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00:00:47this is Steve and this is Joel this is service advisor podcast number 43 Joel the Dennis Eckersley Edition the Richard Petty Edition the king. What are you doing alright buddy how are you how's the week it was fucking hot
00:01:06working in the soup out there and it's been it's been a hot ass summer dude for us it's weird yeah this is the meteor rock meteorological episode got some barometric pressure coming up out of the South is causing some bullshit in the Northeast you know the only job you can fuck up and still have a job that's it that's the best career in the world just got to look good sounds like some service advisors I know too if they already fucking off so it's just they're still around food just look good there just in there as soon as I can d
00:01:39got bad CSI for sales but boy they got a nice ass smell bringing some customers yep so Joe how's it going how's the week for you it was it was cookie was definitely another interesting one you know do this week was absolutely out of control like a full moon week or something but it's not even a full moon coming out your own fucking crazy ass people at the shop this week big time on the on the in the shop on the surveys you name it was LaLa cool and I don't the heat oil in their brains or what but dude one of the comments on the actual surveys this week with something about not showing enough ankle and not having sexy Lube yeah right weird we weren't sexy enough not having magazines but we're not sex it whatever the fuck that meant what am I going to wear a Borat Speedo around then like you know become like bucking Fabio we just walk around and fucking jockstraps not right we have a bunch of like
00:02:39S&M like but jumps like a long side like I may be it maybe our Porter so just be Kim's like ball gags in and directing them in the fucking Porters on like a ball like bouncing with their feet on a Ball Juggling too good idea Dragon like the tags yeah right window tag this craziness we could have a girls in cages at the end of the drive maybe that'll get people to pull down to the end so I stopped here now go to the broad that's beckoning you down at the end go see go see Trixie in the cage at the hell any man that should they would know right yeah right when I first read that survey I thought it was that someone was offended that there was it was a little too sexy right so I was like this guy needs to revoke his man card cuz
00:03:26I could see her ankles one of those like Muslim ninja outfits at the women have to wear you know they look like a like a like a Shaolin ninja you know you know it's kind of funny is getaway today decide to show off we always name a sports character
00:03:49Alex Rodriguez last baseball game in Yankee Stadium. I'm not a big as far as I don't know if there's a higher power I just a question that shit but he's definitely fucking pissed somebody off because tonight was fucking Down For What crime so you know how bad juju guys are fucking cheater help plain as day but you know they're going to fucking crucify Tom Brady for fucking allegedly under inflating a fucking football and a half a pound a cut hair of air out of the ball guys fucking juicing up dude you know fucking steroids that's cheating guy you know what I think the weirdest thing about that whole thing was is like an Indian all sports is that they actually like tell you how much people make all the time he like Alex Rodriguez's
00:04:49scarring from baseball with 457 million dollars that's the only fucking thing in the world would like they disclose what people make the contract information you like Larry was a window washer in Manhattan make an 89 thousand maybe that's it Like Love Like Jerry Maguire moment are we supposed to feel bad or hold them with some other different degree of admiration because I disclose what how much money they're Makin that's kind of a weird thing to ask maybe as a society we should just wear plaques on her chest that tell how much you make annually than you know who you're dealing with you want to fucking try to up-sell guy that's like a I'm a 12-7 you're not like I'm sorry computer and then he's fucking net worth of what Tom Brady like I said you out there whatever I said let him all cheat but it makes it more exciting then that's a good way to talk about that before I sit down here with human growth
00:05:49just given him shit because it's illegal prices and stuff you know we had this discussion we put this up on Facebook this week as far as you know advertising for you know dealers shop so whatever you think that a lower price oil change you don't latrax the fucking you know flim-flam a fucking wherever you know you're at you know these cheap low class kind of people are sure will look had to let you know like a higher price for oil change like you. Like we said 2295 compared to like 3995 and I also said you don't excluding BMW Mercedes cuz obviously that's a little bit more money if you go to a dealership yeah I mean look at all the problems that Walmart has whenever you see like it let me have a whole pay their bowl website call people at Walmart I mean there's a reason why they're tracking those people that don't have people up Tiffany & Co
