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00:01:17very formal european style building on a quiet side street on the upper east side of manhattan Oak table's High ceilings in the library long ribbons of leather bound volumes and five different bus of sigmund freud All in a row i went there to meet with the society's president
00:01:38michelle press a psychoanalyst herself With that lovely quality of patients and openness the best therapists always have I wanted to talk with her about a subject that i've always found deeply interesting What freud called para praxis But not just anyone's Para praxis the king's para praxis My name
00:02:06is malcolm gladwell You're listening to revisionist history My podcast about things overlooked and misunderstood After the first two episodes on memory earlier this season i decided to do a third It involves an odyssey Thiss odyssey took me from the pages of the handbook of cycle biography to a
00:02:31shrine in tennessee to the legendary battery studios in times square and to the hushed offices of the new york psychoanalytic society where i sat with michelle press in search of an answer to a simple question What if a singer couldn't remember the words to a song A song
00:02:50hit song a thousand times particular parts of the song the same part of the song over and over What would that tell us about the singer It was a term in german faulty acts or faulty functions It would be slips of the tongue It could be misreadings miss
00:03:12hearings but it's for its invention michelle press is talking about para praxis from the greek para meaning abnormal beyond praxis meaning act abnormal speech acts or as they are mork locally known freudian slips does freud mean that there are no accidental slips Or that if you look at
00:03:36the range of accent steps you confined meaning in some So when you read him he doesn't want to sound that kind of definitive He'll say yes maybe one might prove that there some that are truly accidental or truly a result of fatigue or of maybe some you know
00:03:55medical illness But he said if you do the work one will find the reasons for the slip that they're not accidental that they have He called it a sense and that that sense has to do with unconscious forces or unconscious ideas that air trying to find expression but
00:04:13our because they're unacceptable They emerge in these ways when one might be unguarded Now is that concept of unacceptability central to the notion of para praxis Yes what wass over here madam So strange In nineteen fifty six early in his career elvis presley recorded a song called old
00:04:52shep it's a sentimental song about a boy and his dog shep written in the nineteen thirties by red foley The dog gets old and sick the vet says There's No hope the boy aims his rifle it shep to put him out of his misery But he can't pull
00:05:07the trigger He lies down next to shep cradles him in his arms as the dog dies and the song ends Shelby has gone Weather Let's go But if dogs have That's all No One for you cool old shep is not One of elvis is more famous songs But
00:05:59in an essay published in two thousand five on elvis the psychologists alan elms and bruce heller having aside about a small but significant discrepancy between the original version of old shep and elvis is cover I'm going to come back to heller and elms in awhile because they really
00:06:17do the most thorough analysis of elvis's Lyrical para praxis But let's start with old shep Listen to hank snow performing the lyrics as they were originally written The boy has just put away his gun realizing he can't shoot ship So i threw down little gun ran right up
00:06:41to his sound Hey ladies faithful hold him right on me On a friend i stroked the best pound but a man ever found I even esso i scarce Now listen to elvis Sing his version I had to the best friend of man I'm so scared Hank snow sings
00:07:28i stroked the best pal a man ever found meaning that the boy considers an act of violence against his best pal then decides against it and takes instead the path of nurture and sympathy he recovers his humanity but elvis sings i had struck the best friend a man
00:07:47ever had which turns the meaning of the song completely upside down the boy does not recover his humanity he now holds himself responsible for an act of violence against shep an active islands that in fact he did not emmett stroke become struck and all of a sudden the
00:08:04song about moral redemption turns into a song about morbid remorse Now i suppose you could say stroke struck whatever those two words sound the same it's just a cover but it's not just a cover elvis was obsessed with old ship it's the first song he ever learned on
00:08:24the guitar He played it incessantly as a child at age ten he played it at the mississippi alabama fair his first public performance He played it at his high school talent show and won He played it on dates with girls he played it well into his career and
00:08:41why does the song resonate so much with him It's a song about love betrayal and loss themes that are the center of elvis's life he's a twin listwin someone whose twin died in utero and he's obsessed by that fact he brings it up again and again the loss
00:09:01of someone who should have been his closest friend elvis's mother gladys is to say the least Unusual she's controlling intense he calls her baby gladys died when alvis was just twenty three When he first saw her casket he threw himself on top of her body then step back
00:09:23and talked about how beautiful she was While pointing to her dead feet he called them her little cities He did this again and again At the end of the funeral service he lay on top of her casket saying i want to go with you I don't want to
