Jimmy O. Yang returns. Jimmy was on our show a couple years ago, and his career keeps blowing up. We’d like to think we have something to do with that. But it’s probably the hilarious book How to American: An Immigrant’s Guide to Disappointing Your Parents. Or maybe it’s his character Jian-Yang on HBO’s Silicon Valley, or the roles in The Life of the Party or Crazy Rich Asians. My dude is killing it.
He stops by the studio to throw his success in our faces, and shares some amazing stories from the book. Then we make plans to go clubbing and go to Coachella.
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00:01:38Jimmy o Yang in this very nice studio for Rebel radio fuck you Josh
00:01:44what's up this is Rebel radio was going down the radio
00:02:02Rebel radio
00:02:05what's up Rebels welcome back to Rebel radio the weekly show where I talk to the rebels who are shaping youth culture we find out how they do it why they do it and what you can do to get a little piece of the pie for yourself Ross of the only show featuring new music every week for my friends over at edm.com check it out I'm your host Josh Levine this episode features the return of Jimmy o Yang the one and only funny Asian dude on Twitter Facebook and everywhere else you might know him is Jin Yang from Silicon Valley he's also got a ton of stuff coming out this summer he's in Crazy rich Asian he's in the life of the party with Melissa McCarthy is the author of a new book how to American and immigrants guy to disappointing your parents and he came through with some great stories hilarious stories from the book we're actually giving away a signed copy of the book autographed by Jimmy if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook at Rebel radio net you'll find out if
00:03:05tales of the giveaway and how you can win it Jimmy comes any share some stories from the book some lessons about dating on Tinder when you're famous and really my favorite story he talks about passing on a great opportunity in the hopes that he might get even better one I'm not going to spoil it for you except except I'll say it worked out for him but he easily might not have any kind of toxins through what was the stock process and and just how do you handle all that great stuff coming up with Jimmy o Yang on Rebel radio right after the eating m.com track of the week
00:03:52fucking got to work in a few hours.
00:04:00Yeah I see a lot of bullshit on a daily I just brush it off though I don't let it phase me dust off my shoulders and got me feeling like Jay-Z I dropped out of school so only
00:04:14Point like the pencil of a teacher's pet if you don't know yourself then you ain't met a teacher yet so Larry life little Niger look in the mirror and his story is alive but yours is a little understand where I'm coming from out of town but I'm underground where the Troublesome is everything but humble heavy man for himself I'd like the Royal Rumble all the youngest one cookie crumbles everybody trying to hang from the same tree what you expect when they Idols can't stay free in and out of jail like it was a 95 down a ride is the slogan for future homicide I hope you got it I was dating him. Contractor the week that was June love with z i t r I hope I'm saying that name right its jvvnl o v e stadium.com track of the week and let's get into it with Jimmy oh yeah I never saw myself
00:05:13I feel like it's more something like that yeah glad you came back I don't know what you been doing since then we're on this massive studio with the Apple TV 4K images of Beverly Hills like I just ran into a buddy of mine from high school yesterday at the farmers market and yeah he just sent a family business course everybody's rich and by the way hi I was the one that didn't have a family business to fall back into sure you know it's crazy so like you know I grew up here but but I became friends with a bunch of Beverly kids after like I was in college and but there was a generation
00:06:09probably like 10 years before you of all these white kids that were just super in the hip hop at Beverly I don't really like to meet him. He's Jewish kids give me so much hope that you said Alchemist that's what I wanted to do did you let's let's get into it so I realized I was like to start talking about music
00:06:52cuz I think it tells you what kind of person someone we talked about it last time you were here and I asked you mentioned like your dad was playing the Eagles for you so but what was the first the first record that you bought for yourself it's here and I want to say I want to downtown Santee Alley and bought some food like records I bought the Bad Boys 2 soundtrack with a Shake a Tail Feather track on me
00:07:33this one song called I swear to God I just called Gangster shitt with Snoop Dogg and little shit you know I love the game like like a really funny thing within the family and then I bought I think I bought like R Kelly's Chocolate Factory it's about it and maybe these back in the day I supported the local Merchants by buying their bootleg DVDs and I didn't really download too much from LimeWire I think I didn't after Back in the Day stuff and then I'm trying to think
00:08:25the first Kanye album turned it off a friend that that was a really good album I'm trying to think like what's like the first legitimate record that I purchased that's College maybe I had some money I remembered I did by Three 6 Mafia Most Known Unknown DVD I'm not really sure but it's really cool I love them and I think that was the first one I actually bought legitimately at like a Target or something that's so funny so and then do the book is amazing I love to listen to the audio and like hearing you read it so so much fun and it was like so many stories I could
00:09:14I don't know I was just a laugh my ass off but but you were talking about having a rap group producer friend Julian a my other friend use you was half black and half asian one and a half asian guys one and half black guys that yellow Panther
00:09:37so I'm curious like I don't know you you know you talked a lot about representation and I think that's a very important important conversation that that we're having anxiety right now I don't have to talk about
00:10:01but back then like you weren't you didn't see some other Asians and Hip-Hop and think oh I could do this learn Chinese for the number like really pissed right
00:10:29but yeah that wasn't like the party is moving then come until later and the producer wise I didn't even think I remember like a producer that was Asian or Chinese food so yeah it was just like I was in my dad didn't get what I was doing even for me I didn't believe that I could do it. SoundClick Soulja Boy blew up and I sold a couple of like on my beat on their one of them to a point cycle fudge stick.com it's right in the book now-defunct fudge stick.com imaginated they did make it