00:06:49website you know whatever and I think there was like wasn't a recently some article where they found a meth lab underneath the parking lot of Walmart you know you don't see that at all no we will have a ride to society when we make manhole covers gender-neutral too by the way
00:07:10you know what I mean you don't see you don't see that shit going down the parking lot of coach or anything you know what I mean but The High Line Store Nordstrom's or something but
00:07:19Detroit you put the lowest price that they're going to get the lowest you can the cheapest price attractive cheapest person you know what I mean yeah yeah I want people in the door and statistics at that point fuck it charge a penny for the oil changed just get it over with you know what I mean why we blame this thing slowly out here but do you want that quality person coming in to me now they're going to buy a car you know who knows but I mean you know
00:07:44well let you know I'll talk about this look up a gentleman somebody Facebook that's a message about a special that they were having and rest this is for the messy off of Facebook Messenger about weekends like you know a lot coupons but the only belt you don't think deals and stuff going on but it it was really interesting to see this and it was actually from a you know we're not going to disclose the actual name but it was from a Toyota company at Toyota dealership I'm trying to find it so I'm sorry I'm trying to send myself a message I'm a moron doing when I surf the Internet here I don't you off it doesn't prompt me and then she should I pause the show why you do this as it's going to take a long time it might take a lot and I went positive but yeah I mean
00:08:34I understand is we I want the top 10 rules of Economics people respond to incentives I get it you know whatever but I mean we've had such a culture we Firebird of like making the oil change North Paramount service maybe they should just work on marketing some more viable services are also needed to have a little bit more meat on the bone you know what I mean like what's up what you say is the second most critical service on the car that they could more accurately if my transmission fluid mean it's equally as by looking all I would say probably Tire rotate your tires I don't know the guys name but I don't know which guy you're looking for so
00:09:12maybe it was not one of the more recent ones I don't know I miss you it's like in the top two yeah just click on names and you'll see and scroll down and you'll see it maybe maybe the sky
00:09:24all right
00:09:26oh here it is read this so it's the one that has a picture but it says I hit a homerun at blank dealership customer appreciation day it's breakfast and lunch will be served right oil changed anyone with 10,000 miles or more at zero cost $10 to anyone with 999,999 or less yeah
00:09:58then about it that's it that's crazy I mean we get it like customer appreciation day but what are you going to do what are you going to track with that dude like you said before man I think it's totally weird that people go to one place or one thing and then another place or something else like even tires like you said or how much is your time worth man I'll pay you $20 in a day you don't have to I had this conversation joking around you know last week was somebody I said yeah you want to rotate your tires
00:10:31in the in the few instances that I have to write up a car now but that's besides the point but you know he's like nah that's alright how much is a 1995 call just you know I'm going to tell I'm not going to I'll take care of that myself I go really I go in this is Young joking around I said I don't know about you the older I get
00:10:55I will gladly pay somebody $20 to fucking rotate my tires spending time like a jackass jacking up fucking my tires for 20 bucks on your crooked ass garage I would do for $20. I probably smoke $20 of cigars a day you know I can't sit there and argue with you I probably smoke $20 in weed I can never I can never be a guy that brought that guy bitches about the price of gas because I smoke cigars you know that the skin
00:11:29but dude it's 20 bucks I sometimes will say to women they like my husband will do that I'm like want you treat them to a nice weekend you know and say I went ahead and took care of that for you honey you know you don't have to worry about this weekend take that day off I spent 20 on you you know right how much money do you spell on you on bullshitt jewelry and perfume and clothing I think that whole oil change price like it's just I get it why are we cutting the thing here's the thing I'm a I said she can get it dude by like it's so like archaic at this point like I don't think I know anything that's cheap it's like going to a steakhouse and getting a fucking phone and not only getting up you not just getting even the fucking phone you like the drill in the bone is sucking the marrow on trying to serve it to you I mean it's like that there's no like fucking sub Sensor 2 Cadillac on I mean you're not at all stages like the piece of me behind the ear yeah I'm on like why don't they cut something that has a little bit more susd substance on his way we're doing 50% off time and
