For Episode 385 of The Paleo Solution Podcast we have a special guest: Dr. Shawn Baker M.D. Dr. Baker is an orthopedic surgeon, multiple record breaker in weightlifting, and has been eating a carnivore diet for the last 15 months. Listen in as we talk about all-meat diets, and go over Dr. Baker's recent blood work results.

Show Notes:

1:50 – Opening Remarks/Summary 3:48 – Dr. Shawn Baker’s background 6:15 – All carnivore diets (and health and autoimmune disease) 12:46 – Athletics eating carnivore diet 14:45 – Concept 2 Rower 17:28 – Blood sugar swings 18:20 – Carnivore diet controversy and comparing to keto and mixed diets. 20:02 – mTOR and protein discussion 22:14 – Muscle mass and longevity 23:13 – Dr. Shawn Baker’s blood work 25:20 – C-Reactive Protein 27:10 – Fasting Glucose 30:15 – Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) 30:39 – Creatinine 30:50 – Cholesterol (general panel) 32:37 – Liver function (AST and ALT) 33:57 – More Cholesterol discussion 35:50 – Testosterone 40:38 – A1c 42:42 – Ferritin 44:21 – Iron related 45:57 – Insulin 47:55 – LDL-P 48:40 – LPIR score 48:55 – TSH 49:02 – Vitamin D 50:08 – Remnant cholesterol particles 50:41 – BMI 50:55 – Blood pressure 51:05 – HDL to Triglyceride ratio 53:09 – Lp(a) 54:54 – More LDL-P and cholesterol discussion (reverse discordance) 56:15 – More discussion on glucose (athletics and glucose) 59:05 – Where is Dr. Baker taking this next? (and salt and muscle pump) 1:01:05 – Fiber 1:02:26 – Fruits and vegetables 1:03:43 – Experimentation, science, and progression 1:08:51 – Where you can find Dr. Shawn Baker


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00:00:00folks thanks for tuning in to another edition of the Paleo Solution podcast before we get to the van here's a quick word from one of our sponsors
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00:01:50Steve folks welcome to another edition of the Taylor solution podcast had a super fun time today talking with dr. Shawn Baker if you are not familiar with dr. Baker's work surgeon served in the military has become a fairly controversial and also inspiring individual of late about 15 months ago he adopted not just the ketogenic diet but he's fully carnivorous diet and man the guy is kind of set the interwebs on fire and thankfully for him redirected much of the ire of the the vegan jihadis somewhere other than against me does man they do not like the guy he is set multiple world records and indoor rowing is quite a physical specimen he's 51 years old and if he spends time outside
00:02:45types of sketchy seems to be there a lot but one of those big topics that we unpacked with dr. Baker is a pretty comprehensive exploration of his lab work and I'd you know everything lipidology in testosterone and hormones you folks will have a ton of questions so if you have questions drop them in the comments or fire them off to the contact page that you can find at Rob wolf.com Nikki and I will do a follow-up Q&A covering any of the things we didn't get addressed in this initial episodes for yishun of dr. Sean Baker's lab values
00:03:45dr. Baker how are you doing I get all my labs out there people get their necks trying to find out what's going on so that should be fun, thank you so much for letting me play a part in this year your work is been a really changing a lot of Mines out there in creating some great discussion around what Optimum human nutrition me finding is it me mean very different things depending on who you are and what the individual is is up to but I think if folks aren't familiar with your backstory can you give them a little a little bit of that go as it's deep into it as you like you were on Joe Rogan for like three and a half hours until I'm going to link to that in the show notes of people want to do an even deeper dive on this stuff cuz we're going to spend a lot of time talking about lab values a lipidology and whatnot the Kinfolk some of your background yeah Rob feel they say I'm a 51 year old lifelong athlete who has a background in orthopedic surgery I kind of got the
00:04:45play Shadow by else was at work wanted was where it wasn't supposed to be playing with the tritian started researching a lot of nutrition you know I found. I started out all kind of a low-fat took a dog without a low-fat vegetable low protein diet with the Paleo stuff took up the paleo diet for for a year to enjoy that and then I can take you to read simple low carb literature thought it made sense that some good patient success with that competitive athlete
00:05:33car were heavy. And eventually switch to avoid carnivorous diet I've been doing that now for a continuous 15 months so I've been 15 months in a fully meat diets and continue you know what I feel is function and body composition in a more public way to be doing this for quite a while now you're more than kind of it in the background but it's been with some pretty interesting results which I think was surprising a lot of people so far over it Principe Carnivora the Facebook group there were some people over there that have been on all carnivore diets for like you said sometimes decades or or more and a lot of these folks arrive there with some
00:06:33really serious health issues particularly gut related issues and I don't know that anybody is necessarily looking to find the most restrictive diet that they can but often times when your face with these health concerns and fiddling and iterating and what you're doing when you find something that doesn't make you sick and you you feel like you've come back from death's door it's pretty powerful experience so it it's ironic they in this world where folks are are ever advocating for less and less meat consumption and whatnot that there are these cross-sections of folks that are really benefiting markedly from the complete removal of what's going on all meat diet you know I'm in sounds kind of crazy at me but the only people that really wanted to do that really desperate to try the plant-based