00:11:17I sold a some beats I'd like a technical as a professional it's it's it's like producers battling Pizza yeah it's very specific like not just hip hop beat making right at the point like I got pretty good at it I feel like I couldn't go I could have gotten like actually really good and professional doing that but I just couldn't sit in the studio for like 8 hours a day and really come up with Barry Eisler I would hate that I didn't have access to Like Rappers or anything like that could really wrap on my track so it's just me making tracks but not really songs. So it got the point
00:12:17just got kind of tired of it what did you think like
00:12:20how much of it was like I just want to do this and make something versus like I'm going to blow up and be like it was going to be my career when I started it was because I was just looking for Creative outlet and also I wasn't partying I was in love with the cool kids I wanted to hang like what the cool kids but I don't have nothing to do like playing PlayStation to my dad's house so I'm like dude it's better off if I'm making something then just kind of wasting my youth away you know so that kind of made me felt a little bit of the Floyd like to create creativity and just making and creating some stuff so I think it started off just like you know how to start off in desperation almost to fill a void and then it became more of a profession or became more of a passion
00:13:13what was the I mean even with stand up and I heard you telling Bobby leave this was listen to that on my way here in like talking about how you know some Comics like that's what they learn to do and that wasn't for you is like when I got this certain point because I started staying up I want to make friends I want to get laid I want a job I want money to maybe transition again on TV show and now at this point I'm okay and all those aspects right like I have really cool friends you know that I like I'm getting let you know how my doing this I didn't find a motivation anymore but they allow me to kind of really dig deep and find a real motivation why do you want to stay and now I'm talking about stuff that I actually want to talk about
00:14:13a lot of stuff you know excavated from the book store East I want to share and that's much more rewarding and and now I want to do it was there a point though that use you felt like like you start gaining momentum and stand up and you like okay I'm going to be stand up, cuz I like I think when I started getting good at it I don't know when a lot of luck a lot of nepotism people need to give you the job stand up it's Ray self motivating you to do it and we get good enough I see like for me and my immediate circle in San Diego I saw okay even though feature on the road for like $100 if if if you have a good 30 minutes or you can go to college cake and get paid like maybe two grand if you have an hour of the cereal so that was my
00:15:12how to build a my settings so I know I can make money like a little bit of money not like famous people little bit of money doing this and that and then when do colleges cruise ship corporate gigs and it make a very good living I know without being a famous comedian so I saw that as kind of like when I first got my like 15 minutes I'll just showcasing and stuff and you don't get paid every now and then but that was when I saw it like a road I was like oh this is maybe I won't get rich off of this there's a slight possibility but I could at least make some money on this and survive speak about money
00:16:00obviously like now you got big things happening and not rich yet but like it's like what's the biggest check amount what's the biggest
00:16:14like a one-time thing I did a thing for kugel okay it's like one day shoot they're playing our characters in Silicon Valley pets for one of their promos did you what's the stupidest thing you bought this Rolex. Which is better collectible thank you literally yesterday I bought this Cartier watches that has diamonds in Creston on it it's like a fun thing you know maybe I can write it off if I shoot a music video with her sir
00:17:14I was drunk I was on Amazon and it's $300 I would like to see the Amazon like time of day when people are buying certain things yeah I like cuz I bet there's a lot of late-night craziness happened it was a couple of years where I was shooting still come alley but my character wasn't that big yet and I don't have anything else so I have a little bit of money but like I was just sitting at home a lot and I was just literally buying ship from Amazon everyday like bullshit but you know for sure it's like a mystery friend that's not a good sign
00:18:03so like are you doing smart things with your money yeah I just read Rich Dad Poor Dad huh are you flipping houses I want to maybe get some to put on I think is like the exact recipe for the housing prices because it's like definitely about people like yeah leveraging I'm saving my money now Trista market so hot I don't know maybe it will but I'm saving my money now and then maybe if there's not a downturn I can scoop up something but it's so I try to buy a house in the east side here and stuff like that and then I am just getting like a really like a modest condo here that I like an apartment that I pay into so nothing crazy yet
00:19:03give me my money and seeing if there's some update on my buy some
00:19:10hey just a quick promo for what's coming up on Rebel radio we're headed out to the south of France to the can lions Festival of creativity the most important Global Gathering of the advertising and marketing Industries will be out there podcasting live catching up with some of the folks speaking on the entertainment tracking and maybe who knows who else will run into out there I'm not going to give away any names but stay tuned in the coming weeks for some episodes recorded live at the Cannes Lions Festival of creativity
00:19:50like so you know in the buck you talk about the struggles coming up and eating Ramen and just kind of just barely making it by right and so now okay maybe not rich but we have you got a great TV show you got I'm Contact movie after movie coming out we just watch Patriots awesome have you been to the volunteer and this year I just came back from Boston I was doing a show there so yeah yeah I won't I won't run in it I'll just know some water I mean it was great but it was horrible nice I need to work out like my back's been sore for no reason
