"Our company mission is to help people experience the joy of food" - Scott Porter

What comes to mind when you think about customer service?  Do you think about United Airlines and the infamous passenger escort? Do you remember that restaurant server who rolled her eyes when you asked for gluten-free? Or do you think about that grocery store clerk who remembered your first name and asked if your child was feeling better?

We all know what it feels like to have an incredible customer experience. We evangelize, we promote, and we rave about those companies. The same is true of horrible experiences. Happy customers spend 140% more than unhappy customers yet, too often, founders obsess over profit margins or process flows and then wonder why they are struggling to grow, or much less, survive. My guest this week is Scott Porter, founder of San Diablo Artisan Churro's. Scott has a unique perspective when it comes to customer service. In fact, Scott leveraged customer service to rescue a nursing home from bankruptcy. It might be fair to say that Scott worries more about his customers than his own business. On the other hand, that's probably why his business is booming!

  • Marketing a super niche business model
  • Company growth through customer reviews
  • What defines a great customer experience?
  • How to measure your customer happiness/satisfaction
  • Defining and measuring your brand: what 3 words define you?
  • How Scott rescued a bankrupt nursing home using world-class customer service
  • Strategies to engage your team in building a better customer experience
  • How San Diablo defines their customers experience:
    • D - Dedication
    • I  - Interaction not Transaction
    • A - Attention to Detail
    • B - Brighten Through “Deep Fried Happiness
    • L - Legacy
    • O - Opportunity to WOW
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00:00:00customers that have happy experiences are they spend a hundred forty percent more than they would otherwise %HESITATION revenues are increased fifteen percent loyalty five hundred percent I mean you plug in any company's numbers and in into those figures I mean those of the tangible like real results they
00:00:18you can expect if you focus on providing an exceptional experience welcome to sales founders the entrepreneurs podcast for accelerating sales growth join us as we interviewed BC entrepreneurs and industry experts to explore strategies that will help you conquer the sales gap and generate scalable revenue here's your host
00:00:45Brad Harker hello and welcome to sales founders I'm your host Bret Harker is great to be with you this week thank you for taking a few minutes to tune in and join us afternoon to the podcast welcome to the show come and visit us at sales founders dot
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00:01:14finale of this first season of sales founders over fifty episodes that we put out and it's been a real honor and experience and journey to be able to interview all of the arch Penner's thought leaders and founders we have it's been a blast and I love opportunities to
00:01:29share content and to help entrepreneurs in your own personal journey to take that started to take your experience to the next level so thank you for being faithful listeners for tuning in then hopefully if you haven't yet go back and check out some of our past episodes we've
00:01:43had so many great guests and this week is no exception Scott Porter is a great friend of mine and he is the founder of sandy Ablow artists ensure owes a high end churro company the first in Utah he's also has an incredible entrepreneurial career that we're gonna talk
00:01:58about that has really lent itself well to his focus on the customer experience the customer journey everything about the way that a customer engaged with the business and frankly what is the system the process the tools that any founder can leverage to deliver an incredible experience in what
00:02:18ever it is that you do I'm he's rescued a bankrupt nursing home he has taken all of his employees to the Ritz Carlton just to soak in great experience he's a master of it and I think all of us can agree that we know exactly when we've experienced
00:02:34amazing customer service we know what it feels like we know we we one evangelized everything about it we also know when we had a horrible experience and we want to do everything we can to make sure that nobody else has that experience that's we're gonna dig into in
00:02:46this episode we're gonna really talk about a process that you can take with you to really take your business to the next level and see an R. O. Y. and see the growth in scale that comes from evangelism it's truly a hallmark of a scalable inefficient sales model
00:03:01and so with that let's jump into it with my good friend Scott Porter Scott welcome to the show thank you yeah it's great to be here so sick a few minutes and introduce you to the listeners and doctors about your background and of course the story leading up
00:03:15to sandy Ablow churros sure sure well I've had I've been an entrepreneur my entire professional career and I kind of had a bit of an eclectic career past and %HESITATION %HESITATION you know I remember my out of undergrad at Brigham Young University I moved to Seattle was the
00:03:35first employee at at startup PR firm and I built my I built my own ikea desk my first day on the job and it was just the two of us and grew that agency %HESITATION and then went back to business school out of business school unexpectedly went to
