On this episode of Soaring In Sobriety Recovery Podcast, Host Mark Rickert interviews Travis Chappel, owner of a successful water products company as well as an explosively popular podcast called, "Build Your Network." Travis has interviewed influential figures like, Grant Cardone, John Lee Dumas just to name a few! A great show. 

  • Who Is Travis Chappell?
    • Uber successful door to door sales
    • Creator and host of Build Your Network podcast
    • Married
    • CEO
    • Social media influencer 
  • What drives your success
    • To hit a different point in life
    • Aspire to do more
  • Mentors?
    • John Lee Dumas
    • Dad - Taught mindset and good spending habits
  • Who would you like to interview who is no longer with us?
    • Winston Churchill 
  • What has been toughest challenges in your life?
    • Passing of Father-In-Law from alcohol related issues
    • Starting his business
  • Why is networking important to those in recovery?
    • It matters how we dress, groom ourselves, and how we speak



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00:00:00soaring antibody podcast episode thirty four well to the so in some variety podcast for tuning in the podcast that gives you interviews with sober superstars business rockstars motivational experts all with the goal of helping you take your sobriety end of life to the next level ends now here's
00:00:23your health what's up there heaps better that the Morris day and the time are you guys doing get your dancing shoes out that'll be Hey welcome to another episode of the soaring sobriety recovery podcast episode thirty four I'm your host mark Ricker and I wanted to thank you
00:01:25for taking time out of your day spend time with me listening to my show thanks guys means a lot Hey you know of recently I went to see more stay in the time I was sharing at a meeting the day after I was high and I don't mean
00:01:45that kind of high up high on life it was fan tastic to not take anything not drink anything just enjoy the music and the fans and all of us have in the last so much fun it shows you we can get sober and do the things we thought
00:02:09never possible and having fun without mood altering substances we haven't seen more stay in time highly recommended lots of energy because you can hear today we've got a cool show for you I have the pleasure of %HESITATION introducing and one cool guys his name is a Travis chapel
00:02:33you don't know about Travis he's been interviewing all kinds of %HESITATION ballers out there these days grant car down %HESITATION John Lee do miss who's collecting guru of %HESITATION daily podcasting all kinds of stuff all kinds of people of the the founder of Priceline Travis Travis is twenty
00:02:57five years old the guy has wisdom beyond his years he's a he's a sales guy he was a door to door salesmen very successful entrepreneur entrepreneur right now he's a real estate investor super connector and he's got his own podcast called build your network and that %HESITATION podcast
00:03:18is dedicated to helping professionals cultivate genuine relationships so that they can grow their inner circle so we're going to a tune in listen to interview with Travis thank you really like him very cool guy so on the flip side Travis welcome to the show mark thanks so much
00:03:46for having me on men super stoked to have you on the show man because a I see you out there on Facebook land and all over the place man you are just blowing it up out there what is going on with you that %HESITATION have just just trying
00:04:05to trying to stay the relevance and %HESITATION trying to just to help as many people as I can and offers much value is as I can't really yeah I I see one of your little taglines as you know I help people network the right way by asking at
00:04:21experts how they do it so before we get to that I want I wanted to ask you whose Travis chapel that's a good question %HESITATION %HESITATION I've just always kind of been entrepreneurial %HESITATION and %HESITATION it just kinda translated when I got into my adult life into my
00:04:41actual career to it translated into direct sales more than non starting a business until more recently %HESITATION so I was just %HESITATION I'll just a door to door salesmen are in the last five six seven years or so %HESITATION just us on different products door to door I
00:04:56was typically on a percent commission just stuttered or sales rep and I would build up the teams of sales people and %HESITATION all that kind of stuff and %HESITATION went ahead and did that for a few years and then basically got to the point where I had I
00:05:12made some made some decent money doing it and then I was trying to picture of my life is going to look like in the next like decade or so and %HESITATION I just I just didn't see myself doing the same thing that I'd been doing in %HESITATION kinda
00:05:25knew that I needed a change and so on that's gonna were podcasting came along so I would say that %HESITATION I'm I'm %HESITATION connector I'm a podcaster amma %HESITATION salesmen %HESITATION most of all and my husband and a friend and a sound and stuff like that so %HESITATION
00:05:42hope that clears it up a little bit yes Sir yes Sir well you know from one sales guy to another I have the utmost respect for you know why was that how many doors have you had slammed in your face you probably can account but you're still standin
00:06:00man and you're telling me you became successful of all those doors again cemented slammed in your face cal cal was the doors slammed in my face for sure yeah definitely %HESITATION and I think I think that it would even be important to argue that it is necessary to
00:06:18have the door slammed in your face in order to see the success %HESITATION on the others on the other side so yeah that's incredible in what was a product that you're selling so I started in the solar industry a back when I was about nineteen twenty years old
00:06:34and %HESITATION stayed with that with wondered actually with one company for awhile and then switch to another company was with them for a little while and then I got recruited into the alarm industry from solar %HESITATION which is kind of backwards because the most door to door guys
00:06:50were doing alarms for a period of time in the solar industry just went through a huge boom in right and a lot of more credit over to solar but it's kind of the opposite for me I was in solar got recruited over into alarms sounded alarms door to
00:07:02door for %HESITATION %HESITATION almost two years and %HESITATION that I got into the water industry which is now the industry that I actually started my company in nice and I want to definitely find out more about what you do in the water industry I mean are you %HESITATION
00:07:19%HESITATION Sellin like water softeners or yeah more or less itself we sell a variety of different water treatment equipment %HESITATION softeners whole home system a whole whole home water treatment systems reverse osmosis systems alkaline systems %HESITATION add just like a kind of a plethora of a different a
00:07:37water filtration admin is is what we sell I gotcha so %HESITATION offer all the budding sales people out there you you've you've earned your wings manned by by going door to door selling solar alarms and now well water softener type products for sure yeah yeah so you must
00:07:58be a really good salesman man how did you is that how you a snag your %HESITATION your girlfriend fiance wife it's your wife right Hey yeah yeah she's my wife and on the I just got lucky because my eyes we went to a smaller high school %HESITATION so
00:08:14we literally had fun I think forty two people in our graduating class and %HESITATION so I started dating or in high school and then we went to college and got engaged during college and I got married like right before we graduated college so I didn't really give her
00:08:31another choice to go out and find anybody else that makes it there you go home and see you know how to close at a time is of the essence your clothes right totally what's the %HESITATION Glengarry Glen Ross Ross that the you know all Alec Baldwin does the
00:08:48office for closers yeah yeah any day yeah so you're you're gonna make sure you had your success and get get your wife lined up before you a Ford went out the door right totally yeah that's where he worked you grow up by the way what I grew up
00:09:04in a city called Lang caster which is in southern California northern LA county is is where it is so and I when I when people ask more from I was just sail lake is way easier to explain than saying like on from Lancaster which nobody really knows where
00:09:18it is or anything so %HESITATION doubts the small I say small but probably a hundred fifty thousand people or so right %HESITATION but %HESITATION it's a hot a town in the high desert of southern California so %HESITATION yeah so work as hard as **** there a totally yeah