00:20:50yeah but I know you got an idiot if you want to show you need to definitely but you got Life of the Party coming out and then crazy Rich Asians that's hoping that's going to be a black panther Asian cast in 25 years wow spectrum of a funny Asians really good looking Asians romantic and just like passing out the attic right fun fun movie Let's Go
00:21:43so what I'm wondering is like
00:21:46you know you go like something about it was the The Catalyst but is there something you did cuz a lot of people to see actors like the W on the hit show and then you never see them elsewhere for something like as my career just died like I might do I have enough money or you did like you so you get on the show that's great but is there something that you've done to then build all the sudden momentum I think that's beer makes me try to do as much as I can while while the sun is shining what would make it hey what what's the saying make hay while the sun shines
00:22:46I think it's acid pastoral yes another hustle saying you know so I think I'm just trying really hard to use that moment when the bill whatever and I think Patriots Day was really big for me in a way that I stablish myself, d as a traumatic actor and unfortunately not a lot of people thought I wish more people would have seen it but the material objects or people watch everybody in Boston watch it nobody else want to go watch like a terrorist that just happened in this country and see when there's new ones have going crazy so it's tough It's a really really good movie that's great but you know the materials out there so we can always send it out to cash my check so he can actually act you know
00:23:46then I think with this book how to American that just came out I'm starting stylish myself as I let you know Matt Rider you know so I think things like that it's like the beginning phases what I want to do more I was going to ask why why put out a book I am I have enough to keep you busy now yeah but you know when I can and also I really just want to share the story it's not a lot American stories out there especially all the stuff surrounding the news and I just want to put like a human face on it you know and in a fun way and hopefully I can turn this into like a TV show or something in the future and it just something I really want to write and it's all the stories I already know that I want to put out there an honest way you don't know my story and it's a little more honest approach then stand up comedy stand-up it's a little more structured set up on you got
00:24:46the fuel punchline 30 seconds or I mean but this is just able to write a therapeutic process for me and responsible and great and like a little kid send me a DM on Instagram is like hey man I'm 15 I just woke from China last year and this is the first book in English. Right when nobody's help and I was like really nice and he was like yo my dad's exactly this way I'll even like it was not Asian reading as I know it's funny you know I get to know you more and that's what I want to do I just want to put myself out there and an honest way so people know me more than just a character on Silicon Valley and I think in our industry it's just all about creating eyepiece you know until after properties sure that's are that's our savings account
00:25:37yo this stuff is great I hope you're enjoying it if you are we had Jimmy on about 2 years ago right almost at the beginning of the show he has some great stories back then telling us how we how we learn English by watching BET and I'm just a lot of lot of stories from early in his career if you want to go back in the rebel radio archives you can find that on iTunes on Soundcloud have Rebel radio nut and of course let's finish this one up with Jimmy o yang
00:26:10I was talking about I was talking to a pretty famous older comedian friend of mine he doesn't believe in investing is money with a business manager and stuff like that he was like where credit's like I already make money like like you know my account telling me that my money make money with that because how I make money is creating stuff as long as I keep creating don't fuck with my money and I'm like oh my God that's that's actually very interesting thought I thought about where like Alchemist and hopefully he will buy it right you know
00:26:49yeah it is also incredibly stupid because yeah so why I could just spend everything I make one day maybe that job goes away maybe you're maybe you can't work anymore or you don't want to work anymore there's a whole bunch of
00:27:11when he gives you options for sure if you have to do in create something in order to eat you have fewer options yeah but I mean no disrespect to your friend not at all and I don't agree with that Financial sentiment but what I took away from that was like wow that's artist we can literally turnout will literally printing money while mine for sure and that's what's great about it we just got keep creating man you know instead of cuz sometimes when when I do get into the money Loop I'm I'm talking like kind of too much and I'm worried about the money that I have instead of worrying about making more you know one of you
00:28:04what about you know I'm sure there's a lot of stories not in the book like other lines that you won't cross I mean that you're pretty like you're pretty open yeah I don't get like that you're trying to like shock anybody right in that way but they don't seem to be like you want to talk about the family stuff is very honest is very well-written yeah but why why did you say your grandpa house had a grandpa smell why did you say that I credit card that that was the stuff that he was worried but I didn't know you're going to be mad about that I thought you were mad about something and that's why in a way a lot of clothes now thing it's like we don't talk about family we don't talk about what happens in the house but I think this and we need this you know cuz I growing up I thought my family
00:29:04that's fucking nuts but no everybody's family is kind of like that every Asian family share similar you know thanks every immigrant family share similar things or just every family General but don't know if there's certain lines I didn't talk about my brother too much more sensitive and in the way that he doesn't really take a joke for a walk okay so I just mention him a little bit and I'll think that's part of the narrative through really he leaves his own life and you know right what else like I want to do ask me like TJ Miller stuff I wrote about in the book I have a whole chapter of Silicon Valley but I have nothing but good experience on that show like I'm sure my publicist hope that I had some dirt to dish out but now I'm at like everything was great
