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00:00:05Chance dorland and this is thies spurs insider our weekly mba podcast from express news dot com joined once again by our main host san antonio express news spurs beat reporter jabari young we're going with the big guns today jabari there is some breaking news that happened this afternoon
00:00:23filmy and what happens well i mean the end of an era is over you know and model ginobili and you decided to retire after sixteen years from san antonio spurs and what a wonderful career was you know we all thought that maybe he would give it one more
00:00:39year i thought that it would give you when we're here because he plays so well last year and it was just agree ah you know just agree another badly this year for him i'm like we'll say great but i'm a new terms and a forty year old man
00:00:51terms i mean it was a pretty successful season so you know when you have all that you swear that hey we're but he's going to come back another year he's gonna give another shot but you know i believe that over the last few weeks him hanging on the
00:01:03pacific northwest with his family and being ableto experience you know what that's all about he decided to just you know call it quits and i think you know you can't argue with that nobody can disagree with that you just gotta salute you just gotta remember all the great
00:01:17times that he gave the san antonio spurs and the fans on you just got to look forward to the next generation that all being said is this a surprise to you you just mentioned that you thought he might have stuck around but is this a big surprise did
00:01:31you think this this might have been likely where you thinking about all this you know it is somewhat surprising in a little bit because model has never took it this deep into the season you know until the offseason you know he's always kind of made up his mind
00:01:45really early and i maybe maybe that should have been a red flag hey listen he's taken really he's taken longer than normal maybe he's really sitting back and thinking twice or taking drinking thinking three times about this thing maybe he's not as sure about coming back as he
00:02:00was and in the previous years and i like i said i just think that that like i said he was putting up twitter pictures of you know him being a pacific northwest hanging with his family and he's always said that he would go and check his family first
00:02:12and see how they feel about him returning and also check me and look at his body i don't think his body was the issue i think this time his family actually said dad his son's actually said dad we want you home we want you with us on and
00:02:27you know obviously and when you hear that as a father when she gave sixteen years to a profession and you know you've made millions of dollars you have you're not starving You're not going to you know ever be wanting for money for the rest of your life When
00:02:40you have your kids come to you and say that that maybe dad we want you to take us to school every morning We don't want just mom we won't both be off I think that has an impact and i think this time it had an impact on managing
00:02:49over this decision and that's exactly Why the sixteen years who could he's retire Why might this be a good thing jabari Well you know what it would be a good thing because the young guns will have an opportunity to get those minutes remember mano ginobili i mean you
00:03:06know obviously over time you know the minutes may have not been you know as high as it was when he was younger but you know gregg popovich was still called some models you know being a clutch when he needed a play he knew the one guy that he
00:03:18can call order into penn dolls models no i mean you know that that's just that that goes without saying i mean listen if you look at that the course of his career i mean a man has never averaged under what nineteen eighteen minutes in his career last year
00:03:33he averaged nineteen minutes ah season that's the highest that he's average since they won a championship in twenty fourteen fifteen and partially because kawai letter wasn't there so great cop of his need is somebody that he can depend on and those times of flood situation so you know
00:03:47you played twenty minutes ah game and you're still averaged eight point nine points and you still with it was able to make some key plays and and key defensively i mean twenty minutes a game for forty one for forty year old i mean come on that's on her
00:04:00you know what i mean Is that the forty one years old you gotta figure that great competence is still going to rely on them but i just feel like listen he's been playing this game and in the end since he was twenty five you have to go back
00:04:11way earlier his teens you know before he got to the mba to all star parents is one four championships i mean what more can you ask the man i mean that that that he's given you everything that you need so in that way i'm not surprised that he
00:04:25you know did retire and i'm not ah ah not necessarily mad that he did because it gives you all he can again the young guns get a chance to shine now the young players lonnie walker maybe not get his bus time but derrick white you know the the
