Rotten Tomatoes has done the research: the more Tom Cruise runs the better his movies do, so Tom and Dave watch Mission: Impossible - Fallout to see if that's true. Also: You Were Never Really Here, Lean On Pete, The Mission, Vengeance.

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00:00:00Silver screen snobs Your favorite podcast I don't like it you know i didn't know that you feel that way about this movie i don't know much about these things hello and welcome to silver screen snobs episode two hundred seventy three i'm tom rowe i am david lee's this
00:00:50week we're looking at christopher quarries mission semi colon impossible dash full out yeah it's a punctuation nightmare they're not the prettiest title i was thinking because you have to make a distinction between the mission impossible and then the subtitle if if you're not looking like you're looking too
00:01:09closely at it it looks like the films of called mission impossible for that or mission yeah impossible ghost protocol yeah yeah yeah like all of these things is just impossible they keep accidentally using the same words yeah s it is that we're doing that mission possibly doing a
00:01:25couple honorable mentions and of course holding a news before we get there you can tweet the show at definite lease and you can email the show it's podcast that silver screen snobs don't come dave miss weeping i'm not sure i'm good i get is the end of the
00:01:42week now i know you had a week trying to get my days goods yes thank you weigh very good actualized about you pretty good indeed i have my brother come from in the state to come in the scene is impossible with me and i max that was pretty
00:01:55good for you to get Teo yes e book last week when i realized there were some sequences shot in the old imax format and i thought there's going to be worth it because mostly because i was bummed for it for years now that i didn't get to see
00:02:08goes protocol in imax or actually in a cinema at all i miss goes protocol because i wasn't that interested when it came out sort on home video and went oh my god this this is making me feel that nauseous there hold the you know the evidence now let's
00:02:24see what's in that yeah i think yeah that's number four year before but like that just watching my living room made me feel like i was in a high place and it made me feel vertigo so i thought imagine how effective this would have been if i had
00:02:37seen in the damn cinema so i made sure to see rogue nation in the cinema i made sure to see this one at max on dh yeah talk about that later yes they were definitely when i was watching i was regretting no crime show we get the news
00:02:52yes channel four news six o'clock okay come with me on a journey through news so we're recording slightly actually we would normally be starting in like fifteen minutes anyone wave just recording like slightly earlier today which ate into my news gathering time but i gathered all the news
00:03:19I just don't have a cz much info as i would like to sew as i tell you about stuff if you ask me a question you might hear a flurry of papers and people knocking over chairs as i run into the into the newsroom it's a little caveats
00:03:32for a brief you sectioned yeah it is all so it's a it's a lot to set up it's well it's sort of kind of stupid to have fifty interns for a news segment that only right we should really cut down some costs there yeah and also the completely
00:03:46useless to you because every time it comes right no one's done anything you know that's the first piece of vital information that they dug up in the back room is that we're getting an elf movie okay yeah yeah i'm sorry i have nothing to say i never saw
00:04:00the show okay so i was wondering so ran from eighty six to ninety so i was aware of kids my age being kind into it people had a lot of elf like paraphernalia backpacks and stuff but i never saw it so i don't even know if it was
00:04:14a sitcom is that really it was a secret yeah he was now you knew eight cats right did he come thinks are that this is my career on yeah that's that's what i'm describing the bottom of my knowledge yeah apparently there was a really gloomy end to the
00:04:28siri's after the full seasons Whatever where he goes to return to his home planet like gucci yeah exactly like gucci except he hung around a little bit on then as he's going up there hey gets grabbed by the government and they seize him i thought that was that
00:04:46for like so like that's that's the finale kids sitcom but yeah that's that's the phenomenal so then they made like a made for tv movie where they showed him like okay and and he's okay yeah that movie was not well received as you would imagine i had no
00:05:03idea there was a movie i've never even heard of that yeah i know it seems yeah well yeah now there's going to be an elf reboot move you've all been waiting for i got some fun so the guys behind me got fun numbers how do we know if
00:05:18it's going to be the puppet again or they're doing a ct I'll that's a good question but we don't know i'll have one of the boys check it out ah rotten tomatoes do the cool thing about tom cruise and the correlation between the amount that he runs in
00:05:35the film and how much money the film makes and it turns out that surely it would be the rotten tomato made a thing would not be what they be interested i like for freshness Yeah yes i like the fresh of the movie The more he runs basically well
00:05:52actually doesn't completely correlate that way but he as long as he runs in the movie is good and then if the for his flops those of the movies where he doesn't run yes i would say jack reacher never go back would not be a well received film people
00:06:06people don't really like that that was that was not a great film and he runs all through that like he's did nothing but running in that film he does do a lot of you now that's like runs into scenes started e actually remind me well i've still got
00:06:21our favorite running scenes again the new one when we get to that because there is one that almost made me laugh out loud it's just comes across as so comical when it really shouldn't okay well so do you reckon get jack reacher never go back would be like
00:06:36probably weigh in turn to the most running yeah what what we say what he'd do the most running in i'll throw out some titles you got like he'd go all the way back to the vanilla sky on you go all the way up to the mummy i feel
00:06:51like there's a lot of running in the money lot of running a mission possible three i remember i guess yeah that's number one on the year three thousand two hundred twelve feet that's scientific way better so that's like i guess onscreen running yeah i've extrapolated to what Yeah
00:07:07if you run this far in two seconds then that means he must around this throughout the entire film is that what they say i guess so or unless they're actually counting the the way you do it it's a fuckload of work isn't it yeah it does seem like
00:07:21more work than necessary but yeah him so he ran three thousand and sixty six feet in mission impossible ghost protocol okay onda war of the worlds seventeen fifty years they were well yeah jack reaches down at number seven but i remember a lot of running in that way
00:07:43go back o c i would be way high so give me the top five in number four minority report on number five is the firm no he runs in the first yeah i don't even remember the courthouses like i know you know what that makes sense actually use
00:07:58he's like kind of a shit kicker's so he'd have to go back and get the files and run back in the courtroom before the the judge banged his gavel you know write very intense yes that's that's my idea of a lrish um so i got out of jury
00:08:10duty the other day you yes you don't want to go to jury duty i've always been interested it's well yeah actually do but i legitimately don't have the time and they actually bought that excuse because i wanted to try the card of like hey look at my twitter
00:08:23feed you're not gonna like it look at my listen to my podcasts you're not gonna like it was the case about oh well they don't tell you it was just a little and i'm pretty sure that i got one when i was like eighteen and i just ignored
00:08:37it well they've never asked me and now i'm feeling left out yeah yeah um yes i just ignored it the first time around nothing happens and then this time i submitted some reasons of kant and i got approved for going up cool is that i think you spared
00:08:54the justice system thank you definitely made the right choice aah in the top ten number six edge of tomorrow number seven jack reacher never go back number which is basically the same as a lthough thes three of the same edge of tomorrow jack reacher never go back and
00:09:12the money yeah aged tomorrow make sense because that is mostly him running for his life yes yeah it is really on mission impossible rogue nation pretty much the same as well and then a little bit under that it's vanilla sky u go yeah you got so handsome running
00:09:27stuff mostly pretty solid films is far at the tom cruise catalog goes that's cool yeah yeah did you say the first look at terminated six night so there is a green shot i'll try and join me turn the computer around is it yes show actually the recording thing
00:09:42like that's right that is fun it's actually not a very good fun if you just tell me that it's so sarah connor's back she looks vaguely like hillary clinton let me listen actually no she doesn't this that's that image was way too small mackenzie davis as well and
00:10:00natalia raise so this is the one that's dead sorry about tim mila and produced by james cameron did i haven't title you on david else it's surely not going to hold him and its sixth exit toronto differentiate from the current siri's right yeah they okay so this is
00:10:17where okay my boys are scrambling behind me no at the moment it's just terminator okay which is possible that we never looks pretty badass there's that here in the fracture on the shocking yeah yeah yeah yeah and that's mackenzie davis mackenzie davis yeah sure totally different now um
00:10:37yeah so the only reason that this might not be awful is that it's to mila and james cameron is exact producing so but arnie's back as well and they're ignoring terminator three four and five doing this is a james cameron actually said something like just pretend that those
00:11:01movies were a bad dream which is like a really kind of like it's a it's a nasty d get the rest of them which is i guess fair enough yeah let's suppose we like we like salvation but three or five so it's funny because like you spends along
00:11:16watching these film was trying to get the chronology right trying to unpack it all and now you have to go back in your brain and cut out all these films that now mean nothing i know you have to get back to the place where you weren't completely ist
00:11:27i get like that's pretty clean they're like t wan t to sort of wind together pretty well those two things make sense well as much as time terrible films can ju yeah pretty much about the other thing about it because i haven't really set many details about the
00:11:40other thing is that day james cameron has said that in this universe they can have obviously alter that timelines so he's kind of start tracking it that's kind of what they did they were just like a ll the stuff you know still happen somewhere but we're going off
00:11:58on this ultimate timeline yeah yeah and it's fine i mean it's it's a perfectly legitimate thing to do in a time travel universe is tio just diver and tell another story i'm cool with that it's a sign like that yeah exactly like it does it does work but
00:12:13then he also said something a little bit later along the lines off i i told him miller i came to the thing as being agnostic about the whole idea all i wanted to do was to be revitalized and like you regenerated for the new audience which is basically
00:12:30just cach crab describe so the idea of him producing doesn't make it any better especially because that guy's brain is just pickled he's just standing more more like a studio head than a creative force these days that's true yeah yeah so we're getting that in twenty nineteen um
00:12:47speaking of star trek simon pegg didn't interview the other day and said that tarantino's star trek is still happening on that he doesn't expect it for about five or six years but so it's still happening he's really hedging his bets stephanie happening but it don't expect it for
00:13:02six years from now you know it's really weird that at this point i would not count on it at all but he's saying that because he's working on once upon a time in hollywood by the time that's done and released the way that tarantino works is there's generally