00:29:51my sources of periscope tell me the tech is quite impressive and your app uses the same machine learning to recognize if a food is a hot dog so grandpa is a hotdog not hotdog technology for free
00:30:16like me and TJ had a great chemistry and also if it wasn't for him I don't know where my character would have been so I don't think there's lines that I wouldn't cross
00:30:28at all it's a very very honest. My dad was like why did you write it so honestly usually people lie when they look so yeah
00:30:42yeah it's funny I mean talk about the cultural differences you had this great article about things things I don't understand about American culture and and I was reading it and I can definitely relate to some of it
00:31:07the heart like the I love you thing like we had my wife made some some girl and we had her and her husband over for dinner and then liked it I saw it again and he like I love you bro as I did I've met you one I barely even remember your name
00:31:34oh but then I started thinking about like what's happening would like me to and
00:31:42is that just an American thing or like like is there room for that type of conversation from what I know I moved in I start yeah sure but I think it's it's hard maybe you can it's hard to pick up an Asian girl in just go home with her usually they wrong packs you got to be in a friend group stuff like that right so I feel like it's a little safer environment and it's less of a hookup culture because I haven't been back there in a long time so it's I want to say that happens that crossed the line stuff worse America Western cultures the little more open to
00:32:41but as I'm sure maybe happens to a certain degree in Asia but I want to say is less problem maybe that's just my naivete cuz going on in Hong Kong I didn't think anybody was really getting laid until marriage that could be true that cuz you know I haven't been back there so hard for me to speak on that now because I don't know the culture as well as I did when I start of course of course
00:33:11yeah that's crazy
00:33:19what's January's character is like a much bigger deal this season just good for you yeah what was there something you did too kind of like prepare for that I just prefer the same way a lot of it is written on the scripture activate wow talk about a book I prepare for the character and stuff like that but not know him there certain conversations we had like there's one scene so like I kicked him out of house and I call Richard ugly and I call somebody else something I had talked to Mike I'm like there's a reason for me being an asshole the early cuz he was so mean to everyone but I don't want people to not like change and great because he just being an asshole for no reason at some of these people so I think he has taken on a little bit of that we will try that you know play around with that like I walk a fine line
00:34:19so in a way he's last lovable of a character more of a bill and he's like straight out billing this year right and but I'm okay with that you know and I think the season on 40th Seattle Ark there like one of my favorite and least favorite characters was Sharon Stone in Casino so much I don't want to like just oh my God I punch my TV like I can't stand it right it'll conniving so like manipulative of a character but yeah she's amazing amazing he also but I think like what you're saying I kind of relate to that but I think it's in relation to
00:35:04that you kind of love De Niro's character yeah yeah cuz you don't want to see him she's fucking him over right
00:35:15which you know so come out I think it's interesting because
00:35:23you know Richards character like he's the lead and he's not very likable and yeah I mean I think in general at like it definitely
00:35:40each character so too complicated but but I feel like I feel like it's an HP but I could be wrong about that we're like the lead character is in some ways the least interesting like I thought that way about sex in the city now I'm going to forget but I think but there is nothing without even Seinfeld which is not HBO obviously like
00:36:11let's let's character like that's a play the straight man in a way yeah cuz I had A3 like I come in and I'm the comic relief in this, sure we're still wasn't a lot plot where is Richard Thomas's characters great actor and his to Carol plot so not everything it says going to be funny right there's a lot of them you know heavy lifting and then this season you see more of that from us to do some plot stuff but yeah how do you think the dynamic is it showed changes without TJ for me like a days I go to work but it just I knew with me and TJ we have a trust in each other like I throw some out that's you know it really out there he doesn't really out there we can we can you know headed back to each other
00:37:11like what do you think that you watch a show when it comes out like so how do you feel how does it feel different to you about this maybe Mike or something if forced to write us to be a little more creative without the TJ character instead of falling into the same Trope on the same you know art over and over again forces my character to kind of be more of a pain in the ass to everyone on via VIA Valen and it forces the boys to have other challenges besides you know TJ and it kind of allow us to get out of the incubator so I think it did read some fresh air but to me he's he's missed you know where my baby moments in this show is when when junior he shows up with that Corvette
00:38:08dad told me so much about the character that I didn't write get before that he's and it's so earned because TJ was being such an asshole to him or like was being such an ass so like when when when Jamie Foxx them over and kind of like a light but that's like you talk about him being a villain in like that's one of those that's a balancing moments about the balance has shifted a little bit right to him being like actually like a bad guy because like even though like TJ like he's an asshole in the show like her like is an asshole you want to see him get fucked over kind of want to see him succeed but I mean I enjoy playing it you know I enjoy it very much like it's a whole new dimension I think you're adding to it and yeah
00:39:08I I think
00:39:10it it's it's someone maybe you started to instead of just love he's trying to love to hate them. Do you have other like other types of roles that you have in mind for yourself you want to play a villain or you want to play for me somebody looks like me and my kind of like and it's in small looking person playing like asshole lighting crazy Rich Asians plays character call Bernard tie and for anyone that's read the book he's like he's a fat ass hole like he's literally and obese that throws these guys like the craziest Bachelor like bachelor party so I had a lot of fun playing at character cuz it's like an alter ego I kind of always wanted to be but I'm not because that's like generally who I am but there's part of me up for the role