00:03:52work for nursing home company and ran a couple of different nursing homes I I'd that in southern California it was the business model is the takeover distressed properties turn them around and %HESITATION and we did that in with the passing area an inventor up okay %HESITATION then ran
00:04:12home health agency in southern California %HESITATION did some consulting for multinational companies in Latin America well I lived in DC for a bit and %HESITATION and then about five years ago some some friends and I started and all you can fly membership airline called surf error %HESITATION and
00:04:34you know throughout all of these these different things my brother and I started I had a side hustle we started doin game company %HESITATION and also started a non profit so we did international humanitarian service trip so kind of all over the place with like healthcare and I
00:04:52you know toy in game and nonprofit and travel and tourism in and about a year ago I launched a %HESITATION I hadn't heard anything in food I love food %HESITATION and so I a I started at gourmet Ardisson churro company and we do catering and %HESITATION in the
00:05:12launch that in Salt Lake City so %HESITATION okay what led to what literature of business heads and natural transition right from airlines to zeros and %HESITATION %HESITATION a Sir did you serve truth on your line would go actually sit and wide heroes well I'm it's actually kind of
00:05:30part of the reason why we're white we're talking today is that as %HESITATION after after we left Sir fair %HESITATION was was kind of looking at you know I've had this really %HESITATION different career path that as an entrepreneur oftentimes entrepreneurs you know and have no idea where
00:05:51they're gonna end up in what where the opportunities take them take them in %HESITATION I was doing a lot of introspective analysis like what what am I you know professionally where where what what do I have to offer what's the %HESITATION what is the connector of all the
00:06:10common thread among all of these you know seemingly disparate experiences and %HESITATION as I was at a in in what I came to was that I am I am ridiculously passionate about how to craft an exceptional customer experience and all built on a foundation of a thriving internal
00:06:34culture and I've seen the impact of that in height what when I was working in that in both nursing homes and home health agency and then as her fair %HESITATION it developed a system of modeling framework that we put in place that had pretty dramatic positive results in
00:06:51all those instances in and %HESITATION hi so I thought this is I would just love to help others that know how to do this oftentimes as entrepreneurs and and leaders we we know the importance of culture and all of the importance of customer experience in and want to
00:07:09do that but oftentimes just don't know how %HESITATION and so that's what I would love to do and so I thought gosh I if I could be expanded maybe going to a different vertical I've seen that my system works in healthcare and works in travel and tourism why
00:07:26not tried in food as well and so I will I started Sandia largest insurers as I had to be a showcase of %HESITATION of terrific customer experience and an awesome internal culture and how I wanted to really have a living breathing example that I could say this just
00:07:46happened yesterday and in my own company and this is how we tackle that these are the these are the fine challenges and crazy opportunities that we have in and it's very real and and salient and now %HESITATION and so that was what led me to ever some other
00:08:04filters that kind of led me to the actual churro as a business %HESITATION but yeah it was something you know when you travel abroad or anywhere really and you've come across something like why can't we have this in America you know and %HESITATION and so I had my
00:08:21first filter in Mexico City years ago and it's always been in back of my head in it and last year was just kind of right place right time let's prove the model %HESITATION as like a catering catering business and and something fun and different %HESITATION in Utah and
00:08:38then expand from there %HESITATION but all with the idea of %HESITATION Cindy although as as this kind of showcase example of of what great customer experience can do to help your business thrive this is where I wish that my podcast for like two hours long because there's so
00:08:54much that I'd love to talk about I mean part of the focus and I want to definitely get into is is that customer experiencing it it fits really nicely with some of the past episodes we've had I mean even our last few weeks we've had a lot of
00:09:07focus on the customer experience the validation that process and you what kind of come in at a lot of context to an established business you know that moment where you say Hey I've got a successful company that's just the beginning right it's it's a new journey as a
00:09:21new chapter and so talking about that journey I think is is I'm excited to dig into that %HESITATION relative to your business though I am I come kind of curious to learn about your model bit me a little bit more about Syria butcher of shirts so we %HESITATION
00:09:37we have positioned ourselves as as what we call artists insurance archers are made fresh we we make our own dough we'd fry them fresh ondemand they're hot we scoped them and freshly ground cinnamon sugar and then they're hollow and we fill them we fill them with what we