00:13:16a few years between actually he's been getting lately factoring in a big holiday quentin he is yeah just making this up it seemed like tarantino as being more no actually but still every three or four yeah i think he's kept a pretty good place since he started really
00:13:35yeah two or three between between films is being pretty regular for him yeah um yeah so you know i was just i thought that was really weird that he was that optimistic about it another this's weird news so the joker movie i nearly said yoko movie because fucking
00:13:53your ex right can you tell me which which one we talking about this one is the working against one there todd phillips won the top field school it's the eggs i always gets talked to misty about it until you remember that it's todd phillips scorsese produce the okay
00:14:11well that makes sense because robert de niro is in talks really yeah as well as marc maron what so yeah well he's been in globe which i saw that most of the first season of he's actually pretty good in that so it's kind of revealing what the origin
00:14:33story is going to be because they want robert to nero to be an old talk show host and they want my marriage to be like the comedy booker oh agent or whatever for the the show king company it does doesn't it yeah exactly s o they're going down
00:14:51that road of the joker is it makes it seem like tony allen mole origin and being a failed stand up exactly it yeah yeah like good his origins any i guess yeah so if you don't laugh at his jokes and that's it turns him into oaths i still
00:15:10don't really care but you know maybe when the film gets closer to being a real film and it might look interesting but there's just too many joker projects to keep straight right now you know just just wait until one emerges then i'll judge it yeah well this one's
00:15:23definitely on this is the one that we're going to see first i think you really even before like the other ones with harley quinn and stuff s o yeah those ones those ones don't actually have proper sentence yeah i think that they're mostly gleamed in someone's eye is
00:15:38talking about them but there's been no concrete plans so you know you're walking one coming first and then there's jared lee does standalone joke movie really then his joke and move his eyes seriously so i had the most right what what is that one well that's just his
00:15:56spirit is ninety tell us about it but they just they got into two separate one because then they're also doing the separate harley quinn one no i think you might be getting infused there is a joker and harley quinn move well there's that but there definitely is like
00:16:09in this article that's still talking about solo jared leader one if you have variety is still talking about jared leader like having his own jargon movie and they're not talking about the one with holly it doesn't appear e i mean i'll have the guys out back checking okay
00:16:22good get off our asses rashida joneses directing a documentary on quincy jones they're related is that it dad good fucking weed is like i knew that it's one of those things that you find out every now and then it surprises you every time you just because the link
00:16:40like doesn't seem to make any sense but well because i just seemed like too wildly different people anyway yes quincy jones if you don't know is a famous producer michael jackson stuff like that so i'm very interested in documentary about him there was he did a really great
00:16:56interview a few months ago where he just sounded like a drunk old man and when i say like old man i mean like mid eighties or whatever he was slagging off ever it was like a like a tell all tell us quite recently right yeah i did hear
00:17:12about this yeah yeah same i really stole everything is a lot of people in trouble by yeah yeah in a minute yeah yeah he was dropping everyone and then he had then we don't have to but i think he did apologize a little bit later on so you
00:17:24probably was speaking out of ten no because yeah he really fits for billings with stuff he probably shouldn't have but i think he also revealed some affairs and stuff like that back in the heyday yeah it's pretty funny anyway unless you actually know second last thing netflix ah
00:17:41hot off the press from the boys in the back netflix has just bought any circuses animal farm adaptation so he's making it i haven't started filming it yet but he's directing and producing this movie based on the book obviously on its all motion capture i mean cheeses really
00:18:07well in these modern times that tile is is is applicable is ever is he playing a ll the animals think he's directing the set is just it's a theme the clumps well like there's no one else around is just him by himself in a big empty greenwell and
00:18:29he keeps hopping like like he's stays in character so like he's walking around as a cow moving he directs as the count he's hot for him to frame shots because there's no one else there in the in the photo that that they attached to the thing that made
00:18:44it look like callisto from another movie so they've made it look like it's him and other people that i'd like it if you played everything okay yeah you know what's really on exactly on then the last thing is just sort of the cap to the james gunn stuff
00:18:58that we took that last week that everyone talked about last week that he got fired from guardians of the galaxy because some all riders surface and tweets of his from ten years ago when he was talking about pedophilia on dh so all the cast came together ten days
00:19:13later they made a big statement they said they deliberately waited this long because they felt they needed to give it a good thing i don't to be honest that sounds like a fucking cop out i don't really think it needs ten days for you to decide i weigh
00:19:26your morals you have had to guess i'd say they were trying to convince a couple of wayward cast members who weren't sure they wanted to get political oh yeah yeah yeah on dh so it's basically just saying hey we totally support him on this is bullshit on dh
00:19:41disney is not doing anything so it's pretty much got to the point where people saying disney's not budging so there's no way he's coming back which was pretty much guest yeah being extremely unlikely i mean i'll probably hold out hope until they announce the new director for the
00:19:57film but yeah i guess we'll just wait and say yeah i'm sort of hardened by the response to it anyway has been a lot of a lot of people standing up for him and you needed to see mmm um oh hang on the only bit of news i
00:20:10heard this week was earlier in the week about the style was casting that's kinda interesting about episode nine carrie fisher yeah wait wait no we didn't no no sorry yeah i just thought that was addressed the carrie fisher is going to be in episode nine oh yeah it
00:20:25was that yeah because when i read it i just sort of assumed that was always oh no it wasn't always the case because they were going to use they were using leftover footage already to finish eight year and they explicitly said that they wouldn't use seizure i to
00:20:37bring her back in nine right now they're going through unused footage yeah they found some stuff from the last date i that they didn't use that they're goingto you know force awakens i thought it was the last year o was left in the force awakens oh are they
00:20:51going to try and craft a send off for to finish a story i don't know how i'm gonna pull it off but you know whatever i'm kinds kind of cool it she's going to be there apparently mark camels playing back as well so i'm going to see some
00:21:02force ghosts yeah force coast yet maybe you coast maybe even harrison ford who knows eh so yeah i don't know it's kind of predictable considering it's j j he wants teo keep everyone happy and just do the big family stables film again there's no way that this film
00:21:17is going to be a cz divisive is the last year yeah i can see that it's not even possible but it is the whole third act is going to be on a planet with like very little animals and lots of green grass and in the end they sit
00:21:29around a campfire and this force ghosts and force goes party yeah but now i was kind of excited to see the news about carrie fisher because it's just kind of called it because you know that was the night his name's that shooting it you know we lost her
00:21:43years ago now it actually started way but we still you know we're going to get a film that's still going to have her in at one last time to say goodbye to style was that's kind of exciting so like what was the deal with her in the last
00:21:55general i what did she say where did she end up well with the remnants of the rebels they got away yes okay yeah one ship like hansel and give her a nice send off box office yes so think s o last week the box office we've got hotel
00:22:17transylvania three summer vacation is hanging around number five still doing pretty well with that sweet sweet school holiday money same with incredibles too at number four moving up you've got ant man and the wass that's enjoyed the top spot for the last couple of weeks that's been knocked
00:22:32off by the double team off the equalizer to at number two appropriately and mamma mia here we go again at number one which has obliterated the competition good god really really want to see that film and i've heard it's quite delightful actually yeah i don't really care what
00:22:49happens somebody's going to see it but i haven't seen the first one apparently it's been in the first one people saying which seems to be little oprah but what it is but it's never insult talks about it in the same terms it is cheesy as all hell it's
00:23:04a low bob but it is really fun it's an oddity that that original jukebox musical concept is that whole the whole film is just weird you say that this one yeah andi i love ever okay s o yeah it's weird also because they don't they're not really order
00:23:22tune anyone i mean to the point where it's like pierce president cannot sing ok there were plenty of people in the first film that could not sing and it was quite horrific alright so it's really it's kind of a fascinating thing to watch it's kind of like adorable
00:23:38is like people drunk scene karaoke e sort of stuff is exactly drunk which is curry much abby should be song right yeah yeah yeah so that's obviously works well people want to go back ten years later ten years ten years suite yes that's the books of a seat
00:23:55australia last weekend he comes marbles honorable mentions i got a handful of films c and they're all kind of new ish for change before i get into my mind first ones i do want to talk a bit about amazon prime because i gave it a test run this
00:24:11last week or so i decide to sign up for it i thought i'd just review what its like having some prime first no it came here a few months ago i think well i think the prime prime is actually very very new like the last few weeks i
00:24:24don't look it out but i mean i've been waiting for it and it's finally available the australians now because i wanted to get that sweet sweet free delivery with the amazon because i'm always spending money on apostles and stuff oh yeah s so that you're the prime video
00:24:37service comes with the prime free deliveries is right that's what's made it very affordable popular in american stuff so i'm having a really hard time setting up that warehouse system here i think they're having a hard time exploited like the conditions of workers in america is like notorious
00:24:53alright like they track every step really some employees can't go to the bar they wet themselves he has that contest raised toilet it's kind of fucked up so they're having a hard time here was exam minimum wages like three fucking times what the u s is there right
00:25:09what about that um all right well i'm not going teo review the tomorrow like yeah yeah yeah yes morally reprehensible it's basically everything we do and this is being recorded about on a computer that was probably built by four year old s o bearing that in mind runs
00:25:26well there was just this little thing is the thing supersized microchips well it's amazon prime i don't think i'm going to keep it is a short answer just because there's not enough interesting like obviously i mostly by movies from amazon that surprise surprise but this store on the
00:25:47amazon australia website is still terrible compared to the american and british stores the the ranges garbage now they do allow you to buy some stuff from overseas and also give you the three deliveries so i'll be exploiting that for a little while that the which brings me to
00:26:02the video library which is not a great video library well it does have some anomalies digital digital leiber oh yes oh i'm talking about the stuff that's included with prime obviously it's got a lively like itunes and any other company you can rent films and by films from
