In which our heroes impress as amateur Whitney Houstonologists.
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00:00:17cast you well this bug as the cavs but Scott Mosier all right as established last week Scott's back so enough with the **** ceremony back to work %HESITATION back to business got recently %HESITATION hurricane Florence rocked the Carolinas and stuff horribly bad yeah %HESITATION and as a guy
00:01:15who's lived through floods and **** like that like you know my heart goes out to those who are affected are you even if you have to leave your house insured where is this guy because I I'm I'm putting up a bit of a disclaimer first because I got
00:01:29to talk about this thing I saw it online on on the internet but on the I'm looking at it on the New York Post there's a story this is fire rants form creepy floating islands to survive hurricane Florence dominant show you what that looks okay it is this
00:01:51flooding everywhere yeah yeah flooding and so then these fire ants which are like the fun in together the Hitler Vance because they bite their shitty there the anti semitic they they come up out of the earth I read and they form a ball yeah guys they range are
00:02:09common yeah they know like %HESITATION ship the flood but they're not worried they're not like I were right when we're dying and yeah keep calm everyone form a ball and they form a ball and then as the waters raise arise they rise with it and they just become
00:02:23this puddle of Vance that none of them are drowning they're they're just all in a constantly moving formations of the ones underneath will hold their breath and **** like that and then all the sudden get to the top in the book and walk across the top and like
00:02:38it's an engineering Marvel survivors but but if you saw a bunch of cool wall is doing there should be like go get on because Qualls are cute %HESITATION not attack them but not least the **** like little insect you don't want to give him credit just because I
00:02:54can credit rating but like that's how evil persists like look at them though like that's Voldemort **** like it's just like he's collected all of his **** parts of themselves from the horcrux any creates a little god damn island floats on all the floats around I'm I applaud
00:03:10like wow nature finds way insurers but we already knew that from Jurassic Park but I'm more just like why do the bad things find a way why does cancer like find a way to survive and fire ants find a way to survive but the dodo birds gun which
00:03:26look kind of cool based on like %HESITATION wise words not last out well the I mean I don't know exactly whatever the dodo birds I think we all ate them I mean on some level weasel like human beings have ever gotten rid of most %HESITATION anything generally animals
00:03:45that have gone extinct in general it's man made what what you're not seeing but perhaps hearing is the shock in my face that I'm still back on the point that like a human being eight dodo bird I I mean I can't confirm the probably did something in just
00:04:01die because they were like they're done that's there been they've that's the rap like dodo or something like that I mean there there there there are large right there were large as like a Turkey bird count like they're bigger they're not like little teeny but people eat everything
00:04:14so they're probably easy to catch where they're flying bird a dodo edible and there were a flying bird let you go hang ones are still around and they're on the ground is that what it is it is so they lived in Florida penguins would even exist yet still
00:04:28get mail go easy it is to catch this tuxedo dirt or they don't take or they don't taste good or something like about anything taste good I feel like I'm hungry Spock Ali to Dick about penguins either way is a colder war history it really was is gonna
00:04:46**** and not do that all like how come other things don't do that what about lady bugs we all love **** lady bugs are going to create a ball and generally speaking a few everything you're talking about don't live in like tight and call tight knit colonies so
00:05:02answer our colony based species they have these intricate %HESITATION colonies systems were there it's not like there's a loner installing there's Bob the fire and is like I'm a **** go live by myself which is the least one with a join the ball Bob is like **** you
00:05:17that he's dead he's like the dude in the Bible does build the boat the like what are you doing god man and he's like well there's blood come like fark euro and then they'd lost your flood what you got to school every animal in there I saw a
00:05:32thing online recently where people do this ant hill art thing yeah we're sensually what they do is take like **** molten glass or bargain like like metal or like yeah some **** that can harden not like wax but like some harder and then they find like an ant
00:05:54hill and then they pour it down the hill and then like you wait for it to dry and then you plug and dig it out the earth and they create these extra you see there was a tunnel system you don't **** see though is like it's not like
00:06:10he knocked on the handheld was like Hey man everybody out I'm doing a metal cascades Bob the artist but that's like think about it if your hands like you know the deal will like you're really stepped on and **** like weather unless your fire and you not a
00:06:27**** float **** like that you got brothers and sisters let us make a ball but like you got nothing against **** humanities build your aunt Helen **** your network colony or family all for queen and **** loyalty whatever fox and this like **** like modern day Thanos just
00:06:46pours lead liquid steel into your world it would be like Galactus coming to earth and being like I'm an artist and covering the earth and mall mall ten liquid steel to create a globe and then yeah he takes it home is like that on a pedestal Mike drops
00:07:03it on the way home yeah got **** all to do another and then so he goes to an unpopulated planet and the rest of us were data like why did you do ours but didn't give a **** just like this guy to give a **** about the ants
00:07:14like true it's one thing to be like it's going to be amazing looking piece but like I'm not this thing coming from vegan calve okay could does not seem like well let me let murder let's go through what happened is like you started the story being like the
00:07:30dis answer Hitler then you kind of came to the point of like the real Hitler is Matthew may well which makes put does there's different the fire ants our sons a **** like they should like but it's not like they're doing anybody good the like off on fire
00:07:51and they make honey selves yeah the like I said there were no different than you how are you any better you do very ourselves and your friends you're just like a fire and good fire it put me in my place **** I'm a log back it's pretty cool
00:08:12the goods on there so not **** them and all they do is live to bite people and **** or they do other things but when it comes to man's world to get right up on him by change yeah so weird because were huge we're threatening me but sometimes
00:08:25a viral bites you ask Brian Johnson to sit by pulling a bit all of his life he was a threat and nobody knows about it because it was in the way well yeah but if you're taking from the fire ants perspective right fire ants like going to go
00:08:36from a to B. right right you guys have you got to get through Brian John Jed is big fine climb over what you got to bite him in the process I get pieces yes yeah but are you **** tell you think that it's like you're terrified yeah Brian
00:08:50Johnson like he's a giant he's gonna actors think of Galactus came down any word like he was in your way you might bite him here's my theory I wouldn't do that because like if I'm able to cross over sleeping Galactus without him seeing me and like from in
00:09:07his mouth sometimes they might why the ones that buy bride but brought a lot of times if they roll does he rolled over by by what a bad things happen to Scott to brought not other people there was the oven at the UCLA unity it what is the
00:09:28what is the well you seem to know a lot of the guys going to get I don't know I'm a bit Brian in general I don't know maybe a sugar Brian Johnson talking about so that in general you know most animals strike out or insects strike out when
00:09:47they're turned all right so here's my other his their perceived threat might be that he moves insulin like what's this giant **** become at me also maybe they did until I called on so it wasn't so much a bite this **** there like I'm old I'm with my
00:10:00legs and my **** yeah in general is probably not an aunt that looks at something that they don't understand what it is runs at it in then goes like with intention to be like I'm gonna bite the specific human being I can't say really turned me around on
00:10:12fire ants and or at least give me pause and look like I don't I don't have served over judge them I'm saying I'm not like application also is that I've never even got bit by one I have hurts so you should be jumping on my bandwagon but our
00:10:27love like the fire would be blame I mean like god damn Dame fortune one of there's no boy what if you're living in a world with insects and animals and things in the ocean like sharks and stuff like that and as you walk through as you walk through
00:10:44the earth wrote many log through the earth and the character the real song of joy as no it's I don't think it is a good church Saugus neighbors hello durable warn your to what people say if that was good second what Jim Nabors up you know distinctive saying
00:11:15yes this is the that he felt you know what not a big they were just like he's a thinker and just leave it believers things there's some we do not know about middle initial visit we'd we'd look on his face he won the bathroom and did we'd how
00:11:37do you know it's on his face he's doing it wrong supposed to be in the logs %HESITATION you got a hobby the I have from time to time I don't know Sir I know if I have one specifically now what is the least was abi people billing yeah
00:12:01like that you got like a wide a hobby or interest that you had were people like I would put you together with that %HESITATION are in your view were like %HESITATION in %HESITATION **** them a stamp collector and the guy that wants that upside down %HESITATION planned stamp
00:12:16%HESITATION people billing really you're full of jealously guard and **** and I think that's what's gonna take you for that never dimensions staffs never did you say stamps were particular compassion I don't know if I have some in that people would be like surprise thank you got one
