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00:00:03Brothers of Jenni Perez you know each other a long time and it was great to see you now skipper for the rapper Bulls yeah I thought I'd ever been in that position in the way that I'll bring you know you've made me are you probably thought that I met that side of the same and I think it since you might oversleep commission I think it's changed as a person and you're a real Sully Erna you put on what's going to hold me in good stead when I have to leave the boys at this year and I couldn't get back up a souffle
00:01:03and I definitely don't want to feel that again I want to bring them top three spots in a few. Provider but my son is going to be tough and running this conversation is going up another level in the butt importance of sleep like a baby and tougher as well but now I definitely think it we can do it tonight if we want one or two and you'll get in there and repeating and I think you said if you're the boys I chill out I might not as good as good as being there in the conference long time in the skip the last year's Rose side and I just with him and just got on his assistant coaches I think that United clubs in a good position does it give us a couple of styles of kung fu young kids maybe I'll new place if you seen Richard you think you know what he's going to light up for this year
00:02:03any ID and out of my bra on but it is that's terrible my degree

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