00:26:17but i'm just talking about the shit you get the free like with a net loose netflix subscription wait hang on so you pay for a monthly yes but then you still have to rent movies inside of that if you want like brainy movies itself but it's it's also
00:26:31got a netflix style library of stuff for you ugo it's kind of like itunes netflix combined yeah you can rent stuff or you can watch whatever comes through his description you okay but they're not charging you to rent an old movie i mean yeah if it's not included
00:26:49in the in the prime back so it's not just a new releases that they would you know they've got a limited library just like they cycle right yeah but they've also got a complete library of stuff like itunes does ok cool yeah yeah i'm clearly this's well it
00:27:06just seems odd like why Well just because you want it to be weird like signing to the thing you pay for and going i want to watch like ground hog day yeah but i have to pay six bucks yeah it but but you're talking about a fantasy world
00:27:21where you pay a small amount every month and you get every movie ever made yes that's not how it works well it should be great maybe one day but yeah i don't know what you could very good too because that doesn't exist i would rather not even have
00:27:34the option to buy those movies and just get them out of my face Okay cool good tonight um i will come back to this summit shittier version of the script just remove all the other movies but thiss disconnect between what you can rent and what you get with
00:27:49prime is kind of what i'm talking about here because so i used my vp in to access the american library once again much better than the australian library really excited for lien unpaid and also you were never really here So andrew hayes knew film lean on pete which
00:28:03is not available in this country yet but it is available on prime in america and lynne ramsay's you were never really here which i think comes out here in a month or two Yeah but is also available on the us amazon prime source so by the time it
00:28:16comes out here would have come out like a year ago in american cinema yeah three months ago like cannot so it does feel like it's been after awhile yeah so i really want to watch that and i watched lean on pate which was great i'll talk about that
00:28:31later but then i went to watch you would have really because i've seen it was part of the prime thing but obviously i must have just missed it because it just sort of went out of being available on prime and it was only there to rent it wasn't
00:28:43part of the prime package right yeah just what i mean like so it's not free anymore so you have to pay for it yes but it's just arbitrary well this is just like this is exactly like something that leaves netflix today is what i'm saying yeah accepted also
00:28:56gives you like netflix doesn't give you a chance to rent something it doesn't exist in their library has just does you see what i mean yeah which is just i guess that that is kind of good it's just is a weird i don't i don't think it's weird
00:29:08at all with no eyes giving you a choice but i thought you were just about to complain about the disconnect between what's free and what you need to pay for i am but very specifically about you were never really here so you know specifically agreeing with no no
00:29:20definitely not like you are talking crazy like just just to make this clear like if something you want to watch a netflix suddenly goes away yeah you could just goto itunes or the playstation store and rented if you want right yeah that's exactly what this is except it's
00:29:33all in the one place yes and it is annoying having to go somewhere else and pay for it of course but so this is good i just want them all to be covered yeah that would be wonderful yeah reason i'm annoyed that you were never really here left
00:29:46prime is because you were never really here was made by amazon fucking studios so i got you i was thinking much like netflix has netflix originals which are available on the netflix platform in perpetuity as long as you have a netflix subscription you could always watch the netflix
00:30:02original product right that which makes sense makes sense i assumed it would be the same with amazon and i was furious divine that wasn't the case so i got on the chat box with the tech support guys and i was like what's up with this rotten angry letter
00:30:16kind of angry chance it wasn't angry obviously was very polite but i was like what's up with this and they didn't really get what i was saying i don't know maybe i was not explain claims so probably but i was trying explain to amazon film why isn't a
00:30:28part of prime you advertised prime is being able to watch all the amazon original stuff why is that here they move me on to various different superiors who could couldn't help me and eventually found someone that was just like oh yeah that is it doesn't make sense actually
00:30:43look i'll put you in a really here in your library and you can watch it in the next thirty days for free i don't like thanks that's nice that's a nice quick fix doesn't solve the overall problem wait have you already watched know how well i thought you
00:30:56just pay phone and i was going to print it clearly but it was just i was goingto argue argue the toss first which is like i did is it was nice that they gave it to me free bso i think with with its average library and average stuff
00:31:13you can actually rent i'm sorry actually get free delivery on in australia at this point i my overview amazon prime is just don't bother like it's just not worth it their library is mostly older films it does have a great selection off trashy seventies and eighties horror films
00:31:29which i do approve all of it yeah i don't have time to watch them all anyway so it's just not worth this description of a sow oh it's like twelve twelve bucks a month i think we'll keep in mind that includes all the flick free delivery so if
00:31:41you get a bunch of packages and amazon off course is worth you a while but if you are interested in getting a new video streaming library probably not worth it especially since the amazon original stuff doesn't actually get included it just goes in there when they feel like
00:31:56it and they take it out when i feel when they feel like it what about the tv show tv shows seem to stay in there all the time i don't know what the difference is i assume it's a rights issue in the sense that the amazon like amazon
00:32:06studios aren't the sole producer of that film with they share that right with several other production companies so maybe it's to do with that i don't know obviously i couldn't get to the bottom of this because the people i was talking to had no idea what i was
00:32:17implying about yeah but yeah i believe that it was an amazon original you should be able to watch it on amazon prime yeah forever as long as you got a subscription you should be all right to watch that amazon original but also there are you said they're advertising
00:32:32this saying you buy this you can watch all the amazon original yeah that's one of the selling points for forgetting prime is like look at all the original stuff we have yeah so fuck those guys i guess i get out on on on the caviar like you said
00:32:42there were other people involved That's the thing i didn't give you a straight answer that's i have to assume that e i don't know anyway till quickly that some films shop amazon prime thumbs down um lean on pete andre hes new film about a boy in his horse
00:32:57at least that's sort of what the film looks like it's a lot more of a darker story than that it's really about a young teenager with a kind of rough home life that only has this horse to sort of relate to it as a friend because we're leaving
00:33:12on the friends it feels a lot like early can loach specifically kids but also just a lot of other early social realism self from loach but a what was the movies this guy's made before so he's first thing was weekend which is that that gay drama about just
00:33:28two guys bonding over a weekend and his second film was forty five years shot gaines book charlotte rampling and that guy tom courtney yet beer which is master base so this lean on people really liked a lot it made me cry a lot too heavy film but to
00:33:46be honest it didn't connect with me like his first two films did that that's not saying it's a bad film it's still clearly better than most films i've seen this year because andrew hey is that good But it just doesn't quite live up to his first two films
00:33:58for may great supporting cast eva shimmy eyes in there a sort of kind of a scumbag horse trainer it's it's all very like loki horse world like we're not talking like the derby Or you know the caulfield race is that it's not like very fancy it's like dirty
00:34:15backs Back out we horse races where is very loose rules and people just bet and they just sort of running these horses into the ground until they until they don't know that was a that was a thing Yeah it seems like a little underworld You thinkit's obviously just
00:34:29like the minor leagues of horse racing i guess in the states but it feels very dodgy Charlie plumber is the kid in question who have only seen one other thing which was all the money in the world he played the getty kid that gets kidnapped um oh yeah
00:34:47yeah so in that film he looked a lot older like it's weird this film maybe it was shot before but he looks so much younger in this film and he is astonishing i didn't i think i liked him in all the money in the world but that film
00:34:58didn't leave a huge impression on me so i didn't have much to say about the performances but in this film christopher plummer secrecy obama fuck it charlie plumber is no relation by the way is one to watch he is a standing in this film if he has to
00:35:13do a lot without saying much as well what of the plot of the film is just with him following him on his journey which is really fucking hard journey and he's wonderful in it you also got chloe sevigny is also in a very small role unfortunately a lot
00:35:30of people you know but they're only there for a little bit because it's really it's almost kind of a road movie it starts off as being in this in this small town and he does sort of go on on old fashioned adventure but not a very nice one
00:35:42anyway that's clean on pete it's not as optimistic and lovely as the post would lead you to believe but it's still really really really good it looks terrifyingly dull on a poster right it's kind like war horse yeah wait heaven wars that all right so which brings me
00:36:02to you were never really here lynne ramsay's new hitman thriller which had heard a lot about actually i hadn't heard anything about the plot or anything i just heard people raving about did it did really well it's um festivals i forget which ones but people sort of cool
00:36:16and the people would like obviously lynne ramsay's a director that doesn't make films that often she sort of keeps us waiting and she does one every few like seven years i think that project something like that is too long which might be a symptom ofthe female directors having
00:36:32trouble finding work or it might just be a her working style that she just likes to take a sweet time with their projects we'll remember she was so yeah if you're not sure if she did we need to talk about kevin morgan cola we haven't seen you know
00:36:46after i saw a rat catchers that also rack out here after i saw you were never really here i went immediately and added the morgan collar and rat catcher because that was ninety nine and two thousand two on it was until nine years later that she may we
00:37:03need to talk about kevin which was phenomenal and i should have checked out her other two because of that but yeah this is only her fourth and that's taken six years after her Yeah but she remembers she was developing Jane got a gun Oh of course yes we're
00:37:18taking a little time and then waste of time Really Yeah sure Sounds like a week yet for all that shit went down which is a little bit hazy in my mind now Um so you were never really here is about joaquin phoenix is i don't know what you
00:37:33describe his job it's kind of he's kind of like a rescuer or a bounty hunter that goes and saves like runaways and people that have bean you know caught up in illegal stuff like a reverse hitman like he's using it you forgot yes you've told me it's all
00:37:48right yeah so he's hired to get a girl who's who's missing many extract tracked down this teenage girl and find out what happened tio and bring it back for the family you know it's simple enough and it's all very underworld cd nothing has spoken out loud like this