00:09:54say we inject them with happiness and so %HESITATION your choice so we've got to also delayed Cheney tell us we cream and then of course like throughout the year we have different seasonal flavors as well we've done means Christmas time we've done right now we have a ginger
00:10:10snap spice which is like a gingerbread cookie batter we have %HESITATION %HESITATION figgy pudding we've got peppermint cream and you know fall time we didn't have that %HESITATION pumpkin cheesecake and for single in my we on our China filled her own self anyway we would for that for
00:10:27us the jurors just like a blank slate and we've positioned ourselves as as as a really %HESITATION at a special sort of unique desert that not very many people are familiar with the love Turow's thanks to a cosco and and Disneyland right and %HESITATION and now we just
00:10:45start dialing them up a notch you know and I and so our target customer is really anyone that's looking to create something something memorable added event that they're that they're throwing whether it's a birthday party fortieth birthday party %HESITATION %HESITATION wedding some sort of corporate event and we
00:11:04do parties from twenty five to twenty five hundred you know and %HESITATION and so what our goal is to really make something make it memorable and special we talk about one of our company values is interaction not transaction I think it's so much of the food businesses all
00:11:24transactional you know we go through the drive through sometimes don't even make eye contact on a contact with others in there get our food they handed to us pay them and then they were off you know %HESITATION we we want to create something that's an experience and something
00:11:38that special and different and so on those people that are that are %HESITATION crafting those types of or wanting that that type of experience with their wedding or their party or at their company that's those are those are people then that's our target audience so how how do
00:11:57you market how do you have you grow the business I mean it's it's supernatural which is often a good thing how do you grow how do you publicize it who knows about it what it's tough times but aren't yeah I mean it's been %HESITATION all on all of
00:12:13our growth I mean I guess I can't say all of it but I we haven't had tremendous success with like any sort of very very minor paid advertising that we've done on social media but I would say that the vast majority of our growth has all been organic
00:12:30word of mouth I was stellar team like the best thing that we can do is get archer rose in the mouths of everyone and so we're always doing samples and and getting %HESITATION getting people to sample the Charles once they do that like I mean you should hear
00:12:46the comments of people make was the the Charles is just like their minds are blown like best here as I've ever had all these very kind you know comments that people make and %HESITATION and that that you know obviously the the the product has to be good but
00:13:03then one of the most fulfilling things for me as I think about St Diablo Charles and what we're doing as a team is when we get our reviews on yelp or I Google or Facebook and people say man is like the best shows I've ever had all of
00:13:18you know all caps exclamation points whatever that the jurors are amazing but the team was phenomenal like they're the friendliest people I've ever met and you know over the top you know went above and beyond to help me you know help my child with the chair or like
00:13:35this happen or whatever and they just that when that's the type of thing that really makes me happy and I believe that that is not only makes me happy but it that sort of happiness spreads and they you know then there lake anxious to share their reviews %HESITATION
00:13:55they the people that common experience to Charles are excited to share those and want that at their next event as well and so I attribute the lion's share of our organic growth to word of mouth that is all built on this experience that people have with us I
00:14:12mean we're wearing horns and halos we have a cow bell which I have in my car I should go get it I'm I have because we I mean that's like an integral part of our culture is a and as silly as it sounds like when you receive a
00:14:26cow bell people get excited like on no one's ever run a cat run a cow bell for me and you're like yeah I mean we all know how well you know and so it's so %HESITATION and we ring the cal and I love the question like well what
00:14:42would how do I know when you guys are gonna ring the cow bell or what it was how do you get what what dictates whether or not you ring it like we just used whenever you're Feelin it like what we are training our new team members there like
00:14:53wind wearing the cowbell whenever you're feeling it you know like if someone they've a cute kid their glasses are cool you know it's their birthday its anniversary they serve in the military whatever it is like I'll cal value now and so it's %HESITATION all of those things %HESITATION
00:15:11we tell people about our secret menu we let him in you know like Hey this is we make these trials like this and you can get your girl Diablo style into spicy senator and if you really want to kick we got inferno style and people are like how
