It gives us great pleasure to announce a new podcast to the Trek Mate Family.
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Pathfinder is an audio drama podcast created by Paul Wright (AKA Commander Firbob). Most regular listeners to the TrekMate Family of podcasts will remember the ‘Commanders Logs’ mini episodes and the ‘Commanders Logs Christmas Special’.
This series based on the concept of the Commanders Logs and see’s  Firbob take charge of the Federations newest Intrepid class vessel. Like the Christmas Special various TrekMate Family members will make up the cast of the Pathfinder.
Episode 0 is now available on its very own feed. Please check out the links below:
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Pathfinder Page (here you will find Crew Bios and info on how to submit a script)
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00:00:01coming soon to the trust placed on the network cyberspace the final frontier these are the voyages of the podcast pathfinder once the mission to explore familiar worlds to seek out old life and old civilizations to humorously go where no Star Trek parody has gone before just three weeks
00:00:26before the launch of star fleet's newest vessel commanders have always a goal to work toward a mysterious meeting with the apple jam like come on the federal reporting is all the federal I hope you can no of any Jenny that leads back to it there's always a possible
00:00:45the White House the commander of a nickel to us class session acceptable it's a lot in four weeks to take command of the ship effective when will she launch on what will be her name he will be ready to launch in three weeks of the given her a
00:01:03name yet as if he kept needing ceremonies tomorrow and until then to come up with any but what will be her name who will be hurt crew and who did invents the cartoon all this I'm all will be revealed in the episode zero all I find a a
00:01:25new ship a new crew you adventures new music you sound effects the old jokes coming soon on the track makes from the network

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