London Breed won less than 37 percent of first-place votes in last month’s ranked-choice mayoral race, but a new poll shows at least two-thirds of San Francisco voters have a favorable opinion of her. The phone and online poll of 635 San Francisco voters found 65 percent of those surveyed viewed Breed favorably and 24 percent negatively — the remainder were undecided or had no opinion.
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00:00:00You're listening to the spoken edition of the san francisco chronicle experience the last concert of the san francisco symphony season has more than two hundred musicians take the stage for mahler's third symphony here the stunning vision of mahler's life death and redemption june twenty eighth through june thirtieth
00:00:26visit sf symphony dot org's for more details san francisco mayor elect london breed coming into office with plenty of support bye phillip mata and andrew ross for local london breed one less than thirty seven percent of first place votes in last month's ranked choice mayoral race but a
00:00:47new poll shows at least two thirds of san francisco voters have a favorable opinion of her The phone and online poll of six hundred thirty five san francisco voters found sixty five percent of those surveyed viewed breed favorably and twenty four percent negatively the remainder were undecided or
00:01:04had no opinion it's also worth noting that sixty eight percent of men gave breed of thumbs up compared with sixty one percent of women I think it shows mayor elect breed has very strong support throughout the city on voters are excited about her mayor ship said pollster ruth
00:01:19bernstein of'em see research how long breeds favorable rating will last remains to be seen the same poll also found that nearly half of those surveyed or forty nine percent described the city is being on the wrong track just thirty six percent think it's on the right track the
00:01:37poll was conducted in english and chinese from june seventeen to twenty and has a margin of error of plus or minus three point seven percent The findings were part of a larger poll done on behalf of unnamed business interests Award winning hip hop artist actor film producer and
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