It's been three years since the world encountered the mega-hit blockbuster, Jurassic World, a reboot/sequel to the Jurassic Park franchise. With marketing that promises a return to the original's horror roots along with the awe and wonder, does this fifth installement live up to its predecessors? With an all-star cast and the best CGI to date, is Universal's Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom the best Jurassic Park film yet or...is it the worst? Join Corbin, Allen, and special guest Curtis, as they discuss the film to find out!

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00:00:00Welcome to the silver screen guide podcast where we discussed films from every john so sit back relax and enjoy the podcast welcome back listeners to the so far final installment in our jurassic park retrospective siri's today we're talking about jurassic world the fallen kingdom this is your co
00:00:24host corbin i'm alan from chicago and today we have a special guest hi if you listen to anything else that corbett i haven't done has probably been with curtis and i i mean yeah or courtesy and jacob yeah this is by roommate for the summer and he was
00:00:41released last year and you before that and him and i i really love movies and he's been a big inspiration for me tio dig deeper so i decided i ask corbyn hey we should totally have him on and now he's here like on the retrospective podcast that is
00:00:54here i am well we're glad to have you curtis on this episode and we thought it would be good to have a special guest on since we began the retrospective siri's with a special guest we thought it would be a good idea to end it with one as
00:01:08well so i'm looking forward to hearing the three of our thoughts on discussing this movie now this movie was released june twenty second two thousand eighteen it was directed by j a boy ana who directed the orphanage the impossible and most recently well aside from this movie a
00:01:28monster calls i've not seen any of these but i've heard of him i definitely heard of a monster calls but i have not seen it nor have i but i've heard good things about it relatively tame this was also written by derek connolly who wrote safety not guaranteed
00:01:44really enjoy that movie he also wrote the previous installment jurassic world and he wrote kong school island which was kind of a mixed bag for a lot of people it's chaos you with everything you say okay okay there's also written by colin trevorrow who as you may know
00:02:09if you listen to the previous episode directed the previous movie and also if you have missed out on the previous reviews then go ahead and click on the link and the description below and that'll take you to the entire retrospective page where you can go ahead and catch
00:02:25up before starting this episode Also ah steven spielberg produced this movie as usual price per usual this is just how it goes now he if there's usually if there is a movie tied to a product project that he did at one point most likely he's going to produce
00:02:41it this is also number for just a lot of other directors as well absolutely movie stars chris pratt bryce dallas howard rafe spall justice smith daniella panetta james cromwell toby jones ted levine jeff gold bloom b d wong geraldine chaplin and isabella sermon quite a few big names
00:03:04from time passed and still current and then some more more new prominent rising stars i'd say yeah yeah we've basically the half of the word half the cast from last movies come back the two kids were gone maybe that's for the better maybe it's for the worst what
00:03:22we'll talk about that yeah basically the big names be wang has returned i know that he said that he would totally be okay with returning again even after dressing world on dh then of course you got the two big names bryce dallas howard chris pratt there of course
00:03:37coming back there the main stars of the siri's anyways so it just makes sense and i'm sure we'll get into it but this was also scored drastic world undress world tour scored by the same person michael jackie no yes we were over this last time too trouble yeah
00:03:57i i know that we mentioned last time this name is it's kind of interesting to say jackie no uh is how you pronounce it okay I've got some things to say about his score for this movie but we'll save it until we get into it and i do
00:04:15want to give props to the cinematographer we don't always but sometimes we do it if we feel like they're worth bringing up oscar ferrara he did the impossible he did the imitation game and he also did the orphanage so he has worked with this director before and i
00:04:31think he did a fairly well job shooting the movie This is one of those cases where the cinematographer same with christopher nolan and up until recently actually and a few other directors they have once a photographer that is love and they stick with them same with i guess
00:04:45it also kind of goes factors it just is a kind of a pattern it isn't hollywood in general currently and i'm d b the movie holds a six point six no no best yeah and it's also i know it's definitely dropped from the last one that ones i
00:05:05know at least two seven or higher i don't know the exact score but from from memory i know drastic park is about an eight i'm pretty sure yeah that makes sense and they all kind of went downhill from there I believe this is definitely higher than jurassic park
00:05:20three which was probably in the five i think yeah i think i think that's right now i know that one was definitely closer to five's dresser park three has a five point nine drastic park too has a six point five jurassic park has an eight point one jurassic
00:05:41world has a seven and jurassic world falling kingdom has a six point six so you said the dressing part too had a six and a half yeah okay so this violent scene yeah So number five i guess here is right about the middle of the road then yep
00:05:58that that makes sense unfortunately we have not seen a drastic park movie get close to the rating of the original yet yeah yeah on for tonight unfortunately well we do also liketo look att cinema score because that is probably the most accurate audience gauge because people who actually
00:06:22do see the movie they give their score they pull them right after the movie and it has an a minus that's it pretty high wow i was not expecting that maybe i'm tipping my hand with that inflection there i gave with my shock of this being an a
00:06:41minus but i'm just surprised because the first jurassic world movie got in a so apparently it's just barely below that in jurassic park got in a wall so audiences i know there is a gap in time so but still audiences still gave it the same drastic park to
00:07:02got a b plus so this is barely better than two apparently in drastic park three got a b minus so i'm just a little surprised by some of these scores yeah that is interesting very interesting i there is one thing that i'll mention later when we get into
00:07:22the podcast that i saw that article on about a a certain scene of the movie uh we'll talk about it i'll make sure the mention it a bit later because it does kind of get into spoilers but yeah that is interesting that a movie that has usually well
00:07:40i guess what i guess you do he's a better way of putting it because sometimes we'll see movies that have a high i'm to be score and then a very low cinemascore and the thie opposite way around they never really seemed to connect only rarely like with jurassic
00:07:51park with those big like critically acclaimed movies that we've just come to know and love forever those who usually when the scores are pretty much level but recently they you have been very very best to different very true ah did either of you see the trailers out for
00:08:09this movie yeah did yeah going to sea with movie passes it was kind of hard to just to move past although most of the trailers we saw were the first trailer yes yes and i only saw the second trailer once or twice right i think i did i
00:08:26think a slow second trailer twice megha maiga's foolery that's right it wass it would give everything away forget about that right depending on which trailer you saw probably depended on how much knowledge of the plot you had going into this movie and i got to say for the
00:08:46first trailer i was intrigued it used some very horror sounding music it looked intense that didn't give too much away but then the second trailer i was i was a pretty onboard with but it did look kind of confusing because it i don't understand how certain scenes could
00:09:05possibly connect with in the movie and mind you i only saw the first and maybe just clips of the second before seeing this movie i didn't see the third trailer until just a bit ago and it's literally the whole movie and reveals the entire plot wow i don't
00:09:26think i've seen that third trader than because i don't remember oh you gotta e watch that it's wild wells troublesome yeah well my opinion on the first failure was okay going back to the past to review the last one with dressing world i wasn't too big of a
00:09:43fan with that one but so kind of senior trip so i was just like a all right Well whatever you know i knew i had to see it at some point because we're doing a retrospective but i found it to be interesting and ends up kind of going
00:10:00against some of the tone of the movie for at least the first half just a little bit yeah so i mean later on the movie just ships and of course we'll get there but you have these for the first half is kind of similar kind of i was
00:10:17this really these things were just kind of okay in my mind the i think they were trying to go for him very much They were going for an emotional response with the theme being on the piano which doesn't happen till very late in the movie when it's very
00:10:28prominent So yeah i just don't remember the theme really playing until the credits there wasn't one time Yeah so yeah which was disappointing Uh yeah this is kind of a problem with modern trailers and i went saw this with my girlfriend and we saw the trailer for a
00:10:50skyscraper and that we're kind of annoyed because the whole movie has been revealed all the intense scenes i remember the very first trailer i was like wow how is he going to get out of that situation And now we know how they get out of every situation we
00:11:05literally saw the entire movie i hate it when they do that Yeah i know we've talked about this before and it may have been a discussion podcast but yeah trailer especially recent ones they tend to give a lot of way when they probably shouldn't do that i don't
