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00:00:05hey there and welcome to the social media marketing Happy Hour podcast my name is Tracy writer and I'm joined as always by the lovely and talented be Wicked awesome Don where's Ortiz son what's up happy Monday dude that was exciting way you just said that you're Wicked awesome too and I'm happy to be here with you you're smiling and first day of summer it's like the official first day of summer June 20th how about that delightful that means that tomorrow is the longest day of the year is summer solstice sweet I know it's so nice so nice in my hometown and stays light out till like nine nine nine thirty or something crazy down here not so much know you have time in Canada and Canada crazy funny like I have to get blackout blinds for my bedroom because it's like 5 a.m. and it's like somebody put a spotlight in my eye
00:01:05lesson learned by could but the nights get really short I still like have like super early morning sunshine. Also late night sunshine that's cool yeah I I don't like that growing up and then I am a northerner but not that far north you got a trundle trundle a little further on a subject that I think is super super important and I know John is like uber good at this I've started dipping my toe in for a couple clients out of Mississippi and thank goodness I've I've got the gym easily smart and talented partner who has taught me a lot but we can talk a little bit about email marketing today and I really need some pitfalls and and I really prefer are you driving down cuz I know you just out of topic part of the reason why I've did my toe in is because I run traffic right for so many people to generate leads in sales for their business but if we generate traffic to generate leads in sales
00:02:05and there's no good plan on the backend like what's the point of sending like investing money in traffic when you got no plan on the back side so I know it's so true Tracy and you know we are I was I was going to say we're guilty or does or not I like it I don't feel guilty about it the money is in the last people always tell you the money is in the less yes your list has money that they can exchange with you and in order to like exchange for Value right but if you don't have a plan to get that value in front of them and show them what you can help them with then there's no money in that list for you yes good point it's true it's true I feel like one of these things and I think so many people I remember when I first got started online it was like okay I'm going to go play my last minute can you email them and it was like a long time ago haven't answered and then there's like crazy crazy stats about like I don't know I don't know any of them off top my head
00:03:05Siri can do any research for this
00:03:08for me to know this particular sad but I know it's like if you wait a week like let's say I recently or not I had it on my Kindle and it was it was fairly interesting it was like one of those here where they do that nowadays where you click this link for bonuses for the for the book and so I did that like I went to their website and I opted in and being the marker that I am I was waiting for that little ding you know that notification that you know I got it in cuz I should have received an email from this this person immediately nothing like nothing this is like right before bed is by the time I try to go to bed shortly after that so Knight comes and goes day comes and goes and I swear it had to be at least two weeks and I suddenly got an email from this name that I'm like who is this and I had to go through it and be like Oh and I almost finished it is on his reply to him in like you need some help with your marketing
00:04:08you are like people I like how many like I don't know about you but I forgot like I forgot within minutes of what I was doing so how am I going to remember somebody that I barely even know how just from the time that it takes for a person to opt-in and then you say like hey go check your email like if they stopped off on a Facebook Todd before they go over and check your email they've already forgotten so that you know has to be in there like like right away this was one of my biggest problems with everybody getting those free MailChimp accounts that didn't actually have an autoresponder service they'd be like I just emailed them when they come in no because you are awake at 4 in the morning when that guy off today in so you didn't email him right away you emailed him 6 or 7 hours later and it was already too late yeah this is I really really big problem see you got to let you know and I don't know if these were the only mistakes but I was reading something the other day and they were talking about the two biggest mistakes in email marketing and number one is the number one is failing to follow up with new subscribers which I think
00:05:07that pretty well but this is one that they said Don is they talked about that a huge mistake is sending the same exact email to every single person on your list yeah totally staying yeah yeah I mean yes it is interesting now I would say though for the first one like the person if they opted in for your guide on how to brush your cat everybody probably gets the guide on how to brush their cat like there's no way there's no segmentation there but not with the first email certainly right now I have and I think there's certain things like when you say like sounds like that should go like everybody should get that but then from that point on Lake do you know do you send every single person the same as I female every single time know the answer to that is no and the reason really is that there everybody's at a different part in their buyers Journey with you and I think like if you think about what's a good way to to explain answer to describe this so if you think about the the journey that a purse
00:06:07is on when they come to your website right and I don't know I'm thinking about like website content right now you can completely relate it to email but let's say to you right at the post that's about webinars right maybe you have a blog post that is like should you run by Menards for your business right. That would be attracted to somebody who's just in the very very beginning stages of like I know what a webinar is but I'm not sure if it's the right thing for me right the next the next step in our journey might be like 10 benefits of running webinars in your Consulting business okay so now they're like really invested and investigating how they can use those webinar so that the next step of the process they're really thinking about how they can use the webinar as opposed to should they use the webinar and the next one is like the top 10 webinar platforms that you should use if your consultant because now there another actually they know they should use the webinar platform and they now are investigating what platform should I use so that's the buyer's attorney write that they're going through this exact same thing an email
