I begin every day of my life doing this habit. I've been doing it for years... I believe it's the single greatest reason I've achieved the success that I have. In this episode of the RISE podcast I'm sharing the first chapter of the Start Today Journal. I believe in this process so much I want to give away the details for free... after all, I didn't have a fancy journal to do it in, I wrote it down on any piece of paper I could find. So feel free to use this in your own notebook OR check out https://bit.ly/2QoDuDa for the real deal!
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00:00:00okay for years and years and years I started every single day the same way I would get out a spiral-bound notebook or a post it or the notes on my phone and I would write the dreams that I had for my life they were big grandiose impossible things I would write them down and the key was I would write them as if they had already happened I was obsessed with this process it was how I set my intention every single day and I loved it so much I turned it into a product you've probably heard me talking about the start today Journal because I love it so much but here's the deal
00:00:47I did this every single day without a fancy Journal I wrote it down anywhere that I could and I want you as a listener to be able to do that because I believe so much in this process and the power of calling your shot the power of naming your dreams and claiming your dreams and so with that in mind I'm going to read you the opening chapter of the start today Journal I'm going to read you the exact how to now all you have to do is find the will to show up and do this every single day of your life I'm going to give you the content for free because I believe in the power of setting up your goals
00:01:34and if you can't afford a journal well don't let that stop you start this practice right now if you hear the practice and you think it's really rad well dang you should head over to the holoska website and get yourself a start today Journal but until then let me tell you about how it works
00:02:01welcome to the rise podcast I'm Rachel Hollis and I've built a multimillion-dollar media company with a high school diploma and a Google search bar each week will be sharing tangible direct advice or inspiring interviews with the same intention these are the tools to change your life
00:02:28hey friend welcome to the first page of your start today Journal if we're not already BFFs then please allow me to introduce myself my name is Rachel Hollis I write books and produce life-changing personal growth conferences and speak on stages all over the world I also have four children
00:02:50it's important to follow the professional accomplishments with the personal reality because if you ask me what single thing has contributed most to my success over the last decade it's the ability to focus and be intentional even in the midst of the chaos of school drop offs and teething babies this journal is a personal process I've used to keep my dreams and goals top-of-mind an InFocus it's literally how I started today and everyday for the last several years I think it's a major contributing factor for yhe the success I have an online community of millions becoming a number 1 New York Times bestselling author building a multimillion-dollar company and brand with only a high-school diploma under my belt and more impressive than all of them a thriving marriage and for kids who are mostly
00:03:50find well-adjusted members of society truthfully I never imagined I'd have my own journal with a snazzy name but over the last several years anytime I should a glimpse of my morning routine on social media thousands of people would respond with questions why do you Journal how do you know what to write down where did you get that notebook can you teach me how to do this process so like with most everything we've created as a company this idea came from a direct ask from our online family and even though we had no idea how we pull it off also a Hallmark of our business I did know how helpful daily intentional Focus could be
00:04:37there is so much power in setting your intentions everyday there is so much power in focusing on the outcome you're after instead of The To Do List you have in your mind this practice was born out of frustration I was tired of starting and stopping my goals over and over again I wanted to have it that would help me see them through to completion in the past whenever I set out to change my life for the better like at the new year or right before a big birthday I tended to get really fired up and try to improve everything at once have you ever done that January would roll around and I'd be like okay I'm starting a diet and writing the Next Great American novel and working on my marriage and I'm finally going to get the dog to stop pulling on the leash
00:05:27and the thing is for a few days I'd kill it
00:05:32but then life would happen and one ball would drop and then another and suddenly I was right back where I started only now I was beyond discouraged I speak about this process in my book girl stop apologizing and I highly recommend that as a companion for this journal if you want to go into more detail on goal setting and how to take actionable steps but the impetus for this daily practice in my life was that I couldn't understand how I could start out so strong and determined only to wash my drive fizzled and fade in no time flat the worst part was that whenever I fail to achieve my goals or gave up again I would mentally berate myself for not being able to achieve big things it's only now that I understand that it wasn't that my goals were too big it's that there were too many of them
00:06:31there were too many priorities too many things to keep track of I got overwhelmed easily and couldn't keep up with it all which robbed me of whatever motivation I had started with when everything is important nothing is important
00:06:48so I narrowed my focus I went all in super hard on one thing and the results were exponential I found success both personally and professionally when I learned to focus and focus requires choosing one goal it's hard for many people to commit to only one area of attention when they're passionate about growth they think they've got to do it all and be it all to see massive change what they don't realize is that achieving a goal is like water coming into a harbor when The Tide Rises in the harbor all the boats rise this amazing thing happens when you start to grow in one area of your life
00:07:38other areas improve right along with it if you drop a handful of Pebbles into a lake you'll move the water around a bit if you drop a boulder into a lake meaning if you put all your energy into one area the impact is incredible the Ripple effects of that choice spread out in all directions for clarity's sake I'd like to mention that it's very possible to grow in multiple areas of your life once you've achieved success in one area and established it as a habit for instance I am able to maintain my health and fitness regimen while pursuing a new goal because health and fitness are habits in my life now if I tried to conquer them simultaneously or attempted to take them on while starting my company let's say I wouldn't have been successful