00:11:19exactly know the reason behind why they do it but that is just how it is i suppose Well it just so happens that this is the biggest budget of any jurassic park flash world movie it's the biggest one in the franchise with one hundred seventy million dollars which
00:11:37is twenty million more than the previous one hundred seventy million is don't get me wrong it's still big budget but considering like part of the cure being four had like almost a four hundred dollar budget or something crazy like could be worse It could have pulled a solo
00:11:58star wars movie and accidentally went the and accidentally doubled its budge sit and went over winter million So i mean that this seems to be the kind of middle of the road but one hundred fifty ish million is seems to be about what blockbusters tend to be Yet
00:12:12now unless your marvel where you sink about three hundred million into an avengers movie or parts of the caribbean or solo that's when they get really really expensive but it for for a lot of them they tend to be around this mid range of one hundred fifty ish
00:12:29million I have a fun fact about the budget of this movie was that but it's kind of spoil aree so i might want to save it till later Yeah keep that in mind curtis it's very fun i'm going to write it down Well having a movie this type
00:12:48of budget is a completely safe bet considering the previous installment on opening weekend alone grossed over two hundred eight million just domestically and went on to gross a billion dollars worldwide and at the time it was like the highest grossing movie ever Something like that just broke all
00:13:08these different records so it was a safe bet too give this movie just twenty million more and yeah opening weekend it grossed about one hundred forty eight million in fourth Oh yeah it was number one at the box office It opened in four thousand four hundred seventy five
00:13:25theaters which is a really big wide release It's the it's the widest release of the entire siri's Basically if you live near a theater you're probably going to is probably gonna be showing there that basically means absolutely eh so far domestically it's done one hundred sixty two point
00:13:43seven million in the foreign market five hundred sixty seven million for a worldwide total of so far seven hundred twenty nine point seven million So just in his opening time alone close to a billion yeah yeah it's only been a week not even because it came out this
00:14:01thursday and yeah wow that's a lot of money that is a ton of one and i think it's not avengers level of money but it's a lot of money Yeah an only there's like a race to cross five hundred million And this movie did it fairly quickly Yeah
00:14:22but it did have to go up against this is what i find interesting that it it did have to go up against incredible sze to which came out just a week before this And of course that one also did really really well on the box office for obvious
00:14:32reasons Oh yeah yeah So we've got some pretty good competition but this one did beat it out And i i just wanted to note because i think this movie is too long It's the second longest entry in the siri's which was the longest again sucker That world no
00:14:53they are all like within a minute of each other Technical Okay so i think i think this is a minute longer than the first a minute shorter than the second And the third is about an hour and a half long Yeah That's Right Well are we ready to
00:15:09get into the plot I think so Let's do it All right I'm totally ready All right listeners here is your spoiler warning If you have not seen jurassic world a fallen kingdom and you don't want all of the juicy details spoiled for you then go ahead and click
00:15:26Pause right now run down to your local cinema and grab a ticket go see the movie and then come back and hit play because we're about to spoil everything It has been three years since the madness and mayhem caused the jurassic world theme park too close and the
00:15:41island to be abandoned but a new threat has emerged this one in the form of a natural disaster The dormant volcano on easily nublar has awoken and is threatening a new pompeii for all the dino's inhabiting the island Former head of the drastic world park claire played by
00:15:58bryce dallas howard is now a lobbying actively us who preserved the dinosaurs from extinction Meanwhile dr ian malcolm played by jeff goldblum makes his return to the franchise to testify before congress why they should let the dino's go extinct when capitol hill refuses to enact legislation to save
00:16:17the dinosaurs on the island claire is asked to the home of benjamin lockwood played by james cromwell who we come to find out was john hammond's original partner and helped him launch the idea of cloning dinosaur dna from a mosquito to create the drastic park but for some
00:16:34unspecified reason so far the two had a falling out lockwood and his proxy eli mills played by rafe spall proposition claire with the opportunity to journey to the island and be a part of the rescue team with their ability to unlock the tracking feature within every dinosaur she
00:16:52can help capture and move all of them off the island before the volcano explodes But she doesn't want to go out alone and puts together her own team comprised of franklin web played by justice smith zia rodriguez played by daniela panetta and the reluctant owen grady played by
00:17:11chris pratt Once they make it to the island they're greeted by the underhanded kin wheatley plead by ted levine which we have reviewed before in the sounds of the lambs that's right the group quickly comes to find out he's always a bad guy just got to say that
00:17:28yeah well to be fair he kind of looks like a bad guy it's kind like going to phone where he always looks like looks like grimace that's true the group quickly comes to find out wheatley and crew are after only one thing this sole surviving velociraptor known as
00:17:49blue grady is tricked into finding blue and once he does he has left for dead and blue is shot leaving it in critical condition which forces eah to be conscripted into keeping blue alive Meanwhile claire and franklin are trapped inside of bunker with lava quickly threatening to engulf
00:18:07thie area and a vicious dinosaur ready to have them for lunch the two barely escaped with their lives and with the volcano exploding time is running out the trio reunite and barely make it onto the boat leaving the island behind to melt into the sea all right that
00:18:23was the first movie and this is the second movie very much that a yeah basically my thoughts exactly back on the mainland owed and claire realized the dinosaurs are being delivered to the lockwood mansion This is because the devious eli mills plans to auction the dinosaurs off to
00:18:44the highest bidder with the help of auctioneer mr ever saw played by toby jones so that he may become rich when lockwood's young granddaughter maisie played by isabella sermon overhears mills plan she has locked away but not before she can alert her grandfather for those of you who
00:19:04can't see because it's the podcast on looks like he's done and i think curtis is feeling the same way way excited oh this is hilarious Once i was up i was i was with you up until you begin for me make getting my memories back and that we
00:19:23basically have a auction for dinosaurs and i was like that's right The cartoon characters twirling their handlebar mustache is yes all i could think about was the beginning of toy story when mr potato had character is like who money money money oh yeah it's right like like sick
00:19:47so lockwood confronts mills about his nefarious plan but is smothered with a pillow and dies Of course owen and claire have been captured but owen figures a way out by taunting a head butting dinosaur to break them free during this the auction is on during this the auction
00:20:11is underway in mills is happily earning many million's twenty millions before the auction ends Mills teases the new dino creation the indoor apter manufactured of course by dr wu played by video but the interrupter is merely a prototype and not for sale This doesn't stop the money grubbing
00:20:33mills from selling it anyway when all of a sudden the auction is interrupted by owen and the headbutting dinosaur me uh i got to get a kid's cartoon out of this next course team up when all the buyers when all the buyers were chased out of the building
00:20:54the terror is just beginning the indoor apter escapes because wheatley opens its cage to get one of its teeth for his trophy collection A chase is maisie owen and claire through the house until blue kills it Also mills tries to escape but is eaten by the t rex
00:21:12and maisy let's the dinosaurs free into the world because surprise she is actually a clone creation of lockwood's deceased daughter and the cloning of humans is what caused lockwood and hammond to split si si yes the perfect twist i have that explained to me i was very confused
00:21:33on that plot point Okay Macy justifies her logic by reasoning they are alive like me Did anybody think she kind of sounded like newt from aliens Oh see that that have time half the time she lost the accent she did and then they made fun of her for
00:21:54not having the accent they had to train the clone she's basically a worse newt and this is a worse aliens Yeah it's nothing like aliens I'm just kidding It should be noted claire was cool with releasing them and nearly did and own and company were okay with it
00:22:15too But claire came to her senses and didn't but when macy did it it was no big deal I guess i wanted claire take macy to be their adopted granddaughter Oh i'm sorry Oh and onen claire take macy to be their adopted daughter in the remote cabin And
00:22:34jeff gold bloom is still testifying before congress when he looked directly at this time the whole time when he looks directly at the camera and states welcome to jurassic world as we see dino's headed towards the suburbs as credits rule if it isn't clear already wi i i
00:22:56think i appreciate can speak for all three of us were just trying to hold ourselves together before we just before we actually tear into this movie thiss is ridiculous absolutely ridiculous as if okay to be fair the original was ridiculous too but at least had made it was
00:23:14a grounded type of ridiculous it at least made it thought provoking and made was able to bring out a discussion of cloning out of its ridiculousness and made it realistic it made it a minutes think oh i wish i could go dressing park this is like an episode
00:23:31of looney tunes yeah yes yeah yes the first one did bring in those ethical issues it established interesting characters that were unique built their arcs and brought it all together in an organic way This is trying to talk about ethical issues that are is it's absurd it's completely