00:07:33tried to supplements they tried different different Protocols are out there they find it this is what works for me really really interesting to me is all diseases besides you know the gut disease is like ulcer colitis IBS and Crohn's or rheumatoid arthritis lupus regular arthritis all these other things that are getting better on this diet which to me is just desist fascinating it was a group out of hungry cuz they have the name they called the Paleolithic ketogenic diet and it sounds fancy and and really need but it's basically just an all meat diet so when I say I'm crazy but it uses
00:08:334000 patients through that or or a variation that with really really interesting results and got all these you if you look at how these diseases are treated can actually you know what often steroid medication to soften the municipal suppressive drugs and get out of the side effects for those are expensive suppressant drugs and so the fact that somebody is getting better just just by going out all meat diet to me is actually revolutionary mother died from rheumatoid arthritis cause complications about 3 months before I met Nicki and you know we had the Good Fortune I think to be able to influence a lot of folks in just saying hey if you got a GI problem and autoimmune disease why don't you try this for 30 days 60 days and see what happens like it's certainly not going to be worse or more dangerous than Methotrexate or some of these other immunosuppressant
00:09:33and you don't knock on wood so far it's been really really powerful for a lot of folks but it it says such a painfully underutilized resources carbohydrates in a process in again I think that you would probably even though you've had your such shocking success with what you're doing there's likely Spectrum hear some people may not need to go hundred percent carnivore to get a resolution of their symptoms maybe they go carnivore for. Of time and then can reintroduce some amount of of you know fiber screens what he stopped or maybe even other things you know there's good variation here but it you know it is Criminal this low risk tool is not closer to standard of care vs. it being you know of filed somewhere between UFOs and Sasquatch you know it's it's crazy well you know that's one of the things I'm finding it is you know if somebody was practicing Western medicine in the state of thing is the things move very slowly that way I find it
00:10:33Bill through social media now we have this big tool to get a lot of things done very quickly I suggest suggesting it more people are just kind of a lot of mistrust with what's going on with the standard dog Isaac humans in general or you can you can use this as an Elimination Diet and a lot of people and some people are able to tolerate yes or no other food is better Yahtzee I know you don't work on this which came from geographically ancestrally you know certain certain certain that others are so it's probably different tolerate I think we all share the capacity to tolerate I mean I think that's something that's 3 years old or older
00:11:33apologist in the world it would that would argue that he was not eat a lot of meat as we have all that I think we all have a fantastic you know where we differ is probably the capacity to handle other things to some degree we agree and it's interesting that the the kind of safe place to go back to if you're sick particularly with some sort of mitochondrial driven metabolic issue seems to be this very low carb diet or all plants it's kind of a fascinating Story the reset button so I text you know again some interesting insights to be had from that I certainly is a physician certainly love the aspect if you know the potential for helping people get rid of it all else is using a rheumatoid arthritis can you play Slots
00:12:3350 Cent when someone diagnosed with and hopefully if there's a way to prevent other things so I kind of missed more than athlete and now lots of other athletes are picking us up at all black right now he's getting excellent results as well I've got lots of anime guys to just you guys or you might know you might know how to do that one of these days we addicted I'm so just before 4 so hung up on your break and records and stuff like that so it's hard to go to a sport then all the sudden suck at it and so much
00:13:33you got to suck it up and do that but yeah I've seen a lot of athletic Canadian powerlifting Federation and he started doing the stuff back in January he's like a 165 or he's pulling his hypothyroidism applications on the concept Cheeto cuz I was cute for a couple years before I did this and so I felt for me switching to more protein more animal protein improve my performance relative to Quito to take his interesting
00:14:33my last we talked about glucose I think there's some some probably cuz she does train with athletes with the with glucose numbers and talk about absolutely describe what are the distances that you are both competing in and training out on that. Concept 2 because in in my mind it's still your big strong dude so I could see you like that that meter distance maybe fitting into a keto fuel process recently well because it's a 5K row starts getting out be squarely in that Lake and kind of glycolytic hell again if you know like bigger taller stronger guys they can just refund that that concept to handle and in really get some some you no power on that and so that shorter time indexing seems like it might fit better with a taquito fuel approach
00:15:33training at in also competing at the 100-meter world-record right now I messed around with one k so it's kind of kind of in-between distance that I probably I probably about 2 or 3 weeks away from breaking a world record for the 50 plus class and so it is for both we do have you know like I said you're right I am on 65 I'm 245 I'm still deadlifting 500 pounds for 10 reps without a belt now on so I let you know I've got a lot of strikes and it certainly helps that you have to have this but I've also seen marathon runners doing this.