00:15:24okay cool and we also have crickets you know we put like roasted crickets on each of which may sound weird but it's like it's it's totally like this bitten the new thing and people go bonkers over and Spratly you put crickets on a chair and it spread throughout
00:15:40a party pretty quickly you know yeah can so all of those %HESITATION all of those interesting things build this experience that's memorable and we have these personal connections with people that we have when when we're serving the Majuro we look in the eye we to call them by
00:15:55name and all of those moments are what create this experience for our our natural family Luke we actually don't you referred our customers as customers we call the members because we we believe that everyone's a member of club churro you know essentially and and from there is that
00:16:16a mindset shift in in in our team and when you think about treating someone as a member it's very different than as a one off customer you know when they're a member there coming to you they're part of the family we have the vet when we looked at
00:16:31our launch party I was wondering who in the world would ever come to like a churro business launch party and so I had to do something that was attractive to get them there we've obviously fed them tacos and had live music and and we actually had live churro
00:16:47sheep there which by the way they churro got its name from the charro breed of sheep in Spain they thought that the pastry look like the horns so there's your trivia thank you for the yeah never look at your essay dinner conversation it's yeah it's gonna blow everyone's
00:17:03mind so %HESITATION but we we gave everyone that came to the party V. I. P. Charles for life card so they get free Charles for life when ever for whenever they come so there were two and three hundred fifty people that are out there in the world they
00:17:19get free Charles for life whenever and wherever we are and when they come and they they come to to our kiosks or wherever were popping up in selling and the like I carry this card around with me so whenever I see you guys I want to come in
00:17:34gets insurers and it's amazing the value that %HESITATION that those those people that were there at our launch party place on on the Charles for life and they're like we're lifers we ring the cowbell we give him a hug there like part of the family you know they
00:17:50were there when we started and we think of them as family and so all of that is is what we I I mean we've we've grown tremendously you know now we're it's just been over a year we're doing anywhere between eight to fifteen events a week %HESITATION and
00:18:12we have pop ups in a couple different locations and %HESITATION and where we have big plans for what's going to happen in twenty eighteen and beyond %HESITATION but it's I I would say that it's a huge hugely attributed to that they experience that our team creates when whenever
00:18:30and wherever we are so it like I okay so I think of a few standouts in the part of this is the business case is in college but you got Nordstrom right now is known for their customer service you get Disneyland someone turned the tire and yeah yeah
00:18:44yeah of course the guys on the case right %HESITATION and I there's a number of them that I think about the way I'm just like you know it incredible incredible experience and and obviously there's a big reason for their success the problem is you know it when you
00:19:00see you know it when you experience it and sometimes you can't even picture in your mouth your your your head around or understand what it is or if you finger on is what interests say but you just know that you love that you appreciate that they went that
00:19:12extra mile and it was authentic and you can't help but evangelize it because you want to talk about it because it's becoming so rare to have that kind total have an experience so my question I guess the problem that I'm seeing as a lead into this question which
00:19:28is very leading is I think a lot of people don't get it and they definitely were certain no Stocker value in the power of the customer's experience you get it and what I want to make sure that we cover on this episode is how do we help other
00:19:46people get it and why is it so important that entrepreneurs get this because this right here I think you could do any business you want and apply the same level of customer focus I mean this is said this is a big if any of this era decade in
00:20:02entrepreneurship is validation and getting in front of your customer right now this is just the other side of the coin for you and and the other side of the business so how do you help other entrepreneurs get this like what what's it maybe some of the statistics the
00:20:16problems maybe just better where to start I mean that's the that is a terrific question I think you really I think you you you nailed it is in this in the sense that all of us our customers and we are developing like even when we're sitting here in
00:20:33in your beautiful office like there we are experiencing having interactions with hundreds of brands in this room alone like all the brands of the clothes that you're wearing stuff that you eat your watch computer at the microphone everything that we're seeing and experiencing right now we're having we
00:20:51have touch points whether their physical touch points virtual %HESITATION by word digital on the phone even %HESITATION what is so we're developing %HESITATION brand expiry where would developing feelings towards brands whether we're aware of it or not and you said it and you know everyone has horrible customer