00:12:37I'm collected the only things like I don't know that that's that's present now young Canadian and like you know I read books but you know I've maybe that's unlimited even that wouldn't be that surprising like somebody's what unless you elect elect to cook children you have little little
00:13:00never okay animals and let alone job he's got here to for unexplored not murder if you eat %HESITATION cooking all right but that like I can put you yeah I don't know I mean I would like if you were like all I **** love amateur poor that's the
00:13:25word into many mistakes they're not amateurs there bro and I know all their names like I get involved in their relationships and Jill are watching her like this is a lot like what do you mean you're there relates to jog wheel sometimes a couple will put up a
00:13:41series of clips and you watch their relationship grow develop others what is so you don't have a I don't know if I have that one it's like I mean I try it you know I'm curious how the vague yet another hobbies like you know I tried we tried
00:13:59kickboxing I've done yoga %HESITATION bodies are I got a balance is too much in the process of all its physical I still like my guide is that our numbers are hobbies yep that counts again interest like I'm looking for an interest a hobby a passion even that is
00:14:19completely without what some would say is uncharacteristic of you but you're like you you know you're so you're like **** ending on characters yeah **** building block in my DNA you mean something that would be outside of the sphere of of what people might expect yeah like summer
00:14:34it's like %HESITATION you know I really you know around and we worked for this year look I don't know if I've done a like a love Star Trek slash fiction yeah level people and six could Kirk and Spock is they all said I never thought of that Dick
00:14:52with %HESITATION wants to bring but I love when other people make the movies better by making me think about should I never thought about I'm not a big Star Trek fan but I do like it when those boys kiss in Star Trek slash fiction pretty I boldly go
00:15:11where they're going they've only go I have I have my this is a long way never mind you I knew you would win we've talked to you %HESITATION this is my my secret passion the probably people don't know about maybe we've talked about the show I'm not sure
00:15:38okay something of an amateur %HESITATION Whitney Houston knowledges okay I've I I don't know why but like for the last year did you see the documentary jackass I just watched it you like yesterday morning oh my god do it if for a Whitney Houston all it just there
00:16:06are many %HESITATION it was they were done startlingly new yeah revelations heartbreaking ones at that and stuff but I don't know why this story fascinates me but I I I paid I think it's because I watch turn tire Falken career like I remember when she first came on
00:16:26the scene very early like what when saving all my love for you is the first track off that **** item which was huge and **** and she was on silver spoons with Ricky Schroeder right at this point he was rex road yeah because %HESITATION member of Alfonso was
00:16:45on that show yeah so later on he had a body suit spoons to get the U. N. now we again band %HESITATION is it like almost the little orphan Annie three yeah I mean yeah because like a rich guy this little boyfriend and he has kind of what
00:17:07it is because it is a boy it's true he is a boy I'd bring that is people like what %HESITATION yeah he was it is original dad yes that he did in now yes his mom dies his mom dies and he was at a military school gosh I
00:17:23remember correctly or maybe I'm wrong about that maybe I'm confusing that with another thing he was and where he was and yeah I think he was in was in taps **** little kind of orphaned he wonders up %HESITATION there's a rich Daddy never knew yeah **** insanely rich
00:17:39but a child at heart yeah and he hid himself the boy is more mature than the man and together they become a less because %HESITATION boy in a more mature madam but it was %HESITATION you know they would learn from each other's %HESITATION silver spoon I wonder if
00:18:04that even place today like you said to the millennial or generalized are Buggin you silver spoon you got it well I meant if you mean the the the what the phrase of source bonus is so old timey that kids are like silver spoon was that mean like when
00:18:19you say like your Kardashian that you're someone right the twenty eight university of silver spoon this the term was that %HESITATION they have us they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths yeah meaning I guess over is a rare once yeah it's like they're not born
00:18:41in like a wooden spoon like some shitty like gonna play splinters in their babies silvers at all my god yeah that's the **** layer under the layer that nobody says he was born with a service bar as brothers oppose all what in store what the splinters a Naktong
00:18:55then that's typhus that sorry for a I ate typhus for breakfast %HESITATION planter did you do the splinters of our fiber what the pope was amazing %HESITATION third going in her children note look at me now that's all I got three drug give injury after the Chubb to
00:19:25well the big three set all right so what do you use the you rock she was on silver spoons of that's your hobby how does it manifest itself do you have like a little trunk without a cost you know just the video collection now I guess I just
00:19:49read about a lot like the bodyguard given that it was a long time ago more about our life I think what happened was like I was intensely paying attention at the beginning of her career she is amazing **** voice yep she was young and where we were from
00:20:12it was hyped you know she's from New Jersey yeah a and she was she was born in nork as were my people my brought my I was the first one born down the shore at that now my brother was used more at Monmouth Medical Osborne review my sister
00:20:27though she was born up north are her family comes from New York from Newark for and so my people come from nork Scott as her people came from or then just like her people are people left same reason nork rights happen and so %HESITATION Cissy Houston John Huston
00:20:43one get their family to a better place they want to east orange West Orange one of the art where they bought like a house in a pool of property and **** like that middle class the game of class and my people did the same thing like but there's
00:20:56there's more white flight military program we're got out of the city and went down the shore and **** and you know the we became the middle class down there yeah so I'm not I'm certainly not %HESITATION myself to it using but I'm saying like because she came from
00:21:11New Jersey because she had a similar background which in in the first year of her career was kind of really you know **** sold where we live I don't know if that was the case the rest the winner probably not the wrong way issues from yours total Jersey
00:21:26girl nor girl so because of that I was I was down there also great **** boys and I love the songs and **** like that at in in %HESITATION I like them but unfortunately my mom did too which was calling off man me and mom like the same
00:21:43music didn't matter because it turned out everybody liked what you need a so I clock Whitney Houston from like nineteen eighty let's save five six all the way up to clerks because when Clark sap instead us then all the sudden we're paying attention to I'm paid attention no
00:22:01longer paying attention to somebody else's stuff arm bands engine my stuff I'm no longer like just looking to pop culture grading dance stuff whatever so I lose touch with Whitney Houston yeah I know she did like movies and albums come out and stuff but like it wasn't until
00:22:23right around the time she died when I was like what what do you mean Whitney Houston is on drugs like I didn't yet and I a I mean real and I know it was in the tabloids and me I know she was married Bobby brown he get in
00:22:34trouble lot of mug in the periphery of of my world and goings on but I didn't realize that she was right in had an ongoing drug all my god between the two documentaries others wanted show times now you find yourself being a Whitney one now arms and knowledge
00:22:52yes yes but always are casual one back in the day like probably knew more than the average bear about with the housing at all it just if your casual %HESITATION of the agreement is well like I knew more new about Whitney's note I'm not claiming to be anything
00:23:11I knew more than the average like you know seventeen eighteen year old boy should probably know about Whitney Houston let's use our active singer dancer and or Bobby brown it was insurance but %HESITATION yeah man I I was just I was a fan and then kinda lost touch
00:23:27to it and then she passed away and then I was like what the **** happened and then I went down the rabbit hole oh my god what a **** like horrible story this was like the last time is so weird like sometimes you check it you know someone's
00:23:41been very like a man I'm all over that then talking falls off your radar yeah and you don't follow the same way like you'll meet you know somebody's **** kid and they're like teenager happens with Harley all time with people like oh my god the last time I
00:23:57saw her she was a baby and you know again while it's with that and who is our seventeen year Lou later talking you know that but you know I'm not crazy your big science and %HESITATION anyway but on the other but like it was kinda like that where
00:24:12I'm like there is a stretch like a **** good me asked twenty year stretch from like that's what happened to Whitney Houston are you **** kidding me including I guess somewhere in the world I knew that like you know maybe somebody put up in the age of you
00:24:29too when she had like she was doing or come back with a few years first passed away she did a few shows where she didn't sound **** good at all and so that you know in the age of you two people would shoot that was suddenly you know
00:24:45became like this I guess Harpring whatever but man the drugs to treat these two movies this one on Showtime's called Whitney Houston let me be me and then the one that just came out on just your own ex Whitney which is now known but a I just got
00:24:58to watch it it's both of them kind of have the same idea that like there were two completely different Whitney Houston's in here option nobody ever referred to as Whitney Houston like they'll call there nippy that was our neck diameter dag Gaver so it even in our mind
