This week, a telephone scammer makes a terrible mistake. He calls Alex Goldman.


Further Reading

If you suspect you are a victim of a tech support scammer, you see a suspicious pop-up, or get an unsolicited tech support email, you can make a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission by following this link, or by contacting the company that the call center was impersonating directly.

Microsoft fraud report page
Apple fraud report page

Microsoft did a global survey of tech support scams in 2016, and the results are pretty interesting. You can find it here.

Oh, and don't be like Alex. Never let some stranger remotely connect to your computer.

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00:00:00is episode four Pilots ratified greats Brooklyn's first sneaker brand price check out the next bear grades.com and using offer code reply off that g r e a t s.com offer code reply-all
00:00:29from Gillett this is reply off I'm Alex Goldman PJ Vogt
00:00:36PJ yes so about 7 months ago the end of January I had just spent a long afternoon recording with producer Damiano marchetti and just during a break I got a phone call from a 1-800 number and I don't know what it is about 1 800 number is my natural impulses to just be curious as to who's calling me so I always pick them up really always do you have a natural impulse to open junk mail if the subjects funny enough okay so I get this call
00:01:10it is a robot saying your iCloud may be compromised 44885 Oo Oo we request you not to use your computer out the Mac devices before speaking to offset to find technicians
00:01:35your call is very important to us and you'll be transferred to the next
00:01:41thank you for calling online sporting I can do Alex how can I help you what a coincidence my name is Alex
00:01:55my middle name is Alex I go by Alex call you go by Alex okay Alex yeah I got a call that so there was some suspicious activity going on in my iCloud
00:02:07okay what kind of activity how do you know about that I got a call from you got to call yeah
00:02:13right Alex be home soon. Your IP address has been compromised from other countries in the last two days have you been to some other countries using your devices over there no
00:02:25until you have any computer like a laptop connects up with you yes I do
00:02:32I like the thing is that we need to hook up a computer so we can Rectify this kind of each you so is that possible you can access the computer please yeah I'm standing right in from sitting right in front of it just to be clear you guys from Apple
00:02:45guess I'll be certified technician to support apple that's right okay do you have some kind of ID that ID number that I can call Apple to cross-reference cuz I don't I bet I've never experienced anything like this before
00:02:58sorry you already calling us so you will call back to Africa for my ID number
00:03:04yeah well I'm trying to figure out what's going on here and I just I don't you know I'm curious what's going on
00:03:13so you want to call one of my technician here to verify my IP address on my ID right now I want to call Apple to verify
00:03:25you're already calling us so you want to hang up the phone and call me so I can know how do I know that you guys are Apple though what proof do I have I'm looking up this phone number I don't see it associated with Apple at all
00:03:38you can look at the game store I'm looking up this phone number online it does not say that it is any it's related to Apple in any way so I'm trying to figure out who you are who are you are you calling from Apple
00:03:51we are anonymous
00:03:56We Are Legion
00:03:58expect us your urine out of this your legion expect you are you coming are you coming for me
00:04:07will be divorcing all your social identities all of my me personally or like some sort of Charlie porn I mean you're going to just I want to be perfectly I want to be perfectly clear here you're saying that you are going to first of all destroy all of my Social Media stuff then you're going to leak it on to a porn site
00:04:44that's fine cool I'm recording this I hope that you like being on YouTube cuz this is definitely are going to go on there
00:04:55continuously tell him to channel real whatever you want loaded
00:05:00okay so what's up in all honesty like what is your what is the deal game you guys are running what are you what do you do when you call people what are you trying to get from them what do you sell them antivirus software is that the deal
00:05:20yeah yeah yeah that's what you do and how much are you selling it for $1 really 400
00:05:28and how unlike how off how many sales would you say you making a day
00:05:34here I go here we are around 50 to 55 people and we meet around 6 or 7 sales today so that's what's its like 7 for I'm really bad at math I'm sorry that's like $2,800 a day wow how much should I do you get to keep 50%
00:05:58yes don't you feel bad at all about scamming people who don't know anything about computers
00:06:05no why not
00:06:09why would I because you got a lot of money that's we have me spend who is you guys who are you talking about
00:06:18like three police cam but how do you know how much money I have
00:06:24we touch them like you make a judgement like somebody get the name Richard or having your buddy good name you say you like you feel of them as we having a good amount of money name is
00:06:39how did you choose me how do you so this guy who says his name's Alex Martin we talked for a couple more minutes I ask him stuff like how did you get my number and he won't answer me and then he hangs up so the second time I call back I did not get our smart and sadly I got a different guy so this site Charlie and I'm a certified technician who support apple customers nice to meet you Charlie and it says that your Apple ID has been compromised and rather than say right away I know this is a scam I let him diagnose my computer I let him connect to my computer really yes on the top of the browser in the address bar type of technical website that is www.