00:04:38young guys they get a chance to show what they have dollars per times marco belinelli is back in the full so he's going to get a majority of models venice i believe coming off the bench so the young guys is going to be able to show what they
00:04:49have more because for the first time since two thousand two you don't have a guy named models nobody that's standing in the way that you know is going to give you and get all the minutes off that bench on you don't have that for the first time so
00:05:02that the young guys got to show what they can do on there's No excuses this time you've got to show up i've been seeing this all over the place you've mentioned it on a previous podcast episode here on the spurs insider it's all over express news dot com
00:05:15right now talking about you know number one fan favorite spur um i mean this this is an end of an era but it's something that you've already said to start off today's episode why else is this a bad thing Well it's a bad thing because you're losing what
00:05:29gregg popovich referred to was that corporate knowledge you know you don't have it anymore that's gone when the spurs needed a play you know models terribly was used the involved whether it was an assist a rebound steal a block aa three point shot at two points on model
00:05:44to nobody was somehow involved when the spurs needed ah big plates so they're going to miss that they're going a bit down a stretch when they need something done you know if all the athleticism and the youth that those young guys have they lack something and you know
00:06:00what that is chance that's an experience they don't have they lacked the experience that should they experience they don't have those times where they are used to it they don't have those times were there you know what they know what a clutch play means they don't have those
00:06:14times we looked at the clock there's five minutes to go you're up six you've got to make the place is necessary to win the basketball game they don't got that models only had you know why because he put the work in so those young guys don't have that
00:06:27so that's where the bad comes in that because there are going to be times this upcoming season when when the spurs you to play they want to is going to result in a turnover instead of a big play you know why because that's where inexperience comes in at
00:06:39that's where that that that that model to no be experience comes in they don't know what to do in clutch situations hell we've seen it a couple times last season so they don't know what it is that they haven't developed that they haven't figured that out yet now
00:06:50they will figure it out as time goes on they will get that but at the same time the spurs need that now because they're trying to compete for a championship right now so you know that takes away that takes away a lot when you when you're talking about
00:07:03it from his fan antonio's bers perspective when you don't have a model job lead here it's called me weird man is going to be we're seeing presently on them that's great it's going is going to see the first play off that bench seat be somebody other than number
00:07:15twenty it really will be and i know it's gonna be a sad occasion but but i tell people like this you can look at it as a sad moment but i choose to look at it as it happened the man gave you sixteen years he's give you some
00:07:27of the most memorable moments and spurs franchise history you've gotto be thankful that you were able to witness it for those people that the only people i should feel sad for the people who's never been to a basketball in the same models with clay for the young players
00:07:42who for the young children who's goingto win here when they get in order that kid's going to say yeah he's good but you need to see miles nobody in his prime and they won't say who's models nobody and then their parents to say first of all sides sit
00:07:54down look at these highlights here's what mama's little here's what models over here here's what he did those are people who should be sad you know if you witness models you know have you seen him in person Have you seen him even after games on order bath before
00:08:06game signing autographs watched him for sixteen years play for the san antonio spurs whether you've been toe again we'll saw it live on tv you should be happy because you got to go for the ride the people who should be sad is for those people who didn't go
00:08:19for the ride because believe me model generally you might not ever see him again so as someone who was there for a lot of the ride what were some of the most memorable or some of the things you like the most about covering manu you know what man
00:08:34is the one thing i liked about mani ginobili is that he cared he cared about the fans you know there's a guy who i know ah and this guy he his name is david garcia and ah he you know where he got the most burst ticket and all
00:08:51he wanted to do was meet models you know s so he came to our home game and after a game i was able to ask modeled zenobia if he can go out this guy's never met modest but he's been one of biggest miles only fans here in san
00:09:04antonio and he was never able to go out and you know he's never met models so beautiful i've never shook his hand so ah you know mano was gracious enough after a game that was a little bit of longer after game but to come out and sign his