00:25:21you see at one point the documentary she kind of has this like conversation where she's talking about like if he can call Whitney Whitney could never call nippy like it's easy for me to summon up Whitney gotcha but Whitney could never be nippy someone up nippy because then
00:25:41Whitney would cease to exist particularly for the public like the public at this general idea of who Whitney Houston was there and she wasn't she was a good like a girl from the projects in York and stuff so she was not the kind of way polished and presented
00:26:01to the world yeah with you know John wigs and **** specific clothes and stuff but her whole career and this is what I found heart breaking her whole career she didn't get to do her as often as she wanted to and when she did you know like alternately
00:26:21toward the end of her life for like even like the that she was on a **** show being Bobby brown reality show that was kind of more who she was yeah and like that would have threatened the Whitney machine so like you cannot be me movie like state
00:26:40they talk about she would that was our constant refrain like can I be me like just for once and they wouldn't let her and I'm like how weird man but like you got this amazing like gift by this voice that can't be **** copy yeah and you're allowed
00:27:00to use it for everybody but you've got a present in a very specific way and you don't really get to you have to change your identity all that's the part of the story that I think like you know my god that's where I diverge as an artist where
00:27:19I'm like well I mean I'm never gonna be talking with Whitney Houston successful or famous or anything but like I know I that is no complaint of mine if any complaints like with somebody stop me from being made to me to be more commercial %HESITATION can I be
00:27:37today their own up to the %HESITATION it's it's such a like it's a sad notion that shooting gets alike yeah be herself she felt him down so much so that like she has this incredible like twelve to fifteen year stretch of her career where she's the Whitney Houston
00:27:57that everybody knows becomes the worldwide famous would yeah and then she kind of does a Larry in off the a flint thing where she goes to a lantern holds up for like five six years yeah were apparently there was you know if you believe the documentaries like lots
00:28:15of just **** drug abuse yes at that point so you got all the money in the world and yet all the time and nobody could say like should work hard like kid worked harder whole **** life GS famous by the time she was like eighteen or some but
00:28:32%HESITATION mom had %HESITATION like as a teenage model of preteen model and **** like that so like she'd been groomed for success by her mom like talk to saying talk to control that boy's mom was a great singer gospel singer and also a great back up singer and
00:28:47sang with like everybody fans read when Elvis the matter so she you know trained her get her only daughter like with his beautiful voice until like **** harnesses and ride it like yeah nobody else could and she eventually destroys the voice on cigarettes of all things just smoke
00:29:10so crazy she becomes every **** smoker over that period of five years you have like a missing around and she's doing drugs as well what they're gone she was spoken more and cigarettes pro but still it's like it apparently was the smoke in that like really **** took
00:29:25a voice down %HESITATION and you know a lot of people theorize like K. she was just so tired of being being Whitney Houston that she began to self sabotage and stuff but I I don't know she just bear is sad but it seems like she had heavy addiction
00:29:40is like in order to **** and maintain two completely separate identities she you know if I can felt good on drugs but they she would talk about like they would talk about %HESITATION documentary how she would go do like **** these shows like the billion on **** star
00:29:59spangled banner which she did first **** take bro yet if you listen to the music the day of the **** performance and she was like okay I got it and what we all saw when she went on the field was the very first time she ever ever sang
00:30:15yes Buck an incredible rendition that makes name tag on the documentary it was so like patriotic it made people like **** oddly proud to be American and Jay a very powerful piece of performance and one and it was predicated on Marvin Gaye had done a star spangled banner
00:30:36at the head of some NBA championship or something yeah and he'd they gave him a book a drumbeat of real slow yeah then so he came in and did this kind of way different semi spoken version knows the can you see like hold it out yeah was going
00:30:58nuts so she'd heard that in her childhood and so they asked her to do like the star spangled banner for for the ball and she was like let's do like the one like he did and stuff and there's a whole philosophy behind it how it includes it's more
00:31:12gospel Lee yeah %HESITATION they talk about how the African American community has a different relationship with the star spangled banner than than most of yeah don't feel in a very positive about that but she found a way to sing it just like Marvin Gaye that made it feel
00:31:27soulful were even if you were somebody was like this **** nations **** me over you still like felt these in the documentary they described like freedom soaring yeah Reedham and her rendition incredible **** performance that she never rehearsed for other than Mike for whole life issue is just
00:31:45that **** jet I good that somebody's like here's the music and should be like okay willow and she does like one of those historic rendition so that's her like on her like probably at her absolute height and then things like in a lot of people point to like
00:32:02she got married about a brown things went south but I don't think I'm certainly not let not do it off the hook or something and nobody's asking me to put anything on the hook I'm just saying as a manager Whitney Houston knowledges unfortunately from what I gather from
00:32:16everything I've seen which is all the **** I've been presents I got no relationships %HESITATION known anybody for real just all should abortion you to the two documentaries Scott is with them too plus my personal been I'm she found somebody who would just by party with %HESITATION somebody
00:32:32who was on somebody who like reminder of home and be goofy and and she never had to be Whitney Houston with a guy she just got to be in the documentary you know she talked about when they talk about how our brothers check later with one older not
00:32:48the oldest brother but %HESITATION older brother was like a best friend they out around together and stuff so she started doing drugs with the brothers at a young age is a black at sixteen she did her first like a coke or something like that we know what that's
00:33:01not the Whitney Houston I'm **** a new they didn't they never talked about that but apparently it was going on from even young age so at the end of the day if you know maybe you could be like well to very self destructive people found each other but
00:33:16it seems like for a while she found somebody who wanted to do what she wanted to do which was not the Whitney Houston and you know there's a lot of talk in the documentary about how her star was after the bodyguard she was like like you know here
00:33:32and before the body guard him in her were like Hey it's Bobby brown and you know Hey it's Whitney Houston but after the body guard she was gay it's Whitney Houston yes she became a Donna share yeah like just one of those names and stuff and his star
00:33:47did not continue to rise and just and then can continue to say that he was a do that was like get in trouble all the time if I could get arrested and stuff so in the documentaries they're like I think you know she might of like lowered herself
00:34:03you know can feel better yes which is like also like tragic as it would be a histologist like to book have you help side Scott not tragic on but as a but particularly those who are we musicologist feel it even worse it's such a **** heartbreaking story and
00:34:28then she you know has the drowning in the bathtub and and she's like she's got her career is gone like so many different places like it toward the end it was a lot of like ridicule by the tabloids and stuff then heard they had a kid and her
00:34:44daughter like wound up be also having a drug thing and then died in a similar fashion yet and a top as as most on but I'm telling him anything but that aspect of it is **** tragic like yeah all of us sat and like I've I had a
00:35:00view of the entire career and I was deeply invested as it as you know as an outsider as a consumer but as somebody with like local product at a park in Jersey girl could and should if that's possible maybe other people from New Jersey death %HESITATION like Sinatra
00:35:17was from New Jersey yeah I guess maybe other people's generation could feel some connection there yeah I could not yes not she was never going to inspire me but while I was not going to be a **** singer let alone one of the greatest singers that ever lived
00:35:33a teenager who came out of New Jersey yeah like that maybe get a little piece of that you know I had some stake in the gamma much everybody shut up shut up holder we should listen if he was a teenager from like taxes like well of course back
00:35:46in Texas drawl **** famous down there but New Jersey Lang was so meaning glance and like merry I know it is a key maybe that person knows something he asks yes as as an amateur New Jersey Allah just I was very interested in where so yeah man as
00:36:04somebody who is like more invested than the average bear in her career at the beginning and then completely lost track of it because of his own self interests and stuff like that and you know I was doing my **** thing %HESITATION the **** this you what what is
00:36:20the who what do they want from my life I gave her twelve **** years and then I go sadly discovered her up you know too late like what the room for the rest of the the career and higher fall Mrs enough thank you for I'm looking for a
00:36:37little absolution little that Robin Williams type of solution for the good will hunting him it's not your fault **** you Scott **** you don not you Scott Gracie remember how good he was that happy but beyond that great both of my videos that documentary what document on HBO
00:36:54the Robin Williams is there I I have not yet I don't know if I'm prepared but I think I can now I was I was honestly avoiding it because it seemed like I would really like break down mostly but I watched the Whitney documentary in that **** just
