We'll go over some of what Carolyn saw at Pubcon, talk about last minute advice for your ecommerce site, and continue on with our list of linkbuilding ideas.
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00:00:20where do you go to get your site on top of the search engine Search is Over welcome to SEO 101
00:00:49I guess if you were I start talking I said my name I think I'm here with Brian and possibly David
00:01:13so it is Cyber Monday
00:01:23it is Cyber Monday after all what you guys going to expect some delays
00:01:40yeah what you said
00:01:49there's lots of lots of loving the hair clog in the internet's is it the seashell seashell or is it
00:02:11ever whatever
00:02:41you know around the neighborhood purposes I will I will not bite people's head off if they call me misses were so
00:02:48first time we've had you back as a wedding female so
00:03:16status married to very nice guy we love is an in-house ICL he doesn't awesome job
00:03:27David Gore
00:03:37cuz you were busy at pubs on so we didn't get to talk to you after that because you got married and there was Bob Kahn and Halloween was right in there and then Thanksgiving came up and it's been crazy since so
00:03:55couple months
00:04:00you know
00:04:02I feel at ease and it's kind of like having none of my sister married off I no longer have to
00:04:12Five Guys for
00:04:17talking Crow Yamaha for anything
00:04:20you know what I mean
00:04:22I'll take your word for it but okay I see the episode on episode Ryan and I got a sweet phone call from him earlier today
00:05:06mine was completely now so good Black Monday
00:05:13All Things Considered I hope so but
00:05:26so I guess I will start at Southwest Southwest I was really sick before I went down and had no voice so I spent a lot of time doing things that would keep me from losing my voice work because I had a lot of speaking to you
00:05:50I have to admit that I did not go to a lot of the crazy parties Ironman of the party for the year I went to see you they were fine they are happening there is apparently a dress code in Vegas so I wasn't aware of that is guys are wearing t-shirts and sneakers that they can't get into the Cubs
00:06:17tell me the rules don't apply to girls so that was a new thing for me
00:06:35it's hot there
00:06:37Brian and I have the same thing happened when I were cuties to
00:07:03through this
00:07:23I got turned away because I was wearing kiwis and I have to go back
00:07:28we were admitted
00:07:46the first day of the first day was of the conference was Tuesday I was there for Monday which was the training day so
00:07:58that was some important I thought it went really well we got a lot of things that I got out of tub time was during the where we
00:08:30Bruce clay
00:08:31we had some Waylon we had they'll Stampy we are supposed to pretend to be him
00:08:50Buzzard never doesn't like his hand up at the
00:09:02but the most interesting thing
00:09:10that they've done extensive testing and if you know follow one link on a page get the same as no following all the link to that same destination paid for that page
00:09:28so you have 5 links to your homepage
00:09:32from a given page and you know follow four of them that last one that you left no followed still doesn't have any juice
00:09:44it was fascinating now about this later on in the conference with so he doesn't know with
00:10:06I didn't hear any evidence from anyone that's that would be most interesting tidbit I took away from Popcaan
00:10:28Vanessa Vanessa Fox Democrats during one of these clinics
00:10:40had a bad history to get a brand new Jermaine surprise
00:10:55so that goes a long way towards
00:11:00don't waste your money on and if your if you bought it let's say
00:11:35if they were buying links for that same topic matter it's just
00:11:50breaking down she was it's a bad idea so I thought that was
00:12:01I was there when you said
00:12:14stop nevermind
00:12:18waste your time
00:12:33really hear what you're saying you're breaking up
00:12:48if it domain has been blacklisted
00:12:53well I don't think it's so much The Blacklist and I think it's doing doing a profile
00:13:13find someone's credit rating you don't want to assume the identity of someone who has access to credit credit rating
00:13:46creamy beige, hint I bet they look good they're all relevant
00:14:19ended up getting burnt on one of them to check and see
00:14:46there's no way I would love a great three things up there
00:15:02ultimately you're always going to be taking a chance
00:15:11but I guess that doesn't mean it's a very least you walk away from it with a towel buyer beware
00:15:19I guess your best bet is just due diligence
00:15:24I think it's generally have a sense of their business practices and you generally have a sense of whether or not they would be the kind to engage in Risky behaviors when it comes to their business so I'm checking the link profile checking the back wings
00:16:15basically do your own your own dirty spammer checking and see if you can find anything that might indicate or is there anything about what they've done with that domain that would make you think that they're dirty if you so much ass know what the dirt I would consider buying it definitely lower your price you know you don't want to break your bank for a domain
00:17:02The Sandlot it makes it really difficult to help himself being said
00:17:17did you already do your upcoming like that
00:17:22your Pub gone recap
00:17:30double-checking making sure there's nothing else walk through the halls in the bride's groom dress half naked or anyting so
00:17:55nothing nothing nothing
00:18:15could you repeat the question
00:18:18SDSU Champion or videos
00:18:33no she wasn't even that awesome I heard nothing until you got it
00:19:23Bill Cosby sweatshirt because Bill Cosby the circle so I can video talk about
00:19:42oh I'm breaking up the entire time
00:19:52okie dokie
00:19:54Brian's Tommy from the booth because of him breaking up
00:20:23so all I got out of that was website
00:20:30okay so yeah it'll be dialing back and hopefully it's better but
