It's the last episode of Skillset’s Season Two, our masterclass on high school movies. But I can’t throw my graduation cap before I get to talk about three of my all-time favorite flicks. First up, Bring it On introduced us to the crazy world of high school competitive cheerleading. But it turns out some of those insane moves -- okay, a lot of them -- aren’t technically legal. So how real is Bring it On? We ask Susie Knoblauch of the National Federation of State High School Associations who oversees cheer battles to separate the truth from the tinsel. Then, we talk about the most famous prom dress in movie history. Hint: It’s pink. It’s covered in blood. It’s Carrie’s, and costume designer Luis Sequera had the tough job of updating the iconic gown when Hollywood remade Carrie 37 years after the original. That’s several lifetimes in teenage trends. And finally, let’s go to Harry Potter’s Hogwarts where the class subjects are fiction, but the teaching styles are all too real. There’s good teachers and bad teachers, boring classes and classes that should be interesting but somehow still wind up boring because the teacher doesn’t care. Dr. Melissa Johnson of Virginia Commonwealth University studied their teaching styles and discovered who is the worst teacher at Hogwarts -- and it isn't because they tried to kill their students.

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00:00:08okay so the story of She's All That naked graduation stunt starts with another fictional teenager and another big high school moment Neil Patrick Harris the star of Doogie Howser you know that 90s TV show about a kid doctor in real life went to La Cueva High School in Albuquerque New Mexico one day Neil Patrick Harris got up during an assembly and he told his fellow students how cool it was to be an actor he didn't impression of Dudley Moore a younger classmate was listening and he believed him that kid's name was Freddie Prinze jr. I was like damn that's what I want to do recalled Prince and that's what he did by the end of the 90s Freddie Prinze jr. it was playing an asshole jock who bets that he can turn a loner artist geek Rachael Leigh Cook into a prom queen or else or else turns out to be walk across the graduation stage naked Freddy's own chance to make it in
00:01:08Russian unimpressionable youth if that twist seems worthy of an M Night Shyamalan script that's because it is Shyamalan secretly worked on the script for she's all that and he didn't tell me you want for 13 years and get this and night was inspired by his own high school years when he was a kid his friend lost a bet and his punishment was running across campus naked
00:01:34hi I'm Amy Nicholson Chief film critic for MTV News and welcome to skills at the podcast where every guest is an expert and every week they teach you and me a new way to look at the movies today is the last episode of skill-sets entire season about high school movies it's our graduation
00:02:01but I can't throw my cat before I get to talk about three of my all-time favorite Flex Force up bring it on with our first look at the crazy world of High School competitive cheerleading but it turns out some of those insane moves okay a lot of those insane moves aren't technically legal so how real is Bring It On we ask Susie no block of the national Federation of State High School associations who oversees cheer battles to separate the truth from the tensile then we talked about the most famous prom dress in movie history okay hint it's pink and it's covered in blood it's carries and costume designer Lewis two-carat had the tough job of updating it for the 2013 sequel
00:02:51and finally let's go to Harry Potter's Hogwarts with a class subjects are fiction but the teaching styles are all too real we ask educator doctor Melissa Johnson who is the worst teacher at Hogwarts and she doesn't pick the one who tries to kill their students that's all in this week's episode of skill set
00:03:15if I am says learn anything from Peyton Reed's bring it on it's that High School competitive cheerleading is intense also that Gabrielle Union has the best dancer in the world there are teams that she and Kirsten Dunst performing Bring It On are huge and spectacular and just the right amount of corny they're also illegal according to the official cheerleading competition rules set by the national Federation of State High School associations so was Bring It On good for cheerleading or did it get kids the wrong idea let's ask nfhs director of activities and sports Suzie Nowak
00:03:53so before I bring it on came out the biggest cheerleading pop culture story was that Mom who hired a Hitman to kill a rival get her daughter on the squad is it safe to say that bring it on with a more accurate representation of joy
00:04:06well I'm chewing his definitely evolved throughout time and when we hear stories such as the unfortunate one that you described to even scenarios in Bring It On It kind of brings a totally different light into what's your program look like for better and worse and sometimes it is contributes to oftentimes The Stereotype that comes with cheer and dance program so I guess it definitely brought it to the mainstream but there are a lot of great things that come out of cheer and dance programs and sometimes what we hear in the news and what we seeing in some very typical performances cheerleaders you and when you go to cheerleading competitions like the ones we seen the film one thing you're not going to see you some of the stuff you see in the film because I heard that some of the stuff you see in bring it on or actually illegal in pipe size