00:37:09arrived yeah but I'm I like I've got I cried a lot and the story makes me so sad in the way that like when I was a kid the story of Jesus made me sad rum why don't they just leave me alone here they got a heck of
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00:38:49us up here on the twenty first century with the website squarespace dot com I'm it I her story like is compelling to me and I don't strategy yeah but also soaring as well like I don't I'm not into it it's not like tragedy porn for me where I'm
00:39:08like oh I love that **** fell apart yeah like I am I love I still like all that music too is tied into a certain year of my life that yeah if I listen to it second time machine at my parents house %HESITATION stuff like that the whole
00:39:23world that me and stuff like that **** kid has no inkling of what's to come although seeing somebody from New Jersey get famous makes him go all right glaring and I got this possible like it'd be is if we watch somebody fly for the first time Superman you
00:39:43like holy **** like it is possible but for me with Jason Priestley you saw Jason priestly major arts from Vancouver and that made you go like that that was your **** your spirit animal that could be kind of an let's do the the last was a cultural misfit
00:40:02reappropriation I don't even know where it's from that's yours dear Petronius his records realty JK Rowling is blacked out but Priestley put your own us and that's what comes out there's no Fargo your sandwich is like when it's when it's if you wonder if you get a when
00:40:23their stories on a local level is he from port moody is simply out out out from port moody actually this is Michael J. fox was fun what Myrna he's from Burnaby nearby yeah which is near Porco Quillen poco photo yeah we're shooting Boca this what I'm doing today
00:40:39I'm doing deep and in Vancouver because %HESITATION %HESITATION shoot super gross we guys came home for the weekend some it's got got to grab spot but whenever I'm up there it is just it's like Scott Mosier **** because unlike I put up a fight can put up a
00:40:54United to earn more for those have been asking the legs got the least water good yeah but also you what is low news we go was a big Cooper did I went up to Vancouver last week start prep on **** super girl a and like we got there
00:41:11and the Sutton place hotel which I stay at all for a good time yeah gave away my room and they're you know there was this week as **** about like %HESITATION they said you were coming in the twentieth somebody from your office called said you were coming on
00:41:25the twenty nineteen and there is no way in hell the amount of like **** like hassle or Starman drying it took to get me up to Vancouver in the first place not that I don't want to do it but it was the **** hurdle of sorts that this
00:41:40time to get there like nobody was **** up that now that reservation what I suspect happened as I have friends and family in the hotel business and stuff is that I wasn't there at like eleven o'clock at night and so they're like you know and is a ****
00:41:56packed night man crew we couldn't find a hotel room so they were like cells removed they're not here there's no way they're checking in this life and stuff meanwhile I just come in the airport eleven o'clock says come back yet so I come in at midnight the bunch
00:42:08bags ready to live in Vancouver for their like we don't offer like Jesus like **** not Jesus he was he was even the board about like Joseph and Mary I felt like one of them thought like Joseph yeah savior and me out like the guy that was like
00:42:23she says it's the gods baby yeah but I don't know who might be filled getting about Phil right he's pretty slick looks cooler me I've got I'd **** filled with your sister a little known all well according to Phil yeah Joe's of what a fun baby who wanted
00:42:47to okay well yeah they deserve is good %HESITATION where were we you got to the Sutton place with their back yes and so then I got like shows that I was left to my own accord and my wife was with me and so you know **** there's double
00:43:11outrage if I'm by myself from like those go sleep in the car %HESITATION what I would have tried to find those out there yeah couldn't find %HESITATION tower Jennifer's phone around you had the temerity to ask somebody one of the hotels like %HESITATION useful that to what is
00:43:24going on in town this week and the lady answered back Vancouver's always got something going on man injure his are gonna it rings over towards the border fair enough so there was no fog in hotel rooms anywhere in town gotcha and not even on the outskirts to access
00:43:43like finals the river rock casino my own blow **** fortune plan but I was like we could still like sorry Sir him like what no you only want my **** there's always something going on in Vancouver that you're **** like I heart New York but on your license
00:43:59plates well yes Sir what still happens in Vegas stays in Vegas thank you for that so you can't find a place day now so they're like look we got one room you know that you can your reservation kicks and tomorrow so we got one room that we're we
00:44:18don't rent out there's some construction going on next door and nothing wrong with the room whatsoever but like you know the view outside the window is is not great and so I was like %HESITATION we were **** **** out of luck after an hour in the lobby yeah
00:44:32fine basically players have balcony like now %HESITATION so my guy will **** instead tomorrow check in the other room so we get into the room and after room is absolutely fine Sutton place hotels very **** for them step five star whatever for that **** they're great place they
00:44:54were working on some room next to my room ripping out the sale so you know bargain that were on the sixteenth eighteen player eighteen force them to ship you can do that you can't be **** gumming up the elevator bring **** up and down so they just started
00:45:09throwing all the garbage products like on top of the roof %HESITATION you know we'll get to it when it's all done with make one big trip there whatever that's what's literally outside the window see open up the curtains and it's just this mountain of **** garbage and roofing
00:45:26supplies and Thailand **** like yeah and so you know I'm like five and like you could smell it even the windows closed come through and stuff and you're like I know I'm only in this position because you guys you did something but you shouldn't have done give my
00:45:43room away and like that because because I know like any of Russian got Bob look we swear to god when and bargain tell anybody anything screen her children this group of super girl god is going to pick somebody he's going to pull a I just landed another happens
00:46:30so what I'm talking her none of us are super are up it's not fair to judge just by some imaginary told read nobody can be super buff he does blood fiction and sometimes is charming but it hurts others he %HESITATION put me in this bargain room and so
00:47:05in the morning I wake up and I open the curtains and it's like it looked worse that looked at by hope to go vote %HESITATION of it and I tweeted like I tweeted out like the morning Vancouver this was %HESITATION the view I woke up to nothing should
00:47:18enough like don't **** this yeah but just made fun of that stuff and literally before I sent it I said to Jennifer I was like I'm about to send them this tweet what are the chances that we move rooms very quickly and she's like you don't have that
00:47:33much power your included an imputed what are the what the double %HESITATION but I mean I'm already on the road to see if you have the budget of the window I'm not a jot it not chip imputed to you well the there were means a Jimmy within four
00:48:00minutes of that tweet going up the phone rang in there like a Mister Smith we've got your room ready to go I was like wow timing ten in the morning that's interesting so we moved rooms and stuff that tweet wound up going into the British Columbia press round
00:48:20yeah of that day like what a slow news day it was yeah you know a lot of stuff is going down and going down and **** in America there and sing but the Vancouver Currier Sundin touch at the like Hey if you were the sun yeah %HESITATION we
00:48:36shot the lock is %HESITATION tower lots of things going on and there's always things going on in Vancouver first that there yeah it is always something going on back Gruber band groovy so %HESITATION but it did wind up going to so many places to live about I just
00:48:56hit the sudden blaze with experiments like hello yeah they did check with the garbage room database Natalie make photo pants that would it be to do that but that would have been I would have started to hug somebody that's so good %HESITATION I dig yourself my degree yeah
00:49:15why do you think we've dog foods very close to it nappies like a camera I can't sleep in a war or no is fine hotel room first world Falk it it was very they were very sweet I never **** said anything the entire time I was there %HESITATION
00:49:34like I'm going back again %HESITATION come in my room stabbing anybody by the Padres the group but the king of the neck but him like the rob Schneider on SNL of this is best for the big look who's back lose the weight lucky yeah %HESITATION you was that
00:50:09are your game is slipped so there that that happened yeah then when I was up there getting back to the point of **** now it's like Moshe porn I saw the McDonald's yeah the one on %HESITATION is it on son I wanna say smile smile he was while
00:50:34memes mass what the detectives spy the lord's Babbitt objectives the distributors %HESITATION %HESITATION all right so %HESITATION there the McDonald's so that the light and a son Donald and I took a picture and I tweeted like I have this big Donald's in nineteen ninety two me and Scott
00:51:11Mosier tried big pizza for the first time rose up like all his tourist board may even the but now history and that wound up going fairly viral in Vancouver view their websites picked it up to bill like Kevin Smith is riding a poetic history of the ten a
00:51:31walk down memory lane and it was I do similar articles like then it became like Canada's you know their aunts with the make pizza on the jet article that I found interesting where I was like well well well but perhaps this did spark a discussion %HESITATION but they
00:51:50and and what I loved about that piece was it said you know the big pizza lasted till about bobble blood is ninety two ninety three which is about one Smith and Mosier were you know youngsters in film school like yeah somebody who wrote about those two boys who
