Athletes! Feminists! Friends! Supporters! 

We love you. That's the first thing we have to say. Y'all are the fucking best.
It is with a single tear in our eye that we are announcing an indefinite hiatus from Rise and Resist. Life has gotten super chaotic for us, and it has become increasingly difficult for us to work together given our distance and our schedules. Patreon supporters, our campaign will be cancelled within the next few days. We respect your time and money and want you to only donate if it feels worth it. 
Y'all have been fucking amazing with your support over the past 1.5 years. We have watched our community morph and grow and we have felt held and supported by the constant emails, listener commentary, and consistently rising download stats. Our niche market is small but mighty. Feminist lifters, you are literally our favorite. 
We will miss the shit out of you, but you don't have to miss us! 
You can find Holly by joining her power or olympic lifting distance training groups, coaching with her in person or remotely, and signing up for the new ethic newsletter (all possible by hitting up the New Ethic website). Of course, you can also follow her on Instagram to keep as up to date as possible.
You can find Lacy by coaching with her in person in Portland, visiting Liberation Barbell or Super Strength Health, listening to her podcast with her partner, Adult Crash or checking out her new solo podcast, Femmes to the Front
And for one last one rep snack....Lacy's final morsel of deliciousness is fucking peanut butter and Holly's is a Timeless quad latte.
Thank you again. You've truly helped us stay the most stoked.
Lacy and Holly. 
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