00:23:53absurd about whether these dinosaurs have rights and whether they should be preserved What is congress his role Nobody cares so i was i was very worried when we got to this point but i didn't mention in the plot summary the very beginning of this movie Oh i honestly
00:24:14though you don't miss much if you don't mention it so well what did you guys think of it though Like what were your feelings when you have the full first sequence of the movie It was stupid i was wondering because okay i at this when i walked in
00:24:33this movie i'd heard that maybe wasn't really all that good but i carefully kept myself away from opinions party is that also kind of easy because it just was just released but i walked in i was like okay well we'll see where this goes and then the ah
00:24:50you see that really small submarine come by and i was like kind of odd but write whatever you know and then i think it was about the time when we first see the big the big fish dinosaur that's in the first one no no no it was when
00:25:05we saw the uh it was the skeleton of thean dominus rex and then i was like all right i had this feeling from then i was like i think i know is they know where this is going and from from then on it was just it is progressively
00:25:23got worse so yeah the whole first sequence was just a call back to when ah can't think of his name newman from seinfeld when he dies in jurassic park one oh yeah all the way down to the yellow raincoat it's true it was so dumb it's true Well
00:25:46i guess you could also make the comparison of it's similar to the first one on that opening scene as well because that's when the dancer is released and then you courtship the callback here of basically we now realize that dinosaurs were still here and that kind of something
00:26:05that they're wondering go shall we get the month calendar Should we let them stay Uh but the problem is it is i did not grab me like it was supposed to like the first one did Well i guess we i felt a different way I thought it was
00:26:22well shot I was interested thiss whole scene taking place at night i thought the use of lighting was well done with the flashing and you see the t rex and then he comes to get him So i did find this opening exciting Ah you're right curtis It is
00:26:40definitely recycled from the first one and most of this that this is what most of this movie does is it recycles a lot of plot points and even visual callbacks from pretty much all of the previous movies which is something that will will talk about the originality of
00:27:00this movie But regardless i was excited in the beginning i thought it was probably aside from the first one one of the best openings it grabbed me the most but then immediately after that ah i feel the tone shifts and we talk start talking about dinosaurs on capitol
00:27:20hill and this save the dinosaurs plan and claire's incharge of it with all of her young millennial activists that are these super smart doctors and technological people and i'm worried i'm worried so you know that scene in jurassic world where there's like that big thud and you think
00:27:40it's a dinos were foot on the zoom out and it's a bird Yes Oh yeah that's what The opening of this movie felt like to me that's what this whole movie felt like to me but the opening in particular it was just like well that was just a
00:27:52cheap shot like you didn't have to do that That could have been way more interesting You're just stealing from something that's better than you Yeah yeah i can definitely i can definitely see that kind of a tease Yeah yeah but kind of moving on into what you were
00:28:09just talking about there the in corbin with these active animal activists Yeah i was also getting a bit worried I'm just not necessarily for political reasons but i was just like but is this really weird Jurassic park needs to go because i never really once have we ever
00:28:27gotten political in a jurassic park movie it's more of just been the ethics of creating dinosaurs right These from the first one the second one kind of and that there would not really but the point is the point is it This just feels unneeded and starts going down
00:28:45the roads of pieces of from the last jet high that anything else which i know where some pieces that people have to be criticizing me for having see that didn't bother me that much at all really it really didn't um mostly because i was like well if there's
00:29:01ever a good opportunity to talk about ethics this seems like the only direction we're going to go to where we can actually have these types of conversations about ethics do they ever get their absolutely not but at least they could have done something interesting with jeff goldblum and
00:29:19bryce dallas howard taking these opposing sides to an issue and how the ethics of that could effect policy and practice right but we don't do that yeah i think i saw anywhere my criticism comes in is that yeah had they got down that road and actually ache explain
00:29:36themselves and so i'm just bringing it up within not talking about it and after that maybe i would have been more okay with it and it wouldn't been able to work with it but that doesn't happen that's the part that bothered me not the fact that they wanted
00:29:46to go there it's the fact that they didn't do what they could have with that idea right Yes i definitely agree there is not very much character motivation behind these decisions were just supposed to accept oh this is what claire wants to do now i don't know why
00:30:05he on dh this is a noble cause but then we get the opposing voice of jeff goldblum who i'm disappointed on ly cameos for about maybe two minutes of screen time honestly if he was written out of this movie nothing would have changed nothing at it makes us
00:30:24came you kind of pointless in my mind right So just another useless callback right So i do find myself listening to jeff goldblum's arguments and then listening to claire's shallow arguments that it's like the writers don't even know how to justify themselves with this It seems like in
00:30:45i find myself siding with gold blooms will dr malcolm um so i should say i guess with his arguments of like you know what just let these dinosaurs go extinct We've had enough trouble we're not going to use taxpayer money to fund to go move them somewhere and
00:31:02i'm on i'm on that's where i met two unlike gets it let's just leave this alone I didn't know that's where we're going to launch into yeah and this also kind of comes on unto one of my criticisms is it feels like we just forced this story toe
00:31:18happen because i wasn't aware that there was a volcano on ellen needs the new blore in the first place but okay fine i suppose i can you know get around that it's not the big deal i suppose but the problem is it just feels like they forced this
00:31:35volcano so hard that it begins to mess up the story because what you were to sing in the plot summary we get to part we get two movies crammed into one and so when this first movie ends just like it just goes by so fast that it almost
00:31:54leaves nothing to be desired it feels like everything just kind of went by same creases in my head that i guess i didn't really speak and the podcast anywhere but with suit or no with oceans eight where the scene just go by so quick that they just don't
00:32:07stick or there's nothing special about this is the kind of the same thing here with this movie is nothing really feel special and because of that it feels like we're just kind of forcing things into the story instead of make instead of making them work This movie is
00:32:21a rube goldberg machine pushing us all the way into the third movie that everybody supposed to really care about you Yeah right and there was a ah article with the interview from the writer and director of the previous movie column tomorrow who was basically saying this second movie
00:32:40that we're reviewing now is kind of filler and all he really cares about is making the third movie and he felt the only way for him to get there is to create this movie and that's really disappointing because that doesn't say like i really care about this and
00:32:57making this a good thing we just had to push this out there so i could get to do what i wanted to dio i find that to be disappointing yeah does it pointing in it's clear that they were trying to push this they were trying to get it
00:33:09out there ah they were yeah like you said it's meant to be more filler it feels like filler it feels like what we had to get from point a to point b and said by accident we created two movies and stuck them together then called it good and
00:33:21it's just like it's this we after i left the theatre for after that the theater i just felt kind of boggled because there was so much that happened but so much that drew we didn't need to happen for to make a compelling story that it went backwards on
00:33:34itself and now it just isn't and from my ma and my mind isn't remotely engaging it felt about ex crammed to me as sausage party did and i don't like that have you guys seen that No i haven't seen it yet it's just it's a mess it's a
00:33:52jumbled mess the advantage that it has and i don't even like that movie i think it's awful over jurassic world is that at least it's sequences or creative But in this sense there just like we have to get from point a to point b like we're going to
00:34:06shove his much in here is possible well just so we can get there sausage party does the same thing but at least it's sequences or taking you different places than you've already been four times right Right The other issue i had with the volcano is that it it
00:34:22doesn't create organic tension with the movie It is just almost this mcguffin type thing used to move the plot along two different sequences whenever the writer feels like it because i'm like wow that volcano is not erupting it's exploding the lava is now perfectly next to chris pratt
00:34:42oh wait it's in the building at the same time even though they're different parts of the island it's just not organic it's all very forced which is not how you write bill i am should agree Yeah that scene that you were just talking about with it was bryce
00:34:58dallas howard and i forget the team's name but i think yeah the dude dude the guy team there in this building together for one reason or another and yet the lobbyist was coming in and like you say can't i come a government just kind of shows up whenever