00:12:29something that has some balls do it you know I mean you're taking nickels pennies off of nickel they all basically at that point trying to save it just get people in door so you know what they were doing brake jobs 80% off to like the jewelry model double the price and cut in half but I think the majority of the response on the page that you know I think they tend to agree with us I mean you always get that like one ever know when you will we make a fucking you know a comment thing on the page are you let's discuss this or let you know we have a mean there's always one hero the house, be like well that's just getting the customers in the door goes must not like a job you must who can hear you drug which one of the joint all the time and cry
00:13:18no all the time while you know what it is it's that the people that bitch the most care the most that's always been my argument and it's not that we're we're bitching without if you care enough you're you're citing your opinion because you're hopefully collectively looking for a solution to fucking problems you know what I mean right because it's possibly really good place to work but it's fucked up yeah and you got you know it's quite possible and probable to that as an advisor you may simply just be smarter than the people that are calling the shots now that's a real reality but you got to be like a dude you know what it's not my business and do whatever you want to do it I mean it's it's it's very it's very it's very possible
00:14:03can a little while
00:14:10you know what else is possible it is time for the $25,000 Pyramid
00:14:20and this week's topic
00:14:23yeah we're going to discuss noise description show young Joel and I we have a list and we're going to name the definition according to our manufacturer right we're going to describe the definition right up here I'm at and you got a few going to guess I'm going to give you like descriptive words you going to try to guess what the word is going to be alright so basically this stemmed about from advisors not being able to write down a fucking accurate like right up right technician exactly car makes noise
00:14:55yeah yeah rattle noise when driving car brakes make fix car fine what's wrong you know the shittiest right up you could just this whole this whole thing stemmed about in one of your meetings this week the technicians are a little frustrated about the lack of equality right up all right all right all right so I'm going to pick a word you can't put the list down you can look the list that's choosing the right word alright let me see here was the pitcher for the Red Sox blank Boyd blank Boyd
00:15:36oil and I could go on oil leak know what was his full name blank Boyd oil can something technicians do a lot lined up perfectly alright with you in Italian guy and you see a hot girl you blank out her wink clothes get a boner could be or could be an oil in my pants give me some more a train can make the sound a guy when he's urinating at the urinal can sometimes do this washing clothes wishing sound it out we were going to pass fast makes no more descriptive. Sizzling sound has to be it might have been one of the players in the American Gladiator I passed I passed
00:16:36when you have your crotch up against a girl in a nightclub in your dancing you are humping keep going shopping let me see getting a boner this is a big box in my pants you Slave to the Grind a bird chirping smoke a lot smarter than I want caffeine are flying around the nicotine caffeine and sugar clacking climbing up with clapping flattering
00:17:20play if you if you ran out why you don't wrench Donna is that offend you a wire fence
00:17:34on the break I should be like
00:17:36like what shoes walking across a hardwood floor pitter-patter the old lady looking for twenty bucks
00:17:49you know like like a mouse squeaking yes all right
00:18:03now that that should that's it alright bro that's it did I win my favorite noise was tickling tickling noise let's read the tickling noises I think they misspelled it was his tapping a pencil point on a desk some of these definitions alone or are pretty pretty funny
00:18:28yeah let me just pick ones you no pick one out here
00:18:34and I need one early like that rap rapping is a judge using a gravel a gravel sorry I openly admit like I know I talk like a fucking moron half the time but I blame it on me being polish. I am I'm a fucking Pollock and there's nothing I can do I do this shit to myself every fucking day going to tell yourself on story I was good I have to bring that guy this week I usually bring my lunch cuz I like to save some money and you know spend it on the weekend since I have no more
00:19:11tubes but anyways so I went out to eat and went to Arby's drill I love Arby's Arby's is the shit I'm sure people know what I'm talking about Joe have you ever been Arby's I don't think maybe when I was younger we should go sometime Rogers you and I should go sometime tonight that's the last place I remember because I went to lunch I came back so the fucking Animal House you know at work and then all of a sudden I'm like where's my fucking phone couldn't find myself under the last place I could remember in my mind was at the place I was at our picture right which was in the mall so I just fucking go there whatever and come back