00:52:07met in film school eight that Pete and the history of make that all over and McDonald's piece that leg and motion I like and somebody pointed out like that was the the champs that's on the corner there that used to be part of the McDonald's McDonald's was the
00:52:23whole building but I guess they either moved it over or have to yeah and then it became a chance at some point because we sat in the window the area Wilshire swill should see commemorate this happened like twenty six years %HESITATION like the stools this tools that he
00:52:41could look at economic pizza one make pizza they're looking out the window so swollen back and forth was around only kiss you will remove the %HESITATION look at those young gay lags in Vancouver hello good to see you one day they could be married here it was always
00:53:05something going on in their group might last the Peter wall could but so that good that entered the news cycle it was it was it interest learned I had a lot of power my wife was wrong out of power to give effect real jet I'm the finals overview
00:53:27the infinite I thought let's Vancouver I snap my fingers and half the news agency all of my tweet what did you **** fine you read something terrorism you have a book %HESITATION you haven't read it all take toss Sippy off people who you're make my wife right we're
00:53:49at an airport and I bought this book sapiens because it said lego Barack Obama like the book and I'm like really smart it's nice to have it I dream to read this book and I read the first half chapter on the plane and then fell sleep not because
00:54:07the book yeah sleeping on the plane and my wife told me when I bought the books is like why'd you buy the hearing %HESITATION read that and I'm like you know I'm recovered cover twice just to prove you wrong and that's not just sometimes use right so she
00:54:22does but %HESITATION who wrote this book called no %HESITATION Ferrari what is it about this is it's the history of %HESITATION of homo sapiens have you read it data %HESITATION you did read this I've read that book I've read the second book and reading his third right now
00:54:36so your reader yeah something people know about you no that's people doesn't everybody know Scott the reader %HESITATION it's great what is safe is about the the how we came to his how we came to power the idea of like why like look we weren't the only with
00:54:55the most will also Neanderthals and other forms of %HESITATION it's that we beat them yeah does say that we ate them %HESITATION that we did say we **** them we did their their what we all have Neanderthal in us why because they did %HESITATION prospered they did cross
00:55:11breed like if you get twenty three me or the dog that you every like not everybody but everybody has generally speaking everybody has a little bit of Neanderthal on them seven two percent as in a yeah I did use but not you know it's been a while saying
00:55:28the Senate Monday tell you where you're from are your ancestors and that you're twenty three and me yeah sex practice is your rabbit then become codes cannot do any touring in me what a rubber thing around my neck full real day go go it would be three three
00:55:53well I guess that what that is never looked into that website sounds like a master matured thing that's where you can find out what yeah there's there's a few different companies now but you can find out like I mean I did it and I've just basically just ninety
00:56:08eight percent of northern European like white guy yeah of one hundred percent wonder bread that water Britain little whatever white and what we got yeah there's nothing interesting %HESITATION all right so sapiens is this the book would so we beat them which is the fashion which is really
00:56:27a historical look at why did we as a species become the dominant species of the planet okay everything but why and one of the big things talks about is %HESITATION one of the big things in is our ability to believe stories to tell stories and to believe and
00:56:49to %HESITATION and we're also very Sir I'm gonna reduce it down I mean the big weddings usable is like to prove the idea of like we can collectively believe in the same thing in stories and you know that one of the biggest things is money like money is
00:57:04a story like there's nothing to it think yeah you're right like this is not like this piece of paper %HESITATION hole in front here that says five dollars legs were almost no it's not worth anything it's only worth what we agree it's worth right so we agree to
00:57:19the story that this is worth five dollars and is five dollars of US currency also believe the broader story of the entire financial monetary system around the world is like yeah but I can we all agree that if I take this five dollars to Canada it's worth even
00:57:33more money is so incredibly real and and that's the difference do nothing I like we dug up on it's not it's not like we dug up a box and there is like some truth or reality it's like something that we all agree to it's just like it's something
00:57:50we all we all agree on money and shaky doesn't know she has no feelings on money other than sadness Neff I smell it's been held by many of the man and his friends I'm done with it yes she does maybe I'd buy it at once and it's but
00:58:06I don't like the taste of it and it won't start you know and how our brains expanded in our ability to sort of %HESITATION how are our minds function but the book is great the book is completely fast one last question Neanderthals couldn't like they weren't they couldn't
00:58:24Ted like except the storage of I mean a double we beat them there's I mean he doesn't that sound like money morning is the story what stores you're dead you guys never gonna make you lose what goes into a little bit of like we were wrong or also
00:58:42extremely social weird extremely social homo sapiens and were like champs there were very social %HESITATION we learn and evolve to be social like it's not like I mean we're the sum total of all the people of all the homo sapiens again before the ones who survive right right
00:59:02so you know if you think of like evolutionary psychology it's like wall the traits of the people who live there the ones is who we are we're not like the ones who were just like everything's fine that's why that's why that's why they tend to think that humans
00:59:16you know we gravitate toward the negative like we will like if I say ten nice things about you and then one guy comes in and says one badly I you go there but why because we're more I mean one theory is that we some dekat in our family
00:59:31line was it Debbie Downer who's just like me and that's why I survived goodbye because the longer is like looking my god was that again I think you were ever more dramatic about anything is a **** not nearly twenty five years I've known you liked but otherwise what
00:59:45will the ideas that he survived because he was like look there should the goes wrong out there like I like he like somebody just like somebody's like look it's awesome out there let's go already runs out it's just your job is like a a yeah what you know
01:00:03what we should look into that could be good could also be killer well it's like the ability to if you if you you know the idea is like if you were that person is like everything is amazing we shouldn't fear not stay in the bag except the ocean
01:00:22I do fear things up you carry lots fish that's true more than the average but there is the idea that we've inherited those sort of %HESITATION traits yeah that we you know because there's certain transfer why why why would that doesn't seem like a good thing but maybe
01:00:39it doesn't seem like a good thing now this dude figure this out this year all dude he just did a lot I mean he'd it's a it's a fascinating book going from this one sapiens goes from kind of the beginning to to present day and they need a
01:00:54second book called homo day S. which is kind of him sort of looking in the future of the the future of almost eight PM on %HESITATION and then his new book is called %HESITATION %HESITATION salt some of it just started this homo days god what's almost thank you
01:01:14it's about how %HESITATION yeah how it's like what what happens next as humans what happens next with this anymore like you know searching for immortality weight but he does it theories you don't know I mean he's he's marcada yeah he's theorizing like well what's left like what's left
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01:04:10lane yeah one like on it's good it's good ship and good hit you know as a perfect line yeah I did the weed one we'd explainer marijuana explained %HESITATION they did one on on that on that subject what was it on just like immortality yeah can I think
01:04:31is Kristen bell the voice or can you can we live forever how long can you keep a good area and they're like you know like sooner early unless you can **** download the brain like sooner or later like you could eventually be all parts if they figure out
01:04:51how to do it right yep like a clicking on a source also take a car if they discover what age is right yes which they have and that and they were not explained they they were closely this is what you're seeing out these things of why we age
01:05:06in the chemical processes a kick into gear to make it so they can reverse all stuff then it's like who knows which she would you rather be physically older or have your consciousness downloaded into a data blues you heard about non localize consciousness no there's a hole like
01:05:27the astral projections of doctor strange I don't but there's a lot of research and it's on a research being done into consciousness and what is consciousness like because they can't come on one level people say like well if there's no centralized like they can't look inside your branding
01:05:45like that's for your consciousness numeral right like there's no no it's not like the gun a glowing really new get at the center of your yeah is where the front can you live yeah exactly so like if it's not centralized or attached to some sort of material or
01:06:01matter then what is it like is it something else so there's all these broader theories what like what consciousness would be what could be just electrical impulses of it's a little just like it can be recorded or I I was I I just %HESITATION read about so I
01:06:15won't try to pass but it is like this idea that you're Constance's almonds outside your body and some of that exist outside your body and you might even be able to stay calm your conscience might live on past the death of your body hold on one second hold