00:40:10I didn't I didn't do that on purpose of a press I always say I did it on purpose you know but now I just had thing I just have a beer belly now but it's really fun to play those parts that's kind of an away anti type you know even though he is programmer he's he's pretty anti time use this small Asian asshole. You just don't really see that you know I mean like a lot of people especially beginning of this series was like pickle where can I go and because he was kind of like a dog also like you know when they start seeing stepping up and screwed over like early can stuff it was cuz I got mad this is now we're on for like this is because we never really seen this it's playing against type in a way you know even though he's a very he looks in a fairy type
00:41:10certain way but his actions are kind of like the opposite so I saw that there was some backlash against you or against the character for being late and I didn't I didn't know that I just read about it I think it's yeah I think you know
00:41:28it's it's what I like like have you seen the Apple thing know like like like they're saying the one dimensional character that's been around and and shaped how Americans see you know the Indian Americans sure and it's an interesting thing because in the documentary himself the comedian's very pissed off about that it is like this why I got both like a school and stuff like that and really the problem boils down to not just that character self but the representation there's not enough time in the day Indian actors and a pool with the most famous one and now more and more there's enough getting not enough still but getting more more to be a quirky navigation to be an asshole Asian this room to be a very good-looking Asian like I'm not six two and a model
00:42:24what's up so I can be an actor cuz I'm Asian and I'm representing you poorly that's fucking insane right and also I see it in a different point of view because I wasn't even I came here when I was 13 right so Jing Yang explain myself 15 years ago so I feel very close to that right and the generation that's after me the American Born Chinese or I'd my friends my pierced are American Born Chinese a different perspective it's unfair to them that they might be treated as a foreign kid when they're in American kid right when they're everything is American from May I don't feel that way I'm very Chinese still so there's not a disconnect but a different point of views their my my goal is to play an immigrant character with dementia and maybe like this like an asshole I can't I type them again character that's not just a docile and again I'm making immigrants look good in a way
00:43:24instead of avoiding play Immigrant characters because I don't want to get looped in there cuz I'll be fucking hypocritical cuz I'm an immigrant and some of that was from the early in the season 1 character wasn't developed do you like
00:43:44how much does a to pay attention to cuz I always feel like there's this in in any specially like manure tea group yeah there's always that like the establishment sure that's like I member you know when I started my career working in in Hip Hop and
00:44:05and like there was this
00:44:09DeSoto black establishment like they hated rap music R&B smooth jazz yeah and so and it that didn't really they didn't miss her look at me cuz I was a black guy but but I you know I do for my friends if there was tension going on more Progressive thing that was happening I think that's true in every in every group but yeah for sure and and I get it right I might not agree with some of those point-of-use you but how much should I need even pay attention to where you used to bother me a lot like I see what the fuck you talking about I'm just like I was think I'm doing pretty good job of this and it hurts that you own communities the one that's really talking shit right I'm not saying everyone is a minority
00:45:02but it is to East bother me but then I kind of had to dig a little bit I'm like okay where do I actually stand on this issue and then when I figure it out like what what I just told you I want to set an above like I think it's a lot of it is the american-born Asians they feel slighted because I'm playing in different character but now I know where I stand I'm an immigrant very proud of that and to this day I still have a little bit of an accent right and when I came at definitely had an accident and one of the most of the biggest thing that hurt like when I first came here wasn't a fact that white people black Unix at me cuz I expected but it's the american-born Asian people that then accept me because they didn't want to be grouped in as a formicary and I get older I kind of get it you know cuz when your kid just want to fit in and you don't want to be made fun of
00:45:58but that hurt when I was a kid so this is kind of in a way the same thing you know they don't want to be cooped up in the immigrants and and it's it's partly I don't want to say ignorant because they have to appoint you know that's their life but I you know
00:46:19I respectfully with the spray with that and I have my own lines that I won't cross you know when it comes to playing certain things but I think every character even a Patriots playing again but Danny Manning The Immigrant play with a hero without an American hero you know the conversation I think it it's it's healthy to go on but I think the most important part is representation getting more of a spectrum of Asian actors on TV and I think you see that in Crazy Rich Asians you can't just say oh me or whoever that aren't like a model looking person is representing you poorly
00:47:07we are just one spectrum of this representation and me being funny or me being you know an actor hopefully it will normalize us immigrants in the first place and then you know good for that you know good looking Asians they have their own place of making us look good and that's great I am I love that you know when Ninja Assassin came out I probably got laid a little more it outside I get it like that but not all of us look like that way we need to have a big spectrum of representation I think that's the most important and I think that's the argument with a pool and everything to please play by Hank Azaria. That's very different things that that's not a whole different story that's very kind of you know not cool but I think mainly when it comes to these issues it's not the key Inn on 105 Asian people on TV and fucking giving a shit right it's how about getting more Asian people