00:05:06competitions which ones
00:05:09what cracked the national Federation of State High School associations and Alka work diligently to make sure that there's sound rules in place for interscholastic high school programs but that doesn't always cover Club programs or Rec programs that you might see in some different capacities so when we watch those shows though two of us who are ruined Susie it's always fun to watch and say oh that's illegal that's illegal can't do that in high school but we know that it for the entertainment value UC and in TV in the shows that oftentimes those guns are added for a letter Asian but it's really fun to see you know the culture of the event like you had mentioned at those competitions they bring their own fan base and it's fun to see school student bodies cheer for the cheerleaders
00:06:05so if I'm watching bring it on and I don't have a judge by my side what are they doing in bring it on that I couldn't do if I was a high school cheerleader
00:06:14well I'm some of the the rotation flipping in basket tosses or not permitted in high school level but they are permitted in college-level so those would be an example of the inverted still at wouldn't be allowed and it's the rulebook evolves in changes then we evaluate injury report I have seen in the 12 years I've been involved with the high school rule book and evolution of some skills that are safe and minimize risk so it's really an exciting time for being more creativity and more of an allowance to do some of those skills what happens if you do something like the flyover right where they toss a cheerleader from one group to another which I think is another thing that's not permitted in high school cheerleading is a team disqualified
00:07:02well it varies on the competition rules I'm typically when you stay still work they transition in air release Kill from one set of bases to another set of bases which would be prohibited they could get a penalty from you know anywhere from what does that state organizations course she would be on sometimes it could be 1.5 points 10 points and oftentimes with those larger Point deductions that could lead to disqualification typically teams like that don't advance and they should know way before that allows them to do and not to do what were the judges do if it's all like we see here the Toros stealing routines from another team
00:07:48that's really interesting question and I'm seeing this type of plagiarism of creative material not just ensuring dance but here is head in speech performances where folks can get you know everything on video YouTube now they watch performances and they may still choreography or steel cutting through material and then not till you see it again out in the circuit you realize that that material might have been told but you know it it's there's no creative license on that because you could alter and change it enough to stay both not exactly like that routine so it's really more of a management of ethical competition and I heard her say I don't care if people can steal my material I'm still going to do it better than them and I thought that was a great perspective on how to approach it because they took it as a compliment the folks wanted you you know pool there
00:08:48choreography but they still hung their hat on Wheels still do it better regardless if they use some of our material I like that which sounds a lot like what you see here and bring it on to like what Isis would say you know fine Bring It On we do everything we're still going to be better at it than you otherwise how accurate is Bring It On are there in real life the intense your mom's and the student to take this really seriously like it's life-or-death well I think we can see culturally and evolution of the intensity and parent involvement in sports crossed the nation not just cheer and dance so when you you see a show like bring it on you have to take it in the entertainment context it is but I'm not surprised that there are isolated incidents that's where you know that intensity does roll over into the culture of a program
00:09:37look up Spirit fingers does that still happen well it's like many things there is a trend overtime in fact we were just laughing I'm looking at the context of the Olympics finger wag might be the new on Spirit fingers this year so it kind of evolved with what cultural Trends there are right now and info also sings the song unsportsmanlike things like pounding the mat like this is our mad we on this Matt this is our house those are some negatives on sportsmanship types of things that we would encourage at the high school level but we see if off sometimes through shows like bring it on or you know really intense Club program also bring it on is influencing cheerleading now like it came out of cheerleading and now it's sort of influencing the tone of cheerleading competitions
00:10:30well I think it it it did and its original airing and every time there are shows and movies like that we always have to approach it say you know that is television our standard is different here so when we see those influences from TV in the media we have to redirect and say this is how we want our programs to be displayed and emulated Across the Nation so what when you watch Bring It On is the thing that you think it just Nails about cheerleading