00:08:37the question then becomes how do you decide how do you pick the right thing to focus on next well if you're me you narrow it down using a process I used to call someone like most things in life I figure out something that works for me and one press to explain it I write it out and give it a Snappy title see my entire publishing career 10 years 10 dreams one-goal who do you want to be in 10 years what are the 10 drinks that would make that Vision a reality for you which one of those dreams are you going to turn into a goal and focus on next for clarity's sake let me explain the difference between a dream and a goal a dream team is an idea that you have a dream is something you think about or obsess over a dream is something you fantasize about coming true you might have a dream to get into shape it be
00:09:37is a goal when you sign up for a half marathon and join a running club and start racking up the miles a goal is when you stop hoping for your dreams and actually start working toward them a goal is a dream with its workboots on here's how the process works
00:09:58start with you 10 years from now
00:10:02have you ever thought about what the best version of you is like many of us imagine great things happening but very few people spend the time to imagine in Vivid detail what their best self would be like if you were one of my conferences I take you through a full visualization exercise and ask you to close your eyes and dream about the best version of you for today's purposes you've got to keep reading so keep your eyes open and maybe try and meditate on this later
00:10:36imagine that a decade of time has gone by and you are living your best possible ideal for yourself and your life dream big don't put any restriction on it don't overthink it just allow yourself to Envision the most magnificent possible future version of yourself a decade in the future what is the very best version of you doing what does she look like how does he go about his day how does she speak to the people she loves how was she loved in return what kind of clothes do you wear what kind of car do you drive are you a great cook do you love to read do you love to run get as specific as you possibly can
00:11:24where do you go on vacation what's your favorite restaurant to eat at now that you have a life that's different what kind of food do you consume what does it feel like to go throughout your day are you off to Mystic are you encouraging to others after a decade of working on yourself and growing as a person how much joy is there in your life who is in your life what's your week like how do you treat people how do they treat you let your dreams run absolutely wild are you happy are you energetic are you driven do you still ambitious what's your relationship like with your family members do you want a home what does it look like do you have kids give a family are you married what's the best of the best now go bigger
00:12:15what's a bigger version of the best version of you living everyday in the best state that you know how to be what do you do for work what is the highest value that your future self holds is it family is it loyalty is it gross
00:12:33be as specific as you can be see it like a movie in your mind now without a second of judgment or over-thinking it I want you to write down everything that you just thought of as fast as you can I don't want to forget any of it I want that future version of you to be seared inside your mind the best version of me is when I'm at my very best I don't hold back this is not the time to think it through or tell yourself to slow down this is not the time for realistic this is the time to think as big as you can possibly go you got two pages to fill up with words and sentences and even pictures and doodles that will help you visualize your future get to work
00:13:22that future version of you sounds awesome and I want to take a moment to acknowledge you for writing all those hopes and ideas down very few people have the courage to ever put their desires into substance and I'm proud of you for calling your shot hopefully does exercise help you paint a clearer picture in your mind of a lot of different awesome things your future self can take part in personally I like to do this once or twice a year and create a vision board like in fifth grade when you blow a bunch of magazine clippings to poster paper so I've got a visual to go along with my mental imagery
00:14:00that is the first step that's you in 10 years now here's where you narrow it down 10 dreams turn your 10 years into 10 dreams the 10 dreams are the things that if they came true they would make your vision a reality so if you saw a future that was completely financially free maybe your dreams would be things like making a six-figure salary getting completely out of debt Etc but maybe your future dream self is also healthy and happy and energetic add becoming a marathon runner and a vegetarian to the mix the important thing again is to be specific the list of Dreams is how that Future Vision manifest4u when we do this we come up with more than 10 but it's essential to narrow it down Focus matters remember
00:15:00choose 10 dreams that if they were to come true would make your future self real now here's the key to the start today Journal use the prompts as a daily practice to write down those 10 dreams but you have to write them as if they've already happened
00:15:23I do this every day of my life because I want the repetition to instill in my head and my heart where my focus should be I write them down as if they've already happened because I read once that your subconscious focuses on what you give it so if you tell yourself and your subconscious I'm going to make a million dollars you don't end up focusing on the goal but on the words going to it's just another to-do list for your brain you didn't give it Direction you didn't ask your mind to help you figure out how you only told it that you were going to do something which is an especially powerful no matter how big a goal you set for yourself after all you create to-do list all the time what makes this something your brain should take notice of what if instead you told yourself I have $1000000 in the bank
00:16:21that's specific that's an outcome that's a direction to head going to is something in the future is present tense which means your subconscious starts focusing on how to make that real right now