00:35:13it needs two great tension but not only that we also get a dinosaur that enters in to this building some here is well and it's just like like okay at what point this actually this kind of launches into my one eye bigger criticisms is this movie is not
00:35:32intense in the slightest it is no at no point did i ever feel like i was getting into this movie and like really the whole the entirety of dressing park one where they the famous t rex scene is so chilling because spielberg knows how to build tension this
00:35:50one does not and i would even go back as far as to say even dressing world doesn't either because at least in the last at least the last to it would there was a way that spielberg had presenting information we've been over that millions of times these movies
00:36:03don't know how to do that but you can still go attention that's not the way but the problem is it doesn't know how to build tension and so when we get these scenes of this dinosaur entering into this building well there's also a lot of spilling down it
00:36:16just feels like filler it feels like they were overflowing with stuff to try and build up attention to make it more intense and the reality you're taking away from my experience because there's too much going on instead of having their personal relationships like before and the other movies
00:36:30now we're describing it and saying all this would just be fun and it takes away from movie yeah that in general for me is like a criticism of horror movies but very much in the same vein is the dress of park franchise where we have this this thing
00:36:47and you keep building up too and building up to it maybe at some point you don't know exactly what it is so like in jurassic park you see things kind of moving in the brush and you're not sure oh what get that dinosaur b or like the t
00:36:59rex seen it takes this like slow build from like the little the little guys too the big big dinosaur right so there's this like staircase almost that these storytellers take you up and when you look at modern day horror movies those are the best kind if you look
00:37:17at movies like hereditary who consistently build and build and build to this point of just complete chilling fear right or you look at movies like this new jurassic world movie and movies like truth or dare where like they just change the rules and things happen for convenience that
00:37:36are supposed to like jump scare you but they don't do anything for the story yeah they missed the point where they missed what you would call the rising action they just go from point way they go from point a to point z before even getting to the rest
00:37:50those parts to build it and make it scary we just skip that well and it should be noted that we did have some of the same issues with drastic park the lost world where there would be the magically appearing or disappearing dinosaurs right where it's just all of
00:38:08a sudden they're running for their lives yes and then jeff goldblum runs onto the screen it's like where did the t rex go So this has been kind of an issue with the siri's it's not just with this one the only one i'd say it really wasn't an
00:38:22issue with wass the first movie but all of them have conveniently place dinosaurs all of a sudden too create tension or an action scene instead of the people walking into it or it happening for a multitude of reasons that it's just it just happened so just doesn't create
00:38:40any tension at all right Right yeah it's literally just a vehicle that then it was at this point i just kind of being exploited entertainment sake i'm going ah yeah it's their right where is like in jurassic park There'd be things like creeping up into a frame or
00:38:59like not necessarily the focus of a shot like the t rex seem like you're in the car with the kids so you don't always see what's happening out there the t rex is kind of outside of the frame for a while and that creates this insanely chilling type
00:39:16of feeling you're like i can't like what's gonna happen you know that kind of thing right I would say the same thing for hereditary just to compare and we also care for the characters in jurassic park whereas i guess they're hoping that we have we've already cared for
00:39:34them the first one so now now we don't have to do any more character building and i didn't care about them though in which won the fourth one dress equal i didn't care about those character no i i didn't either this the writer's air probably hoping that their
00:39:51job is done and these characters are now could just stagnate essentially and i will say we have one too many characters in this movie where especially the i don't remember his name he's played by justice smith he definitely could have been taken out not funny at all because
00:40:10of the i t guy yeah yeah he was awful the girl sidekick i thought was fine i kind of liked her feisty personality a little bit but i don't go out you thought she was fine she wasn't there long enough for me to pay any attention honestly yeah
00:40:26she didn't i just don't think she was too much of a detriment but once again i don't care really about her and and i got to say i did have a big issue with chris pratt's character in this movie because he was superman he could get them out
00:40:42of every situation he if he's like one of those you know kung fu stars in a kung fu movie where they can do anything and you know flying walls that seem like they're just that good and that just got old to me because that definitely cuts the tension
00:40:57when you know there's no creativity there's no problem solving it's just like i'm awesome i could do anything and i got right yeah that can work sometimes like convenience sake in that kind of thing and they could have played that up for humor because chris spread is pretty
00:41:16funny right Like he can be very funny right So if you're going to make him this like mcguffin whatever and your movie's already basically a cartoon why not just like capitalize off the fact that that's what you're doing No need to keep that part grounded right Make it
00:41:34not that i'm saying this is a good idea because i don't think it is make it like the dead pool of jurassic park where things just happening like oh well now i can make a joke about it but it's just an excuse for me to write this thing
00:41:47into the movie right and that would have played better for me than what they did right now right and kind of went back to a corbyn saying with pratt being superman there is no scene in my mind that it was traits is better when the dinah the headbutting
00:42:02dancer gets lead upstairs to the bidders and then credit then pred trust i think go back downstairs to the elevator or it's tough and he's just going by and every person that comes in his way he just punches him in the face and then they're down that's it
00:42:16he just kind of think it goes through about five or six men before he reaches wherever he was going yeah i that like you said he's basically superman in this movie and there really isn't any development for any of these characters because the development that we get from
00:42:32breast that was howard's character have been between movies and press character same deal it happened between world and this one and these two new characters that we're getting the two teenagers in my mind one of them actually does stuff and then which was the guy and then the
00:42:49other one feels is if she's only there simply for convenience because she knows how to take care of these dinosaur is somehow she knows that you need to get the dimes for blood from the t rex to help out blue somehow and then this creates another scene for
00:43:06our two heroes are going and some get into danger if she feels like just a plot device oh oh oh through through and through it is it doesn't feel like you were saying organic to the story really in any way this kind of music they're they're just to
00:43:20be there so we can make it out of scene happened so the scene that got me for the superman thing was when hey goetz tranquilized and then wakes up and the lava is like slowly surrounding him or whatever and he somehow just stops being tranquilized on just like
00:43:40spider crawls his way out of the lava and like over a tree somehow and they just like well that was close on like winks at the camera i was like that's a stupid yeah yeah i i also felt they're in pretty tough situations with dinosaurs one would assume
00:44:00you would be scared and i just i know chris pratt is tough he's dealt with the raptors but still i just don't ever get this like we are in life threatening danger this is a really into ten situation it's like now i got this we're going to get
00:44:13out of it and especially when the ball falls off the cliff into the water and he dives off the cliff and rescues them and it's like of course yep by the way that ball still works somehow well i think it is enrolled with inertia all right i i
00:44:37guess i can i guess i could take that but it just seemed kind of fun that it it worked or that it was able to even get moving in the first place and then he comes down there with a gun yeah or did she had the glass thing
00:44:49with a gun and then they somehow get out but he had to shoot it twice and had to go out for air in between yeah yeah so if it isn't obvious already this would be kind of removes all logic to be fair this is not anything new for
00:45:07these movies but yeah at this point it's just it's hard for me to get into it because it feels like they're making stuff up and making up conflict making up conflicts for the sake of trying to make it more intense when in reality like i mentioned it just
00:45:21kind of backfires it feels like you're a kid like remember when you were a kid you would like make your own board games and like trying teach your family how to play them and then if you lost you would change the rules at the last second yeah yeah
00:45:34that's this whole movie yeah that's a good comparison Yes it is well i leaned over to my girlfriend and i said this feels like the climax of the movie Yeah oh it does So when i saw the trailer i'm like okay that's the climax and they're kind of
00:45:51ruining it for us but little did i realize this is kind of the halfway point in the movie and this is the first climax I don't know if i've ever seen a moose before It was like two climaxes or or multiple climaxes like this in falling action and
00:46:05all that stuff but it's weird how they took what possibly could have been the whole movie if they would have just taken their time to first establish these characters their motivations and then going to the island And once again in every movie It's always hard to get these