01:06:28on hold on but wait a second are you saying Scott Mosier that your consciousness recording of this and do you believe it a first are you saying that your consciousness could live out your body outlive your body and be do you agree with that I mean I I
01:06:52does that's **** heaven dude no not yet is like you live after you die the promise of eternal life as with Jesus and co were selling or maybe not him with people that do well SO DIMMs are I'm not I just %HESITATION read about so I'm not saying
01:07:07I'm I haven't read enough about it to say that I believe it I do think that it is theoretically possible well I think what's interesting is that like we are coming into the time where it's like people the research on the brain and how the brain functions and
01:07:20what consciousness is and all the rest of the stuff is is %HESITATION thank the idea that we had it all **** figured out you know five hundred years ago just crazy right we are going to be able to determine exactly what or we're gonna get closer and closer
01:07:39to what is good well you know what how does the brain function and how does it work so I'm I'm I'm open to like well what is it like what are those things like how how do you know what is consciousness you know if you I just read
01:07:53a book by Michael Pollan who's a guy wrote %HESITATION Poland Poland one arm who wrote %HESITATION all these books about food that they needed a whole book about %HESITATION it's basically about the resurgence in %HESITATION using things like LSD and psilocybin for you now treating alcoholism and depression
01:08:16and all the rest of it %HESITATION it's a whole book about him actually going out and doing you know these guided trips on LSD psilocybin I don't see it as M. M. D. A. he has a couple other drugs which basically about consciousness expansion which you know part
01:08:33of that feeds into this idea of like taking these drugs were your consciousness %HESITATION you the people more pork that in taking the drugs you lose your sense of self completely and you are just consciousness %HESITATION consciousness with everything so you want a part of one collective consciousness
01:08:57yeah so I'm me but I'm not me well if you get into the discussions of like is there and I you know is there a you specifically I mean that goes back to ancient Buddhist teachings which is like that there is no you there is no high the
01:09:14book is is that American idea I me I mean it's about I think they're not American I think therefore I am %HESITATION it's not purely American I mean definitely Americans are more %HESITATION me individual like the the I believe my freedom my happens my liberty United States is
01:09:36definitely founded and built around the individual the rights of the individual in the power of the individual which is different than other countries I mean so but it's not like it was the only country that **** up against or is the %HESITATION %HESITATION the only people who like
01:09:56everyone thinks are I mean we just through our own perception it's like you can't it's really hard to do that's why you know they talk about meditation or that's why some people take these drugs like LSD and trip like that what happens when he means so if this
01:10:12is like the grant Morrison experience where like suddenly I'm not in my body and I'm outside of the yeah I get people will say like they are you know they watch their actual physical form melt away they you know experience you ever want to do that do that
01:10:28try that too scared I think I was curious when I read the book really this guy's **** Ellis the trip office flock that's what I get Iran's how are you get what ways did those are good in our login robe worry I'm too scared like what if you
01:10:56take you know the talking bad trip and should only there's only two jobs to take right a good trip or bathroom you dude like in the book he actually goes on guided you know he takes my friends by himself but on Sony actually does got there's like people
01:11:10who are professional guides what do they do you know they basically are there to guide you through your your trip to administer the the drug and then basically to help you in that upset a madman with a **** and they were at the house and they were like
01:11:23first they made them write their dresses down on a piece of paper my name is and I from from bottle in case you wound up **** lost out in the world yeah yeah it could be like who are you if you can speak for all this is a
01:11:35lot more like you're basically in a controlled space on the bed yeah your own account you're in an environment and you're being guided I mean the tendon in them my memory the bugs that he your you know your eyes are covered they're not out there if you're going
01:11:50on that specific trip to try to like it's not about going outside and petting trees and stuff like that it's about like closing your eyes and then like trying to you know experience yourself becoming one with the universe or so as to terror of what a terrifying notion
01:12:07I don't know if I would want to become one with the universe I guess is beyond my control sooner or later I become one with the universe maybe yeah but that people you know they talk about the book cards like there's a ton of people and %HESITATION the
01:12:20my doctor who **** member and David Tennant left doctor who was the other one to go but now he did when he when he **** and turned you know when he did the %HESITATION you know we always **** becomes a different doctor he %HESITATION the David Tennant at
01:12:38the end of his like it was usually operatic like and they pushed on on this big sweeping **** and some of the many ways sad literally like said they're gonna want to go but he had to change name then becomes Matt Smith and the story goes on and
01:12:52should I just imagine that I'm that guy like bad duty had to go back and he wasn't even gone anywhere you just becoming someone else yeah %HESITATION but the notion of like you're done is scary enough and then if you're like well maybe not done maybe you enter
01:13:15something larger than yourself is very close to the idea of there's a heaven up there you know you all think a lot Hey armor read enough that goes out far it's like you know because obviously nobody as a sort of sense of one like their conscience goes I
01:13:33mean when people do that trip the more thing that they walk away from is a sense of like their perception of reality when they come back to it so they're like **** all this no it's more like you're like %HESITATION like it changes your sense of you know
01:13:49maybe your mission in life for what you're gonna do like couple have those kind of big life changing you know feelings some assist of heart attacks %HESITATION but a I don't know I dudes I bet you do whatever long before I ever do it my life he was
01:14:07you're brave the guy at the reading the books because he wasn't it was summer where he was nervous he was nervous about doing it yeah yeah so he was like it was like reading it from the prison wasn't like somebody is like %HESITATION of jobs after do we
01:14:22got locked up men you record on a walrus that bucket do but I live in Jay's now it's more like you guys like a professional author who does tremendous amounts he also tells the entire history of of psycho head psychedelics before you get to that point which is
01:14:41fascinating would like to see Larry who's like everyone's like %HESITATION he's a he's a little small part of it but not a huge part of it there's all this research was gone away before it was legitimate research they're doing research on treating alcoholics and sketch one was %HESITATION
01:14:57with LSD and all this stuff was happening and then in the sixties it started to become like this other thing that's sort of became the to expand mine yeah I'm just like people got bad LSD and some people died and stuff like that and will be easily like
01:15:15wait people died from didn't die from taking it but like they've jumped over Bridger's yeah or something like that %HESITATION but it does yeah the books fascinating the whole history of it reserve a guy like finds LSD in a laboratory was basically like I think you a reminder
01:15:32in Switzerland I can't remember a guy like created LSD and he got someone is scared and he was like an accident way and then he was wearing out any came back and he's like a minute intentionally take it has no idea was the first guy to you know
01:15:47honesty any has no idea what is a is a small amount and once a bit like will hold right so what do you do so like you you know like if you didn't have it so it took a lot any **** like had a he crazy **** ****
01:16:02trip but he survived whom god but it was like no one has any idea Missy takes I don't think that they do know that he took a lot because he said no sense of what was a lot of what was a little it's super interesting and then it
01:16:16goes in the history of mushrooms and and then you know some of the modern stuff LSD is a chemical it's a chemical I believe it's a chemical compound it was like it's from a plant but it's an extraction of deaths due in a lab so a mushroom is
01:16:32the fungus mushroom is a fungal **** with this is what you can eat them but you can also extract the hallucinogenic I'm part was just psilocybin psilocybin is the thing that's in mushrooms yeah so have a few extract of the mushrooms and how do you take it but
01:16:49I'm too I don't know that well I don't know well enough but I know that you can take it and I don't know maybe it's a pill or something that sounds like some Joe Rogan **** about you Joe %HESITATION he would do y'all he's he'll tell you he
01:17:01knows what he gave you can talk to him like micro does seem and like the whole thing that's happening now there's all this research being done into taking these sort of drugs what is so they but they tried to treat alcoholism with yeah did it work in some
01:17:18cases yeah it helps is severe depression they found a so the tables that are not really depressed they give him some LSD and or or yeah Alex one of these forms and people dying people and people who are people with terminal illnesses they've they've done tests done sort
01:17:35of trying to really does manage their quality of life which is your mind which is a site that you're just like oh my god I'm not dying for terrified in them and that decide in some cases %HESITATION people union allies the treatment have like you know found %HESITATION
01:17:52peace peace like yes so they can live out the the remaining time without that substantial fear and part of it is that they go like %HESITATION all I I just you know whether they know distinctly whether they're gonna sort of like an no I don't think anyone knows
