The stakes are high this week, with super-spies and threatened nuclear annihilation on one hand and the perils and anguish of middle school on the other. Wade and Kevin review the latest Mission: Impossible film (alternate title: See Tom Run) and the latest indie darling from studio A24, Eighth Grade. Thrills and chills abound!

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00:00:09you're listening seeing a and leading a film and television podcasts that searches for the sacred onscreen and I'm Kevin Wycliffe in quick question to kick off our episode for today way would you rather be forced to defuse an impossibly complex nuclear bomb under the count down for spend
00:00:31another week in middle school you know Kevin I would actually choose to diffuse tune that's fair enough today in the episode we're going to be examining the six mission impossible entry mission impossible fallout and then we're going to be taking a look at the latest Darling from studio
00:00:53a twenty four in eighth grade all that's coming up on this episode episode one sixty three of seeing and believing what do you think you're doing it may be a mission but this is the CIA explain it doesn't take off without my say so we need reliable intelligence
00:01:12we did it now this scenario is precisely why the IMF exists the I MF this Halloween out a bunch of grown men in rubber mask please check a treat and if he had held on to the plutonium in Berlin we wouldn't be having this conversation and this team
00:01:27be dead yes they would that's the job and that's why I want one of my own man on the scene to appraise the situation agent Walker special activities his reputation precedes you use a scalpel I prefer having my main goal when no one else well we're here episode
00:01:51one hundred and sixty three of seeing and believing Kevin I'll be doing all of my own stunts this episode just in case you were wondering will true to my cowardly nature I am going to be kicking back and letting my stunt double cover this segment for me so
00:02:06I eat I feel ready so my stunt double Gary is actually on the road today so he could be here so I'm gonna try to do it on my own we'll see listeners we're gonna jump right in today's first film does not need much of an introduction so
00:02:23we're going to begin with a quick official synopsis the best intentions often come back to haunt you mission impossible fallout finds Ethan hunt played once again by Tom Cruise and his eye in math team including Alec Baldwin Simon Pegg envying Rhames along with some official allies one of
00:02:43which is played by Rebecca Ferguson in a race against time after mission gone wrong Henry Campbell Angela Bassett and Vanessa Kirby also join the dynamic cast with filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie returning to them Kevin I think that's all one really needs to know before they listen to us discuss
00:03:05fallout I will offer you one question before I turn over the microphone and I think this will help us is we start to work through our review so here goes in your opinion is fall out the best mission impossible film yet as some have said and if not
00:03:24where does it rank all time among the series yet I find myself kind of in the weird position of liking the trailer for mission impossible fall out more than I like the actual movie this was I this is a movie that I was really looking forward to if
00:03:42you hadn't put it on your top five most anticipated summer movies it would have absolutely been on my top five I just I thought I was looking forward to it I liked the previous effort from Christopher McQuarrie %HESITATION broke mission impossible rogue nation and so I was looking
00:03:57forward to more of the same with this film I don't think that it's it's as strong as that previous film or as strong as my pick for the best of the entire series which is still the you know the inaugural entry the very first one so I'm kind
00:04:17of disappointed with this installment if I'm being perfectly honest it would probably be about middle of the pack for me how about you well we talked about rogue nation in episode twenty four which feels like such a long time ago and I mentioned I let that like the
00:04:36personalize it feel so different from the rest of the series because it's more of the espionage thriller and the others are just kind of straightforward spy action films I think my favorite up until I saw this one was ghost protocol I do think though Kevin that fallout takes
00:05:01the prize ID really like and I'm kind of interested to hear why you didn't like it all to me well you know middle of the road mission impossible because I I love this film and I thought that it's it deserves a place with something like Mad Max fury
00:05:18road and the Bourne ultimatum and inception in some of the best action films that have come out in you know the last ten years or so yeah it's it's an interesting question I was trying to puzzle through why I came away from it a little bit under well
00:05:39it's because they're on the surface of lease it does have a lot of really stand out sequences the the much vaunted helicopter stunt sequence that you get a glimpse of it in the trailer where Tom Cruise is seemingly you know inching up a a rope dangling from a
00:05:56helicopter while the helicopters in flight with no real green screen work that a parent I mean that's a very impressive stunt there's plenty of pretty good action sprinkled throughout but I came away from it a little bit cold and eventually I realized what was nagging at me a
00:06:17little bit so in the previous installments in this franchisor list most recent ones even hunt has gone from being kind of you know a a very competent spy but just to spite to something of a Superman there's that shot that I really liked at the beginning of mission