00:46:20people back on the island that's the hole beginning of nearly every movie except right for the previous one i guess But it's always let's convince these characters to get on the island and then they do and then everything goes wrong This movie took that and then just truncated
00:46:36it and squash it together Yeah this scene with them on the island trying to get that as me dancers they can and get off the island is an entire movie of its own and first and for some reason they decided to squish it into about forty five minutes
00:46:52to get from point a to point b and to roll on into what we consider to be movie number two which is when they're back on back on the cup i think the u s i suppose it is well if you didn't see the trailer at that point
00:47:04you're like well now what Yeah well you know what happens what's the point of any of this anymore Yeah and that's exactly what i was thinking I i hadn't seen any of the trailers that really told me the plot i knew there's going to be this chase through
00:47:18the house we're going to get this resident evil haunted mansion type movie i did not understand how that was going to tie in with this because they look like completely different movies but yeah i thought the same thing i'm thinking where we going from here and then when
00:47:36we learn it's all about money oh dear so good Oh i love it here Ok i think this is where my biggest criticism stems from um from from this movie it was right after it would have been right after part one when either new blower is basically blown
00:47:57to shreds it's no longer a thing that's gone forever now even the blur is not it is not an inhabitable anymore right in my mind and from what i'm seeing this is whether they meant it or not this is it's basically redefining jurassic park as we know it
00:48:16because at least in the last few movies on especially the last one yes they were things in there about about making money off the dinosaurs there was talks of he may even there's a site b you know but never once the iowan be completely wiped out the planet
00:48:35we just moved from one to the other it was either it was always either new blower or whatever when whoever the other one was i forget the name of it my point being is that with even ubar gone now and with us solely focusing on selling the dinosaurs
00:48:51for i profit we have now completely redefined what does it mean to be addressing park movie in my mind this is not a jurassic park movie it is a movie with dinosaurs oh yeah absolutely and i don't know i i understand that you need to take it new
00:49:07places and do new things with it with a sequel that's not my issue my issue is i don't know if this is if i can even consider this addressing park movie because we've moved so far away from the definition of what a drastic programme is that it is
00:49:21toys any different now yep i don't understand what the fascination is well maybe i can understand but i don't really get the fascination of taking creatures and then putting them in the united states in the woods or in some rural area I know alien three was originally going
00:49:41to do this The original teaser was alien came to earth Predator did this with predator too And then with cem horrible sequels and apparently the new trailer for the predator dropped in there on earth once again and spielberg really wanted to bring them to the mainland in the
00:50:01variant of drastic part two which again felt like a new movie And now this one i like let's bring up to the united states This is our only idea and it's our favorite idea and that's like okay well but that's not what makes jurassic park interesting right Yeah
00:50:19What makes jurassic park interesting is this discussion of ethics in practice and in general the philosophy of it all And on top of that you have these characters that aaron a situation that is almost reminiscent of what's going on inside of them mentally this kind of like deconstruction
00:50:40everything's kind of falling apart type of setting but also they're awesome dinosaurs that's the icing on the cake that's not the cake right Right it's kind of hard to like okay like you were just saying korea's the icing on the cake is the ethics behind it all and
00:51:02one into do a pretty good job at more one than to but do a pretty good job at least raising questions about cloning just not necessarily dinosaurs but just cloning in general that there i their idea is to just talk about okay well should we even do this
00:51:20cloning in general is that even a good idea for life for genetics and things like that Three four and now five have ditched that idea although four has some stuff in it that i can say that it's somewhat redeemable for that movie where you talk about this stuff
00:51:37and they bring it up but these other but these three don't i kind of skipped past that and like i just mentioned instead of it and said this one especially being a jurassic park movie it's just a movie with dinosaurs and of course you can exploit that to
00:51:51kingdom come with movies with dinosaurs you could do anything you want with that the asylum has been doing this for ages sequel after sequel after c cool yeah for eternity yeah well on the other exciting thing about the first one was it did take thie ethics and it
00:52:08said let's run a real world simulation and see how it goes oh so we get to see all these you know theoretical talks of you know weaken reconstruct this from bones or from dna and we're going to make a bunch of money but what will it actually do
00:52:24for us in the long run to see the effect of all of that and all these movies have pretty much been missing that just kind of ethical set up and then what is the real world affects concerning that And this movie has none of that it tries to
00:52:44say what if What if we lived in a world without dinosaurs Well we've already been doing that forever and then i just uh we're not there yet were not there to the end but i'm just so confused what side the movie lands on because it's really confusing but
00:53:01both yeah it doesn't even know it yes entered of himself doesn't even know where the lands where this goes i was invited their response transcends our reality before we get to that though there is one character that we haven't talked about which i found to be quite surprising
00:53:19in kind of red con some of the i guess in a way it did but in a way it didn't that of lockwood who we come to find out was john hammond his original partner very much very much like steve jobs in wozniak together i'm like okay we
00:53:45get that we get the correlation there both geniuses and they kind of split ways and what not and he's essentially the new john hammond for the movie yeah this crappy substitution yeah but to say yeah it sounds like you have something to say about this Yeah i do
00:54:06and it goes a little something like this it's just pointless you don't need that you don't need it Why why is this here it's the same thing with jeff goldblum had he been written out nothing would have changed it's just another crappy call back that's all it is
00:54:26this character does nothing He sits there and is the hammond of this movie but anybody who seeing this movie that's not a little kid hopefully already knows about hammond right So this aspect like the spirit of hammond could have been captured without having some guy in a wheelchair
00:54:46with a clone granddaughter right What a dumb thing Yeah it's really dumb and his proxy protege whatever you want to call him eli mills is hey might be the worst part of this movie I only see them in one other thing of cinnamon prometheus and i guess he
00:55:06did find in that but he's kind of the one that gets the real plot of this movie rolling by getting claire to come to the lockwood mansion he gives claire basically no details he's like we're going to save him and you can go and help but she's like
00:55:22so where you going to put all these dinosaurs when you save him she never asked that question and we never know it's a surprise it's stupid how she goes in with so little details and somehow somehow we have enough room at the basement of this of this giant
00:55:38home the whole house all of these dinosaurs because not always that safe but that's totally logical but it's on the negative third four for their two other negative floors what's on those i want a whole movie about what's on the other two floors yeah that of the sanchez
00:55:58is big enough where he could be a movie on a sound what else do they have in here So this is floor negative three from a bit of the trailers where we see the indoor apter chasing the girl i thought that might be mostly the premises of the
00:56:12movie is his horrifying cat and mouse very michael myers ask chase movie where they are going through this giant mansion and giant floors you know kind of like resident evil in a way in i don't know they come in contact with these crazy dinosaurs it's very horrifying i
00:56:31don't know i'll say that could be interesting i don't know if you could make a whole movie out of it but that's not it at all they squandered the idea and ruined it so yeah they really tried to push that this is going to be the biggest part
00:56:44of the movie is interrupted just through the end of the interrupter in itself and reality it's only in here for like the last fifteen minutes because everyone yeah they tease it every once in a while in the movie but in reality the only thing is here for us
00:56:57once again just a great conflict just because the the screenwriters feel that we need it i guess it doesn't really do much now we skipped a major part yeah before the endo grafter my friend that is thie auction yeah we do yeah we do need to talk about
00:57:11this oh i love like literally sitting through a really auction because it's like in real time we have to go through all of it and they don't even make that much money for for dinosaurs like yeah so i the fun effects from before is that the total cost
00:57:30of all the dinosaurs including the end or apter amounted to less than the budget of this movie gosh perfect it was less than one hundred and seventy million good ah i think it was like one hundred twenty i don't remember for sure but it's at least fifty million
00:57:46dollars less than what this movie cost in real life to pay for good for a dinosaur that there's only one of in the entire known universally yeah he's like but this one is worth twenty million and i'm like really it's probably cost that much just to make it
00:58:05a try like two hundred yeah exactly yeah at the very least if you really want to steal it like if that's like a steal for that dance for but i think my other bigger it's my one bigger issues here is that we're now pulling back the plot point
