Today's guest is the founder of Kickass Masterminds and a returning guest to the show! She has been an entrepreneur for 25 years and with five different businesses, Sara Christensen is the "mastermind" and she's good at it!

At Kickass Masterminds, she curates and facilitates true mastermind groups. She organizes entrepreneurs so they can brainstorm, and develop friendships or gain mentors that can help them in their businesses.

In this episode, you will...

Get to know Sara Christensen

Hear about the Kickass Mastermind

Discover how to choose a mastermind group

Learn about the benefit of having a mastermind group

Peek into how she plans and creates her events

Find out how to attract the correct audience for your event

Learn how to curate your target audience

and so much more!


"I would really encourage people who are thinking about doing events, to start small. It doesn't have to be a multi-day event."

"As a host of the event, you have to make sure that you're showing up with energy to run your event."


SDH227: How to Choose a Mastermind & How They Can Grow Your Business with Sara Christensen

Kickass Masterminds

United States


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