00:09:40stay here i can't be without you and we haven't even gotten to priscilla alvis is wife He spotted her when she was fourteen and eventually convinced her to move in with him in memphis Once elvis took you to a movie This is priscilla being interviewed by barbara walters
00:10:02ters in nineteen eighty five Why Why that fascination I don't want it I don't know what the fascination with this is not the first time that he had done this I don't know if it was for the shock value you know to see how people would react or
00:10:15just for his own Thrilled that you wrote There were times when you and elvis spent days in the bedroom freezing bedroom He liked effect Hold the windows with blackout drapes or no sunlight entered They have today It went into weeks Yes we've stayed like that We had our
00:10:37food delivered uh by the door and it was cold I mean he did like a cold and it was dark and i could get really lonely and that's that's how he uh like it at times but it's cool almost like a wound You think priscilla and barbara walters
00:11:02are on a white couch surrounded by pink flowers Priscilla is in a strapless sundress She looks amazing Barbara walters turns to her and says alvis controlled your looks your clothes your hair your makeup He controlled you totally priscilla says Yes he did Then six years you lived there
00:11:22before he decided to marry in those six years of sleeping with him every night He never had intercourse with you You wrote in your book that there were times when you beg him six years Two simple why Well again you know i can only go back to what
00:11:46his concept was what he wanted in a woman and somewhere he uh along in his past he said that he wanted a virgin Elvis is complicated And what does freud's theory para praxis say that complicated feelings inappropriate maybe unacceptable feelings are normally suppressed but every now and again
00:12:12some little bit of that buried emotion slips out And if you're paying attention and listening closely that little slip khun tell you something struck for stroke But old shep is just the beginning for elvis The rial para praxis occurs in Are you lonesome tonight a song originally written
00:12:36in the nineteen twenties and which elvis took to the top of the charts just after he came out of the army Humans huh Keyser Well six take two Elvis at the studios on music row in nashville april fourth nineteen sixty The recordings from the original session now held
00:13:19in the sony music archive Yeah this is his numerous takes here so they fall apart They make a mistake And what have you john jackson and vic and asinine from sony Me all this thing together at the legendary battery studios in manhattan where everyone from john lennon to
00:13:37bruce springsteen recorded holy ground i started my quest At the very beginning is your sure Tell me dean are you two So maybe is he uh well he records that by the jordan air singing along with them Or they think that i don't know No he always preferred
00:14:21to have everyone in one room yeah and record live even one room not in booths or no you don't no you hated booths recording the song was not elvis's idea it was a favorite of the wife of his manager tom parker in the studio elvis asked the lights
00:14:37be turned off to the room was in darkness he did five takes he didn't like any of them it was four in the morning when he recorded it so he made everyone get out of the studio go away and then he just did it yeah and then they
00:14:52this is the second take which they told him of the background singers you know p pop because he said just stop the tape you know i'm done they said just to once more because you know we got people up on their so the third take ends up being
00:15:05the master i always see when they held up their label held it back for seventeen months because they didn't realize what they had in their hands yeah it was seven months i think after he reacted they released it is a single and didn't go out that he had
00:15:19done eight songs for ellis is back and uh this was just like yet just try this one recorded in the wee hours of the morning in darkness as a favour to someone else a song neither elvis nor his label particularly liked it's almost like the song had a
00:15:36curse on it right from the beginning And from then on elvis could never quite get it right I talked about this with michelle press at the new york psychoanalytic society elvis wasn't typically someone who forgot the words to the songs he's saying it's all these examples out of
00:15:55his life of him being able to recite to sing from memory massive amounts of stuff come on we're interested about that but i'm worried about you so i said i'm worried about time no i'm interested in that and i want to get what what would you make of
00:16:14that has a psychoanalyst i try to go on but of course i'm talking to a hard core freudian i meant to say i was interested but what came out was worried i mean i'm still caught on your slip obviously thinking what do you what do you make of
00:16:33it So one thought was whether the slip might be key to something that you're figuring out and puzzling with with him because you're right now you're immersed in him oh i am i've been singing this song under my breath for months i can't understand why i've never been
00:16:54an elvis fan i don't own a single song of hiss or um i um i drawn to the story because isn't this story that i'm talking tio the great anxiety of anyone in a creative field that moment when you lose control right where the the presentation to the