00:48:07or how about you go fuck yourself you know it's easy to armchair
00:48:20are you still at dinner every now and then why didn't mean like a girlfriend on Tinder too and she was one of you did yeah but then there's a lot of crazies and I think it was all the crazies happened when I was a bit naive and was like oh I want TV show now or I'm just going to get laid right like I like nothing you know before so I'm not even that famous so that doesn't really boxing match
00:48:58Glendale Armenian community center. Dash to my groupies oh my God like just incredible hi women wow and the only hot women in in the entire place so I think it has helped I'm not going to say that it hasn't sure but
00:49:30it's it's an ignorance of thinking that it would just fall my lab and and there's no like I'm a little too innocent in that sense I don't assume people of ulterior motive and then I see a lot of times that matches some of them tender they're literally say not hot dog or like whatever and at first I thought I was a good sign but then sometimes they want it just kind of hang out too kind of pick your brains about the workings of the show House Mike Judge has TJ picture right and I don't see that in the beginning and select a lot of weird crazy stories you know did you learn to change your the best ones are the ones that the best girl star meat or even people in general are the ones that don't necessarily know me from Silicon Valley but they would imagine
00:50:30regardless but baby I am slightly more attractive because I'm successful what I do doesn't matter that if that's TV show in a traditional sense like you know so yeah that that's a little better I know if they discovered I do stand up and is impressed by that or is it discovered on myself and I didn't turn out to be a pain but I think sex super finger-like superfan boy in the beginning I could get a little weird but
00:51:00there are times that that has worked out very well and in a respectful way and I think now I'm getting older and have more experience with that stuff I can tell he's really like who is like just like want to pick my brains about you know TJ Miller and want to just take a picture and who is actually kind of genuinely a respectful fan that I can hang out with you know it's fine line. I'm sure but that seems to be like you know you tell the story about DJing at a strip club yeah that was definitely a dream job of mine that I never kid that grew up listening to hip-hop you want to be DJ it's weird like I mean I'm sure you're right you know I'm a little older so I like when I start going and I love strip clubs
00:51:48I've had I'm not sure about that it had many a good time and I'm still going to strip clubs little bit get it to get laid so now I have a kid I don't go that often and it's either you know sometimes my wife and I'll go together and just
00:52:19but when I was single
00:52:21I learned that it was just like the club I might I think my chances of getting labor about the same with a stripper yeah I saw it is like
00:52:36first of all when you're young and not that stage in my life I didn't have that much self-doubt haha which I found it that comes and goes over the years interested in January been relatively confident person and so that's since that is soothing to 90% And so so we would often you know I would go hang out and just be like the guys that like the girls would come back to when they weren't working and we would just hang out and you know sometimes it was nothing like sexual going on but it was just like we're just friends yeah and but that still boost your confidence come hang out to whatever and then other times you know I found it like the money I was spending my last answers whatever was basically the equivalent of buying
00:53:36thanks for the girl said that you can holler at her go out or some crazy shit will go down in the back room like it's some nights we're going to the club and some nights we're going to the strip club and yeah but I always had in my head like or what I was going to say no because I think of my age the music was fucking terrible at strip clubs it was all Heavy Metal like they're both girls girls girls and like you know all that glamorous hair metal
00:54:20yeah do you think now it's getting better way better like if you go to a good strip club if it's like crazy trap my favorite it every time I go to Atlanta and go to Magic City is so elephant Clairmont in Atlanta
00:54:45it's no better cuz there's like 40 girls on stage at a time it was horrible I mean downtown Hofbrau Sam's Hofbrau my family is from LA and I used to my grandmother used to take me there when it was actually German restaurant oh my God I used to go for lunch and have like the prime rib or whatever in the 70s and so yeah it wasn't always like it is not but now it's a crazy it's like a fucking rap video yeah yeah yeah
00:55:32would it be better to be there like getting paid to play music you know all the girls right like I should have done that I would have worked another strip club I would have gotten laid a time I've been really fun life of Magic City on cheetahs here but the strip club was one and it just not a very healthy environment and I was scared honestly a little bit and I just want to do a good job like I didn't know how to not cross the line like that was my main concerns are so it wasn't like there's like literally 10 girls like in rotation and two customers and I got a DJ like then I can hire me like that I was like my fear
00:56:32I was let the girls play the song So everybody's happy and stuff like that so I think it depends on the girls like someone like want like the rock metal stuff when I was in a stroke what most hits hip hop and it's right and I should learn a lot about of the new songs like Jeremih I learn about Jeremiah's through the strip club because I know right yeah because like all the girls wanna dance with like that new Jeremih album. All That Down on Me song and all that
00:57:19so I want new music like I know Magic City that's a lot of rappers go test test in music make sure you've never heard before but everybody in the club's is singing it yeah that's fucking awesome crazy yeah and then still I mean it just depends on the rocker stripper dress up like a gressive rocking like techno and they got a mohawk that's not cool but I can't I can't I can't keep looking at that right you know I need a variety. I haven't really been to a strip club