00:07:38Packers and moving on your swing yes I can so what did he do when he started it in there oh my God it is the best like I do not believe how amazing it was okay so what does I did is he got on my computer he opened up the terminal which is just as little window that allows you to enter text command in your computer I have been in there like twice will you open turn out looks like you're hacking a Mainframe in a bad movie right that's exactly what it looks like and he ran a command called netstat and what Nets that doesn't throw up a bunch of information about your computer like connections to the internet it has the old school hacker look that you're talking about
00:08:20so then he suddenly makes the terminal window incredibly small like you just day like postage stamp-sized yes so that he could still use it but I couldn't see what he was doing why did it get so small I'm done just give me a second and then he made it big again and written in it was something like iCloud compromised
00:08:56s s e d hack and then it said it what it meant to say was Zeus Trojan detected but what he did what he had typed was Zeus Trojan detected with no J what Zeus throw in
00:09:15used folding chair
00:09:24Translate Rogan now it's just throw in there's no J yet
00:09:30and then without missing a beat he continues to lock to let go through a script and he says
00:09:43okay is it good in front of comedian at that point I revealed again that I knew who what was going on Charlie I know that I know that you're scamming me I know that you're at least trying to scam me intelligence more about what was going on at the call center but he pretty quickly hung up on me a picture of you in the call center so it's like do not serve this man so I keep calling them back and eventually I realized the mistake that I'm making is that I am so excited to let these guys know that I'm on to them that I don't let them play out their entire script so I don't know what the full scan
00:10:43actually is so I called back again and I hope you and Alex the guy from the first call but I don't want him to know that it's me a different name is Rusty Savage and we go through the entire thing again all right person. We are connected through the terminal he runs netstat says I have a virus and then I say like oh that's terrible what do I do to fix it or some other technicians of love a line
00:11:18okay and they must be Spotify from Apple to handle this case so he forwards me to the technician level 9 and that technician tells me to go to a website called quick PC resolve quick PC resolve do you want to take a look at quickpc results.com hold on
00:11:38feel like I feel trepidation about visiting this website you shouldn't I hope that's what you say
00:11:46okay so I could I'm at quick PC or Okay so
00:11:57so it's a lot of stock photo there's a really happy business woman with her with her arms and a victory pose Next Generation tech support we assure you the best experience with us there are a lot of copywriting and in graphic design choices that suggest like this certainly is an apple like it looks it doesn't look great
00:12:18right so we got to this website and the level 9 technician was like okay so I'm going to need your credit card this is going to cost a couple hundred dollars and I was like okay listen I'm not going to give you my credit card information because I know this is a scam like how stupid do you think that I am do you just have a really low opinion of Americans in general and why you have a little penis
00:12:43you guys are conservative-minded people fighting for who is black and white everyone is human being but you guys are doing terrible thing to your brother or your people that live in your country we are telling them and girl robbing them and he was saying that you are very honest I'm going to be honest with you I agree with you but listen I am a human being you are also a human being do the new 1940 745 atom bomb on Japan amphibians a million people died paralyzed and disabled was 45 years before I was born so I only had so much decision-making power when that happened to listen to me you are all time
00:13:43you don't have an answer my question and you're giving me talk to you giving me a long speech about the human beings he doesn't it was a long and very frustrating conversation he got tired of me and hung up just like they always do and I would say under 5 minutes later I was getting ready to leave the studio
00:14:10and the phone the studio phone ring hello
00:14:15if I said Alex Goldman okay what's up he was Alex Martin again hi Alex how are you what do you mean
00:14:24why you said your name is Rusty Savage
00:14:33is going great body craving you your full when you got me now and it's embarrassing buddy I appreciate you calling me back man I don't want to talk to you a person who fooled me my goodness
00:14:48I don't know how I fell for you so the guy who I was talking to was really indignant and super mad is he actually a third party company or she just part of the same company or not he's just a poor person sitting next to me