00:11:02white fingernail but many of the participants and coaches take it very serious as we've always you know seen in our Traditional School makeup you know your sports of basketball football volleyball softball that competitive focus is exactly the same as you would see with competitive cheer dance event those athletes want to strive for Perfection they want to put their best out there on the floor match and they work all year for that they're highly athletic very skilled tumblers jumpers Nestle's and work all year and in stunting and building their pyramids so the skill levels one thing that I like that those show brought to the Forefront is that these are athletes and I'm at the very athletic events and activities that's drying kids from Across the Nation at a variety of agent yeah I mean just movie has that argument that this is about cheerleaders fighting for respect where is that fight
00:12:03well I think it's coming in a very long way and as much as folks in position that I haven't stayed athletic association's to continue to move forward that that's Ford Focus and try to minimize the stereotypes often align with cheer and dance we want folks to know that these are student-athletes in your school then your programs and that this gives them another venue another opportunity to be recognized and show their talent so I feel it's moving in the right direction I will ask questions is he do you believe in the spirit stick cars
00:12:43I guess I think it makes for great TV I don't know if I believe in it or not but if you know it if it is to keep kids healthy and involved and keeps a good storyline then let's move ahead for the next series episode of Bring It On thank you so much for today I really appreciate it you're welcome I hope you guys have fun
00:13:06that was just a no buck director of activities and sports at the national Federation of State High School associations and ruler of the cheerocracy
00:13:23picture carries pink prom dress it's an icon right up there with Marilyn Monroe's Windswept white halter dress and Audrey Hepburn's slim black gown from Breakfast at Tiffany's icons are forever so how do you update a Nikon when Hollywood decides to make a remake of Carrie 37 years after the original that's several lifetimes in teenage Trends costume designer Lewis of carrot was awarded that challenge and then had to cover his Creation in Blood let's talk to him about the trauma
00:13:57how iconic is the original Carrie dress
00:14:01what did I mean obviously is very iconic and given the time. It was in itself on and off piece so it actually was one of the more important design elements are thoughts of the film was going to from fashion trends and explain why it was what it was
00:14:33so where did you start cuz you have to do all of that and you have to straddle the dress looking innocent like an innocent like Carrie would wear it while being just sexy enough that her mother would get upset that you can see her dirty pillows exactly and also explain how it got babe because they would have been made by her given that the foot rest in modern day is just something you know that it may be out of class in modern modern day but it is so I decided to go further back and I found a great little bias cut dress that we modified
00:15:18M to describe it for people you know where Chloe's differs from Sissy's is that the straps crossed around the back it's got a bow the stretcher little sticker it's a little more structured that you were drawing from where they from around the time of the original film back in 1976 or where were you looking we decided to go even further down the body and it accentuates that.
00:16:00quality that got Chloe hot and very sexy so that's why I chose to go that that route
00:16:10you ended up making I heard over 30 copies of this dress why so every segment of the film a week we tracked the dress from you know Christine and had three dresses for the bucket drop and then we had a couple of dresses that have free done blood on them then the sprinklers came on and so that's basically
00:16:53and then for the Mayhem which was completely soaked in Blood and water and dirt and so we have to have various versions of each of those in Massachusetts
00:17:12how will I be interested in looking person in Chloe Chloe I called her mom and said I'm taking advantage of a compound that looked wet so what would you have done if light pink was not Chloe Grace Moretz is color not a blue tang stormy has lots of colors with in pink and so the pink ones was actually not as cool thing comes a bit more warmer
00:18:12torque specs thank you so much for talking to me about this I hope all of your dances are happy
00:18:32well thank you so much
00:18:34that was costume designer Lewis to Kara of the Carrie remake remember pillows are not 30 and if you want to still look from Kerry for your next Friday go for her date Tommy's powder blue ruffled tuxedo
00:18:55the teachers at Hogwarts had Fantastical names clear nose clear all gilderoy Lockhart Rubeus Hagrid Horace Slughorn but take away the oceans in the Spells and their actual teaching methods are as realistic as any school there's good teachers in Bad Teachers or in classes and classes that should be interesting but somehow still windup boring because the teacher just doesn't care doctor at Melissa Johnson of Virginia Commonwealth University study the Hogwarts teaching styles and she wrote a paper on it why don't are quills lessons in pedagogy from Harry Potter is there any spell that can fix an awful teacher maybe not but here is how to spot one
00:19:40dr. Johnson hit me with the hard truth who is the worst teacher at Hogwarts