00:19:59and why I went there I couldn't find my phone and that's the last I remember so I'm like alright well I have an iPad which can find my phone so I fucking drove all the way home you left work early yeah I left work early and drove all the way home I have it on my phone like everybody else I need to know password protected at all right well I'm going to start and says it's like 12 miles away and it's kind of like in the area not like you know it's like according to the geographical thing was like close to work but not close to work is like streets over to Mike motherfucker I got you a tree like fuck you so I get back to work
00:20:40and then I check it again it's like 0.1 Mi sunlight it's somewhere here but I'm like so I stop playing the sound it was underneath my desk charging like when you can't find your keys and then the other pant pocket or whatever like you're holding you know what an idiot I can't find your sunglasses are in your head that kind of shots do exactly what an idiot every week I forgot the laptop half the time this is what you've hit your horse to listen to this podcast this is that you can expect
00:21:24thank you for bringing that I was like great story it's it's funny cuz we've all done that type of dumb shit like you know it always happens when you like in a rush or inconvenience till you like 5 minutes late leaving for work and you can't find your keys and you like what the fuck and then like you realize that for whatever God damn fucking reason decide to put them in like your left ass cheek pocket when he came home the other night or tonight you know what the hell was I doing I was generally leave my keys in the same place but I like I come home sometimes and I'll be like upstairs holy fuck myself sure for some weird reason to run upstairs and set him down or that's why you need to wake up early every morning sure because of shit like that is it can't happen happens like every fucking day to me
00:22:13the life of being polish there. You don't know the struggles man struggles real parently how many times I walk back and forth from my desk to the shop as I don't remember what the fuck I'm doing you have that fleeting thought that maybe you're turning it all timers like why did I come out here and eat in speaking of stupidity you don't know what kind of aggravates me about work is salesman bringing customers to the advisors or whoever and was an issue that they know they can't solve but they just Pawn the customer off to you and then you have to take the customer and bring them back up to sales because it's nothing you can authorize not only that but I was standing next to you and you looked we literally had a new salesman that the one of the other sales Mustang if you have any problems like with a customer you need to just pound fun there like training this guy like if a guy buys a car and has a bent frame you want to see Steve you know instantly oh yeah right thank you
00:23:13compliment a weird-ass kind of backwards through the woods way that way now the salesman you closing on a deal I was late so you had to come back but you don't just show up whenever you're ready and you know honestly I will take you know about an hour for them to completely detail your car you get back to it at some used cars some fucking like trashed they never went to the shop in Autumn and make sure you come at 9 a.m. on Saturday cuz it's so slow it's a shit like that like what the fuck is wrong with you people when they say you like your bumper to bumper to bumper warranty that everything is covered everything I've always you don't know the answer if there's anybody in sales listen to this if you don't know the fucking answer just come in ask somebody or say I don't have the answer but I'll get it for you exactly you know I used to sell
00:24:13Securities for a little while and you could really get in trouble if you gave the wrong answer you can go to prison dude so you had to say I don't have the answer for that but I will get it for you and find out you could just bullshit something off the cuff like that you could go to fucking jail and you can get it like $100,000 fine if you told somebody the wrong information so you had to like you had to do that but yeah it's it's like a virgin on prom night there so nervous about losing the fucking sale that they like to get jumbled up in their mouth and their mind like it. It's like a disconnect have it on now everything get the sticker done on the wheel it's like they've been sitting with you for 3 hours no one's going to be like all the sticker took 15 minutes fuck this I'm out of here I mean I know who has it ever happened stations like turn off with this fucking crap enough enough
00:25:06communicating that's the biggest problem in the end in this industry Joel is communication is down at this is not good is the different departments not communicating with each other even in the department like advisors not talking to each other hey man I wrote this guy for you he's in the waiting room he's got a beard and a red shirt like how many times have some Unwritten someone up or you could you or had the diarrhea skorts and you know I know like what what did he look like I don't know what did you just talk to him but it's almost equivalent to like the people come in and not fucking knowing who they have for an advisor right that's the exact same thing but opposite of internally that person that just wrote that person up doesn't know what they look like it's like would you have your fucking eyes closed the whole time did you even look at the guy like what you fucking trying to be Helen Keller and like this get get this on like what the fuck you don't you don't remember one fucking thing about the person