00:09:35very very hot in the summertime so I decided to move to Vegas because that makes sense so you live in Vegas now yeah that's right I think I saw I think I saw a post the other day were you were you were %HESITATION Balin over at one of
00:09:50the hotels right yeah yeah so I %HESITATION grew up in Lancaster and then my wife and I got married in about six months later we moved up to Fresno which is also all my god I'm sort of in some people yeah yeah so to give you an idea
00:10:08of what for on a lot more people know what Fresno's like the no Lancaster's like in Fresno is a step up from Lancaster so why helps give some context to to the area that is the antelope valley Lancaster Palmdale that'll yeah but as with the Fresno for almost
00:10:24three years and then we moved back down to Lancaster for almost a year and then we moved out to Vegas %HESITATION this past January man that's okay so you know you always have haters out there and I don't care and haters out there so but let's talk about
00:10:41first second what's worse than Fresno are you ready okay all right you're coming from New Mexico flying all the way down through the freeways and you stop in you're ready starts of the BC Barstow yeah that's on the way to Lancaster from a gosh I have a friend
00:11:05of the old friend she's a she grew up there and I I reside river on how horrible Barstow is but you know for the P. I'm they have great people there that I've met a lot of good people and they have a back in the military service over
00:11:17there so thank goodness for military of folks but to just visually not the most cool place now no not exactly not exactly right also so you're in Vegas now man and are you a so did you start your water business in Las Vegas for in %HESITATION at Fresno
00:11:36yeah yeah it was in so I started door knocking in the business %HESITATION in Fresno but I did we I I didn't start my own business until I move back down to Lancaster so I started I was just a sales rep okay in a company and then was
00:11:51Megan's me some money and then basically was just fed up with %HESITATION working for the man the company again yeah and it was more it was the female third or fourth time that it happened to me so just like you know it's great I'm going to do my
00:12:02own thing right and us on about time to Lancaster I started my own company but it was always it was very informal %HESITATION it was basically just me selling and then if I had a friend or two that wanted to do it it was like okay Asher %HESITATION
00:12:15and then %HESITATION so there were moved out to to Vegas it was more like the real beginning of the company I've been doing it for like a year you know a year and a half or so %HESITATION but %HESITATION I would say that companies really only existed since
00:12:30since probably this past January cool what's the name your company man plug your company yeah it's called revive water revitalized Geoghan find more at revive water dot C. O. or if you're in the Vegas area is a lot of good info at revive water dot Vegas %HESITATION and
00:12:47%HESITATION yeah there's %HESITATION really really interesting business so it's been a huge learning curve for me because I was always in sales I've never really liked you know dealt with marketing right or %HESITATION you know pay roll and all that other stuff that comes with having a real
00:13:02business so well that's why you have your wife man because US sales guys we don't do we don't do well with that kinda tedious crap do a I'm not the greatest I'm not the greatest I will I will say that my personality is geared more towards that kind
00:13:15of stuff rather than being a sales person to be honest like at all the all the sales people that that %HESITATION I hang out with and that are you know top producers are are very much the same personality type as far as like you get really high highs
00:13:29really low those that kind of stuff and %HESITATION I'm I'm I'm stunned definitely not that way %HESITATION so that's why I never I didn't really enjoyed my time in sales of that make sense I'm I still obviously and I'm when you sell you sell and everybody sell something
00:13:46and %HESITATION %HESITATION so I'm obviously still in sales but I I don't do that day to day selling like I used to because I didn't really enjoy it when I did it because I feel like it's not really my personality was for I I could do it and
00:13:58I enjoyed the money and I enjoyed the time freedom on the flexibility in my schedule and all that kind of stuff but the actual like sales itself was not something that I that I really really enjoyed doing trusting that well that's it of the so for me I'm
00:14:11kind of like the opposite sex I started tech company in Silicon Valley years in two thousand one after I got laid off from a from a large global company were head of really you know fairly well let's call it a high level job right and %HESITATION I was
00:14:25earning great money common in all loaded up nobody knew though nobody knew and %HESITATION supposedly right and as of the anything is that I after I get laid off I was in the third round of eight rounds of layoffs you know I started my own company and it
00:14:43was a tech company a we did IT support for businesses and and the health kind of focus healthcare anyway long story short is that I loved selling and putting together bundles and packages but I hated the even though I enjoyed the technology tinkering peace and all that when
00:15:02it got more complicated you know it was like I need to hire some people man and I found I came to find out find out that I really just didn't like technology as much as I thought you know similar to your sales of my I love sales I
00:15:16was gonna ask you about is it is it feel amazing to own your own business Travis yeah it it does and I mean that I was kind of unsure of it and a few months ago to be honest is because it was getting to the point like I
00:15:31said I I'd I'd started last year blues really unofficial like I did I didn't really spend a lot of money on it I'd I'd even have like an LLC or an escort bird see corporate anything like that I was just %HESITATION a sole proprietorship basically and %HESITATION now
00:15:45just run it and then %HESITATION hire some reps every once in awhile and do some trainings here and there but it wasn't like a real business so when I was really considering all of that I really had to ask myself that was something that I wanted to do
00:15:58and something that I wanted to take on and %HESITATION and now at this point yeah it it's it is it is really cool like being able to look at something that didn't exist a few months back and then and then look at me like actually I you know
00:16:11like I've I I created that like and I kind of made something happen here and obviously I would go to any other without the incredible team that that's built around me %HESITATION but %HESITATION it's it's it's it's been a pretty cool experience and a huge learning curve for
00:16:26for sure nice man how many how many people you got how many peeps on your team right now %HESITATION we have about five on this one office assistant basically and then for sales reps %HESITATION so %HESITATION I in one of one of them is would be the sales
00:16:42manager to so one sales manager three sales reps and %HESITATION office assistant and then me so pretty small operation at the moment %HESITATION were basically what I I told them that we have we have a couple volume requirements before I go out and hire more sales rep so
00:16:58it seems like we'll probably hit those this month and next month will be looking to hire on some more %HESITATION more sales reps cool man that's great so how do you how do you keep your team motivated and pumped up because do you find it hard to find
00:17:12people that really want to break it loose and you know what will we'll get into grant our our buddy GEC granddaddy grant about finding good people that are actually want to hustle you know it's so hard to find people that want to hustle and stop complaining making excuses
00:17:31and get out there and bust it right told you find that to be a proper challenge for you as well yeah definitely it I mean I was especially with door to door I mean that's how we do the majority of our cells now as well on we'll have
00:17:45some marketing leads coming in once in awhile but most of the money that they make is done to our door and there's just not a lot a lot of people that feel like they're above that %HESITATION and %HESITATION %HESITATION it's just always funny to me when when somebody
00:17:58will talk crap on on corridor is a cycle show me your W. two from my right ear that's right now so you might send you nine from last year and will compare Hey like %HESITATION it's just it's just funny to me and and then also also it's like
00:18:10a portion of the hours like you know like you can make a six figure income selling door to door in twenty hour work week right yourself around not so some people do summer programs a door to door in the work like four months five months out of the