00:19:46the worst teacher at Hogwarts is Professor binns who teaches history magic and he's a ghost so he's been dead for a while but he he's so removed from sort of everyday reality that he doesn't even really see his students in front of the Student Center because I think a lot of people might have thought you'd say Snape or maybe one of the teachers that tried to kill someone but it seems like you're trying a distinction between evil and bad teacher what's that difference
00:20:28so I think that people who say haven't had all the books because he's a terrible teacher in the classroom if she starts to understand keeping secrets to protect people and I guess that we could probably say that Mad Eye Moody is a very dangerous I think we can learn in all sorts of places and I think we can learn from people whose intentions might not be good so I think that there is definitely a distinct line between
00:21:28what about a line between good and friendly are other teachers that Harry likes you still aren't good teachers argue that it is not very good teacher and he's a lovely man you know he's he's a wonderful human being and he cares deeply for the for the students and he's deeply for his teacher and it's not because his techniques are pouring a lot of active learning experience
00:22:06call Kenny Chesnick have authority in the classroom despite his crate size so he deals with a lot of the students that leads to some probably leave that were effective lessons used to be a teacher is that obvious to you when you read the books
00:22:28you know I did not actually know that but it is I think it is very what she's doing in the book in her portrayal of teachers is very accurate and started the range of teaching that we had and she's certainly I think doing a very effective teachers talking here about different types of learning like experiential learning versus book learning versus lecture learning Dulce in the series that different students need different things
00:23:03yes I'm and I think that's true in real life as well I've been teaching for about 20 years so will you have a basis for identity on learning really wants to be the best at everything she's choosing anyways driving by petition but it's fine if you only student in the books you can learn from Professor from books and then there are learner's like Neville Longbottom have a lot of difficulty in certain situations he does really well and the herbology classes at Professor Sprout teachers because you feel safe there and he feels encouraged and he does terribly and I Professor Snape's classes and he does terribly and he feels like he's going to be
00:24:03it really in the book that he be supported that he be given confidence that he be allowed to operate and collaborate with other students because that's where he's most successful Harry learns he learns outside of the classroom educational research that says that I'm outside of the classroom but it's really based on what they're learning in the classroom
00:24:57as a teacher yourself as taking this closer to look at Harry Potter affected how you teach students
00:25:06I do think it has I'm sort of an introverted demonstrative person and I really idolize Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter and I just I like that she doesn't get any nonsense and she's very strict and respect her and I really always wanted to be that teacher I got a little older and I started realizing that that certain distance I was putting between myself and my student ID try to put the Morey's now to try to show them that I understand their situation that I feel empathy for them that they can come and talk to me I think part of the process of fat transfer box in the end part of it was just teaching and seeing how students were affected by the classroom
00:26:06I'm So Into You and I make more of an effort these days to go cuz I think she's such a good example of a teacher who may not be the nicest but to me she might be the best teacher in the whole series
00:26:26yeah actually I thought that myself until I really started kind of digging into it and what you mean you really pay attention to those classrooms games and how the students do on the chair by testing their abilities are not as successful is I think they would be if she were the best teacher and part of what I have noticed is that enough she doesn't give them enough process she doesn't break down the Transfiguration spell a lot of learning but even when they're sitting there tests but they're still struggling I'm so then who do you think is the best teacher there's an argumentative Dumbledore and Harry but they're talking particular about teaching it happens outside
00:27:26turn on your mind
00:27:36he created an atmosphere in his classroom for students are willing to take risks and they're not afraid of encouraging he's very welcoming produced a class of students who could defeat Lord Voldemort holding the good force of good against evil
00:28:15I think I certainly do learn defense against the dark arts very well they weren't so yeah I would say it's a successful. Grading the teachers of Harry Potter's Hogwarts I am so glad she could join us for this week's episode of skill set and I'm so glad you could join us to thank you for letting along with us during this season salute to high school movies I mean Nicholson in over the next couple months you can find my movie reviews at MTV and me on Twitter at the Amy Nicholson
00:29:03thank you so much for listening to this season of skill set
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