00:38:05he's not really meant to exist like yeah so yeah he's applied in the title of really but right yeah so he's ex you know special forces or whatever i think he was an fbi agent or a soldier or both maybe at some point there are flashes of his
00:38:21past as the film goes on he's obviously seen some terrible stuff and being quite psychologically scarred from it so it's very sort of broken man trying to do good things and this is a a job gone wrong thrill up really and as far as a you know b
00:38:37picture joke gone wrong thriller i think i felt it was workable in that sense but it was also astoundingly pretentious i really didn't care about this bill i thought it was a really bank for all the time yeah i think i'm not sure if it was just i
00:38:55think i would it might have just liked it more if it was just a straight up thrilla but i think this this constant constant focus on his mental psyche and like flashing back and showing us things and all that wasted time was pretty much to say the audience
00:39:10by the way he's quite damaged and it was just tedious i was just weighing me down thankfully it's only a ninety minute film um but yeah i thought joaquin phoenix didn't seem to know what he was being directed to do most of the time there are points that
00:39:23i was just laughing i'm not sure i was meant to be funny if it was props to him but there are times where he just looked so befuddled in his in his world and so just schlubby and indifferent and he didn't know what he was meant to do
00:39:36in the scene there are there is definitely a knowing about that character like he knows that his his existence and what he's made it is a joke right has been about six weeks since i saw because we're going to do is a feature a while ago but yes
00:39:55i'm a little hazy on but for me it was way more about the feeling of the film that actually the narrative push off it the way that it's assembled in the way that looks and feels like no other feeling that's why a soon as i finished it i
00:40:07added her first two to my list of like must watch films because the way she constructs a film is like i didn't i didn't get that there is sort of like this there is a monotonous robotic sort of feel to it but it is like deeply unsettling is
00:40:24there's nothing comfortable about the world that he's in i really enjoyed it but it's a really oblique kind of film it's also like and people are reading a lot into it and i didn't read as much into it is a zoo around for me it was far more
00:40:40like a mood sort of piece yeah but then had these rat this explosions of ultraviolence really that and really see much violence well you don't see much but that's another another thing that she does so well is the things that you do the reconstruction of the scene there's
00:40:57something we're without spoiling things he breaks into a house of sorts and you basically watch most of the scenes from hallway monitors and security cameras and stuff like that and basically just silent the whole time um it's constructed beautifully but there there's just quite brutal stuff in there
00:41:17i really like you see the aftermath of violence but you don't really have a save us oh yeah you don't you don't see it but it's happening while you're there Yeah i suppose i think it's just she was wearing influences honestly pretty much a lot of psycho in
00:41:29there is obviously some overt references to psycho but also some kind of subtle ones like the house that his mother lives in is exactly the same as the psycho house in this staircase placement stuff like that is the way they use the shots taxi driver is a huge
00:41:42touchstones has tech both films are about a mentally challenged war veteran that tries to rescue a girl from you know pimps and organized crime like it's and doesn't print the same way as well so i think just this lack of originality and really this effort to try and
00:42:01arthouse eyes the simple story she had i just felt it was just utterly pretentious so i really didn't care for it don't see what the fuss is to be honest it's yeah not for me apparently yeah yeah i would have a better rebuttal if if it was treasure
00:42:19in my mind but also if there was something more tangible too defended on because it is a really abstract feeling film like it feels disconnected the whole time and that's sort of the point yeah i really i really liked it but yeah well it's not for everyone i'm
00:42:38in the last two films they just two films by hong kong director johnnie toa who had heard off for many years never actually please do please so that movie is based on the book okay and after i watched it i found that out and then it seemed to
00:42:54me i remember thinking at the time this seems like she read the book and then removed about ninety five percent of the narrative content and then showed like a skewed sort of skeleton off the overall story so like there's bits here are there like you said like flashbacks
00:43:13to his past on dh you can tell he's massively fucked up in the taxi driver like crushed by the system and like just this fucked up guy but yeah it's it's like it's had the meat removed from the story yeah i guess i wouldn't agree because it's just
00:43:30a pretty straightforward story like it will you like it it's not flattering but from what you saw on screen do you think you could write a book about it like it doesn't seem to be enough there yeah i mean obviously i have no experience writing books out of
00:43:42it it feels like any movie could be a ble don't know how to respond to that Are you saying you john you tell your films is that ring a bell No so he's still working he's done a bunch of stuff in hong kong action cinema i watched a
00:43:58couple of his triad films thiss one this first one is called the mission from nineteen ninety nine and it concerns a mob boss who's being targeted for assassination doesn't know why so he hires five bodyguards to protect him at all times and the thief film is really about
00:44:16these five bodyguards disparate people some of them know each other before and some of them don't but they all have to work together on this on this job and it's just kind of the day to day routine of being a bodyguard with someone who's trying teo avoid assassination
00:44:29which is really interesting the five guys really great actors and very different sort of personalities as well um it's just ah it's a really cool film it's got a great use of score i don't know if this was like what was just kind of hot in hong kong
00:44:45and late nineties but it sounds like a cynthy eighties score so i reckon it's intentionally at an anachronistic but it's it's a great piece of music he used again and again often because it's quite a jaunty little tune it doesn't seem to fit some of the ultra violence
00:45:01that you see in this film sometimes also the action set pieces are incredible like just really original stuff and there's a lot of gun porn for sure which i think is a pretty much a hong kong action cinema thing is they love you know showing off handguns and
00:45:15disassembling and guns and having all sorts of politic slow motion You know leo gunfights that sort of one of the one of the hallmarks of the genre so a lot of that the the gunpoint self when they're when they're talking about the different guns and well that's just
00:45:29it doesn't do much for may but i kind of enjoy in a throwback to the old american westerns as well of cowboys comparing guns and all those you know freudian things go along with them so that they're actually sitting there talking about they're gone absolutely not not confusing
00:45:43them across the table like yeah yeah and so there's there's a lot of that sort of stuff yeah i've never seen that fascinated with the machinery that cause you know it went terrible man yeah very good alpha male yeah but the mission is is great there's just like
00:46:01i feel like he's done a little research into the gunfight because i remember when free fight came out i was a cia interview with ben wheatley and he was talking about how interesting it was in regards to really gun violence with lots of assailants with firearms about how
00:46:16often they miss which is about ninety five percent of the time when someone fires a gun the gunfight and let's see the bag you're big in real life i'm talking about like real real gunfight between gangs so that just how common it is or how rare it is
00:46:31to actually get hit by a bullet in these in these files and there's just like also the movie disconnect that is like there's only bad guys get very precise guys exactly exactly s o when i was watching this and you've got these guns fights that go on and
00:46:43on for a long time but still everyone is alive like some people have taken you know a small wounds or whatever but everyone still there and it keeps going i realize that's actually more it might seem fake and movie but it's actually really true true it alive i
00:46:56feel like joining toe has done that research as well and realize that this is maur this represents real gunfire is it does go on for a while unless it's broken up by an external force or whatever s o one point yes not have pins them down trying to
00:47:09kill the mob boss and they have to try and cover their marbles and try and get the sniper but it's just a constant exchange of fire that goes on there trying it close to the sniper to knock him out and it's a really tense scene and there's another
00:47:22yeah i could just describe things actions that faces but i shot anyway the missions great which brings me to vengeance which is a film made ten years after the two thousand nine and this is a film with a french lead actually frank johnny hallyday ahs a french actor
00:47:40was really familiar with but he basically comes to hong kong because his wife and family have recently murdered by three unknown assailants s o he's come for vengeance and he hires some some hitmen coincidently similar actors who played the bodyguards in the first film i watched so it
00:48:02was already pretty familiar with these guys but then these hitmen i have to try and figure out you know who did the deed and it's sort of like part detective part gangster film yeah it's sort of hatching the case a little bit similar levels of off beat humor
00:48:19we think about this main guy the french character who is called costello he has a bullet in his brain from a previous injury from twenty years ago when he was a gangster he's a chef now okay this bullet is pressing on a part of his brain that affects
00:48:35memory so he's actually slowly losing his memory that's what i've got maybe like that so it is but there's a lot of similarities between christopher nolan's memento and this film because this guy takes polaroids of people he mades and then writes down the polaroids who they are what
00:48:50their relationship to him is that it tries to remember this mission of engines on much like guy pieces character so and that that that doesn't really present itself in the first half the film was only towards the end of the film where he really goes down the rabbit
00:49:06hole and starts forgetting everything and it's kind of sweet because this family that he's created with these three hit men a sort of even though it's it's not really in their best interest to help many more like he's just at this point a doddering old man that's already
00:49:18paid them so they could just leave him but instead they want to help him finish the mission and they're constantly reminding him of what he's doing and why it's important to get vengeance and even and he's getting to the point where he's like what is vengeance like what's
00:49:31what's going on he just don't remember anything anymore so it's why my man it's a really really thoughtful like sort of character piece wrapped up in a great action gun fighting film so yeah i'm kind of a journey to fan i think i really enjoyed these two films
00:49:47kind of looking forward to seeing some more of this guy's stuff i can find this movie on ebay vengeance ninety it's that one two thousand nine she doesn't know you're coming up for me when i first entered before the trial started playing i don't know how yeah i
00:50:03don't tell you i guess you could scroll down a bit but a lot of films called oh no i just didn't hit a button don't worry about it okay yeah okay i shot yeah i found it good on that now that i've found it we can finish it
00:50:17it's okay Excellent Well before we get into a feature review if you like the show you can help us out by going to silver screen snobs dot com and donate button at the top of the page If you'd like to help us sell me the monthly basis or
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00:50:42one off donations thank you very very much on dh Then go to the actual store look up silver screen selves and leave us a star review All right he comes Mission impossible Feature presentation Mission impossible full out written and directed by christopher mcquarrie macquarie's only directed four films