00:09:19autograph and there's things like that that you know you look back and you say my my god that's that that's a good damn man not not a basketball player but he's a good man he recognized what he wass he recognized who he was he recognised what he represented
00:09:35and he recognized that there are a whole bunch of people out there that are dying to meet him and he took everything and he didn't take it for granted i was in new york one time and i saw so many argentinians come on dh tried to get his
00:09:49attention and he sat there and signed order grass about twenty twenty five minutes you know before after his pregame workout and setting sign autographs and took pictures i mean he just knew what it was about after games before when argentinians in san antonio mono he would skip the
00:10:05media session or he would do the media session and then after that go out and sit on ah sit on a chair with a table in front of him and wait for all those argentinians that came to the game and i must have been about one hundred and
00:10:16set there and sign the order graphs and took pictures with that dude just do what it was about you know i had a friend of mine i've come down from santa from philadelphia long time ago back in twenty thirteen fourteen and she was sitting outside and she was
00:10:27waiting and then she came and she had no idea what model did nobody looked at her and say hey are you waiting for me and she didn't know who montez really wass and she said yeah i don't know are you and he just took pictures with you know
00:10:40another friend of mine he took its tomatoes oh so it's just it's just that man he knew what it was about you know he just he understood that it was just bigger than basketball people they feed for him people love mano ginobili and he loved them right back
00:10:55and believe me that's not that's rarely seen in today's nbsp i mean a lot of people don't know what it is a lot of people don't know it was about they think is about playing basketball making millions of dollars going and buying bentleys and ferraris and driving these
00:11:08fancy cars and you know you may sign one of two water grass but then after that on i'm done you know i mean or some people may ignore it models and i've never seen him do that before so for him it was bigger than basketball and i think
00:11:20i will always have that respect you you respect his competitiveness on the court you respect the fact that he was fearless on the court you respect the fact that he sacrificed his body i mean let's keep it real and i'm not saying anything that's not documented the man
00:11:33lost a testicle playing for the san antonio spurs yeah not maybe ebba players lose testicles that's that needs to be brought up a lot more than it does matter exactly the man lost a testicle hey lost a testicle plan for the san antonio spurs and guess what the
00:11:49couple weeks things right back on the court most duels might have retired hey i was a testable have done he didn't do that he came right back on the court and he competed and in a few weeks obviously he couldn't come right back on court right away but
00:12:01i mean that just shows you what type of competitors he was man and then all the court behind the scenes he was even a better man now are always respect that about monitor so where does the franchise go from here jabari well you know it's just going to
00:12:18tough mean that you know you know model generally just doesn't grow on trees i mean the man is a hard guy to replace so it's going to be tough to replace him is going to be tough tio to you know get that production from him i's gonna be
00:12:33tough to get that corporate knowledge from him so the only thing that the team could do from here on out is just developed just try their best to you know you know and steel into the young guys and steel instead of veterans is there what models will be
00:12:48represented on great poppers remember one time itself you know i'm a man who was diving on the floor for a ball and i'm in bradford game somebody as very public about it he says you know you know you stood up for you concerned about him when he fell
00:13:02on the floor where you just you know happy since you know i was i was employing him you know You try to and you try to tell guys you know you've got to leave it out there on the floor you try to tell guys that they got a
00:13:11gold for you got to give it all they have everybody is not the same everybody's not model generally and his birds are gonna have a hard time replacing that and they may not ever you know and matter of fact i think that the patient human triumph if he's
00:13:24around you know let him come in watch from the gym give young guys advice but it's gonna be hard to replace models they can't replace models it's going to be different so when you go from here is that any young person any young guy any vet that may
00:13:37have not played sixteen years like models will be played what you do is you just tried to you know tell them those and if they're that you've seen monitor you know what he's all about so if you come with san antonio spurs you just know it's a vet
00:13:49you gotta break it the way model general be brought and if you can't bring it the way he brought it to sit down and i might say a full gold you can't you don't you're not going to break it the way you get every game but at least