00:17:14audience it is unmasked i want you i want to show you i take out my laptop pull up youtube there's A mountain of elvis on youtube one of the last performances of his life It's bananas I mean it's he's too singing a song He sink thousands of times
00:17:35and he just completely loses control of it I can skip it Get in here Okay I wonder if kun wants of a night You know someone said runs a state You need to play a part playing Plus tanks originally No miss They came back to it's Got the
00:18:12word change straight when i first saw it it as someone in there I mean i'm not elvis but i'm someone to create a field It terrified me it's like up on stage doing what he's paid to do any he just like i remember growing here in your life
00:18:37Go on living Now the stage is bare and i'm sending there Got a name You will come back to me What every live performance he's ever given off this that we have on tape he mangles the bridge I can't do it right it's his which he's returning to
00:19:03the song again and again again again again and doing the same kind of in this particular always a bridge so singing part he's almost for how many years did this go on years okay in nineteen to this life conversion was raised in the uk We turned twenty five
00:19:21singles chart at battery studios I made the sony guys play every version they had They even have names laughing Elvis crazy elvis each one stranger than the one before the world's a stage and each must play a part Yeah There's sweat and tears streaming down his face What
00:20:07No It goes on like this on and on No Here Have you ever played the sun before No i never put before and if i put a bunch of she played a bunch of his stuff my foot standby switch back I'm with jack white at his studio in
00:21:07nashville Third man records jack white formerly of the white stripes one of the great rock n rollers of his generation and a huge elvis fan he's a shrine to elvis in his hallway Actual shrine All that's missing is flowers we met in his private office lots of black
00:21:24and yellow and leather and taxidermy He sat on the couch with a guitar Do you play on Do you play al hassan's concert Sometimes i do Clear what Treatment Let me just say i'm just saying wait don't stop I'm enjoying it Anything any other ones You teo wait
00:22:11why do you Why that one What about that song I heard that early from a band called the flat duo jets that i really like aunt i didn't know it was elvis and then when i heard the alvis for tonight connected to two o now you and i
00:22:24started doing it When i put in coffee houses i started playing that was like sixteen Yes on those back which is funny I eventually heard a story of robert plant telling elvis he loved that song when leads up and met ellison And when they walked out off the
00:22:41hallway that l was poked his head out in the hallway and sang that song to robert plan they sang it back to each other and you're crying and must have been an amazing moment Jack white owns the original acid a pressing of elvis's first recording from nineteen fifty
00:22:58three my happiness after we talked white took me into his vault to show it to me It's priceless he asked me if i wanted to hold it I was too terrified to say yes jack white seemed like the right person to see to try and understand elvis's problem
00:23:13in are you lonesome tonight All right this is gonna take a crack And you have to give her a couple worlds Are you alone song tonight Do you miss me Teo are you sorry We drifted Does your memo restraint to a bright sunny day We're not kissed you
00:24:02and called you sweetheart Do share in your partner seem entity and do you gaze that's a dog it's me There is a heart filled with thane Shall i come back here tonto You want so That's the first half of the song the sun version all questions A man
00:24:49is wondering whether his lover misses him Then comes the spoken bridge in which the emotional tables are turned and the man leaves himself bear Are you lonesome Tonight has been recorded countless times over the years A lot of performers leave out the bridge because it's corny and way
00:25:07too long and hard elvis kept it in So does jack white I wonder if you're lonesome you know someone said that the world's a stage and each must play a part Fate had me playing in love with you as my sweet That one was where we were I
00:25:32loved you at first glance your reg alonso clever never missed a cute thing came back too You seem to change you're acting strange and why i've never known Honey you lied when you said you loved me And i had no cause to doubt you But i'd rather go
00:25:58on hearing your lives and go on living without you Now the stage is there and i was standing there with emptiness all around Come back tio Action is your heart filled with shell back d'oh Teo no Wait you you enjoyed that I did it gets it gets there's
00:26:49some nice parts Where gets the you can see a playing that live now I just did that Like what We just did that and i played it once yesterday i reading this uh but now playing like that i could see why live you could really that really could
00:27:05be to be in a really emotional song so i didn't really think about until just then What led you to think that just now Because it feels like well to the mind it's a lot of minor chords so that that that's already gets you in that melancholy vibe
00:27:20But it has it has that What just occurred to me now is he doesn't he doesn't know you don't really care that if she's lonesome here he's lonesome that's the singer islam's and it's a it's a mcguffin teo pretend like i'm worried about you are you lonesome tonight
00:27:38you know but it's really he's the singer is worried about himself so that could be you know you take that kind of emotional song and you put years and years on stage and then you put drugs in the mix and then in your own state of mind time