00:51:10that's far the way of the gun going way back with benicio del toro and ryan phillipe i think that movie yeah yeah that was his first film right okay and then i followed that up it didn't work in his director until jack reacher which were big fans of
00:51:26rules and then followed up with the previous mission impossible film rogue nation and now this one he's been unknown however as a writer a cz welles riding a ll the aforementioned films he's also started his career with the usual suspects you might have heard of that film on
00:51:41a movie that absolutely has one of the greatest ending yes it's weird how maybe do that on then sort of became tom cruise is go to guy for a while and he wrote val karey agent tomorrow and of course jack reacher and the mission impossible films so he
00:51:57sort of just being yeah tom cruise is writing guy for quite a while working up like actually retooling projects just for him which is sort of how tom cruise is managed to reinvent himself these last ten years as just being the eternally ageless action hero guy yeah it's
00:52:17a it's a good idea that kind of bruce willis had a guy doing that after him for a long time had a bizarre named teo didn't seem to pay off that it wasn't the exact words i know wasn't that was his name was much were there know it
00:52:28was like mattes matt palace back write something i i it's just a stupid name yeah it's a good move it's kind of like having a talent agent and a writer yeah combined yet because mccauley is really talented yeah and if he's on the same wavelength as his for
00:52:43want of a better word client like being i can really make make things work apparently yes it's definitely pay dividends for tom cruise i reckon i saw a sign of him aging in this by the way tom cruise and i don't believe it he has a tiny bit
00:52:54of stubble and you can tell it so the kind of half gray andi that age old tell of looking at the neck on dh there was one scene where his neck looked a little old let me tell you about the cast you've got tom cruise you're henry cavil
00:53:09ving raines thing raines i think he's being in every single one of these mission possible films great cause it's basically the only way to seem anyway hey you should be in everything he says i love that guy and this is probably a bigger part than in the last
00:53:21few films have given him i think the last if i get confused foreign vibe but one of them he just turned up in the end by coming out but yeah he has tenure remain and all them i think you've also got returning character summon pig ric ric of
00:53:34ferguson coming back from rogue nation on sean harris also returning from rogue nations as well as angela bassett and alec baldwin plot summary that's kind of vague but ethan hunt and his imf team along with some familiar allies race against time after a mission gone wrong that could
00:53:51describe pretty much all the vision of crips yeah in fact i think it does so here's a clip it would be kind of hard to sit this one out like basically they do this sort of really real brief i love the introduction to these movies because just like
00:54:06here is all the exposition in a nutshell it was get out of the way and its being to live it it has to be told to someone on screen so it seems fine so it's basically like this bad guy john john locke wants to get all these aloes
00:54:21plutonium nuclear weapons blow up everywhere yeah that's like that's like the overarching because if you were trying to tell the like the inside of that plot there's no way that's fine so the macguffin is plutonium on dh thie imf team are trying to track it down because they
00:54:38had it and they lost it and now they need to recover it to save their reputation so even honeys undercover as the aforementioned john locke and talking tio but it's a kirby's character white widow trying to meet with a buyer for this plutonium Don't you think maybe they're
00:54:55not here for you Maybe they're just here for mae Are you willing to take that chance You have something i want right now That makes me the only person you can trust to get you out of here alive Think i'd like to go home Okay well guess what's
00:55:22to start off with i fucked up okay i did not see rogue nation which is really fucked up because it actually connects a lot it connects so much and i thiss jupiter move of assuming that this is basically and it actually still kind of is the fast and
00:55:39furious for spy movies it's like they've got the family of sorts the family's sort of ever changing but there's still the central players i guess player in this case anyway that tom cruise is basically the only consistent like throughout this whole thing right Yeah i just said you
00:55:57know two people two people right so you got the family and then you just got thes ever increasing outrageous stunts on dh that's basically the selling point of the films is hey this time around check out like there's like famously he broke his ankle during the filming of
00:56:11this which made it the most expensive mission impossible largely because the hand of paul's filming and there is a shot like they said when they were making king it tom cruise broke his ankle mid scene but still ran off camera because he knew that if he didn't they
00:56:27would lose he's like he's a producer on the film so he knew that they would lose lots of money but i'm pretty sure it's that scene where he falls off the bike right doesn't run off camera He runs away from the camera fucking hobbling i didn't think it
00:56:41was that because because i was doing it was my brother after and right my reason for thinking it's not that is because he just got hit by a car so when the reality of the scene he'd be hobbling anyway where is the lady earlier or later government is
00:56:54the bit where he jumps from rooftop to rooftop and smashes into it and then hobbles away after that and i think that was the big o does he okay right yeah because if it if it was the one where he ran away like completely on camera that that
00:57:07would be far too horribly that's like twenty seconds off full on sprinting i wanted broken and maybe they put in there is a red herring yeah just bubble off of this shot as well yeah yeah eso anyway yeah i just don't know exactly exactly i assumed i don't
00:57:24need to know any plot i'll get i've seen all the others i just haven't seen five which is funny because this is the first time in pretty much the entire siri's where they really tried to connect the previous films oh yeah that's that's what i was also going
00:57:37to say about the fast and furious stuff is that you go there and you know you're going to get a plot that is not really related to anything else though they might drop something here character ladyship's they're always deeply interconnected actually yeah the relationships always carried through a
00:57:50lot of family in that film is very strong so yeah i assumed that i would just be able to get away with it because the other ones i had seen all in a row and they weren't really connected at all so whatever reasonable to think reasonable to think
00:58:03complete fucking mistake so watch five because this was still really right i really really like this one because i do a great job of to be honest with spy movies i generally i generally start losing the plot about ah to be generous halfway through but sometimes as little
00:58:24in is like a third of the way through i'm like i just sort of check out don't really care on because a lot of it is kind of especially when they're so action basie don't expect the narrative to be that strong although in this that actually did seem
00:58:37to hold up quite well even though i wasn't that invested with character relationships everything that was going on was quite like it was quite a complicated script put together that worked really well and there are some amazing payoffs and some amazing double double crossing with friends like you
00:58:57octo bluffs yeah yeah got it stunning and it's really fun and well done and yes oh actually i was lucky that the movie construct itself in a way that i was actually able to enjoy it it's also like two hours twenty and something like that it's two and
00:59:13a half actually is a two and a half i'm looking to twenty seven yeah so i haven't set in a film and not thought about the time for maybe three or four months yeah i thought it a good job of not feeling its length just just it really
00:59:26flew by like by the time it ended i was i was i would be fine if it went on for another hour the direction off the action is pretty stunning a kind of has this way of being it sort of feels like if christopher nolan wass like on
00:59:44holiday like if he was just trying to make like a junkie is more fun film because christopher nolan's always like pretty serious and heavy handed i can see now i totally i agree yeah i really like him but hey there's definite this his way of precisely put my
01:00:00finger and i guess maybe some of it is the way he would attach the camera to certain objects during action scenes the slower pace of editing on dh then also this there's some really amazing moments where he lets the soundtrack from the previous scene sort of hanging on
01:00:18and hanging over other like into an action scene and so there's one great moment were you watching a full on action scene that just has this sort of like a theory a kind of soundtrack bond absolutely no audio from what you're watching at all and it just it
01:00:33works so well like it seems so profound yeah so the action just has this epic feel to it and then also of course you know that tom cruise is doing like most of it which is weird because there are some shots where you see like the one thing
01:00:50of in particular he's holding on to a helicopter like the bottom the lander's of a helicopter and it looks kind of fake but then at the same time it also looks supremely riel it's got this sort of like almost like the the frames per second thing what was
01:01:06how many friends do they do for the hobbit sixteen yeah i think so yes sixty francs basic yes i when they sped it up and it sort of seemed it looked too lifelike viper room yeah look hyper real so again then there are other scenes where like it
01:01:22was definitely cg i but i was pretty sure he was doing it anyway this is todd and he also gets his extreme steve mcqueen the great escape moment in this way he gets to ride the fuck out of a motorbike and make sure that he rides from very
01:01:37far away right up to the camera so you can tell it was him it was a great show it was a really good shot couldn't get teo no that's done double look nothing like i was all state think they're really good it doesn't even have the same erica
01:01:52it's fucking great no thought into yeah that no one is going in record it doesn't matter so yeah overall like i was i was really really surprised by this because i wasn't expecting to get that much out of i have enjoyed the others i just wasn't prepared for
01:02:10just being as much fun as it was i was really impressed and the plot is interesting and great and made me wish that i had seen number five s o but i will happily when this comes out on homeless i will happily watch five and then we watch
01:02:24this school had a very good time yeah yeah i think this is a step up from five personally i like five a lot but because i love force so much had had a hard uphill struggle with may i guess it had to be really really wonderful and yeah
01:02:40i thought i was pretty good a ce faras being mission bells of films that macquarie directed i mean this is such a giant step like leap forward in terms of action cinema this is a leap forward like the set pieces in this film just master class and i
01:02:56can't believe it's macquarie a fucking screenwriter can pull off this year nolan esque level of of impossibility when it comes to these practical stones that's fucked thie amount of coordination and then vision as well to construct them in such a way that make that not that heightens every
01:03:13single moment yeah like it's one thing to pull off the physical stunt which in of itself is just incredible to look at but to have the style and i guess just the the visual language to to cut it together and make his exciting as it is on dh
01:03:28thrilling as it is there some of those motorbike chase sequences through paris i believe made me feel like i was on a motorbike i kid you not like i just some of it made me feel like i was in the back of his motorbike because it's just the
01:03:43cameras so kinetic and the way the traffic's whizzing past you and stuff and that the soundtrack has a lot to do with that like the sound design in this film it's off the wall like it really puts you right in the scene sometimes and i guess i probably
