I’m going to mix it up a bit and give you a quick Motivational Minute. This is where I give you highly actionable advice to apply to your day immediately. Today, we are talking about taking the shot. To do that, you must identify and visualize the targets you want to hit. You might not get it on the first, second, third or tenth try, but in the process, you will continue to get closer and closer to your goal. 

If you like this sort of advice then you’re going to love my new book and audiobook Rise and Grind, available wherever books are sold. 

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00:00:03What's up this is damon john the people shark i'm going to mix it up a bit and give you a quick motivational minute howard by zip recruiter this's where i give you highly actual advice to apply your day immediately now let's get into it today we're going to
00:00:19talk about you got to take that shot one the power facts of my rise of run book is that there are thirty thousand companies that applied to shark tank each year only two hundred over them will be brought in front of the sharks and you will only see
00:00:34one hundred of them but after ten years on the air you've seen everybody who decided to take that shot i want you to write down today three specific targets that you want to hit and i want you to take that shot you will not necessarily hit him the
00:00:51first day the secondary even the ten twelve or even one hundred but you will eventually get closer and closer to that gold i want you to visualize and see these targets clear in your head close your eyes because you cannot hit a target that you can't see go
00:01:09out today write down those three points those three targets and take those shots now if you like this highly actionable advice then you're going to love my new book and audio book rise and grind available wherever books are sold if you're hiring right now my listeners can try
00:01:30zip recruiter for three just goto Zip recruiter dot com slash rise it's The smartest way to hide

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