Environmental Racism

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00:00:00Hey there and welcome to silence his trees February we are recognizing black history month with a daily story are negative information that you may or may not have learned about in school this month we have general librarian with us to share her research and perspective here is Jan
00:00:22they twenty seven as many of you know or a hope you know flint Michigan has been existing off of lead written water since around twenty fourteen you may also know that lead poisoning can cause a wide variety of health issues the amount of lead in their water actually
00:00:42constitutes the legal definition of toxic waste you may also also have heard that a majority of flint's residents are black Americans similarly in the late nineteen seventies I company paid a waste removal business to bury toxic soil along a rural stretch of highway in North Carolina they literally
00:01:05came in the middle of the night and knowingly dumped toxic soil onto the land the government was like Hey you can't just dump that really nearly instead will open up a dump so they did in after North Carolina which if you yes if you hadn't already guessed was
00:01:27eighty four percent black they protested and though it's none of them were arrested the dump remained open in two thousand five hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans Louisiana poor black neighborhoods resided lower in relation to sea level than their counterparts and thus far more susceptible to contaminated levy water
00:01:52those communities also relied more heavily on public transit than their more affluent counterparts which when it came time to evacuate left hundreds stranded and I say this from personal experience if you go to New Orleans and you go to the lower ninth ward there are still homes that
00:02:12have not been rebuilt since two thousand five Chester Pennsylvania has an overwhelming black population even though the surrounding counties even though the surrounding county is absurdly white in the city limits of Chester there is a trash incinerator medical waste incinerator a sewage treatment plant and some other dumps
00:02:37these facilities serve the entire county around Chester but their chemical off gassing disproportionately affects Chester in our own backyard in twenty twelve a chevron refinery exploded in Richmond California causing over fifteen thousand people to seek medical treatment for trouble breathing among other ailments I had been to prior
00:03:01major fires to that day and two major flares since then Richmond population is about fifty percent people of color incidences of this type have been referred to as environmental racism wherein people of color are disproportionately affected by the environmental toxicity kind of messed up isn't it there have
00:03:24been movements in protests in legislatures to improve the adverse impact of environmental hazards on minority communities but we know how that goes we wish this was the end three the project to bring to light those stories and struggles that have been marginalized throughout American history look for us
00:03:47throughout the month of February and again in November for First Nations slash native American Indian history we'll be adding more content women's history month and pride mentor up next until we have three hundred sixty five days for you if there is a story like this to talk about
00:04:06email us at silenced histories at G. mail dot com and in the meantime remember no effort in this world is ever lost or wasted onward friends

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