Riesling is perhaps one of the most misunderstood grapes outside of Germany and Alsace. The labels can offer far too much information, or too little. “Blue bottle” Rieslings that popped up in the 1980’s didn’t do any favors for wine’s reputation, and there is always the “I don’t want anything sweet” argument. So, today, we’re trying to break down some of those barriers with a personal friend of mine, Thomas Haehn. He’s the importer of his brother Konrad’s wine, Von Schleinitz. Together, Konrad and Thomas are working towards demystifying Germany’s noble wine and getting it into the hands and mouths of a new generation. How to read German wine lables, what the ripeness of the grape means, and how dry the wine in the bottle is. We encourage everyone to go out and grab a bottle to sip while listening. Unfortunately, Von Schleinitz is only available in a handful of states, but you’ll be far more confident buying a solid bottle after today. Prost!

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