00:57:58no not really I did it I think I had that working at the strip club DJ Chopper answer you know I'm sure I came to terms now like I'm 30 like back in the day I still feel bad I'm like it's Saturday why am I not at a club I was never like the club doodle like the DJ like even when I stretch I just want to work and I'm Coming to Terms I'm like I just we don't want him happiest like building a fucking Lego set you know what just like making something writing a script drawing something that's why I'm the happiest right so I've came to terms that is there trying to fit in with everybody else that's what kind of makes me have a kid I sat beside Fox race cars they put a little engine in nice to build them like little Gundam Wing boys and customize it and things like that
00:58:58and and a better use of your time then loud music at the club's I get him going great for that you know and have fun with that but I am I blessed fomo now that I've came to terms with who I really am right you know it's still not
00:59:31oh okay I got it we got to go back to business for a second okay
00:59:36so you tell the story that I will remember the story the rest of my life in the book okay about you got an offer oh my God damn for the show what was the show Yahoo show called Sin City Saints right which I could do not bet on Yahoo but
00:59:58and you you pass it up because they wanted you to drop Silicon Valley right it's like five lines can I book the part as a series regular that you want to main characters on a new Yahoo series call Sin City Saints basketball show about expansion team in Vegas I thought I was like a Sin City like like to move it like that the movie thing inside that being a small Yahoo show at the time is 10 times more maybe even more than that then being a guest stars and they have to be exclusive from each other Yahoo have to be so you know I think we're guaranteed that you would ever even be on so I didn't know about
01:00:58we got a we got to do something I don't care if I'm paying on her off and if so where did the
01:01:06where did I come from where did you find that that strength or that whatever I wanted more money that's okay without money that's a what's another couple more years without money you know but like George Clooney got 17 sale Pilots before he got was a general hospital ER they're like that so I get how hard it is to have a successful TV show that goes into the second season episode come out it's already nominated for Emmys and Golden Globes I need to be a fucking part of the people actually pay attention the show where is in the landscaper right now there's only like 5 shirts and maybe people actually watch it
01:01:58so yeah I just I had to not take that immediate money and knowing that if I wanted to take like that mediate money I would have been the accountant you don't have to call if I want to use my can always came this far am I really just going to know like I know better and my agent was smart she had present of mine of asking people to ya-ya help magic match that offer to maybe it make me serious right away which I thought was the craziest thing in the world sure but they did it not have taken the Yahoo show
01:02:36but at my age and would call me back and then like back in the day for broke ass Jimmy that's a lot of fucking money man you know so I mean that's that's what you would do in that situation yeah I don't know you know there's something else you said in the book that you know learning the lesson that the excitement is the chase chases the excitement whichever it's like once a super happy but you know that you're working now
01:03:28and everything to me you're doing great you're paying around you're not worried about your rent but you realize you like when a man I'm the same amount of happy as I was before it's just slightly low more comfortable and they started packing panic I work my whole life to think you know being able to pay my rent having this much money is going to make me you know happy for Life Hillsboro re hope hopefully get to that point when you're not like 70s that you can set up when you realize all this shit I'm still the same guy I'm not that happy
01:04:09and you have a panic attack and an addictive you're like what actually does make me happy it's and then you you become more honest with yourself and it's not just about the material it's not just about you know so does that go away like to you but you have to remind yourself of that full-time a time does an action make me satisfied or actual real joy that I come from that. Just fun right and I understand the real happiness is you know friends and relationships I build and being able to say what I want to create and I'm doing that everyday like just being able to go up like like like like to the balcony to my rooftop to to write jokes in the morning that that makes me happier than buying a fucking watch on eBay you know and as you get older like I've realized that that's
01:05:04that's cool like that's what I want to do you know like I know a growing up you know without money you know I grew up poor and then you know I'm not rich but I can buy some of the things that I want
01:05:21you know you bought the Cartier watch but like Jared never buy stuff that like when you think about it you don't really want it but you wanted it back that you're buying it for like 10 year old thing Jordans look that nice on me anymore I was kind of ridiculous what outfit I'm wearing anyone could not like to attend yourself saving Jordan feels like every pair of Jordans got a good story like he just want to go up to everybody that has a Jordan is like what happened to you
01:06:09that was it I was there right now I'd like whenever so now I buy sneakers whenever I feel I want to feel liberated from my mom she's very Chinese she won't even let me buy a t-shirt at full price right so now like I throw away anything gets a little like my wife shirt gets a little. I just fucking throw them in the trash just because that's something my mom never let me do it maybe I can if you want to come get it she wants to computer table that in my house I just moved and she was like no no keep it keep it like it's a good table I might throw it away if you don't come pick it up two days I'll give it to you that's all I'm throwing away
01:07:03it's great I felt so good on that table and I'm sure you know you know my mother thoughts Hudson lazy and
01:07:24some very important questions here we must know the answers to okay okay tell me forever
01:07:35oh I think putting the internship after my economics degree at Smith Barney very sought-after Finance firm to pursue whatever I ended up here soon you don't stand up and all that stuff
01:07:48complete this sentence I don't have talent I have blank I do kind of a town and I think I think it was around but I can't sell myself short hair you not even know this is Henry Rollins Netflix