00:16:40some items on my list are things I want to achieve other items are things I can accomplish every day I'm an exceptional wife that one is on my list I write it down everyday is a reminder of who I am and who I want to be when I imagine my future best self she's still drunk in love with my husband Dave in the future he still my best friend and we still can't keep our hands off each other only now he looks so much fresher because all of our kids are older and we have to change diapers or wake up with a teething baby
00:17:14I'm careful with the words are right down to I don't use the word good I don't use the word great I use the word exceptional when I write that sentence about being an exceptional wife every day I have to ask myself what I did today that made me exceptional it's a simple prop to move me into action
00:17:38it reminds me to text my husband and tell him how he looked in those pants or how much I love him how much I appreciate what a good dad he is that wouldn't happen if I didn't have the prompt reminding me who I want to be another item on my list I am a New York Times bestseller I wrote this for years and years I wrote it with my first buck and my third and my v and each time I was discouraged when I didn't make the list but then I had pages and pages of me reminding myself where I was going
00:18:16it worked as the inertia I needed to stand back up and try again and again it wasn't until my 6th book and over a decade of dreaming about it that I finally made that dream a reality and even though it took years every single day I reminded myself where I was headed take a moment to brainstorm dreams all kinds of dreams look at your vision of who you want to be 10 years from now and write down all of the things that would be true if that was your reality you don't need to narrow it down to 10 things just yet just brainstorm and fill up the pages with possibilities now that you've a bunch of ideas narrow it down to the 10 that matter most the countries that are most affected to get you where you want to go
00:19:08don't worry about getting these perfect my dreams have remained the same but the way I wrote them down has changed as I've learned in more detail what I want and how to pursue it for now just decide on the 10 dreams are going to commit to at the start of this journey be should be the kind of dreams that light your heart on fire just write them down and also make you a little nervous these are the kind of things that if other people saw your lips they be like that girl has lost her mind who does she think she is but guess what these aren't dreams for the naysayers these aren't dreams for anyone else these are the things you want for your life and nobody else gets an opinion here not even that snarky voice in the back of your mind that likes to remind you to slow down and be cautious and play it small tell that voice to shut it let your heart decide which 10 dreams are best not your brain
00:20:06and list them on the next page
00:20:10one goal the next step is narrowing your focus down to one goal 10 10 110 years becomes 10 dreams becomes one goal your dream is your ideal it becomes a goal when you actively begin to pursue it the 10 dreams even though there may be more focused than you've ever are still too broad we've got to narrow it down to one thing so I want you to ask yourself right now what is one goal one thing you can do that will get you closer to the 10 years from now version of yourself the fastest what is the one goal out of the 10 you just finished identifying that you can work on this quarter to achieve a goal you need to make sure you have Clarity on two things
00:21:071 what are the specifics and two how will you measure your progress I want to lose weight is not specific do you want to lose 2 pounds or hundred pounds that's specific I want a body fat percentage of 24% I want to save $5,000 those are specific goals that you can measure against I want to do better at my finances that's garbage you're already setting yourself up for failure or you're setting up to give yourself credit for work without making measurable progress paying cash for my latte instead of using a credit card could be considered doing better on my finances but where is it getting you if your goal was specific something along the lines of I want to save $5,000 well you wouldn't have a latte at all
00:22:02your goal also needs to be measurable you have to be able to judge whether you're making progress or getting closer to where you want to be a lot of people also say that a girl has to have a time limit but I don't like that because I feel like it sets you up for failure if you tell yourself you got to be in shape by the end of February and then you get to mid-February and you haven't done it you beat yourself up the intention here is that working on your ideal self is a lifelong process to becoming who you were meant to be lifelong processes don't have time limit all that matters is that you have consistency we're not looking for Perfection we're looking for a habit and that's why this journal is a practice for everyday
00:22:51so every day you're going to start your day using the journal prompts to remind you of who you want to be I like to take 5 to 10 minutes each day to meditate or pray on the things I'm grateful for taking a few minutes to mentally list out my blessings gets me into a great headspace from a place of gratitude we see so much possibility in front of us so get grateful and then use the prompts to set your intention write down 10 dreams everyday as if they've already happened and finish with one big incredible goal that will get you there fastest now that you know where you're truly headed you can build your action plan and to-do list about the results that you want and the directions that you're headed well guys that is the entra chapter and how to for the start today Journal if it sounds like something you would love we sure would appreciate it if you head over to the
00:23:51hollisterco.com and you can shop for your own version if it sounds like somebody you love but don't have the funds for yet don't worry I have totally been there you can absolutely do this on any loose piece of paper you have laying around the house remember I wrote it down anywhere that I could for years and years and the dream still came true they weren't in a fancy well covered Turtle but it got the job done Our intention here is always all ways to create tools that help you change your life this is sincerely from the bottom of my heart one of the greatest tools that I have at my disposal which is why I decided to read it in a podcast and give it away to you for free I hope that you will take this practice and incorporate it into your own life
00:24:42I cannot wait to hear about the awesome dreams and goals that you are working on in the coming year
00:24:56I'm more than just this podcast which means that the next time you're on Instagram or Facebook or YouTube be sure and type Rachel Hollis into the search bar and check out all the fun things we have going on on your favorite platform

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