00:26:06I don't care song by or what
00:26:16so let's I put together a little a little thing here Steve just observing like things that I think upset you as a manager was top 10 things right that upset a manager all right just things I've observed and meetings I've been in and things that kind of grind the gears of the upper echelon things that you could do as a as an adviser to make sure that you not getting your balls busted you know and others will be a chapter in our book and we write it for sure it's going to be a top 10 things to do to keep keep management happy and off of your dick okay all right number 10 bottom of the list there be on time
00:26:57you know what I mean even as any job that I've had in a while and I just the respectful thing it's just to be on time I'm sure I mean all of us have some things like losing her fucking keys I go sideways in the morning just shoot a text I mean but if you're if you're constantly misplacing your keys I 10 minutes late every fucking day you're a jackass it's so huge guys to get to the place early and I do like all pre-gaming and I go through all the ship is coming in I like to get there like 25 minutes early and look at all the requirements coming in what was recommended last time put it on there Papelbon on the mom warming up right you can't just got this fucking stroll in the place and they like I got this shit today got a fucking wake up it was a Groove dude you know what I mean and especially if you're not an opener and you have like a ship that starts like couple hours in the day for sure that customer 98% income in 25 minutes early 30 minutes early you might as well get there half hour early cuz they're going to be there not on time anyway
00:27:57always going to be early you know what I mean so then some out there sitting in the drive nobody's helping him out because everyone else has appointment at that time to write so you look like a shithead when you kind of stroll in there at exactly on time then this guy's been sitting there for 20 minutes cuz no one's in any don't know who they are you don't know what they're getting done all that type of stuff so it just unfortunately needs to be this analogy if your if your if your 20 minutes earlier on time if you're on time you're late. Just do that number 9 is be prepared be prepared to work be prepared like to know who's coming in like a talked about just be prepared for have a pen I have your shit ready you know what I mean don't don't get there then go smoke a but you know whatever that you do go take a shit no just fucking hit the ground running be there waiting for your exactly if you have a free trial so what they're coming in do you have an 11:00 probably not the best time at 10:50 to go
00:28:57what are the hell you do like wherever you go like I always think don't y'all going to bathroom and finger your dick hole when are we going to do like I always say if you have an 11:00 you need to be at your desk from 10:40 to 11:10 if not there 11:10 go take a shit go talk to your girlfriend and sales what it whatever the hell you doing I know I mean it that point the other 10 minutes late. You don't go flirt with a nice cute girls same thing it goes both ways on the showing us pick on the mend but he don't know the thing that did absolutely like drives me crazy is I'm not even a manager but like when I hear people speaking to be prepared when I go to the car and they're like who are you what are we doing we talked about that on the show before you have it on the fucking DMS program dude or whatever is whatever you're using as a prewrite especially if I know I don't say a lot of dealerships or people in general Independence shop I don't think that use pre right I don't know we get them but I don't use them I just know I look at the DMV
00:29:57I like that I always like the pre rights for this for making additional know it's just talking to the person like you know they'll Dimension something I'll jot it down like I let you know maybe they said something about the Red Sox are so you can really you know I used to I used to walk around sheet for that you can use that for that walk around how many times you see someone like doesn't even go to the passenger side of the car doesn't cut a wheel nail whatever just this money off the off the table for for the advisors go stand over my desk I got to do my things like you give a fuck about the car right you know we're not we're not saying like Ringley Brothers Circus the fucking walk around don't break out a creeper that Jack and slide on Michael Jackson moonwalk across that actually that be a fucking brilliant idea I could be kind of somebody moonwalk that I can imagine that