00:16:30you see how things play out over time I think we have a tremendous ability to adapt to whatever our bodies are asked to do you know I think I've seen as you know we can manufacturer owned glucose without getting an exotic asleep so I think God. Is very few long-term studies University Superior performance so there's some long-term adaptations that we are really aware of yet I think it's more than just fuel petitioning that's it there's things like recovery and resistance to injury and probably some neurologic Advantage psychologically badges it come with a guy besides just know how many how many grams of glucose running through right right yeah I mean just
00:17:29that resilience to swings and blood sugar is one of the most profound things that I took away 20 years ago when I first started eating in this this matter because I have been on a carbohydrate roller coaster the previous 25 or 26 years you know like as a kid I just remembered like one enter meal foggy headed experience after another you know when it was when I went effectively ketogenic and it was it was not quite carnivore but I mean it was leafy greens and in that was it and that was the way I hate for probably the better part of eight years and I've played around with different things and I mess around with a little bit of carb cycling and stuff like that and I still am really curious about how to fuel my my jiu-jitsu off and let you know I'm kind of playing with some some stuff on that but it's interesting because in in some ways this carnivore approach seems to fly in the face of a lot of different things so if we had to
00:18:29little mix Diet you know kind of car based fueling the kind of flies in the face of that idea and it also seems to fly in the face of a lot of the conventional diet recommendations which those folks get really nervous about eating too much protein protein is about that is not reflecting that kind of narrative what year what are your thoughts around all that way that's what we're looking for not looking at a lab number out looking at your blood Ketone level was looking at what's making us a human being and I sent it in a certain yeah I mean you don't mind that is mostly fatty or 6 I'm probably still in the ocean
00:19:29Odyssey protein in a little bit of in those cute guy racist but not quite as much as other people I still taking you quite a bit of protein on sometimes you'll 400 grams of protein a day which is a lot but this concerns about ketosis and knock yourself out I don't know that from a human being under protein is doing us any kind of pennies in a roll shirts but you know
00:20:29restriction of protein in the place you're going to find that is a nursing home you see what happens if you'll just push to cut out protein is probably more dangerous than it is helpful in my view I think it's one of your recent Instagram post with with a picture of you and then the. The doc from nutritionfacts.org illustrates this week seen one consistency in aging populations better with more protein and I really think that this mtor story is a huge Boogeyman it if people are generally not overeating in the way to really over eat easily is by a hyper palatable process food based diet
00:21:29you know if they're not doing that and they're doing some amount of resistance training another exercise so that we focused at mtor activity in versus that that Gene just kind of cycling without a s dedicated signal to respond to those are completely different states do a lot for me and there's nothing about their performance or physique that I would want to emulate in the least like they might outlive me I don't know you don't know until it's all said and done but I'll take my dirt nap earlier so long as my quality of life is better along the way the quadriceps muscle mass is incredibly important for metabolic sink you need that to help with insulin resistance
00:22:29support for quality of life and you know if I if I lived in 90 rather 93 and how much happier you know it's just say yes I like to have a muscular physique but at the same time that is also protecting me from disease I think that's the most people sort of dismiss out of hand and point to somebody who's obviously looking cachectic and say well that guy probably he's healthy and then you and I said no problem he's not he's probably right right but that's a man it's a it's a tough sell but that's where you know what a letting stuff like the blood work and went and I died you no help to flush your stuff out will will be really valuable do you want to jump in and start unpacking some of that stuff if there's an orderly fashion. I know there's a lot of
00:23:29I have everything in a file in front of me and it if you want I can just start kind of going through some of the different lab values and then we can on your rise C-reactive protein and said that page is the one that I'm on your numbers up by sit on my lap so we have some special ones through I guess you're doing something with dr. Baker had some of his other lab work done separately and then I suggested that we do some of this Advanced testing which is it what are the clinic here in Reno specialty Health kind of it it that's our I guess place that we shine is this kind of lipidology and also really using the advanced testing to ferret out things like insulin
00:24:29dislipidemia discordance and stuff like that so we have a nice package of the kind of conventional lab work but then also pretty cool I explore Asian crawling through all this stuff to put the rest hopefully early on one person that's why I owe on my labs are just mine and they may not reflect someone else's but there are a lot of sort of
00:25:02propaganda but what meat does to our body and if anybody on me I'm so me the seating 4 5 6 pounds of red meat every single day for 14 months you know this is a result for what's happened so I think there's some interesting stuff here absolutely absolutely asshole reactive protein is it is it a 6 milligrams per liter it would like to see that blow one which it is could you talk a little bit about it and you trying really hard to and C-reactive protein is a fairly labile number at can go out I can go down rather quickly whether you've trained with you are at the beginning of a cold or something but I mean you're retired the bottom end of the the range on that and it any thoughts around C-reactive protein
00:25:49yeah I mean obviously you know she reacting to the other day this is a Hisense DC reactive protein marker it's supposed to be a risk factor for cardiac disease in below one is considered the lowest level so my disease for this based on this is considered to be very reactive protein is another one point one after really hard workout crazy stuff you know really really hard workout and so I repeated that right after that my CRX broken dislike protein is extremely low very very highly inflammatory to sort of kind of goes to show that it's not right in Indiana me not to give away too much of the story but a lot of the vegan propaganda is