01:03:56maybe that's a bit exaggerated for me because i saw and i'm accident max sound is one of those great things that just fucking penetrate your bungalows yeah yeah because it didn't didn't stand out to me but that's yeah meaning on the imex sections as well particularly the halo
01:04:12jump sequence who was amongst the best stuff i've ever seen i'm not sure that was the moment when he jumps out and the camera just walks backwards plain and that was the one where the fuck i was goingto yeah now i don't know did you did you get
01:04:27the bits where the screen would change dimensions in your normal cinema no normally i'm normally pretty aware of that you know i don't think so what happened in that sequence because there was no imax up until the bit there on the plane right And so it just normal
01:04:42cinemascope i have to fire into it is it is it is the first real mission with henry cavil and stuff so yeah cable jumps out and tom cruise about to jump out and he gets his stuff together and he walked to the edge of the playing and the
01:04:55camera's sort of tips over like looking out of the back of the plane which is a real vertigo inducing moment and at that moment the screen slowly widened so it is not a cut it's like a do as you're looking over cool like amazing oh not just over
01:05:12like the next thirty seconds like it's over that look waited liketo better five second expansion i'd say that's s oh it's it's it's subtle if you don't believe what you would notice but i was kind of waiting for when it was going to go full i'm x on
01:05:25the fact that it did it at that point where if you're really feeling like you're about to tell the lady a seat geez yeah yes and then that whole sequence on unfolding in you know seemingly an unbroken take was pretty spectacular Very little scoring that seat in that
01:05:40shot as well remember correctly mostly just wind rushing past yes it's just so good yeah and also these action scenes too alike they come so often and it's so great there are so many of them on i normally don't i tried to watch re watch raiders of the
01:06:00lost ark actually not that recently it's really quite a while ago and i just couldn't get through it i just don't enjoy watching action anymore that oh no i don't know why but this like every single action scene is just so fucking could that you never really gets
01:06:19a good yeah i think it helps that the old they're also good for one thing but you know i think it does make the film it does elevate the film that there are so many of them because for instance with the fast and furious movies as much as
01:06:30i enjoy them as being very enjoyable trash i do get bored between the action sequences sometimes when there's just dialogue and i'm just waiting for something to happen with the fast cars again really start to feel the running time of the film and i'm like all right come
01:06:42on get back in get back in the car do something stupid come on where is this I never had time to wait for the next activity because it would just appear it was so fast on when they were doing action sequences they were doing convoluted plot stuff which
01:06:55i had to stop and think about as well yes would you actually really have to think about it and actually does work quite well and then also they don't they're not overdoing benji is the comedy relief no no one's being overdone it fits in perfectly still entertaining yes
01:07:08i agree i feel like the plot convoluted is it is it still does a great job of giving everyone the appropriate motivation like i sort of got about halfway point and i was just marveling to myself at how everyone's motivation is quite clear even with all double crosses
01:07:25and stuff i knew exactly what each character even if they weren't ultimately going for that goal i knew what their stated goal was that makes sense i had i had the graph of my head and i knew every character stood and what they were trying to accomplish that
01:07:37is a rare thing in a modern action film it's extremely rare yeah and even may not knowing exactly who some of these characters were i still yeah it was still is extremely clear to me what they what they were doing what they wanted to do no matter how
01:07:50much bullshit well not even bullshit because it is it's fun the stuff that doesn't make sense is fun and the stuff that makes sense makes sense in his words you paying attention to you it's a rare based this kind of a movie Yeah It's i think it's lean
01:08:04like in in the way like obviously there is a lot off that's the stuff they were just talking about with you know spy movie plot stuff but i think the film overall as a spy movie is very lane like it really does true most the fact and just
01:08:19gives you the fun plot with the fun action sequences no time to stop and think and then always sounds over you like wow what a great time isn't it yeah it was fantastic yeah well what a great time at the cinema is basically should be on the court
01:08:33in the poster yeah yeah comes out really fast you know i'm real eloquent sometimes yeah the only bad thing i could think about this and this didn't really didn't matter at all was that henry cavil i know you like henrik i fucking love and how fucking handsome is
01:08:47and henry cavil always had good god when he's introduced and he's just sort of standing there smoldering and the camera's right there in his face and it's like fuck you he's such a man he's the manliest man he really is there was a point when i was watching
01:09:01on screen guy i wonder what it's like to live every day i think the manliest of old men being henry cavil like the man that has two duck two feet to get indoors unless he does the room's falls apart because i'm handsome so sorry we're going to say
01:09:16you know what we contact incorrect but yeah i knew that way because what was that the man from uncle you really liked him and i like i mean everything i really haven't seen that i just found i thought he was so wooden in this on dh there is
01:09:33a part of him that's i kind of meant to be in a way it just felt to me like he'd been given a pretty much a blank canvas with this character and decided to bring nothing to the table in terms of choices or anything like that did you
01:09:48But it didn't didn't affect things yeah look i'm not goingto give too much is because i don't think anyone is really acting they got sat in this film like everyone's sort of doing the minimum for what their character needs for the plot to continue and that's enough really
01:10:01no i disagree who's doing some hard correcting then ah well tom cruise is always acting when he's not running is acting i feel like like i don't think ethan hunt is a real character he's just kind of just type vs phyllis plot to move forward like i don't
01:10:14really care about ethan hunt and i'm okay with that like i don't have to care about these characters really actually that's a good point yeah i never actually cared about the characters but i was interested in what they were doing yeah yeah well being raines has a couple
01:10:28of emotional scenes he's got tio i didn't do much it just felt very much like especially when he's trying to make michelle monaghan character relevant again as if he knows the audience hasn't seen her properly in the film's inspection possible three yeah so he's trying to just jog
01:10:46around memory and being like this is why this carriage is important just so you know i love audience so much because it's also just like this huge bromance moment for him to just get all tio it's so teary eyed on then saito a character you don't know how
01:11:05good top cruises yeah cruz is the best guy think he is so good only hate you saved the world and only he is good enough to get a girl who is so amazing that even she knows she can't beat with him because he needs to save the world
01:11:21he can save the world if she's there with them so she needs to let go so he can save the world and you're saying was relieving so you're saying this is a good was fine it was one of the few like fast and furious drama type moments ueo
01:11:36tempting grow this actually isn't working but it also didn't break anything me like i was fine with a bay narrows yeah whatever it actually just came across as a little odd because the rest of the film works so well it does not feel it but that yeah that
01:11:50doesn't work at all it also seems a lot like the perspective of tommy wiser like it's this idea that everyone loves johnny on dh when johnny is not on the screen while characters talking oh absolutely where's johnny look i already already felt that way just being about tom
01:12:05cruise but that is a perfect comparison teo something wise oh yeah that is yeah especially when you've got someone who's as hands on producer as tom cruise is crafting the film to be about how wonderful his character is because it's a lot there is a lot of stuff
01:12:20in the film that is just seems the film that takes time out to showcase how great he is there's a sequence with a cop that gets in trouble and part of me feels like he's not saving the cop because it's a cop he's saving the cop because it's
01:12:32a hot chick and it's a really creepy moment it's not meant to be creepy at all i don't think that it comes across is like this weird paternal like i'll save you sort of moment cause i'm so good i'm really glad you brought that up because i didn't
01:12:45care for going for the first time ever i think i had to keep my phone on on vibrate because i was expecting an important drunk all on dh i couldn't not take this call okay so and i knew that it might count during the time that i was
01:13:01in the cinema on dh unfortunately it did and it came right at the moment where they opened the door and they just staring at that is such a good it was such a great moment i was contemplating not taking the call but it was kind of it was
01:13:13quite important that i did so for the first time ever i think i don't remember doing this before i ran out of the cinema unanswered phone calls for about five minutes which was which sucked because i was having great so what yes what happen is this isn't really
01:13:28spoil this this is just like a little thing that happens in the middle of an action scene with the character the bears no it has no importance on the plot i suppose not so they getting away they're putting thiss guy who's in our hood in the back of
01:13:41a car you want to save any of this was way talk do we need to it's just i feel awkward in the non spoil a section talking specifically about what happens step by step in a saint like it just feels like giving away too much oh but it's
01:13:54just i mean and actually we can do is spoil this action because i would like to talk about i shouldn't need teo teo planning doing sports not really but we can just just just easier to talk about the ending and stuff yeah yeah we'll do that um yeah
01:14:09it's really just more than mechanics of action saying yeah ah yeah anyway so yes he is very you can tell that tom cruise loves tom cruise on def i guess if you don't like tom cruise then you might have a bit of a rough time with that expect
01:14:26over but the rest of the film is it's such a small part of the film i guess sort of increases towards the third act yeah look i don't mean it's not a enjoyment killing problem for me whatsoever like i love tom cruise the actions so i'm okay with
01:14:43most of it it just it feels a little crazy every now and then but not enough to hold the film for me so it was just a minor my niggle there but yeah clearly makes up for with all the rest the awesome stuff yeah did you get you
01:14:55know the whole sequence with the they're freeing a prisoner from like a convoy to get a dark night vibe from that whole whole action set pieces yeah it was a lot of it just the shots the camera placement is like this feels a lot like dark night and
01:15:09there's something to do with again it's that placement the camera on the side dean of things so you've got the the trucks arriving and i guess it's got something to do with like your being invested in the journey to the actual scene itself You know you're not just
01:15:27plonked in the middle of an action scene yet there's a centre is a sense of anticipation especially since with that same particularly you've got you know the planning the heist scene before it's you know what's supposed to happen you know where it's going yet and that's exciting to
01:15:40see that play out yeah yeah but if you think about justin the simple mechanics of the same like it must be an over onto the dark knight with the diversion and stuff like instead of a fire truck there's a truck with water that falls over on they go