00:15:08your famous words sound again Google you know when you got a guy having a hot salt here's a big fat and wear spectacles having a weird spinal I do have a large smile I don't know I mean but of course I want to see what do you do for fun
00:15:36I'm a hacker like piss me off I hack it so you going to hack me
00:15:44why would I be doing that you know if it's me oh well that's good I was worried that I might have made you mad I mean you did call me fat 2 minutes ago nobody OK Google let me see what are you what are you doing what are you do like you what do you do for fun at our play video games well you know here's the problem I have an old computer you you you know you've you guys have been on it plenty of times and it is I play I play on Steam but I mostly play like older games like Team Fortress 2 I like a lot of stuff like that what do you play
00:16:29would likely are you good at Counter-Strike
00:16:36pretty good I'll Helgen I suck at that game I suck at that gif I don't know I like I like you
00:16:47damn right away I'll give you a call. What am I
00:16:55he didn't call back how old do you think this person was that is like the homophobia of a junior high school or a high schooler he told me he was 22 he's a kid and I kept calling the call center back asking for Alex but I couldn't get him again it was like he totally vanished by this point everyone at the call center was just stonewalling me like they were totally done with me but I was not done with them
00:17:24I was determined to figure these guys out and I had a piece of evidence to go on that website quickpc resolve
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00:20:03Welcome Back to the show PJ this story has like ballooned in terms of its complexity and density and so I have since the beginning basically been working with producer Damiano marketing research he is in the studio right now hi BJ hey Damiana so you'll remember that before the break we have one piece of evidence to go on which is this website quickpc resolve we look up who is record for quick piece ears off and we found a couple of names associated with it and when we check to see if those people had any other websites we found this whole great constellation of skinny tech support websites that look exactly like quick P-Series off got it one website that was associated with these guys that was different which was it was this website called a costumes.com accostings like to someone it's a weird name for a website even weirder name for a company the company is called a customs infotech private limited okay and when we go and look at the website
00:21:03it's so different than the other ones we've seen it says very clearly that it's a call center and has what looks like a real address on Club Road in New Delhi as a real Indian phone number not a 1-800 number like all the other ones have and so we're like is this like the parent company like is the place where all of these scans are coming from
00:21:30I love so in order to figure that out I just called the number on the accountant's website hi I'm trying to reach technical support
00:21:38yep how can I help you say just to be clear this is quick PC resolve very much and so then I went to all the other websites I called all the other 1-800 numbers and ask them if they work with PC resolve and they all said yes it doesn't matter which one of these web sites would go to it doesn't matter which number we call they're all going to the same call center it's the same company is this company acrostics and so we started researching a costumes and there was this one name that kept popping up over and over again the same Kamal Verma and I was like who is this guy so I just started calling the call center and asking for him
00:22:22I'm just going through him technical support, hope you dearly is he there
00:22:41hello yeah trying to reach Kamal Verma
00:22:46please stop calling us I'm not going to until I start get the answers that I'm interested
00:22:57you know what you are an asshole asshole why would you say that
00:23:07because you are an asshole but why don't know about it
00:23:15Blue's Clues come on come on where I'm at so I don't know can you put me in touch with him
00:23:20do anything just stay with me stay with me for one minute
00:23:42hello hi yeah this is the wrong number sir no I didn't I know it's not the wrong number I'm going for a dinner bye bye
00:23:55so I didn't really get anywhere but on that last call you can hear a couple people speaking in Hindi faintly in the background so I got Shruti ravindran who is a producer on another game which show signs versus and also speaks Hindi to come into the studio and listen to see if she could translate for me the EVS said he keeps calling and he's taking this is a Hinduism taking, so there's name I mean he professed did not know this guy but he used like a respectful to him to call him so he does recognize them and then I think he was proposing by the end of the other person that you spoke to his proposal by the end to say it was the wrong number