00:06:36impossible rogue nation where it's it's the shopping introduces Ethan hunt's to the audience the camera kind of swoops up this hill side and we see hunts coming up over the hill signees almost you silhouetted against the sky he's almost larger than life discourse wells and we know that
00:06:54he's about to like grab on to the outside of an airplane and do something crazy and in that moment he's kind of this the super human character basically a super hero and that moment for me is a lot of fun because it it seems like the movie was
00:07:09having a lot of fun with his character as well like kind of positing that this is a guy who looks just like a guy you know he doesn't have all the trappings of being a super hero he can't fly or anything but there's still some sort of something
00:07:24special about him that makes him much more than just just the guy just a government agent in fallout I think where the disenchantment started to creep in is in the film written by Christopher macquarrie who's who's come back around to direct this installment the scripts doesn't stop at
00:07:45just insinuating that he's super human and wanting us kind of have fun with that idea it has to spell out that idea over and over and over there's mines where a character says literally you know nothing happened because you were here Ethan hunt yeah that it seems a
00:08:05lot of times as if the movie is trying to place the weight of the entire world on Ethan hunt's shoulders and as maybe superhumanly strong is those shoulders might be they can't really bear up that weight when the script is putting such a fine point on it so
00:08:22I think I like mine a mission impossible is where it prefers to insinuate Tom Cruise is super human qualities rather than hitting us over the head with that through you know making explicit with dialogue and so forth well here's the thing about this film and even basically starting
00:08:41with ghost protocol in that Ethan hunt finds himself not performing as well as he could so he'll chase someone and he will not catch them he will formulate a plan and something goes wrong he will get in a fight and he needs to be saved and that carries
00:09:03over into this film maybe even more so than the number of others he is not at the peak of his game he is not what we saw in mission impossible two he needs a team around him and it felt as if the movie was placing more on it
00:09:25not necessarily his shoulders per se but the hope that he carries and they speak of that hope and they speak of the sanctity of life that he holds so a big theme throughout this movie is what is one life worth and at the beginning we get the sequence
00:09:48where in its alluded to in the trailer he has to choose between saving his teammate and leading a potentially valuable item go and he seems to always choose the lives the individual lives right in front of him were as he's contrast it with Henry Cavill's character who works
00:10:11for the CIA and he is what they would call a hammer and he abides by this utilitarianism morality in that what will benefit the most people and I want to go back to the idea of morality later on as we discuss this film Tom Cruise abides by something
00:10:31different and almost spiritual one way and that every life matters and I think that's why it worked for me he stood as the symbol of hope even though Cavell's bigger and stronger and is willing to do what needs to be done and I think that that's why the
00:10:52film works for me overall in terms of the criticism that you have for it yeah I don't know I the radically that thematic you mentioned is interesting the the idea that cruise is character that Ethan hunt represents a certain set of values where the you know the the
00:11:15individual is just as important as the country you know there there's there's no needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few everything everyone is equally valuable that's interesting as far as it goes I think though that it's I don't know I don't think Tom Cruise works
00:11:32very well as a symbol of of hope I don't I I just these movies can't really supports and that level of thematic seriousness because they're basically at their hearts they're they're at their their thrill rides at their heart right and I think that it's Macquarie script is just
00:11:52so relentless and having all the characters talk up how amazing hunt is without that really being feeling like it's it's been earned I guess you they're they're all talking about how you know he wrote Klay sacrifices himself time and time again and we need more people like him
00:12:12which is fair as far as it goes but I think it's maybe the relentlessness with how it's made explicit over and over and over that makes it began to seem as if maybe there is that's elements of the th of the film's themes is overplaying it's handled that
00:12:32it's it's underlining it a few too many times and it when it doesn't that much it feels as if it's really striving for something a lot weightier than a summer popcorn flick like this can support and there's nothing wrong with with having those thematic concerns in there I
00:12:51think it's more just the film stops being fun within the movie stops and Ethan hunt's hype men have to talk about again you will think we let's let's bring in you know his his former wife and she can talk about how being married to him was distracting him
00:13:10from his mission of saving the world and you know we'll bring in his boss and his boss will talk about how great he is I think over time that just a creek and it weighs the film down whereas with Macquarie's previous film it kept a fleet enough foot
00:13:26and a white enough touch that even though he's just as ridiculously stupendous in in that film it doesn't fuel laden down by that mystique it feels like it has a lot more fun with it in this one I I think it kind of collapses under the weight of
