This episode was originally published on June 2, 2008.

Chris Wanstrath and Tom Preston-Werner talk about GitHub.

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00:00:00okay see so restaurants %HESITATION eight second day Saturday saying here's Tom Preston Werner Chris once Ross of get hub boy I I mean is there anybody who doesn't know what get help is it seems like you got all the major rails projects he got rails itself you got
00:00:19murder but it seems like it should be doing pretty well roles we %HESITATION you know people people like if people like to use it people like when other people use it %HESITATION we like when other people use it it's it's also not just for me anymore left the
00:00:36popular web frameworks Britain Scala is using get Hobbes prototype script oculus knew the language that's a a list written in objective C. says that I'll use that so it's exciting to us and me personally are like the non reviews were starting to embrace it and put up their
00:00:50cool stuff which I'm normally not exposed to reading my very narrow vision ruby logs yeah we're actually %HESITATION we're starting to think about automation for the languages we did the the review jem stuff we love to start getting into automating packaging systems for other people if they have
00:01:07ideas we love for them to contact us we really wanna to to to reach out to the community as a whole not just ruby it's really inundated with review right now which is great we want to see it go across the board want we want everyone on board
00:01:20because in the end it's just it build such a strong community and if we can automate stuff for people off and free up time for them to do other stuff than no first I thought okay great this is get hosting is going to be useful lot easier to
00:01:36use a publicly set up get server at get have been straight do it myself but then you had this whole social aspect to now you you can just people can install ruby jams straight out of there it seems like this is really grown or was that part of
00:01:50the idea from the beginning well it's what they say about when you have a start up you you always you always you always do it wrong to begin with and you have to be willing to adjust to what people are telling you and that's exactly what happened originally
00:02:01we didn't have that big of aspirations for a social kind of thing we wanted an easy place to put up a re gonna share with some friends but as we went along people would say Hey how awesome would it be if you could for the follow people and
00:02:13and have well watchers lest we said you know what that actually would be cool and you write about your flash tough stuff you've got this nice visualization of commits and that kind of thing you Tom you worked on most of that yes why did a lot of flash
00:02:27in the olden days and so I'd done any in in like four years but %HESITATION you know it's kind of cool to work with everyone's Muslims call hacks which is very orange site and %HESITATION AJ XP is really cool for doing flash program it makes it actually feel
00:02:41like a reasonable thing to do on but yeah that was that was fun Tana's next right rails he writes pretty much every other language except for ruby and rails are you to read this review stuff on the site is not yeah you said it in the %HESITATION the
00:02:54panel we did that received on most of the rails programming for the site itself now and Tom did has done some of the demons and back and stuff as well as it had split up that's pretty much our standards all the design of the U. I work as
00:03:07Tom which is funny because we get emails about what design from you guys use his mind stay away that's that's also something I did a past life was was graphic design but also there's some they're sexy stuff we're gonna early stuff there's a course that CSS and then
00:03:24the flash stuff that's all Tom the rails me also Tom wrote the grit which is the review of rapper interface to get itself that was on those kind of the kick start forget how this time is working a great by himself and then when it was to a
00:03:37point that actually do stuff as we get it on the end yeah so so I do a I do a bunch of crap other than rouse %HESITATION Christian PJ do rails zero does all the building code says his he likes to say that that's the only reason we
00:03:51make money really sell because it charge people for money he's he's actually the most important person in the company Java script so I do reels in Java script a language battle language Battlestar down that's pretty much it we cover them all IDC assistance through so we can count
00:04:11them up tally up give each of them away come up with total score now completely lost sight question seems like you're ninety percent of the way to replacing something like ruby forage but that in the panel you said yes you want to be the next source Ford so
00:04:30do you think will read the forged be gone a year from now is get harbor gonna replace it all together what's records you know what that is I think so I mean from my perspective source for dinner before some kind of represent the way people used to share
00:04:46the code and get how is the new way this idea is something that we've implemented and other people can apply as well but it's a totally different way of looking at the problem and I think our site and other sites that are in the early spring up with
00:04:57the same kind of model are going to be the new wave topical share code and find code and all that sort of goodness of the web yeah I like to think of it as the old way being %HESITATION heavily guarded code silos and the new ways is like
00:05:11hippie love fest code fields %HESITATION that's you know that's how it made version of a very long pieces that Tom has not held biology to loosen relate to stores control amazing it is pretty amazing was just a lot easier to have my master branch beat the release and
00:05:29sure I make some tags and then as long as I have a gem speck in there and I've merged in the latest new feature I'm done I don't have to like publish this and and take it right to take it but I have to go through the whole
00:05:41release process of making this a new jam it's all about these units and get help was originally written because we were both busy doing our jobs and we still want to maintain our open source and which is becoming such a huge workload to download patches and manage patches
00:05:55and deal with people that we wanted to do but it was just kind of caught up in all this ceremony I guess is the word you would use to get help as their second automate and streamline the work flow for us in exactly the way you just mentioned
00:06:07make it easy to do all the stuff that you're doing the hard way yeah I mean one of the entire points was %HESITATION to to have something for ourselves to have something that we thought was awesome and %HESITATION and it you know turn other people thought it was
00:06:21awesome to Anna and that's that's the best way to figure out what to do what what do we want we're developers what do we want if we want I wish someone else is going straight to because the the social aspect that you're talking about a kind of scales
00:06:34where you can have it applied to the entirety of the open source community anyone for my project or you can kind of close off your project and say I have the social network of my co workers and only day can deal with my project but they can forget
00:06:46they can send patches that can do all that stuff so Chris is basically full time and get help also PJ now that we know get hubby is awesome Tom when you gonna quit your job hours that Tom %HESITATION well you know I mean you know powers that treats
00:07:03me well and on and it's you know it's it's hard to know only only %HESITATION I know coming thanks guys they get awesome

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