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00:00:14how many pitches truly a Melting Pot in the country we got hair like it she really loved it and we really need to be like that and it needs to be a black person got money you need to help you need to help blackheads Mexican kids grandkids whatever but it need to be real and it needs to be before we all die and then you say or I made a mistake you should have gave him some money we really should help these books it's going to be too late you know I'm saying it's been nice when you got to pay your own, and that's what God make you feel because I feel like you know it's too much money here and I mean nobody should be hitting Lotto for 36 million and we got people starving in the streets that is not stupid there's no way Michael Jackson 2000 Trooper billion dollars and there's people starving Apartments fax
00:01:14I know you rich I know you got 40 billion dollars but can you just keep it to one house you only need one hop two rooms and you know that somebody would know room it just don't make sense to me it don't and then these people celebrate Christmas they got big trees huge trees all little trimming everybody got my started
00:01:40and they're having a white Christmas but having a great Christmas eggnog and a whole lot that's not fair to me
00:01:51Lisa we was friends
00:01:55cuz I miss you baby
00:01:59Stevens again
00:02:07as I was walking away he was my one temptation
00:02:20I guess I'm so confused about you
00:02:29how to spell solo
00:02:34what can I do I've been thinking about you
00:02:40thinking about you
00:02:44Peppa Pig
00:02:46taking about you
00:03:07baby Superman song Crazy
00:03:13Lisa Rivas friends
00:03:17cuz I miss you baby
00:03:26Teen Titan I'm still confused about you
00:03:34I feel so bad baby
00:03:40what can I do
00:05:30show me, hahaha.
00:09:39wait, wait for you here to you
00:10:12let me call home to you don't let me go
00:10:19smile still goes through
00:10:35tell me about you
00:13:03call best about you and they told me things
00:13:49they will get you like I will my only wish is I die real cuz that truth hurts and those eyes hell and you can't sleep thinking pushing me away so I give us dealing with a heart that I didn't break I'll be there for you
00:17:54the song is my place on Kendall and I can
00:19:07smoked shrimp
00:19:322 feet
00:21:34how to not show me she can't you understand
00:21:42and I don't want to waste some more again
00:24:32I see you you see me we belong we belong we belong to each other as you see me will you go along for you
00:25:19we belong to each other I see you you see me
00:27:00I see you
00:27:03pictures of the sea
00:32:03I'm looking for someone
00:32:44the sky
00:36:14and love us.
00:36:34And nobody.
00:38:25John Scott
00:38:30Lightning by the sky
00:42:08you got to think about you day and night it's only right to think about the girl you love
00:42:19so happy together
00:42:23if I could call you
00:42:31so happy together
00:42:49baby the skies will be blue
00:44:29what shoes
00:44:37baby the skies will be blue
00:48:14mom said trains with side and Steven
00:48:22silently breathing
00:48:38somewhere else
00:49:19I'll see you change me every month
00:49:43somewhere else I know I always want you.
00:51:10sorry I ain't got no money I'm not trying to be funny but I left it all at home today you can call me what you want to hang out this time I ain't gonna run away
00:51:30giving you a dollar this time I ain't going to run away
00:52:29I'm not trying to be funny but I left it all at home today
00:52:37this time I ain't going to run away
00:53:08the Shanghai
00:54:50HobbyKids mused to pee
00:55:17baby creeper
00:55:20give me
00:55:22you know I don't care if you stay with me stargazing
00:55:28save me stargazing Saugus
00:58:43sorry Alyssa Shadow of Mordor
00:59:14Christina could have tried harder

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