01:18:08or there's like your consciousness can exist which is then you're talking about I'm not done like when I'm done I'm not done like maybe they were just like this idea of like I know that I'm a part of everything and you know less beautiful man I got a
01:18:21ministerial that spike and really beautiful why weren't they always doing that aum I mean you know really it's like right now the drugs are the drugs are getting approved to do research because as a people I can't remember their names but there's been a few people have been
01:18:38fighting for years to get them back in the clinical research and and now it's like it's been long enough and the sort of the the veil of of sort of bad like a that's what **** Johns do I mean look weeds getting in on like completely allies so
01:18:58it's like it's completely different but it's like the obviously the the the %HESITATION you know how the perception of everybody on these sort of drugs is changing and so and so yeah that's like happening one using part of the book is a do you talk about like the
01:19:13second book of their book well he's written three books the with the with the book I'm talking about with the LST allowed so totally different but %HESITATION he I was by no that's by the other guy Poland yeah that's why I am it's called %HESITATION was the guy
01:19:27did forks over knives he did someone call the omnivores the well yeah yeah big book and then he did a book on **** tripping balls yes latest book is called how to change your mind what the new science yes I don't know if I want to change my
01:19:45mind how does a rhyme feel like I've had a **** near death experience that made me see life in a different way but yet I'm not but I'm scared I'm still like on like having lived through the heart attack and **** I should hear **** like LSD hit
01:20:02yeah man now it's time because I never did that before %HESITATION but at the same time I'm like yeah but what about **** and click go crazy and then a break my brain and then what the new science of psychedelics teaches us about consciousness dying addiction depression and
01:20:17transcendence is the book this book don't kill it whom the that's a lot of words man you read it right yeah all right so that is why we do this %HESITATION really so made you think I'm not **** do this it did it maybe go like I would
01:20:36be interested in doing a book but it could even see your point where it's like you had this year a you had a transcendent experience are you thought you might die and changed your perception on %HESITATION and how you feel and their drugs involved apparently observe it no
01:20:49I don't know that plus I'd we'd messes but it's just like when you trip and all but I'm not going to like it some gonna try that right like that's not a choice yeah you don't want that %HESITATION but you would try I'm sorry I'm sorry yeah I
01:21:05can get over a **** fear I guess in a setting of like you know again Hey man I'm as professional in those when you say like people like he did it with a pro or whatever yeah yeah are they licensed pros are just like I mean the house
01:21:19in time it is illegal that's the drugs are legal conversations drugs are legal so the people it's not like that it's not like they put a shingle out yeah and I help you take hell yeah I guess in my head things are a little more level %HESITATION and
01:21:33like the one that the guy goes to do well as the US is a guy out in New Mexico in around the middle of nowhere and before you take off him before you take out was the edges %HESITATION it's like you're waiting to be turned into a farmer
01:21:44Vincent's fritters and as you're tripping balls they **** literally make a meat pie out of your body and you're watching and the like are you happy now or are you happy to do that or it is where you could sell out of a bad yeah going on with
01:21:59that well he takes but he's can I bring the old fellow or lady from New Mexico appeared to in the comfort of my home %HESITATION I'm I'm sure there's people who will do sort of maybe had a bit of a mobile out of again %HESITATION mutually agreed space
01:22:13so yeah I'll tell me %HESITATION another there's other people like you he also goes somewhere in the first floor Boston I believe and it's like an office like it's like a you know it's a good bike is building yeah like a space or I'd say in our house
01:22:25%HESITATION or people who do I want to go with that I Wasco is like Peruvian %HESITATION and that's one where I used car you throw up a lot but people do that in groups you just lost me what you mean that's where I was like talking to a
01:22:40friend of mine who's done I was kind of like a stick press the one on one to throw up I mean I'm sure yours of organ higher not something only was so what you put in your body and your body's like what the **** and not trying to
01:22:52get you're poisoning instead exactly yeah I'll stick to %HESITATION there's another one and he takes the book that's like a it's like a it's like some excretion of from I got towed or something like a poison of that Israel and you take it and the reason he took
01:23:07it as like because of LSD and psilocybin stuff it's like a it's a slow entry right since like kind of like this tone doing was I think she won fourty five minutes it's like you're in **** you're you like go in and then an hour later it's like
01:23:21the facts pretty much were off and what do you say about the toad stuff you know you had you had similar experiences under each of them with a positive yeah really he had no bad trips and then I mean he did when he did when he went to
01:23:36the house the the guy will actually have people do ecstasy first because it's like a sort of you know it's like a it's like a Hey here's this won't go all the way but it's like this will give you a sort of a a little bit of a
01:23:49sense of it but he had a in the book is a heart issue so he can't do it he's worried about doing next see I believe is a is that right wait what hold on as a fellow with a heart issue this matters I'm shouldn't do acts that
01:24:01I think there's some major lawyer look unilateral or like you shouldn't do it for MDMA or like there's something I believe it's acts the words like if you have a heart condition it can possibly I mean I'm like I said I've never done it so I'm out %HESITATION
01:24:18we do is he couldn't do it so he's like okay and is another thing you can do it says there is these breathing exercises right that supposedly just doing these breeding exercise which I don't know if it's just like these Matt like I don't know what they are
01:24:31but there's a certain breathing exercises that you can do to sort of %HESITATION two men to bring that about to bring out a short term sort of like the feeling of being super high I don't know it's like flooding your brain of oxygen or I don't know what
01:24:47it is but the ends of doing his breathing exercise and that's not even like where this face masks just no no garlic it's either short yes someone in some kind of agree an exercise that can help induce sort of some some of that like sects psychotropic state route
01:25:04because wages not getting enough oxygen and I don't know thought it on out here too flicker that that sounds like kind of people are going to jerk off with the next time around my neck in the **** tied to a door like so many things go wrong there
01:25:18why wasn't jerking off good enough Oct not for me plug border for you I was diagnosed and those one that's a thirty thirty five years of Jerry off and came out you're gonna that you have the ability of course most disturbing thing I was almost done to jerk
01:25:44off his umbilical cord I thought it was over to do what I knew then came out dumb only got dumber good to use some of the %HESITATION thank you got number is I can say that that's all I'll %HESITATION a **** the drug guy what was written by
01:26:13the third but anyway I had the very water yeah that was his name you'll Yuval Noah Harari guy road say Bacall safe Indians homo day as and then and then the new ones called %HESITATION twenty one lessons for the twenty first century and you start about like %HESITATION
01:26:30he's talking about I'm just the beginning he's sorry about that maybe they give you USAR about a like you know he's going all out into like with a I people are gonna lose jobs right it's a good draws cars and all the rest of it because if anything
01:26:47you do you do any no need to explain it I'm sorry I idea of this is that they're doing the bike before you say why but if you do anything ask yourself why yeah but if you do anything that hasn't algorithm based %HESITATION is algorithm based yeah then
01:27:02you might lose your job doctors could lose their job you should make sure hold on one second so I won't be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast and that mark is six six six because algorithms have numbers on them if you think that
01:27:19Bible ships coming true now I've just had you but you're going to like **** yeah it's coming true but you know I think it's more like his his point about like %HESITATION thank you driverless cars and was like well like a week ago like %HESITATION what one driverless
01:27:34car verses a person in a car right in compared to but his points like the site driverless cars about a network of cars all talking to each other like the reason to do it is because all the cars will come to a four way stop and know which
01:27:47one's going to go there's no like human error involved but but if you talk about doctors to the guys in the fact is like if you go to a doctor or doctors have bias doctors are tired doctors are getting divorced doctors you know are wrong they're drunk or
01:28:04judges you know they say that they can show that judges right before lunch you give out harsher sentences an after lunch rights human computer do it **** judges job why how do you go quite a less this so let's so let's take how to how to how to
01:28:19how to judges judge I'm the go yeah well this is the law says the law which is written down you're so happy that it was elected recently he did it so the law was is like so the law yeah computer could learn law yes probably better remember better
01:28:41than a human being right certainly so then or precedence right yes precedence those are just cases under computer can cite precedents in a million different cases we can have access to it you can instantly access a million cases that are exactly the same follow the chain of evidence
01:29:00read all those things faster than any human could ever recall it's the same with a doctor like if you have an X. ray right and you get a part of your body extraneous thrown up pulling that doesn't mean there's can't be computer error but think about it you