00:13:43that a little bit I think it worked OK in the film definitely sensing as this celibate priest to the world whose chief amid mission is to get us to save lives and it does have a little fun with this he at one point is jumping over a from
00:14:02building to building and the camera is below in like an alley way and it's looking up any flies over almost like an angel and you get this choirs swell that seems to add some of the playfulness that you talked about with that great opening shot of him in
00:14:22rogue nation I wanna talk about Tom Cruise we probably don't need to get too much into the stands here because it almost goes without saying they are incredible they feel real they feel grounded and even I don't know what this movie was shot on but there seems to
00:14:42be some some grain on the picture which takes away from a lot of the Polish that many modern blockbusters have in terms of their picture but it has this earthy tone to it and that this movie feels like it feels like it's happening in front of us it's
00:15:03not happening in a digital studio somewhere but it's happening on the screen so Tom Cruise and I've read this and other places and I think I tend to agree I'm gonna get your take on it Kevin Tom Cruise is seen this Buster Keaton this Jerry Lewis this gene
00:15:21Kelley this Jackie Chan of American action films and I think the answer is yes in that he he pushes physical limits through his stunts and there's there's something extremely satisfying watching an individual who can perform incredible feats for entertainment we deal with athletes we do it with other
00:15:52performers and we get this here on the screen to and to me it's it's just something wonderful it's this miracle this spectacle to kind of watch these things occur with this character and he's actually Tom Cruise is actually doing this and so I I thought that aspect of
00:16:12the movie was was pretty special I think cruises is fine in this role and I enjoy him I've I've enjoyed in quite a bit and pretty much all the mission impossible is not so much the second one but you know then we don't talk about the second and
00:16:28I think also that it's Mitt quarry has found a really good some some really good companions form this Philomene also faster back Ferguson's character is from the previous film and I was really glad to have her in this one as well because she does have a similar air
00:16:47of physical competence about her that serves as a as a great reflection of of even hunts own competence so that it's not just the Ethan hunt show there are plenty of there there's another person on the camera can be just as interesting to watch as he is and
00:17:07maybe that's one of the secret ingredients of this franchise as well is that there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of of us spotlight hiking I guess on on cruises part as that he is the star of the show and he doesn't seem to be like a
00:17:22a Steven Seagal movie right where we're Seagal has to be the most amazing person on camera at all times nobody's a lives allowed to upstage and you don't get that a lot from from %HESITATION cruises performs in these films and I think that that maybe is partially informed
00:17:39by Ethan hunt as a character the idea that he's first and foremost just a guy who wants to be good at his job and just wants to make sure that the job gets done and gets done right and that at the end of the day it's another successful
00:17:54mission and I think you get a little bit of that and cruises performance and also just as as a producer on on these movies his ability to see the spotlight when it's necessary I think he's very good I think it's a lot of fun also to see his
00:18:12foil in Henry Cavill here a little bit you brought up earlier how Cavell's both kind of a moral foil to women that he's this blunt instrument more of like a a Daniel Craig James Bond wears cruises perhaps say another James Bond I'd I don't know if I own
00:18:31it makes for interesting dynamic in this film ends Cavell is another key similar to cruise and that he's his physicality is more interesting perhaps then the finer notes of this performance you know like he's he's most interesting when he's throwing punches or taking a punch or the reloading
00:18:51his arms I mean we have to the hats to to that internet meme where you know the at the gift shows there's a re loading sound as he shakes out his arms and goes in for more another boxing bout but I think that's kind of what these films
00:19:09do best is when the focus on the competence almost like a heist picture where it's about the team getting together and doing the job and doing it right and of course there are going to be complications because otherwise it's not fun but the important part is the execution
00:19:26of the job and less so all of the plot Machen nations surrounding why they need to do that job and for me I think fallout is strongest when it allows us to kind of forget the extremely complex plot mechanics that are going on outside the action scene and
00:19:46just lets us big luxury eight in the action conversely it's at its weakest when it wants to bring back all the new care you know all the old faces and characters that you love from previous movies and give them something to do just for their own sake and
00:20:03build up this mystique around hunter's a character I don't think that's as interesting as just watching hunt do things and anime maybe that explains why more lukewarm on this film than you I love I love the story it's just this it it's a throwback action in spy a
00:20:23thriller and there are there are twists their double twist I think there's a triple twist at one point there old characters who are coming back into the picture there underground layers there are government officials who should be no where near the action there there there are people listening