00:20:37yeah so next we're going to talk a little bit about some kind of last minute things to do with an e-commerce website this time of year this is going to be reminded to me by our site being down today David had a good laugh about the fact that we have like $200,000 and servers at our disposal in we can't keep a website running I guess part of the fun of
00:21:08my position is getting to play with all those toys and still manage to break him
00:21:15yeah apparently when you get a lot of traffic on a platform that isn't really optimized for a lot of traffic you need more Hardware
00:21:28can you bring precisely the problem was
00:21:33what color is the first memory
00:21:36first time we just manage to have all three web servers crash
00:21:45yeah it was just the number of a batch of processes running and I ended up using all the CPU cycle come
00:22:38can you guys hear me okay now it's better
00:22:46after we had the reminder today that we needed to. Our eyes and cross our T's David thought it would be good to put some of these reminders at the last minute things that you should be doing
00:23:03definitely if you haven't already you should be going out and finding a monitoring service because the last thing you want is go to bed at 10 and 10:01 the site goes down and you don't know about it until 8 in the morning
00:23:20yeah regardless if it's eCommerce site or not if something happens yeah I think the one we use is like $50 a year
00:23:37so no excuse not to have one of those probably two
00:23:43back in the day when I have my ideas to be for this is like you know 14 14 15 years ago we had an extra computer that was a stand-alone computer and all of the hooked up to a modem and a phone line and it would fit me would pay me every couple seconds
00:24:10that was like before you get sent out the text to that was exciting we had little codes
00:24:35use me
00:24:39well internet has kind of become an addictive drug
00:24:42very good idea and that's one of those things that the more the merrier really need programs out there that I've come across today allow you to monitor services and what they're actually utilizing and it'll keep track of I like the last 30 days CPU grass for your machine and it does all sorts of neat stuff and some of these are go anywhere from free to a few thousand dollars if it saves you some somewhere down the road suddenly worth it
00:25:31does your hero is Herobrine
00:25:47have I ever told you you're my hero I can't do anything fun anymore because Brian likes to put that on the recap audio every time I do anything stupid stuff I'll forget about that but you are my forever OMG sometimes you remind me of the ex with which one did we have after this building
00:26:40that's completely different than coffee so let's get into that
00:26:49are we ready for that um you're ready for this guy
00:26:54sounds like you're Canadian now Canada
00:27:09even though he's in Canada and I'm in Washington I'm still north of him nautically speaking
00:27:21loving son
00:27:24Let's make like a baby and head out
00:27:30we did have a good a good wink building last we've been working off of the last few podcast and I was on the search engine Journal correct
00:27:45do you remember which one we left off on
00:27:49you told me earlier you left off on 67th you starting 68
00:27:55no I said I was 68 you owe me one last 69
00:28:00no that's not what you said
00:28:1868 is bad what are you talking about
00:28:26this is 101 sneaky tips on bay blanks
00:28:33and I was on
00:28:39cannot endure 68 that you're going to get banned so it will help you establish your brand in your Niche you can build a brand before you get banned you have a winning hand wow that's really Remy but you're going to get banned it's probably not going to be right away so if you can do it in this huge manner that everybody sees your link everybody knows who you are you no longer need Google
00:29:17I will point out this is an article from gab Goldenberg which by the way I added you as a Facebook friend no reciprocal love what the hell's up fat man
00:29:37the glove doesn't fit you have to acquit I love the fact that he brought that into play
00:29:48that's hot
00:29:51Paris Hilton
00:29:57I would say not to do that
00:30:00is Caroline dead Subs 2/3 about Brian like that we don't bring your dirty bastard
00:30:15sounded like you liked it
00:30:27yes I'll take their brine right we're going to have some fun with that later
00:30:36by advertising so you can get the associated editorial news coverage
00:30:43advertise in just for the record is no guarantee that you're going to get Associated editorial news coverage however
00:30:50sign advertising in local newspapers does perhaps increase the likelihood that they might be inclined to cover you it does not guarantee that they will be to make your website so you know
00:31:07lots of traffic to your website and it's a good thing
00:31:28number 17 on a trade show or tween up so certain about what I've done to my first search BDubs
00:31:47well I've had my first short cocktails and I've had them with several other people which is usually ask how many people at the shows that we go to you guys see blogging about two vendors
00:32:10smart people blog about people who make business cards so I would say more likely to mention people that they got a business card from and then whatever whatever account you have on your business card profile
00:32:47I just got a message from the board here we have got lucky we apologize for the folks and we will live through this list next time I come back and we also have a test site some some local business owners were going to help
00:33:19work them through their site yada yada all that good stuff little small little mom-and-pop site and Idaho and I depend pewter ho whatever somebody say that
00:33:34we will bust through the rest of these link building my fine too and next episode we will also need to do somebody that we are going to help help me see what you can do from the local standpoint to help your business were into the new year so we will have one more episode before the end of the year and thank you mrs. shell or misses her for being with us trailer and Shelby were such a problem this is David
00:34:24this is Brian
00:34:29and yada yada yada

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