Sarah Koenig, Ira Glass, and Brian Reed talk about our new show, S-Town. All 7 chapters are available now.
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00:00:00is there a glass that goes to This American Life this is Sarah Cannon host of the serial podcast and Sarah that just sounded so formal on both of our parts and Sarah were here with an announcement right yes we have a new show it's called s Town it is seven chapters the entire thing has been released beginning to end you can binge listen it's out now it's hosted by a colleague Brian Reed good you've been working on this for 3 years right I can't believe it's been that long but yes that's that's true I know it's taking a really long time just kidding so just explain how it started it started with an email from a listener to This American Life actually and return email with this subject line that just completely caught my attention it has a swear word in it just be forewarned but anyway the subject line was John B McLemore lives in shittown Alabama and he was telling me about all this corruption and like terrible
00:00:59I'm doing that was going on in his town in Alabama and a particular he wanted me to look into an alleged murder that had taken place and so that's what I started to do with him and I'm and I should just say Sarah and I have set in on edits of of the whole thing and it's it's incredible like hearing it in the attic I thought the same excitement that I felt when we were doing it it's on the first season of cereal and felt like oh this is this gives me that feeling that is so different from that yeah I felt like I think I said this to you Ryan but it was like the feeling that I had listening to it was like I was hoping someone would be able to make a story that sounded like this and you did it like it it's so beautifully done and it's it's really novelistic you feel like you're inside I mean it's nonfiction obviously it's a true story but it has that quality where you're just completely submerged in it
00:01:55so the show is called s-town We're incredibly excited about it we've been working on this for years it's big at temperatures it's new and we hope you listen to help you give it a try you can find it by guy too and so doing whatever it is that you normally get your podcast

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