00:21:15experience stories the this kind of stories that you come on you're like you're never going to believe what just happened to me at you know fill in the blank business and so we know what it feels like and we also know when we were like man I love
00:21:30going to check filet because ized every every time I say thank you they say my pleasure right like how they get the sixteen year old whether you're in Saint George Utah or you're in you know %HESITATION your North Carolina it doesn't matter this sixteen year old say it's
00:21:45my pleasure when you say thank you every time in every place and that is by design and that's very deliberate but so we know what exceptional customer experiences because it's so rare and when we feel that we're we're like blown away so the challenge is how do we
00:22:07then create that as a leader and whether you're leading a business or you're leading your family leading an organization even your own personal brand how do you how do you %HESITATION step back and and analyze okay how're people experiencing me how are they experiencing our brand power they
00:22:27what is it what what's words are they associating when they say you know sandy alert euros what are the first three words that come to mind and so I think even just going through that exercise with with your whatever your brand is whatever your company or organization is
00:22:44and I like to think of it as like stepping back in analyzing the touch points and like literally going through meticulously getting your leadership team together and saying cut okay when people and when people interact with us with our brand whether it's in person online even virtual art
00:23:03or even a I like what what are they see what a scene hearing touching tasting and smelling when they interact with our brand %HESITATION when when I was running a nursing home that that I would love it we we took you know one of the things that because
00:23:25this is where I first I mean he it's amazing you like lead right into it I went when I first started running in nursing home I was like you know we're bankrupt we took over bankrupt facility and we got to turn this around two hundred other competitors within
00:23:41a ten mile radius in southern California no one knew existed we were small little tiny nursing home and and no money to do any sort of huge marketing efforts are pusher anything that to like get doctor's attention their hospitals attention and what are we gonna do and so
00:24:02%HESITATION we we turn to the power of customer experience really to really you know catapulted us into success and so Mike what we don't have money but what we can do is create an experience that's so amazing that %HESITATION that everyone's way going to want to send their
00:24:23mother there there were aunt there for their friend to our nursing home to get better and %HESITATION and so what we would do we would take our and I studied so that's when I kind of got I got into like Sony Nordstrom and Disney and Zappos and check
00:24:40filet in and out like it doesn't at the Ritz Carlton overnight you know it doesn't have to be a high end brand it's in and out it's chick fillet you know they can still have an amazing customer experience that everyone talks about and then you create promoters for
00:24:55you that are spreading the word all over and %HESITATION so that's exactly what we did and we had you know we had our nice mission and values that we frame and put on the wall like most businesses do and what was starting to keep me up at night
00:25:11and I was like studying that how these masters of customer experience were doing it is that is that what we needed to M. bad and integrate fully in the hearts and minds of everyone at every level from the janitor to that to the boss %HESITATION make sure that
00:25:29everyone's on board what type of experience were creating how we're doing it %HESITATION and what we want people to feel on how are we controlling like all of those touch points what are we doing to capitalize on the opportunity of of all of those different ways today have
00:25:48people have a positive experience with us so I I would I would take our one things I love to do is take our our team to the Ritz Carlton and I would tell them we'd sit down and some of our C. N. A.'s and janitors had never been
00:26:01to the Ritz Carlton they got all dressed up and so excited and who is awesome you know we go to lunch and and we'd sit down and and we start dissecting everything okay you guys like what what do we listen to why I was so it's classical music
00:26:17why what impact does that have you know like what what do you smell why did they give you a black napkin and me a white one %HESITATION what's that all about and then when you ask your to the bathroom how did you get there well they actually walked
00:26:32you there you know instead of pointing in telling you like this maze of directions of how to get there and we talk about the magic of the Ritz Carlton experience and and what it was that made them feel so special when they were there and we'd sit down
00:26:49I said you guys I ate if there's one thing I want you to do when you leave if we were in we if we ever don't work together anymore I want you to be experts a customer experience when you go into a restaurant a business a hotel the