00:20:44to recordings there are face masks that I I I think it just gives us a funny picture to it to really just rest on for two hours and I I had a grin on my face probably the entire time I didn't really notice any plot holes I know
00:21:04some people did I I feel like maybe there are some parts of the film that are not explained and you can kind of use some of your imagination to figure out why this why this character's got to where they are but I I really did enjoy that I
00:21:19going back to the team aspect you mention Kevin I like the climax of the picture where all of the team members have a part to play and if any one of them slips up then the mission is is done for and perhaps that's why I like the mission
00:21:41impossible movies more than say the bond films using the bond films it's really on James Bond here Ethan hunt plays a vital role a big role and he does the big stunts but everyone's involved even in a nice little twist just an average everyday person and and I
00:22:02think that special going back to Henry Cavill as well I think he's cast a great for the job she had the mustache a lot when having that mustache here justice league but I also appreciate how they used his size in comparison to Tom Cruise they could have attempted
00:22:25to make Tom Cruise look bigger and that they're more evenly matched but Cavell just kind of comes across as this this monster and physically he is opposing and he's in instills fear in others because of his size and I think one of the probably going off of that
00:22:47one of the great sequences in this movie is actually when Tom Cruise and Cavell really get it handed to them both at the same time in a fight and it's really great how the query uses size within the film and physicality I'd ideally Preciado that and then of
00:23:09course just the way he's able to film action sequences we really know what's going on where they are throughout the whole thing there's really no confusion at all there some great car chases and even scenes where it Tom Cruise on a motorcycle we're just kind of weaving in
00:23:24and out of traffic it's all expertly shot them a query who seems like he's got even more confidence than he did after you know Jack Reacher and then after rogue nation yeah I think those that bathroom fight is a really great example of what this what this film
00:23:46can do because not only is it I mean it it's obviously well choreographed but it's also shot really well I mean this is a movie who cinematographer is rob hardy and he's shots just to name two examples the last two Alex garland films annihilation annex mocking I mean
00:24:05he knows his way around lighting a really great scene there there's this glossy sleek aspect to a lot of these images that I think %HESITATION compliments really interestingly the the brutality of of this film because I I think this is maybe the the most violent of the mission
00:24:27impossible movies and it's interesting to see that grittiness contrasted with these these very sleek anti septic visuals that suggests that there are no there there is a real vision behind the aesthetic for this movie that you don't necessarily see as much I know it I guess when when
00:24:51I was when I see a Marvel movie they're not very visually distinctive to me and no one Marvel movie kinda looks really similar to another Marvel film %HESITATION in in this one though the the mission impossible movies particularly this one they they feel like there's something that's a
00:25:07cut above that like there's a particular kind of visual aesthetic that Cory is going for here and that's really great I I just again I wish it weren't interrupted so much by arguably a Marvel inspired story choice which is to layer on the the myth those building layer
00:25:28on the characters set things up for for future installments call back to previous installments I don't care you know those aren't as important as the joy of the heist or the joy of the chase or the joy of the fight and I think that's in instances like this
00:25:45bathroom fight we're just loses itself in that moment it's great I just wish that those permits had lasted longer I you know I thought the film did a fine job of of relaying past information and adding some emotional heft to the story which I did appreciate and I
00:26:05think there could be room for the future but this is still a self contained story it could end here and it could be it could be fine going back to what I mentioned to about the morality of it all there seems to be with that symbol of hope
00:26:22in cruises hunt the idea that and the idea that every life is important and that the way government usually operates is based kind of on a mass level in that whoever can find a way to save the most amount of people is the person in charge or should
00:26:51be in charge and hunt to the VAX of many of his superiors is someone who does look out for the individual and that does as I mentioned feel spiritual so I think there are some fascinating ideas kind of going around but the film never really gets too muddled
00:27:08in this in my opinion we hear about a group called the apostles and in in a surprise twist they are an anti religious group who desire to attack the three main monotheistic religions and we don't get it ton of that mythos behind the group but it really does
00:27:32feel like a throwback spy thriller with an underground syndicate we get exotic locations much of the film takes place in Paris and we see pretty much every single important landmark in Paris and many of them are shot during an action sequence whether it's crews running or riding his
00:27:56bicycle so a lot of little details and trying to throw in before we finish this review because I I do think this is a very good film and I I think it's definitely worth the wait and it's my favorite mission impossible now we'll we'll see what happens over