00:58:22from before of weaponizing dinosaurs again oh i right yep yeah they bring that back and this one they don't do anything with it except for maybe mention and say hey of the interrupters hello so that's where they're trying to sell it yeah they couldn't totally weaponized and totally
00:58:38has the agility to do anything better than things better than a human can and it's just like well yeah all dinosaurs were able to do that well but well i was just going to say that seemed to be like the whole point of the auction i think was
00:58:50thes people use them as security or weapons or something and i'm like really begin like get off they're just selling them to khartoum writers yeah it's just like you know that guy alien dollars like austin powers were like the guy with the handlebar moustache that always tried the
00:59:06girl to the train yeah i don't want you laugh i dudley do right yeah yeah yeah it just once say this this kind of feels as if this is an allegory for hubble was made because there is selling off a bunch of stuff and it really doesn't Okay
00:59:27yeah i know it's a commentary it's very clear This is some is saying something about these rich people versus the middle class You want to do something obvious That's i think that's obvious My point is this is so ridiculous because yes they made one hundred twenty million dollars
00:59:44in total less than the best of them budget of this movie But why do we need to see this Why is this even a part of the movie Because it just kind of feels like of course this will get the art is to hate these people and agree
00:59:59with bryce dallas howard's the point of view in reality it just like this is absolutely ridiculous That is disgusting One percentage if anything it makes war against what i just said Those disgusting one percenters buying their dinosaurs flocking yeah what the heck exactly Oh it's so funny it
01:00:18just took me out of the movie completely on and then the little guy the head butt stuff okay starts like knocking people up against the wall like eight feet high and it looks like the party was there Yeah so funny i was i laughed out loud Yeah it
01:00:36was at that moment where i legitimately laughed out loud and at that point the movie it is already anyways and i was like okay what else can they die i wanted it to be over i'm like when is this going to be over i kept clock watching ah
01:00:48yeah one more thing about the bidding scene every time they would bid it would automatically go up on his computer i don't know how that well yeah you kept changing the number like you know it was like little flip yeah it was like doing that but honest i
01:01:04just loved to smile where he's just like i just showed them more money and he's like looking it's like fifty and i'm like you're you work for like a super rich guy like you're rich already so i don't know what extra fifty million's going to do for you
01:01:18that and he's ready to any like smothers him he's got to kill him and locke maisie away and we don't know what she is and i was like that's really rude and then we find out she's a clone yeah speaking of macy some we find out late into
01:01:35the baby that she's a clone of a doblas of lockwood's daughter yeah this is another one of those i just leaned over to i was like are you kidding me Yeah yeah but what purpose that is that sir if we already have the cloning ethic right and this
01:01:55could be very interesting this could be very very interesting to bring this and relate this the dinosaurs if had they done it in the right way but once again it almost feels like we're avoiding any kind of deep earthy deeper discussion just in general So instead we do
01:02:14ah would put this year but we're not going to talk about it and macy's character is by far the biggest The best example of this is because it's a human clone from the her a dead daughter and a dead human right As far as we know i don't
01:02:29think that should have even been in discussion Yeah like for jurassic park Oh no that works for a blade runner Yeah but that's because that's the point of blade runner right Right But jurassic park already has the means to discuss the things that's been built to discuss Right
01:02:47Why do we need to add this And perhaps they're trying to go down the route I know we talked about this in the past podcast of one of the ideas for the scripts is to have is to start merging dinosaur dna with human dna but they don't do
01:02:59that They just a cloned human And so once again it's just kind of like okay well then why is this here on ly reason why So we can have the ending where she pushes the the emergency escape button because she has a connection with these dinosaurs and is
01:03:14like are you kidding me when the dinosaurs roamed looked that good Yeah yeah some do their scenes where i was impressed but nothing has been as impressive as the t rex from the first movie the animatronic t rex's so i was on vacation um back in may and
01:03:37i went to universal studios florida and they still have the jurassic park ride from like nineteen ninety nine nice it was so cool like the animatronics were just like the ones in the film and it was just incredible to see like that that kind of work went into
01:03:51it seeing it in person let alone in the movie where they conduce you little camera tricks and stuff to help make it a little more authentic right But the use of practical effects versus the crap ton of cg that we're getting in this movie like come on how
01:04:11do you even compare the two i i mean i know it alan you and i have talked about this with blade runner worn into but especially with this like especially we got movies coming out like shape of water who builds the fish man entirely out of practical effect
01:04:31like that's all makeup right Right We have a suicide squad which i hate and its warranty oscar for but it got the oscar because killer croc was all makeup Yeah none of that was seizure like we conduce it It has made been made very clear to me that
01:04:50we can do this I'm not saying a little touch up see ji is a bad thing but when you rely on it so heavily other than a few up close scenes where they were in a metronome ticks yes because there were some uh besides those in ten years
01:05:10that's how i'm going to look obsolete just like jurassic park three does right now and that's kind of big issues that we know as humans we know when something is fake especially when it's an investment to be said especially when something that's meant to look riel and it
01:05:25isn't completely listen isn't completely riel we know that that's kind of why even though we praise the c j and the original there are moments where it's like okay well i know that that it's silly i but at these with that when it doesn't go away where it
01:05:39makes sense this one is very heavy so heavy on the c g i and you know it's fake because it clearly isn't really there is better siege i would even point to the to the last to planet of the apes movies that we've gotten to know you have
01:05:56know how to utilize see giant away that makes it look very very realistic even though you you might in future we might see it okay well that's kind of fake it still makes you believe that israel this one is not necessary in that way it isn't it isn't
01:06:08that on that level of good and that is unfortunate but on the franchise that's so like bill foundational lee on the use of practical effects on original movie that in a sense almost changed to the game as to what practical effects khun d'oh to create like the's new
01:06:28worlds and these new stories that could have never been told this way unless you're looking at like the original godzilla lurking kong or something like this is a brand new level for moviemaking why would we just throw a bunch of money at the screen and be like well
01:06:47here you go yeah that just doesn't make sense to completely feel the same way and it's amazing because the first jurassic park i believe was made on a budget of sixty three million dollars this was made on a budget of one hundred seventy million and took three this
01:07:04maybe took about three years to make they could have done practice more practical effects they could have made a more animatronic thing i don't know why they didn't i'm disappointed that they didn't because when especially during that t rex in in the first movie i don't even of
01:07:22course i know it's not riel but i don't even think about it while watching the movie whereas with this there is so much cj and sometimes it does look fairly well done but then at other times it's just it gets tired and i'm like okay i know this
01:07:37is all cg i this is just it does take you out of the movie did you guys think the design of the indoor apter what do you think of the design well i would say it at least look better than the in dominus rex but when you really
01:07:55get down to it i mean yeah the design does look pretty cool i'll give it that much but because it is used so often i thought that the impact of anything else that does it's just greatly taken away from oh i would have gone the other way around
01:08:08oh yeah yeah i think this new guy looks really dopey like it's clear that he was just a hodgepodge of a bunch of random genes that they just like threw into it so one of my bigger complaints with jurassic world is that they just keep going oh by
01:08:25the way here's this other thing it khun dio but and in this movie they don't really do that They just kind of make him look like that's true Yeah at least in the other one he the end dominance rex had its own kind of look to it this
01:08:39one looks like it was just a cross between all the animals they could think of and then you got a dinosaur right Right but i mean i see where you're coming from the east from an aesthetic point of view it looks a bit better but like you were
01:08:51just saying it feels like they took a bit more creative freedom than they probably should have Yeah i i mean i guess it's like the color designed with black with that yellow stripe i thought fairly decent i felt like it did look too close to the end dominus
01:09:06rex but a smaller version it kind of walked and carried itself the same way at some of the same features Um i yeah they're still trying to press that whole point of it has the infrared homing technology to latch onto anything whatever and we get that really goofy
01:09:26scene where it tricks ted levin's character in the cage it's with the tail like word way oh my that was the scene okay that that scene when ted levine popped in this is once again one of those we had to have something here and ted levin's character and