00:27:05theme park at the beach wherever you are doesn't matter and and I want you to you you'll never be the same as the year that you may or may I you know maybe you'll thank me maybe you'll be like oh I can't I can't go anywhere without first
00:27:18yeah exactly dissecting everything and so %HESITATION but you'll be looking at things of the different lands and you're experiencing things I mean I'd ask friends and family whenever we got even like what okay with that just happened like who how did that make you feel you know whether
00:27:36good or bad you know and %HESITATION and it's it's amazing how how powerful that can be we'd sit at that Ritz Carlton we save okay this was awesome we all feel like V. I. P.'s we work in a nursing home so how can we take this type of
00:27:56feeling that we have here at the Ritz how can we translate these things what we're doing and imagine how that will make our residents feel in the last years of their life in last months of their life perhaps %HESITATION no one wants to be in a nursing home
00:28:13but we can create we could create an experience that would be exceptional and special and %HESITATION in a place where they felt loved and cared for in a very meaningful way until people you know and and it starts from U. S. like what's what is leader do this
00:28:30house to the developing this sort of of culture and this and deliver it experience design starts with with the leader and you can't you know outsource that to someone else on your team certainly people can help you execute on stuff but %HESITATION you know we would interview our
00:28:53team and say we want everyone here to smile have eye contact recognize people by name etcetera etcetera right can you help us do this and I'm like well I don't mean I'm like great please going work for one of our competitors because we need people here we'd like
00:29:09when we say sixteen being needs their IV changed that sixteen B. is someone's mom or daughter or that is a real persons we use their name so that's R. very long answer to your question about where do you start you step back and you analyze get your team
00:29:27together do it on your own you know what our people experience it we just did this the other day withstand the album we are in our leadership meaning and every every leadership meeting we review one of our company values and this week it was our value about interaction
00:29:43not transaction we're like and we're pretty %HESITATION self critical you know I mean we we have high expectations especially because this is what we do and we're like okay I think we're doing a pretty good job like how can we really help the are catering clients how can
00:30:07we do we do if we do what is really kind of the norm in catering for our interaction with the actual client like were very professional get back to people like you know friendly all of that and do what's pretty much the norm or like we kind of
00:30:25really dial it up a notch so the next thirty minutes were like well let's let's not see this for three another discussion three weeks from now let's take the next fifteen minutes we white board were like okay let's talk about three pre event how did how can we
00:30:40make it special for that cater it you know let's send them a picture of the person is going to be the lead on their catering that and then what about at during the event let's send them a thank you note from the owner and you know thank you
00:30:51for your business for so glad here's a free churro come and see us next time you're somewhere and and then %HESITATION and then post event so anyway it's just capitalizing on the opportunity your team knows your team wants to be a part of something special everyone wants to
00:31:07be a part of something that's that's that's bigger than than just like making money for for everyone they wanted part of something special and so %HESITATION I'd ask your team you know bring bring everyone together and just go through the touch points %HESITATION and and see where there's
00:31:25opportunity to where you're doing really great Anneke knowledge that you know validate yourselves that yeah we're really we're really Killin it on this this is awesome you guys are fantastic and %HESITATION and then recognizing where there's opportunity to craft something that's unique and special what's really interesting about
00:31:45this is I'm sitting here and I'm thinking why do so many people get this wrong like why do so many people just seem to not care about the customer's experience and they don't and I don't know how you can help them get that perspective if they don't have
00:31:58it and maybe that's just the advantage that you have in your business right as you're like okay well I'd like Evan have good experience because they don't care about the customer's experience but all this is my competitive advantage in so early I I'm excited about that but I
00:32:11just you know it's theirs it's so simple yet you just have to focus on the customer and make that a priority and it's it's intuitive if you go there it's intuitive you ask them questions is intuitive if you you know what you like about the buying process so
00:32:27replicate that right and right it's fascinating that some people just get so stuck in the economics of the business that they just forget to think about who ultimately it is that keeps them in business also a lot of here's an example I was in I was racing to
00:32:45%HESITATION to get my business taxes in in postmarked on September fifteenth was in Columbus Ohio and I had I mean I was literally like racing running I ran in to FedEx no I know fully that I was asking like them up for information about their competitor but I