00:28:11the next few months if I still hold that after a seat again yeah well if if nothing else Christian viewers can go this movie and and get a real kick out of the gigantic Rhode Island size messiah complex that you the non test through this entire entire film
00:28:30yeah yeah I didn't there's no doubt like there is in in my to us so we are missing a little bit at you know huge John woo's kind of in the in the middle of %HESITATION come back of his own so maybe he'll be on for the next
00:28:45installment but that is our review of mission impossible fallout listeners if you have seen this film and with how well it's doing at the box office there's a good chance that you have with the snow you thought of the film are you more team way delighted or we're
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00:32:12highlight in the show this week so a couple of episodes ago we reviewed Deborah grand X. latest film leave no trace and we both thought it was really special the phrase best of the year so far might have gotten a bit bandied around a couple of times but
00:32:30we liked it a lot but we weren't the only ones our own staff writer Caitlyn Shas had an article just go up about it this week on leave no trace it's called leave no trace and the struggle to leave behind the fears of our parents and just this
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00:33:05they will be near a computer in the near future to pull that article all up and read it it's very much worth your time Hey guys eyes killer back with another video so the topic of today's video is being yourself being yourself can be hard and it's like
00:33:22art I always being a self and yeah for sure but being yourself is like not changing yourself to impress someone else a lot of people I call me quite a shy or whatever most Kayla day I don't talk a lot at school but if people talk to me
00:33:43and stuff they find out that I'm like really funny and cool and talk and by the way I like your shirt a lot so cool right I said one more week of eighth grade right yeah that's crazy ya home we're back with the second half of our show
00:34:12where we're going to raise the stakes a little bit Wade from the threat of nuclear devastation to the mine field of junior high school would you like to before we start would you like to unburden yourself of any middle school horror stories before we proceed I I do
00:34:32not want to go there because I have a number of horror stories and most of the time it involved talking to people that I wanted to be my friend so as we discussed eighth grade will probably you know I'll probably add some more commentary about how the film
00:34:52does or does not relate to my life so I'll just kind of begin with that for the sake of everyone listening okay okay I I'm I can do yeah I'm looking forward to hearing those unfold as our discussion goes on I might have some of my own to
00:35:09share so we'll see how that goes well both Burnham's eighth grade chronicles the travails of one particular middle schooler named Kayla played by LC Fisher a thirteen year old coming up on the end of her middle school career trying to figure out how to stop treading water in
00:35:27the merciless waters of adolescence and start charting her own course digital native Kayla has Instagram Twitter and YouTube added to the chorus of voices probably every adolescent is familiar with being battered by hill has a loving father but not too many friends it is the end of her
00:35:47eighth grade year looms she resolves to salvage her social life and move into high school with her head held high wait this is gotten a lot of attention for it on the ground temples and all portraits of a time of life and that maybe a lot of us
00:36:02would like to forget or at least to leave in the past but we probably remember a little bit too well did you find Bo burns portraits of this stage of life to be effective and maybe even worthy of identification well it you know it's it's interesting because I
00:36:24feel like every little while we will have an episode where we discuss two films that I just really love that I could I could easily pay for like a top ten maybe at the end of the year and that's this episode I really do like eighth grade and
00:36:42what is what's so wonderful about this film and impressive about the film is how it digs into the technology of our time and when I say our time I don't mean the last ten fifteen years but technology that will likely be obsolete in three four years eight days
00:37:06into some of this technology and yet it feels not just universal in its look at eighth grade but it relates the fear of change and of relationships to adulthood as well through the father figure played by Josh Hamilton I I saw some things on screen of course that
00:37:32I could relate to I it was never an eighth grade young girl but I you know I was in grade boy right and I I saw moments however that that felt like they were my life and so if it was in one sense I am I'm like covering
00:37:49my eyes because some of it's so cringeworthy but I'm also laughing because although I can relate to that or %HESITATION that's it it represents this time period well so a really great film that works in a number of different ways yeah I think it's a really strong film
00:38:11as well and I think maybe the thing I appreciate the most about it is the tack that Burnham takes with his lead character with Kayla so a lot of the time with these sorts of films dates take a look and have some fun with the awkwardness of adolescence
00:38:33you know trying to take a character through this journey of self discovery where they learn to kind of become comfortable in their own skin what films I'll arrive at that destination by kind of running their protagonists through the wringer right through making the film kind of this you