00:26:49protein animal protein in particular will make you insulin resistance and is the route to insulin resistance and again not to give away too much of the story related to dr. Baker you're not you like as non insulin resistance scrolling down a little bit look up your fasting glucose was it a 127 which is definitely some people in the community we had our training athletes can also see some somebody you know elevations of blood glucose levels post-training what are your thoughts around it's like we had talked a little bit about this for recording but lately did you unpack the the 127 glucose reading
00:27:49what is a relatively higher a fasting glucose and Isaac will I'm single and looking at other athletes do the fasting numbers with decimal point out I'm very extremely insulin sensitive and so if we get diabetic pathophysiology that's not what happens and diabetes diabetes until your insulin can no longer keep up on your blood glucose Rises so I have the exact opposite thing happening here there's there's a concept you know your preference use fat or to resist glucose being taken at a certain tissues leads to higher levels in the blood saving it for things like brain usage and other tissues have to have glucose clear red blood cells I think it's interesting to see that I find it when I check my blood glucose
00:28:49there's a couple ways to look at these things and my blood glucose is typically around 1:50 most days this day was 127 but I'll see you soon I'll be coming in the mail and it made it made it or not go up at all it's I seem to go down after meals I see it rise at most maybe 10 15 points which I could give points to you know very good insulin sensitivity so I think it's interesting that you know I've got this sore fasting higher fasting number to be looked at it that's pretty diabetic number and a doctor
00:29:48look at that say wait a minute maybe you can put you on some metformin or something like that if you don't check the insulin which I did we talk about my insulin number of a haphazard deal here because we don't miss anything important just kind of go through the you know the lab has as they just going to roll out here the blood urea nitrogen was slightly out of range in it it's literally like two two points above normal we see this all the time in folks that just eat more protein than the average person drink very hard like it within the the CrossFit Community like seeing people with quote normal blood urea nitrogen almost never happens your creatinine is actually just just at the the high end of normal and then there's really nothing really new or the on the rest of that one with cedar we got your
00:30:48this is your your cholesterol reading which is the general panel and this is the stuff that you would get for most stocks we're going to do a deeper dive on the lipoproteins here in just a little bit but your cholesterol 205 HDL cholesterol 44 triglycerides 59 let's let's talk a little bit about that first so it's slightly above the upper end of the reference range again I'm going to give a little bit of a preview when we look at this through advanced testing there is nothing in this here when you look at the lipoproteins through the perspective of the LPR the lipoprotein insulin resistance score and the distribution of LDL lipoproteins like there's what you have is what we called reverse discordance which is what appears to be high cholesterol levels but very competitively low lipoprotein in these tend to be the people
00:31:48dead end up living a long long time and then they die from something but it's likely isn't cardiovascular disease or any thoughts around just the cholesterol readings creating big big guys a lot of muscle Richard Lee training her kennel and eating protein that's normal so some people see those numbers in a elevated calcium
00:32:48need to set my alarm. I get those numbers are all completely normal time is it about the fact that you tried really hard I can pump your llc's for up to a week and so it's also something people need to be made aware of that given you the volume of expect these to be higher and so are we actually seeing anti-inflammatory like resilience affect here because it is still within normal range for free, when you see a little bit of elevation in the AST alt it it's a person too hard training app where you can like okay will keep an eye on it but it's it's really not that concerned right right in the middle of the ranges it's not even in the higher end of the ranges
00:33:49tell me a good thing it's hard to say I mean yeah this is all wild wild west stuff if you know wrong with the nutrition so about the same thing out interesting you want to shoot that I remember from last time I took last several years ago was about the same as much lower is about my triglycerides were much higher in my LDL was about the same so the only impact the diet has had his head basically no effect on total or LDL cholesterol but it raise my HDL triglycerides genetic polymorphism to lower HDL because this is one of the things that popped up on here that ate in the spectrum of things your HDL looks a little lower but it was your relating is that it's actually gone up with the adoption of a carnivorous diet
00:34:48yeah I wasn't I was in a low thirties prior to this my father was in this is in the same situation as a relatively low HDL I guess it's also known as always been a baby say kept drinking alcohol and taking niacin are the semblance of the recommendations are but yeah but that's an approved for me over what it has been in years past extremely good insulin sensitivity and it's also considered low risk for cardiovascular disease
00:35:49next one testosterone this will be a fun one this will be a fun one because you clearly carry a lot of muscle mass out some very impressive physical performance and like you you've had people relate to you that they expected you to to have like a testosterone up in the you like 11 low testosterone was 237 the free testosterone was 5.5 am I reading that correct that actually still low on this is it this is interesting thing and I think we see this across a low carb to me. Here's what I'm seeing rocks I see a lot of the people I see a lot of people as we know for sure for sex hormones in a lot of people initially initially