00:27:55it could be a re you you could be onto something there it could be a real diversion that it's too powerful saying what's fascinating is that this uh some parts the singers in control and he's worried about her right spoken parts the singer is vulnerable is confessing his
00:28:13own and it's still screwed up it's like i know you lied to me and i wish you hadn't right which i didn't know that you lied to me because i'd rather be in the state of being deceived than know the truth which is the right seventeen convolutions of
00:28:29neuroticism is he's still he's still blaming her most of the lines still still pointing the finger white says you can't run from that kind of emotion not if you're singing the song properly and so when he writes songs he tries to establish some distance between himself and the
00:28:47feelings he's singing about i tried to push it into a character's standpoint rather than it being a self confessions confessional for me because i think that would be really hard to consistently keep living that moment over and over and over again I've definitely seen older artists ignoring certain
00:29:07parts of their certain songs in their career because it's probably too close to home about something or other But you can't avoid a song's emotional effects all the time and especially not when you have to read a soliloquy in the middle of it which is what the are
00:29:22you Lonesome bridge is a speech parachuted into the heart of the song I had a little flub moment at one point trying to figure out well wait a minute it's a waltz You know you have that So if i'm like I wonder if two three one two three
00:29:47one two Freeze here Your brain kind of wants to go I wonder Are you lonesome tonight That's what your brain wants to do You know someone said that the world's a stage you must each play apart Then it starts to get that So it breaks down Yeah I
00:30:07mean you know i mean i would i can definitely say that this would be a lot easier if someone else was playing guitar and i could just recite uh that part which should i recited while you play the guitar Yeah let's do that I'm not going to torture
00:30:22you with my rendition of the spoken bridge Well maybe later I'm just saying until i die i can say i i play with jack white and then because how many opportunities am i going to get like this I asked jack white to help me edit the soliloquy if
00:30:39one were to rewrite it I'm thinking you that you uh you lose the first three lines Fate had me playing in love us my sweetheart or even act one was when we met What Why don't they just start with act one teo Act one was where you met
00:31:03I loved you at first glance he read your lines so careful Never missed a cue What do you say Carefully carefully club beautiful from security Then came act two you seem to change You acted strange What did jack white do there The actual lyric is you read your
00:31:29lines so cleverly he said you read your lines so carefully carefully for cleverly a man singing one of the songs of his musical idol comes to the emotionally complex center And what do we hear A moment of vulnerability Can he be as clever as elvis he's Not sure
00:31:51he must be careful pair of praxis sometimes you know i love i love him so much and that you know i'm afraid to learn more about certain things like you know when you start you so close to it and you've experienced certain things about you know nothing in
00:32:09comparison to what he went through but you're in this state where we do the same kind of thing we perform and we go on stages and we make records and all this stuff from a different time period But you notice these tiny little moments that air when you
00:32:23when you see something like oh i know exactly what that's about i know exactly what that feels like there are ten known live recordings of elvis performing Are you lonesome tonight Starting in nineteen sixty one in a concert of block arena in honolulu up to the end of
00:32:43elvis's life in nineteen seventy seven alan elms and bruce heller analyzed them all in there s a twelve ways to say lonesome assessing air and control in the music of elvis presley Elms and heller find that elvis performs the sung portion of are you lonesome tonight mohr or
00:33:05less flawlessly Because the sung portion is the part of the song where the singers in control but in the spoken bridge the narrator is suddenly the one who's been deceived and rejected and that's the part elvis can't get right Elms and heller count a total of one hundred
00:33:23and nine errors in those ten live performances of the spoken bridge twenty nine of which involved just four lines I loved you at first glance where he confesses the depths of his feelings you seem to change You acted strange where he testifies to his betrayal and rejection and
00:33:46why i've never known where he expresses his feelings of anger and victimization and with emptiness all around where he admits to islam innis The most problematic renditions of the bridge are the later ones which come after the summer of nineteen seventy two What happens in the summer of
00:34:09nineteen seventy two and one day you went in and said i'm leaving There was another man in your life He was your karate teacher right mike stone and you went off then and lived with him here priscilla presley back on the couch with barbara walters america's primetime freudian
00:34:30it was said that elvis tried to kill him I wanted him killed right Do you believe that I think at that time yes he did He wanted that to happen I do The chairs in your parlour seem empty and you gaze at your bald head I wish you