00:33:07said he do you know where the nearest post offices and and she said I'm not going to tell you that nothing in it for us if I tell you that the Mike total disbelief I'm like wait who there's nothing in it for you do you understand that if
00:33:32you're helpful to me as a human being I will think I it will have positive feelings about FedEx and I will come back and I and when I do need you you know or or maybe I find out that the post office is closed on like only got
00:33:48fed ex was so nice and I'm gonna come back and give you my money but instead had now I left with such as sour just like really like do you really not understand that about business that if you help me with what I need as a customer you
00:34:06are your going to be successful and I will come back to you as a resource I will give you my I will gladly give you my money and my service and I will tell everyone about it and the contrary is true too if you have a terrible experience
00:34:20think about doctor Dow right on United Airlines getting re accommodated and like bloodied up and like I mean everyone in the world seen that video how I how old is United Airlines recover from something like that I mean that the the flip side is just like like legendary
00:34:39customer experience eyes had something I mean I can talk I can talk forever about this but I'd something this this past week I was playing racquetball at basa in in I saw this post do you see that it was unbelievable this guy is like a hero status I
00:34:57mean it was text book what every single team member I'm like dude do you need a job because I I we need people like you on our team this is the type of people we want to work for us is people that I mean he could have blamed
00:35:12me I mean it was female I push by key in between the wall and it was like a hole that was like an of an inch and a half wide where the call the signs that clearly said don't put stuff here and I put stuff there and so
00:35:25was totally my fault my keys were the six feet down in between two piece of dry wall in the wall any help me for an hour with the hanger his iPhone his own personal iPhone coaching me along baby steps like your name Scott right yeah we got this
00:35:41man will Greenlee get these keys are you it was unbelievable and it's all on video because he was on his iPhone that's how we it was like literally orifice Copic surgery in the wall and with for my keys and Michael is is like a total hero and I
00:35:59share that with everyone you sign on social media but it's just it's %HESITATION and I will probably be talking about this experience rest my life because that is it the it is the epitome of what business can do to help its customers and he was like ready he's
00:36:17like we just I want to take a sledge hammer to this wall and get this key out I mean he was so committed to helping me that it didn't matter any was all my fault he could've been accusatory and blaming and we've all had experiences where where it
00:36:34is our fault and the the customer person you know the representative lets us know that and we feel we do that we get defensive and then we have bad feelings it and so the country can happen imagine a world where you're having all of these amazing uplifting happy
00:36:50interactions where people are going above and beyond all the time it stands out you know you asked like why do some people just don't get it I mean everyone sees the results of in and out and chick fillet I mean for heaven's sake she flies has one less
00:37:05day a week that they work and they're wildly successful why doesn't McDonald's Burger King Arby's chip you know I mean the list goes on and on of all the fast food companies why don't they follow suit and embrace the customer experience like they do yeah I'm rapid fire
00:37:23here what are your company send yellow Charles you mentioned one of them walk us through a quick your your values sure yeah so our mission is to create the best food experience in the world %HESITATION and %HESITATION we want to help people feel special and and %HESITATION and
00:37:43everyone feel it where everyone feels like a V. I. P. we want people to experience the joy of food that is really our company mission and %HESITATION so we have values that help us you know are that are kind of like the road map the guiding principles that
00:37:58help us get there and so they are it's an acronym because that's it's just easier for me to remember and him and I think it's easier for everyone so ours are Diablo so the first one is dedication %HESITATION we we're we're dedicated and committed to our to our
00:38:18members to each other to the community to our %HESITATION to creating an exceptional experience the next one is interaction not transaction which we talk we've talked about that eighty is attention to detail we believe that the small things really make the biggest difference %HESITATION and to be is
00:38:38Brighton we want that brighten everyone's day %HESITATION expiry help them experience the we call it deep fried happiness yeah you know or like a we wanna it would we're winning when people ask us to bring Charles their party were like yeah I would love to bring you some
00:38:54deep fried happiness %HESITATION the L. is legacy we're creating a we we believe that we're creating a lasting legacy of %HESITATION of really just an exceptional experience for people and we want we're we're not we're not we don't want to be around just for a couple months and