00:36:48I think what happens long-term is that become sensitized to get your receptors become extremely sensitive just like that your insulin receptor becomes extremely sensitive and also probably your thyroid hormone becomes extremely sensitive and probably things like left it at all these other sensitive and I would argue that perhaps that is a good thing or does not pop out your hormones may be running a lower back ground level but having the same clinical effect might even be a more efficient way to do things and increase answers Androgen receptor sensitivity carnosyn features have is a heavily in that and so I was young getting a lot of cars and meet lifting weights and receptor sensitivity as well in frequent meals so intermittent fasting or long time between meals all of which I do I spend UIUC twice a day so I don't eat very often I don't snack to all those things
00:37:48likely increase Androgen receptor sensitivity and self to the point what is my clinical testosterone I mean obviously on strong I'm leaving now and you're from I just want a sexual performance and I wake up everyday with an erection every single day I can't remember the last time I didn't do that expression of testosterone function is excellent so that's why I point to the fact you can't just base everything on the lab values loud that I used to have a lot of context in there and so I think you have to look at Yale receptor sensitivity and he's always I think you'll probably if I looked in my eyes and my follicle-stimulating hormone those numbers would be because they're saying hey man you're making enough testosterone the feedback that you I'm getting in the hypothalamus like when you get caught you get your dad's truck and releasing hormone up in Florissant luteinizing
00:38:47who sings going to the end of play and I think what the feedback on getting from from my body is I've got enough testosterone floating around to get the job done and said to do what I'm asking about it and I'm and I'm and I'm responding very well and so a lot of people be shocked by those numbers but I'm not I said I think it really has to do with the clinical bucks that's why I get how you look how you feel hyper form is often a much better indicator clinically already mention some folks that go lower carb see a dramatic increase in their bare Androgen levels at least initially other folks will see a decrease in and I guess at the end of the day what would just really want to keep an eye on our things light morning morning erection at 8 you know clearly this is pretty pretty male-centric but we we see somewhat similar Trends with females and we really only get concerned if we're starting to see some
00:39:47maybe symptomatology that's consistent with low Androgen levels like if it if we're getting poor recovery maybe some lethargy and low motivation and stuff like that and we start reevaluating what we're doing
00:40:02I got the same thing tears are with thyroid as well as we see the same sort of thing with soured come in there clinically asymptomatic with the doctor and see a low T3 level 1 a supplement that is not something we have to put in contacts what's going on and I say become so reactionary and then there's not a lot of thought sometimes I think a lot of people are being you know you know absolutely absolutely see that this one is interesting it too it's a 6.3 let it let's talk about that a little bit like that one is is interesting a kind of trans a little bit with that fasting blood glucose level is it you know maybe a little higher than what we either might want or might might expect given a low-carb diet what are your thoughts
00:41:01again I get it I get it goes to this whole diabetic pathophysiology and the kids in the light of extreme insulin sensitivity which lasting level is relatively high red blood cell lives a hundred twenty days and we know that some people take their red blood cells and shorter so they often will underestimate what their true A1C is and salt in the office it may be occurring in the situation worth red blood cells live with that it over estimate and sort this out so there's a couple ways you can sort
00:42:01tags albumin where you can estimate what what the actual circulating glucose is slightly elevated it might be something like 58059 if I know if we justed for red bell red red blood cell lifespan but still I can you have to put that in the back of the context of what is insulin sensitivity I think that's the pathophysiology of protein which is again low serum ferritin which is in the middle of the range
00:42:45skip down to the next one let's see here again on that lipid panel total cholesterol HDL cholesterol
00:42:56is that everything that I miss any of those other than the advanced testing was at everything that was on that iron studies on there somewhere I think somehow I didn't ask you if you got that one in front of you and you want to run through it that be fantastic let me see if I can possibly iron overload you so much he might know basically and you know when we show certain levels of a thousand for sale in at the top the top mine was at 2:43 and that is squarely in the middle it's not demonstrating that I'm that I'm no overloaded with iron which I think is
00:43:52you know pretty interesting there is a fine look at my photos here real quick route for those those other labs on my nerves maybe I didn't send it to you let me see lipid panel
00:44:13hemoglobin A1c Surfer
00:44:17yeah here it is I don't know if I sent you these two and I'll send them to you later so so I had my Iron Mike Meyer numbers and so my iron binding capacity for total was 81 and rough Transit 51 iron binding capacity was noted at the wiring was 81 so it was relatively low 50218 iron binding capacity is 258 the normal range me to 5425 5% saturation was 31% saturation in so that is
00:44:58I'm going to send you this one real quick grab so you can mail it to me real quick
00:45:06so you can look at this too so we can so
00:45:09you go so you should be getting at least we getting this in the mail right now
00:45:14but yeah so it's all my heart numbers in front and there's nothing wrong by our numbers are some people say that they want to keep fair and below 200 again don't know that that's necessarily your basement I think it's that it's a shame I had on but I'm not accumulating are about to go up and I'm not a lots lots Arden and we have is capacity to regulate iron absorption through it through it is or been to our adjuster system so tired as well regulated others what other number on here and I think it'll come up on that lab is my insulin which I think is important
00:46:03my insulin was your normal range is between 2 and 19.6 average American insulin is around eight or nine line was 2.6 so my fasting insulin was extremely low EMF ghost infants that stay with you if you plug in my fasting glucose with my insulin number and you look at it at the the circle h o m a i r score of the door of the homeostatic method of assessment it shows me to be extremely insulin sensitive
