheep eat with that you were in contact with Sven Johnson yes absolutely is the son of herb Johnson and Herb Johnson w6q Ki is a silent key and he is the founder of swan electronics and also Atlas radio and the reason is friend contacted me is I had posted something on some either my blog of the website about the swan 120 and he said just for Nostalgia he he frequently goes to the internet and does some searches on the swan products and he came across my my posting on this one 120 and he said he just felt compelled to send me a note because he said that was my dad and he told me that his older brothers actually were in
01:10:19in the business and he said he worked there a couple of Summers but he's not a ham and he said he just wanted to contact me and said you know thanks for posting that because that gave me a link with my dad and I've had a couple of subsequent emails with sweating and he lives here in San Diego area so is it was kind of unexpected but really kind of nice day to hear from you and I I had a very lengthy conversate and I shared with him a conversation with his dad about how he did things and he said you know it really I can tell you about what my dad went through when he kept seeing all these Japanese radios that they were selling radios for less than the cost of the parts he said it just killed him he said you can't be buying those parts and put them in radios they were dumping them
01:11:10just to get more could sure they were dumping them and he said it really you said no matter what he would do if he said it just it just broke his heart because he said I know what the parts cuz you can't be selling that radio for that that amount of money cuz the parts cost more than that on 240 game and then how those designs came in I remember as I read the emails I was thinking why there's a lot of lot of ham radio history even though it's not a ham Yaks Van's got a lot of memories and somebody somebody writes for electric radio should really I mean try to to see if they can sit around and and and kind of pick his brains about the swan technology but I'm really glad you got it you got a chance to talk to him and thanks for for sharing that with us he Juliano
01:11:55I think that's it we're at 1 hour and 12 minutes 56 seconds anything else to add here as we head into 2018 film the radio with the sun was kind of an interesting story and I want to share a little bit of a summer story to mine first time he said his son broke his hip and I think he was recuperating so you know nothing to do is so he said you know this is an attempt to keep his so I mean he's good at the kids going to have a little time with that saw does regen you know the shared with him that when I got my Nike its face better I was playing baseball and I caught a ball wrong and broke my thumb and so here's my thumb minute matter fact I'ma
01:12:55show your bill if you take us to take a look at my thumb's you've noticed that my one thumb goes goes to a little bit the day my night space spinner showed up perfect timing and so I couldn't solder so I said I told my dad you were going to build it and I'm going to supervise you here I was telling what the sodder how to do it how to hold the Flyers out of crip things and when you get done easy squinting he said you're a slave-driver but it was such a great experience and you should have seen the look on his face when he plugged it in and worked I mean he was excited about what he was able to do and it was because I couldn't use my left hand that he built the straight and I told Paul I said you're going to go through the same thing with your son I said it's just me great so I think he's pretty excited about not only the radio project itself but a chance to do something with his son so that's really
01:13:55that that's a great project to do that stuff we wish them both a lot of luck Peach Juliano that marks the end of today's episode Missy I think we might want to end with a continuation of the music don't you think
01:14:17on the cover of the Rolling Stones Bratz magazine whatever it is hey Pete thanks very much thanks to all of our listeners thanks a Doctor Hook and silver Shel Silverstein 7/3 from Northern Virginia take care guys
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