00:07:08and if you're sending the wrong emails to the tip people at the wrong time like if you just started sending emails to people who just got a new listing like yours the top 10 women are platforms they be like dude I don't even like I don't even know if I need to do a webinar yet cuz I make sense it makes it makes really really good sense and it's it's a little bit advance for some people I think you know basic is if you're going to be building an email last number one have a plan to follow up like don't let your you don't let your email list die on the vine I mean I think that's that's really important gets it said it's an actual living breathing these are real people just because their names and email addresses or maybe they're not real people so that you know there's your basic if you're going to
00:07:53step your game up in your email marketing that's your thing number 2 is if you want to get a little more advanced it's doing what I'm saying is really being mindful of that journey of where you're taking these people at the different stages they're out in the barn decisions and there's all different kinds of ways you can cite might your list you can segment them based on you know blog post that they visit on your site you can based on links they click in emails and even some of the the cheaper auto responders on on the market right now are starting to go into like beta mode with real full on automation I know that response is launching a new automation platform that at like totally uses tagging and if it's like it's getting pretty cool if you want to check it out if you're like just didn't kind of the early stages of like I know I need automation but I'm not sure that I need ontraport I personally think you need ontraport no matter what state you're at it's pretty cheap now but if you're like I'm on a shoestring budget you could check out response to go to happy hour hangouts.com
00:08:53get get response. Response and I know I'm pretty sure you're going to get a free trial for that link that's awesome pretty sure it is an active Campaign which I know if I'm using that with one of my clients right now that's not ready for entrepreneur even the day like you said it's a great platform but I think being able to do that being able to do you know how segmentation there's a lot that you can do mean it it's staggering when you really think about like so many people we know nothing about marketing they're thinking about your social media Facebook about their sales funnel they're thinking about you know how many times can they treat their think about these things but I mean truly email marketing is is really where your greatest potential for making money is absolutely and I think it's just worth saying even if you're not if you're like I have no idea about segmentation I have no idea how I would segment my list and talk to my different buyers at different times like if that's a little bit outside
00:09:53time of what's your head around again just know that if you have a 45-day follow-up series okay that should be your minimum you should be sending at least an e-mail a week for 6 weeks like you have to put that in place otherwise you are wasting your time with this building and you're not monetizing the list the way that you should be so if you haven't got that already sit down with a pen and paper draw yourself six little boxes and write an email subject line in each one of those boxes K link the boxes together with a little wine so you know this is day one is for the first box is day 1 write an email subject line hey first name what's up like it doesn't have to be anything while I'm going Brian give him some value and then follow up with relevant stuff like it has to be some contacts to it but like you don't have to be complicated yet someday you'll want to be when you see how possible it can be but right now just make sure you got a follow-up series like for at least 6 weeks yeah that's just to have a reason I mean
00:10:53people are always after getting more traffic to their website great way to get traffic to your website as if you chop with some kind of good contact you for the last 2 weeks last two episodes we talked at Great length about content strategy one thing if you don't know what to email your last one thing to do is email them the content that you just put out like there's a the odds are that you're producing content that your list would be interested in and you can assume that they're actually going to go and read it like they're going to go look for your new content you know it's it's kind of like an announcement like hey there's a new blog post hate there's any podcast hey there's any of this and email him to listen let him know that that's out there cuz that that's one way to keep your audience engaged one way to get traffic to your website which I'm going to get ready here for a minute you get traffic to your website and you've texted your website and now you can run retargeting ads to the people that are actually going to your website I needed that too late for you to get in front of your your list that you know maybe you couldn't through email it's also man there's all sorts of reasons to have this as you know a consistent email plan in place
00:11:53what she says is true, true I had a long meeting with one of my clients yesterday and they been a traditionally offline business and we're putting into place this this email series for them it's actually designed it's interesting cuz they don't do it they don't sell anything online so there an offline business that's trying to take offline advertising to online then to turn around and get them back into offline right now it's a little bit different than what I'm accustomed to but with it's really fun and we're having a lot of you know we're having a lot of fun getting creative and doing stuff but you know going through this whole thing it's like you know there's but they said to me was if if this particular if this one seek with alone can give them one extra Salem month it would be like a little gate it would it would be a tank I think we figured an increase of $360,000 in Revenue yeah it can be a really major major traffic coming in which hopefully if you don't
00:12:53now that you're working out how to get it because if you don't have to get on a business and you can't build a list but like let's say that you got your list is building at 10 people per day are you in five people per day imagine the revenue that you're losing if you don't have a follow up stairs in place or if you only have one man I don't know how many clients I've had that come in there like well I'm kind of doing email marketing and I said okay cool show me your follow-up series and let's go from there and they've got one email follow one do you know how much lost Revenue that that equates to like if you're going to pay for an autoresponder and you're going to like you know like if I subscribe to the notion that the money is in the lesson you're going to do this building to begin with you have to know that without that in place you can't make any money with email marketing I do but I had read that for every dollar spent an email marketing the average return on investment of the 44 box like you know so it again