00:34:56had Pain Shall i come Tell me are you no I will A man who fears betrayal and abandonment is betrayed and abandoned I had no cause It's Too much he's A wreck your baby Tell video This episode is brought to you by fiji water With the all new
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00:36:20make it perfect for even the toughest workout Fiji water is earth's finest water Find it in stores or set up home delivery at fiji water dot com After i left jack white i went to see bobby braddock just down the street at the sony studios on nashville's music
00:36:39row This's just you may remember bobby braddock from season two of revisionist history He's the legendary songwriter i called the king of tears Braddock wanted to introduce me to a good friend of his a singer songwriter named casey bowls That's a church across the alto Thirty something long
00:37:06red hair The kind of person who if you touch you expect a little jolt of static work Way were in the biggest of the sony recording studios on the main floor in a corner where the piano wass Casey saying are you lonesome tonight with bobby on the piano
00:37:34No you miss me Eight waitressed Then we sat and they talked about nashville They talked about how they both grew up in the church of christ the most strict of southern fundamentalist denominations and they talked about elvis My dad thought he was elvis i think yeah he really
00:38:03he was the church of christ on later and really wanted to be a jordan air badly And so ray walker was one of the jordan airs and he tried to emulate him by way of dress and hair style And so i grew up either hearing him say hello
00:38:18darling knost isi or doing this sort of you know is it vaudeville style or just just sort of a over the top model in style i guess his model in a way it's a modeling Then bobby braddock started talking about recitations the spoken part in many older country
00:38:37songs and he made the same point that jack white did that they're much easier if they're set to music If you could just as easily sing them like i wanna braddock's most famous songs he stopped loving her today the wrist like She came to see him win Yeah
00:39:01Wait you could think that she came to see him one last time wait and that works either way but this is just like a We've got this song let's get a recitation threw it in there and they always made it work and i'm thinking just instinctive religious because
00:39:24he was uh he was just so good recitations are unusual these days Braddock hasn't written one since something he did for toby keith in the nineteen nineties less successful recitation song i am was actually it was that what actually was it was a heart thing I want to
00:39:42talk about me that that was talking talking way that's what i'm thinking about it but you can You can you pay a little slice of that remember natasha keith and they were never do that Why do they always always do it with the karaoke e thing when i
00:39:59get up there and play this thing Don't talk about me when we're talking about I want to talk about number one that you talk about your work How your boss is a jerk You talk about church and you hit me first Talk about the trouble you've been having
00:40:13with your mother and your dad with your brother and your daddy and your mother and your crazy ex lover you know And then it's on then the minutes for menstrual period line which everybody said you can't put that in a song nobody'll ever got it you know and
00:40:29it was one of the biggest some say right about your medical charts and when you start yeah take that out nobody record toby keith did he's probably want one who would have the then i showed them the prize i brought it my bag my copy of the handbook
00:40:51of psycho biography containing the heller and elms essay i will not have my book here tell you especially you know that is fascinating to a pair of elvis fanatics it was like i'd unearth the dead sea scrolls what's the book simple called handbook of cycle biography and it
00:41:11has an essay on this song wow shackled and so yes so here's so this guy has gone through made a chart away all of the lyrical mistakes that elvis made in every known live recording oh yeah these were two songwriters on i felt they immediately saw themselves in
00:41:32that chart do you find yourself making the kind of errors sometimes even subtle ones that you know we've been talking about that's so interest i wrote a song about my mother called somebody something and my mother is adorable and whenever you heard about things going wrong or like
00:41:50some tumultuous story it was my dad and so i finally was like you know what What were the only person in the family that there's nothing i haven't written about so is trying to dig dirt on her and there was nothing and so i ended up writing this
00:42:01song about her called somebody something and i cry every time i do it and there is a line that says you know she's always been somebody something she's lived every life but her own um and it's gone i can't remember it right now i don't know that thing
00:42:18i can't remember it there's always been somebody something's been everything but alone a daughter a mother a lot a daughter a lover who i fanned the mother she's lived every life but her own yes she's always been somebody something and there's a line that says you know she
00:42:38she wonders what it might be like to be somebody else and she wonders when it feels like to be free but she's always imagined being nobody's nothing in that sense and she never want to be but that line usually is just gone and a lot of times i'll