01:08:12what he was saying no so what he said is what he was saying is that his talent wasn't the thing that was most responsible for his success I think I want to say great but that's like so so cliche now but its belief I think believing this is possible that you keep doing it that's what drives everything else like You're great and and your perseverance and everything because you didn't have that believe you won't have that purse Brands firing so if I work for you if I was on your management your publicist your whatever Aaron boy quit after 3 days this is a true story it's all my fault location
01:09:12funny she basic in the email paraphrasing she said she don't want to be nobody support system no more you don't take a job as an assistant then what what would you hear me say repeatedly is
01:09:34oh man trying to think like
01:09:39so I can know she's going to talk to me like like I'm working this girl was editing some video for me and it's I make other people crazy a little bit sometimes cuz I'm I'm kind of a perfectionist I know kind of what I want sometimes it gets Lost in Translation I keep having to give her notes she's very great right but I think what I will keep saying is I'm sorry to be a pain in the ass but this is when I need you at least your conscious of it
01:10:22either people go one way or the other either they don't realize what a pain in the ass they are they feel entitled to the right by which we see a lot of in Hollywood or we like we don't want to be a pain in the ass so we let it go but then she never learns right and then one day you go yeah I'm so who would you be most excited to learn as a fan of your work oh that's a good question oh my God if that would be amazing if that's really the best moment we have as artist is when somebody come up to you then your fan of turn their Fanny work. So cool
01:11:10what's your favorite City to travel to Boston but it's been a month I want you in Patriot's Day it's beautiful I mean when it's not cold so it really passionate great people but it's not as intense as New York right there still a lot of nice scenery Boston yeah that's cool
01:11:43what other than your own what's the last great book you read
01:11:50I want to say crazy Rich Asians but that is a great book I'm trying to think of the Power of Now I thought I was a great book a car toll fee I don't really know I've learned to be home at attention just kind of see things for you while I was Himalayan singing bowls I think I'm crazy but great process that's being grateful being like you know it's just taking a moment to take in when you just done. That's all we have. Grateful it doesn't matter how much money you make and you still write like socks in the book about writing down goals every so often I still do actually this afternoon I got a meeting with my management team and weary work like a goal is so now it's um sometime this summer
01:12:50what's a keep in a box there sometimes it's goal is that I need to be very clear with my team you know so I think that's extremely important absolutely what movie have you seen the most okay question
01:13:09Forrest Gump those two I mean is it's the ology movies that it doesn't matter which part of the movie Jumping to unlike even table syndication totally movies
01:13:27who's your favorite DJ
01:13:29I don't know I don't know any of these I mean DJ Khaled I don't know like I don't know I'm not hip this DJ by Warren G what's Alaska's economic what's the last show you it's like a concert I'm so I need to I need to I can tell seem so daunting I'm so much I do a fomo from seeing my friends like it's going to take all my good looking friends at Coachella half naked men or women I'm not I'm not I'm not one of those people like to go next year cuz you be more famous
01:14:15I got to know you can say you can say when you're famous they give you to okay I need I need I need a shock I feel like going to take me around the Coachella okay so then you can go back to that
01:14:34golf cart to take you around I sell myself short sometimes cuz it's a little lazy and I don't like to go to concerts while at the stand I always need a buddy to divorce her to go and I'm not famous but I but I get to go to Coachella like in payments cuz I know those that's one of the perks of being a kind of Alamo West Hollywood now I never went to the club please I want to just go five times and tell myself I hate it and then stop going to San Jose how much do you like old school music it's not so much the music right now
01:15:33yeah it's so the main thing is the loudness of the music I know I sound so fucking old and my eardrums getting blown out so I can talk to people when I get it like my my looks is not what the biggest selling point for me is I need to talk to people in or pick up some chicks but I can't just yell at them I'll go with you I'll go with you like you'll be not the youngest person there but you'll be at the younger end of it okay and he's been on the show a few times it's at the standard high pressure like sometimes huge like
01:16:33I know if I just stay through the Club closes I would lay probably but I just couldn't I have to go home and go to sleep like I'll rather go home and jerk off you need stamina there's a stamina to getting laid have to stay through the night manager you have to be that you have to just be present if you can't you can't just be like 12 if you want to come back to my place cuz the girl like yeah yeah oh my God I was partying and Claws guy and his girl
01:17:33verily I say that belief comes in right because if you don't believe me I want to fall asleep when I'm fucking you man like it all this what's the endgame here
01:17:55that's a great notes and I'm not partying
01:18:08let me old man Jerry take a nap come out I'll be there till 7 a.m. are you going to write more I am running some scripts and stuff and bookwise great idea comes to me that I want to write a ride and I'm not sure I can put another one just to try to make some money on it. What will go to standard tire and wheel gets out at Coachella next year everybody make sure you go get how to American by Jimmy o Yang a man and go to Jimmy comedy.com if anybody want to go catch any of the live shows doing a little tour come on
01:18:58Jimmy o Yang on Rebel radio I hope you enjoyed it if you did leave us a comment to review say something to us on Twitter Facebook at Rebel radio net like I said make sure you get over there and find out how you can win a copy of how to American by Jimmy o Yang and most importantly come back next week for more Rebel radio piece

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