Keeping going is regular challenge for a lot of runners. For this episode we have three features that all demonstrate our commitment to running and how we meet the challenge to keep on running.
Our first feature is an interview with Vassos Alexander about his new book “Don’t Stop Me Know” and the inspirational stories of other runners he tells in each chapter. A BBC journalist and familiar voice of Chris Evans' Breakfast Show, Vassos also tells us about his own running history and habits.
We then tell the story of Richard Hayes, who’s remarkable journey over the last few years has seen him transform from a 20stone sugar addict to the Mohican Runner, raising over £1m for charity, and overcoming his personal demons along the way.
And finally, we catch up with Marathon Girl as she prepares for her race in Boston.
We also reveal our eglove competition winners and keep you up dated with the latest runners news.
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