00:18:23year and %HESITATION pull in their income for the entire year but they're putting in my twelve hour days I've always done year round door to door so %HESITATION I just go out to three hours in the afternoon and I put in my production make my money and then
00:18:35go home so I'm making typically making more money than somebody who is out like a salaried sales job and I'm doing it and less than half the hours because most salaried sales jobs will tell you it's forty hours button if you want to be a producer and hate
00:18:49your quotas then you really gotta be putting in more like fifty to sixty hours and I'm sitting over here put in twenty twenty five working whenever I feel like a going to the gym in the mornings hanging out with friends like it's just %HESITATION is it's it's it's
00:19:02a cool set up so that there's a lot of great prose to it but a lot of people can't see past the cons yeah on there and I put in the hustle to make it happen that's true it's funny Travis when I was younger %HESITATION they my late
00:19:14fifties now when I was younger I did okay so I was a a wayward after god of the navy as a wayward young man and %HESITATION I try to go back to cool you know to get a degree of just out of school guy right at and so
00:19:28I never really got a formal four year degree I got a two year equivalent and digital electronics right so that led me in the semiconductor industry of which led me into running a service group L. worldwide in and lock and higher level positions to the point where they
00:19:47said Hey we want you to sell our gear now do you know much that care costs no no millions of dollars for each piece of gear so I will I was Makin half million dollars a year selling capital equipment right a guy with no college degree just a
00:20:03sales slug yeah blessed in it and I remember the end and I've been in sales ever since pretty much that many times and you probably can relate to this too you're talking to physicians surgeons all these high love attorneys and you're making more money than they are on
00:20:19their way to school a vision I'm not dissing anybody going to school but I'm just saying you're if you're baller in sales you can break it loose man are some good money that's always just I was assigned this conversation recent my wife actually because we have some friends
00:20:32were just trying to figure out kind of what they want to do and %HESITATION I tell every single person that talks to me about like clarity and all that kind of stuff my AB tried sales at a no no as I know I just so you know yeah
00:20:44I guess so okay will go try it at least because right yes some people are going to hate it and suck at it like bottom line I'm I'm a believer that you can improve yourself %HESITATION but %HESITATION but %HESITATION you sometimes like yes sometimes I use is not
00:20:58going to work I gotta go find something else no shame in that but at least I'll write out because if you can try it and you can actually do well with it then yeah it's gonna do better than anything else but like even if you get even if
00:21:09you go get a degree you know like like what you're just saying like you're making more money than the surgeons that you're talking to that went to twelve years of schooling that I haven't really highly valuable skill set right that like saves lives and stuff and like you
00:21:22almost feel like bad by sitting over here like a sign on the dotted line I just made more money than you did this month but like but that's the power that's the power of sales though he knows this the skill of selling it is is a skill set
00:21:34in of itself on the value exchange on the marketplace is a skill set in and of itself to the point where it pays you know really really high dividends if you can if you can put in the hustle yeah and also the care like you I could tell
00:21:47just by talking to you you know you have to have that serving of others I don't know if you know who Brian to Fini is if you don't you should absolutely listeners of everybody out there check out Brian boo Feeney man is incredible so serving being a sales
00:22:05person and serving them from the heart not just a transaction is really how you just explode your income to the point where people they know they know if you care or not and I'm sure that that's the reason you're so successful because you care death metal it comes
00:22:21from a point of from a place of just being really genuine %HESITATION and %HESITATION outside so my my soldiers all times like look where we are not a closer you're not a salesman and like you're not any of these things is that what you are as a detective
00:22:34your job is to figure out what that person's problem is and then offer a solution to solve that problem if they don't even realize that they have that problem then you got to show that the problem exists and then offer a solution to solve the problem so %HESITATION
00:22:47yet totally yeah that's great so you're you're the kind of guy who likes to change people's lives I know that about you already I kannst confidently say that I am I correct yes Sir okay sold and so as you were growing up you know we all brought growing
00:23:00up when did you when did you kinda know that you wanted to make a difference in people's lives when did that start just coming to light for you %HESITATION designates a good question %HESITATION and I would say that's kind of was always in me I grew I grew
00:23:16up extremely religious %HESITATION so I was actually I went to school actually to be a youth pastor and %HESITATION so that that's kind of something that's always kind of been in me is the %HESITATION you know the drive to to try to help other people %HESITATION and %HESITATION
00:23:32you know enrich the lives of people around me %HESITATION so I'd say that's something that's kind of always been in me but it more in a business context probably after I became a sales manager at my first a sales job we know as the team leader and I
00:23:47was running a team of you know twenty guys and I was the one hiring a lot of them so I hired a lot of people that I knew some friends I was in college with that I thought would do wells and some people were struggling and more making
00:23:58any money and then I hired them and train them and they would come and sell and start making money and %HESITATION it was like a it was just take a huge realization for me like a while this is actually really cool I'm helping like I'm making money and
00:24:11also helping people that I love and care about also make money which help solve a lot of their problems %HESITATION and %HESITATION it I didn't really know how to phrase it at the time but zig Ziglar's quote sums it up perfectly when %HESITATION when he says if you
00:24:26help enough people get what they want you can have everything in life that you want and US now that's really all I focus on is how can I make my cells reps most successful what can I do to make them make money because I know if they make
00:24:38money that they'll be happy but also that %HESITATION the company will make money because of that right that's great yeah I love zig Ziglar man just a list a standard out there in the motivational world right even though he's not with us anymore up so I was gonna
00:24:53ask also you know you get up in the morning you do what everybody does shower and all that kind of stuff in your breakfast and work out and you know what drives you daily towards success and I think I think anybody that is trying to hit a different
00:25:11level in their lives regardless of what that might look like for everybody %HESITATION and I think you have to have a strong why %HESITATION Simon cynic is a book called start with why %HESITATION which we haven't read you should %HESITATION and having having that having something that's %HESITATION
00:25:28having a purpose that is greater than the task at hand will always push you to %HESITATION overcome whatever small obstacle may be in front of you %HESITATION so I think that would be more of a deep philosophical question %HESITATION but %HESITATION more of a practical or excuse me
00:25:46answer some over practical answer would just be %HESITATION that %HESITATION it's fun and I and I enjoyed it's is it's just a cool a cool thing yeah %HESITATION that that I get to do every day and and and and having that perspective I'm telling myself that story makes
00:26:03me makes me really like and enjoy those those aspects of life great man and and do you mind sharing a couple your wise yeah %HESITATION and and this kind of I don't know I mean I mean you know this is the sort of sobriety show %HESITATION so this
00:26:19might even tie in a little bit odd to the context of the show %HESITATION on and think my wife would mind sharing me sharing this story but %HESITATION last year in January so January twenty seventeen %HESITATION we just was new years it was I think I think it
