The Science and Design behind Virtual Reality

Leap Motion's open source Project North Star has been fascinating VR/AR enthusiasts for the last year, but due to the scarcity of sourcing the components, finding a fully built kit is quite rare.

Noah Zerkin, based out of Shenzhen, China has been focusing on fabricating and building the necessary components to build kits. He joins the podcast to chat about the headset, its advantages, and the challenges of what goes into building one.

Video podcast: https://youtu.be/G010rKFJMyY

Topics discussed:

  • the benefits of vertical field of view
  • the various ways of positional tracking for the North Star
  • The culture of Shenzhen and how people in China respond to AR in public

recorded in Feb 2019

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Video podcast

Project Northstar Kit - Buy


Guests: Noah Zerkin

Hosts: Az Balabanian, Petr Legkov

Podcast: Research VR Podcast

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