00:30:56you should be the first one to moonwalk I'll put on my Red Shoes and Dance the Blues now and said everything off in the next Joel I have to commend them all right the first person at work to use his cell phone take a video of the vehicle and sold $1,300 more work because he texted the car to the customer know we did a video MPI video on P I did nothing crazy it's personal to 30 seconds now the key thing is getting license plate so you know if you heard that here first you can only get this valuable information from the fucking and morons of service advisor mean podcast take your smartphone what we're saying is basically the car was in the shop the technician at some recommendations this customer had dropped off for the day
00:31:46I said you know what we're a little bit slow when I go out there and I'll just do a video instead of taking a picture cuz you don't know where that picture comes room right it could be any fucking stock photo of a shit rotor or fucked up Tyler right and so I went out there and just did a single shot you don't know cut start with the license plate showing it's their car right on the left and walk right over the break so your brakes are down to nothing with a little I little pick up point at it and then the that the tires I said here you go you like it down the wear bars and I get dry run the Treads and they said yeah it looks good let's get it done done so easy for there's like a 80% success closing if you visually show people cuz I don't know cars man they like what the hell is a rotor helicopter people you know in this industry you know because we know cars we just assume people know their cars but they really don't know their cards right and that's the biggest thing that's the biggest hurdle you know is like
00:32:46I see a lot of Smaug type of you know I've been around a lot of Smaug advisor that think they know what they're doing they do but it's it's all in the presentation. If you come off as a pump is fucking ass you think somebody's going to buy work from you that what we talked about that last week it was directly correlation to look people the lowest suicide the lowest sales because they're buying you they're not buying the service so I'm absolutely number seven is a handle your own Ro all right how many times has somebody come to you with something that they could just handle I don't know Steve I mean the guy needs a tire rotation but doesn't want to pay for what should I do
00:33:23talking document that he didn't want to do it work that you know because my pay for it just just do it for him it's $20 so I could replacing a trouble the crown that you caught the guy and take care of want to rotate or just maybe that's about it but just like things like that that I can easily just be telling people to do it to save the customer make him happy and keep them coming back I mean no one's going to be pissed off because he gave away something simple and you can easily handle it and now I just make a decision on your own just better absolutely right so I'll keep that in mind if you if you'd have to go to your boss and your boss's but his boss and I wouldn't want anybody touching my repair or snow I want to talk to myself that's why I was I was at my desk here's a good one number 6 is talking about the survey before and after
00:34:15the service right cuz how many people have are we seeing that they get awesome feedback in like the comment section love the person they got a 78 on a survey I personally I didn't personally like going over the survey pin from the gecko I mean either you kind of set in this like expectation of like you plan it right and then like if you if your service sucked I mean to me I would just show him good service and then at the end I knew it was good service I would tell him about the survey every fucking time you could be subtle and say like me
00:34:55I want to give you a like world-class service at the popcorn machine blows we're here come see me I'll straighten right out and about to start to the shop in a Little Caesar on Facebook you know you know a fan on the page Lola Elizabeth you know sheet she wrote How did how do you guys improve CSI what ideas do you have you know in and talking about this
00:35:18y'all just going over CSI you just have to go over it dude you know you have to do what you do what you say and say what you do with customers and if you are in it and you do just do that simple stuff I mean you'll get a good survey I always thought it was like a like a chain link fence you know what I mean if your if your if your a fucking criminal and you want to go steal some of that chain link fence ain't going to stop it right so keep the honest people out skip the morons out there right there right you know what I mean they're like they just don't know any better. Like I give you very good you know what that fucking hurts me so like you got to tell him cuz I just don't know any better you know a lot of manufacture say don't coach Joel and I've always said coach and every minute Saturday I was at your coach you have to so it's not something we're like I've never heard of anyone or met anyone that's been fired for coaching do that will come in here and I'll throw you out here that's bullshit I've never seen anybody get laid off as he watching a survey if you're if you're being told that at work that's complete bullshit this year