00:46:37another test you can do to look at insulin sensitivity to talk about the advanced testing rehab the lp IR score but there's another test called triglyceride glucose index and that's that's that's calculator using take half of your triglycerides you multiply it by your glucose test and then you take the natural log of that and I'll give you a number between X 7.9 mine is about 8.1 which is also considered extremely insulin sensitive checking that out and then also looking at the sum of the advanced testing stop yeah yeah
00:47:19I see you're making sure I've got that you want to dig into the some of the events testing or surrounding funny saying but we'll talk about it has a nice report that gives you an overview I was trying to find that one again I have like 600 tabs open 1273 which is slightly elevated but we find within that story when we look at it relative to the insulin sensitivity which is part of this lpir score of the lipoprotein insulin resistance score it's really none concerning I mean it it it says once we Factor everything else into this story in this is why are
00:48:19this is kind of Matrix driven this thing of wait a little bit that way this will wait a little bit of a different way and then we can add up the overall scoring on it and so we're with this you're like a protein sizes are large and buoyant their nonreactive they ended up placing your ltir score at 36th which is basically at the the lowest quintile did that we slice and dice this stuff TSH was it 3.0 which is within pretty normal range for vitamin D was it 30 witches is maybe a little on the low side any thoughts around that
00:49:09I mean you know I guess they're normal range is considered 32 100 so yummy
00:49:19I don't think there is a
00:49:23thoughts on vitamin D and perhaps this relationship touches populations that live on Eric's or native I don't know that there's a anything I'm concerned about vitamin D deficiency is
00:50:00oh no I know you were at Breckenridge I know you talked about they sell that stuff and I know you like to talk about Remnant Remnant cholesterol party chat it a little bit about that mean just stayed stuff is fascinating and did it it's just that these lipoproteins are way more labile and modifiable than what most people are really appreciating yeah
00:50:25yeah I just looked in my room that particles at their 11 which is extremely also at least according to what his work shows also extremely low risk for cardiovascular disease I think it's funny your BMI is slightly elevated at 29 which is hilarious. You know it doesn't take into account if you have muscle I write so your blood pressure was 120 over 75 which is pretty good
00:51:00total cholesterol cholesterol hey can provide some insight with regards to insulin resistance and also systemic inflammation
00:51:19yeah I think well I mean there's there's different cut off some people like to see your triglycerides to be less than double your HDL you let some people use that number is it some people have a higher number than that some people take it for the lowest price below 150 or fine
00:51:37if your HDL trip to triglyceride ratio is favorable and in mine is it's like 1.2 which is very favorable that indicates low risk for insulin resistance in low risk for inflammation low risk for cardiovascular disease you know I just have to think you have to put everything in the context I think some of the subjective stuff that we have only measure health is extremely important and it should be dismissed I think that often know that they look nice day today variations misses some people get really stuffy 41-44 Jennifer HDL low triglyceride 454 5159 I think something like that
00:52:37numbers is a few points is not something to be worried about Sunday's people that go on a diet and I'll be worried it there HDL dropped 3 points in the triglycerides went up 6 points to me that's so inconsequential that you should almost just ignore that stuff and then we just had just the inherent variability within the lab if we sent 10 samples taken from the same person at the same time we would have a certain certain error spread on that in the folks folks really under appreciate that for sure I'd see hear your LP little a is normal when it did you want to talk a little bit like it's one of these a risk factors for cardiovascular disease that are generally not super diet early modifiable although you you mentioned some some facts on that is as far as a consumption
00:53:27yeah so the 11 protein a day is meant again another one of these markers for Associated as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and so anything consider over 75 at least on this particular asset is considered higher risk for cardiovascular disease mine was to someone was about as long as it gets inherited trait your LPS number is going to be what it always is but there was a study done in 1991 feeding Zapped LPA number could be brought down by saturated fat with that so you saying well it may have been proved that respect profile but saturated fat is bad for our hearts yeah this is back in 1990 when we were we all believe the saturated fat was worse for us and so but it may be
00:54:26I don't know why my LP 2 is pretty damn well so I didn't answer earlier and just scanning through here I think we hit the bulk of things there's a couple of summary images
00:54:52slightly elevated LDL P kind of tracks with that what appears to be elevated LDL cholesterol but with a game what's interesting is because of the lipoprotein count and because of the the kind of size of the lipoproteins in that LDL fraction what we have here again is what will you call reverse discordance in which you look like you got what we might call high cholesterol levels but in fact it's it's being carried around by a comparative least you like the protein switch it to the degree that these things play a process in the after genic beginnings of pathogenic disease it seems to be gradient hinchley the more of those around possibly the more problem but that's all within the context of a high oxidative stress environment oxidized cholesterol insulin resistance
00:55:52none of those things going on you're in a super low one would say an anti-inflammatory environment really the only kind of slightly squirrely thing that dangles out there on on. Argument is maybe a little bit of the blood glucose levels but again this is such a unique scenario it's really hard to pin that stuff down but we're not seeing anything else you know like clinically manifesting that suggesting that you you know the the slightly elevated blood glucose levels is really driving things in a negative Direction