00:38:51know unending procession of humiliations or difficulties or you know small scale tragedies before we finally get to the to the big moment and and maybe the happy ending what I like with eighth grade is that burden doesn't feel the need to humiliate KO on her journey to kind
00:39:12of this this destination of of self discovery or self acceptance at least you know this is a film where even for all of her awkwardness kill is actually kind of a go getter she knows what she wants she takes real steps to achieve what she wants there's shots
00:39:34were we see her making a list of things to do in order to have the kind of life that she desires you know Gee it's a step by step you know make friends be more confident she writes these inspirational sayings to herself and sticks them around her mirror
00:39:51in her bedroom and it all comes to add up to this portrait of a girl who like probably all of us at one point or another in our adolescence doesn't feel entirely comfortable in her own skin and media lacks some self confidence but that doesn't mean that she
00:40:06has to be a doormat to everybody it doesn't mean that the people around her half to make her small for kind of the the cringe comedy factor for us out in the audience this is a film that knows how to walk the line between making Kayla relatable the
00:40:26normal and and and average probably something that all of the people on the islands can relate to it doesn't need feel the need to make a perfect but also doesn't feel the need to really keep on the the awkwardness and the the adolescent punishment it it feels measured
00:40:45and it feels like it truly loves Kayla in a way that maybe a lot of coming of age films don't necessarily captures that that very real affection for the protagonist that I found really appealing about this you know Kayla has some great moments some moments where she takes
00:41:02a step and you expect given that it's a comedy about eighth grade she's gonna fall flat on her face but she doesn't she maybe does it hop on the scene like she wants to but she impresses some people she kind of feels empowered there's one scene where she
00:41:22chooses to singing karaoke and I think in most movies like the ones you were describing Kevin that would come at the end of the movie and somehow that would win everyone over these are little victories throughout the film that really reflect most people's journeys I also enjoyed the
00:41:44casting of LC Fisher and that she looks like an eighth grader and there's this trend even in a number of movies that I like you get teenagers or actors playing teenagers and their not teenagers and they're all very good looking and yet the film is yeah the these
00:42:04are the ones that don't have any friends and these are the ones that are kind of on the outside and get a look at them and say well that's not how I you know so those John a John Hughes of team yeah those kids that you think are
00:42:18the doors with the way they look like the popular kids in my school and she she looks like an eighth grader and I appreciate to not trying to hide her acne I had a bad problem when I was a teenager I did take medication and I appreciate that
00:42:33being on screen and what what Burnham does with the characters well is that he doesn't necessarily say that all of her fears or feelings are validated but he says they're real and there's a difference between simply being nostalgic about the past or simply as saying that these characters
00:42:58everything that they worry about should be worried about but he he gets into this world and he says these fears whether they are a big deal in the grand scheme of things are not their fears so there are a couple of scenes that play like horror film scanner
00:43:15there's one scene where she cracks or phone and it feels like a horror movie with the score and with the way the camera angles and compositions paint that scene in the grand scheme of things is it a big deal no it's not but in the moment for an
00:43:31eighth grader who is so enamored in technology that's a pretty big deal in their other scenes like that as well so I I really do appreciate that balance from from burning here Burnham brings a lot of visual sophistication to this film that for me at least is is
00:43:49the cherry on type it's already really perceptive Lee written to sell and mean obviously that's something that you and I both agree on something that most other critics have observed about this is that Burnham writes his characters very compassionately and and very perceptive lean very well but his
00:44:08visuals are also really great you mentioned that there are moments where she you know the the movie almost feels like a horror film or some scenes feel like the stakes are extremely you know it's not just a middle school drop outs the stakes are extremely high and there's
00:44:30a scene in eighth grade I think is far more suspenseful than anything that happened in mission impossible kill it kill it ends up in in in the car with with a boy and you know it's an uncomfortable situation there's a lot of on spoke in tensions in the
00:44:51air and the way Burnham shoots that is it's not entirely dark I mean there is there is a light in the car on but the boy is mostly and shadow and yet there's a subtle bit of key lighting on his eyes to the kind of gleam in the
00:45:07dark so he's not like that he's he's just a normal boy in a lot of ways but the way he shot also suggests that there is a threat there for someone of cable was yeah youth and and vulnerability in that moment and that's a nice little grace no
00:45:25two scene that could have easily slid into cartoonish nous on either side but it threads that builds very well similarly I think my favorite scene in the entire film is early on where we see kill us she's in bed it's after bedtime she's just scrolling through Instagram and
