On Episode 16 of SOS, we Skype with Brooklyn, NY local Caroline Sanchez. She is a freelance musician, audio technician, and technology consultant who’s landed some pretty exciting gigs throughout her career thus far.

She’ll tell us how the audio ball got rolling with a Bachelor of Music in Sound Engineering Arts from William Paterson University. She then jumped at the opportunity to intern at Bonnaroo, which lead to more high profile jobs like working for SNL, Good Morning America and even The Grammy’s.

“I don’t get super star struck easy. No matter how iconic of a show, I try to take every call like “ok, this is really cool, it’s a big job, it’s a big client. But what is the job? What are the things I need to know? How can I prepare myself before I show up?”

Listen to hear her story plus her tips on how to make it happen as a freelancer.

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