01:09:48his tooth collection never comes back anywhere in this movie except for this one moment this is the reason why is in this movie that pot point first character it's hitchcock's gun obviously chekhov's gun whatever yeah i don't care anymore that this movie is ruined me Yeah no it
01:10:04was so funny like that was the most cartoony moment of the whole movie yeah because it was like oh i'm going to get him what weren't weird and then he like winked at the camera was extremely confused First i eat with ian dump with well now the indoor
01:10:20apter that's what it's called now i was really confused because i thought they were teasing it for the third movie i didn't think they had built it yet because i'm like oh that's why they need the in dominic's rest tooth they need the dna or whatever from blew
01:10:36the rapture and then they're going to make it but they didn't eat either of those apparently because i already made it and i was very confused on i guess blue was supposed to be its mother don't know what the tooth is forest don't get that but they already
01:10:51made it so i don't get it my understanding was that then that was just the prototype and they needed blew in the tooth to kind of create like the alfa version or whatever so this was just kind of like we're just going to do this one for fun
01:11:10which doesn't make any sense but my view on it is well we need to sell toys as well and we can't just bring back to you in dominus wrecks and we can sell more toys they kill off the interrupter here and just make a sound one next movie
01:11:24that's true that's what i'm sammy and robin all over again basically yeah mm that hurts so uh well i do i did one of the shots was fairly memorable when the interrupter got on top of the house and the camera swooped around and the leaves were blowing and
01:11:46it like kind of framed it in the moonlight i thought that looked really good but at the same time i feel like some of it is too clean too choreographed where it's like time for the indoor apter to vamp and for us to set up the shot and
01:11:58it toe look cool i did appreciate the cinematography by at the same time it was some of it was felt to set up yeah yeah i absolutely agree if had they set this interrupter up a lot more like a ton more this would have made it this way
01:12:13he made the shot although it doesn't look good ten times more effective because there's a lot of potential here but they don't do that at all what did you guys think of the score for this movie Jurassic world has a drastic park has an iconic theme and score
01:12:28but what about this Yeah yeah that just about explains it yeah i tell you how to feel but through you better best example is when they're sitting in the cage breast i was howard and chris pratt and then you get the piano theme the piano version of the
01:12:54main theme come on that although it sounds fine yet this kind of tells you how to feel with music where you could use really anything else and just have that added on to it Oh yeah so overall not a big fan of this one to be honest here
01:13:12i'm a big fan of jackie no i really like the stuff but lately i've no emissions before i not too keen on the newer things i could be wrong but i'm pretty sure that they gave john williams the credit for the theme before they gave him the score
01:13:26credit that i think you're right about actually which was so funny because they were like we know yeah we know you're looking for yeah i was really disappointed with this score i felt like he listened to some king kong scores as they're traipsing through the jungle like the
01:13:44nineteen thirty three version and they're like let's do that it just felt it felt kind of like a rip off of a lot of stuff it didn't feel unique organic it did nothing for the movie i was very disappointed with it and i know jakey no can do
01:14:01better than this so i'm disappointed he i just felt like he really coasted on this one that that's that's just it just stuck out to me and i was really disappointed tio i didn't hear the main theme until the in credits but i guess they played it during
01:14:16that scene but it was sort leanest yeah yeah there was also won a couple of moments where i noticed it i mean it's pretty subtle that scene when they're the jail cell was really be the most unsettling is until the very end credits there's a couple moments where
01:14:30they missed with them i mean it's really just put taking really all it does is just take the main theme and put it into a minor key and just slow it down that's really about it does it doesn't do too much to add on to it or make
01:14:43it different and make it fit the movie it it's just they're just to convey some kind of message or a ticket bassem kind of emotion it doesn't always work well i find this ending to be incredibly stupid where they're faced with this dilemma should they set them free
01:15:03or should they let them die in the obvious answer is they should die that's been the point of every jurassic park movie up until this point is that we shouldn't do this because life cannot be contained life finds a way yes right but we had to have an
01:15:24excuse to make the movie that colin trevorrow really wanted to make right exactly this this ending scene is it's maddening they want not what i was thinking okay maybe they actually we'll come off the dinosaurs because of bryce is character where she's like maybe i shouldn't maybe she
01:15:43just let life do its thing even though this is a situation where humans have totally intervened and also adding onto that this moment is very contrived but i digress she i guess decides that i guess this is a small character arc for her because in the beginning she's
01:16:02one to get the dance was off when in reality the poaches should've stayed on the island because that's just how life works where is here she gives into ah and says i'll let them i'll let them die it's the life is how it works but then it is
01:16:17undermined by the by are of our girl whatever her name is macy who has who has a connection and that's the best them free i don't know how they got out when they're three four thunder but they did somehow maybe they all took turns in the elevator i
01:16:34think i hope that you got a good point there supposedly three full floors underground but there is a door leading to the outside i don't know that would have to be really deep you'd have to dig a lot to get that opened up like that ah i hope
01:16:51the third one opens with them all in jail because they've committed so many felonies by first of all they're not supposed to even go on the island second of all their complicity in moving the dinosaurs third they let them into the wild and they probably just a bunch
01:17:07of people are dead now probably then that's their fault so oh yeah oh i'm picturing like a mad max fury road oh he's setting when this when the third movie opens would just like desolate wasteland everybody's like a cave man now that'd be hilarious that would be at
01:17:23that Yeah john goodman makes a cameo is fred flintstone well i don't i don't know what they're hoping the audience is supposed to be feeling as if we're supposed to be sympathetic to their plight because none of us are like my girlfriend and i were just frustrated we're
01:17:41frustrated through most of this because we were picking apart all of the flaws and we're constantly like do you think we're stupid and it was just you know touch system online so many people have died from these dinosaurs they're just letting them out into the world i can't
01:17:58even understand that you wouldn't go to a zoo on dh just let the animals out would you I mean maybe these people would i guess the dinosaur did at the end that's true he broke into the zoo to hang around the lion set the animals free ah the
01:18:14conspiracy Okay this ending reminds me of ooh that i saw with my cousin one time code jurassic city it is it's now the only reason why i saw this movie is because he had it and he said had you in washington i forget how we came across it
01:18:28but anyways it is funny to me because i kid you not these movies have the exact same ending or the dinosaurs are let free into the real world into the city life of america the city he re normal life of a human of humanity in the city I'm
01:18:49not even kidding these movies in the exact same way And one of them dressing city is made by the asylum and that movie just all in itself which is ridiculous It's basically that whole movie is the last forty five minutes of this movie and i don't know how
01:19:03to feel about that i mean obviously that part wasn't their intention to kind of report this movie but but that being the case i'm it just i guess it just kind of goes to show how ridiculous this ending is because they're ripping off either by accident or by
01:19:18design this movie by the asylum which was made to be bad and this one that is trying to be good and trying to be a family movie and trying to be just a fun action adventure i didn't found that interesting i realize that today when i was at
01:19:32work and i was thinking about this and said oh wait a minute i remember this movie i just had to compare those uh i don't know the ending of this movie was very disappointing obviously but only because i knew it could have been so much more than what
01:19:46it was So i guess if i was watching jurassic city i would have been like yeah because that's what they're trying to do right But with this there was such an interesting dilemma in like we could have sat there and like watched bryce dallas howard and chris pratt
01:20:03kind of watch the world burn right and like have to live with the fact that that's something that they did you know like ah what's that movie rise of the planet of the apes so the end of the end during the credits you kind of watch though disease
01:20:20like the like the monkey flu or whatever it's called right kind of like spread like this little red dots like going all over the map and whatever or like the end of i don't know like call me by your name where he's just like staring at a fire
01:20:36and like just thinking about just how sad he is and languages words we have to sit there and were forced to watch him like live in this tension like this sucks everything's horrible now on type of the thing and i was really hoping that we would get something
01:20:51more along those lines but in reality we just got well the dinosaurs can go do whatever they want and here's one with a lion and this one contrive a car and this one's a mailman like it was so stupid yeah have they done that and how they actually
01:21:06kill it off dancers I think that would have made this movie this wouldn't have been in my mind as bad as it is it was like okay they didn't exactly get across but they were meeting tio what they probably should have gotten across but they at least ended