00:36:18managers or your GM just being cheap bastards I've worked for three manufacturers now in all of them know that you coach like even the Zone raps the upper echelon everybody knows that code you have to understand how does the biggest key to Hidden CSI and I don't understand why a lot of people don't do it I think it's awkward to ask for something I think a lot of it the advisors feel weird like a plan cuz you say ask I didn't ask I just told them yeah right I told him to tell him to I told him what's up you getting the survey and I would even like give me excellent. Excellent down the poor excellent is pass everything below that it sucks Bill population one bright to make it funny the better but it starts at beginning of my opinion making the connection with a customer have to jump around and you tell someone to go stand at your desk and you don't
00:37:18any time to get to know them personally they're just a process they're just a number they're not going to give a shit people know that they can I give a shit but if you just take a time like we said last week show like how many dog Steve Zahn how many times has been agree so we just take time to make a connection with somebody that's it make a connection you're going to win and then kill it from there in a few things get fucked up you can always say like a man listen I know things a little sideways today you know it's not how we normally do things one of the biggest things that I see with surveys is the advisors not keeping their customers informed you tell somebody in our you know we talked about this before but it if it's been like 30 minutes in the car is still sitting out there are even 20 minutes just go out there and say Hey you know we're running behind I'm going to need another half hour is that okay with you I want to make sure that you're not in any hurry that's all I got to say need a car to get a rise out do you want to go here if you want to go there and get some breakfast when I get some lunch do you want to fucking management breakfast
00:38:18if you would like and whatever I go get some steak and eggs and put it up and take it off your bill whatever fuck it now to take care of it so what's up where we at on your paper work like how many people do we see to have 40 open repair orders anytime 6080 I'm not even exactly like I'm done and you look at him in there so easily closable it's like what are you what are you doing you know what I mean just you got to keep your you got to run a list and keep an eye on that day it was hilarious like that you off like I'm reading the, you know I don't mention this girl Lola Elizabeth she tried looking at her Facebook photo she's very she's very she's pretty and dude there's like 25 responses to her like all men feel like fucking Edward gay Cedar like this fucking Larkin you know the guy out on the page
00:39:18call them up funny Facebook flirting fucking men number for is doing the multi-point inspection like looking over the car like not going or not going over or do ya right just talking about it even if it's even if I was nothing that's the best one you like to go okay or not even given them the doctors and just like there's a paper hang out pal numerous times I check someone out and there's no multi-point with it yeah you know it takes and then I can print those things about cuz my co-workers a fucking jackass or you asking did they go over this with you know
00:40:13really then you wonder why I don't sell anything exactly you know having gone recently to a dealer that had no multi-point inspection it's it's it's a blessing and a godsend if your dealer has one fucking use it and if they don't have one you need to talk to your general manager or fixed operations director and tell him that they are stupid and need to get one immediately cuz it is highly worth whatever charges monthly to get that and if they're not working with one there to being foolish and literally stepping over dollars pick up any so you know it's it's retarded not that one in the state and it covers your ass right because somebody could say you never told me my tires are bad my brakes are failing my fucking slammed into some of my kid died I'm fucking suing you and I own this place and they probably would and probably will be no number 3 is don't be a tattle-tale yes you know the drama The Whining yeah all that says the stuff oh my God Steve you won't believe what so-and-so is doing
00:41:13like this you know my favors I I bring an hour
00:41:26for the technicians at listen to this
00:41:30remember this customers pay your fucking paycheck without these motherfuckers you guys wouldn't have your used cars your fucking this and that so when I bring a fucking are or your manager brings an hour out to the shop and says I need you to do this and you're fucking fingering your dick hole on a used car that you've been fucking stroke in 4 fucking 6 hours since you got here get off the fucking used car and take care of the fucking customer