00:26:36was January second January third maybe that we got a phone call that my wife's dad was in the hospital and %HESITATION so we rushed over to kind of see what's going on and %HESITATION figured everything would be fine you know just like Ali %HESITATION come check it out
00:26:52%HESITATION you know east you should just you know be aware of the situation and so on we happen to be the closest to the town that he was in the hospital out of her siblings so we were the ones that kind of drove over to see what was
00:27:05going on %HESITATION so long story short he ended up actually passing away about a week and a half after that %HESITATION and it was through %HESITATION is basically a kidney and and liver shut down from alcohol use %HESITATION and stuff like that and so on I remember I
00:27:24remember being in that situation obviously you know when the more difficult times of my wife's life and %HESITATION %HESITATION just kind of just kind of almost being like a observer was happening like I I I I knew I knew Steve of a pretty well but we were never
00:27:40is insanely close and Mike inseparable %HESITATION so for me it was more the pain of like seeing my wife go through that much pain and %HESITATION and it was just crazy bombs thinking of it makes you really think about your death bed when you see somebody else on
00:27:59their state you're so close to her and %HESITATION ice member thinking that I I I I wanted I want to have a bigger impact that I wanted to help more people that I want like wind if that's me and I'm on my deathbed in its you know for
00:28:17thirty forty fifty sixty seventy years from now however long it is that there's more than just a few people that come by to say say by that is you know there's a line out the door that there's you know generations of people that are you know telling my
00:28:32grand kids and kids that you know how much of an impact that I made in that kind of stuff I know that's that's that's what that's what really you know gets me gets me fired up that's what makes me think more clearly %HESITATION on on a on a
00:28:46daily basis is %HESITATION looking back to that personal experience of how real it was how real death was in that situation and %HESITATION making sure that every day that I maximizing my ability to impact others while that's heavy man and my condolences to your to your wife and
00:29:05also to you for that law sets very tough and thank you for sharing that with listeners and it just it does go to show we were at war and when we are in active addiction alcoholism gambling whatever the addiction is just put a word in there we are
00:29:22hurting other people at the time we don't really give a damn and so this kind of shows you how things ripple out because even though I I used to sponsor guys and I would say you know I'm happy and proud for you that you stopped but they might
00:29:39have physical problems right as a result of what they were doing and I am and I say just because our our mind and I heard says okay stop doesn't mean our body doesn't revolt later right and so it's really and then it if it impacts families and friends
00:29:56and you know all that just like you guys had to go through so that's a tough though anyway switch and switching gears here %HESITATION you know you've you've interviewed so many incredible people I mean %HESITATION grant Cardona lane a card down John Lee doing this I mean jolly
00:30:16Dumas for most people probably know but in case you don't is like the the godfather of daily podcasting and and monetizing a podcast into the you know hundreds of thousands of dollars a month Rangers is that correct yeah and you know other people like mark lack I heard
00:30:35yesterday and we can talk about that but I wanted to play something real quick if you're okay with that just a snippet of your time with grant card down give me more one second I'll play about a minute so the listeners can hear your interaction build your network
00:30:50episode one eleven Hey there great car down New York times bestselling author affected hundreds of billions of dollars in sales in one billion dollar owner of real estate if you want to check out your network like I have you should be listening to build your network podcasts with
00:31:06my good friend Travis chapel have the ambition the knowledge but still lack those relationships she success welcome to your network your guide to when you're in or so increasing your include sting others in reaching their goal this is not working the way it should be brought to you
00:31:30by your host Travis chapel what is up and welcome to the one and only show that brings you tips and tricks on networking from the best experts around three days a week although so that is a little snippet of bill your net build your network podcast I love
00:31:49your podcast by the way I listen to it regularly Vienna thank you so much I'm a wake up guy I'm a hit I I look read my sobriety material I hit the shower guess what I turn on men for can I turn on build your network a term
00:32:02you see granddaddy GC a term Brian boo Feeney a turnout you should interview Brian Feeney by the way and just everything positive I can you know I'm like a you know I need to be marinated in positivity otherwise my mind starts going in crazy places but I was
00:32:19gonna ask you you've interviewed some major people who at that name some more that you've knit and and the question would be how did you do that %HESITATION yes soak up more probably more recognizable crackdowns on the bigger ones Kevin Harrington and I'm one of the original sharks
00:32:35in shark tank %HESITATION was on a pretty recently at my let's %HESITATION Bradley the Kerry case some christen Laurie harder JPC years Molly bloom %HESITATION and %HESITATION and then that the list list this goes on and on and honestly it's been a pleasure on tax plan I had
00:32:57on recently that was so that once took a while %HESITATION use when it's on the do Mrs mentors %HESITATION and %HESITATION yeah it's it's it's been it's been a crazy crazy ride because the and watch the show last August yeah I know about the time I lost a
00:33:14large mine okay enter yo so so I mean you know the the time from you know much work it goes into a pod gas and all that kind of stuff and so it it it is just a it's been cool to see the fruition of something that was
00:33:28just in my brain a year ago and that you know like had just what did was not even in existence and %HESITATION it's been it's been a really cool journey as a content creator %HESITATION to get to the point where I am now %HESITATION but so to answer
00:33:41your question it sounds kind of cliche but %HESITATION and it's it's networking networking is what has allowed me to interview this many awesome people %HESITATION putting myself and masterminds and vans putting myself in situations to get introductions to people reaching out cold name dropping people that have already
00:34:00been on my show to people who recognize those names %HESITATION I mean that there's there's so much of it that compounds on itself over time of if you if you put in the work on a daily weekly monthly basis %HESITATION it'll it'll start to snowball after awhile yeah
00:34:14for sure that's very true and you lead me right into the the your favorite topic which is networking and so for the listeners that might be saying what's a show about this is like we're talking business for talk with a sales guy were talking but with a guy
00:34:29that has a podcast that of his interviews of some high level influencers at what is this have to do with me and so the answer to the question is a lot number one is doors slammed in your face equal obstacles and that's number one number two is the
00:34:51network I did a podcast a couple weeks ago I mentioned you Travis on movin on up and had to do was spinning up and out of a social economic circle a lot of a lot of us in recovery of stay stuck in the the peeps that we used
00:35:08to kind of hang with even though they might be sober peeps they may not be super successful peeps right now if you want to be successful of you need to spin up and out and I wanted to talk with you about that and give your insight into the
00:35:21importance of the network yeah %HESITATION so real quick on that head and and we can kind of you know keep talk about this going forward to %HESITATION you your your environment is what controls who you become but the really really cool thing about it is that you are
00:35:44the one that's in control of the environment that you're in %HESITATION so your environment controls who you are but you're in control of your environment so this is something that %HESITATION some people disagree with me on and and save all some people you know can't get out of
00:36:00the situation and and %HESITATION and because of this and that and everything else and just like you know stop if you're an adult okay obviously if you're fourteen years old and living with mom and dad right they have you in a place like that's a little bit different
