The Small Business Marketing Advice in 5 Minutes podcasts are just 5 minutes in duration and detail every aspect of how the small business owner can market his or her business at little or zero cost.
They build into a complete reference library of marketing solutions and here are just a few of the topics our podcasts will be covering:
Calls to Action
Joint Ventures
Social Media
Promotional Videos
Case Studies
The 80/20 Rule
Be an Expert
Pricing Too Low
Free Trials
In plain terms the Small Business Marketing Advice in 5 Minutes podcasts will help you attract new customers, increase sales and generate more income.
Our next 3 podcasts will covering some proven marketing strategies that can be implemented in your business at 100% ZERO COST!!
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It’s been an absolute pleasure speaking to you.
Here’s to the journey ahead, increased incomes and thank you for listening.
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Episode 006 Creating Events Hi this is John Lloyd-Hughes and welcome back to the Small Business Marketing Advice in 5 Minutes podcast. Thank you so much for joining me again today. Attracting new customers is something we all need to do no matter how busy we are. It’s the lifeblood of your business so in this episode we are going to look at a brilliant strategy that will help you increase your customer numbers. Today we are going to look at Creating Events. No matter what type of business you operate events are a great way to interact with current and prospective customers, promote your products and services and also position your business right at the top of your industry sector. Whereas Social Media can help you reach a wider audience online in-person events provide vital face-to-face contact with your customers and prospects. You may feel that creating an event is outside your comfort zone but I guarantee that if you start doing it to promote your business you will generate more customers, more sales and more income. Creating an event is not difficult at all. But just like any marketing activity you need a clear strategy to make it a success so let’s look at 5 key areas: What’s my goal? Event format Attendees Event timing Promotion Number one is knowing what you want to achieve from your event. Will you be targeting existing clients with a view to increasing their annual spend? Or are you purely looking to develop some new business opportunities? Personally I would recommend that you invite customers AND prospects. As we discussed in a previous podcast - it’s often more important what others say about you rather than what you say about yourself. And who better to promote your business to your prospects than your existing clients! The second aspect to consider is event format. Are you going to be presenting some news about your company? Or do you want a less formal style of meeting where people can mingle? What refreshments will you be providing on the day? Seated or standing? Thirdly – who are your perfect attendees? Once you have established your desired audience and have a preferred format in mind you can start drawing up a list of people you would like to attend. Remember this is about generating more business to increase income so invite people strictly on that basis. Certainly a sprinkling of long standing loyal customers will be brilliant for your event and you can literally let them do the talking to your prospects. Regarding which prospects to invite LinkedIn is fantastic for seeing if they are already connected to some of your customers. If they know each other online or better still personally your event will run like a dream. Conversations will flow and that’s how relationships develop. All you need to do is be the perfect host on the day. Number 4 is event timing. You have a list of invitees so what’s the best time to hold your event to ensure maximum attendance? Do you want the event to run in office hours? What about lunchtime and providing a buffet or would early evening be best. Be mindful of Bank Holidays or school holidays when people may be away or unable to attend. A really important tip here. Consider the date and time of your event carefully as the last thing you want to be doing is changing dates after people have already accepted. It can cause a drop off of booked attendees and does not convey professionalism. Number 5, which is absolutely key to the success of your event is PROMOTION. Having too many attendees is not an issue as you can hold your event on 2 different dates or even change the venue to accommodate more people on the day. But having too few attendees IS AN ISSUE – and obviously defeats the whole object of the strategy in the first place. So whatever you do don’t shy away from promoting your event for fear of having too many attendees. If you have planned ahead a simple solution is to invite people in batches so you can monitor the number of people accepting. That way if you do have to run your event on 2 different dates or at a bigger venue it’s far easier to manage. Initially I would recommend telephoning those customers and prospects you know followed by personalised emails for your invites which will give you a feel for response levels. If you achieve the numbers you want great. If not then social media is a great platform to create more awareness, particularly for generating new business opportunities. When handled properly events are a brilliant technique to market your company and engage with your existing and prospective clients. Make sure you are visible on the day to meet and greet every single person that walks through the door. People are coming to your event to make contact with you and the people behind your products and services so you and your staff need to be the perfect ambassadors for your business. LAST BUT NOT LEAST Remember and make sure all your staff fully understand the purpose of your event. You are cementing and creating new relationships to generate more sales, more customers and more income. In the next podcast we’ll look in more detail at how you can Create an Event That Drives Business. It’s been an absolute pleasure speaking to you again. You can subscribe to the Small Business Marketing Advice in 5 Minutes podcast on iTunes or by visiting our website at www.in5minutes.co.uk. For the 5 use the digit number 5. So that’s www.in5minutes.co.uk. Here’s to the journey ahead, increased incomes and thank you for listening.


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