01:15:53down you know a tunnel under a bridge exactly the same like it's all it's i think it can't be unintentional yeah and it really it really feels like the bank heist in a lot of weight or even others it just it feels very dog night yeah yeah um
01:16:10okay well we're going to a spoiler thing then i think well i'll just say one thing that's not spoil ary is the score which i thought was incredible the way through but specifically the way they used the motif of the mission possible theme like it was broken down
01:16:26in certain sections and used like this like parts of it was used tto highlight in action baby or used as a sort of repetitive fame like building tension but it was always using the original tv show theme song at its base really clever stuff s o that and
01:16:45every now and then it would pay off in its traditional old school sense which was exciting as well but it's a great piece of music so good yeah just the way it was it seemed to be the basis of most action scenes wass mission possible thing just used
01:16:57in different ways cut up in different ways and i was really thought it was just incredible also to get back to that night again you had a very it seems like almost every film now has just scored by hands and whether or not but it was why guy
01:17:11called lawn balfe you don't know it was something that i haven't heard that name before but yeah there's very uneasy sub tension and in the second night staccato strings things yeah getting very tense did you know i found out the other day that hans emma wass in the
01:17:29band i forget the name they did the song video killed the radio star yeah i knew that because i watched that taco school which is all that composers okay right right no the bubbles it could be a man that sounds vera you know when something silly like that
01:17:43yeah yeah i just thought it was because i saw the video clip for on dh someone i was watching this i was like you can't hear like pulls it like the first video clip yeah it was like check out check out who that is no idea That's hot
01:17:59Um years so so one one last thing that's not bothering henry cavil so i'm gonna ask you know like he's acting so but how many's physicality like in those five scenes like wasn't he just a force to be reckoned with oh yeah it was just such a great
01:18:16like he played superman but he did not seem as tough in the superman films as he doesn't this like he just feels like an unstoppable tank in this film yeah just loved it i loved it especially the bathroom fight scene of course that was spectacular but there's some
01:18:32great stuff is it is a point later where i don't see the character but someone goes to fight henry cavill's character like makes a very you know noble attempt for about thirty seconds before gets put down it's just like why would you even bother like it was a
01:18:47look of the guy there is something he does come across is like nine feet tall in this film yeah it's weird and yet you're right he never does the superman i guess it's a testament good directing and good writing and acting davis he's acting different man hey definitely
01:19:04does do the action will in this it's fine it's just when it pulls us and the camera goes to him like uh that's not a santa familiar with it i just go s next week no it also at this week so stick around for some mission Impossible fallout
01:19:23spoilers we will be talking some spoilers after we wrap up the show We got some of nineteen ninety three and dr knock they're both french films and also the wife Look this is all kind of programming these aerial very small arthouse films throughout this week no one's going
01:19:37to try and take on a mission impossible at their own game which is probably a smart move also the next the next month or even two months is quite like release I guess we're sort of getting like it's not the award season yet So it's just everything else
01:19:52getting out of the way with susan really fixed things this dumping susan i was forgetting not officially like double seasons more immediately after the war you know after the oscars like those couple of months is the official dumping season This is more just yeah people not suing cleaning
01:20:08i guess yeah not not don't have the biggest faith in the prestige equality of these films that is getting you can email the show podcast at silver screen storms dot com and even reached dave at deb's lease on twitter and final episode silver screen snobs dot com please
01:20:24stick around after the credits music and we'll talk some more what for All right spoilers for mission possible fallout family here it spoils s oh yeah the cop what happened what happened so what did you see so you just saw them open the door in her standing there
01:20:59yeah i got to the part where she's he's he's decided to slowly walk towards that and so it looks like henry cavill is going for his gun right well he's got a gun he always getting ready to shoot because he's obviously you know that's his style he's he's
01:21:15he's the guy that just would rather kill the targets and get them out of the way then which makes its hunt are you with me because if they just killed everyone all the time than thiss friends with s o he's getting ready to shoot a which yeah i
01:21:33don't agree with his you know mentality in general but in this situation it probably is the best thing to do if they want to get away because the whole plan is fucked if they get arrested now anyway so tom cruise moving towards and then she gets shot by
01:21:46some of the white widows men who turn up and they're like hey what happened to the plan Because obviously tom cruise sorry ethan hunt changed the plan by trying to get him out with the water thing so they gun cop down and then say the white widow wants
01:22:01you to come with us come and see you now and then One of them goes to finish off the cop who's mortally wounded and lying on the ground and she's about to execute and then tom cruise shooter and sorry shoots him and then shoots the other three guys
01:22:16as well it's pretty cool moment itjust explosion of violence as he takes it all for them then helps the cop with the wound and get to the call for help and they run so i love how okay that's a total response the two that yet you see this
01:22:30like completely innocent uninvolved person and then there's this instant like aw so i'm glad they made sure that because that's kind of like the joking way of going just make sure she's looking hole call the police call the ambulance the thing that struck me is a little bit
01:22:46creepy at this and this might be just me projecting onto it i'm not sure but what it looked like in the scene when he's like you know call your superior you're telling me enabling zero whatever she looks at him with just adoration in her eyes and she's just
01:22:59like oh thank you like she's so happy it's like do you wouldn't have been shot if it wasn't for this fucking idiot like hey eso anyway just just the fact that this character that's that's your dying from this gunshot wound is still having the time to make eyes
01:23:13at tom cruise as he's being the sweetest guy ever but johnny great guy great greg yeah i should have remembered he's the greatest guy like you don't give a good screen everyone should be who is joining s so that's what happened in that scene yeah so what do
01:23:37you think about the fake out of the start with wolf blitzer just like that i fucking love that that was i wanted to say that in the review but i didn't know it was a good real too good despoiled right got what i wanted to say was not
01:23:50specifically that in the airplane just that i loved that they did the fake room revealed yeah and the face swapping for the credit you for the interest rates that's a good point like just the stuff that i guess like well obviously hardcore friends like you're dying to see
01:24:07but also the stuff that if you like sitting through the rest of maybe wondering thiss room really is this room pretty sure it's exactly have you the first film starts with a fake room and and a face thing yes it is yeah yeah yeah yeah so did you
01:24:23did you know to see what was going on yes i think i think the first one yeah by the way that movie is not aged well but it's better than to still do is one of the worst movies ever made it's hilariously bad like to watch that and
01:24:35mad max three like on a saturday night is like that's that's My idea of a real like crowd pleasers like crowd pleasingly bad films i'm sorry what were you saying when did you catch on that the holy cities weren't bombed by by nukes oh like only when the
01:24:58felt i was completely like also so i just want to add the caveat that the action scenes in the first mission impossible still hold up really well you know i had a soundtrack i love the film still him dangling from the ceiling and trying to get the image
01:25:13on void it's so great but also it's really dag you like if you know what's not what's not held up better i the acting is really there's this kind of melodrama into the whole thing that just seems it comes off this feeling really earnest but doesn't work at
01:25:32all so they they're working so hard to make you invested but they're off their acting and their family and it is quite cheesy because i rewatched the three of them it must have been before either protocol or nation i remember which one would i grant yeah anyway this's
01:25:52but it's been a while for may anyway i love that i did love it saying but yeah when it first just showed the news footage off the three of you know the vatican jerusalem okay another city have sorry muslims theo the holy site it's very important to them
01:26:11I was like fucking hell that is a dark way to start this film was just like in my head think about how many millions of people would date i was like wow i can't believe they're going i didn't even think about that yeah for the start of the
01:26:22well that's called fallout yeah and i thought this is a really interesting they're going this way and then when the guy in the hospital bed also got the news by watching the tv i was like ah this is a fake out they need him to think that these
01:26:35plans work so you're on but it was still like that in ruin the enjoyment i certainly didn't expect wolf blitzer toby there in the next room now and then also be sunday i was assumed he was fire away in a real studio reading of fakes group that's that's
01:26:49that was my idea about this great fake out but then they just took an extra step and it actually connects just having the the walls fall down it's like you could have still tricked the guy in the hospital but i also you could have done it without letting
01:27:03the guy who is basically just like a news report he doesn't have to be like next he doesn't have to be in your underground where wherever it is he could have heard the echo like through the tv and heard the real guy next wolf blitzer already knows far
01:27:16too much on they way he wasn't there to be fair for super sikh oh actually that's true yes he wasn't wasn't there ok but even in him yeah okay actually no that is fine that is fine i was getting carried away i completely forgot what was going on
01:27:31thinking that actually will foot does that because in real life use their yes yet he was there in real life not in the movie not the films were alive speaking of those the face swapping thing love it yeah yeah i still love it but with technology now they
01:27:46need to do they need to stop doing the thing that they were being doing since the first which is just show them start to put on this repulsive looking robert just figure like like kind of musky used to rob a bank and then as the camera sweeps around
01:28:02it comes back and they are completely that kind of love it i love you so fucking stupid they just not even trying it's just like you get it it's a fake face moving on way don't even but they could easily fit what i want them to do right
01:28:16for the next one is you know like when you you take the head off the vacuum cleaner and the vacuum gets like stuck on a rug or something and like yeah i'm familiar with that plane is yes i want one day it wasn't over explanation isn't it I
01:28:33want to do that but the vacuum cleaner was like inside the person's head mask like i think i've seen that in another side by yeah that sense that you want you describing sounds very familiar so it was a cool original anyway i think they actually you know what
01:28:50they don't have too it is kind of charming how stupid it is i just i love because because so often we don't see the set up that's the whole point is we don't know in any given scene who's wearing a fake face and that's how they get you
01:29:03all the time is who in someone's going with me it was this five dolla mas from the halloween store but you know i love the fake out later when when benji is you know the wrong the wrong lane you know henry devils things right that was a really