00:36:14but if you're an adult you have the ability to do whatever you think is good for you you have the ability to put yourself in another environment it doesn't matter you know how you grew up where you grew up what color your skin is none of that matters
00:36:28because you are one hundred percent in control of your life from this point forward %HESITATION and %HESITATION yet having the ability to recognize that you're in a bad environment is half the battle because a lot of people are just in denial that their environment is what produces them
00:36:42they just think that their piece of crap and there's no way they can overcome this obstacle because I know that's just who they are but it's not that at all it's just the fact that you put into environment is not conducive to making the right decisions whether it
00:36:53be through friendships or relationships or your daily schedule for the job that you're in or the school that you're going to or whatever whatever it might be but the the the where where most people stop is that even if they figure out that they're in the wrong situation
00:37:08they don't take the necessary actions to put themselves in a different situation %HESITATION and then it as soon as you do that it's immediately becomes your fault %HESITATION so and I think I think honestly that's probably why a lot of people don't do it because they feel like
00:37:24if they don't leave that situation that they can always have something to blame their lack of success on if that makes sense of it which is which is a horrible place to be %HESITATION because would I mean would you rather would rather go throughout life having something to
00:37:39blame your lack of success on or would you rather figure out if you can become successful by putting yourself in a situation that's more conducive to your success %HESITATION and %HESITATION but honestly some people are just like that blame factor they don't want to give that up because
00:37:53they have this fear that they're not good enough or they have this fear of failure like well by myself in a you know a successful environment situation I'm still not successful then you know what I mean nobody cared for me they didn't it's they they they right right
00:38:09right right so so the the fear of owning up in saying that it's all on me is that %HESITATION if you still fail and it's all on you you can't blame anybody else and that's a scary thing for a lot of people is %HESITATION putting yourself in that
00:38:25situation was scary for me when I started my podcast it was like okay if I do this then I'm gonna do it to become successful and if if I don't become successful that's nobody's fault but mine because somebody became successful with it right like if somebody's gonna before
00:38:41then I can do it I can I can duplicate that success like and it may not the timing may be a little bit different so like I may not be able to go get you know fifty thousand downloads in episode within six weeks of my launch like someone
00:38:54like John the dimmest it or you know I think about it in six months of his launchers so I'm like I might be able to do that because just the timing of industry is different but can I become successful can I make money can I'd like to have
00:39:05the freedom and control that I want yes hands down one hundred percent and if I don't do that that's my fault that's not anybody else's fault was it scary for me to do that yes like totally was scary because that fear of admitting failure was really big it
00:39:18was like this is the first thing that I ever just like dumped my heart and soul into and said Mike I'm going to make this happen and I'm going to do this well and %HESITATION and and when you commit to something that whole heartedly %HESITATION and you fail
00:39:32but that's a that's a crappy crappy feeling because you don't have anybody to blame but yourself and so these that's what people end up doing is they just stay in their in their crappy environments and in these terrible situations because they know if they leave that they won't
00:39:47have any anybody to blame their lack of success on except for themselves and they would rather hold on to blaming people then put themselves in a situation to be able to succeed %HESITATION and %HESITATION so odd to something just that's that's been really really big for me recently
00:40:02is that you just have to realize that your environment is what controls who you become but you are one hundred percent in control of that environment so choose it wisely outstanding outstanding so what you're saying is basically we have the choice to either stay stuck or move into
00:40:24a different of a different socio economic level what we have whether it doesn't really matter you can move down move up that most of us one move up and other people we choose who we want to be around if we if we choose to stay stuck we can't
00:40:37blame anybody except ourselves yeah totally that's that's why I moved to Vegas my god I was in mine caster I've told you before like us is not the greatest area %HESITATION and %HESITATION and you know the the older successful people in my castor still aren't really that successful
00:40:53if you look at a comparatively to like most other like bigger cities act and so I was like Miami yeah right or Miami L. A. Vegas like New York like there's just not that many successful people and I guess probably the probably the same for eighty percent of
00:41:06the cities in America %HESITATION and %HESITATION so I was like why am I going to put myself in a in an environment in a city in a situation where like I'm Marty you know inching towards the top of the yes food chain so to speak when I can
00:41:22and when I can go move somewhere where I'm totally at the bottom line the %HESITATION you know the %HESITATION small fish in a big pond instead of the big fish in a small pond and and and that is gonna make me grow so much more and be so
00:41:37much more conducive to the goals that I have and I can meet so many more people have moved to Vegas there's so many more successful businesses in Vegas there's so much opportunity in Vegas like there there's just sold many more advantages to making that move %HESITATION damned there
00:41:54is to stay where I was %HESITATION yet there's so many people who just stay where they are and then get upset when they don't see any big differences and it's like look if you want big changes then you have to make big changes like you they don't just
00:42:08happen %HESITATION bike if nothing changes nothing changes right so it it's is doing the same thing expecting different results is the definition of insanity so if you are staying in a situation that's just %HESITATION you know full of all the same friend that you had your whole life
00:42:23same commute to work same daily routine same %HESITATION you know Friday night bowling league like whatever it is and you're doing the same thing all the time Dan just don't be upset when you get the same result like there's nothing wrong with that right I was or not
00:42:39if you want to be in the home town and you're cool with the sixty thousand dollar salary and like saving up for pension do your thing I'm not trying to get you to like change the way that you want to live life I think that you should be
00:42:49open to it but I don't think that like everybody's got to have the same mindset as I do but if you do have the same mindset as I do then you can't you're not allowed to be frustrated when you don't take the action to put yourself in a
00:43:00different environment because you're the one that's in control of that so don't be saying how lucky I am when I see something in my life the changes are I see a big motor success I don't call me lucky because you are the one that decided to stay where
00:43:12you are I put myself in a different situation that was more conducive for me to be able to succeed and reach the goals that I have myself so true and so true you know it's kind of a similarly tied into where you know in the sobriety community I
00:43:24don't know if you know this but it's it's almost a sin to say that I'm not going to drink again I'm not going to use drugs again I'm recovered ever who don't say that don't say that yeah you actually you actually have it your whole life and I
00:43:38think she SI talks about this too and I'm with you soon unlike no you're not you choose what you're away from all that all the crap you have a choice just like you choose where you want to like you when you move to Vegas to to better your
00:43:50life you know it's no different to say Hey I am choosing not to use drugs or alcohol or whatever to change the way I feel because I want to be successful and I'm not gonna do it and nothing's gonna lead me and I think if you caught can
00:44:03confidently say that is very similar you know or you can take the free pass and relapse right and go like all men is just because I have this disease I relapsed I'm not I'm not arrogant %HESITATION over confident I'm just saying that it's like what you're saying you