00:13:53Shottas because we really feel like there's a lot of people that are leaving money on the table by not taking advantage of this you know by not having the same place with their business and pay attention to this little bit more than normal but I was reading that he was last Christmas like the Retailer's like those retail store the retail industry increase their emailing buy something like 33% so I can get it they get that there's money to be made and not lasting just this morning you'll love this done cuz I know you do that's the best you really good about having emails that get triggered if somebody goes to buy something and they don't buy it so this morning I went to go buy something for my brother's birthday and I got distracted and I didn't get a chance to do it in like literally within 5 minutes I had to what we would call a car abandoned now it was an email from the from the retailer saying hey you know your car you got stuff in your car did you forget and sometimes you know I got them and they give you a percentage discount feel like Vitacost and I find a cost Vitacost
00:14:5310% to finish off my my order needed to go back and finish my cart she like yeah I think you know what you're saying because what the research is showing right now is that 90% of people who hit a checkout page 90% of them will not make a purchase and not because they don't want the product just because they got distracted just like you did right and that a cart abandonment sequence of email so that gets triggered this is that you know this is list segmentation at its finest a person who has visited your checkout page if they get an email if they can get a series of three emails over the next week from you encouraging them to come back and complete their sale come back to the shopping cart you can return up to 30% of those lost sales like that is massive you know for like these big companies they know that they can't afford not to have that and and really I would say like even if you're a little company you can't afford not to have that traffic is deer in
00:15:53business writing a business in your business traffic is really really important and and for you to make sure that you are honest and hold on to that traffic and monetize it the best way that you can it's going to make it can make the difference between success and failure of I would it something like I'm going to come in a little bit off topic but I'll bring it back I promise so something like 33% of like all of the search traffic goes to the number one spot and SEO right 33% so if there's a hundred thousand let's just do the math coming to get my calculator cuz I'm not going to that 200000 * .33 that's 33000 hits if you're number one in STO on average 2% of the visitors convert the first time so * .02. 660 people only 2% so how do you how do you capture
00:16:53get the rest of that precious traffic of Peter 390x of the people you lost right will you do it through using pixeling and retargeting do it through getting you collecting emails building a list that you can read Market to them and so this becomes like this because they really important Michigan's a really really important approach to marketing is not one-dimensional of multidimensional and everything we do in marketing affects other aspects of the marketing so you know what you were saying about card abandoned like that's it that's huge to me that's trying to capture that 98% of the traffic to go to your website it doesn't take action yeah absolutely they're just so many statistics do to support this Tracy number one you have to make sure that people get an email from you immediately from the time of the opten you know going back to what we said in the beginning of I just pull up some statistics and it says here this is insidesales.com
00:17:53testicular that says if you follow up with web leads with him within 5 minutes or 9 times more likely to convert them wow times more likely so yeah so if you're using the free MailChimp and you think that you're going to respond in the morning and that's going to be okay it's not going to be okay upgrade your account to have an autoresponder please and yeah it's going to make a big difference in your business so yeah it really is and I ain't got some interesting thing we've we've been running a survey for a few weeks you know for my listeners from our list from are in our social media platforms and what's really interesting one of the questions we do ask about is is about to email and it's it's amazing how many people are using either MailChimp for free or are not using email autoresponder at all so I think maybe done this might be something we need to talk a little bit more in the future to encourage people about the value of email marketing we probably should I'm not you know I'm looking at other statistics here that are totally related to this nurtured leaves produced produced on average a 20% increase in
00:18:53opportunities versus non nurtured lead so we're talking about people who like got into your autoresponder somehow you didn't continue to follow up with them I'm not pointing fingers I've been so guilty of this so many times me to yeah so we love you but if if this is happening right now if you've got one email follow-up please put that sick put six but 6:00 at Baseline he don't have to write them all today right your headlines today and then write one each day for the next 6 days it'll take you like give yourself an hour to write a great email there you go there you go and trust me it'll be so we'd encourage you you know we would love to get your feedback if you haven't already got taken our survey would love to get your feedback we actually value your feedback so much that's how we can make sure that we're producing the kind of content really best part of this whole conversation came from seeing the responses on the survey if you haven't taken our survey yet it's literally it'll take you 3 minutes super quick and easy
00:19:53to go to happy hour hangouts.com survey 516 so there's no spaces happy hour hangouts.com forward slash survey 516 take 3 minutes give us some feedback help us to be able to deliver amazing content to help you bring your your business in your marketing to the next level hey Tracy I was just thinking about something else to like I hate to have two calls to action but I was just looking at my calendar I don't know what your calendars like I have got two spots this week if there's anyone out there listening to this if you're listening this year like dude I need help with my email marketing so badly I need help with strategy I've got two spots available for somebody who we know who needs someone to talk to about this and you can go and apply for that at happy hour hangouts.com for coaching and I don't know what your schedule is like chasing on year's Super Duper busy but I got two spots yeah I might be able to squeeze in one this week otherwise it would be for next week to do it do it anyway like if you need help on any of the stuff like that's that's what we do
00:20:53repeat at least point you in the right direction so good good call Don yeah awesome so I'm a half of the really awesome Don Moore certain unit my name is Tracy rotor. The Best Is Yet To Come and we'll see you next time

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