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00:00:04I would like to welcome you to ask back to supply Plympton the view from rural America a podcast regarding what makes America work I'm your host Todd Plimpton would like to take a moment to thank our sponsor tiger Ambrose recruitment executive Search firm Hunter Ambrose has been recruiting and Consulting for hospitals in Rural America says 2006 also clairvia which is the nation's newest Health Care job board for more information visit Claire let's get started
00:00:31you know sometimes it's hard to motivate kids that are sitting in an algebra class or an English class cuz maybe they don't really want to be there but usually when the kids are involved in extra they want to be there
00:00:42so now there's this man has been through all of these life traumas and here we are one day moving him into his own apartment
00:00:52and what started out as a very exciting day that the reality of it is setting it he wants it but there's a real fear that sets in
00:01:03really it comes down to where if you want to complain or if you want to have an issue if you want to see something better and then your environment around you you need to be the one that instigated action its I was born and raised to say you don't complain unless you're going to do something about it
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