00:24:42Trudy told us that these guys are using a term of respect for Kamal like a term that you would use for Superior and so we're pretty sure that Kamal is the boss of acrostics and Damiano starts the day really deep on this guy yeah I start doing tons of research on him at his Facebook page which of course has all these pictures on it and I want to show you one of them so come all and like all the bigwigs I think they like to go to this bar called chug it down the street from from the office
00:25:13Kamal is the second from the left
00:25:16oh he looks like the boss he looks like a tough guy right I mean he's just like he's got like
00:25:23everybody everybody who's not him is like a little bit like schlumpy are like I don't know he's got like a very Selanne haircut and like his clothes are a little bit more faster you just looks like the boss totally soap for weeks I was calling the call center and asking for Kamal in the meantime like I was dying to know more about this call center cost thanks
00:25:49hello hello hi how are you I started to find former employees listen to costing them their LinkedIn or their Facebook almost everyone we interviewed said I'll talk but please don't use my name when was it that you work there I've worked for two years of working as a sales person between 2009 to 2011 so this guy explain to me that when Alex and I are calling accostings most of the people that were talking to you are super young like this is probably their first job most of the Eastern northeastern part of India English like compared with any other part of India like that accent is quite understandable I guess so it's easier to recruit
00:26:47yes yes it is so what happens is like these kids they come from these look small rural towns while the time they get to the big city and they get what they think is just like a normal honest job hired and then they told me they have a legitimate process with them when you started they said we have a legitimate process with apple just bought something at all so she going on did anybody that you worked with the boys anybody that you were for the open about the fact that they were committing fraud or was everybody did everybody just pretend like that wasn't happening. They were people who know that this is not good happening but it's just that there was no other option to have to do it cuz if they have to go back to bed Hometown and kit that has no job too
00:27:40main reason yap's is how I'm in love with me it's like they were doing with everybody the same thing happened I did not receive my money they owe my money and I need to pay me but they don't they know that they cannot pay
00:28:13Alan I can give you all the information but make sure you don't they know this close my name because you know they would be asking me if they get to know that I give you all the information okay I can keep you Anonymous if you go against them or if you tell them this is what is going on what do you mean what what what what kind of threats did they give you
00:28:49if they get to know and I know that I have given you my information they have my resume and my home address with them and everything they have my phone number and everything so they might be no cops to my place and tell them that I have in all stolen their data or their company information and all that stuff
00:29:09so accosting seems like a pretty precarious place to work people told us that turnover they're super high people are quitting or getting fired all the time which explains something that I've been wondering about for a while which was Alex Martin the first guy that we talk to he had just completely vanished and it seems likely to me that he probably quit or got fired and we weren't really interesting which is that a costings it didn't start out this way like didn't always wasn't always so sketchy they actually started the company as a real tech support company and they're helping people with their problems and then like a couple years in it seems like what happened is that they were like you know what would be a better way of getting business instead of calling people like cold calling people and saying hey maybe you'll get a virus sometime in the future say you have a virus right now exactly and pay us $300 once you pay us to get rid of the virus that you supposed to have in your computer will also support you in the future and be your tech support company so they're lying but
00:30:09sing a real product exactly the way of drumming up business you go from being like the local security guard company to being a guy is like it'd be a shame if anything happened to her exactly and you know the whole time we thought about this company as being very remote for mice like a bunch of people in a room trying to scam us thousands of miles away but we talked to someone who used to work there who made us realize that their reach extends across the globe so what they told me that they were taking payments to check and us the name of the company is MSS marketing LLC in Pennsylvania
