Mandyy Thomas is an Online Financial Coach, she’s basically a personal trainer but for your money. Mandyy helps people who make good money, but don’t know where it goes, create a plan to keep more of it. She helps them to get clarity with their finances, make progress on achieving their goals and end their anxiety around money. She also works with coaches to feel confident with their business finances and run a more profitable business.

As a financial coach, she is very different from a financial advisor, she doesn’t sell investments or insurances, Mandyy walks you through step by step, how to completely change your financial situation and end your money struggle.

Website:  http://mandyythomas.com/financialcoaching/

Instagram:  http://instagram.com/mandyythomas  (@mandyythomas)

Talk One-on-One with Mandyy for Free About Your Specific Financial Situation: https://mandyythomas.as.me/free15mincall

Online Coach Business Finances: http://mandyythomas.com/profit

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