00:44:17we we have choices in life and those choices we have to live with them of B. them good or not so yeah exactly yes so %HESITATION in appreciate it's taken time to to explain your thoughts on that because it is important you know I'm sure you have a
00:44:35ton of mentors but who are some of your top mentors %HESITATION I'd say probably my first mentor was my dad %HESITATION taught me a lot about just mindset %HESITATION and %HESITATION really I went to other just like pretty good spending habits from my from my parents %HESITATION as
00:44:54far as like you know we we I would say were upper upper middle class going up like we were never multi multi millionaires or anything like that you know the first probably ten twelve years of my life while we were on the lower section of the middle class
00:45:08on my dad arms are doing better in real estate %HESITATION towards my teenage years or so %HESITATION but %HESITATION I remember during during the time when the market was going really well and like all three of four of five or six like all right up until the crash
00:45:23on he was %HESITATION you know doing pretty well understood at the time I remember him wanting to get like a Camaro or something %HESITATION and %HESITATION they had just come out is in the new transformers movie and all that stuff you know right and %HESITATION and and I
00:45:36was like that when she's going to commercial you can afford to go get it they're not that expense you know I mean they're like even if you get a nice Camaro it's like what forty forty five grand like that's not that much money you'll comparatively to you know
00:45:47a Lambo or something right it's not like he was you know thinking extravagant services like there's just like I you know the Camaro would be really cool like a of a nice SS Camaro they know that you know because I watch is get one and he goes well
00:46:01I can't get myself to buy a car when I can go buy a house for like the same price and %HESITATION it because and this was actually this this must have been right after the crash because a member him saying that because there were some in some of
00:46:14the worst parts of town there were some houses that were going for fifty sixty and you can buy a house in some income out of a income producing properties out right right so I took a lot of those different lessons %HESITATION into into my career like I I
00:46:27drive a camera used camera %HESITATION and %HESITATION %HESITATION this is something I had a corolla for a few years ago totaled so I got it I got a used camera so I I upgraded a model so at this rate I'll have a I have outlined the time I'm
00:46:42thirty %HESITATION you're not gonna have a Rolly but it is just before putting priorities are different things that we got parents taught me a lot about that because of because I have friends who made money in sales you know some of my friends that were top producers like
00:46:55I was and went out and spent their paychecks on cars you know %HESITATION but %HESITATION those are just yeah I'm I'm thankful for a lot of those different mind set things out that I was taught growing up %HESITATION and then more recently probably John they do miss would
00:47:08be my biggest mentor %HESITATION helped me has helped me tremendously in my in my podcasting journey %HESITATION I'm blessed to have a good mentor like him and now someone I can actually call friend were %HESITATION we hang out of four and you know different conferences city or event
00:47:24that's going on in the same area and %HESITATION you know he's he's been a really really great friend and mentor to me is in in in the podcasting in the podcasting spaces seems like a really good guy I don't know about him and Kate is quick Kate does
00:47:38his girl Kate yet front yeah she's cool to man at they're both they're both fantastic athlete with my wife and I really enjoy hanging out with them so they're they're a couple good ones or the harbinger is a is a good mentor %HESITATION %HESITATION this scanner slash friend
00:47:55I would say John is more than more mentor ship %HESITATION Jordan I just learned a lot from following him and listening to its content and stuff like that and then he sold me out every once in awhile a couple things and %HESITATION really really really cool guy so
00:48:08I'd and the list goes on and on and when that that's half the reason I started my show is just to get myself around people like them %HESITATION and %HESITATION to be able to kind of pick their brain whenever there's you know any sort of down time %HESITATION
00:48:20you know in between friendship type conversations you know it's it's the kind of talk about stuff so of the value of mentorship it is through the roof and if you don't need to add you know figure that out by now then you gotta definitely get into that sure
00:48:33sure who's number one person you'd like to interview next that's living and who is not with us any longer if they were still here if I were just to like if our able just to like pick like put a name on a piece of paper and interview them
00:48:47tomorrow probably would be the rock yeah it's really really interested and and he's a really obviously a fantastic actor but I think he's even a smarter marketer and businessmen you know there there's some people that make more money than he does in acting but %HESITATION is following on
00:49:04Instagram I think is in the top five like he's got over a hundred million followers on Instagram %HESITATION needs it's marketing genius to say the least %HESITATION expect us out so I'm at the airport and %HESITATION LA one time coming to Albuquerque and my my wife Carla she's
00:49:20like of friggin rock fanatic you know I think it's one of those secret love affair kind of things you know that way after every movie comes on there got a got a look at the rock right and up anyway so I beat him last idea I actually saw
00:49:33him and I went talked of super nice guy and we talked for a little little while and then I you know I don't always like to bombard people he could have a picture but it seems like he'd be open to assess that hate the wind would you mind
00:49:46getting a picture with me you know if you don't want to that's cool you know like I know you probably bought Marty because no no no problem and because he was kind of under cover right yeah so we teach we take the picture and I said I used
00:49:57to text it to my wife and she's going night like your ship me but he's a really nice guy yeah that's that's the impression that I get from that's what I'm saying like I just I respect a lot about him but %HESITATION I mean his work ethic there's
00:50:12fitness is nutrition how disciplined he is in the jam %HESITATION with his food as diet and then also to be able to put together as many projects and movies and %HESITATION I just think he's he's a he's a genius in his own right so that our station time
00:50:28yeah about then yen and somebody is not with us I mean this is a question I ask on my show or not I'm so there there's there's so many different names that pop up into my brain but I think Winston Churchill would be would be a really really
00:50:43interesting person to talk to %HESITATION bad I just there's so much about his leadership ability and the way that he was able to unite %HESITATION entire countries together during a time of turmoil in the entire world on that it's really really intriguing to me and now plus like
00:51:01smoke cigars I like to sit down opposite I'll do yeah Nasser landed so that's cool I like cigars as well once and again I used to smoke a bowl more way more often they do not now it's a couple year maybe but a very cool so you know
00:51:16come around the corner here fairly quickly but you you said something to me that really resonated in terms of overcoming obstacles and and that was all the doors that you had slammed in your face and you know when you were in recovery warmer warmer recovering from a seemingly
00:51:35hopeless state of mind and body those are there a lot of challenges in those are like getting doors slammed in our face on by wanted to ask you about what our work what's been some of the toughest challenges in your life that you've had and you know how
00:51:51did you overcome how you overcome it or them %HESITATION yet as I mean starting a business was one of them starting my podcast definitely one of them %HESITATION dealing with the death of %HESITATION my father in law was one of them and that one was particularly tough because
00:52:12of the string of events that it that it happened a year before %HESITATION my father in law's dad passed away so my wife's Grampa and and then a month before that my wife and I had a miscarriage %HESITATION so it was just like just seem like it'd just