00:42:58go hold on and divert and tell a funny story really quickly yeah well what the specific line that's gone is which one uh let's go on again um she's always been somebody something spit everything but a wound daughter liver a daughter lover a wife and a mother she's
00:43:17been everything but alone yeah yeah why is it that long I don't know i think that i don't know i think when you see one she's so when you see somebody give so much of themselves and that's truly the only thing that she will never experience and i
00:43:40think it's what i've experienced the most stuff a minute before we were joking about toby keith now casey is pensive as she compares her mother's life to her own not being able to make a relationship work the first eighteen thousand times out of the gate or you know
00:43:58officially the first two and not being a mother and mr real closer right Yeah lover good shirt your church where there aren't Do i sit still because she makes me stay awake It's Good No when i was a kid but i get bored in church with my mother
00:44:17reached and pinch me you know i got smacked wait casey can you play that song Is it's gonna be to say okay Okay well we'll see if this happens Screw a plain cale girl you railroad town dream a shed seeing oh shoot hold on there's a little bit
00:44:54but elvis in this that's just random pulled on dream and see she holly But i'm gonna go again What did i just say Sorry i'm thinking about mom she crippling cowgirl She grew up playing cal girl railroad town dreams She'd see how some today She knew some distant
00:45:33friday with brett Just right Come and carry me away So far she can't see from there Those were just back that's All right Hold one second My first reaction to casey's failure of memory was to be embarrassed for her worried that she had lost control That's the way
00:46:09we're trained to think just listen to the words i've just used Failure embarassed worried in one way or another That's What this season of revisionist history has been about about the ways we judge each other for our mistakes and choices The easiest thing in the world is to
00:46:29look at those mistakes and condemn The much harder thing is to look at those mistakes and understand very and december in a dress her mama made She looked dog grownups standing there like that Had a honeymoon in memphis town Yes you elvis all around may love in the
00:47:01greyhound coming back so far she can't see from there those were just backs Life you went from somebody's daughter somebody's way para praxis is not failure When the performer slips the audience is not cheated It's the opposite para praxis is a gift I presented myself as interested in
00:47:36this story but now you know that this subject doesn't just interest me It worries me Losing control is my great anxiety when jack white said carefully instead of cleverly it was a hint that playing elvis wasn't a trivial matter for him It was a sacred act carefully full
00:48:00of care and elvis after the loss of priscilla sang a song hit song a thousand times only now in a way that gave the audience a window on his pain Mistakes reveal our vulnerabilities They are the way the world understands us The way performers make their performance is
00:48:24really so bobby braddock and i sat there listening to kc sing tears in her eyes fumbling to remember the lyrics of a song about her mother Fumbling Not because her mother didn't matter to her but because she did She's Always there She's everywhere She said that's his car
00:49:19So he's God's Beautiful Why are you covering your mouth I'm just that's just weird Because i've never it's Just weird When you're thinking about what it is like i just thought oh bad memory Too many songs old germany songs in there But at any point in time i
00:49:47could pull out A rap from new edition from nineteen eighty two Likewise that in there and something that you wrote is not in there That is so weird It's not weird A lesser person would have sung it perfectly Thank you for listening to season three of revisionist history
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00:50:45Florine williams is our engineer Fact checking by beth johnson Original music by luis kira Special thanks to kim greene and how humphries of storyboard mp in nashville and here in new york thanks to jason gambrell having viola rachel strong nicole bunches kate pascale christian minds are carly migliore
00:51:09andy bowers and of course el hefe Jacob weisberg I'm malcolm gladwell yeah Okay So will be a wonder if you're lonesome tonight You know someone said that the world's a stage and each misplay apart fate had me playing in love You was my sweetheart Act one was when
00:52:01we met I loved you At first glance you read your lines so cleverly never missed a cue I think a mac two you seem to change you acted strange and why i'll never know Honey you lied when you said you loved me and i had no cause to
00:52:26doubt you But i'd rather go on hearing your lives can go on living without you Now the stage is fair and i'm standing there with emptiness all around And if you won't come back to me make them bring the curtain down Good I'm not very musical The wellness
00:52:59industry is a multi billion dollar machine Selling grand promises Promises that we could be smarter stronger or happier But how many of these promises are true Each week on by the book we explore this very question in the most immersive way possible by living according to the rules
00:53:15A best selling self help books eating what they want us to eat dressing as they tell us to dress and talking as they say we should talk Join me crystal mines er and me jill ente greenberg on by the book from panoply Listen on apple podcasts or wherever
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