01:21:18on a note that is at the very least thought provoking but they didn't do that so it go on and we basically take the reality of what happens at the end of the lost world and just make it bigger faster or more intense if i were to quote
01:21:33george lucas former time yeah and clearly the end of this is supposed to be kind of very similar to the end of the lost world and that into the lost world was supposed to be the third movie spielberg wanted that for a third movie but then he's like
01:21:48no i want to do it now is tack it on and that's that's clearly what we're going to get for the sixth installment and it could have been done better even just by the characters expressions if they would have given mortgage gravity to the situation and conveyed that
01:22:05tow us then i could have been more important because i couldn't have been more i could have been further from how they feel about it Oh yeah no yeah i agree Yeah and the other thing too is the reason why his ending is the way it is is
01:22:21that way Now we can have infinite sequels when with dinosaur is now living with humans on the planet unlike on the main continents or these in our case you had the yusa you have an infinite possibility of sequels here There is in no way any way that you
01:22:39can stop this movie at this point because how are you going to ring together all the dinosaurs that would just let loose and kill them all or whatever you want to do with you can't do that This movie had now has infinite sequel was so they choose to
01:22:53do so and i can see that happening because this is a big moneymaker dressing park is one is same same of star wars just a big moneymaker they could just remake movies like real movies now but like put dinosaurs in for different characters yeah oh i want that
01:23:10a lot it's like taking the dream sequence with them what happens number three and making it a reality allen i want like a truman show but truman is a dinosaur or no you know like truman just walking around talking to humans and other dinosaurs and stuff and then
01:23:26he realizes he's on a tv show my mind immediately went to the disney tv siri's just called dinosaurs oh yeah like the husband and wife the jim henson one it's like a sitcom but sometimes we are all puppets or i don't know people in suits or something this
01:23:48is what it'll be from now on good and you know what those this reminds me ofthe theodore rex now that i think about another word on the subject because that's a movie about a dinos one of the main characters in the movie is a dinosaur who was also
01:24:07going on this investigation well he's legal detective the more i think about this the more it is a bit this almost comedic genius of the possibilities it's not going to go with you doesn't know yeah i'll pay to see oh yeah so it's just so uh allen curtis
01:24:30what is your rating and recommendation for jurassic world The fallen kingdom Alan like i said earlier this movie basically redefines what we know is dressing park I mean they've kind of been slowly moving towards this i've felt since we got i would say three i've been feeling that
01:24:56they've been trying to make it just a generic action franchise definitely was was revived with world but my point being that this is no longer dressing park this is a new breed of its own I would even consider it a spinoff of dressing park not eh continuation of
01:25:13the story Yeah this movie is to movies that are both the length of this movie where they trimmed him down and stuck them together and said this is the movie and that the reason why that doesn't work is because at no point do any of these characters were
01:25:30the ever grow at no point do are is there any development for these characters At no point do i ever really care about the plots both in terms of the where carrot main characters are going in In terms of where the enemy is going there is there's once
01:25:46again these scenes fly by but they don't have enough substance in them to make them stick And so when you leave a movie that's two hours long that's supposed be a lot of fun and supposed to be a movie with dinosaurs that's where the all ends up being
01:26:00is just a movement dinosaurs and nothing more and so when i walk out of this movie and i'm remembering the first one on how amazing it was because it kind of it has a spielberg way of touching on every single age that it can while still making get
01:26:17interesting for every single age we've moved past that we're now mohr outboards thie that would even say sixteen and under crowd instead of everyone like spielberg did This is not a good movie this is probably the weakest jurassic park movie that i've seen and that's saying a lot
01:26:36because three is not very good so i can't recommend this this is honestly the worst one that i've seen so far and i actually can't believe that people are crying over one scene and that be the scene when the i think it's the bronchi source it's covered by
01:26:56smoke as their boats run away and you see that the rumble and the light from the love in the background and you see it like easily in distress but people apparently crying over that i am that is beyond me anyways score i don't know three out of ten
01:27:15this is a not recommended there i cannot they're in a way can i say that this is anywhere close to a jurassic park movie except the fact that there were dinosaurs in it ten out of ten strong recommended of course i knew you'd do this classic curtis go
01:27:30see it no ah this i guess it depends on what you're looking for um this movie takes everything that's good about jurassic park and just takes a big dump on it but so did the last one ah if you liked for you're going to like five if you
01:27:54didn't like ford don't see five i'd probably give it a three because i think i gave gadi too but i am gaudy so that's ok i love gaudy but for different reasons as far as this goes i wouldn't personally recommend it but that's because i care too much
01:28:13about what jurassic park used to be in response i would just recommend you to pretty much any movie i talked about between here and there that did the things that i said better other than maybe sausage party because i think that movie sucks too and suicide squad that
01:28:29movie sucks but i guess i give it a three and as far as a recommendation goes it's really up to you i guess if you liked for you're gonna like five if not then don't waste your time i personally wouldn't recommend it yet that's just me the trailers
01:28:48for drastic world fallen kingdom intrigued me its predecessor was a decent enough movie and i would say the best sequel to the original drastic park i was intrigued with this movie because the trailers depicted two different narratives and i heard this story was headed back to his horror
01:29:05roots well i was majorly disappointed yes this does have possibly the best opening of any drastic park movie but that's about all it has going for it and the end dominus and no rex rapture was it was pretty cool looking but these two things don't make up for
01:29:22a stupid plot about saving the dinosaurs a cartoonishly money grubby dylan little clone girls and justifying letting the dinosaurs dinosaurs commit more slaughter on the innocents i found myself bored and tired of this plot i don't hate the movie but it's possibly the worst installments in the franchise
01:29:42the first film focused first on the characters building suspense and then you got to running away from dinosaurs we cared about the characters and their substantial arcs and feared for their lives in terrifyingly crafted situations this movie hopes all the audience wants to see is explosions and cool
01:30:00dino fights the characters are as flat cracked and dry as the desert the story is more absurd than the third and the cia is all right unfortunately i have to give jurassic world the fallen kingdom four stars out of ten with a solid not recommend i've seen worse
01:30:20in my day yeah unfortunately i've seen things like a car's life so i know what i'm getting myself into it would be well you know what i'm saying is i do think some people owe the last jet i an apology for calling it the worst sequel in modernity
01:30:37because i think this one just like it just took the crown Ah yes i couldn't agree with that there are probably people who don't but i could agree with thinking at least you're that oh i can't yeah well listeners unfortunately we ended the retrospective on a low note
01:30:54but hopefully you did have fun enjoying listening teo just kind of a kind of tear into this movie It's fun to listen to those reviews where we get to kind of trash on the movie because the movie warrants it and they need to give us a better sequel
01:31:11and treat us with more dignity and respect and don't insult our intelligence and don't insult the franchise that's just a beloved franchise and give us this just was just a dumb movie but anyways i want to say thank you curtis for joining us on the finale Yeah thanks
01:31:28for having me an audience I want to know what you think about this movie is this a good installment in the franchise or is it the worst installment Well comment below and let us know don't forget to subscribe and like you confined us on your favorite social media
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01:32:35get a lot of great content every months so go ahead and head over there and become patron and you'll get some great content but nobody else gets so once again thank you for joining us on this retrospective siri's we will be coming back if the time correctly it
01:32:53sounded weird we will be coming back if the release date is correct for jurassic world three it is supposed to come out in two thousand twenty one so the retrospective will be ah resurrected just like these dinosaurs in a couple of years and ah i don't know if
01:33:12i i guess i'm not looking forward to it now No that's as negative I'm looking forward to it we're gonna have fun with it Uh oh i'm key i'll say this You can take it How you want it I'm curious to see what they were They will go
01:33:25me too well listeners thank you once again and we've got some more great reviews coming to you Soon we will be finishing up our ghost in the shell retrospective We're still going strong with our halloween retrospective leading up to to the brand new movie this fall which i
01:33:43am super excited about and continue to look for more great reviews in the archives Go ahead and catch up so once again thank you for joining us and we'll catch you next time

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