00:52:27a you know a string of events that just kind of just kept happening and happening and happening %HESITATION and %HESITATION so so yeah I was you know just the ones that take the wind out of you know you just completely completely unexpected stuff it just is him at
00:52:42her grandpas little bit more expected he you know he was older and %HESITATION and was struggling for a for a little while but definitely our our baby in our data you know mom those are a couple of points but then I'm mad at the thing that the thing
00:52:55that I always come back to is that %HESITATION I think that too many people look at struggle as %HESITATION as a really horrible thing like it's a it's a bad thing that you just have to make it through to where you can see a little bit of some
00:53:09light at the end and through all the stuff that that we've been through and I'm only twenty five I'm I'm talking like I'm seventy five or so he got a lot on his dumb though but we should %HESITATION but all all this kind of stuff that that we've
00:53:22been through is that stirred there there's there's beauty in the struggle and there's %HESITATION I think that's kind of where life has its %HESITATION I think the struggle is what makes life worth living and that thing could be without that you don't have the ability to continue %HESITATION
00:53:39and and feel fulfilled on on a daily basis if everything was always sunshine and rainbows like there there wouldn't be any sunshine rainbow as if everything was good all the time that it would seem like it's mediocre all the time because of how good it is all the
00:53:52time if that makes sense so I'm I think that there's a lot of beauty in the struggle and I think that mindset has helped me with as as far as rejection goes because it doesn't really matter to me anymore I'm not really I'm not really fazed by it
00:54:05%HESITATION %HESITATION and a lot of that's come with consistency %HESITATION and then with confidence %HESITATION I would save a lot of it stems from conference but also a lot of it stems from personal development and just trying to make myself the best version of myself that I can
00:54:20%HESITATION that if you told might if you if you tell my parents that I you know read like seven books so far this year actually it's more than that ten twelve Bucks or so now this year %HESITATION if you were to tell them that you know five years
00:54:32ago they laughed in your face I I was never a reader I was I'd I just didn't like it I didn't I didn't think it was a good use of my time was more the sports guy played by basketball and all that kind of stuff and %HESITATION and
00:54:43and I would say that with all the stuff that I've that I've learned that person development is definitely one thing that you can't put on the back burner %HESITATION just making yourself constantly making yourself a better version of yourself %HESITATION is one of the best ways to overcome
00:54:57those types of things but also realizing like I said before that the struggle is is is is beautiful there's there's there's beauty in the struggle and that's just part of this is part of what we deal with %HESITATION and if you can't find a way to be happy
00:55:09and fulfilled during that time %HESITATION then %HESITATION then you know that that that I think that there's a problem there and so on even when you know that going through a time of rejection when something goes wrong or somebody tells me now or sends a door in my
00:55:22face or am I had an obstacle that I didn't expect %HESITATION it doesn't ruin my wife like it doesn't it doesn't take all of my time thinking about it I know I I have the ability now to be able to like take that take a step back look
00:55:37at it and and look at it as an intrinsic event that just happened and I'm just a bystander that saw it happen and then figure out a solution from there are because we make decisions based on our emotional involvement and stuff and I think that that's a mistake
00:55:50%HESITATION to take yourself out of that situation is is a of a really practical way %HESITATION to be able to deal with it from a more logical standpoint %HESITATION and %HESITATION and they just take it one step at a time and say thank you for this obstacle because
00:56:04this is only going to make me better %HESITATION and especially from a from a recovery standpoint and %HESITATION I would I would say I was kind of an addict for awhile as far as food goes home so I'm not speaking completely from a point of ignorance here on
00:56:18because I gained about fifty pounds in a year and a half after I got married and stop playing basketball got injured my junior year of college basketball and then got married right after that stopped working out gained about fifty almost sixty pounds %HESITATION and %HESITATION just a whatever
00:56:33I wanted whenever I wanted to do whatever I want it didn't really work out a lot and now I'm back ourselves to our fifty pounds on back down to around two hundred well how tall are you the six one okay while two fifteen and that's that's a pretty
00:56:47that's a pretty good yeah yeah it is it is a pretty good chunk yeah so %HESITATION %HESITATION I think that every every time that you're on a journey like that and you fail you know I you go and get that in an out double double like you can
00:57:01do whatever you have my own style right right every time that that happens I think too many people tell themselves a negative story about themselves when they had when they make a mistake armed and I think that that starts just about big problem when you make a mistake
00:57:15you can't tell yourself a negative story about yourself you can't go you are a fat lazy piece of crap I cannot believe you don't have the discipline to not eat those McDonald's fries I can't believe you don't have the discipline to you know meal prep for a week
00:57:30like you're you're you're so lazy and and you tell yourself all these things what happens is when you tell yourself all that stuff you start to believe everything %HESITATION and %HESITATION it just becomes that much more difficult to bounce back from %HESITATION and so I think one of
00:57:44the biggest ways to to mitigate the fear of failure is to forgive yourself when you mess up %HESITATION because if you if you forgive yourself when you mess up then you'll be less likely to fear messing up which will give you more courage to do the right thing
00:58:02the next time Americans are giving doesn't mean that you're you're saying okay you can do it again offer given that right time it means I like a a real thank you Jenny went up yet yes he he yeah totally I you messed up %HESITATION but I'm not going
00:58:16to beat myself up for it because all that does is make me less mentally fortified to make the right decision the next time because I beat myself up for it so much last time and it it it associates pain with pride with like the ability to like say
00:58:33no the next time because all you're thinking about is like man I hope I don't mess up because last time I thought since like soul at the like such a piece of crap I when I when I when I messed up last time that I don't want to
00:58:45mess up this time and you have like this a negative connotation of doing the right thing you know I mean like instead of enjoying it because like you were able to forgive yourself last time you did it sign of those really long winded answer but now it's good
00:58:57stuff and you're you're so insightful for twenty five year old to tell you that right now and so as far as a you know we left yesterday you talked with the mark of %HESITATION let's see I'm trying to recall his last name mark %HESITATION lack lack mark lacking
00:59:16on the the imports of personal branding and I want to go down that track fully but I just wanted to bring it into the context of in your opinion you're you're a successful guy okay share with the listers which you think they need to hear in terms of
00:59:34personal branding from hygiene perspective from address perspective from a social from a social skills perspective in order to to become very successful because we are our personal brand right yeah totally everybody has a personal brand even if you don't feel like you have one on your personal brand
00:59:51issues you it's who you are how you present yourself to other people regardless of if you like put Facebook ad spend behind your brand like you have one %HESITATION and so taking into account how you represent yourself on a daily basis is so important %HESITATION when it comes
01:00:05to everything and and asos all give you give an example like you just got to be yourself is the bottom line so obviously if that if being yourself means you never brush your teeth like you should probably take a second look at Mike implement that into your life
01:00:19okay so %HESITATION dilemmas there's anyone as it is like don't take it as an excuse to like not shower or whatever like you got a like you gotta be presentable %HESITATION but I also think that you don't have to dress in a three peat the three piece suit