00:56:26yeah I think it's Thanksgiving meal insulin glucagon ratios are there's a lot of other things you can you like it to be I could spend all day and all in all kinds of money get it right this kind of ways to height ratio you know what is very favorable Getty's all these things that you know things we want to see and I think those things are important as well I think you're very important fact this is a thing I demand want you know for glycolytic activity is very high and I think my body is just reacting that that's why I'm seeing a little bit higher glucose what was missing this is what I seen with other guys doing this at our athletes they see you they see that's what I've seen the number cases here so I think it has to do with the demand for access to glucose and you know what you're doing and I think there is no I wish you were making some of that
00:57:26new Justice with protein but I think it's more like it's more demand-driven Kitchen Store Play Store with glycogen right well in it when we look at your performance and kind of a time indexing of the activity you're doing it's probably that you did too I'd probably a pretty remarkable degree but there's just some point where the day energy demands have to be that buy glucose at least in in some capacity until your liver is it to top off the glycogen need to the rest of your body
00:58:10yeah that would be surprised they my liver has gotten bigger I don't know you know you know there's some thought that the other day it would have a larger livers and stuff like that so at that interesting and unusual physiology I6 it you know from me and this is the other thing with recovery I think that I am able to operate at a very high level of intensity without getting into the high glycolytic separate what I do cross that threshold I will probably tell quick source of fuel so I think I'm getting nothing that's one of the reason why I'm having such a good performance relative to the ketogenic diet is a kind of got maybe a little bit more flexibility flexibility is kind of weird that it's the road in this story so yeah that's interesting. Do you have any sense of where you're going to take this stuff next like is it is it just kind of steady
00:59:10do you have any ideas around kind of tweaking the program in any specific way
00:59:17well I mean right now you know again I say is I'm continue to collect date and I want to make sure that you know where I'm testing out the less confounded things in this is one of the problems with nutrition in jail as you noted trishul Sciences larger just a big mess because it was so many Confederates in there in the nice thing about studying people they're just strictly eating meat is very first United can lice talking fire still there still there but I think it's very interesting to study meat eaters if you know if if the argument is meat is bad for you than eating meat a high dosage should clearly be bad for us and that does not appear to be the case in my situation and in bounce houses other people say that is very interesting information to know for personally for performance I play with a little bit of salt loading right now I'll take one of those things that we see things a lot of people talk about it without carbs if your muscles are really flat
01:00:17how insulin impacts handling sodium reabsorption of sodium and dust likely float along with that I think that's one of the reasons people get more of a pump with hearts I think it has to do with the with this more than anything and I found it by adding a little a little salt for workouts I'm getting the same big pumps of these up the bodybuilder that are doing this you're trying to start noticing the same thing muscle muscle despite the absence of carbs despite keeping their electrolytes topped off and so I think that's a little bit between people can play with whether I try and add in some other down the road I know I'm not sure right now I feel pretty good and I'm pretty happy with my performance you know I think there are certain things I think for me fiber is a no-go I mean I think I had a fibrous food in
01:01:17my guts are going to like it. Whether I can adapt to that yeah this is one of the more of the things people seen as I go to Sami diet and then all the sudden ate their tolerance for other Foods rapidly diminishes you know what I said some of that has to do with your gut microbiome changes that take place you know there's some you know I think we we adapt to the foods we eat it takes it as credit I mean when a newborn baby is weaned off milk and starts whatever food whether you steam broccoli or broccoli baby food they always like they don't feel very good but that eventually passes I think there's a. Of time where you read yesterday now the question becomes if your GI system now has recovered in your adapted to the stuff but now you're getting the same issues that you had before baby the skin reactions maybe the joint pain maybe some of these other autoimmune symptoms than that clearly means that that particular food is bad for it
01:02:17transient and you don't get any of those other symptoms your baby you tolerate those Foods okay that's fine to do I think you know from evolutionary standpoint you know I think probably fruit in my view is probably more likely something week is handled rather most vegetables United you probably no vegetables today were invented you know they were invented in the last several hundred percent of 7000 years and so I think in the main processes been trying to make him less toxic I know you probably ran into her at low carb but I mean you're looking at the studies that show us that why fruits and vegetables are good for us so it's mostly epidemiology there's a few isolated plant trials actually use fruits and vegetables out there and they're pretty mixed some of the negative results results
01:03:17to show positive results tended to be leaning more towards fruits and vegetables if you like them and you enjoy them and they don't bother you then you don't have that I mean there's some guy you were never there for some people it's a net negative could not agree more awesome having you on the show is it is there anything else that we we missed or any Stones we didn't undone turn on this this first go-around have me on the podcast hosting maybe you know again unfortunately you know other than that I don't have real good comparison laps to compare my befores and afters you know what I think there's other people were getting that information over compiling data so hopefully have some friends out there as we get this data compiled you know we got some neat stuff going on at me heels.com all these are there