00:14:00try halfway give it give it after the shot and if you can't do that believe me only so you sit down papa is going to take you But and in the young guy look at the film and just realized that you're dealing with somebody special You know what
00:14:13i mean So like i said all you can do is go on So you've made a good case hard to replace manu ginobili but the spurs have signed a replacement Tell me about that If that was a good move I don't think it's a replacement i think is
00:14:27that i will see he's another body another veteran body who you know is going to come in and quincy point x er you know you know came in and is assigned to a partially guaranteed deal parson i guarantee one year deal with spurs but here's a guy who's
00:14:43a three indie guy you know he at one point before he went down to injury just do you know playing for the new orleans pelicans back in two thousand fourteen fifteen season i mean he was about a forty percent three point shooter ah you know so i think
00:14:57that you know he feels like he's taken stress the floor with him you know that was one of his best that was his best season is a matter of fact in the mba but it's a partially guaranteed deal so if it doesn't work out the spurs going always
00:15:08wave him and look that somebody else on the wire but i think this is an opportunity for that guy to come and prove himself proved that he's healthy and prove that he can contribute when called upon you know now obviously like i said before was gonna be hard
00:15:21for him to make the roster after you know his guarantee date but all you can do is just you know you're requesting point back sir is take advantage of the opportunity you're playing for ah team that believes they're going to compete for a championship and you just got
00:15:36to take advantage of on Don't try too hard and don't hold her out You are just do what you do play be a three indie guy When you know when you've got a wide open three hit the three get a chance to attack the basket do what you
00:15:48do on And i think if he stays within himself and does what he does he will be a good fit And he might last a whole season Final thoughts to bar before we say goodbye Obviously a special episode this week with what's happened with manu You know the
00:16:03end of an era you get the last remarks man Well you know i saw somebody who was in the ownership of the spurs and i said hello to them And you know we spoke a little bit when i was at the tea scent of recording a model generally
00:16:17reaction video And you know we were talking and as he was you know it was just like hey i'm glad that drama's over ah ah and i think a lot of people are glad about it This has truly been a season that you look back on it and
00:16:37say this is going to be the season that this is where it all start if the spurs won a championship from here on out you gotta look back at twenty two thousand eighteen off season as this is where it started this is where the big three nd there's
00:16:50no more big three there's no more corporate knowledge tony parker moloch journal the tim duncan are officially out of the building tim duncan's pride the last dude still comes around but there are officially gone they will not be lacing it up they will not be putting on a
00:17:07spurs jersey ever again andi i think that you've got to move on from now with that said with the fans i cautioned to not compare every player every young player to those guys those guys were special those guys were one of a kind those guys represented and they
00:17:25represented and they presented team basketball um and every player is not going to get that right away every young players not going to come for him that right away and you've got to give him time don't say oh this guy you know models you know we would have
00:17:40never done that well guess what this do they models you know monet's nobly tony park it's him talking or one of the car they are tim duncan and monitor will be being the one of a kind that i mentioned the most Tony parker i mean he's a great
00:17:52player he's one of a con to but model and tim they're not going to ever ever ever be matched again and i think that i call shin spurs fans to appreciate that era remember that era little back on the air a smile on that era but don't compare
00:18:07that era to the new era is coming up because the new error that's coming up they have their own history they have their own records they have their own experience to write and be a little along go along for this new journey that's this approach because you've got
00:18:23some nice talent that's in this new german appreciating you know applaud them take them up when they might be good you know feeling down or they might be in a little shooting smart you know what i mean Do what you can do to make sure that they stay
00:18:38in san antonio one of the first time that they become a freezing day that's going to go and i'm gonna leave you know what i mean Represent them appreciate them chair for them the same way you did the big three and if you do that and those young
00:18:49guys continue to develop and they develop and they develop then you'll have a new history and spurs basketball that can very well result in championships and in the future right now the big three's over appreciate the new era this on the way

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