00:45:45Twitter on her phone just you know looking at her friend's pictures looking at the the tweets of other people and %HESITATION in years Orinoco flow is playing over it and Burnham layers to solve and upon to solve it and we kind of see killer's face superimposed over all
00:46:03of these shots of her scrolling through news feeds or flipping through pictures on the internet and that suggests sort of what her life is at this point that it's almost this kaleidoscope of self presentation where she's trying to figure out which of these personalities which one which of
00:46:23these lifestyles do I wanna try on for myself which one of these is me which one of these people do I want to be all I can do I want to emulate were to be my friends and all of that is done in a completely wordless scene just
00:46:37through image and editing and I think that that's what sets at eighth grade had your shoulders above a lot of similar ships films in that genre you know you mentioned visually just kind of go back to some of those scenes there's a scene where Kayla is getting into
00:46:57a friend's swimming pool and the camera goes down in the pool with her and follows her and we get her kind of looking at the different people around the pool and it really visually gives the feeling that she's in this goldfish bowl being judged by everyone around her
00:47:16and that's that's how you feel in middle school and whether it's actually happening you know we're not individually places that theirs is another scene where she's ugly she's talking on the phone in in the background there's a picture of a poster of Justin Bieber and he's kind of
00:47:35just staring at the camera in that poster and so it's it's kind of funny so visually has a visual gags and then another scene that poster because of what has happened in the story is kind of ripped in hanging down and now it's it's looking at the camera
00:47:50and yet it has this entirely different meaning right and what better way to express the loss of innocence then a ripped Justin Bieber poster said there's kind of so much there I want to go back to Josh Hamilton he plays the the single dad careless father he is
00:48:11great he is very very funny and I loved every scene with him and there's this big scene towards the end of the movie in it's it's the emotional climax of the film and I don't want to give anything away but Josh Hamilton's dialogue can next in this story
00:48:36as I mentioned at the beginning of the review to a to a universal story so this is a movie about eighth grade he meant most people can relate to it but in the monologue Hamilton talks about walking through that change with his daughter and being fearful of of
00:48:57being able to to help her as she makes this jump in life and I think the film in that moment really kind of connected the idea of change and how whether you're an eighth grader not you experience change sure they're they're times better xcelerated but even as a
00:49:18parent as your child is changing you have to change your approach and is especially for your first child or if you have only one child you don't you don't know what to do you're experiencing this for the first time just like they're experiencing high school for the first
00:49:38time or this change in their life for the first time and in that way it just connected on more than just an S. style Jake or realistic level and more and more of the it more than just an adolescent level but in in an overall human level and
00:49:56I think that that's what really said the film a part for me even among the great script and just the overall high value of of pretty much everything in this movie yeah Josh Hamilton's father character is a highlight of the film for me as well and again it's
00:50:17because of the great compassion and dignity that Burnham scripts gives him you know it it's easy for parents these sorts films to either be of the totally cool you know clueless person who just doesn't know how to deal with these strange teenagers how can anyone possibly do it
00:50:35or else they are you know blatantly unsupportive or extremely flawed but Hamilton's father character he's a good dad you know he he does the dishes he cooks meals for he kind of he knows how to talk to her and tries to be open to listening to our without
00:50:54you know being overly pushy he's he doesn't get everything perfect but he's trying his best and he's just this very warm state presence in in a film that is a really nice counterpoint to the turmoil in careless life I think just in general this is a a film
00:51:14that takes its protagonist world seriously not as a vehicle for adult drama but just for bringing us back into its characters perspective and and just reminding us of what it's like to have all that potential and and also all of that year and and hope there's a recurring
00:51:36shot that we see it a few times where Burnham films Kayla from behind as she is walking somewhere there's you know it it's at the pool party where she's exiting the house towards the pool it's close towards the end where we're hearing her recorded message to our future
00:51:56self in voice over any either case she's film from behind we don't see her face we just see the back for head and we see kind of the world's in front of her at almost as she sees it but the subtle angling that Burnham's camera takes is made
00:52:13makes all the difference at the pool party scene for example the cameras angled a little bit down the it's shallow focus so we can just see this sea of other eight graders other children that kill is a little bit apprehensive about and doesn't really want to be there
00:52:31but it's just kind of forcing yourself to go through the motions and it's a very apprehensive scene and that's contracted with this later scene where the camera is angled slightly upward the sky is visible we see the horizon and just threw that slight shift in perspective even though
