Peter Tatchell has dedicated his life to fighting hate, bigotry and injustice. The human rights activist is anchored by the simple belief that everyone should be treated equally and fairly.
Listening to him is inspiring, uplifting and inevitably makes you pause to think: What do I stand for? What am I willing to do for the things I believe in?
Over the last four decades he’s held mass kiss-ins, outed bishops and had a go at making a citizen’s arrest on Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe.
His support for others has come at a price though. Peter himself has become a target; dodging bullets, bricks through the window, not to mention dealing with the effects of brain damage brought on by beatings dished out by both Mugabe’s security and homophobic Russian thugs.
He’s not about to back down though. If anything, the opposition Peter Tatchell stirs up in others galvanises his resolve to stand up and fight for love and global equality.
He is genuinely a once in a generation activist.
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