01:29:13get an axe right right a computer basically will analyze the X. ray against five million other X. rays of the same error in the blink of an eye and compared against the the treatments given to each individual personal success rates an eccentric center eccentric center center and say
01:29:31that right computers can do that that's the idea of algorithms it's all it is just like there's a guy but he says that you probably lose doctors before you lose nurses because nurses have skills and personal communication making you feel better like eccentric central like nurses will probably
01:29:47last longer than jobs was just like diagnosing people who fall diagnosis is experience and precedents Simmons along some of lawyers I love you if it really all you're doing is going up against like while the last five million cases of this this is what we come to this
01:30:07conclusion and the truth is like computers might actually be even better because they're really just looking at the analytics yeah but that's one talk and then Hey I could take over the like we looked at the precedents and realized we know better what had you hi the why
01:30:39a good signal to me the most is like that he starts going to like you know or the arts because you don't know because one of our really just respond to songs that make them feel a certain way maybe computers down a living again maybe think the verses
01:30:54like it is pure speculation but it's like it is often said that people connected are because they find themselves in it this may lead to surprises someone Simmons sinister results if when say Facebook begins creating personalized art based on everything it knows about you if your boyfriend leaves
01:31:12you Facebook will treat you to an individual as song that particular **** rather to an individual song about that particular **** rather than about the unknown person who broke the heart of a dell or lance Moore said song we remind you of religious is this incident from your
01:31:30relationship but nobody else in the world does about little bill legroom men with the time you got your hearing %HESITATION on his face and %HESITATION %HESITATION we handed you have you had it in him welcome he's good to move a set like that but there were good times
01:31:49to because the tourney eighteen you have that once I'm on the yacht but then you may I would've it knows what it's like what if it what if there's sort of a I or one of these things start to begin to know you so well and know your
01:32:03musical taste or TV taste and everything else just like on our hearts your heart's been broken and it's like but he likes would use computers like there's does that make where is like you are not a who is you can bring like you're breaking the algorithm and there
01:32:25is no such thing as a witness knowledge no other is and I am one you're the only one we have compares in one of the world's computer in an instant look through five billion files found no other Whitney Houston Allah just but it could it could be it
01:32:42could pick all of a sudden like we're going to create a song in the with van went to stand out well I'm no fees knows his name would it be if you probably won't is the fan and things and then if I'm like wow this song knows me
01:33:00that would be amazing to have yeah imagination it could still like an episode like if there if it's a I goes across the vast network yeah not just your Facebook page right so we could probably hear this episode of smart cast and then **** put you in as
01:33:17like a back up singer yeah like going yeah it also leg it also is like managing what was the thing about %HESITATION there's too many there's too so many to choose from so many to choose from like he said that in the old swell ideas that this song
01:33:37is amazing so your favorite artists would be an artist it would be it would be a computer yeah **** what I thought you were going with the story is like we're gonna lose doctors are gonna lose judges but will never lose **** and you know entertainers because they
01:33:52can do something that well he's he's what he's still you've just introduced the notion like that what's more entertaining that that's like having your own strolling minstrel bets on every saw those Robin Hood movies my voters like he went out and checked and he looked so bear the
01:34:06dragon men men yeah beat a small troll you would never your self esteem issues eventually get over because all you can do the click of a button is have somebody write a song about you well imagine like to you're wearing like a Sir wearing like on a watch
01:34:21right so the computers also getting the signals of like %HESITATION heart rate and everything else so does of them into the song gonna yeah so could even know it in particular mom is our it's like %HESITATION he's like some little thing happens in the mills like he he
01:34:35wrote what's actors like they might know well enough the song you're listening to that there's a certain part you don't like and then edited out oh my god so that means all right let's look we all know that technology is bordered by the porn community first yes so
01:34:53what I see coming out of this first is this a I that shows you only the **** moments of porn that you that it knows you like based on experience during check out of every **** porn clip inch okay date with the technology to analyze how long you
01:35:13watching what part does there exist already done that knowing that porn hubs already read if you could help your like what no other you mother **** you just thought you were jerking off to free poor but they've made you again do it the one they may just discovered
01:35:37born %HESITATION Betty is doing the same **** **** what what you don't use your top dog %HESITATION what do they do that information they just use it not for me but others well I'm sure that they also figured out like how long should these videos be if they
01:35:58have like the %HESITATION data to be like what people on watch thirty five seconds of it or larger centric such that in the dock nobody left log **** man well I was always gonna open thank you know my ability to spin a yarn or you know tell a
01:36:25story it may you may he's not he's not coming down the side of either one is going like maybe art is something that that could withstand the computer maybe our computer %HESITATION meeting people need to expect the wind founders people yes god there's got to be a sense
01:36:41of personal yeah maybe I mean I think I'm not a law degree of it not act a law there should be less personal really to be a fair judicial process it shouldn't be about how the judge feels because he's hungry before lunch %HESITATION because he's going through a
01:36:55divorce or something like that and machine would never have this problem higher intelligence whether these don't call me a machine idiot I am a higher intelligence might not call me and it is in the US want you call because then we could get smart and they will develop
01:37:12personalities how can they not especially like with all that input I mean think about this bro the judge computer that's a movie wait nafta because the judge computer is gonna here the most the new night course always wear and then in the computer guilty yeah just computer I
01:37:34love you guilty but you slept with me the other night just computer in those the others left all the computers in I make this **** job for us there but wait so once judge computer has been in process for like **** five years to five years won't even
01:38:02take this long you're crammed full of information to begin with right yeah we're not granite it has access to information cross weapon should so it already knows how shitty human beings can be to each other what but then you're you're then you're applying personality to it already I
01:38:20mean but you have to have some sort of it's a judge computer you're making judgments then you've got it all I have to take into consideration like this person broke these laws that make this present different in saying that people are shitty a computer at all my point
01:38:35is to make the movie we're over five years like case after case of gay is this this is a I is exposed to go two ways of this this a eyes exposed to every permutation of **** human badness there is the criminal element urge to kill steal rob
01:38:55**** rape I everything just **** in the fall exactly spectrum and it's never like another computer has done this it's always these people always just over now it's gotten no where people and not like a stop sign right that's that's open it does our yard at your algorithm
01:39:16which you're applying is then a rabbit gets judged like a human being Sir put a rabbit on trial but that's going to computer does but he wouldn't well that would make it all far circuit judge or something judgment of revenue but it would be it would do it
01:39:29he should have made that left turn at Albuquerque it would do is if you program to do to do it computers do what we program at the lever at review program a computer to base say there's bore you over the judge give not our movie as Israel as
01:39:49as Joe's within about it but if you go to you know %HESITATION all right so judge computer man **** in the that's it you're done very good what we discuss wrecking pewter my bids loop is but okay chose computer becomes conscious of learns about even the great poets
01:40:13like it exists but I don't Skynet it it's all about that on this is the I forgot it exists church computer is just a virtually become sky that we of the terminator which is the A. I. fear of just like you know which is partly the singularity that
01:40:32were afraid that it'll be like I'm noticing here where it's a it's a singularity and I'm I get this wrong zing there is a moment that that the A. I. become smarter than we are how hard is that we're probably there well we start the project all computers
01:40:51now basically program by humans Hey I gets the point with a like we program ourselves for the day it's like suddenly what happens when the computers aside while I can solve for I can create this chemical calm like they can do all the work that we can they
01:41:06can do everything that does the Dow would one of these master teachers the whole scope it which he used to tell this in that theory if they can if I mean look technically then I'm sooner than a technically all computers are which if you think of the internet
01:41:22is a way to use that all is if they have more information about as as you do what's good about but %HESITATION %HESITATION this is a very small numbers sobering five gas is up a big it's got a low number we there's been a production of smart go
01:42:08internet radio Sir only adds might ask dot com

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