01:29:22really good figure yes everything going on down there for about ten minutes the amount of double t so great like you've got the upper hand now do i yeah there's like there's one double crossing with the double crossing the double crosses on a phone that's also doing a
01:29:42med orchestrating big double cross which then gets undermined by medium double crossed us exactly yeah there's so many levels of crossing going on on those so great oh that's good that's that's one of things i love about the spirit of these films is i mean to say is
01:29:57the main review but like there's something that's so perfect about the mission impossible films at least four five and six maybe not so much the first three but definitely not the first story like it really changed into three really like three three's good yeah it's not the same
01:30:13level of geniuses these ones are and the thing is it's like it's it doesn't take us over seriously as bond and born but it also isn't as knowingly stupid as fast and furious it is somewhere in the middle faster and it just works it's just it's just a
01:30:29serious is that needs to be and that's a really special thing that i managed to do i don't know how they do it yeah yeah it is yes it is a very very strange based especially with the budget to to get the script that works that well on
01:30:46a director that fits it so well and all the pieces just and you see like every dollar on the screen which is also exciting like nothing looks like it's been half ass it just everything looks like it's the usa and the best possible version ofthe popcorns animal you
01:30:59can see yeah like i had this thought many times watching you were just like this is something that movies like these sort of movies and give you that no other medium can this isn't just amazing this's such a fun story their helicopter chase and in the third act
01:31:12is just amazing just like super amazing and i wasn't sure like how much was real i wasn't really thinking about that so much apparently tom cruise really did fly helicopter you seem that he teaches it shouldn't be but but i loved the bit like in the reality of
01:31:26the film how ethan hunt doesn't know how to fly a helicopter i thought that was really funny like he's making up is he goes along and the best bit is when he drops the payload trying to drop in on the rotors of the other helicopter and he's like
01:31:37hold this for me will you and mrs he's like flash one time i got him to say a cool line before i do something it's that sort of let sort of touch of humanity is it's it's what it's what made jack reacher work so well if not always
01:31:51coming out on top not always having the quip or doing the thing is a beautiful moment in jack reacher in the middle the car chase where he crashed into something installs the car and apparently it was a mistake on sit but they just kept it in the film
01:32:01was at work for the character of were like back because wonderfully jack reacher as a literary character is terrible driving gods he just doesn't have a dry cows thanks car chases very entertaining yeah yeah well they're actually that is the key element like we talked about it a
01:32:16lot when edge of tomorrow came out the fallibility yeah yeah that'll on also that he he can be he isn't in this but he can be I think i'm likable and that was to extremes Ej tomorrow i think he could He could afford to leam or into that
01:32:29because yeah the way he was such an idiot in edge of tomorrow was one of the best things about if i feel like ethan hunt he's too much in love with the character he doesn't wantto besmirch him even hand Kind of is the best guy ever for the
01:32:41time and nothing's gonna change that yeah he can Only he can save the world beyond the learning how to fly a helicopter thing was okay speed okay that's All i need to know it's light speed Because i am i could do anything and i will fly during the
01:32:59most spectacular fashion for the first time ever by the way on while under intense pressure to save the world from nuclear disaster Yeah that doesn't it culminates in the ridiculous like ah hook good the hook which is one of the stupidest most overused cliches in action movies but
01:33:21it was great and it worked so well yeah and also kind of i love how it sort of in a way the flashes back to me she was able to get the cool back yeah i like that as well it was just like oh they're calling back the
01:33:31dumbest film in the franchise and just kind of kind of it's kind of sweet a love of pull away is he's trying to crawl up once everyone's all said and done and he saved the world on then he's just like you're just going to climb up the mountain
01:33:44face that's fine no problem that there's so many fake outs in this film with the fake out off the nuclear explosion where the screen goes white brilliant like i didn't really think it would happen but i was still just like what happened still excite and this shot of
01:34:00him hanging on the side of the mountain looking out at the white i was just like oh those passes they did always does this on sunset right mother fucker i know it was that was a good trick i actually to me on so i could have done with
01:34:12a complete death of the world there look they would hand it all so well that i mean it would have been a dock into a really fun film but yeah i mean i'd be willing to give them benefit of the doubt but i was always glad that they
01:34:25say what was taken despair like that whole final sequence it was kind of like i like i like it when films used the new hope formula of coming together three separate action sequences into one beautiful hole like the fact you've got the helicopter chase you've got the amazing
01:34:41actions because rebecca ferguson fighting eyes jared harris know lane sean harris yes i was getting confused jared harris who wanna start to think hey remember related that both british eyes only people in britain but let me tell you that they were likely to people of the same name
01:35:00also it's probably related sean harrison this looked kind of like a ruby ridge tom hole like if he was a some whole front thom thom yorke the radio guy alright ready i had seen you like this sort of the frontiersman on like rogue yeah i do i don't
01:35:17know what you mean actually and yes you're right they do the kinds of you might be a jared harris sean harrison showing her five years of folks in that great sequence and then tying that in with you having reigns in michelle monaghan trying to use the bomb like
01:35:29all of that was just like cut together perfectly yeah on dh i love michelle and so much that i that i think i like the whole so how's johnny he said he said it's two in the room voice that she's not oh that's that's my favorite running thing
01:35:49is when he bumps into her for the first time on then he has to do the fake out with american beauty guy where's where's bentley yeah um and he's great at playing is shit had that he comes across as really nice in this drill but also and she
01:36:07had yeah it's a fine line to plays and i like playing the other man and you you wanted in the reality of the film he still needs to be a good guy because she needs to be happy she can he has to be with the perfect year because
01:36:21it's she can't be with the dead guy because that's even hard yet they have to somehow craft a perfect guy it's not a total douchebag so the audience is still just like i'm glad she's happy if he's going to be having like this lifelong cocking this is run
01:36:33here only one way i did love the edmund was bentley's like your friend turned up with half the indian military he's like get well soon doctor theo you know you're not a complete moron alright yeah just he's so good at being a shit head just just really annoys
01:36:54me but he's a good actor eso anyway the moment of amazing running absolutely hilarious always ditto yes when he's so he's bumped into the two of them having a conversation burning and then where's bentley's walked off and then the two of them i think he just like whispers
01:37:12in area so sorry or something like that because i realized that you know they mean that they found out that she's been targeted todo eso he does this i'm so sorry and she's just standing there with her face taking up three quarters of the screen as she you
01:37:28know she's processing all this date all i know you know the background like twenty feet away is him doing tom cruise machine arms just sprinting across the following his friends they're all out of focus yeah this is like it is i agree i always wonder if it was
01:37:45deliberately done to be very funny because it was fucking hilarious him with those like tonight it's caesar arms just just the way it really felt like it's sorry going yeah well it's not like the guy with the guys that do like a pop star and that group on
01:38:01the island i really felt like a lonely islands like again i think it's funny cause i agree it looks so silly but also um there was never a bit of time in the film for him to have to run some really fast they literally had minutes despair until
01:38:14nuclear apocalypse so he it makes perfect sense in the film and iran and still look so down through the way it was framed look i think it's definitely the out of focus background running that's funny it's so good that that's what saying just for that really um yeah
01:38:36so i think that's all about to spoil this yeah yeah i guess me teo but yeah i just yeah i can't get over a ll the action so so good it really is a high water mark for action american action cinema i don't think it's tio eyeball like
01:38:53i just think it is way up there in terms of what you know bang for your buck of going to see a film like this this just gives you everything yeah it's so great yeah why don't you go in that kind of like curmudgeonly like i think the
01:39:04highest praise the fact that you don't need it like you know shit shit especially when i have not like much like very hard to please lately so things must be a good field yeah you because i really even it getting good reviews was piecing we all like can
01:39:20everyone stop sucking the dick of all these massive budget movies i'm so sick of it i'm so sick of having to see these on there so the middle of the road yeah everyone's falling over themselves it's actually it is that yeah and and you might remember a few
01:39:37weeks ago i was saying my two most anticipated films this year our mission possible six and lean on pete and i saw them both this last week on dh yet even with the big expectations for may it manage to live up to it and i just sort of
01:39:48clicked away from every article about it that i saw these last few weeks i don't want to know anything about it i did see a trailer i'd forgotten i'd seen it but i was watching the film i was like oh yeah i've seen that ship before in fact
01:39:58that reminds me there's a grate in the trailer away like one of the helicopters is sliding down the mountain at him in the helicopter and is getting closer and closer to cut something else i remember when i saw the trailer i was just like wow has to get
01:40:09out of that in the film so he doesn't just it just hit him and noxeema yes yes right moments it's like he's struggling with the seatbelt it's like he's going to leap out through the window and not just getting going up way even with my high expectations and
01:40:26i didn't read anything but i was aware that people were wetting themselves over it i knew people were saying it is a really good film which yeah bug because of like i don't know that i don't know that i just want to go in clean but despite all
01:40:39that still fucking write film yeah it's not it's not even that i don't want to know that it's the that makes me angry right Which is is probably not fair because they enjoy whatever you want But it's just like the hyperbole surrounding movies like this really bugs me
01:40:56Yeah you know it was like this is laura Bob Yeah i guess Maybe it's also like marble syndrome when like every bottle movie is it's also kind of the incident that we live in a cz well i mean doing the show researching moving use you're going to find
01:41:11a lot more of that for the stuff that an average person would encounters today way probably drown ourselves in and then wonder why everyone's getting so up about one thing and then it turns out it's only a normal people the way to seeking it out We're just seeing
01:41:25the infantile ization way where all this is amazingly nostalgic and every like we're living in very player one on everything Everything from history is just the best ever Yeah the world sucks Yes Fucked Uh well that positive Yeah right Well you've already seen And i guess if you
01:41:47listening if you listen to spoilers and haven't seen it you know you done fucked up I'm finished

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