00:39:14that that's all it's a great company but %HESITATION but that has you know I think it was someone that said customers are not looking for %HESITATION I'd just a great experience they want something that's legendary they want to create the they want they want experience something like like
00:39:31we've been talking about so on the legacy and then the %HESITATION is that opportunity to while this is a big thing for us we love we love wowing our customers and our members and going above and bought beyond help them feel special and Peter Thiel had a movie
00:39:51night at his house in San Francisco and over the summer and %HESITATION there watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie black and white movie strangers on a train and %HESITATION swear like we just went crazy and we're like this can be super cool what about if we introduce a black
00:40:06velvet euro and then we put scream cheese because it's like a murder mystery right so we'll put %HESITATION scream cheese inside its was black and white churro and then we actually literally served the Charles on a train and so we got this like model train that we put
00:40:22on our table and we did the jurors were on the train and %HESITATION %HESITATION that that level of %HESITATION well like you know just wanting to date to go above and beyond make something special and and we we want to do that and we love to do that
00:40:41for everyone yeah and so I believe that %HESITATION as leaders as %HESITATION business owners %HESITATION influencers in wherever wherever we choose to spend our time %HESITATION we have a tremendous opportunity to create something that is special for people and help people feel valued important worth the everything in
00:41:12the world and and and imagined just the happiness that can that I mean it sounds it sounds maybe a little bit fluffy but this is this is %HESITATION it is I am very real %HESITATION need I believe that us all of us have as humans and and there
00:41:32are ways that we can we can %HESITATION capture that we can create that and we can as a as a business one organization have in our ally on that happiness on creating something that's exceptional in special %HESITATION that that will be extremely successful financially I mean there's some
00:41:53amazing statistics like customers that have happy experiences are spend a hundred forty percent more than they would otherwise %HESITATION like look alike revenues are increased fifteen percent loyalty five hundred percent like happiness ten X. your happiness when when you have positive brand experiences I mean you plug in
00:42:13any company's numbers and in into those figures I mean who doesn't want their customers to spend a hundred forty percent more %HESITATION that's the result those with it tangible like real results that you can expect if you focus on providing an exceptional experience so much value in this
00:42:33I'm excited to share this one and dissect this call in this conversation what is the best way either to reach out to you to acquire a chiro for for these first right or %HESITATION if somebody wanted to fall you or maybe could twist your arm to have you
00:42:48come in and dissect their business and help them figure out how to get it right what's the best way to connect with you shirt while you can absolutely you %HESITATION at check us out first of all heroes coming get Ichiro anytime will go anywhere I mean we did
00:43:00that we were at that summit of greatness in Columbus Ohio we did in their closing party there we were in San Francisco recently and we'll go anywhere so %HESITATION send the outlook heroes dot com %HESITATION and %HESITATION and then you can reach out to me personally at Scott
00:43:17at St Diablo churros I also for all the talk of fanatics are are out there I mean I have a I'm kind of a taco fiend and says and I it I'm surprised that we haven't the dress this is just kind of where the conversation is gone but
00:43:34%HESITATION I search for the perfect taco you can you can check it out there I have that aside from just like ridiculously amazing tacos for mostly from Mexico City and California some in Utah as well but %HESITATION IAA have it sprinkled in there some really amazing surprisingly %HESITATION
00:43:56and maybe kind of unconventional or unexpected learnings that you can get from a taco shop I love it thank you so much for taking time to introduce this to you your product and of course this perspective is something that I think every founder needs so thank you us
00:44:13but also to be here thanks so much for having me thank you for listening to sales founders and a special thanks to Scott for joining us on this week's episode to connect with Scott come visit us at sales founders dot com we can find access to the show
00:44:27notes as well as all of our past episodes his image at the beginning this is the finale of our first season of sales founders it's been an honor to visit with you each week and to meet and just to dig into so much great content with thought leaders
00:44:40authors and entrepreneurs that's been a learning journey for me as well and I'm so thrilled to be able to have shared that with each of you and I think you each week for tuning in and being a support of the show %HESITATION we will be back again and
00:44:53until then check this out of the website stay in touch and thanks again for listening to sales founders

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