00:30:54call the woman who runs it and she said yes I used to take payments for a costumes but she claims that she shut MSS marketing down months ago interesting so every time someone gets scammed on the phone by another country or not maybe I every time but basically if somebody tricks you on the phone and take your credit card whatever they need to have a Confederate who actually based in the country that you're at exactly and this isn't happening in the US we found these guys who live in Bradford England who are setting up websites and companies so that they can process money for accostings in the UK and it seems like a costumes as being a ton of money we don't know exactly how much but based on what a former employee told me probably in the realm of that 2 million dollars a year and the people who are taking my calls they're being like intimidated by this company they're not making a lot of money they're being treated like crap but
00:31:51someone like the mall is probably cleaning up so it's like they say like every piece of information you learned it just makes come off like more and more of a cartoon villain character basically right like he is a big bad guy at this point exactly which is why it was so frustrating that we couldn't get him on the phone no matter how hard we tried and then executive producer Tim Howard came up with a crazy idea I'm can tell you what my crazy at the other day what to call and just say this is Kamal know what was Tims crazy idea like you need to throw these guys off balance a little bit like you're just being too straightforward they know what to expect from you they can just hang up on you yeah
00:32:36why don't you take one of the photos you found of them on Facebook make it your desktop background and then have them connect to your computer
00:32:48it's nutts wait so do you remember that was so excited when they call they like remote in and they do like the fake like you have Burg's thing or whatever you got Trojan Horse answer your plan is like when they remote into your computer they're just going to be like a smiling picture of like their bosses so this is a very very funny plan so what happened so I call up and some guy I don't recognize answers and we just start going through the routine where he gets on my computer to know your computer is going to connect to our secure server and after that we are going to run a diagnose and that okay little box showed up in the lower right-hand corner it says join session click on okay here I go
00:33:42and then I minimize everything on my screen leaving only the picture on the desktop
00:33:55okay wait a second
00:34:10free online therapy online
00:34:18Alex Murphy
00:34:29free online viewing
00:34:36pics of app
00:34:48if I could so much for being online service Alexander Martin how you doing today
00:34:57I'm doing great sir how are you I'm good what's up I'm doing great thanks for asking how's your day going through pretty good thanks
00:35:06that's good that's wonderful
00:35:09is this the Alex Martin that I talked to a while back this is Alex Goldman
00:35:13yeah they said the same Alex modern for you remember me how's it going man I've been trying to get in touch with you for weeks
00:35:20my goodness I was allowed for me to get all of them Tylenol in my location what have you been up to what do you think of my desktop background
00:35:28who are they give me a break come on man I know better than that
00:35:35are you a girl or are you one of them what are you so Alex dude I've been trying to get in touch with you man I've been learning a lot about quickpc resolved and accostings infotech and sort of like people who work there people who used to work there but I was worried that you might have gotten candy or something it's why I'm glad to hear your voice
00:35:58so what exactly what now well I just wanted to know how you were doing first of all second of all the reason I was trying to reach you is cuz I wanted I wanted to see if you you said you play Counter-Strike and you and I was wondering if you were on Steam cuz if you're on Steam I can give you my steam ID we could play some games together work to do or what up until this point Alex Martin has always been interested in me wants to talk about video games and stuff and all of a sudden In This Moment he becomes really hostile and honestly it kind of threw me off balance a little bit like I didn't know how to proceed this is my work but I mean you know when you're not at work you said you like playing video games I was wondering if you want to play some games together
00:36:46what game you like well let's see what do I let me just let me just bring up my Steam and see what I've got going on there you seem angry with me are you mad at me
00:36:57yeah no I'm about to be at all I'm very, very, very cool alright what am I got here to find out what exactly you want
00:37:09that's what I want to know so I've got I've got Team Fortress 2 Counter-Strike well so I got a call from this number a while back and and the the purpose of that call was to try and try and scam me out of money scam fortunately yeah yeah but I know that a lot of other people probably are being scared I'm a journalist
00:37:46so I mean you don't have any other companies to find out that are they doing scam or not well I'll give you some names of other companies that I mean servicing air time
00:38:13so he saying like if you come to me you won't get anything I'm not giving you any money and it's suddenly felt like I was talking to a boss and then it hit me that I might actually be talking to the boss like what Alex Martin is come on oh that is nuts