01:00:31like some people do %HESITATION that's what that works for them I got a buddy %HESITATION Nicholas barely did always looking fresh like every time I see him always like where and really really expensive nice stuff on but his brand is called the billion dollar body if he wants
01:00:45to put out a brand about you know dressing super nice wearing luxury items %HESITATION you know all that kind of stuff having %HESITATION %HESITATION being really fit hitting your fitness goals and then having a successful business like if that's as Brandon he accurately represents that %HESITATION whereas for
01:01:02someone like me like I don't I don't do a lot of that I think honestly stems from like like I said a group really religious and so I was forced to wear suits and ties basically my entire life so like it had now for me on when I
01:01:13go to events it's more like jeans and a white tee shirt or venac like that's my brand like that's who I present myself to be but it's not like a piece of crap you know Walmart jeans with holes in them and you know an undershirt like it's a
01:01:28nice you know a nicer venac and some decent jeans a nice pair of shoes with a watch that matches like he is just like it is depends on a percent on who you want to be but %HESITATION I would say as long as you're taking care of yourself
01:01:42it doesn't really matter how those practical ways flush themselves out as long as you're truly being yourself %HESITATION and realizing that you have a personal brand regardless of %HESITATION of if you like I said pretty out spent behind it or make branding videos or have a website doesn't
01:01:57matter like you are your personal brand and you have to think about how you want others to to to portrayed as cool and where you have where you hadn't in the next few years you're going places and where were you off to in all it's a good question
01:02:10%HESITATION I would I would really like to continue to push for the podcast and %HESITATION this year I really trying to get it all the entrepreneurial type people that I wanted on in the in the books so that next year I'm going to start focusing more on the
01:02:23celebrity type people and eventually get someone like the rock on the show and that's kind of where I see it going %HESITATION and then %HESITATION in the meantime still cranking away with my water business I love my guess I love adding value to other people in my water
01:02:37business allows me to do that on a more one on one basis with my sales reps because I see them make money which is really cool when you you know take people who don't make a lot of it and then show them how to make a lot of
01:02:48it and then they do it it's just like a really cool feeling and some of them already have the just been a different opportunities I I feel like this opportunity is is one of the better ones I've ever seen so obviously Ross I would've started the company there
01:02:59I'm so now taking somebody who has made some good money in the past but then maybe just in the wrong vehicle and then putting on the right vehicle and sing them succeed teke stuff is cool and then the podcast like obviously is just I lead with value and
01:03:10is I give away as much possible content and as much valuable content as I possibly can common I believe that that's going to come back %HESITATION you know a come back in a positive way in the future so %HESITATION ad I've I've a lot of different ideas of
01:03:24what the future will look like but you know there's I really really would be able to tell you exactly what it what the answer to that is right now gotcha and what's the name your podcasts how people get a hold of you you structure of you too Facebook
01:03:37all that linked in all that good stuff how to how to people reach you and listen your show yes Sir so the easiest way to podcasts call build your network on my name is Travis chapel so if you look up Travis W. Google Travis travel or you can
01:03:50go to if you go to Travis chapel dot com is going to four G. to my podcast website in in on there you can find all of my social links all that kind of stuff %HESITATION on Instagram at Travis chapel Facebook it's Travis chapel so go type in
01:04:05tribes chapel dot com that's chapel with two peas and two elves %HESITATION traversable dot com battles I say that because I'm in the future there's going to be a completely separate website that'll be parked on Travis job like I'm so that's kind of where I want people to
01:04:20be directed to right now as well on the right now to just forty to my podcast upside you find all my social links there Superman and if you're on Facebook would love for you to join my Facebook group and you can get that at the Facebook group tab
01:04:33on my website or you can just put a little slash and ask them to be such a child a com slash SP or build your taco slash FTP and I'll take you right to the speaker and his fund his %HESITATION his Facebook pages funny puts up really cool
01:04:47you know little questions like who are some of your favorite influencers in and of course %HESITATION all the all the **** kisser is out there put a Travis chapel I was one of them just kidding they wanted to thank you very much for being on the show was
01:05:06just outstanding I really enjoyed it and I know the listeners a a product gonna have to re listen to the to the podcast a few times to get all the all the wisdom that you're putting out there thank you so much Travis yes Sir appreciate jamming out mark
01:05:20you have a good one have a good day just love Travis wanted to thank him again for joining us here at the soaring in sobriety recovery podcast was that guy cool lots of %HESITATION wisdom lots and lots of wisdom from him and check out is %HESITATION podcast build
01:05:49your network look up Travis chapels C. H. A. P. P. L. L. so up anyhow wanted to invite you guys to don't get your very own copy of %HESITATION top ten tips to staying sober you know somebody struggling I'm over to my website soaring in sobriety dot com
01:06:11and %HESITATION have them sign up for the top ten tips to staying sober join our mailing list and %HESITATION again thanks for all the mail the email we're doing now we're gonna be doing a live show I've got all the technology set up now it's just time to
01:06:29set the date will you be a part of our live show will you you talking to you email me at Marquette soaring in sobriety dot com or hit me on Facebook say I'm in I'm in and then out will contact you and we'll set up we're gonna set
01:06:46up the date very soon here it's gonna be me and Jose Velasco to start with might pull Stewie Stuart Michael sedan who's gonna have his own a podcast as well and sobriety a big happy family and that we're gonna talk sobriety and topics so be cool the even
01:07:09like this the %HESITATION phone number I got is going to be four one five eight seven sober who reason that cool I got that number so %HESITATION I snagged it and these are member four one five eighty seven sober for one five eighty seven sober so anyway yes
01:07:31I move on thank you for joining me here at the soaring in sobriety recovery podcast as I always have been saying for months now hope you like it I think you do because we're getting good %HESITATION written good downloads and lots of listeners thank you for that but
01:07:47let me know how I can make it better okay I'm all yours please visit my website soaring in sobriety dot com and subscribe to the podcast through iTunes Spotify stitcher tune in radio or any place you love to get your podcasts okay if you have an iPhone there's
01:08:07a little purple icon with a radio beacon that's the podcast app you can search for soaring in sobriety there and subscribe you do me a favor if you find value in the content of what I'm doing here would you be so kind to subscribe to my show and
01:08:26also leave a five star review and I want to get the message out to as many people as possible and your %HESITATION your %HESITATION reviews and subscriptions actually help us rank better so that we can be easy to find like if you go to search and %HESITATION I
01:08:44tunes right now in recovery up for some odd reason the podcast doesn't show up even though recoveries in the title on that kind of stuff so I could use the help you guys to get it up there because our people searching for recovery if they can't find it
01:08:58then a no good Facebook page please like the page and subscribe to our private master mind group Facebook dot com slash soaring in sobriety and last thing is if you like to be one of my guests on the show please go to the website soaring sobriety dot com
01:09:18click to share my story link as I'm always looking for great people like you to a feature on the show all right or if you know somebody feed me their names their numbers and I will call them until next week be safe stay sober be productive be a
01:09:39doer because I want you to Sorenson Friday have a great week guys talk to you later bye

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