01:04:17mice control trial to take action and we know how slowly the wheels of progress turn in the dietary world and it's it's it's the you know if some people just don't have that luxury to wait that walk in in the rcts come from the observational process in this is something that's so many people forget you know it's not this first principles thing it's literally like Newton sees the apple fall when you have an idea and you do something about that to to investigate it you know when in the you know we we should definitely keep our feet on the ground or mayonnaise is evidence-based me and asked if we could just fight the human tendency to dismiss it because it is new and say get a little bit curious and ask as many questions as we can for plate about that we could really really improve our lot rather rather rapidly that I wasn't next wanted said something to the effect it science progresses one funeral at a time or something to text to
01:05:17yeah it's like I don't have scurvy noted that shocks people ride open in Grain dog let you know you're going to get to scurvy and everything that's going to happen you're not getting vitamin deficiencies or not malnourished to sing so at least that sort of you know I'm not getting that many questions anymore when I first started doing this it was totally crazy every year has gone by now we have your guys like you and so the other people in the nutrition industry that are at least sang it's an option that may help the people rather than that's just you know batshit-crazy know how much do it it's crazy and then you're going to die if your observation does not match your Siri either you need to check your eyesight are you need to check your cigarette right right right right right right I just have to say I don't know I'm not sure if you're aware of this but there are a good number of folks out in The interwebs Who
01:06:17it if you get a drink or two when I am and you get them kind of back back door closed or session asking him questions and it's like hey what do you what do you think about this Shawn Baker carnivorous diet gig in there like well it seems to be working for my patience better than just about anything I've done today since you got a lot of people that are not out of the closet yet but they're there it's some point their closet is going to be so full of success to start opening the door up on that so we're really hats off to you for everything that you've been doing and just tell them you know create opportunity been running the tibia carnivore up for ages like there have been some great people out there beating the strong for a long time and it's fantastic that just as an option this thing is getting some AirPlay so that you know what if you're if you're really sick and you looking for some options then
01:07:17this is something again that I I just can't not wrap my head around the idea that 30 or 60 days of experimentation and see how you look feel and perform and if the wheels fall off the wagon and it stinks really we can do something else with people that's just not the case you know it it ends up being the final thing that they really nothing else worked
01:07:39yeah I know I agree I think there is there I get I get a lot of messages behind the scenes you know the same thing this is really good stuff for really appreciate it makes me feel good to see there's a lot there was being thrown my way from different different factions out there but that's fine. I'm sure you get the same thing to her or at least have the position is going to be a lot of negativity from that way too but the deposit what's keeps me going and it's nice to see that stuff and your hats off to Amber and George Eads and some of these other folks are really disconnected science I'm kind of a Brute Force just get it done was get the results and then figure out the signs later right now I'm kind of impatient but somebody has to do both there has to be enough entertainment for what people at least for entertainment purposes only
01:08:39huge fan of your Instagram Instagram feed and pop up on there every once in a while throwing in my two cents so I really appreciate that at the dock where can people track you down on the interwebs if they want to follow you and learn more about what you're up to right so histogram is Shawn Shawn Baker Baker 1967 that's probably where I have the most what's going on Twitter I'm pretty active still S Baker MD and then I took is a very good site we started a Facebook group for tribe that started up in about six thousand members already getting the tens of thousands of people sharing their stories talking about how the Ripple many states are having with transitioning into the diet stuff like that just kind of the same stuff you see with like himself
01:09:39things I've got a carnival train system yourself just kind of my wisdom as it pertains to training.com collecting data for people that are submitting lab data and subjective data measurements to to try to further get some more science behind stuff awesome awesome anytime you want to come back on the show and and talk shop I would love it I just really love the work you're doing really inspired by your your passion in your bravery with all this stuff like you you've been a beacon of light in the story and thoroughly enjoyed your interview on Joe Rogan to you did a great job on that really really enjoyed that. Thanks for having me. It's been a pleasure in a lot of people who decided to listen to this what I'm going to do is just I'm not going to share my labs that anybody would say listen to Rob Wells by and you can can
01:10:39that I didn't make up my numbers and it will just stop let's go from there and then they let Genesis Urology right right well this is a great first step and unpacking this thing in a systematic manner so what thank you for letting me play a part in doing this whole thing and I look forward to meeting you in real life too. Hopefully you like I said I think I'm at the point where it's not quite so crazy good time it's always a good time though always wonderful folks I was just out at the low carb Breckenridge gay again. Just amazing people out there really wonderful some really really smart people not take the nice thing we see is you know it doesn't take an MD or Ph.D to to have a quiz
01:11:39people that are Engineers looks like Amber computer software Folks at dinner just bright bright people that are that are helping us to advance the science which I think is wonderful looking like the Indians of being a stymieing process versus being an engineer of some sort those folks seem to be in the medical world on fire it if anybody is yeah I got 20 I can I can kind of figure out nutrition in some cases it's funny I will have links to all the references that you had in the show notes and again thank you so much for coming on the show and looking forward to chatting with you again at some point in the future thanks thanks cast here's a quick message from one of our sponsors
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