00:42:03it's all I got to say but it's sold right now and sales needs everything is sold right now it's amazing isn't it bullshit idiots and we've always talked about the job you did do you know what preceded no I don't give a fuck do the fucking car I was telling the new guys that are that I train is like the less you can get involved with other people doing the better off you'll be lucky store Texas shit I've never we talk on the show repeated on the shelves is so true as ever seen anybody miraculously get financially ahead by Waring what someone else is fucking doing the clouds don't part the seas don't separate and all the sudden you control your own destiny I don't give a Twist of shit I really do not give a twister
00:43:03about what any other advisors doing in the drive at any given time I really don't care I'm concentrating on what I have in front of me I'm like my own Island but I'm concentrating on all you motherfukers yeah what is the number to all right number two is like just just offenders that constantly call out or or like don't work there full shift either coming in late leaving early my dogs fucking got diarrhea and my kids I got a wiffle ball game like what whatever the hell fucking shit oh yeah constantly you know constantly Just Like a Boy Scout. However always at this the fuckery this bullshit and there's one in every my great-aunt's good not the full deal oh yeah yeah that happens a lot I think we had a period of time was like 6 weeks or something where we were like 70% staff there was like somebody constantly between vacay
00:44:03Jentezen and I'll basketball tournaments and yeah whatever just constantly like a old days that you need to call out for when you really need to call you know what I mean if you need to leave early or come in late just just ask you know it's easy cuz of people communicate like we talked about communicate number one Steve the Grands number one top thing you can do to keep this one already it's number one is a quick list all right here it is
00:44:44alright what is it
00:44:46don't do hookers and blow make sure that you 100% on the job do not bang a hooker and snort lines of blow and the service drive from listeners of Sam won't get that Joe right that's a little call back to some of the older episodes so now you got to go and find what we were talking about
00:45:10did I love the crew I do I don't know why I had the wrong button sorry about that I love the crew is a low production podcast the soon you still going to get what you pay for right podcast this is what we got when we're doing the engineering and doing this the still show at the same time I'm trying to multitask and we should be able to so Joe what's going on with you this weekend it's date night tomorrow night with the old lady anyone to write spoiler alert nobody wants to get it started tweeting me what happens if you don't you know we'll be back next week to Joe but boy I do another track from the the classic new but boy pleasure band album classic I cranked it out in the shop this week
00:46:10if they were grown men in tears I was one of them are we need to find this guy and get him on the show would be hilarious absolutely or at least call him feel right but you know if there's anybody knowing that knows he's the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area knows but boy like when he's only looking I'm not looking in that way Joel you know what I mean maybe you're looking for I'm not looking but I have to work tomorrow you do they are and you have all this week is this the soup it's awesome it's awful get ready for those sales cars coming in for full details at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning to scratch in the glass at 6:22 a.m. now I'm getting ready for a Chinese food Joel every week
00:47:09the Lucky Buddha Beer in green bottles great Joel this is number 43 in the book is definitely informative you all we do is, with some jackass r e a lot but we are pretty serious about this it's it's the kids people interested in what we have to say we could be super vanilla like all those other boring should I consult means you're going to deal with are you can have a fucking good time she'll just to end the show
00:47:40you have
00:47:41a minute and 20 seconds to go on a consultant rant about how you make fun of the consultant will let you know 29.3% increase in fucking profitability coming up down the pike so you know what you want to do if you want to grab people by the balls and extract all that fucking cash from him because next thing you know they can be driving to another dealership in let you get them by the fucking ball hairs and rip it right out of the fucking crotch you know what I mean so oh by the way my contracts coming up this month so if you just want to go ahead and give me another $4,000 a month for the next 48 months have Facebook and sweet Clemens going to continue to blow Sunshine up your ass and tell you that everything's going to fucking a okay by the way that you sell the other people and guess what you could be doing this yourself or absolutely fucking free if you just got an IT guy here that you had a fucking set up programming and do a bunch of shit but no pay me and I'll fucking tell you call my brother he'll fucking tell you
00:48:41I'll just get 200 dealership give me for two grand for Grand a month and I'll fucking right off in the sunset my fucking private jet
00:48:51and there you have it folks service advisor podcast number 43 baby

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