00:52:50to same basic shot template Burnham communicate so much and I think that that again is evidence of how both his writing and directing is so one point in this movie any fines notes to play in this coming of age story that I don't feel like you seem very
00:53:10much at least not in recent cinema so it out I think eighth grade is really something special and I would be surprised not to see it get some talk come awards season yeah night I definitely think so too there's really just so much to enjoy it there's so
00:53:26many little details and even just with the use of technology and how that that changes eighth grade but at the same time it doesn't feel as if he's saying that the experience is all too different it's just amplified certain factors in well small details for instance there's this
00:53:45one boys like the popular kid and his username is something to the effect of of aid in basketball and it just reminded me of when you're young like that you know your user name is what you want to be or what your passion is and and how that
00:54:02changes and it's okay because life changes and as you mentioned with a great description of the shots given that your future is in front of you and in some ways it's an open door but despite all the self help that we see in our world and and that
00:54:19Kayla speaks to herself she needs other people she needs someone to walk alongside her and that's so very important in the story and in our world listeners that is our review of eighth grade if you saw the film make sure to let us know we would love to
00:54:34hear your thoughts we would love to read your thoughts on air make sure to tweet us at C. belief pot at C. believe POD you can also email us scene and believing see APC at team all dot com we've reached the part of the show where we take
00:54:49an opportunity to recommend something to you our listeners from the world of television and or film Kevin what do you want to recommend today well since we're talking about young coming of age stories I wanted to highlight the nineteen fifty five film from sat digit rate pathar pinch
00:55:08Holly this is a film made by a filmmaker who is widely considered to be the foremost director from India's film scene it is the first film in a trilogy called the world of the poo and in this film up who is just this young boy he's growing up
00:55:27in the small Indian village his father's kind of struggling to put food on the table make ends meet and they're just trying to eke out a life in this village and I think what I appreciate about this film similar to what I appreciate about eighth grade is the
00:55:48dignity and compassion that it extends to its characters if there's a signature image to patter Penteli it's the shot of the young actor playing the the boy up who is just a you know a shot of his face he's got these huge dark expressive eyes as he takes
00:56:08all it takes in everything that's happening in the world around him and it's just a river a very rich film and very %HESITATION are very warmly human film and if you like the th grade I can't imagine anyone not liking pathar pain Shelley that's a good pick Kevin
00:56:27I I think it was last year early last year I was able to check out the criterion collection of the trilogy and I think it was three days in a row or pretty close to that I watched each of those movies and they're all just fantastic so listeners
00:56:44if you can get a hold of the criterion collection DVD or Blu ray definitely do that it's it's a strong pick so given I was thinking about my paycheck and really didn't know where to go this week so I decided to choose a thriller it's not quite an
00:57:00action movie like mission impossible fall out but it is a thriller with some great action sequences one of those action sequences is actually a tennis match the film is from Alfred Hitchcock is the nineteen fifty one strangers on a train I have I didn't see this movie till
00:57:19just recently Kevin and it's really really great there is a tennis professional he's on a train he needs a psychotic socialite and there is a murder that ensues and I don't want to give away too much of the plot but it is really really great and I think
00:57:39too in terms of where it sat in Hitchcock's filmography I think it's I think it's near the probably the top five it's really very good listeners if you haven't had a chance to check out like like I did I didn't have a chance to recently I would definitely
00:57:55go and see that movie out and I don't think you'll be disappointed at all yeah that's a good pick and that climaxed with the tennis match and the the merry go round I think Hitchcock speaking of you know death defying stunts that Tom Cruise doesn't mission impossible movies
00:58:12I think Hitchcock said that the %HESITATION the extra day keys that he sent underneath the moon laying around in the climax if he he I think he said later on the Dow is unconscionable the dangers that he would never do it again today but it's it's something to
00:58:30see for sure and it's it's a fun yet and it's an elderly man that goes underneath it it's yeah yeah it's eat your heart out to Tom Cruise you may be fifty six but you got a little ways to go that's for the week those are our reviews
00:58:47once again let us know what you thought of them we want to thank you for listening to this week's episode is brought to you by our patron supporters and bike rides in pop culture dot com our producers Jonathan Clawson who every week helps us to search for the
00:59:01sacred on screen I'm a beard mycosis Kevin and it's all next time this is seen in you have been listening to seeing and believing official production Christ network please rate and when I check out our other shows a crisis dot com slash network music by ms under a
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