00:38:36so is this come all that I'm talking to is it really
00:38:42so if you don't like me or what or how am I supposed to every time I call I get a different name how am I supposed to know that this is Kamal because I already spoken with the call to me you know
00:38:59and you know as the conversation went on he started to refer to things that only come all with no like a few weeks before we made this call we had our co-workers Ruthie try to friend him on Facebook and he brought that up and I was like oh this guy that I'm talking to really is Kamal
00:39:20I can't even process that
00:39:25so the wow yeah I got in the floor manager the first time
00:39:33oh my God yeah
00:39:36no wonder he sounds like so at ease with what he's doing you know what I mean and Kamal basically said to me come Alex Kamal said to me like look you need to stop calling during business hours and it disrupting my text and I was like what do you want me to do and he gave me his number but give me his email address was like call me back when you like call back my number except calling my technicians on the floor
00:40:04that's so funny so at this point it's the end of March. Two months since the first call and I started just calling Kamal pretty regularly over then a couple weeks somebody pick up she would hey come on
00:40:23Mall hello yes yes your voice is breaking and which Kamal would you get what you get to come out that's like a cheering at you for being a slob in Lee American would you get the nice come out to talk to you about how you like to play Counter-Strike I got we got sort of like a laid-back kind of quiet come on it was a very different come all and I was used to you would just sort of answer my questions did you grow up in Delhi I belong to Punjab what made you move to Deli in the first place and then I thought I Live Oak and then I enjoyed and I'm honestly not learning that much these conversations we're just going to having idle chit-chat but at the same time me and Damiano are researching accostings and it's during this time that we realize that come all is not actually the boss Kamal is the bosses right-hand man so here let me show you this photo it's of them in their new office go there
00:41:23so many employees at this company. The whole team and the guy at the center
00:41:29that the top boss the guy named Deepak Verma traditional garb
00:41:38literally Kamal is his right-hand man at his right now maybe his personal phone number because he doesn't want his boss to know that he's talking to us and I would say a couple weeks after he gave me a cell phone number he started saying I think you know I think my time at this company is about to near days about to come to an end how you doing
00:42:07Delano so good these days salmon wait wait so you wait you're planning on leaving a costumes
00:42:24yep yep and starting your own business
00:42:28yep when you would say that did it feel like he wanted to leave the company to go start another scam company or was it like I want to leave maybe I don't want to scam people anymore
00:42:40it never seemed like he didn't he had like a particular moral qualms about scamming what he did did seem like he was kind of burnt out why do you want to leave
00:42:50it just like that I don't work anymore I just want to go relation stain Village my father days to call me every other day that come back come back
00:43:01and at first I wasn't super convinced that he actually wanted to leave I think you got it wanted to throw me off the trail but then you know I started I kept calling the call center and one day a couple months later
00:43:14yes I was very important to us be there so he left to talk to me what you mean so sorry that he's not available and he said yeah back in with my parents on the phone and he was like look I move to the city to see what it was like to try leaving a metropolitan life and I decided that it's not for me and what could be better than just hanging out waking up whenever I want going to bed whenever I want I'm not really having to work after costumes on bad terms which made me think a little differently about something he said to me a couple times on the phone to call me okay
00:44:14places like Taj Mahal in Agra I got a phone call from someone pretending to be at computers and just through sheer force of will and I guess a lot of free time me and Damiano managed to figure out a lot about these people and now an ex manager who parted on bad terms is inviting me to India and I asked him hey now that you don't work there anymore will you tell me everything I want to know and he said yes
00:44:53I mean how could I not go
00:45:21next time on reply all Alex and Damiano take a trip
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00:47:29the air on this planet is weird it doesn't allow for more than one sound travel at any time
00:47:45our lab
00:47:49Harold's instruments lying around
00:47:57you can never hear two at once
00:48:34do you have some of those beans from last night
00:48:37establishing continuity

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